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PUBLISHED WEEKLY Entered April 23, 1903 at pilcens S. C. as second class matl matere under act of Con, SUBSarcTON.41ICE
EstabWished 1871-VoIlwne6' PICKENS, S. C.. NOVEMBER 28, 1912
The ims'+
p +
zifir +; +
4 I& 9_4+A+
ThanksgV ay
0 the grand old pilgrim father
- 3 Wi:liam Bradford, governor of
.- the original New England colo
nies. belongs the honor of being
the first to proclaim in America a gen
* eral thanksgiving day which should be
a festival as well as a day of thanks
giving. The month of November, 1023.
had been a weary one to the bitterly
tried pilgrims. Their months f 4;01
and patient wa *gathering
of th h - seemed about to end in
deepest disappointment. The earth
was parched, the whole land cried out
'for rain, and the crops were being
ruined for lack of moisture. It was
under these depressing conditions that
Pilgrim Father Bradford called together
the little band of settlers and set apart
a day to be devoted to fasting and
prayer that the glassy skies might be
come cloud covered and the windows
of heaven be opened to give life to the
thirst dying fields.
It did not look promising for a day
of thanksgiving, and yet circumstances
changed the day appointed for fasting
and prayer to one of rejoicing, feasting
and thankfu, ness. The pilgrims were
in the very act of pr.yin- for rain
when rain came. It.^-ame in such
floods and It came WD~opportunely that
-the. pilgriW*fthi!rs were convinced
"itProd d smiled on the ittle
en, women and chil
dren who. driven from their own homes,
had been forced to pitch their tents on
- the wild and inhospitable shores of a
foreign land.
- William Bradford in his proclama
tt,n had called the day a feast of
thanksgiving. and the best hunters in
the colony had been scouring the ad
iacent woods for wild turkpvs and
Is a
orner game to supply tne wants or tu
colonists and their guests. Th
kitchens of the pilgrims were crud
and rough, but the good dames di<
their best, and the result was a repas
satisfying and sumptuous enough fo
the most exacting. The menu con
sisted of roast turkey dressed wit
beechnuts, venison pasties such a
the pilgrim mothers knew so well hov
to make, savory meat stews with
dumplings of barley flour, clam chow
der served in enormous bowls witl
sea biscuite floating on the surface
roasts of all kinds, broiled fish, salads
akes and plum porridge. Lastly
there was a bountiful supply o:
ysters, the contribution of Massasol
and his ninety warriors to the firs1
Thanksgiving bill of fare. The great
st dinner of the festival was given oi
saturday, the ast_day (fCeTi
tbon r-y chronicles that it wa:
one of the loveliest days of the In
dian summer, and so mild was thi
weather that the good pilgrim dame,
were able to set their tables In thi
pen air, and In the primitive forest:
Ln the wildest country, in a new an<
unexplored world, was celebrated thi
brightest and most joyous Thanksgiv
Ing on record.
Pickens Route 3.
On last Saturday night an en
oyable pound supper was give:
by Mr. and Mrs. Waddy Steu
art, every one present enjoye
bhemselves very much. A
left thanking Mr. and Mn
3tewart for their kindness.
Everybody in this section j
putting in good time gatherin:
bheir crop-; and sowing grain.
Twelve Mile school will opei
Monday 25th with Prof. H. A
Towns as teacher.
Rev. W. C. Seaborn filled hi
irst appointment at Mt. Grov
3unday, everybody is proud t
have him for their pastor.
The county scrape is puttini
fhe roads in a good conditioi
thrugh this section.
A Farmer's Boy,
A bazaar will be given by th<
Ladies' Aid society of the Pres
Dyterian church in the C. E
Robinson store room (nex
loor to Keowee Bank) nex
Friday evening.; November 29
eginning about 6 o'clock
ancy work of all kinds will b,
old and oysters will be serve(
n the various ways.
List your land with the Lin
wood Land and Investmen
imost here
[0 your Xi
-s to Trade"
irst - We ci
s goods to
iaond - Eve1
oney refun11
Lird - We d
ourtIh - We
e things g
We Ref1
ne of the Lines 1
:kwear, Underwt
Frget to Always
Prof. R. C. Burts, of Green
ville, spent Friday night with
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Cheatham,
Mr. H. W. Wilkins, of Green
ville, was the guest of Prof. and
Mrs. W. W. Benson last week. 1
Miss Virgil Sellers, a student i
of the Greenville Female Col- i
r lege visited her parents here last I
t week.
Dr. and Mrs C. N. Wyatt,
Misses Ethel and Aleen Wyatt, c
Ella Hiott and Mr. Charles f
Wyait last Sunday in t
Anderson. . -
The Ergatakin Club met at+
the home of Mrs. William An
derson last Friday afternoon.
After spending a few hours
with needle work, a delicious
- sweet course was served.
Miss Lila Folger, of Central is
the attractive guest of Miss
Lyde Folger.
Mrs. James Carpenter visited,
relatives in the city last week.
n The fifth annual meeting of
the Philosophian Literary So
d ciety, was held in the school
1 house auditoriun last Friday
- night.
The program which is as fol- 10
s lows,, was splendidly carried out.
Music-Misses Jennie Robin
son and Mary Wyatt.
a Reading-Miss Eula Barton. 5
Dezlamation-Frank Wel
s Essay-Miss Ruth Thaxt->n.
eI Extempore Speech-Mr. Frank
o Ellison.
Jokes-Mr. Billie Anderson.1
Debate: Resolved; That im
migration is injurious to the I
United States. t
Affirmative-Margaret Jane- t
son. Lydie Thornton.
Negative-Janet Bolt. Carl
As usual most interest center
ed in the debate which was
- among the best ever heard here. t
. The judges who were Prof. R.J
t C. Burts, Rev. C. D. Waller and
t .IMr. H, W. Wilkins, decided in
, I favor of the negative.
I The ladies of the M. E. I
3 Church gave an oyster supper
I Saturday night for the benefit
. of the church.
Col. R. H. Smith of Green
-ville will deliver his famous
lecture on "America from ocean
t to ocean," in the Auditorium N
Friday night, 29th inst. The r
and it is ne
nas shopping
at Meyers-A
irry the large
be found in
Lv article sol
0 strictly a 0]
have polite, c
to make up a
und Transportation
Ne Carry: Suits, 4
ar, Blankets, Comfei
Come to M
)roceeds will go to the monu
nent fund being raised by the
IJ. D. C., to erect a monument M
o our confederate dead. If you ew
niss Mr. Smith's lecture you hav
vill miss a treat. I dav
Married by Rev. E. V. Babb not
Lt his residence Sunday morn-I M
ng Mr. Roy Smith and Miss Gre(
ulian, both near Easley. ness
Mr. W. D. Spearman will Gre(
noye his family to Easley this whi
veek. Mr. W. D. Sitton has sect]
noved from Greenville back to M
lasley, We bid both a hearty thro
velcome. in h
The Farmers and Merchants a bil
:lub, which was broken up a bow
ew weeks ago sold their furni- he h
ure Saturday.. Glad indeed plan
re we to see the club go out of lum
Sqjeas .mar
Griffin News. ~0CM
Health in this community is mor
ight good at present. this
Miss Addie Leslie spent last will
unday afternoon with Miss M
fay Freeman, of Pickens route Con
Mr. and Mrs. W.E. Hendricks tim(
nd family visited Mr. and Mrs. yar(
). F. Hendricks last Sunday old.
vening. sa
Mr. and Mrs. F. G-. Trotter plac
vere the guests of Mr. and Mrs. and
rthur Trotter last Sunday. aboi
Misses Grace and Earvestine TI
endricks from this community chu
eturned last Saturday from a very
hort visit to Mr. and Mrs. atte
.jeigh Hunt, of Dacusville. not
Mrs. A. C. Smith, who has pres
>een suffering with rheumatism TI
3 much better at this writing. ing
Mr. S. P. Freeman, who has be a
Lad his house started for some is 36
ime, is now finishing it up on abot
he inside with a nice plastering. very
We are glad to know that the sup,
)unday school at Griffin still
as a good attendance. Mr. J. ..t:
Z. J. Anthony is a good super- visi
ntendent and always insists on --
h people not going into winter wer
[uarters during the winter TI
ronths. will
On next Thursday the men- witt
ers of Griffin church will meet we I
.nd hold Thanksgiving services. takE
here will be several readings sen
nd recitations by the small! M
hildren in connection with the beer
egular s,.rvices. .ders
The farmers are taking ad-!""
antage of the fine weather and 1,r
auch grain is being sown
cessary for y
IWe wish
rnoId Co.
st and most ci
the state.
d here is 1)a(
1e-1rice bu1sin1
ourteous sales
mRoder and
n all Purchases of
oats, Dresses, Silks
rts, Ribbons, Laces
Pleasant Grove News.
r. Editor: I will give you a
dots from this section, as ]
. been picking cotton all
and am very tired, I will
write much this time.
r. D. L. Barker went tc
mville yesterday on tusi
. He went down on thE
,nville & Knoxville trair
:h is a big enterprise to this
r. Reigle of Greenville was
ugh this section yesterday
is automobile looking after
lot of timber that he has
ht from Mr. Perry Bates,
puting/ in a new saw mill
t and is going to ship his
ber and cross ties to foreign
kets. He has a lot of good
>er and says he will make a
[ slm.
rs. Te --PQd who
been quite ill with pneu
ia feyer, is improving at
writing and we hope she
soon be up again.
r. William Hawkins an old
federate soldier, who ha.
L on the sick list for a long
is able to knock around the
I once more, he is 78 years
r. Drake McConnell has hiE
mill on Mr. J. P. Andern
e cutting some fine lumber
cross ties, as cross ties are
it the order of the day now.
ie singing at Pleasant Grove
Tch Sunday evening was
- good as some of those that
aded say. Your writer did
have the pleasure of being
ie new church that is be
built at this place is going to
nice one when completed. It
x50 feet long and will seat
it 400 people it does not like
much being ready for dedi
)n, Rev. J. E. Foster is the
ily for another year.
c. and Mrs. N. J. Anderson,
ed their daughter Mrs. J.
Rigdon last Sunday, they
from Oolenoy section.
ie Pleasant Grove Echo-)l
open next Monday Nov. 25,
tMr. Grover Keith teacher,
iope all of the patrons will
interest in the school and
their children.
r. J. R. Duncan who hac
visiting relatives in An
:n county has returned
e. he also has a cow that's
sick with hollow horn.
A Farmer.
ou to finm
to poilit
mplete lii
sked by us
ss regardi
people to
efficient st
$20.00 or ovei
,Dress Goods,
Art Goods, G
Memorable in the lives of Ge
some was the event which took of
place in the little city of Liberty let,
on the 20th inst.. at 12:30 p. m.. Co
when Mr. Sam -B. Huff led to, tor
the altar Miss Meda Lee, only Sit
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. ser
Hunt. To the beautiful strains Ea
of Mendolssohn's wedding ne,
march splendidly rendered by Sa)
Mr. Willie Hunt, brother of the 1
bride. they entered the parlor pic
and stood before Rev, D. W. be
Hiott, who after a brief cere- dex
mony p- onounced them husband bo
and wife. Mr. Huff is the cer
voungest son of the late Mr. P. cht
D. Huff, of Greenville. He is a hox
graduate of the Pleiss Electrical
school of Washington, D. C.
He is row one of the most prom
inent ycung farmers in the St.
Albans section of Greenville wh
-c v.Mr. Huff belongs to mil
one of he W k.and honored hea
families of Greenville"Wrwi ,
iwhile Miss Hunt is one of thet"'O
most charming and best of our On
many excellent ycung ladies of Dr
Liberty. She is a most excel- be
lent teacher and an accomplish- an<
ed young woman- boi
Those who were present were
Miss Otis O'Dell. of Liberty, an
Mr. Chapman, of Liberty; Miss Di
Corrie Huff, sister of the groom; -
Mr. Junius Garrison and Miss
Mary Garrison, of Greenyille.
A'real old time sensible dinner
was served and the bride and
groom boarded the southbound
train No. 11 for Atlanta, Ga.,
and other points. After a few
weeks they will be at home to
their friends at the splendid old
country home of the groom
near St. Albans in Greenville
county. May the barque on
which these young people have
embarked, sail over smooth
waters until at last when they bu!
anchor the craft may it be in
the harbor of rest and peace. ser
Miles P. Singleton.
A dispatch from Westmins
ter, dated November 20. says:
Miles P. Singleton, a highly re
spected citizen of Oconee, died
suddenly at his home on Tug
aloo river, seven miles below
Westminster. this morning at
.5 o'clock. Heart failure was
supposed to be the cause of his
death. Mr. Singleton was in
his 81st year. He had beeni
married 58 years last Saturday.
He is survived by his widow and
I some one
out a few rf
e of Ladies, I3
to give per
ess of the am
attend to yo~
within a radius of f
Linens, Domestics
oves and Sweaters.
11 LIL Uuku. IVJ.L . LJUlVu"
s a Miss Higgins. of near
sley. The children are
orge and Thomas Singleton,
this county, Rey. H. L. Sing
Dn, of the South Carolina
nference, Rev. J, F. Single
i. of Milledgeville. Ga. W. A.
igleton of the railway mail
vice, A. W. Singleton, of
sley, Mrs. J. T. Porter of
,r Westminster and Miss
lie Singleton.
Ir. Singleton was a native of
kens. Funeral -Fervices will
conducted at his late resi
ice tomorrow afternoon. His
ly will be laid to rest in the
ietery of Nazareth M. E.
irch at 2 p. m., with Masonic
A Great Building Falls
en its foundation is under
ied, and if thefoundation of
.lth-good digeslion-is at
ed, quick collapse follows.
the Irfif inhudigestion,
King's New Life Pil s s
taken to tone the stomach
I regulate liver, kidneys and
vels. Pleasant, easy, safe
I only 25 cents at Pickens
ig Company. adv
ieal Esd
...Bught, 5
'he Linwood Land and Inve
;iness and anxious to be of 1
f you wish to buy any real e
help you. We will treat yo
Ve also insure property.
ome and talk it over with u
Linwood Land an
Office at Keow(
4ore at w.
BsonIs wlih
isses aild 4
et satisfa'
r wants..
0 Miles.
,Corsets, Hosi
(ain StL Greenvil
Thanksgiving Day.
With grateful hearts let all gv
All lands, all stations and al
And the cry comes up along the'
IFor what shall we give thanks
For peace and plenty, busy mills,
"The cattle on a thousand hMs;
For bursting barns, wherein is stored
The golden grain, a precious hoard;
Give thanks
For orchards bearing rosy fruit.
For yielding pod and toothsome root
And all that God declared was
i In hill or dale or eld or wood,
Give thanks.
For water bright ida
A million founta far and usar
For gracious-streamlets, lakes and -ill,
That flow from everlasting bills;
Give thanks.
For summer dews and timely frost,
The sun's bright beams, not one ray lost4
For wilflng hands to sow the seed
And reap the harvest, great indeed;
Give thank.
For hearth and home. love's altar fres;
For loving children, thoughtful sires;
For tender mothers, gentle wives,
Who fill our hearts and bless our lives
Give thanks.
For heaven's care life's journey through,
For health and strength to dare and do.
For ears to hear, for eyes to see
Earth's beauteous things on land and sea.
Give thanks.
-M. A. Kidder in New York Sun.
tracted meeting will be
gin in yterian
Liberty, on n
p m., conducte
DuBose, of Toccoa, Ga. Eve
body is invited to attend
old and Rented
stment Company is ready for
)enefit to those who need our
state, sell any, or rent any, let
i right.
d Investment Co.
e Bank, Pickens
I .I
le, S. C.

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