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ail who will leave their nam
nk we will send each month, f
on will receive a new calenda
entire series' if retained by y
to their full worth, and if
form a complete calendar for
lection of reproductions of well 1
menf and interest.
P. Carey, Pres. R. E. Bruce,
cal and
w of a local item of
any kind, visiting, sickness,
etc., phone it to No. 35.
Pickens merchants treat peo
ple right.
Capt. J. T. Taylor spent Fri
day in Taylors.
C. E. Robinson. Jr., spent
Sunday in Pickens.
Mrs. M. C. Smith has return
ed home from Atlanta.
Miss Ada Craig attended the
State fair in Columbia last week.
List your land with the Lin
wood Land and Investment
Miss Gussie Cureton visited
her mother, Mrs. K.L. Cureton,
last Sunday.
The Ladies' Working Society
~met with Mrs. B. E. Grandy on
Monday afternoon.
Rev. G. F. Kirby preached an
excellent sermon in she Baptist
church last Sunday night.
Miss Eva Christopher return
ed home Tuesday after attend
ing thie~fair in Columbia.
If you wish to read an inter
esting advertisement, turn to
the second page and peruse that
of Folger, Thornla & Co.|
These people have just received;
a car load of furniture since this:
ad was written, too.1
One week
As a special inducement dt
give free one handsome set of wv
Every piece of this wvare is 1
is not needed in every kitchen.
than $8.oo. This ware is on exi
see it.
All during this week a speci
jestic factory will be glad to shov
why the Majestic is the best rang
Come, if yau intend to buy<
Education lies in knowing tt
is heated-know how the water is
the MAJESTIC uses so little fue
and outside. This education n
overlook a chance to know thing
igiven away
es and addresses at the Keowee
ree, our art calendar.
r and different card each month.
ou, will, we believe, be appre
attached together with ribbons
the year and a valuable' col
:nown paintings full of senti
, Pickens, S. Ce
V-Pres. M. C, Smith, Cashier.
Personal |
Want to buy a farm? Wani
to sell a farm? See the Linwood
Land andInvestment Company,
Mr. Jesse Morris and wif(
spent Sunday very pleasantly
at the home of J. K. Kirksey al
Crow Creek.
T. D. Harris has just received
a car load of flour which he iE
selling at a mighty close price.
He is selling it fast.
All persons making tax re.
turns by check should make thE
checks payable to Taylor H.
Stewart, County Treasuier.
Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Kenne.
more, of Liberty, visited thE
family of Superintendent of
Education Hallum last week.
Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Attaway
and Miss Margaret Attaway
came over last Saturday in Mr.
Attaway's car to visit relatives
Miss Vesta Ashmore attended
"Louisana Lou" at the opera
house in Greenville on last Fri
day night. She returned home
on Saturday.
Mrs. D. D. Winchester, a
good lady of the Hazel section,
is very sick. Her friends. whc
are many, hope she will soon be
well again.___
The Pickens County Horse
3wappers Convention will meet
it the county seat Thursday,
Eriday and Saturday, Novem
>er 14, 15 and 16.
ring our demonstration wee
sold (prices always the same)
are as illustrated here.
:he best of its kind. Not a pi
It cannot possibly be bought
tibition at our stbre. Don't
al demonstrator direct from1
Syou "all about ranges'"--sh<
e on earth at any price.
>r not.
ings---know why the oven of;
he ated, how the top is heate
krnow how a range is made
ay serve you in the future.
shown by oQne who knows.
Don't Overlo<
There Is more Catarrh In this section of
the country than all other diseases put
t~gether. -and until the last tow years
s posed to be incurable. For a great
many years doctors pronounced it a local
disease and -r-ribed local remedies, anI
by constan4.- ::ling to cure with. lca!
treatment, 1i:o. unced It incurable. Sci
ence has prove~n Catarrh to be a const;
tutonal disease. and therefore r.quirs
constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh
Cure, manufactured by F. J. Cheney &
Co., Toledo, Ohio, is the only Constitu
tional cure on the mark':. It is taken In
ternally in doses from 20 drops to a tea
spoonful. It acts directly on the blood
and mucous surfaces of the system. They
offer one hundred dollars for any case it
rails to cure. Send for circulars and tes
Address: F. J. CHEN.Y & CO., Toledo, 0.
Take H&I'5 Family Pills for constipation.
W. M. Gantt, one of Pickens
county's good citizens who lives
on Liberty route 3, was a busi
ness visitor to the county seat
Rev. Joe Davis will preach
the funeral of Mr. Lawson A.
Brown at Norris Baptist church
on the third Sunday in Novem
ber at 3:30 p. n.
Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Porter,
spent Tuesday afternoon in
Pickens with the latter's father,
Mr. H. M. Rampey, who is very
ill.-Liberty Gazette.
M. M. Hall, state cattle in
spector, with headquarters at
Pickens, called on us last week.
He reports the condition of
cattle in this county in good
P. W. Smith, editor of the
Pickens County Messenger and
proprietor of a job printing office
at Central, has sold his estab
lishment to the Phillips printers
at Seneca. Mr. Snith will
travel for the Seneca concern
Henry McDaniel lost on either
the 4th or 5th of this month a
pocket book containing twenty
some odd dollars, If the finder
will return it to the owner at
I the Big Store or to The Sentinel
office he will be liberally re
D. Winchester, one of the
best citizens of the Hazel sec
tion of this county, was at the
(county seat Monday on business.
Mr. 'Winchester called at The
Sentinel office and paid his sub
scription a year in advance.
He has been taking The Senti
nel forty one years. We enjoy
ed his visit.
Flour at wholesale prices.
T. D. Harris,
Mill Agent.
k only,
we will -
ce that
for less
fail to MflJESTI NEVER-E
he Ma
)w you
, why
inside 4
Don't '
k the Date. Thi
You owe it to yourself, your family and
our work to keep in the best possible con
ition. If you have strong, ready muscles
-rich, heathy blood and a clear brain, you
an do more and better work and really
ve. and enjoy living and be a blessing to
ause you love.
Much of the eternal grouch and many
the aches and pains you see every day
re caused directly by a lazy, torpid, over
-orked liver, and all of that may be abso
itely cured by R. L. T. (Richardson's
,axative Tonic). One fifty-cent or dollar
ottle of this magnificent tonic will prove
you that it is the finest laxative and the
ickest strength building tonic ever of
!red sick, suffering humanity. Get a bot
e from your druggist today, and keep it
[ways in the family medicine chest ready
> put the Liver right in one night or cure
alaria, constipation, or bilious fevers in
ie shortest possible time. If not on sale
L your town, write R. L. T. Co., Auder
n,S. C.
R. L.T.
A Perfect Tonic
50c & $1.00 per Bottle. All Drug Stores.
Mr. T. D. Harris has just
nished having some improve
ients made at the Hiawatha
otel. He has recently had the
dewalk in front of the hotel
%ved and this week had the
Atire front porch refloored.
hese improvements help not
1ly the convenience but the
ppearance of this handsome
Tarrant Dunlap McConnell,
ed 24 years, died of typhoid
ver Sunday morning, Novem
nr 10th at 3 o'clock, at the
)me of his brother, Mr. Drake
cConnell on Marrietta route
near Peters Creek church.
e was a young man of beauti
il christian character and was
ved by all who knew him.
.e was a Woodman. His re
ains were carried to his home
aurch, Union Grove, near
elton and laid in their last
rthly resting place. The be
aved ones have our sympathy.
Does the word Reputation
ean anything to you? Stop
n~d think and figure and you
ill know why the Majestic
ange has the reputation of be
inot only Ithe best but the
ast expensive. Let the man
'om the factory show you.
ee our big add in this paper.
idv.) Heath-Bruce-Morrow Co.
~tic R
ith, to
J. N. Hallui of the Pickens
Drug (omnpany says that they
ha re just received] 300 bottles of .
Wine of Cardui and 720 pack-!
ages of Black Draught. Soie!
iiedicine. eh But then theyc
sell a lot of Cardui am(d Black
Messrs. Frank, of Anderson,
and Garrett, of Pelzer. also
Prof. G. E. Welborn and sister,
Emma, spent a short time at b
the home of Mr. and Mrs. M. J. t<
Welborn on last Saturday after- q
noon. They made the trip in
Mr. Frank's automobile. t
Mrs. J. W. Ballentine enter- T
tained in honor of the ladies'
Embroidery club on Wednesday ,
afternoon. The event was one
I of the most pleasant of the
'week and a large number of the
members were present to enjoy
Mrs. Ballentine's hospitality.
Delicious refreshments were
Sloan's Liniment is a quick a
and reliable remedy for lame- hi
ness in horses and other farm
Sloan's Liniment surpasses any- a
thing on earth for lameness in horsei
and other horse ailments. I would f
not sleep without it in my stable."
MAnTIn DOYLE, t. bi
4 West 1th St., Now York City.
Good for Swelling and Abscess. h
M R. H. M. GIBBS,of Lawrence, Kan.,
R. F. D., o. 3, writes:- I hAd a mare
with an abscess on her neck and one 2
rOc. bottle of Sloan's Linimient entirely
cured h*r. I keep it ali the time for B
galls and smallswellin s andforevery
th~ing about the stock.'
is a quick and safe remedyB
for hog cholera.
Covernor of Georgia uses
Sloan's Liniment for WIog Cholera.
" I heard Gov. Brown (who is quite a
hog from cholera ar d that his remedy
al ways was a tablespoonful of sloan's n
Liniment in a gallon of slops, decreas
building and in rio icuson of th
gav thseremedy nain as
SaAvu D IFL Ews.
At All Dealers. 25c.,50c. & 61.00. l
Sloan soo on ore Cattle, f
Address Dr. Earl S. Sloan, Boston. S
s is a Special Invita
For Rent.
The McCombs place 4 miles North
of Pickens Court House. Apply to
I. N. Miller, Easley, S. C. R 1 box 27.
The marriage of Miss Leila I
Doyle, of Calhoun, and Mr. Roy
0. Brazeale, of the Southern a
Railway, will be solemnized on
November 21. Mr. Breazeale is
the second son of Mr. and Mrs.
0. K. Breazeale, of Westmin
ster, and the bride-to-be is a
daughter of Mr, and Mrs, Ram
sey Doyle, of Calhoun-Tugaloo
The Atlanta Constitution of 0
last week contained the follow
ing announeement, which will
be of interest to many of our
readers: "Mr. and Mrs. James
F. Franklin announce the en
gagement of their daughter,
Lucy Goodman, to Dr. Conrad
Lacunious Allgood, of Liberty, I
S, C., the wedding to take place
at the bride's home in Jasper,
Ga., November 14."
Land Sale.
On sale day in December at
Pickens, I shall sell for cash,
"All that tract of land in Hur
ricane township bounded by
lands of estate of L. N. Robin3,
J. A. McKee, Thomas S. Roe,
Berry Durham and others, on
the North of Mile Creek, con
taining 265 acres more or less.
Perfect title. W. A. Smith.
Nov. 12, 1912.
Prepare For
Cold Weather
Vick's Croup Salve
Penslar Laxative Cold s
All kinds Cough Syrup
If it's Drugs-We have it
Keowee Pharmacy
Agents for Penslar Remedies. Dike's
Remedies. Nunnally's Candies
__ Doy<
stroying hi
fact, spoil
* Stop
________ tion
mI: 2-7l1BLL-NlEVER
CN L50E5 You I
Ron7Teg the range
it's made j
lined with
4 has a mova
(browns br
7 water whi<
4. and costs p
seen;'' you
'd clusive leat
.cent strong
(our Friei. . and :
We InV
['o inspect our line of solid gokd
Lave the latest styles of Wa
Thains of many kinds, Cuff Lin
Dizzy Eyes
Lre always weak eyes and should be treated at
nce with Leonardi's Golden Eye Lotion. Coolinw.
ealing, strengthening. Cures sore eyes without
ain in one day. Be certain to get *Leonardi's."
t makes strong eyes.
Guaranteed or money refunded. Druggists aR
a25t.or forwarded prepaid, on receipt dt
rie byS B. Leonardi & Co.. Tampa. III&
Crop for Rent.
Good two-horse crop for rent
o right man. Located one and
t half miles of Pickens on Eas
ey road. W. P. Stewart,
Pickens, S. C., R. F. D. 1. 3t
Lost, in the town of Pickens,
)ne purse containing some
noney. Finder will please
eturn to The Sentinel office
Lfd receive reward.
Mules for Sale.
I have a lot of good mules for
ale. Cash or good papers.
J. F. Crane,
Liberty, S. C.
Real Est
...Bought, S
The Linwood Land and Inves
iusiness and anxious to be of b
If you wish to buy any real es
is help you. We will treat you
We also insure property.
Come and talk it over with uw
Linwood Lanid an<
Office at Keowe
Which Shall
u intend to Continue laboring,
igh priced food with that old"v
cnow that old stove eats up a 1
Cnow you have trouble in gettix
a batch of bread every once in
ile for yearly repairs.
and think and figure. .
dn't it pay you to buy a good x
The Great Majestic la
Charcoal Iron I
nake no mistake in buying th<
ust right andl of the right kind
IRCOAL IRON---riveted tog<
pure asbestos board-parts bei
ble reservoir and an oven that
uses so !ittle fuel, bakes just
ead just right all over without:
Sbreakfast is ccoking-prope
ractically nothing for repairs.
buy the range you expect i
11 be sure to be disappointed.
ion week, see the GREAT M/t
ures explained, find out why t
er than other ranges where mo:
ite You
and gold filled jewelry.
st Sets, 'Collar Pins, Lockets,
ks, etc. Every piece is guar
Drug Co.
All persons indebted to me,
will call at once and settle in
full. R. B. Waldrop.
We will pay you cash for
green and dry hides. Bring
them to the City Market, Pick
ens, F. L. Finley, proprietor.
The best offer gets them.
Sold for division. Are well
located, good improvements,
From So to 3oo acres. Easy
terms on part. If interested
act quick. Wire me when to
expect you.
Calhoun, Ga.
old and Rented
tment Company is ready for
nefit to those who need our
tate, sell any, or rent any, let
I Investment Co.
SBank, Pickens
-- One week
it Be?
burning valuable fuel and-de
'orn-out cook stove?
>t of f uel each year. -
ig it to bake just right, in
a while--you know it costs
ange-range with a reputa
lalleable and
:your neighbors. Then, too,
of material-MALLEABLE
ither practically air tight- f
rig malleable can't break-Z
don't warp-that's why the
right every day in the year
:urning), heats 1 5 gallons of
rny handled lasts a lifetime,
o last a lifetime "unsight un
Come to our store during
JFSTIC--have its many ex
lie MAJESTIC is 300 per
;t ranges are weakest.
ENMS.. S. C .

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