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S, . C.:
BER 21, 1912
ces first insertion per inch 1.00
st'bsequent " "
. and other advertising for three
longer wisl be made at reduce rate
es can be had on application.
e not resporsible for the views of
our correspondents.
=tered -x 9 FostoMce as Second Cia
' Maber
The Sentinel feels grateful to
its friends who have responded
so gladly and quickly to our
notices last*week.- There are
now very few names on our list
which appear as being behind
on subscription. For two reas
ons we are going to wait until
this week is out before we take
any one's name off our list.
,.Perhaps in this busy season you
haven't had time to attend to
o this; and perhaps there may
have been a mistake in some
statements. If there was a
3xnistake in your statement, let
us know about it and we will
have it righted.
Diversified Crops.
There is no doubt but what
.ur good farmers, with all their
ood common sense. have been
making mistakes in the past by
failing to diversify their crops.
iule has been to plant cot
raise cotton, then in the
I they would handle money.
ut when the guano bill was
; corn, hay, fodder, oats,
t, etc., was bought to sup
I the farm for the next year
the money for a big cotton
p would be spent. We be
lieve that you can ta.,e a farm
that raises 300 bales of cotton,
sell that cotton at 121 cents per
pound, seed at 25 cents per bus
hel, then buy your feed stuffs,
etc., it would be bad farming in
the end. If our farmers would
plant corn enough to run the
farm, sow peas'to improve the
land, raise oats, rye, etc., then
k, raise cotton to sell, this would
~j~~GSrous country. Plant
a few acres of spanish peanuts
to fatten your hogs and beef
cattle with very little expense.
Raise cattle to enrich the land
and sell for beef, would be a
paying investment on many
farms, for the land built up in
this way is getting better every
year. while land that you have
to use commercial fertilizers on
a no stronger after the present
crop is gathered.
Soldier's Home.
Those wi h h.- been taking
interest in the old soldier wel
fare and comifer. ao :: think
very much of the IL co K r Old
Soldiers -in,. Columbia. 16 may
be well managed and all that,
but when the cost per capita is
considered. it is .mighty little
sugar for ten cents. The same
amount for each soldier paid to
some home in the country or
elsewhere would increase his
comfort greatly, and save him
many jolts and' jars as he de
scends the western slope of life.
The ranks are fast thining.
The amount of pension allowed
to each veteran should be in
~asdannually. South Caro
lia- should allow no state to
~xceed her liberality in this re
.~e average age of the
veterans is now about 70 years.
There is little earning strength
at that time of life. The few
dear old fellows that survive
should never be allowed to feel
the pain of poverty. The young
and strong will bear any tax
rate to prevent it.
Subscribe for' The Sentinel.
For Women
Dr. Simmons Squaw Vine Wine
is prepared expressly for the all
ments of women. It contains
'irdients which act directly on
(e delicate female constitution,
mildly and pleasantly-yet it ex
ercises a most beneficial effect
all through the system.
Squaw Vine
Overcomes weakness, nervous
*ness and irritability. Gives prompt
relief from the depressing bear
ing-down pains, backaches, nau
sea and irregularities which cause
so much suffering and despond
ency. It has a most happy effect.
Restores strength, renewed hope,
cheerfulness and the energy and
*will to performn the duties of the
household which formerly were
so trying and distasteful.
Sold by Draggists and Dealers
Price $1 Per Bottle
Same Here.
The Observer is not a spoils
man, but confesses to a good
deal of sympathy with the
Jacksonian doctrine that 'To
I'the victors belong the spoils."
And we believe there are enough
good Democrats to fill the of
fices under a Democratic ad
ministration.- Newberry Ob
Mr. John K. Aull, of New
berry county has been appoint
ed private secretary to Gov.
Blease. Judging from the news
paper accounts he is all right.
Mr. Woodrow Wilson will
call an extra session of congress
to commence early in April for
the purpose of revising the tariff
downward on the necessities of
Ex-U. S. Senator Joseph M,
Terrell, of Georgia, died at his
home in Atlanta Sunday after
an extended illness. He was
also twice governor of the State
of Georgia.
It is not long until Thanks
giving day, and the people of
Pickens county have a great
deal to be thankful for. We
should not only be thankful for
many things we have, but also
for many things we have not.
In Pickens county in the re
cent general election Wilson re
ceived 815 votes, Roosevelt 15,
and Taft 18. Pickens county
did well. In the State of South
Carolina Wilson received 41,
742, Roosevelt 1,233, and Taft
We noticed in a paper the
other day that _)me doctors
claimed that corn whiskey
caused pellagra. We noticed
the next day that a man in
Tennessee killed himself drink
ing water. 'Spect locust beer
will be pretty popular this
WAe know the guy who put
the "ease" in Easley, but can't
understand why he put the
"pick" in Pickens.-Easley
We do not think it was the
same guy. The guy that put
the pick in Pickens was the
same guy that put the pick in
"picknick;" while the guy that
put the ease in Easley was the
same one that put the ease in
Anderson Man Some Corn Raiser
Mr. J. S. McFJ.l who lives
only a short distan~ce from And
erson, is one of the most suc
cessful farmers in the \State.
He raises good crops of cotton
every year, whether it is wet or
dry, but of course makes more
some years than others.
This year he had 16 acre
planted in corn, and has gathe:
ed close to 1,00'0 bashels. H.'
has sold enough to pay for the
fertilixers and the expense of
raising the corn, and has enough
left to feed his stock.
What one man can do, others
can. This is a practical dem
onstration of what can be done
in this country, and any one
else can do it who will go at it
in the right way.
November 28. is the day set
apart by President Taft, for a
day of Thanksgiving...-The
pioneer New England settlers of
the country which has' become
this great1na3tion decided to set
a triday in which to return
for their support and protection
and the custom has continued
since the day of Governor Brad
ford, with some interruptions
since that day.
President Taft Thursday is
sued the annual proclamation
of the president of the Union,
setting apart the third Thurs
day in the month to be observed
as a day of Thanksgiving and
asked that on that day, all men
lay down their work and
observe the day fittingly.
Porto Rico's New Wonder.
From far away Porto Rico
coe reports of a wonderful new
discovery that is believed will
vastly benefit the people. Ra
mon T. Marchan, of Barce
loneta, writes "Dr. King's New
Discovery is doing splended
work here. It cured me about
five times of terrible coughs and
colds, also my brother of a se
vere cold in his chest and more
than 20 others, who used it on
my advice. We hope this great
medicine will yet be sold in
every drvg store in Porto Rico."
For throat and lung troubles
there is nothing better. A trial
will convince you of its merit.
50c & $1.00. Guaranteed by
Pickens Drug Company. adv
."Rey. John Wesley Asbury"
will please you at "Al Martin's
~Country Store" at the school
auditorium Tuesday night,
t~ovember ~26.
are quickly relieved by an applic
Liniment. You dcn't need to r
lightly. It penetrates at onc
the seat of the trouble.
Here's Proof
Ave., Chicago, Ill., writes :-"About
years ago'my mother broke down
rheumatism. The doctors didn't dc
good. My mother was persuaded t
Sloan's Liniment, and in three %
was entirely well - and I believe sl
cured forever."
ReBef From Rheumatism
Miss H. E. LINDELEAF, Gilroy, C
writes:-" My mother has used one
bottle of Sloan's Liniment, and alth
obtained great relief from her rhear
Miss EvELETA MYr-A, of 1215
"My mother was troubled with rheu
Slean's Liniment and her rheumatis
family was troubled with ring-worms
sisters and I and Sloan's Lniment c
is the best.remedy for ne
pains, asthma, hay fever,
At aU dealers. Pri
Sloan's Book on Horses, Cattle,
Cedar Rock News.
Mr. Geo. H. Hendricks, on
of Cedar Rock's most prosperou
planters, has gone to Georgia o
a business trip.
Mr. Wm. Irwin and daughte:
Miss Nellie, have just returne
from an extended visit to the
former home in Michigan. V
are glad to have them return.
Mr. Robt. Stewart spent son
time in Greenville last week o
business. -
Mr. M. Taylor Jones an
family of the Concord sectio
spent the week-end with M
Jnes' parents. Mr. and Mrs.
Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Welbor
wre the guests of Mr. and Mr
>bt. Stewart Sunday, also M
nd Mrs. Jno. W. Stewart an
Miss Beulah Smith spent ti
ternoon at the same place.
Rev. W. C. Seaborn filled h
gular appointment at Cede
>ck Sunday.
Master Clifton Earle Singl<
to spent Thursday the 7th, h
ehth birthday with Mr. an
ers.Jno, W. Stewart, this bein
Mrs. Stewart's birthday also.
Mr. L, F. Smith and mothe
ofEasley spent Sundhe.. wi
e family ofC
~. All r~
xcellent singing an
ood time generally.
Mr. Homer Jones, one of ou
most popoular young men, al
eded services at Enon Sun day
Mr. W. M. McCombs an
ife spent Sunday afternoo
wth Mr. and Mrs. Wmn. Bran
Mr. Frank Wood and siste:
Miss Janie, spent Sunday wit
teir cousin Miss.Heftie Woo<
Mr.;'Trayson Miller wh
hasbeen engaged as book-keep<
atT. N. Julian's gin this seasc
isat home for a few days.
Mr. Martin Barr and wij
sent Sunday with Mr. Barr
prents, Mr. and Mrs. Jn'
Barr near Easley.
Mrs. L4o 1ise Looper, wife<
Mr. Furman Looper and daug.
ter of Mr. Joe. B. Fendlev
te Cross Roads section pas
dquietly away Saturda
lst after an illness of se
eal months with malarial feve
Mrs. Looper leaves, besides h
ving husband and 'paren
Just the time when
your Thanksgiving ar
are offering while it la
Extracts 10c size botti
please you.
We have a big lot oi
the best shells on the
sell for 40e a box. Yc
as few as you desir<
Thanksgiving and Ch:
Come to see us with
:ation of Sloan's
ub--just lay on
l to t.
le is
ough she is over 83 years of age, she has
a Entirely Gone
Wyoming St., Dayton. Ohio, writes:
matism and her friends advised her to get
m is entirely gone. At the same time the
-there were five ring-worms between my
:ured every one of us in a week's time."
ralgia, sciatica, lumbago, chest
croup, sore throat and sprains.
ce, 25c., 5oc., and $1.00.
Hogs and Poultry sent free, Address
three brothers and three sisters
to mourn their loss. She leaves
one child some three or four
e years old.
ns Miss E. Pearl Turner, spent
several days with friends and
relatives in -Greenville. last
r, week.
. Mr. Arthur Jones was in
.Greenville last week, on busi
Mr. Will Stansell and wife, of
Pickens, were in this commun
ity Sunday afternoon.
n To Move Headquarters.
r. _ _ _ _
An important matte>- that
will come before the Baptist
state convention, which 'will
meet in Abbeville, Decenmber
r 3-6, will be the question of re
movig the headquarbers of the
tstate mission board from Green
ville to Columbia. For half a
is century Greenville has been the
r1 mecca for South Carolina Bap
1tists, notwithstanding its zeo
graphical place in a corner of
the state. For' severa:l years
there has been a ::.rwinA dir
onl theO part of those Baptists
who live in the lower part of
the state to have the Baptist
headquarters located in the
Hookworm in Oconee
1The Keo wee Courier says:
dDr. Rogers, who is still in Oco
Inee exam3ini}i patients for
1hookwN, had a "big day" at
r ithe Court House last Saturday.
There were so many appeared
-for eximation that he could not
d finish with all, and many were
n told to return next Saturday,
.when Dr. Rogers will aigain be
at the Court House. Quit. a
number of children have been
Sfound Nho at e afflicted with
hi the mean little "hookies" and
,many are now going through
t with the treatment, which is
rquite simple.
Only A Fire Hero
sbut the croud cheered, as, with
1-bre hands, he held up a
small round box, "Fellows!" he
af shouted, "this Bucklen's Arnice
a- Salye I hold has everything
abeat for burns." Right! also for
sboils, ulcers. 'sore, pimples
yeczema, cuts, sprains. bruises.
v urest pile cure. It subdues in
r. fiammation, kills pain. Only
2r 25 cents at Pickens Drug~ Corn
ts pany. ad~
you need extracts most for
id Christmas cooking. We
.sts a ble lot of Bear Brand
e for 5c. The goods will
Robin Hood shells, one of
narket, that we are going
u can buy just as many or
?. Lay in a supply for
ristmas hunting.
your cash and produce.
Tuesday Night, November 26
"Al Martin's Country Store"
will be rendered by local talent
for benefit of the inside decora
tion of the Methodist church.
The young 1 idies undertook the
decoration and lacked some of
paying whole amount. Every
body will feel interested to help
them in this worthy enterprise.
Al Martin is the store-keeper
and the play is designed to take
off the current events that
transpire in the neighborhood
and rehearsed by the gossipers
and loafers that congregate
about the store. Those who
have seen it played elsewhere
say it is remarkably good.
Liberty Baptists to Build.
We learn that it is the inten
tion of the Baptist people of
Liberty to build a new $10,000
church building at an early
date. Most of the money has
already been subscribed. Each
year finds Pickens county with
better church and school build
ings than the year before, which
is the surest sign of prosperity
and intelligence. We congratu'
late the people of Liberty on
this step forward,
Long Staple Ginning.
Every Mon-!av, after Decem
ber 1, the Pickons Oil Mill will
run one battery of gins for long
staple cotton entirely. They
have recently installed special
gins to gin this cotton and it
will pay you to have it ginned
right. Remember, every Mon
day, beginning December 1.
Appeal in Vaughn Case
Attorneys for T. T. Vaughn
last week filed notice of appeal
to the State Supreme Court.
This appeal is understood to
mcan an automatic stay of
Vaughan's electrocution, which
was set for December 20th.
Majaria-Chills and Fevers-cmmon
complaints among people living in the
Southeastern States, can be effectively re
lieved in the shortest possible time by
.R. L. T.-Richardson's Laxative Tonic.
This prescription has been used thirty
five years by Dr. Richardson, of Anderson,
S. C., in his daily practice as a family
physician, and has behind it thousands of
testimonials from many prominent South
Carolinians and citizens of other neighbor
ing states. R. L. T. is a wonderful cor
rector of liver troubles and the greatest
tonic on the market today. You can abso
lutely rely on it in any ease of chills and
fever or malarial poison, constipation or
If any member of your family need a
tonic that strengthens and builds, go te
your druggist today and get a fifty-cent or
a dollar bottle of R. L,. T., and watch the
quick, steady improvement If your drug.
gist can't supply you write R. L. T. Co.,
Anderson, S. C.
R. L.T.
The Best Liver Medicine
50c & $1.00 per Bottle. All Drug Stores.
The State of South Carolina
Co~unt v of Picker.s.
By J B. New' bery &quir~~e. Probate
whereas C. E Budh made suit t<
grant him Letters of A'dmnimstration o1
the Eistate of and effects of RI. S
Cheney. diecease-d.
These are Therefore to cite and ad
monish ali and singular the kindred and
creditors of the said Rt. S. Cheniey, de
ceas'ed. that thei be and appear befort
me. in the Court of Probate. to be held
at Pickens Court H ms-. S. C.. on the
29thi day of Nove mdwr. 1:1. after pub
licatiou n.reof, at 1 i ,'clock in the fore
nloon, to shew ca use if any they hav4
why the said Admmnistrati.in should no1
he granted.
Giv'en un M.r mu -- ; .1 enl. t.hit
11th d-n of Novemtir,r, ILuu. in the 132
year of our IQde:o-ndenIc.
J. 13. Nt W BERY.
st J. P.P.C.
The Na t1- o1 Snomb' Carol ina~
Cournty or i';ekn'.
By J1. IB. New biery L'-quire. P robati
WV he rene, J. C. .Iermin iIs made suit- t<
me to grant him Letters of AdImimlstra
tion of the E<tate of nnd effects of J
Frank Jennings, d.ce.ased,
These are Therefore to cite and ad
monish all and smnzular the kindred
and crecitors of the said J Frani
Jennings, deceased, that they appeal
before me. in the Court of Probate, te
be held at Pickens Court House, S. Ci
on the 29th day of Novomnber, 1912
after publication hereof, at 11 o'Mct
im the forenoon. to shew cause. ix an.3
they have, why the said Administratiori
should not be granted.
Given und(er my hand1 and seal. thin
11th day of Nove.nber, 19l12, in the 1:37t1
year of our Independence.
J,. B. NE wBERtY.
2t J. P'. P. C.
J A. McCollough B. F. Martix
E. M. Blythe
MOallough, Martin & Blythe
Masonic temple Grecnville, S.0C
Associate firm
Anderson, S. C-.
Practie in all Courts.
New Fa
For the past thirty days we have been
Goods, Notions, Coat Suits, Cloaks, Cloth
from the best houses in New York and Ba
Our stock in every departmen2 is con
We haven't the space to enumerate tI
we ask is for you to call and inspect our s
We are not strangers to the people o
our customers are treated right, and that -
We handle nothing but the best quali
always pays to bey the best
Call on us for anything you need. V
Clothing, Shoes. Hats and Get
Sole agents for Walk-Over and Boyd
Iron King Stoves, New Home Sewing Mach
ell Wagons and Mitchell Automobiles.
For Go
New Cri
2 Georgia Cane direc
n Golden Ridge an<
* .Syrup.
M Log Cabin and Bun
9 For good coffee we
Low prices on all g
W. J. s
E 806 Pendleton St.
I Clerk's Sale.
Ste of South Cirolinsa
County of Pickens
nthe Court of Common Pleas.
Lerty Bank. Plaintiff.
sie Parsons. et al. Defendants,
n pursuance of a decretal order made .Si X room
nthe above stated case by his Honor, 1n. Price $1,=
Jge George E. Prince, at Chambers.
aed June 11, 1912 I will sell to the I 22 acres
bhest bid der on Salesday in December,
92, during the Jegal hours for Eale at Price $50.00 P
Pkens. C. H. S. C.. the following
trt or lot of land to wit: Ali that 83aCres I
ice "r lot of land being in the West PC
ie of the town of Liberty, the title near Pcens]
eng in S3usie A. Parson's name, being $50.00 per aci
pn. of the tract deeded to her by W.
L.oggs, on the 27th day of September.
189, and recorded in Vol. "T" page 225 For termh
supse to contain two () acres more
neast and south. Z. L Chamlin on
t. With two smalIl houses on lot. -
rns of s:ale cas'h Pui chaser to pay 5
-o all par,ers and recording same. * *J
A. J. B3oGGS,
clerk of court.
e State of Sout hi Carolina
County of Pickens,
3J. B.Nwer sqie rbt
Whreas. J. C Jennings made suit to
meto grant him Letters of Administra
in with the will arnexed of the
tte of and effect,s of MIrs. M. Oliv'ia
Thse are Therefore to cite and ad-..
uxnish all and singular the kindred This will 1
n creditors of the said Mrs. M. Olivia still at the old
enings, deceased, that they be ami~
pear before me. in th Co,urt of Pro- stocks of Dry
at. to be held at Pickens Court House haeever carr
S.C., on the 29th day of Novembher,.av
192. after publication hereof, at 11 goods Can be
o'lock in the forenoon, to shew cause.rihonpce
if ny the have, why the said Adminis- fgtO rc
trtion should not be grantee. . - A godC
Given under my hand and seal this go
11h day of November, 19)12. in the 137th A ooC
3ear of~our Independen Can
2t J. J P. P.WER . Men's he2
Everybody ought to see "Buck Preae hc
d Rube" trade horses at "Al Preparnkt
artin's Country Store", Tues. a good blanet
dayniht Nm behr 29. and prices the
00 Sj
receiving, daily, large shipments or
ing, Hats, Shoes and -Gent's Fui' igs9
iplete in euery detail, and ou Prices are
e many pargains we are offeri. but all
tock, and we will do the rest.
F Pickens County, and you all know that
e guarantee every trade we make.
ty of merchandise, in every line, and it
e handle everything.
s truly,
ts' Furnishing Goods a Specalty.
n Shoes, Carhart Overalls, Hawes Hats, -
ines,Chase City and Babcock Buggies,Mitch
IA LS a.
od Bread
frorm the farm.
[ Be-fo-de-wah 0. K.
fy brand Maple Syrup.
an please you.
>ods our special feature
Greenville, S. C. T
ouse on College street in city of Easley. Gl
fine farming land, three miles below Easa
er acre.
e farming land two (2) miles above Eas1s
ailroad. 'Ten acres fine bottom land.P
apply to
EWART, Pickens, S. C.
nform the readers of The Sentinel that I am
stand in "West End", with one of the best
goods, Underwear, Notions and Shoes that I
cd, and my prices SHALL BE the lowest, that
>ld for. A few pricez will convince you we are
alico 5 cents.
otton Check 5 ee.nts.
onels 5, 8 1-3, 1o and 12 1-2 cents.
vy Fleeced Shirts 50 cents.
avy Fleeced Vest and Pants 25 and 50 cents.
r cold Weather which is sure to come by buyving
My shaoe stock is complete, quality the best.
lowest. :Don't fail to come to see me.

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