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alend a
To all who.will leave their nc
Bank we will send each month
Youw*ill receive a new calen
ntire series, if retained b:
to their full worth, and
arm a complete calendar J
lection of reproductions of wel
ment and interest.
J. P. Care ,Pres. R. E. Bruc
a1 an(
Business is
Miss Helen Boggs is visitin
Xs. W. W. Robinson in Easley
Jas. P. Carey, Jr., attende
the fair in-Columbia last weel
Dr. R. F. Smith, of Easley
was one of the prominent visi1
ors here Monday.
If you know of a local item c
any _kind, visiting, sicknesv
etc., phone it to No. 35.
Mr. S. P. Freeman, of tb
church section was a
the county seat Tuesday.
Dr. Porter is in Westminstei
w ere he has been at the bed
side of a sick sister for severe
days. -
More cotton was. sold her
last Saturday than any othe
day this season. For awhile j
brought 12.16.
Is it saying much for tran
portation when the fuel bill tell
-us that coal'in Pickens cost
lesthan wood.
Mr. Levi Geer, a promineni
oil mill man of Anderson an<
former citizen of Pickens, wa
a visitor-here Monday..
The county commissioner:
met at their office Tuesday:. I
was an unusually light busines
they had to attend to.
Owe week --
~ only
As a special inducement
with every MAJESTIC RANC
give free one handsome set of
Every piece of this ware
is not needed in every kitchen
- than $8.oo. This ware is on
see it.
*- All during this weeka sp
* jestic factory wvill be glad to si
why the Majestic is the best rs
Come, if yau intend to bi
teEducation lies in knowing
iheated-know how the wate
teMAJESTIC uses so little:i
and outside. This educatior
-overlook a chance to know thi
tmes and addresses at the Keowee ter
free, our art calendar. thi
dar and different card each month. ca
r you, will, we believe,- be appre- si
Lf attached together with ribbons 1
or the year and a valuable col- s
known paintings fulh of senti- t
K, Pickens, S. C.F.
3, V-Pres. M. C. Smith, Cashier. --
1 Personal
Won't Jule Boggs, Jr., make fri
a great lover in Al Martin's ha
Country Store? They say it ch
Y comes natural with him. at
Messrs. Henry Bates and A.
a Langston, who have been in
Montana for some time are now to
visiting at their homes in Pick- ou
ens. wi
Mrs. Tom Reeves, a good wo
man who lived near Lynch's
store died last week. To the
f bereaved ones we offer our sym
, pathy. se
Lawyer Boggs, of Boggs & L
-Finley, has his office on the Do
e ground floor of the Pickens
t Bank building. 5
Up to Wednesday the Pickens
, Oil Mill had ginned 800 bales of lir
1 cotton this season. Last Sat- Cl
J urday they ginned 56, Cotton ur
is later this year than last, fix
Misses Nannie and Stella Por- I
r er, fascinating daughters of th
Dr. and Mrs. F. S. Porter, enter- lei
tained several of their friends at
their home Monday evening.
S The Keowee Pharmacy is ad- M
s vertising "cuta creme" for so
chapped hands. Dr. Lewis also ar
says this is fine for keeping the all
chaps off the young ladies' lips. M
Mrs. J. C. Jennings left Mon- th
day for an extended visit to her w
children. First she will spend m<
a month in Wilmington, N. C.,JC1
3 with her sons, Wyatt and Lon- us
bnie; and will then go to Harde- cu
' ville to visit her oldest son, ch
Jesse. wi
during our demonstration week
E sold (prices always the same) we
ware as illustrated here.
s the best of its kind. Not a piece
.It cannot possibly be bought for
exhibition at our store. Don't fa
*ecial demonstrator direct from the
Low ou "all about ranges" -show
Lnge on earth at any price.
ior not.
things---know why the oven of a r
r is he ated, how the top is heated,
uel, know how a range is madc it
may serve you in the future. I
ngs shown by one who knows. C
Don't Overlool
Catarrh Cannot Be Cured
mot reach the seat of tie disease. Ca.
rh is a blood or constitutional disease
rin orC.:--- cpre it you must take in
nal rem -. Hall's Catarrh Cure I!
:en interna., and acts directly upm
blood and mucous surfaces. Hll.
tarrh Cure is not a quack medicine. I:
s prescribed by cne of tie best phy
ans in this country fcr yeirs and iu
e!'ular prcscript;n. It is c'ompcsd ol
best tonics hnown. ccmhincd with th:
t blood purifiArn. acting directly on thc
cous surfaccs. Tie perfect combina
2 of the two ingredients is what pro
res such wonderful results in curing
arrh. Send for testimonials, free.
3. CHENEY & CO., Props.. Toledo, 0.
cld by Dru-gIsts. price 75c.
ake Hlls Family Pills for constipation.
They say Dr. Bolt as "Skin
at Squire Holden" in "A
rtin's Country Store" will b(
)rth the admittance fee.
The energetic members and
ends of Griffin Baptist churci
,ve made up money to pur
ase a bell for this church,
td they expect to install it ai
early date,
People who know are going
buy -a Majestic Range during
.r demonstration week, Yot
)uld too if you knew. Read
.r big add in this paper. (adv.
Heath-Bruce-Morrow Co
A good size crowd went fron
,re to Greenville last week t(
D the baseball game betweer
e Philadelphia Americar
ague team and a team com
sed of players living close t<
eenville. Philadelphia wor
x) 4.
The University of South Caro
la football team defeated th
emson College team in Col
abia last week, 22 to 6, -tht
st time in ten years. 10,00(
ople saw the game. Casey
>rter, son of Dr. and Mrs. Por
r, of Pickens, is a member o
e University team. He playc
t guard and is considered o
The young people of the
3thodist church, assisted by
me of their friends, ar<
ranging to give a play it
out two- weeks entitled "A
rtin's Country Store". This
ry is similar to, but bette:
an, "Scenes in a Union Rail.
17y- Station", given som<
>nths ago for the U. D. C.
iapter. The proceeds will be
ed to meet some expense in
rred on the inside work of the
urch. We hope everybody~
11 arrange to go.
t-EavY 7Tnm'iPES
)on't 'E
the Date. Tb
Rev. Mr. Cheney, an aget
man who came to Liberty fron
Georgia about two years ago
died in Liberty Monday. W(
are unable to learn much aboul
Mr. Cheney and his death
His remains vere taken back t(
his old home in Georgia foi
burial. He had been in the
mercantile business in Libert3
since locating there and hac
made many friends.
As advertised, Deputy Collec
tor R. Q. Merrick, sold a muh
and buggy here Saturday,
which had been forfeited to thE
United States.% The mule was
grey in color, but would be hard
to describe. Some thought it
was a Bull Moose instead of a
mule, but it must have been a
mule as it didn't haye any
horns. The turnout was bid in
by Mr. H. B. Hendricks . for
$18,00. Mr. Hendricks sold his
purchase the same day,
Cough, Cold
Sore Throat
Sloan's Liniment gives
quick relief for cough, cold,
hoarseness, sore throat,
croup, as hay fever
and bronchitis.
Kan., writes: use Soa ni
ment in the fa~ily and And it an ex
cellent relief for colds and hay fever
attacks. it stops co"hn and aneez
ing almost nustatly.'
3Ts .BREWER, Of MOdefo1Fa,71
Writes. 46I bought one bottle of your
Liniment and iididmeall the good in
the world. 3y throat was very sore,
and it cured me of 'my trouble."
3Id. W. H. STRAGE, 3---1 Egnwood
Avenueo, Chicago, IIlI writes : "A lit
tle bo et door ha croup. I gave
the Sloan's Liniment to try.
She gave him three drops on sugar
before going to bed, and be got ;up,
without the croup in the morniug."
price,250., 50c.,$1.00
on the
- Address
N 'ErS. Sloan
9 Boston.
Twitching Eyes
Will soon be infamed. sore, weak eyes. Leonardl'L
Golden Eye Lotion stops the twitching: allay N
infammation; cures soreness without pain in on
day. Insist on having 'Leonardi's." It akft
strong eyes.
Guaranteed or money refunded. Druggists srl
it at 25cts. or forwarded prepaid on receipt ad
Irice by S. B. Leonardi & Co.. Tampa. Ph.
The Hallowe'en party given
by the teachers of the graded
school here last week was a
great success so far as pleasure
went, and about S12 was real
ized from admission and sale of
candy. This money will go to
ward improving the interior of
some of the school rooms.
Tuesday night all eyes were
turned to the stereopticon to
read the lightning flash which
fate had put on the Elephant,
the Bull Moose and the Ass.
If the Ass did not have the
burdeu of Government heaved
upon him, the newspapers and
magazines ought to quit guess
Last week the printer made
the editor say we have one of
the strongest banks in the State.
We have two good strong banks
all right, but what we meant to
say was, we have one of the
strongest bars in the State.
That don't mean a liquor bar
either but a legal bar. -
Mack Christopher, son of Mr.
and Mrs. N. A. ~iristopher,
had the misfortune to get his
right arm broken last week.
He was on the speaker's plat
form by the side of the court
house when he fell. He only
fell about two feet, but his arm
was caught under hini so tha
it was broken. Dr. -Valley set
the bone and Mack is doing well.
Crop for Rent.
Good two-horse crop for rent
to right man. Located one and
a half miles of Pickens on Eas
ley rbad. W. P. Stewart,
Pickens, S. C., R. F. D. 1. 3t
Lost, in the town of Pickens,
one purse containing some
money. Finder will please
return to The Sentinel office
and receive reward.
Farm for Rent.
One horse farm for ren. '7 or
8 acres good bottom land, bal
ance upland. One mile west of
Pickens. Apply to P. A. Porter.
11th to
- - --AGEN
A Birthday P
On last Saturday evening
Miss Louise Gravley, the accom
plished young daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. C. M. Gravley, gave
her many friends a delightful
birthday party. At 5 o'clock
the guests were coupled off and
conducted t o a n eleborately
furnished table where refresh
ments were served. After sup
per the guests participated in
yarious games, during which
time delightful music was de
livered. The hostess was hon
ored with many nice presents
from the guests. All left the
assurance of having highly en
joyed the occasion. Upon leav
ing the guests showered their
many congratulations and best
wishes upon the young hostess.
Long Staple Ginning.
Every Monday, after Decem
ber 1, the Pickens Oil Mill will
run one battery of gins for long
staple cotton entirely. They
have recently installed special
gins to gin this cotton and it
will pay you. to have it ginned
right. Remember, every Mon
day, beginning December 1.
Don't ask us to give you the,
$8.00 worth of ware with a
Majestic Range after our demon
stration week as that special of
fer applied to that week only-,
Nov. 11 to 16. (adv.)I
Heath-Bruce-Morrow Co.
Porto Rico'&-ew Wonder.
From far awa Hir
come reports of a wonderfune
discovery that is believed will
vastly benefit the people. Ra- 1
mon T. Marchan, of Barce-:
loneta, writes "Dr. King's New
Discovery is doing splended
work here. It cured me about
five times of terrible coughs and'
colds, also my brother of a se-'
vere cold in his chest and more
than 20 others, who used it on
my advice. We hope tgis great
medicine will yet be *sold in
every drvg store in Porto Rico."
For throat and lung troubles
there is nothing better. A trial*
will convince you of its merit.
50c & $1.00. Guaranteed by
Pickens Drug Compimny. adv
Subscribe for The Sentinel..
- - -stroying
fact, spc
~ consider
____________ tion
'RT. 2-ftn.U: flEV R
Ca- L5-E5 Yo1
RORS-TER .thc rang
it's mad4
lined wit
%% has a m3
water wi
/ and costs
seen;" yc
clusive h
cent stro1
Your Friends and
To in
have th
Chains of
We will pay you cash for
green and dry hides. Bring sf
them to the City Market, Pick
ens, F. L. Finley, proprietor.
Flour at wholesale prices.
T. D. Harris,
Mill Agent. i
Lost. bi
Lost on the streets of Pickens,
one fraternity pin, with letters
"S. A. E." thereon. Finder willi
please return to this office.
J A. McColfough B. F. Martin
E. f. Blythe
MCullough. Martin & Blythe
Masonic Temple Grecuille, S. C.
Associate firm
Anderson, S. C.
Practice in all Courts.
Prepare For
Cold Weather
Vic' Croup Salve
Penslar Laxative d
All kinds Cough Syrup
. 17
If it's Drugs-We have it
Keowee Pharmacy
Agents for Penslar Remedies. Dike's:g
Remedies. Nunnally's Candies se
. I
Which Shall.
you intend to continue laboring, I
high priced food with that old wc
know that old stove eats up a lot
know you have trouble in getting
il a batch of bread every once ina
able for yearly repairs.'
> and think and figure.
uldn't it pay you to buy a good ra
The Great Majestic M
Charcoal Iron R
Smake no mistake in buying the
just right and of the right kind
-IARCOAL IRON-riveted toge
pure asbestos board-parts bein
iable reservoir and an oven that<
IC usesso !ittle fuel, bakes j'ust
bread just right all over without ti
ile breakfast is cooking-proper
practically nothing for repairs.
't buy the range you expect t<
u'll be sure to be disappointed.
ation week, see the GREAT MA:
'atures explained, find out why th~
ger than other ranges where mos1
I have
le. ' Cas
Something for
>rth while-$8.
are for nothing is
me to investigate.
g add in this paper.
JJ ~ ~ L -c1 ,6-_
.t gvn thi a I
d udho-dae esgn in.
w a' t o not nonlto
which fashionable women
e giving their apprval If
iu dmire dainty ornamenetss
- u-eo-date desions in -i
wiemnswll 'aso lye to
our dteispay..
harles. S
-.e e trnkeae ee
r e' . onwly vte>
rnin valubl uell and die
rn-ou coosply.
Og-r ng e wit eeua
nout negoos.Tento
f fueleachMAEABLE
ie ptoiae'jus aright
p alleable an'tbea-d
ight every day in the year
irning), heats 15 gallons of
ly handled lasts a lifetime,
'last a lifetime "unsight un
ome to our store during
ESTIC-have its many ex- -
MAJESTIC is 300 per
ranges are weakest.

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