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ce a: Second Class
e thanks unto the
his mercy endureth
the people praise thee
let aR the people praise
for alP 'his good
ess. of all - a4 lessings
-duing the - It ii God's
zcwdness that we are Itiing;
t,hat we have food and clothes,
homes and loved ones, and every
ingwe enjoy. Let us in
ratitude- to God for his good
3s. try to make some one else
Vnele Sam is going to give
h hard-working rUral mail
cariers a rest Thanksgiving
day, and those living on rural
routes will receive no mail that
4a. Therefore we issue The
.Setinel a day earlier this week.
W "fee sur --our sub
scri will be willing for The
el force to have Thanks
day as a holiday. And
The Sentinel force
each subscriber a pleas
time that day.
e noticed in a paper recent
t a woman writer horse
pped two men. Seems to us
she should be prosecuted
isusing the males.
Or Does Everything You Eat
Distress You?
Experts . declare that the reason
s-%nach 'disorders are so common in
thi. country is due to hasty and
s.reless habits of eating. Stomach
tuibles and run-down conditions also
sall go together.
John Lind, of Oneonta, N. Y., says:
"Ibeen troubled with a bad
r cr fifteen years, and
camesok that I could hardly
wal or do ay work. Miy appetite
-ss' very poor, and it seemed impos
sible to get any relief. Since taking
twe. bottles of Vinol I find that it has
alr.ieady made a remarkable improve.
nent in my health; my digestion is
-much stronger, and I have gained in
~.inoI~makes weak stomachs strong
becauzse it strengthens and tones up
-the weakened, tired and overtaxed
~nerves of the digestive organs. Vinol
~ s easily assimilated- by -the weakest
~stomacfis, and Is delicious to the taste.
Tya bottle of Vinol with the
ndertan ingtht your money will
Sbe returned i? it g1oes got help you.
Pickens Drug Co.
Owing to-the sht
25 per
On all Men's and
Scashmnier Suits.
eashand all altei
Ue OUld Blue Back Speler
Did you ever see a copy o
Webster's Old Blue Back Spell
ir. Haven't you heard fathe
and mother and grand-fathe
and grand-mother talk abou
when they used to study th,
>ld Blue Back Speller, in th
days of the log -school house
and slab seats? It is the bes
and most famous, and one o
the oldest spelling books. W
believe every family in Picken
county would like to have on
of these old spellers. It ,voull
bring back to the older peopt
many fond recollections o
youth. besides being a valuabl
The Sentinel is going to giv
one of these books to al. old an<
new subscribers who pay a yea
in advance.
Yes, this is the original "Blu
Back Speller."
Do you remember the fabl
of the boy that stole apDles, ani
the one of the country maid an,
her milk pail, the fox and th
bramble, the bear and the tw
friends? Well, they are all 1:
the book we are going to giv
away, just like they used to bE
And the pictures are there to(
To many it will recall man
happy hours spent at the ol
school house.
To all subscribers who pa
one year in advanced * rt
nex i make
fsen.one of these.
We are thankful that w
dont't live in Turkey.
We are thankful that cottoi
is not selling at 6 cents a pound
We are thankful that it i
some time until another election
We are thankful for the fini
weather we have been havinj
We are thankful we do no
have to live in some towns wi
know of.
We are thankful for thi
words and acts of encourage
ment we have have receive
ately, _ _ _ _ _ _ _
We are thankful for a grea
eal of the advice given us
And we are more than thank
fol that we don't have to accep
all the advice we get.'
We are thankful that we liv
in Piekens county: Where th
sun shines brighter; where bur
dens are lighter; where the sk:
is bluer and friends are truer
where the people "come cleaner
and the grass grows greene
than any other place on God
good earth.
We are unable to tell all w
are thankful for.
lay, N
rt crop of cottor
cent RE
Boys' Kiothing,
Your choice of a
bations paid for.
$30.00 Men's Suits or
25.00 Men's Suits or
20.00 Men's Suits or
18-50o Men's Suits or
12.50 Men's Pants, 2!
8.50 Men's Pants, 23
6.5o Men's Pants, 2:
4.50 Men's Pants, 2:
We are selling unde
Schloss Bros. & Co., I
made by th'e best clothi
to-date and fit guarante
e of GOt
Health Hint.
E Wear socks -r Thanks
- giving day.
t The Easley Progress speaks
with .pride aboat some peoPlE
from near Pickens --oing to Easr
S .1ev to trade. Nothing strang
t about that. One of the Easley
E:merchants is advertising in Tne
e Pickens Sentinel. loral: If you
! want to sell goods advertise ir
e'The Sentinel.
Clerk's Sale.
State of South Carolina.
D County of Pickens,
M. W. Cater, Plaintiff
John Ellenburg and W. M
e Brown, Defendents.
e In persua.nce of a. decreta
I order in the above stated casE
I by Hon. J W. Devore presid
e ing Judge dated October 14 1915
onand on file in the Clerks officE
a of Pickens County S. C. I wil
e sell to the highest bidder or
salesday in December thig be
. in- the 2 day of December 191!
$r during the legal hours of salt
d at Pickens Court House S C
the following tract ..oLAn~t0
Y witL.. '. 2---aT certain piect
, pacel or tract of land situatet
D, in Pickens County and Hurri.
cane Township and having the
following marks and bounds tc
wit: Beginning on a pine or
e Jeff Crenshaw line thence soutl
to mouth of Clark Brancl
thence up Clarks branch on
north side of said braich N E
to Jeff Crenshaw line thence
Jeff Crenshaw line to beginn
ing corner containing (25) acres
more or less, it being a part of
good wood shingle, and in some places
Ro a.. .,u26 yem.soaeasgood.a
Dv. 21
and the lateness
Overcoats and Pa
ny Suit, Overcoal
Strictly this seasc
Jvercoat 25 per cent discount
Overcoat 25 per cent discouht
Overcoat 25 per cent discount
Overcoat 25 per cent discount
per cent discount - - -
per cent discount - - -
per cent discount - - -
per cent discount - - -
r the discount prices Suits m
)avid Marks & Sons, etc. All
Lng houses in the country. M~
d CIothes
Girls at i
When girls arrive at the age when natu
of the body must be good or there is grav
will disastrously affect their entire lives.
life. and it is the duty of every mother to:
there is any departure from health the
attention. The symptoms usually are; la:
d'I eyes. bad breath, poor appetite, cor
nerves. At such times the remedy neec
Squaw V
It is a woman's remedy. Especially ad2
and assist the development which nature
end to nervousness, headaches, sickness c
regularity. When this stage is safely pa:
the pale face takes on cplor, the eyes bec
clears of melancholy, and the weakened I
Sold by Druggists and Dealer
Billie Crenshaw land or former
1n owned by him.
Terms cash. Purchaser' to
pay for papers and for record
ing same.
a . A. J. Boggs,
Clerk of Court.
November 11912..
The S.ate of uth Carolina
C,unmv of Pickens.
By J. B. Newbery Esquire. Probate
Whereas. D. F. Fuller made suit to
grant him Letters of Admintstration of I
the Estate of and effect-, of John ]
Fuller, deceased.
These are Therefore to cite and ad-.
monish all and singular the kindred and
creditors of the said John Fuller. de- I
ceased, that t hev be and appear before
me. in the Curt of Probate, to be held
at Pickens Court H->use. S. C.. on the v
5th day of December. 1912, after pib
licatign hereof, at 11 o'clock in the fore
noon, to .hew cause if any they have
J. McD Bruce. President.
[. M. Mauldin. Cashier.
2. Nocdut-no bothe.ad wen once
laid they make a thorugl storm-proof
and fire-proof roof, netr of which can
be claimed for the wood shingle.
As to price-they cost no more thaon a
hy cost much less.
mew today, and have never needed repairs.
ROW 00., Pickens, S. C.
- Comma
f the season we
ts. Included in
or Pants in the
n's goods. No old
I'Call and C
4SS No Goo4
de by Al le
up- P
te Age of
re rust assert itself the general health
, danger that disease will appear which
It is caled the critical time in a girl's
me that the conditions are right. Where
trouble should be given immediate
guidness. a pale, colorless complexion,
stipation and a weakened state of the
ed is
ine Wine
pted to strengthen the female organism
is striving to bring about. It puts an
f the stomach and establishes healthy
sed, natural conditions speedily return;
ome bright, the breath sweet, the mind
ody becomes strong and robust.
s. Price $1.00 Per Bottle.
rhy the stid Adm'nistration should no
e granted.
Given uuer my hand and seal. thi
,Ist dt of November, 19f2, in the 13
rear of our Iidependence.
t J. P. P.C.
By virtue oi authority vestei
n us as Executors of the las
Aill and testament of the lat
reptha P. Smith, we will -el
o the highest responsible bidder
in Tuesday, Dec. 3rd 1912, a
iberty, S. C., all that certaib
>iece, parcel or tract of 1 ni
ying and being situate in th,
ncorporate limits of the tow
>f Liberty, adjoining lands o
J. G. Boggs, E. B. Richardson
You owe it to yourself, your family ani
Four work to keep in the best possible con
lition. If you have strong, ready muscle
-rich, heathy blood and a clear brain, ye1
!an do more and better work and reall;
ive, and enjoy living and be a blessing t
hose you love.
Much of the eternal grouch and man;
f the aches and pains you see every da;
re caused directly by a lazy, torpid, ovez
vorked liver, and all of that may be absc
utely cured by R. L. T. (Richardson
axative Tonic). One fifty-cent or dolla
>ottle of this magnificent tonic will prov
to you that it is the finest laxative and th
luickest strength building tonic ever o
erd sick, sufEering human.ity. Get a bol
.le from your druggist today, and keepi
~Iways in the family medicine chest read
:o put the Liver right in one night or cur
ialaria, constipation, or bilious fevers I:
he shortest postible time. If not on sal
n your town, write B. L. T. Co., A&nde:
;on, S. 0.
R .L.T.
A Perfect Tonic
5e& $1.00Oper Btle. All Drug Stores.
are overstocket
this sale are Blu
house at Twent:
goods sho wn.
onvince Your
ns Money
Is Charged
ations to be
id For
,-~ Dqp1, TS NTat Co1
For the past thirty da
Goods, Notions, Coat Suit
S ~ from the best houses in N<
Our stock in every d(
We haven't the space
we ask is for you to call a:
We are not strangers
our customers are treated
We handle nothing b
always pays to bey th*he
-all on us for anythir
Clothing, Shoe
Sole agents for Walk
Iron King Stoves, New Hor
ell Wagons and Mitchell A
Oscar Boggs, Dr. Hollingsworth,
and the estate of Thos. G. Boggs,
containing Seventy-four and
three-fourths (741) acres more or
e Terms of sale one-third cash,
e balance in one and two years,
deferred payments to be secured
by mortgage on premises, and
to bear interest at eight per cent.
Purchaser to pay for all papers.
Hour of sale 11 o'clock A. M.
H. G. Smith,
W. C. Smith,
J A. McCollough B. F. Martin
E. M. Blythe
MOlloughi. Martin & Blythe
laSOniC Temple6 Greenville, S. C.
Associate firm
Anderson, S. C.
Practice ini all Courts.
for this time of
per .ce
Serges, Black Un
five per cent dis<
$1 5.00 Boy's Suits, 25 per cent
1 2.50 Boy's Suits, 25 per cent
85o Boy's Suits, 25 per cent
6.50 Boy's Suits, 25 per cent
In this sale of Boy's Suits we
which is the standard make in I
Suits we are selling under t]
Serges, Worsteds and Cashmie:
means a saving to you of 25c 01
$250 Boys' Knickerbocker Pant
2.00 Boys' Knickerbocker Pani
.50 Boys' Knickerbocker Pani
.oo Boys' Knickerbocker Pant
120 South In
a 01
ys we have been receiving, daily, large shi
:S, Cloaks, Clothing, Hats, Shoes and Gei
w York and Baltimore.
-partmenj is complete in every detail, and
to enumerate the many bargains we are
d inspect our stock, and we will do the r<
t the people c. Pickens County, and yot
ight, and that guarantee every trade
Ut the best u of merchandise, in ev,
you need. We handle everthing.
Yours truly,
. Hats and Gents' Furnishing Goods a Spe<
-Over and Boyden Shoes, Carhart Overall,
e Sewing Machines,Chase City and Babcoc
A. K. PA1
This will inform the readers of The
still at the old stand in "West End", wi
stocks of Dry Goods, Underwear, Notion
have ever carried, and my prices SHAL)
goods can be sold for. A few prices will
right on prices.
A good Calico 5 cents.
Arood Cotton Check 5 ct-nts.
Canton Fl.nnels 5, 8 1-3, 10 and 12
Men's hieavy Fleeced Shirts 5o cents
ILadies' heavy Fleeced Vest and Pan
Prepare for cold weather which is sus
a good blanket. My shoe stock is compl
and prices the lowest. Don't fail to comn
lay; No
the year which COIL
finished and .Fancy W<
~ount. These goods sold
discount - - - - $11-25'
discount -- - - - 9-38
discount . . .- 6.38
discount - - - - 4-88
are selling the "Royal Brand"
oys' Clothing. In the Boys'
te 25 per cent discount, Blue
s. Help us to unload. It
ievery dollar.
S, 25 pr cen: discount $1.88
s, 25 per cent discounlt 1.50
s, 25 per cent discount 1.13
s, 25 per cent discount.75
in St.. Oreenvil
pme ry
it's gs,
our pr ,es are 4
offering, but all
all know that
we make.
ery line, and it
, Hawes Hats,
k Buggies,Mitch
Sentinel that I am
dih one of the best
and Shoes that I
, B owest, that
convnce a we are
- cents.
s 25 and 50 cents.
e to corebybuying.
ete, quality the best
to see me.
. 21
pels us to
rsteds, and
strictly for
le. S.7C

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