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Bernard ]Eilswortla. the only son Of
.wealthy parents, and Susit' Pixley
were playmates. When they grew up
Bernard went to another field for
awhile and during his absence corre
sponded with Susie. Whether or no it
was absence, be discovered that he
wanted her. Her parents were in rath
er straitened circumstances at the
time. and this caused the young nan
to think that the que#tion between
him and Susie was, should he. who
would inherit wealth. marry a girl who
had not eren p)rosp;ects? lie wanted
her badly enough to make the pecu.i
.ary sacrifice, but considered that susie.
under the circumstances. shonid feel
high!y flattered.
Before his return he wrote her a
long letter which he considered con
tained a lot of good sense . edlig with
M'.f--roposition of it.riffge. When the
letter~ igtsfivered Susie was out. The
postman huanded it to a maid. who left
it on a mantel with a crack ia it. and
perhaps it was the modesty: natural to
a love letter-it slipped dowvn into the
crack out of sight. When Susie came
in the maid told her that a letter had
come f6r her, and she was going to get
it when fate stepped in to play one of
those tricks so common in the affairs
of man and woman kind. There came
a ring at the telephoue, followed by a
summons for Susie. The summons kept
her away all night, and the next day
her little brother was taken very ill,
t the matter slip)ped her mind.
Bernard returned he did not
her, and when she learned
d been at home a week
calling she was surprised. It
eem that there wvas anything
the matter. She was uncon
having done anything to of
and, being sensitive, fan
t he might have met his fate
away and thought it best to
off all Intimacies with other girls.
aps she would meet him and th.e
tter would be esplained.
ut that fate which had started the
isunderstanding kept it up. A num
ber of times Bernard and Susie were
A Nervous Woman Finds
Relief After Many Years
Women who suffer from extreme
nervousness, often endure nuch
suffering before finding any relief.
Mrs. Daniel Kintner, of Defiance,
0., had such an experience, regard
ing which she says:
"I had stomach
___ trouble when I was
eighteen years old
that broke down
my health, and for
' years I suffered
~: with nervousnZeS,
tion and nervous
~ii~ spasms. The
/ spasms got so bad
.I would have them
three or four times
~ \ a week. After try
,Ing nearly every
mended. I began
taking Dr. Miles'
Nervine, and I must say it helped me
wonderfully. I have had no severe nerv
ousness for several years."
1002 Pleasant St.. Defiance, 0.
-Many remedies are recommended
for diseases of the nervous system
that fail to produce results because
they do not reach the seat of the
trouble. Dr. Miles' Nervine has
proven its value in such cases so
many times that it is unnecessary
to make claims for it. You can
prove its merits for yourself by
getting a bottle of your druggist,
who will return the price if you
receive no benefit.
MIs.ES MEDICAL. CO.,. Elkhart, Ind.
You Take a Desi
To save a little mroney, by g
do y ou reallyv save it' ITow
am ount of the- prem mm aw"ay
amo(unt to? Not near eno og
Let me msure your property
havre nothing to insure.
I represe~nt nothing h::t ih
Insurnce W L. a
For a Long Life.
This is the prescription for a long
life given by an old gentleman in Con
necticut, who is ninety-nine years old
and still well and cheerful, "Live
temperately, be slow to anger, don't
worry, take plenty of exercise in the
I fresh air, and, above all, keep cheer
Should the system get run down
I digestive organs weak-the'blood thin
and sluggish, take Vinol, which is a
delicious combination of the medicine
?-body-building properties of cods'
livers, with the useless grease elimi
nated and tonic iron added. We re
gard Vinol as one of the greatest
body-builders and strength-creators in
the world for aged people.
Mrs. Mary Ivey, of Columbus, Ga.,
says: "If people only knew the good
Vinol does old people, you would be
unable to supply the demand; it is
the finest tonic and strength-creator
I ever used."
We wish every feeble old per
son in this vicinity would try
Vinol on our agreement to return their
mnQney if it fails to give satisfaction.
Pickens D3rug Co.
wrtEia a nuncrea reet of each- otner
without coming in contact. Once she
swhmcrossing a street. but sinlce
be was not facing her he did not see
her or. if he did. preten-led he didn't.
They were under the same roof at so
cl gatherings twice, but the little imp
that fate set to keeping them apart
contrived that they should not be in
the same room at the same moment.
Then one morning Susie took up a
newspaper to see under large headlines
a notice of the failure of the Eilsworth
company. incorp)orated, of which Ber
nard's father was president and own
er of the majority of the stock.
The day after this announcement
Bernard. who was sunk in despondency
consequent upon the family misfortune,
received a letter from his old friend
Susie offering him her sympathy. One
w~ould suppose such a letter coming at
such a time would be received in the
spirit with which it was sent. But
IBernard considered himself to have
been baidly tr'eated-snubbed, in fact
at receiving no reply to his letter of
fer ing himself. and the epistle he now
receved seemed to be adding insult to
injury. He tossed it in a wastebas
ket without reply.
Then fate, still bent on playing its
little game. brought about another ele
ment to comiplicate matters. Susie and
her father, who had long been keep
ing his family in straltened circum
stances by trying to market inventions,
succeeded in getting capital for the
production of an electrical maichine
which made every one even remotely
connected with it rich. Mr. Pixley had
secured a niWe block of the stock in
)ayment for organizing the company.
and It became a fortune.
But one thing prevented Susie from
being happy in her family's altered
fotune. She' would have liked to
make her old friend Berniard happy In
some pecuniary way that was rather
vague In her inexperienced mind.
Then fate, having got the matter
into as bad a snarl as possIble and
havIng turned things completely up
side down. instructed its Imp to uindo
Ieverytiing that liad been done- The
ioue the Pixleys lived In was very
much run down and It was decided to
make the necessary repairs and Im
provencts. One morning when me
-han-s were tetarinig everything .to
pieces at Workmanl who had just pulled
down a mantel handed Susie a letter.
She recognized Bernard Ellsworth's
handwriting and at once opened It.
Since it was a long epistle she took It
to a portion of the house that had not
yet been disturb'ed and read It.
What ai mess had been made by a
bit of a crnck behind a mantel: And
why should it hamve required a tealring
up f the house to straighten the mat
ter out? Why hadn't Bernard told her
what lie hamd (lone and what she had
not done? But, on the other hand. why
hd she not made inquiries of him as
to what was the trouble? Then a
fnsh of pleasure came to her at re
membhering that -when that letter was
wmitten Bernard was rich and she was
poor, while now the conditions were
e rate ChanceI
in without fire insurance. And
a ny vears have youi put the~
and how n,uch d" your savings
Ii to pay for the worry about fire.
tday. Tomorrow you may
b st copnls
A TENNV Fickens
Tfhe next ciornin-- yonr-%swr
re<eved I r'ply to an offer of mar
ringe mrn-le lon, while before, ex
plainin~ the deAny and accepting the
proposition There was nothing for
him to do but abide by his offer, which
be was very much pleased to do.
Then fate went off to attend to other
odd schemes.
Clerk's Sale.
Stn of S. ut'i Ca'roLna
County cf Pickete
:t Curtcf Common Por.s.
J. 1. Wilson, Plaintnff
!rvF. 'iflard adW. 0. Willar(i, et
P 1. !f,-ndants.
i pu s,:a ire of a decretal order
n al- in the above stated (Isse and on
hi. in thw C4rkIs <flice in Pickens
cou; tv. I wid s,-1 I- tijf' highest bidder
at iibrt y, Sotwi b C srohlna commnencirlg
,tide.e at I, o'ct(k a. t .. on D-cem
) r :rd. continuintg said s:ale each da.
u.t!! al I the rtal estare hereinafter de
steri0--d "s sol;.
Fist: All th.-- pieces. parceis and
s of i.d !yirg :m _Id being situate in
.e S-aw aid C unty above written
a.1 in t be town t.f 1ibel tv, S C.. there
),inr cne hundred and I wenty(IO) lots.
For a fio d11escriptiorn of these lot's of
la I ez, ,h.l-t of survey made by F. V. -
O'Dell, -urveyor. on te ',2nd day of
S p-embewr. A. i'. 19:1. which is oi fl'e
mI2 I$..: C ert:'s ?fiice. Pickens count , S.
C.. aid will be exhibited on day of s-:le
at Libertv, S. C.
< c, n f: All that piece parcel or tract
of land lyn-, an.i b.-ing situate in the
State ai C'unty aforesaid. containing i
forty (40) :c, s tor2 or less, as shown
bv 0f :-ui vey mate by H L Clay
tfm. ur vt*.; or. on the 8th day of October.
1.%7, and Jknown in the divis n of the ]
real estale of Thcs. E. Wilard aQ tract
No. one (1) and having the following i
metes:-nd botms to wit: Begbinint
at a stake on the right of way of the
;onthern railroad. thence N 47 1.2 E. S
40.20 to stake "xn, thence N 81 E 183 to
rock 3xr, thence S 31 1-2 W 570 to rock
3xn, thence S 71 E 2250 to rock 3xi, r
thence S "S 3-4 9.02 to stake on right of
way of Southern railroad, thence the
rigiit of way of Southern railroad to t
the beginning co:-ner adjoining lots No.
2 9nd5 n the division of said estate
of Thomas E. Willard, deceased. and -y
adjoining lands of C L. Hollingswo, ti:
estate and others. Also all that other <
p;ece, parcel or tract of land lying and t
bei-g situate in the above State and
County, containing forty-four and one- e
thiteenth (44 1-13) acres more or less as .
shown by plat of survey made by H. L.
Clayton, surveyor, on the 3h day of
Oct'ober. 1897, and known in the diri
sion of the real estate of Th.>mas E
Willard, dec,,ased, as tract No. two (2)
and having the following mneies hiaO
bounds to wit: Beginning at a stuAke
on right of way of S u, hern ra:lroad.
thence S 34 1-2 E 1Ei0t to white oak 3xn.
Ihence S I6 E 3,65 to rock 3xn. thence a
branch line to a stake, thence N 71 E
7.15 to a rock 3xo. thence N 84 E 5.70 to
a stake 3xn, thence S 47 1-2 E 40 23 to
right of way .f Southern rpilroad,
thence the right of way to the bginning
corrar. A djotig Jots one, three and
fve in the division of said estate of
Thomas E. WViliar d, decease". :ni.d ad
joinih g lands (of C. L. Ilohiing.swonh
estate and ot hers,
Also all that other piece, pare.- I r,
tract of land lying an.. being sitatie
in the anove State and Cointy. containt- t
in: fifty-one and ;U-8 (.',1 3-t) ac-es
more or less as shown by plat ot survey
made by H, L. Clayton, surve-yor < n
thth day of October,.1897, and known
in the division of the real estate of Thes,
E. W dllard, dleceased, as tract No. three i
(3) and having the following metes anid
bounds to i it: Beginning a t a stake onm
right of way of South rn raiir>'ad. 1
thence S 3 :J-t E 23.46 to a rock 3xo and (
a stake 3xo, thence N836 1-4 E to a rock
3xo, thence S 52 1-2 E 20.34 to a rock
:en, thence S 6 1-2 W $ 60) to a rock
3xn', thence N 87 W 2 to a rock 3xo f
thence S ':1 WX 1.00 to a stake. thence a s
branch line to a rock 3xo. thenca S 16 E e
3.6-> to a white oak '3xn, thence S 54 1-2'
E 1:3.04 to a stake on right of way of
Southern railroad, thence the right of
way to the Irginning corner. Adjoin-)
ing tracts No. 2, 4 and 5 in the division
of said est.ate of Thomas E. willard
deceased, aEd adjoiring lands of C. L.
Hollngsworth eat-it~. Jands of J. P.
Smith's m s'ate. Job F. Smith. Chapman
land and! othiers
Also all1 that i i ce, parcel or lot of
land in the towin of Liberty.- L.nown as
the hotel lot, which was conveyed to
W. 0. Willird by K. A Avi..ger. being
made upof lots Nos. 10 ami IA in the
pt ot said town. Nc. 10 fronting
Railroad street 32 feet 10 :z:ches and 105
feet deep. contamnig on~ -ighth (1-4) of
an acre. No, 18 fr"ntingr one chain on
Main street, con:aining lift..-two) rods.t
Also all that oti.r pi- e, parcel or lot
of land in the :own of Libertv. convey-j
ed to W. 0. WiIIlard by S dlant (rry,
Bounded on the Nort a by --- street
on the South by Ra troad, , ui &Cst andt
West by lands formterly bm lam,ging to<
the estate of Thomas E. Wilza:d, ton-~
taiatg one-fourth of an acre " ore or
Terms: One.half cash on dar' of sale I
the balance on a credit of twelve
months, the credit portion to be securedi
by the bond of the purch-ser anid a 1
ortgage of the premises, and drawmin
terest from day of sale, at the l ate 'of
7 per cent per' annum, with leavet
the purchaser to anticipate the credir
portion on day of sale. Should the pu
chaser fail to comply within one hour
the said pretnises will be re-sold on same
day at the risk c.f the former purchaser.
Purchaser to pay for all papers and for
recording the sante. A. J. BOGGS,
Clerk of Court.
Pickens County S. C.
Clerk's Sale.
State of South Carolina,
Countr of Pickens,
M. WV. Cater, Plaintiff
John Ellenburg and W. M.
Brown, Defendents.
In persuance of a decretal
order in the above stated case
by Hon. J W. Devore presid
ing Judge dated October 14 1912
and on tile in the Clerks office
of Pickens County S. C. I will
sell to the highest bidder on
salesday in December this be
in,. the 2 day of December 1912
during t.he legal hours of sale
at Pickens Court House S C.
the following tract of land to
wit: "All that certain piece
parcel or tract of land situated
in Pickens County and Hurri
cane T'ownship and having the
following marks and bounds to
wit: Beginning on~ a pine on1
Jeff Crenshaw line thence south
to mouth of Clark Branch
thence up Clarks branch on
north side of said branch N E
to Jeff Crenshaw line thence
Jeff Crenshaw line to beginn
ing corner containing (25) acres
more or less, it being a part of
Billie Crenshaw land or former
ji- owned by him.
Terms cash. Purchasers to
pay for papers and for record
u:g same.
A. J. Boggs,
Clerk of Court.
Nember 1 1912.
Stores to Close Thanksgiving.
We, the undersigned merch
)nts hereby agree to close our
tores on Thanks-iving day.
Koyember 28. 1912.
Heath - Bruce - Morrow Co.,
raig Bros. Co., Pickens Hard
rare and Grocery Co., R. L.
"Iames, R. B. Waldrop, P. M.
ate, Folger, Thornley & Co..
, D. Harris. H1, A. Richey. T.
. Bivens.
Flagged Train With Shirt
Tearing his shirt from his
)ack an Ohio man flagged a
rain and saved it from a wreck,
)ut H. T. Alston, Raleigh, N.
., once prevented a wreck with
ectric Bitters "I was in a
errible plight when I began to
ise them." he writes, "my
tomach. head, back and kid
evs were all badly affected and I
fy liver was in bad condition,
hut four bottles of Electric Bit
ers made me feel like a new c
lan." A trial will convince z
ou of their matchless merit for t
ny stomach, liver or kidney I
rouble. Price 50 cents at Pick
ns Drug Company. adv
re among the neviet novelties
o which fashionable w'omen
re giving their approval. If
ou admire daint.' ornaments
ad up-to-date designs in
twill pay you not only to
atch bracelets, but to give
our attention to our display of
ther articles.
Some new trinkets are here
at were designed especially
r men's use. So we invite
entlemen as well as ladies to
e our display.
Tax Notice.
)lice ot County Treasurer. Pickens Cont.
Pickens, S. C., October 1, 1912
The books for the collection of .-taie anid
ounty taxes will be open from
October 15th 1912 to December 31st 1912.
Those who prefer to do so can pay in Janua
1913, with 1 per cent additional. Those
ho prefer paying in February 1913, can
so with 2 per cent additional. Those who
refer paying in M1arch 1913. to the i5th of said
~onth, can do so oy paying an additional 7 per
cut. After said date the books will close.
N. 1.-Tax payers owning property or paying
sx for others, w'ill please ask fo tax receipt
ieach towinship or special school district in
hich he or they may own property. This is
ery important as there are so many special
ehool districts. Those who do not wish to
ome to the ottice can write me, not later than
.ember 20th, and I will furnish them with
be amount due and they can remit me by
ek, money order or registered letter, If
tmps are sent do not send above two (2)
rt as I cannot use them. Please do not
end me cash without registering same, as it Is
able to get lost: if sent otherwise it must be
tsender-s risk.
.evy for State tax ...,..... ........5W Mills
evy for Constitutional School tax . 3 mills
evy for Ordinary County tax. ...6 mills
evy for Sinking Fund ....... ......l. mills
.evy for Past Indebtedness........... mills
cv.for Chain Gang... ...... ......2. mill
evy for State Constable ...... ..,..... 4 mill
Totet 19?. mills
eal Levy for School DIstrict No. 1, 2 mills
ecial Levy for School D)istrict No. 2,.. .2 milts
eial Levy for School District No..2 mills
pecial Levy for School District No. 4.. ..2 mills
ecial Levy for School District No. 5, . .2 mills
eeal Lovy for School Dirtrict No.7... .4 mills
ecti Levi for School D.strict No. 8,.. .2 mills
eciat . evy- for School District No. 9.. 10 mIlls
ecial Le--y for School D)istrict No. L0,2%3 mills
peal Le~vy for School District No. I1. 7% mills
ecial Levv1 for Schoodl)Distriet No. 12, ..2 mills
eial L evi- for School District No. 13,. .8 milis
peca! Levv for School District No. 14,. .4 mills
etal ILevv- for Sc hool D)istrict No. 16.. .6 mills
ecii L evv for School District No. 17.. .7 mills
pecial Levv f or Schooi District No. 18. 2 mills
ecial Lev'v for SchoolI District No. 10, 2 mills
eal Levv for Sch,ooi Iiltrct No. 2:)....2 mills
eel Lev' foc Sihool Dtstrict No.21..4 mills
,ecial Levy for schoni District No. 2?...4 mills
etal L evy for School District No, 23.. .2 mills
eal Levy for Schoo,l tistrict No. 24. V% nills
eal Levy for Schoo,l D istrict No.2 . 2!4 nulls
;pecial Le-:y for School D)istrict No. 27,.. z mills
,euil L.'-v5 for Schoo.l Dlistrict No. 8. . .4 mills
pccial Lev'y for Sctho.al District No. :l .)3 mills
ecial Levy for School liist ict N o. 31. 15 mills
eal Lev'y for Scho,oi !>iirict No.3. 3 mills
pecial Levy for Schoo~il;.tri:-t No. 3-i .4 muilIs
peciel Levy for .School I ilst riet No. 37. 4 mills
pecial Levy for Sohool District, No. 38, 2 mills
eil Levy for School District No. 40t ,2 witls
peril Levy for School District No 41, 3 mills
eal Lev'y for School D)istrict No. 42.. .2 mills
eial Levy for School District No. 46.. .4 mills
cel~al L.ev'y for School District No 47.. .3 mills
Jerj,1 Levy for Sebool District No. 49.. .2 mills
e'ial Levy for School District No. 51 .. .3 mills
lecial Levy for Schxool District No. 52. 2 mills
edal Levy for School District No. 53,..3 ills
pecial Lev for -chool D)i-trict No. 55.. .4 mills
leril L.evy for Sc(hool District -o. 56...4 mills
ev for intercat on Pickens R. R. louds
Iluriane towsh sip...... ........2 mills
vy fo.r interest on i lkens R. R. llond1s
astrt'e tOwn ship..... ...2% mills
avv for interest on P'iel:ens R. R. Blonds
'ikens C. 11. township............ 2 millh
Poll Tax. Oine (Ii Dollar. Lvery male citizen
om 21 to to 60) years is liable. exept Confeder
.t soldiers, who do not pay after 50 years. and
hose excusedl by law.
Commutation' Road Tax. St.50. The Leg
slatre enacted the following law: "That all
ble-hodied male persons from t,he age of twen
y-one and fifty years, both inclusive, in (the
unty of X'eken's, shall be required annually
opay one dollar aud fifty cents commutationl
r road tax, except ministers of the gospel ac
nally in charge of a congregation, persons Der
nanently disabled in the militaxy service of
nis State. and persons who served' in the late
ar etween the states. and all persons actual
y employed in the quarantine service of thxe
ate. and all stu.ients who may be attending
xv school or college at the time when the com
ntation tax hereinabove provided for shall
uecome due. shall be required to pay to the
ounty Treasurer of said county, between the
5th day of October and the 31st day of Decemi
)erin each and every- year, an annual commu
ttion or road tax of~ one dollar and fifty cents
uer head, and any failure to pay said road tax
hall be a misdemeanor. and the offender, upon
onviction, shall be punished by a fine of not
ess than five dollars and not more than fifty
lollars, or imprisoned for not more than thirty
Capitation Dog Tax. All persons owning
logs are required to pay a tax of fifty (50) Cents
r each dog. Respectfully
Taylor H. Stewart,
CAPITAL- $55000
T. McD Bruce. President.
. M. Mauldin. Cashier.
The best offer gets them.
Sold for division. Are well
ocated, good improvements,
From So to 3oo acres. Easy
erms on part. If interested
ct quick. Wire me when to
xpect ) ou.
Calhoun, Go.
4otice of Final Settlement and
Notice is hereby given that I
vill make application to J. B..
ewbery, Esq., Judge of Pro- I
aate for Pickens county. in the
tate of South Carolina, on the %V
8 day of November 1912 at 10 r
'clock in the forenoon, or as hi
oon thereafter as said applica- te
ion can be heard, for leave to 0
nake final settlement of the es- D
tate of Texas Ann Ferguason bo
ny ward and obtain discharge ai
s Committee of said Ward's b<
state. T. W. Cochran, a:
)ct. 31, 1912. Committee. D
kchedules Effective Sept.
N. B.-The following schedule figures a
re not guaranteed. ARRIVE FROM
No. 44 ATLANT \
Stops to discharge parsengers
passengetrs for Ch9r'otte~ and h.
No. 36 NE W ORLE ANS and 2
S?tps only on1
No 42 SENEC A (Diaily except
<.12 ArL A NT A-........
4 40 A T LAWJ'TA....... -
, 0. TBIMNGiH4l r. A
F-ur Waishington anid New Yorl
sengers. from Atlanta and t' re<
lotte and beyo0! d
Stops to take on passengers
39 CHARLOTTE..- ..........
11 CHARLOTTE.-...........
41 CH ARLOT TE (datily, exe-p
For furthe~r inf.nm-tion app y to Ticket
W. R TA BER,. P. & T. A.
Gieenville, S. C.
& o.
t em rmn oe
Le stkecr
Miss Myrt'e Cothrum,
of Russellville, Ala., says:
"For nearly a year, I suf
fered with terrible back
ache, pains in my limss,
and my head ched nearly
all the time. Our family
doctor treated me, but
only gave me temporary
relief. I was certainly in
bad health. My school
teacher advised me to
Car dul
The Woman's Tonic
I took two bottles, in all,
and was ctred. I shall
always praise Cardui to
sick and suffering wo
men." If you sufferfrom
pains peculiar to weak
women, such as head
ache, backache, or other
symptoms of womanly
trouble, or if you merely
need a tonic for that tired,
nervous, worn-out feel
ing, try Cardui. E-65
A Great Building Falls
hen its foundation is under
ed, and 'f the foundation of
alth-good dizeslion-is at
Lcked, quick collapse follows.
n the first signs of indigestion,
r. King's New Lire Pills should
taken to tone the, stomach
rid regulate liver, kidnevs and
wels. Pleasant, easy, safe
a only 25 cents at Pickens
rug Company. adv
22,1912 from Easley.
re published only as informa inn and
Loi ALlt NT. _.--. 3.4~> 'n
r d:NT)-.5 amu
~ 1.1 .i5 pm
------------ 25 pm
oa i dischoarge : .
ve. a en gers fo r ha
r Atlarnta
11 55 am
-------- 4.00 pm
Sunday)- ..955 pm
r. E.r ~GEE. A. (G P' A.
CNoumb~ia 5. C.
like thekl
That's what tI
ed them a pai
We want yt
Ot Prid
every time yc
will be easy.
We have t
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Metal, Patent Calf,
Besides dressy S
_____who farms. These
and water proof-y
ur showing is so varied we
place for the woman who wvai
seldom fail to make the sale.
Soft, Glove-like Sh
Strong, Serviceabi
doors in all sorts of weather.
Stylish Cuts whose 1
tan, russett, black and white.
Children's i
r,but retaining all the Iines a
evenings around the firesid
and chldr-:n.
Tyour shoe needs when in Gi
, Patt
(Prickly Ash, Pokq
Prompt Powei
Its be -efic :al ef. StubbOr '
r',' -c .ch
* P. P,.
..1ke rih red, pure blood
vFte:-?-! clea rs the brain - strengacthens
A . po6tv specific for Blood POs:
D rives out Rhbeumatism and -Stop,)s ltb
,s a wonderfui tonic and body-builder.
Ii s f Ith cefcat -Stbo
fy'acsay acuter wet to
. totgetcth haityw oft
think of Shoes a
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A Sho~isecifor Blodenls
wwolats-te ne toes and buitet.
Fn C.lf, and Vici.
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ast sronglysth buil asg an nrahide s
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:eul oinet te itededt o fe
ufordskan f Soes, lsye a
Inoo ShoesoMe
ne astshoe newould hande.s
goes aar e dre man, or houe sti
avire.a togybitsarwies
Lades Shoe
oot and-Potassium)
ful Permanent
cases Good results are
P. P P. lasting-it cures
crmedi- yor1 tostaycured
-cleanses the entire
digeston and nerves.
and skin diseases.
e Pain; ends Malaria;
Thousands endorse it.
n . -'*~
0., Pickens, S. C.
ye show- -
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eathers, in EGru
a for the man
de-cold proof i
This store is the
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means so mutch.
scall.her out of
High cuts in
nd colors.
ppers. We have

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