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-NOVEMBER 14, 1912
g4c l ntices first insertion per inch (lA)
For each subsequent " W
CInmercial and other advertising for three
months or longer will be made at reduce rates
and prices can be had on application
We .e not resporsible for the views of
our correspondents.
Eaered a Pic3ens Fustoffice ad Second Cla
Mail Matter
t out statements
to all our su . ibers who are
as much as one "ear behind on
The Sentinel, did this
cause many peop l er
look a small accouin like this.
We hope all will have us to con
tinue sending them the paper
Some have come in to see us
and renew: others have not.
We shall presume that those
who do not let us hear from
them by the last of this week
do not wish us to send them
The Sentinel any longer, and
we shall take their names from
our list. We wish to thank all
those who have responded tc
these notices.
Let Us Settle'Dolon.
Now that the election is over
and someone has been elected tc
every office, from the presiden i
of the United States to the coro
ner of each county in each
state, let all our differences.
prejudices, hard feelings, etc. -
if any existed-be, over. Per
haps you did not succeed it
getting your ,man elected, anc
if you did perhaps my man was
defeated. So let us come to;
gether and make your man and
man our men. Not every
man elected to office will fi1 the
office. Only a few will fill. thE
offices, others will stay in th<
office and draw the salary, bul
with the co-operation of thE
people any man can make a
better officer. Let us give then
our support as long as we thint
they are trying to do their duty
When it becomes plain tha
they have willfully failed ther
.u t the next election try
so-ne one else in their places.
The men elected and the mer
defeated may soon forget us
but we are neighbors, we art
brethren, we live in the sam<n
canmunity, belong to the sam<
churches and we must be friend
ly, ____
-The Change.
- These are stirring times now.
Democrats who have shown n<
interest or enthusiasm in politic!
have awakened from their Rij
Van Winkle slumbers an<
making a rushing noise for the
pie counter. And who N
them? Some of them n~an
tasted and know- frot: *;'
perience that it is igood. The
who have not tasted i: na.:
heard of its sweethiess a :
anxious to try it.
We would ask our readers ti
tjade as far as possible with th
merchants who adyertise ii
The SentineL. Generally it i
the merchant who advertises
who has the freshest goods a
he sells more. And if it wa
not for the advertisers each sub
scriber would be paying five o
six dollars a year for weekl:
papers and twenty or thirty fo
-daily papers. It is to our bene
fit, to your benefit and the ad
vertiser's benefit for you to trad
with advertisers.
Resolved that it n ould be fo
the best interest of Pickens t<
have paved side walks on a
least one side, from the depot t<
the Presbyterian church and a
~..plincipal crossings. Who wil
speak on the affirmative?
Many womensuffer this mis
ery, It makes its appear
ance so regularly that they
Iearnto expect it and arrange
their household work accord
ingly. Few women think of
seeking medical help to get
rid of it for good. If women
only knew of the power and
effectiveness of Dr. Sim
mons Squaw Vine
Wine they would not be
without it a moment longer
than it would take to get it
from the drug store. It is a
splendid remedy for all nau
sea or sickness of the stom
ach. The first dose settles
the stomach and makes the
patient feel better. Addi
tionaldosesact on the female
generative system. strength
ening weakened organs, reg
ulating ~e habits. restoring
tone anD strength in every
:part of the body. It is essen
tially a woman s remedy
prepared expressly to meet
the need of women who
suffer from the ailments
common to their sex.
Sold by Druggsts an De"'*r
Price $1 Per Bottle
That's our idea of a clear
We know the guy that pu
the aft in Taft.
Well, Mr. Taft didn't losi
simply because he is a fat man
Look at John T. Duncan.
It's a mighty hard job to fin<
a man who didn't know all tho
time how it was going to turr
We do not need any monel
ourselves, but the people w(
buy paper and ink from sa3
they need it.
S in the Bull Moose di
eak a leg, but as it had plenty
of wind it was able to pass the
winded Taft on the horn
stretch. -
The Anderson Daily Mai
says: We are not surprised a
New England going for Wilson
Gov. Mart Ansel did some cam
paigning up there,
By the color of the paper on(
would think the Farm an<
Factory, published at Seneca
was Republican. On the dai
after election it was printed or
blue paper.
We can sympathize with th
Mr. Simmons who canno1
accept a position as Mr. Green'
private secretary, because h
would have to sign all letter
Green per Simmons.
If Theodore Roosevelt an
Robert LaFollette are still ready
willing and anxious to be o
great service to their country
they should join the Democrati,
party. There is no danger
even here, of a disasterous over
flow of brain power. Genius i
often at a discount, but wis
statesmanship never. Governc
Wilson has already displayed ;
wonderful tact in selectin;
sensible, discreet helpers.
The one dark blot upon th
election last Tuesday was th
voting in of the dispensary i
Union county. It is a ste
backward, Howvever, if t~h
officers are determined not ti
enforce the liquor law any bel
ter than it has been enforced 11
Union it is perhaps better. I
whiskey is to be sold we woul,
rather see it sold under th
sanction of the law than to se
it sold by blind tigers.-Gaffne:
The election of Woodrow Wil
son, a Southern Democrat,
christian gentleman, we believ
is a just rebuke to Presiden
for the world. We believe thla
Almighty God has through th
votes of this christian natio:
rebuked his infidelity, mor
than his views on the tarif3
Wilson, we believe, is a states
man, not a low, cheap politiciarl
He will therefore think and ac
for the good of all the peopl<
He goes into office free and utr
.trammeled. Not the tool c
servant of any trust or corpora
tion, he is a free man, a ma
with a great heart and brai
and with both cultivated. H
will be a power for good as b
dIrects the affairs of the natiot
for when the righteous bee
rule the people rejoice.
Clerk's Sale.
State of South Carolina,
County of Pickens,
M. WV. Cater, Plaintiff
John Ellenburg and WV. N
Brown, Defendents.
In persuance of a decreti
order in the above stated cas
by Hon. J W. Devore presi(
ing Judge dated October 14 191
and on file in the Clerks offic
of Pickens County S. C. I wi
sell to the highest bidder o
salesday in December this b<
ing the 2 day of December 191
during the legal hours of sal
at Pickens Court House S C
the following tract of land t
wit: "All that certain piec
parcel or tract of land situate<
in IPickens County and Hurri
cane Township and having tb
following marks and bounds t
wit: Beginning on a pine o:
Jeff Crenshaw line thence sout]
to mouth of Clark Branc.
thence up Clarks branch oi
north side of said branch N]1
to Jeff Crenshaw line thenc,
Jeff Crenshaw line to beginn
ing corner containing (25) acre
more or less, it being a part o
Billie Crenshaw land or former
1 owned by him.
'Terms cash. Purchasers ti
pay for papers and for record
ing ame. A. J. Boggs,
Clerk of Court.
November 1 1912.
People who know are goini
to buy a Majestic Range durn
our demonstration week, Yoi
would too if you knew. Rea<
our big add in this paper. (adv.
So/iby les!
0 oo C,* a' 0~
- 0 40 0
* -
A Plea For Church
The following article was
written by Mrs. C. E. Watson
and appeared in a recent issue
of the Baptist Courier. We are
indebted to the Courier for the
use of the cuts.
In traveling over the greater
part of our State one of the
things most noticeable is the
yast amounts of money being
invested in church and Sunday
school buildings. The most
I beautiful architecture and out
eNo. 1. Whit
ward adornmegt is employed,
and inside, the convenience,
comfort and harmony of furn
ishings are beautiful to the- ey(
and soothing to the senses.
tWhether or not these conditions
people are Baptists. conditions
are so different and merit omi
interest and help. On -account
of Ethe rugged roads and pool
-facilities for tr aveling, they
-must be organized into many
small churches composed o:
those near enough to attend the
r meetings. These churches
made up of the sturdy, gooi
people of a neighborhood. ain
not financially able to buill
e houses of worship better thai
, those in which they live, so tkn
*r little log cabin in picture num
ber one shows just the sort o
churches many of them have~
Others are never able to build;
house of their own, so gather ii
the little school houses,. or ouLt ih
the open air to worship God ac
cording to the simple teachinm
[. of The New Testament.
Appreciating the sturdv char
l acters and fine minds of thes<
e people, and their destitution of
educational privileges our H oim
Board is relieving the situatioi
1 in many places hv lenidiu-.
1 them a helping hand, and in
spiring the desire fcr educatior
and higher ideals. Our Statl
.Board must help them to prt wid
> preaching, as the little group:
0 of from thirty to one hiundrec
personfs are not able to employ
pastor. Would that the historn
Sof some noble ,spirits could bc
written, who have given theji
- Six room house on Colleg
)in Price $1,500-00
-122 acres fine farming la
Price $50.oo per -acre.
85 acres fine farming lan(
near Pickens railroad. Ten;
$50-oo per acre.
For terms apply to
claim toAbe "jt
> good," but a- c
is never a pro
fact. Stick to a Co
\* New Orlcans.
Buildings in Twelve 1
lives and labors to the plantim
of the seed in this field, bul
want of education forbids th<
preservation of records, an(
only in legend and story can w(
gather fragments of their deeds
But the harvest is ours, one ol
the greatest, most undevelope
assets of the Baptist denoiina
tion. Oar boards are doing al
they can to educate and evan
gelize. can't individuals., wh<
have the imeans, conic to th<
rescue, and lend a helping hani
W \ater Chui-ch. Twelile Ri
number two shows the trans~
formation that two hundret
d (oll:.rs given to one of thesi
little churches will make. Ii
January, that amount wa:
given to the White Wate:
Oh the inspiratio1
:irh help! There are eigh
m:all Baptist congrega
tions just as needy. One whos<
house has fallen from decay
and they were worshipping this
summer under the trees. Wh<
will, out of their abundance
' I
No. Shows How a Gift ofS
e street in city of Easley. Clos
nd, three miles below Easley
Itwo (2) miles above Easley
acres hne bottom land. Pric<
Pickens. S. C
rst as
aim is
[ie River Association
r reach out a helping hand and
inspire them to undeitake for
themselves. There is no better
investment of money: this is
mission work in our Judea: for
who can tell how many souls
may be reached and saved by
l providing a comfortable place of
- worship. This is their great
The evangelist employed in
that section by the State Board,
Rev. W. M. Walker, Central,
1. C.. will gladly give informa
* - plcsms n edo.ep
Slttle sciongto hs os
i has fallen? For you know they
I cannot worship out of doors in
cthe winter weather in the
e. mountains. God grant the
Sneeds may touch some heart
iand hand to whom he has en
b trusted1 his blessings to be pass
ed onl to others. He will add
still greater blessing "exceeding
Sabundantly, above all we can
ask or think.'
Mrs. C. E. Watson.
90 Hats Transforined T'heir House
Porto Rico's New Wonder.
From far away Porto Rico
come rep~orts of a wonderful new
discovery that is believed will
vastly benefit the people. Ra-,
mon T. Marchan, of Barce
loneta, writes "Dr. King's New
Discovery is doing splended
Iwork here. It cured me about
five times of terrible coughs and
colds also my brother of a se
vere coldi in his chest and more
tha 20~ others, who used it on
ny adv ice. We hope this great
mnedicine will yet be sold in
every drvg store in Porto Rico."
For throat and lung troubles
'there is nothing better. A trial
w'ill convince you of its merit.
50e &~ S1.00. Guaranteed by
Picen Drug Coinmmriy av
New a
For the past thirty days we have be
Goods, Notions, Coat Suits, Cloaks, Ch
from the best houses in New York and
Our stock in every department is c
We haven't the space to enumerat<
we ask is for yo u to call 4nd inspect ou
We are not strangers to the people
our customers are treated right, and tha
We handle nothing but the best qt
always pays to bey the best.
Call on us for anything you need.
Clothing, Shoes. Hats and (
Sole agents for Walk Over and B
Iron King Stoves. New Home Sowirg Mi
eli Wagons and Mitchell Automobies.
.Thursday, Frid
Wie will meet on abov
>;ace to swap, exchange,
nything in the way of s
-We are looking for or
has ever attended the coi
has anything to trade or
The Seniniel si
[1o yOUT J01) })iL
harge ally mor
work thall the 0
,en receiving, daily, lar S]2ipmf
)thing, Hats, Shoes and'~
omplete in euery detail, and ou
the many pargains we are off(
r stock, and we will do the rest.
of Pickens County, and you al
: we guarantee every trade we
iaiity of merchandise, in every
We handle everything.
urs truly,
ents' Furnishing Goods a Specialt
yden Shoes, Carhart Overalls, I
Lchines,Chase City and Babcock B
Held at
IS, S.
y and Satu
14, 15, 16
e dates and at abc
buy or sell horses,
e of the largest ci
vention. Every
sell is inv\ited to e
B1. C. ROI3
op will be
for doing
rdi nary.
d1 -
ts of Dry
r prices are
,ring, but all
1 know that
line, and it
{awes Hats,
-D N
~ve named
mules or
owds that
body wli
4lad to
d0l I

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