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aen in
ppi 65 stu
ned microscopically,
bowed that in every
infected with book
d their schoolmates
es and in athletics.
. ... ...
The thr pictured above are o
in the cente eventeen years old ani
in a comm.: T=,here many suffered, he
in the dart-. is eighteen years old a
with the cp ,. The other boy is also i
pounds a&. uthe appearance of a thiri
infected wi.jookworms.
In fact, only one athlete was infected 1
at all. Of the 144 officers of the student :
body, places won by superior attain- i
ments, only five were Infected- Twen- i
ty-five men, each five feet.:fen inches
tall, who were noninfecd averaged
56pounds in weight. 'Twenty-fivein
- ected men of the same height weigh-1
ed an average o ly 147 pounds.
In sholas ,among twenty-five
- n edents, five made an
eram eof 90 and above, eleven
, emade 80, three made 75,
and one made 05. Thus sixteen of the
twenty-five made an average grade of
above 85. Among twenty-five infected
students none made 90, only two made
85, three made 80, eleven made 75, and
nine made below 75. Thus only two
of the infected students were able to
reach the grade that was surpassed
by..sixteen of the noninfected students,
I being college men from the same
te and liying under sub'stantially
e same circumstances.
This is proof of the evil effect of
kworm disease on mental develop
another school in the same state
verage grade of twenty-fire lightly
ree Dispensarli
HE county dispensaries for the
free examination and treatment
for hookworm disease have been
phenomenally successful. Though
they'n1ere -not established until the1
spring of 1911 and then in only two
~ '
states, before the close of that yea~r
nine states had them in operation. En
tirely new as they were, ST.000 persons
were treated through them during the
first few months of their establishment
in 1911. Twenty-three thousand were
treated during the very severe winter
months of January. - February and
March of 1912. and the work is gain
ing further headway.
You Take a Desp<
To save a little money, by goi:
do you really save it? How mi
amount of the premium away a
amou~nt to? Not near enough
Let me ms~ure your property .
have nothing to insure.
I represent nothing but the
iusurance W. Le M
- I~ikell
boys was SU, and of
ninfected men and boys
e thing holds true in the
f girls. In one girls' college
e all the students were examined
any infected persons were found.
There were two sisters in the school,
one of whom was infected and the
other not. The infected sister had a
grade of 78, while her sister had a
grade of 87. The infected sister is
forced to devote two years to each
year's course, while her sister goes on.
Fifty-six infected girls In this school
had an average grade of 77.75. while
..........,... ....
Fabout the same age. The tallest onet
I weighs 160 pounds. Although living
had no hookworm infection. The boy
nd weighs 120 pounds. He is infected
sighteen, but he weighs.only a hundred
.een -year- old- youngster. He is heavily C
.e srfine number of noninfected girls C
zeleted at random hiad a grade stand
ng of S9.28. Of these fifty-six non
nfected girls, only two failed of f1ai
>assage, while seventeen of the fifty
gix infected girls failed.
ID e
A1 couty uprintendeant of r$luce!-I
io wrt"h* floig
Up t the1st f Feruar 1,60 scloo
hilden i my ouny ha bee exaine
nicrscopcall, o whih nuber ,34
vere fon* ifcedwthowrmds
ase:934 f thse ad gt thir i
reatent 693ther an a.d 61 thi
hirdtreamen. ' dimroveenti
een n eery an/ 9 'havea btte
olr abu the sae a. Thee taet oer
1wrkgs easie pos. Atough livin
hadnn wiookbem infteconThe boye
:he weihs1 c ponds. s el i neepl (
tigtheen butple egraua nlyaw heuntsdte
nteesnhearmatoter grey iscreavily.
Iy little nboy of f i neteasod girld
ng ofutS hOfor dtsese fiftyshoir no
:hfese Egrls, onlypov tae ofinalte
ssadet whe seckwarden oftheif tdies
tndth inf m ectonsirtiend.ut
>f couty suenendpisae infe~ctd
s wro thefolowi i:ng 1
Molren ihn 10 counti ee xaiede
micrscoallyoiso of which neesry 4
treamet9 thei dispna 61 thepign.r
The ontey athriie make a betall
iproradthon td defray> that local ex
orenseasr drugs,-avriin n x
penseoccsnd by alrtr than
ton wsill behmehyicn he chabfrge o
the wokispesr. Ti iicuepol
Uually iesp. t n ony r e
Teewa oe odisnis and eachbu
th people dally ctionslof the nt
wneest inth cmpletely gretyd.rasd
wI ithtby onl finuranear. od aned
my pounds ihre week pute twoeat
id hows.uc eyu aig
ow imortai the wor outfr.
lust oopames. as s hwnD
SenorTneatig I
Vice-President Sherman Dead.
Vice-President of the United
tates, James Schoolcraft Sher
nan died at his home in Utica,
T. Y., last Thursday, October
1. His death was caused by
)right's disease, complicated
ith malady of the heart and i
ardening of arteries, following
period of more than 24 hours E
f almost total unconscousness.
le was the twenty-seventh vice 1
'resident of the United States
,nd the only one re-nominated, t
le was universally known as
Sunny Jim.
Sherman belonged to the
chool of republicanism nowa
a.s popularly called "Regu
tr." He was buried in Utica
aturday with the custcmary i
ervices befitting one of his sta
Warrants Withdrawn.
The warrants against * Inspec- t
>r of Police J. D. Gilreath,
oliceman Alex Phillips and
onstable Reuben Gosnell,
I t
harged with aiding Thurston
. Vaughn to escape from the:
reenville county jail last June 1
ere withdrawn Wednesday af
rnoon. Oscar K. Mauldin. at
>rney for the prosecution, ask
d for a withdrawal after Mag
trate Samuel Stradley had re
ised to grant the continuance a
fthe preliminary hearing. ask
d by the prosecution
The witnesses for the prose
on- failed to show up. The
rosecution lawyer asked for
mtinuance of the trial on ac
>unt of witnesses being absent,
ut as the witnesses were near
iid could have been called in
ithout much delay. Magistrate1
tradlev refused the request and
aeased the defendants.
In Harmony With Goy.
Attorney-General-electPeebles d
f this State was in Augusta, I
ia., last week and g- ve out an
iterview. He stated that noy
efinite selection had been made s
or the place assistant attorney- 1
eneral. He-said-that as this is e
very important appointmen t,,c
e is taking "plenty of time to.V
onsider" who he will select to
11 the place. His relations
rith the goveinor, he states,
r'e all that could be desired.
le states he is satisfied that his
rork will be in harmony with
hat of the governor, with
rhom there is a strong personal
iendship that has existed for
>nme years.
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Finds Cure for Epilepsy
Ufter Years of Suffering
"My daughter was afflicted with
pileptb fits for three years. the attacks
oming every f.ew weeks. We employed
several doctors but they did her no
good. Abouta
year ago we
heard of Dr
Miles' Nervine.
~ ' ~andi it certainly
h I a s proveda
,',~ b.~essing to our
little girl. She Is
- .n o w apparently
cured and is en-I
joyi . Ing the be'st
over a year since
fit. we cannot
speak too highly
of Dr.: Miles' Nervine."~
Comfrrey, Minn.
Thousands of children in the
United States who are suffering
from attacks of epilepsy are a
urden and sorrow to their parents,
vho would give anything to restore
ealth to the sufferers.
Dr. Miles' Nervine
s one of the best remedies known
for this affliction. It has proven
eneficial in thousands of cases .
and those who have used it have
he greatest faith in it. It is not
a"cure-all," but a -reliable remedy
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not hesitate to give it a trial.
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ottle falls tO benefit your money Is '
ILES MEDICAL CO., Elkhart, ind.
Mead by Mor(
28c. For Long Staple.
A modern record price for ul
-ountry long staple cotton wa
)aid at Walhalla for bale c
iand-picked staple of this vai
etv to a German living there
he price reported to haye bee:
)aid being 28 cents. He regret
;ed he had been afraid to plan
nore of the long staple variet:
n the spring and had only on
>ale but intended planting hi
ntire farm with long stapl
ext year. though he did not in
end picking all the seed b:
Becker to Die.
Charles Becker, the depose4
ew"York police lieutenant
vas sentened Wednesday morn
ng for the murder of Hermai
Zosenthal, the gambler. Beck
r was brought before Justic
loff in the criminal court'
>uilding at 10:30 o'clock. H
vas told he must die in the ele<
ric chair in Sing Sing priso:
Luring the week of Decembe
th. He was put in the "deat
iouse" L.t Sing Sing Friday..
Maiaria-Chills and Fevers-commoi
omplaints among people living in th
;outheastern States, can be -affectively re
ieved in the shortest possible time b;
. L. T.-Richardson's Laxative Tonit
This prescription has been used thirty
Ve years by Dr. Richardson, of Anderson
). C., in his daily practice as a famil:
hysician, and has behind it thousands o
estimonials from many prominent Sout]
!olinians and citizens of other neighbox
ng states. R. L. T. is a wonderful coz
ector of liver troubles and the greates
onic on the market today. You can absc
tely rely on it in any case of chills an
ever or malarial poison, constipation o
If any member of your family need
onic that strengthens and builds, go t
our druggist today and get a fifty-cent o
dollar bottle of R. L. T., and watch th
nick, steady improvement. If your drug
ist can't supply you write R. L. T. Co
Lnderson, S. C.
R. L.T.
The Best Liver Medicine
50c & $1.00 per Bottle. All Drug Stores.
Tax Notice.
llce of County Treasurer, Plcitens Cotioiv.
Pickens, S. C., October 1, 1912
Thle books for the collection of ..tate ant
ounty taxes will be open from
October 15th 1912 to December 31st 1912.
Those who prefer to do so can pay in Janu.
y 1913, with 1 per cent additional. Thot
ho prefer paying in February 1913, ca
o so with 2 per cent additional. Those wh
refer paying in 31arch 191:3, to the 15th of sai
ionth, can (10 so oy paying aln additional 7 pt
ent. After said date the books will close.
N. 1B.-Tax payers owning property or payin
cx for others, will please ask fo tax receil
ieach township or special school districti
'ich he or they may own property. This:
ery important as there are so many speci.
:hool districts. Those who do not wisht
me to the office can write me, not later tha
Mecember 20th. and I will furniish them wit
2e amount due and they can remit me 1
beck, money order or registered letter.
lamps are sent do not send above two (:
ent, as I cannot use them. P'lease do n<
end me cash without registering same, as it
able to get lost: if sent otherwise it must 3.
t sender's risk.
,evy for State tax ......... ........5% 31i1
evy for Constitutional School tax . 3 moil
evy for Ordinary County tax. ...6 moil
evy for Sinking Fund ....... ........9 mil
,evy for P'ast Indebtedness.......... . mil
evy for Chain Gang......... ........ 2% mi
,evy for State Constable...... ..,.....1.4 mi
Tot'a 19%mil
pecial Levy for School Distrit t No. 1, 2 moil
pecial Levy for School District No. 2,.. .2 mil
pecial Levy for School District N o..2 moil
pecial Levy for School District No. 4....2nmil
pecial Levy for Sc hool District No. 5, . .2 mil
petuil Lovv for School Dirtrict No.7... .4 mil
peciai Levi for School D strict No.8,. ..2mtil
pecial -evy for School District No. 9.. 10 mil
pecla! Le'v for Sc hool District No. 10, 2%. mil
pecia! Levy for Sc hool District No. 11, 71 ntil
pecial ILevy for School District No. 12. ..2 mil
pecial Levi- for School District No. 13,. .8 moil
pecital Levy for School District No. 14,.. 4 moil
pecial Levy or School District No. 16.. .6 moil
peial Levy for School District No. 17.. .7 moil
pecial Levv b r Schoo] District No. 18. 2 moil
eial Levi- for School Distric't No. li9, 2mil
peial L ev'y for Schiooi D)istrict No. 2i....2 mii
primal L evv for Schiool Di'strict No.21 .. ..4 moilj
ecia Le vi- for S'chool D ist riet No. i22. ..4 toil
perial L evv for School Distric't No, 2:3,. .2 moil
pcialn Levy for 'School District No. 24. 2' moil
peia Levy fo~r 'School District No. 25, 21. toil
pecial Levv' for 'School District No. 27,. .3mtil
pecial Le'v~ for 'Schooil District No. 28.. .4 miu
pecia.11L1vy for Schfool District No. 29. 3 moil
peial Levyi for 'School D istrict No. 31. 15mtil
peial Levy for Sc hool District No. 312.. 3 toil
peial Levy for 'schioo District No. 36 .4 mll
peciel Levy for 'sehool listrict No. 37. 4 toil
peial Levy for 'sotool Distric't No. 38, 2 miu
peial Levy for School District No. 410 ,2 miu
pecial Levy for .sehool District No 41, 3 toil
pecial Levy for Schiool istrict No. 42.. .2 moil
pecial Levy for 'Schoot District No. It;.. .4 mijl
pecial L~evy for 'Schoo! District No 417.. .3 moil
perial Levy for Sr hool Di strict No. 41.. .2 mil
pecial Levy for 'Sc'hoo D ist et No. 51 ...3 m1til
peial Levy for 'Scho ol Distric't No.532. 2 imil
peral Levy for Schoo i, t lllrc No. 53,...3 mdil
peial Levy for schiol Dist ri't No. r... miil
peetaiil Levy for Schioo:l Diet :i i o. 6..4 lii
evy for interest oin Pickeins I. It. Iods
hlurricane towunip..... . .... .....2 moil
lvy for inlterest on P'icken- I. IR. lionds
I astatoe township......... .......% nil)
avy for interest oii Pickens R. R. boiids
l'icken.s C. 11. township............2 tmil]
Poll Tax. One (1) D~ollar. Every male citize
rom 21 to to 60 years is liable. excapt Confede
te soldiers. wbo do not pay after 50 years. an
hose excused by law.
Commutation Road Tax. St.50. Tlhe L~e
lature enacted the following law: "That ai
ble-bodied male persons from the age of twe
-oeC anid tifty years, both inclusive, in jtl
ounty of P'ickens. shall be required annual
i pay one dollar and( tifty cents commutatio
r road tax, except ministers of the gospel a
ually in charge of a congregation, persons De
iaently disailed in the military service<
his State. and persons who served in the Ia1
ar between the states. and all persons actua
f employed ini the quarantine service of tr
tate. aid all students who miay be attendix
ny school or collerze at the time when the cot
tutation lax hereinabove provided for sha
ecome due. shall be required to pay to th
ounty Treasurer of said county, between th
5th day of October and the 31st day of Decen
cernn each and every year, ar. annual commt
ation or road tax of one dollar and tifty eei
mer head, and any failure to pay said road ta
all be a misdemeanor, and the offender, upo
oviction. shall be punished by a line of ni
ess than five dollars and not more than fift
olars, or imprisoned for not more than thirt
Capitation Dog Tax. All persons ownmi
ogs are required to pay a tax of fifty :50) CenI
, each dog. Respectfurllv
Countt Treasurer.
SThall Five
Flagged Train With Shirt
Tearing his shirt from I
back an Ohio man flagged
train and saved it from a wrec
but H. T. Alston, Raleigh,
C., once prevented a wreck wi
- Electric Bitters. "I was in
s terrible plight when I began
f use them." he writes, "n
stomach, head, back and ki
. nevs were all badly affected a
a my liver was in bad conditic
but four bottles of Electric B
t ters made me feel like a e
F man." -A trial will coIvin
e you of their matchless merit f
s any stomach,. liver or kidn
e trouble. Price 50 cents at Pic
- ens Drug Ctmpany. a
that fEll bill. We
e ioc purchase as mi
s time is now at han<
e buy something for
family and wc wan
r store and do your :
If you know any]
ants ot Pickens cot
get a square deal a
Don't forget tha
et of butter, or the
They will all help<
Come to see us.
0 --
t emmew
SLeRus t ake <
I' ________
Notice of Final Settlement and
is! Discharge.
k -
i Notice is hereby given that I
th will make application to J. B.
a Newbery, Esq., Judge of Pro
to bate for Pickens county, in the
State of South Carolina, on the
d- 28 day of November 1912. at 10
d 1o'clock in the forenoon, or as
n, soon thereafter as said applica
it- tion can be heard, for leave to
W make final settlement of the es
ce state of Texas Ann Ferguason
or my ward and obtain discharge
as Committee of said Ward's
k- estate. T. W. Cochrari,
lv Oct. 31, 1912. Committee.
ippreciate every 5 an-d
ch as anybody, but the
I when you will have to
every member of the
t you to come to our
all shopping.
ling about the merch
inty, you know you can
t our store.
t basket of eggs, buck
chickens young or old.
>ut the pocket book,
J. McD Bruce, President.
I. M. Mauldin. Cashier.
I like thek
That's what t h
ed them a pair
We want yo
every time yoI
~ will be easy.
We have ti:
one has yet qu
We are showing the
Metal, Patent Calf, T
Besides dressy Sh<
~~tjjjwho farms. These a
and water proof-yei
Our showing is so varied we h1
place for the woman who want
seldom fail to make the sale
Soft, Clove-like She
Strong, Serviceable
doors in all sorts of weather.
Stylish Cuts whose gr
Stan, russett, black and white.
Chsildren's 6
[wear, but retaining all the lines a.dc
nter evenings around the fireside
men and childre~n.
are of your shoe needs when in Gre
de, Pattc
eople Every I
fects'are usual
Makes rich, red, pu
system - clears the brain--sts
A positive specific for Bio
Drives out Rheumatism and
is a wonderful tonic and body
.* us
put on 26 y
good as new to
.never needed repair
Don't put on that
until you see them.
ckedules Eftectie Sep
N. B.-The. following schedule figure
re not guaranteed. ARRIVE FRO
No.44 ATLANT.L...
Stops to discharze padsenge
passengers'fo Chrlot and
Stops only
No 42 SENECA (Daily exo
F >r Washington and N.-w Y
rengers from Atlanta and t->
lotie and beyond
Stops to take nn passeng
11 CHARLOTTE - ....
41 CHARLOTTE (daily. ex
For further informatinn apply to Tic
W. R. TABER, P. & T. A.
Greenville, S. C.
L'ry anAdvertisenm
oksof th
ey all say, after v
or two..
a to get the habi
, Patton & TilM
t think of Shoes,
ec right kind of
estioned our pric
Fn Shoes for Me
rew lasts-the new toes and
an Calf, and Vici.
es for the dressy man, we ha
re as strongly built as a raw]
reasonably priced.
Ladies' Shoes
ardly know-where to begin al
s fit, service, style and comf<
es for old ladies, to whom cc
Shes for the woman whos
aceful lines are intended to b
Oxfords and Slippers in all si
chool Shoes
ressy shoe should have.
,get a pair of bed room or h
~n 4Ti1
~lie, S. C.
Veek. Good
when eesi
re bl o od -
builer. noP-aesom
cdn 'e e'sseag
3,. tecause-.Ae 06
ears ago are-a
low (o., P l'1e'
t. 22, 1.912
s are, published 6nlya
.- - 2.20 am
b irom Atata or to eceiv.
on Sndays
ept Sunday} .------8.35 -
ark. op ub-dishe a
receive,; as engers for C
ers for Atlanta
--------- 1L.55 k
-pt Sunday)-------8.9 pG
ket Agenteor
e ftiaT
--n-------1M S an
Cjt Sofdathink5mg
endi The re
bet fthinin Gn
wthma frthna
kn. Th stres t
>rt , and nopiesta
besot leahes, in uh
e duties call her out of
e seen. High cuts i
yles and colors.
use slippers. We have

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