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Entered April 23. 1903 at Pie<ens., s. C. . o.econd cia, .al mater. under act of C.. re-- or Ccareb 3.18UI
1-Vtilume42 PICKENS, S. C.. NOVEMBER 7, 1912 -
And White Peol
Great V
The Bull Moose Evidently Brol
The sweeping victory of V
he most sanguine Democratic
le solid normal Democra
tically all doubtful states by h<
many of the old-time R.epudlicar
New York state, which gave
vote in her history, was followed
achusetts, N w Jersey, Delawar<
It is believed that the complet
greatest popular majority any D
The New York Sun estima
will stand: Wilson 309, Taft i
Mrs. E. G. Kirven and child
ren are visiting Mrs. Kirven's
rents in Camden.
Mrs. A. B. Mathews spent
st Tuesday in Spartanburg.
Miss Ruth King spent the
week-end with Miss Mar-aret
Archer in Azdprson.
Miss Lodise Careton, of
Greenvilli was the guest of
iss R6ssie Hamilton last week.
son, Vardry. who have been
visiting Mrs. WXiltiams' mother,
Mrs. A. W. Folger, returned to
their home in Greenville last
Miss Lottie Whitten, of
Greenville, was the attractive
guest of her aunt. Mrs. J. Milton
King, last week.
Mrs. J. L. 0. Thompson and
Miss Lizzie Belle Thompson, of
Liberty, were the guests of
~>Mrs. J. L. Bolt lasf Saturday.
Misses Margie Johnson and
Nora Smith spent the week-end:
with Miss Tommie Holcombe,1
of the St. Paul community.
Mrs. William Anderspn -visit
Miss Nelle Hayne, of .,Greer,
st week.
L. K. Couch attended the
fair in Columbia last week.
The Pickens County Inter-i
denominationa! Sunday Schooli
Association held its annual
meeting at the Easley Baptist
church last Thursday. Many
very able and interesting ad
dresses were delivered. Rev. E.
V. Babb, of this city was
elected president of the1
association for the following
Rev. C. D. Waller is conduct
injg a protracted meeting at the
Presbyterian church.
The last meeting of the Ergat-1
akin Club was held at the hos
pitable home of Mrs. E. H.
Shanklin last Friday. A few
hours were spent pleasantly
with needle work, after which
a most delightful salad course
was served. Those present be-:
side the regular members were
Mrs. J. L. Bolt and Mrs. LeRoy
The most enjoyable event of
the season for the younger]
social circle was the Halloween 4
party given by Mr. Charles (
King at his home on North
Main street, last Thursday
afternoon. The house was
darkened and beautifully and
* tastefully decorated with. chry
santhemumns, autumn leaves.
and pot plants. Yellow andi
white being the predominating;9
colors, Jack-o-lanterns were N
grinning in every nook and
corner. The guests were met
at the door by Miss Lottie Whit
ten, dressed as a witch, and
were given caps to be used as<
score cards in the progressive
peanut contest. In this Miss
Lidie Thornton was the success
ful contestant and was awardedi
a box of candy. They wvere<
-. then invited to the dining room,.
where the color scheme wasi
successfully carried out. The .
r e
,e a Leg and Came in Thir<
oodrow Wilson has exceedec
expegtations. He not onl3
tic strength and carried prac
avy pluralities, but invaded
strongholds as well
him the biggest Democrati<
by Maine, Connecticut, Mass
, and Maryland.
e returns will give Wilson th:
mocrat has ever received.
tes that the electoral college
,o, Roosevelt 82.
ruests found their places at the
;able by cunning place cards.
k delicious sweet course was
Mrs. Brooks and hei sister, of
Sebraska, are visiting the form.
Ir's daughter, Mr. A. L. Camp.
ir. A. Jameson died at his
iome here Tuesday after an
liness of some weeks.
A Trip To Columbia.
Last week v hile in Columbia
ve took in the Fair from om
i o 1 ,san- nse af
air. The far-m products 5
is if the crop4 have been good
poultry finest we ever saw and
;o many, and such a variety
We were glad to see from E. H
Draig at Pickens a fine coop of
Rhode Island reds, and anothe:
:oop of brown leghorns fromMr
Eendricks of Pickens. It Isur<
was enough to make a preachei
bungry to go through and lool
at the fine chickens. The cat
ble exhibit was very fine. On<
eature in the Fair impressec
re very much, that was fron
Belton, they carried down th(
best of everything from the Bel
bon.Fair and had it on exhibi
;ion in the State Fair, Mr. R
A. Campbell of Belton speaking
politely and kindly-of the peopl*
;howing them the products froif
Belton, also handing out a carc
iving information about hil
xwn and county. We though1
t would lbe a good plan fol
~very county tohold a fair oef ort
he State fair meets, and senc
From any county only such an
mals, fowls, etc, as took prize
t the county fair to the Stat
air and let each county exhi
bit be in charge sof a good liv
nan or woman to show the peo
:>1e what each county produced.
We have a great state and we
ught to let the people know it.
While we were in Columbia we
w'ere very kindly treated by om
>oys from Prickens viz: Messrs.
raig, Christopher land Mann,
o whom we are viry much in
lebted for their kindness. Pick
ns county has 8 boys in the
outh Carolina University, they
re Sam B. Craig, Gignillat
hristopher, Casey Porter, Hen
y Jones of Pickens, Lloyc
smith and Waddy Anderson ol
~asley and Willie Thompson ol
liberty, and A. C. Mann of Si2
Kie, four of these aie law stud
mnts: Mr. Lloyd Smith, S. B,
raig, Gignialliatt Christophex
rd A. C. Mann.
Mr. A. C. Mann was recently
lected president of the Clario
ophic Society which is 10(
rears old and of which John C
Jalhoun, Pettigrue, W a d
[ampton and other distingush
A men were members. To b~
lected president of this Society
.s considered a great honor. Ir
.n the name of Pickens county
we congratulate Mr. Mann and
wish for him and every one ol
ur boys success-and happiness
Household ~Economy-t h<
:nain spring to reduce the higi
:ost of living. Start at the vita
point-your ranger Se{pui di
.n this issue.
Six Mile Items.
Mr. Editor:-We hav<
much news to write you f]
Six Mile this week.
Clayton Lewis of the Pr
Creek section lost his arm i
cotton gin on the 28 of Nov
ber. Mr. Lewis jerked h-s f
.off at the elbow. without
ceiving any other wounds.
arm was dressed in a few hc
after the accident occured.
is getting along fine and i
hoped that he will soon
through with his suffering.
Lewis was a student of Six 1
Baptist Academy for two ye
He was a most diligent pt
neyer found wanting in anv
the relations of school, but
ways ready when duty cal
Our hopes and prayers are t
he may still press on to hig
and nobler aspirations in
future. We should rejoice m
those those that rejoice,
weep with those that weep.
M:. W. R. Garrett is mov
from his city home on 1st G
rett lavenue in Six Mile to
old country home near Six 3
Mountain. Mr. Garret is oni
the few Confederate Veter
that still lives to. tell us the t
story of hard times. and
something. When we look
on the silvery locks of th
men that have waded throt
seas of -blood and fields of fire,
are made to wonder if there
not some work in life's han
field that we can do. If I w
asked to picture out a figure
true manhood, a Confeder
soldier would be my model. (
of those fathers of this counit
who stood before the canne
mouth and muskets muz
when th.- elements were da
ened with smoke and contin
jarred froin centre to circum
We are proad of our South
Heroes and hope that the
days may be their happiest
best days.
Mr. E. M. Bolding h s mo
from his country home to
Mile. Six Mile has a cotton
and a blacksmith shop alrea
It it had a shoe shop and a1
road running through it we
be a town sure enough.
Mr. Clarence Mann and
Anstin Dillard went to Ser
Saturday on a short visit.
-Mrs. W. M. Walker has b
visiting friends and relatives
Six Mile this week.
$8.00 worth of ware will
given away free with every]
jestic Range sold at our demr
stration one week only Nov.
to 16. (adv
* Heath-Bruce-Morrow
Health of this community
very good at present.
The people of this section
very busy sowing grain
picking cotton.
One of our near neighi:
raised sixty-five bushels of pc
toes this time. Now who<
beat that?
Miss May Bell Mauldin sp
the week-end with her brot;
in Central.
Mrs. H. L. Hudkabee I
been visiting her daughter N
Marvin Lock, of Greenville.
Miss Hattie Burrough sp
Friday and Saturday shopp
in Greenville.
The death angel visited
home of Mr. Whit Gaines
27th and took their little dau
ter, Clara, aged about 1
years. She was sick only
hours when God called her
on high. We extend to
bereaved family ou>: heart
"The little crib is empty non
The little clothes laid by;
A mother's hope, a father'sj
In death's cold arm doth
Go, little pilgrim, to thy hc
On yonder bliss shore;
We miss thee here, but si
will come,
Where thou hast gone befor
Alba Rost
Don't buy ' unsight unsee
Let the man who knows si
you all about ranges-at
store one week Nov. 11 to 16.
ad.) Hath- I4rno-Morrow
.i a
7 -
ble -
led. A/
s of
, we
est -
n' *
Mr ' 7 -.9E mimiS
eca ww w ma
een '~-~ 'is
Cedar Rock News.
This~ section was visited by a
11 big frost Satuirday night, up till
Sthen the late gardens were still
Co bearing here.
Mr. Elmer Hendrix has ie-1
cently returned from Sale-nI
Nehraska, and has accepted the!
Praters school for the winter
is term.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stewart
are and daughter, Miss Essie, visit
md ed Mr. Will Stewart and family
near Pickens last Sunday.
>ors Tillman Julian made a Lusi
>ta- ness trip to AnmTerson last wcek
aan in his car.
Mr. and Mrs. Phill Porter,
ent from near Pickens, wer'e the
her guests of their daughter, Mrs.
Reid Wood. Sundar.
ias Mrs. Joe Findley and1 sonRoy,
[rs. of the Zion section. were the
guests of Mr. and Mrs. John
ent V. Stewart last Saturday.
ing Mr. and Mrs. Re'mus Hender
son, of Anderson. were visiting
iethe latter's parents,.r and
tMrs. McD. Farmerrenty
hThey made thme trip in Mr.
Henderson's car.
24 Mr. Joe Duncan has purchas
up ed a farm in North Georgia and
the will more to 3ame at an early
felt date.
Mr. and Mrs.-Law rence Pace,
, of the Croswell section, visited
Mr. and Mrs. D. Burdine last
oy, Sunday.
lie. Mr. and Mrs. A. White
me Singletonm were the guests of
Mr. and Mrs. J. Luther Bag
>n well. Sunday afternoon.
'e.'' Mr. and Mrs John WV. Stew
art visited Mr. and Mrs. Elbert
Welborn last Sunday.
,,Mr. Will Williams, of Norris,
spent the week-end with rela
tives near Cross roads and
rCedar Rfock.
Co. Mr. and Mrs. D). Barnes were
a j(
17 sistl
.... ..
~ - Fer
7 - vT
- shu
the guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Andrew Barnes last Sunday, pilg
Mr. Tom Turner has recently ceni
purchased a nice car. That 0co
makes the fourth car for the and
Cear Rock community.
Watch Cedar Rock Grow!
Pickens Route 3. R
We had some fine weatherwe
last week and most of the pec- beci
pe put in good time pickingme
cotton and sowing oats.
The friends of Mrs. Thonmas nea
Hoding will learn with pleas- witi
ure that she is improvin9'. w
Elbert Porter visited in the deal
Pea Ridge section Saturday and Mj
Sunday. We believe Elbert has of I
his eye on some pretty girl ont siste
there, because he makes his of t]
visits quite often.
The friends of Mrs. Sarah ser
Gravey will learn with regret
that she is very sick at the 51r.
hoe of her son, W. D. Grav- h'.
e, in Greenville.tot
21rs. W. I. Gravley and Juli
daughter, Miss ,Esther, were ,
shopping in Pickens Thursday in
Miss Louise Gravley charm- noo:
ingly entertained a host of her
friends at her home with a
birthday pa; ty Saturday after
Mrs. Tom Kelley is very sickA
at this writing. Her friends I to
hope for her a hasty recoyery. E.
Bub Porter and sister, Miss a s
Artie. visited Miss Ida Baker wa
Saturday night and Sunday and I he
also attended preaching services did
at Porters chapel Sunday. We had
were gld to see them and would a
be glad Wdhe ~ - make did
their visit wis
A 1i
Pickens Route 2. U
)ear Mr. Editor will you J. F. Jem
ase allow me space in yourJ su
d paper for a . few dots as
is my first -ttempt.
Iealth in this community is home in
y good at present. - about 5 o
,ev. J. E. Foster filled his denlv, be
ular appointment at Mt. two . hour
w Sunday. A very large deathswas
wd attended. friends all
[essis. Willie and Walter was one ol
vis spent Saturday night and in te b a
iday at the home of Mr. R. He wa]
Lewis. 50 years al
[i. Leland Bolding visited county In
rance Mann Sundav and of living in I
rse you know the boys had up until a
lly old time. ducted a
r. Jerry Ferguson has ipur- store there
sed a new top buggy. Say fore her m
ch one of us girls is going to lard of th
the first ride in it9 Me, I ceeded hii
e, ha. ha. about seve
rs. Mary Griffin visited her buried by]
r Mrs. R. K. Lewis Sunday, cemetery,
r. John Bolding cal!ed on Masons of
best girl Sunday afternoon. Jennings
isses Vannie and'Mary Hon- charge of i
Att visited their sister Mrs. Mr. Jen
inie Garret Sunday. innumerab
thers-J. C
he Misses Satterfield spent of Belton,
irday night and Sunday Greenwood
i Miss Maggie Bolding. Mrs. J. L.
av. J. E. Foster spent Sat- and Mrs. A
ty night with Mr. G. C. ton.
ling. He was z
v. E. M. Bolding and fam- erty Baptis
ecenty moved- to Six Mile, has brougl
re they will make their sorrow to t
ire home. relatives.
drained the
)hn Bolding dined at the that - pass
>table home of Wesley Ca, come to t
unday. - cares for a
isses Lizzie Parsons and Lil
,urtis took dinner with 4isMrs
:ie Garrett Sunday and re- Mr.
a tip-top time.
ber r, Mt. The sale
ve. was at Mt. View w the store .
will contin
be: He ai
ev. and Mrs. E. M. Bolding con tinuea
their two little daughters, ulated sug
ie and Agnes, took dinne. pounds lig
ri Mr. Sam Bolding and wife dollar, 5 pC
day. to the dol
essrs. Andrew and' Jerry $5.50 per b.
zuson spent Sunday after- Pickens col
i with Jesse Durham. Dry goods
rs. J. M. Gillespie and bought ar
ghter, Olive, attended ser- Brown say
s at Mountain View Sun- extra go
knows hin
-what he sa
here have been several corn
:kings in this section recent
- Mr. Fisl
essrs. Allen Bolding, Arthur
rim and Doyle Porter re- Mr. Geo
y took a hunting trip to years. died
nee. They got four possums lexy at hi
a squirrel. tail. Rock last
Rose Buds. that Mr. I
intensely a
Dots From Oolenoy. When she
ev. W. C. Seaborn delivered Wl
ixcellent sermon at Oolenoy.
Sunday as usual, We
e very much disappointed The scho
use Mr, Baker failed to begin its w
t -his appointment to sing. ber 18. Pr
r. Fisher died at his home have charg
Table Rock Friday night insures the
i heart failure. He leaves a competent
and daughter to mourn his aret rs't
;h. results can
r. and Mrs. J. C. Alexander, begin toget
ickens, visited the latter's' .
r, Mrs. WV. F. Hendricks, Eki
1s section, last Sunday.
r. W. T. Chastain attended
ices at Ooienoy Sunday. The asyl
rs. Sallie Jones and brother,pertoh
Earle Keith, have returned - Rectot 1:
i from a very pleasant visit dependent
2e former's daughter, Mrs. !of Greenvi
a King. of Brevard, N. C. By lat
be young folks had a sing- tell wheth
at the church Sunday after- is runnmng
A Card. The eco,
of Pickens
I. N. Miller.]1
t the recent primary election
Id several persons that Mr.TH E
W. Pickens had owed me
mi of money. This report
scattered. Since that time
ve learned that Mr, Pickens The be
not owe me anything, as he Sold for
left the moneyat the bank lctd
ie promised. I feel that T terms on
Mr. Pickens an liniury and act quick.
[ to thus publicly opologize expect 3 o
' He jid not owe me the
but at that ti~ne I T
edid. - I was simply
H. TTronnghs.
statilorsons to
ings, of Liberty, Died C - -
ddenly Sunday.
MaryF.W and
k Jennings died athis endants
Liberty last Sunday n * *
made abovestatred case
clock. He -died sud- sie rr' ice
ing sick only about the h
aety South Oaolin .
s. The news of his sid sale at 11V' ocka, -
a'e~d coti-iunsi eebd
a great shock to his , ,the realea
over the county.- He Tcribed is sold.
First: Anthose iees, pareli
:the best known Men land g and being 1
2ty, was popular and e andC yabo
- and i the town of i S. 0 ..
beingtone hundred and twenty(120.
born In Abbeville For a fall description of- theeta
land see plat of survey made3 F
Yo and came to this o'Dn,
1876. He had been b , A. 1M1, whichko
- ~in tp lrke lPckensico
iberty 32 years, and C., and wIne
few months ago con- at Liberty,0
.Sec~ond Alta ec
general merchandise land lyingae
His wife was b State ad County afore -
forty (40) aeres more s
arriage a Miss Wil- bvpiorof surver made byH.EL.
is county. She Dre- ton.snrveyor.on theth
189, and, known m d
n across the river rea estate of Thos. E.Willard aR
n months. He was qo one (1)haudlaig t
metes and bound&A to wik.'"
ier side in the Liberty at a stake on ttweajht of- -
Rev. Mr. Crim Sontern
- -40.20 topftake Sim'henes
his funeral. The rock 3xn, thence83114
Liberty, where Mr. 8", thene. 81!
themcea EA34 9.92%D_
xnas a member; had wayof Southern railroad
;he funeral services. igbt of way ofo
the beginninig corner ad*
Aings leaves, besides 2 and 5 in the division it
of Thomass E. Wllawrd;
le friends, four bro- oi T aom s . -
.,of Pickes, D. R., adte and othelands o
B. X and R. C. of g e
--and two sistrs- Countrontainingforty
.irteenth (441 A
Jackson, of Donalds, shown bypis of surveYm" db L's
M. Malone, of Bel- Clayton,sureyor on the eay
October. 1897, and k iwnmn-the.
sion of the real estate of Thomais e
member of theLib- Willard, d asUMo to
t church. His death an ii withe
it the bitter - cup of on right of wayv dtwd.. i
thence Sa 1-4 E18O4to
he lips of friends and thence sE3,65 stak ith
When they have b lie to a tb
When hey avo 7.15 to a rock SXo;. thenipN .S
-oup.may the peace a tAke Sxnaese k 19
eth understanding of age
ieni from One who corner.
11.five in the.' q
joining lands of 0c.
estate and othems
Bron Stl. As a at Othe pieee, V
arownts e- . aeof land lyIa it being
inthe azvestateiandCoahty conthi;
ing fifty-one and 88 (5~1 3-8)
being crried .on at more or le as shown'byvrat or.,
if J. Alonzo Brown the b daH of Cia u v
Lie through Novem- in the'drionfther
inounces that he will and ad
sell 18 pounds gran- bounds to wit: ~ininas
ktto th'e dollar, !20 r* of
it bro .sugar e e~,
unds very best coffee x 4
Lar, very best.-fiour .qzn, theneNs87 W~ok4o
. 8ene1 W 1.00
arrell. Best shoe in brnc line to ascerarca; -'
Lnty for, the money. 8.65 to a whiteoak-theuic&s
E IS.Ofto a stake. on'hoa cf
lower than can be souther
ywhere -else. Mr. way-to thebgingcrq.,-'
his a~eshave ing tracts No. 2 34nitedvB
-hisaehaebeen of said estat Thms 7 W~~
4, Everyone whodeednddoii
' knows he will do sith'etateJob -m~(p~&
ys land and otliers.
S-Also all thatpec;nrl
l ad in the townf o iipO
.the hotel lot- which a.
ier Dies Suddenly. w1~o. war
hadrod- steetil 10 -
rge Fisher, aged 73 fee dee,aontnum -egth
suddenly of appop- n aere. 30.%~
s home near Table Alsd~ anl that otherpie n1 -
-Friday It seems of land in th-T
I- ed toW. 0. Winlard
'isher was suffering Bounded ondte Nort ~ '
nd his wife went to a on the south~b
house for* help. the estt fTousE;
returned he -was aiing one-fourtho
________- Terms: One-half sa't
the balance on a-ce --f
~ ~ months, the credit porta
Grek$|10$'by the bond of theso~bs
mortgage of the pieeL
terest from-day Of at~h
l at Wolf Cieek will .7 per cent per anm wti
inter session Novem- thepurcdnase
of. E. H. Field will chaser fall tocop -ihnya
e of the school, which day te riskof -he
children careful and Purchaser toaya nf -
nstruction. Patrons
a send their children -ikn
day, as inuch better -
be obtained when all -- -
State of south Carolina,
'ion News. county of Pcs
Mf. W. Cater, Platfz<
against -
;urn bond issue ap. John EllenburganiW
ecarried. . rwn, ee~
. . I persuance of a
eat Verdin, the mn order in .the above ta
candidate for'sheriff by Hon. J W. Devore
ie county. inig Judge dated Octo -r~
and on file in theClk --
st reports cannot ef Pickens County'S28 Jj
r Taft or Roosevelt sell to the highest b~
second. salesday in December
__________. ing the 2,day of Decem1er
-during th'e legal hours of -
For Rent at Pickens Couirt ouse $
nbs p'ace 4 makesNorth the following tract oif [email protected]
ourt Hotase. Apply to wit: 'All that certamin
Casley, S. C. R 1 box 27. Parcel or . lofand sit~
____________in J:ickens On-aSHn
cane Township~a~iv~
-FARMS feowinm kantbo '
wit: Begmni on a~
thence up Olarks
st offer gets themn -to Jef roshw
division. Are wel Jeff Crenshaw line t~
ood improvements, ing corner containing
:o 300 acres. Easy more or less, it beinaa
par t. If interested Bil1he Crenshaw land -~
Wir me whe tl wned by him.
Wireme hento erms cash. P
U. pay'for papers andf
MO- OA- ings same.

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