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He Also Ran
In Memory.
Mrs, Narasis Reeves, wife of
Thomas Reeves, died at her
home on Oolenoy, November 3,
1912. Mrs, Reeves has been a
great sufferer for several
months. Her left arm mortified
and was taken off about a
month ago, after which she im
proved rapidly for awhile, but
was taken worse and died.
She was buried November 5th
at New Friendship burying
ground. Rev. Fayette Powell
conducted the funeral service.
Mrs. Reeves was the mother of
seven children, two who have
gone on before, and five survive
her. Mrs. Lissie Stewart, Mrs.
Omie Conley and Messrs. Lee,
Waddy and Luke Reeves, and
'thirteen grand children.
Our darling mother has left
us. She has gone to wear a
crown with Jesus in her eternal
He sought among our treas
ures and took our darling
mother. She was not given, only
loaned for awhile. We will
meet her on earth no more but
we expect to meet her up yon
der on that blessed shore. where
there will be no more sad part
ing and no more goodbye's.
When he took our mother he
only took his own. He took
her to to the Savior to place her
in his crown.
"A precious one from us is gone
A voice we loved is still,
A place is vacant in our home,
~ Which never can be filled."
Sister Reeves was a consecrat
ei l uther and a good wife. No
one car; take the place of
mother, b:ia left ..e word
that she was prepared to go.
"Oh death, where is thy
sting? Oh grave, where is thy
May God be with the berea'
ed husband and children. Guide
and direct them that they may
meet mother oni that celestial
. Oh angel mother, we will meet
you bye and bye.:
One who knew her.
Constipatico, if Neglected,
Causes Serious Illness
Constipagtin, if neglected. leads
to aim ~st innumerable complica
- ?ion! affectin tegneral health.
Many cases o
apendicitis aved
other severe dis:
cases are trace:
ableto prolonger)
- ~cligoS h
constipation, C.
E. Ayers., 6 Sabin
S t ., Montpelier,
Vt., says:
I was afflicted
'enrv:4. aind at times became s9 bad I
vou d tbecome unconscious. I have be
found in that condition many times.
j'hysicians did not seem to be able tQ
doe me any good. I would become
weak and for days at a time could do
ao work. Not long ago I got a box
of Dr. Miles' IAxative Tablets, ~and
after using them found I had never
tried anything that acted in such
pnikl and effective manner. I believe
have v at last found the remedy that
guiLs my tase."
*Thousands of people are sufferers
frm-n habitual constipation and
wi le possibly realizing something
of th danger of this condition, yet
neglect too long to erxpploy proper
cuirative measures untii serious ill
ness often res:plts. The advice' of
all physicians is, "keep your bowels
clean," and it's good advice.
-Dr, Miles' Laxative Tablets are
sold by all druggists, at 25 cents 8
box containing 25 dloses. If snot
found satisfactory, your money is
MILES MEDiCAL CO., Eikhart, Ind.
Subseribe foir The Sentinel.
You Take a Desp
To save a little m oney. by~ go
do you really save it? ilow m
amnount of the prennumi awa"
amount to? Not near enougi
Let me mnsure your property
hatve nothiug to insure.
I represnt nothing but the
Insurance W. L. Al
Is you rT 11
Yield to Vinol.
The medical profession do not b
lieve that consumption is inherite
but a person may inherit a weaknei
or tendency to that disease.
A prominent citizen of Evansvill
Ind., writes: "I was ill for fi
months with pulmonary trouble, au
had the best of doctors; I had hemor
hages and was in a very bad wa:
Through the advice of a friend I tric
Vinol, and I feel that it saved M
life. It is all you recommend it 1
be. I believe it is the greatest med
cine on earth. I have advised othe1
to try Vinol, and they have had ti
same results." (Name furnished c
Vinol soothes and heals the inflame
surfaces and allays the'cough. Vini
creates an appetite, strengthens tl
digestive organs and gives the patici
strength to throw off incipient pulm
nary diseases.
Try a bottle of Vinol with the u1
derstanding that your money will I
returned if it does not helo Yo1
Pickens Drug Co. (ad
For Sale on Wednesday, Decen
ber 4th, 1912.
I will sell to the highest bit
der, for cash, on day abov
mentioned, all crops, tool
household goods and kitche
furniture, stock, etc., consistin
of corn, fodder, hay, etc.: be
steads, springs, mattresse
cooking stove and ware, on
large extension dining tab]
cost $22.50. chairs, rockers, an
in fact all my personal property
Mules, wagons, harness, on
fine milch cow and yearling
two fine brood sows. one lot o
pigs. Farm tools consisting c
one 8-disc grain drill, on
McCormick mower with reape
attachment, turn plows all size
and kinds, plow stocks, cultiy
tors, mattocks, shovels, blaci
smith tools, etc.
Corn to be sold in 50 bush<
lots. Fodder in 100 bundle lot
adv. n14 J. E. Parsons.
Lands for Sale or Rent.
My Keowee farm of 1,0(
acres for sale, as a whole or wi
cut to suit purchaser, fine hig
bottom and good upland, p!. -nit
of timber. Purchaser can mo
his own terms.
One thirteen acre lot wit
new house house in the townc
Sx Mile; also one other hous
and lot in the town of Six Mil
both for sale or rent. Fin
school and church facilities.
A portion of my Keowee fari
for rent. See J. Frank Stephet
at Six Mile or me at Central..
R. G. Gaines.
are wla the net nonlyi
towich brashionable omei
arhergvn a teirapry.
yoame da tinkt oraenhe
tauto-dte designd esinl
ietleeniwll paasu o ldes
seeour ateionla ury.sla
tht ler ksge Saespca
foraen Suse. Saohneina
seeountr iplay.
In C,>urt of Common Pleas.
J. S. Wilson, Plaintiff
Marv F. Willard and W. 0. Willarr,
'al, Defendants.
In pursuavce of at decretal ord
mae in the above stated cae and<
file in the Clerk's office in P eke
count. I will sell to tue highest bidd
at Lib'erty. South C trohxna commeneii
sad sale at 11 o'clock a. wl.. ou lA Dcex
be rcontinuing said s:dle each di
util all the real estate hereinaf ord
scribed is sol!.
F ist: Al thoee pie~ces, parcees at
los of land lying and being situteC
the State anid C unty atore writti
ands in the town of Liberty, S C.. the
')inlg one hun'Jred and twenty(120) Ic
For a full d'eeription of the-se lots
a- a ee p.lat of survey made by F.
O'Dell, sury ey or. (on t he :2id day
S ptember, A. P. 1911. which 's on I
in x!.e C erk-s office. Pickens cu t.
C.. and will be exhibited on dayv of s
at Liberty, S. C.
Second: All that piece iarcel or tra
rate Chance
on without fire insurance. And
my years have you put the
nai how nmuch do your savmngs
to pay for the worry about fire.
*today. Tomorrow you may
besat compaies.
T HEN V Picens
itending to
of land lying and being situate in the
State and County aforesaid, containing
forty (40) acres more or less. as shown
by plot .f survey made by H. L. Clay
ton. .surve% or. on the 8th day of October.
18b7, and known in the division of the
real estate of Thos. E. Willard aq tract
e- No. one (1) and having the following
d, metes and bounds to wiL: Beginning
s at a stake on the right of way of the
.outhern iailroad, thence N. 47 1-2 E.
40.') to stake 3xn, thence N 84 E 1583 to
re rck 3xi-, thence S .31 1-2 W 570 to rock
re 3xn, thence 8 71 E 2250 to rock 3xn,
Ld thence S *8 3-4 9.02 to stake on right of
r- way of Southern railroad, thence the
y. rigit of way of Southern railroad to
d the heinning corner adjoining lots No.
2 and 5 in the division of said estate
of Thomas E. Willard, deceased. and
adjoining lands of C. L. Hollingsworthi
estate and others. Also all that other
p.ece, parcel or tract of land lying and
te being situate in the above 6tato and
n County, containing forty-four and one
thirteenth (44 1-13) acres more or less as
shown by plat of survey made by H. L.
Clayton, surveyor. on the 8th day of
October. 1897, and known in the divi
e sion of the real estate of Thizmas E
t Willard, dece.!sed, as tract No. two (2)
D- and having the following iiees an
bounds to wit: Beginning at a stake
. on right of way of Stcu.heri ra irtn d,
tience S 34 1-2 E 1:01 to wnt- oa;k 3xn.
>ethceS 16 E 3,65 to rock 3xti, thence a
branch line to a stake, thence N 71 E
) 7.15 to a rock :3xo, thence N 81 E 5.70 to
a stake 3xn; thence S 47 1-2 E 40 25 to
right of way cf Southern reitroad,
thence the right of way to the bginningi
1- corner. Adjoining lots one. three and
five in the division of said estate of
Thomas E. Willaid, decease, and ad
joining lands of C. L. llollingsworth
estate and others,
e Also all that other piece, parcel or
tract of land lying an being situate
n in the above State and Coanty, Contain
0i-- fifty-one and 38 (7)1 3-z) acres
more or less as shown by plat of su:vey
d made by 11, L. Clayton, surveyor. on
; the 8th day of Octobir. 18J7, and known
e in the division of the real estate of Thos.
E. Willard, deceased. as tract No. three
e (3) and having the following metes and
d bounds to wit: Beginning at a stake on
r* right of way of South :rn railroad,
e thence S 3 3-4 E 231.46 to a rock 3xo and
a stake :3xo, thence N 86 1-4 E to a rock
3xo, thence S ~3 1-2 E 21.-4 to a rock
f 'xn, thence S 6 1-2 N 8 60 to a rock
f 3xn, thence N 87 W 2 to a rock 3xo,
ethence S 71 W 1.60 to a s!take. thence a
e branch line to a rock 3xo. thenca S 16 E
r 3.63 to a white oak *3xn, thence S '4 1.2.
S E 13.04 to a stake cn righ.t of way of
- Southern railroad, thence the right of
way to the beginning corner. Adjoin
~ ing tracts No. 2, 4 aid 5 in the division
or said estate of Tlhomu.s E. Willard
I ae ce; sed, an-d adjoining lands of C. L.
io:Lngsworth estate. latids of J. P.
Smnith's estate. J'ob F. Smith, Chapman
land and others
- A Iso all tht. pitce, parcel or lot of
haind in the town of Liberty. Ln-.wn as
the houel lot. which wvats coive .d to
I W. 0. Willard by K. A. Avinger, being
( made up of lots Nos. 10 and 11 in the
11 plat of said town. No. 10 fronting
, Railroad street 32 feet 10 inches and 10'
feet deep. containing .n-4righth (1-s) of
Y 1 an acre. No, 18 fronting one chain on
> Main street, containing fifty-two rods.
Also all that other piece, parcel or lot
of land in thle own of Liberty, conive y
h edi to W. 0. Wiard by sanlie Gary,
>Bounded oni lie North by -- tr eet
e on the Souith by Railroad, ? n East and
lWest Lv lands formoerly be hei.ging to
e tig one-fourrhI of :an acre n. ore or'
Terms : On-h-~ If cash oni da,- (f 5-de
the bajance ont a credit of twelve
S monthis, the crediit portion to be secut edi
b1- the bond of the pme~haser andl a
nitortgage of the premises, and draw in
tere-st from day of sale, at the rate of
7per cent ter annum, with leave to
the purcha.ser to anticipate the credit
- portion on day of sale. Should the pur
chaser fail to comply within one hour,
the said premis.es will be re-sold on same
dlay at the risk cf -the former purchaser.
Purchaser topay for all papers and for
recordwng the s:unie. A. J. IBOGGS,
Clerk of Court.
- Pickens County S. C.
e * W wateeypp
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range is made inside and ou
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monstration-week of Nov.
to 16. (adv.)
Heath-Bruce-Morrow C
Tax Notice.
omcee of Co)unty Treasurer Ptckens Countv.
Pickens. S. C., October I, 141
The boo'k for the collection of !tate 1a1
County taxe- will be open frion
()ctober I5th i912 to Devenber :list 191-.
Tho:se who prefer to 14) so van Jaly 4in1 .IlU
ry li:. with I per cent adlitional. Tho
who prefer paying in Februa ry 1913. e
do so with 2 pei vent addlitional. Those wi
prefer javing in .\ arch 11113. to the i5th of sa:
[norith. cali do so ny paying a adiltiolinal 7 Il
centI. After sail date lihe books will close.
N. l;.--Tax payers owning property or payil
tax for others, will please ask fo tax recell
in etch township or special school district i
which he or they may own property. This
very important as there are so many spec(
sol di.str1icts. Those who do not wish I
ome to the #fllve -?iln write ie. not later tha
Doecember'lith. and I will furnish theni wit
the an ount due atd they (nln remit me l
check, money order or registered letter, '
tanips ar. sent do not * inl ahove two :
cent. as I entnot 1use them. l'lese do ii
send me cash withliout registering same, as it
liable to get iost: if sent othe %wise it nmuzst 1
at sender's risk.
Levy for State tax ...... ..... ........5. .lit
Levy for Constitutionil Schoo tax . : mil
Levy for Ordinary Coutity tax. . ...6 mtil
Levy for sinkinilg Fund .... . .... .... I J., mil
Levv for P'ast ladiebteilles.......... 14 mil
Levy for Chain Gang ... ...... ........ ' li
Levy for Stiate Constable ... .. ....... li
Tota 195mi
Special Levy for School Dlstric t No. 1, i mil
Special Levy for School istrict No. . mil
Special Levy for School District No. 3....2 mil
Special Levy for School District No. 4.. ..- mil
pecial Levy for School District No. 5, .12 mlI
pecial Lovy for School 1ir! rict No.7....4 nil
Speciai Levy for School D-strict No. 8,. ..2 mil
Special .evv for School Distriet No. 9.. 10 mil
Special Le:.;- for School District No. 0, 2V- mil
.pecial Levy for School District No. 11. 7% mil
pecial Lev y for StlhooIl lDistrict No. 12. ..2 Mil
Special Lev.- for School District No. 13,..8 mil
Special Levy for School listrict No. 14,..4 mil
pecial Levy for School District \o. 16 ...6 Mil
Special Levy for School District No. 17,..7 Mil
Special Levy for Shool District No. IR. 2 ml
Special Levy for School District No. 14. 2mil
Special Levv for Schooi District No. :9....2 miii
Special Lev- forSchool lDistrict No.21 .... .4 mil
Special Levy for School lIistrict No. 2 4 mail
special Levy for school 1)istrict No, 23..2 mil
Special Levy for .Shool District No. 24. 2w til
Specil Lev'y for ,Sciool listrict No.25, 2'. mil
Special Levv for Sbool District No. 27,..2 mil
special I.ev- for School District No. -38...4 mi
special Levv for School District No'29. 3 mil
Special Levy for 'School District No.31. imil
pecial Lev'y for 'School I)istrict No 1. 1..3 til
Specinl .evy for School Ditrict No. 36 .4 til
Speciel Levy for Shool District No. 37. 4 Mil
Special Levv for Sohool Distriit No. 3S. 2 iI
sspecial Levy for School District No. t) .. nil
Special Levy for school )istrict No 41, 3 mil
Special Levy for School District No. 4-1...1 mil
special Levy for Sebool . strict No. 44 ...4 mil
spec ial L.evy for School listrict No 17._.3 mil
SpeciAl Levy for School District No. 49...12 mil
secial Levv for 1-4)hool District No. 5: ... 3 mil
Special Levy for School )istrict No. 5:2. -1 mil
Special Lev'y for School District No. 53....3 mil
pecial Levy for School District No. 55...4 mi!
spiecial Levy "or Sehool I istriet %o. 56...-l iiii
Levv' for interest )nt lickens R. R. Rlonds
Ilurrivane towslis ip...... . .... .....'! inil
revy foc interest on Pickens R1. .. ]:ond.s
'astlatoe township......... . .......2'! mil
Lavy for interest on Pickens R. R. iltinds
Pickeits C. It. township.. ............ 2 mil
Poll Tax. One (IM D ollar. Every male citiz(
fronm 21 to to 60) years is liable. exce3pt onfede
ate soldiers, who do not pay after 5il years, at
those excused by law.
('ommutation' Road 'I'ax. "!.5-. 'lle Le
islitu re eiiacted thle following law:. "'l hat
alebodied niale p~erso.s fruin the age of twe
tvonieatid Ii fty . rs. bo11 ticlu0sive. in 1t
otinty of PIckenis, -hall be,~ requti red anntiual
to) pay one 41o1lar andl lift:. ee4~It s e'nt1 iln tatl
or roaed tax. exceplt tminlists o thi e gospel i
tually in ebar::e 4of a 4'i~cn.e'itn, person15 T
manentl'y dijabledl in the itity service
this Stat'e. 11nd( pet;,a -:'a !.'o sers ed in the h:
war b etween the .Mate, il iperson;s iactu
Is' emitPOyest in the 'iuaranttinte .-el v~"e 4f t
tatte. lild all studenti' s whio nay tbe attIendtl
any school0 or colle'~e at t he te n hen the eon
iutittiont tax lhereinabov4ye provi'ded5 for sin
he((ome dute shlI l be eq uiredl1 ity t1
Lounty Treasulrer of said i'oty5. letween
15th dlay oif Oc)~tober andi' the 1s ay of Ilecel
beriln each and esci y year. an 4annal i commt
tation or road tax fI onle dollar iitd Ii fty eel
per head. and iany failu tre to paj 514'id rioad l
shall be a mnisdemeanior. and11 thle oil ender. u;p'
conviCtionl. shall b e 1411ntihed by a le of 1
less thani live dlollars and' lnt more thani Ii
dollars, or imfprisone~d for tnt tuolre thant thii
C.apitaition D)og Tax. All persons1 4,wnI
dot's are requtIireid to pays a tax of lifty ,51,e
onl eaiih do4g. Rset (fully
i'ont115 it Tasler.
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Lie -
Is %hrtZW 5
a ck
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Is ~ ~~~ Co.et e s
r, Thrnle &B
Notice of Final Settlement and)
Notice is hereby given that I
will make application to J. B.
Newbery, Esq., Judge of Pro
>ate for Pickens county, in the
state of South Caroliua, on the
8 day of November 1912. at 10
)clock in the forenoon, or as
oon thereafter as said applica
ion can be heard, for leave to
nake final settlement of the es
tate of Texas Ann Ferguason
ny ward and obtain discharge
s Committee of said Ward's
state. T. W. Cochran,
)ct. 31, 1912. Committee.
-eciate every 5 and
LS anybody, but the
en you will have to
-y member of the
L to come to our
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Children's i
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r evenings around the firesid
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of your shoe needs when in Gr
Le, Patt
(Jo Tliey.
(Prickly A
fects we usuall
zelt very quick
Makes rich, red, pt
systern - dears the brain -st
A positive specific for Bk
Drives out Rhematism and
is a wonderful tonic and body
Stam-proot tocm e sedtu
finest iag sNow oM ranc M I& s
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gchedules Effecive Sep
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re not guaranteed. ARRIVE FROI
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Stops to discharge passengerz
passengers for Charlotte and
Stops only4
No 42 SENECA (Daily exce
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For Washington and Now Y
sengers from Atlanta and to
lotte and beyond
Stops to take on passeflge
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IOW t0., Pickens'8
.22, 1912 f61oau
s are published only as infor
2.20 am
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pt Sunday) -------8.35 am
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>rt, and at prices that
>mfort means so much.
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