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_LS C. 31AogEY of 2708 K. St.,
W.Wash-mgton, D). C., writes : " I suf
.d wia rheumatism for tive yeart
pI ha bo jgot )hold of your LWn!
t, au i has. done me so much
3my knees do not pain and the
- as gone."
the Nerves
- s A.Wi. A-, of 403 Thompemn
3. .yrvile M.,writes : - -The
.ti in my was destroyed five
ra ago ad.lei nie with a 3erking
t ngto :-&t I ..uld not sleep. A
.-u ,ld m: vo t..y. your Liniment
a.! n.nv I could n do ouitiou it. I
"s a.good Liniment. I keep it on
rand all the time. My daughter
scrained her wrist and used your
L:iment, and it has not hurt her
4O.-Ima, N. C.,
SF.D., No. 4.
A A Dealeit~
25c., 50c., $1.00
an's book on
N. cattle, hogs C
"4,zcar Garrett, a pomirent I
n I 'nu of the Six Nlile sec
lere on bush,Lcss last
~ Cerk's Sae.
F. r of So ltoh C rolina
nty of Pickerns
- !. ure ti of Common PLT toe a s.
in-3siBank, Paintar.
1' arsons, et al. Defen-3ants,
wirsuance of a decretal order made
- ove statcd case by his Hcnor.
George E. Prn., at Chambers.
tJne 1J, 1912 will sell to the
-t hidder on Salesday in Dt cember.
--ung- the .:egal homts for eale at
S. C. H. . C.. the foilowing
-f te twn o Lierty the titlet
CloseA.rs's ame. bi.
g, on thein'7t a fSp:rbr
,rF Jijsr iand of. 0. Hailton , e
inth aso ta Z. L a Can on
inth t Ceksmall hous-s Pcnst,
nt I illhel tohaihstder tpa
pa;rt. St androrin. conmenc
,..d al a oclca. i.. oGS.em
3r Ctirk'gsai saleec a
e el al t relaehriatrd
unst: Al<fhi P ickes, acl
m S'fomoe Pleasur a
al, Defendants,
inhe eboe s soe land sn
b~ertv, orth Carolina meig e
c3rd cotinuin aie ac h day]
thll e granulsated riAfterfdect
dis rolld,a igrte
1s: l thoe pandes arcl a!onde
oflnd 5c, and beith eitah sac
Smoke ohPleasure ae
forh the nsiasa
ithre Tise psents eles
and Nth plarelinabrt uad
othrLikin mac o. fre,orosu
thengranu alled skteret,
role asacgae. .
2 e Oneanda haf once
onlySe,and itheachsac
paper FREE
The the plasues reF
0 e State and Cunty above wii:V
bnd in tOw lvwl 'f LIIA- 'V, S C.. th:
being -tie hunt red and Lwenty(120) lot
F. r : full (1-scriptiorn .f these lots 1
land :- phit of t-urvey n ade by F. I
O'De.i. ui%eyor, on i. -e 22nd day o
S p e ber, A. - . 1911, which is on fl
in t'.. C.ei k's office, Pickens count ,:
C., and wilt be exhibited on day of s.
at Lierty, S. C.
Sec. nd: All that piece parcel or ti a<
of iand lying and being situate in it
Sta-e and County uforesaid. contai.,in
foity (40) acres more or lems, as show
by plot of survey made by H. L. Clay
ton. s.urveyor. on the 8th day of Octobei
1R97. and known in the divisicn of th
real estate of Thos. E. Willard aq trac
No. one (1) and having the followim
metes and bounds to wit: Begmnninj
it a stake on the ight LI way of th
Southern railroad, thence N. 47 1.2' E
10.20 to stake 3xn, thence N 84 E V583 t
rock 3xr, thence 8 :31 1-2 W 570 to rocl
xn, thence S 71 E 225tY to rock 3xn
:hence S %8 3-4 9.02' to stake on right o
way of Southern railroad, thence th
ight of way of Southern railroad t
he beginning corner adjoining lots No
I and 5 in the division of said estat,
f Thomas E. Willard, deceased. an<
djoining lands of C. L. Hollingswo. ti
state and others Also all that othe
>iece, parcel or tact of land lying an<
>eing situate in the above State an<
,ountv, containing forL) -four and one
hirteenth (44 1-13) acres uore or les, a
hown by plat of survey made by H. L
'ayton, surveyor, on the 8th day o
)ctober. 1897, and known in the divi
ion of the real estate of Thomas E
Villard, deceased, as tract No. two (2
nd. having the following metes an<
>ounds to wit: Beginning at a stak,
>n right of way of Scuhern railroad
hence S 34 1k2 E 1,01 to white oak 3xn
hence S 16 E 3,65 to rock 3xn, thence -
>ranch line to a stake, thence N 71 1
'.15 to a rock 3xo. thence N 84 E 5.70 t
stake 3xn, thence S 47 1-2 E 40 25 t'
ight of way cf Southern reiroad
hence the right of v,.y to the beginninj
orner. Adjoining wts one, three an
ive iU the division of said estate o
homas E. Willard, dpceased, and ad
oining lands of U. L. B ollingswort!
state and othei s,
Also all that other piece, parcel o
raet tf land lying an. being situat,
n the aoove State ard Coanty, contain
rg fifty-one and 3-8 (1 3-Z) acre
core or less as shown by plat of surve;
nade by Ii, L. Cla)ton, surveyor. P
he :h day of Ontober, 1697, and know
n the oivision of the real estate of Thcs
,. W dlai d, deceased, as tract No. thre
3) and having the following metee ar
>ounds to wit: Beginning at a stake o1
ight of way of Southrn railr,ad
hence S3 3-1 E 23.6 to a rock 3xo ani
stake 3xo, thence N 80 1-4 E to a roc
xo, thence S 53 1-2. E 20.24 to a roc]
'xn., thence S 6 1-2 w 8 60 to a roe]
lxn, thence N 87 W 2 to a rock 3xc
hence S 71 W 1.00 to a stake. thence ;
>ranch line to a rock 3xo, thenca S 16 :
'.65 to a whiTe oak 3xn, thence S 54 1
13.04 to a stake on right of way c
5outhern raihoad, thence the right o
,ay to the. beginnuig corner. Adjoin
ng tracts No. 2, 4 -r,d 5 in the divisiot
) said estate of Thomas E. Willar
t c-: sed, a:- d ::j6ining lands of C. I
3o:I.ng%worth etat.te. lands of J. I
;ith's estate. Job F. Smith, Chapma:
and and ot hers
Aso all that piece, parcel or lot
and in the :owin of Liberty. Lnowna
he hotel lot, which wa?> conveyedt
V. . Willard by K. A.. Avinger, hein
nade up of lots Nos. 10 and 18 in th
>la? of said town. N'o. 10 front in;
ailroad street 32 feet 10 inches and 10
eet deep, containing one-ighth (1-8)
n acre. No,.1S fronting one chain o:
fain street, containing fifty-two rod'
Uso all that other piece, parcel or 10
f land in the Town of Liberty, convey
d to W, 0. Willard by Sallie Gary
3ounded on the North by- stree
>l the South by Railroad, on East an
West by lands formerly belobging t
he estate of Thomas E. Willard, con
ain ug one-four;h of an acre mnoreo
Terms: One-half cash on day of sal
he balance on a credit of twelv
nonths, the credit portion to be secure
>y the bond of the purchaser and
nortgage of the premises, and draw ir
erest from day of sale, at the rateC
per cent per annum, with leave t
he purchaser to anticipate the cred
ortion on day of sale. Should the pur
haser fail to comply within one boul
;he said premises will be re-sold on san
lay at the risk of the former purchasei
urchaser to pay for all papers and fc
ecording the same. A. J. BOG3GS,
Clerk of Cour
Piekens County S.C
d other Pleasures
Who Smokes'
-e in this pure old Virginia
.Thousands prefer it to any
ly aged and stemmed and
ipe tobacco-nothing better
of this choice tobacco cost
you get a book of cigarette4
he presents that are secured
of Liggeft 4- Myiers Duke's
ght old and young. Think
your friends can get from a
articles as--fountain pens,
cut glss, china, silverware,
tennis racquets, fishing
rods, furniture, etc.
As a special offer,
during November
will send you our
new illustrated cata
log of presents, FR EE.
Just send us your name
md address on a postal.
'oupons from .Duke's Mixture may be
ssortedwih tars from H ORS E S HOE,
JANGER TWIST, coupons froms
")UR ROSES (10r-tin double coupon).
ei oter tazs and coupons iss,ued by us. '
Premium Dept.
We wish to anu
and Shoes that was
over $15000.00 wo
- 1iaht and we are c<
Im! oney on any item
as you would find in
The man at the hei
to Easley but to ti
I vyour. I
/ II B(
JA\ B(
f Boy!
G eB
to0 $ 2.0
~ $8.00for onln$4.98
0 Mens Blue Serge Odd Coat
Be s ire and see our line of
buying your Pants here.
e Mens Good Heavy R. R. O
d Boys Overalls 25c and 39c.
Wehave Shoes for the ent
Bigus your feet and let us
on them that will keep them
and warm through the ent
months and at the saine time
feet look good.
'We have the largest stock c
be found in Easley. Give us
your winter Shoes and we wil
and save you money as well.
gone up since last season, but
early before the advance
came, so you can buy your shi
last year's prices.
We have Childrens' Shoes fj
to $1.50.
Ladies' Shoes from 98c pair
Men's Shoes $1,25 pair to $4
Boy's Shoes 98c to $2.50.
Make our
find our store c<
with us not sat
ie Place to (
omince to the trading public ti
ever contained in one store ro<
rth of good staple g)ods, and ft
nfident that we can make it to
you may wish to buy, and at ti
any of our larger ,ciities. It %
d of this store is giving his besi
e entire surroinding country.
Mens & Boys Clothing.
e have the biggest line of Boys Suits -and o<
to be found in Easley. We can sell you a Suit f
>oy cheaper than you can find it elsewhere.
ivs All Wool Suits for only $1.98.
ys cheaper Suits as low as 98c and $1.48.
rys Blue Serge Suits for $2.98.
s all Wool Blue Serge Suits $3.98.
ys all Wool Blue Serge Suits $4.98, $5.98 & $6.4
ys School Suits, good and heavy, in Gray ai
Mixtures for only $2.98.
Blue Serge Odd Pants from 48c to $1,50.
)s Mixed Wool Pants for 25c.
iys Full Peg Pants for only 98c.
ns good heavy Wool Every Day Pants worth $1.
0 for only 98c pair.
n's Full Peg $3.00 Pants for only $1.98.
's all Wool Blue Serge Pants made up nice f
ecan give you anything you, want in Mens par
Pants and Mens sits.
hibet Suit, Coat, Vest and Pants, easily wor
sfor only $1,98. Better ones up to $7.00.
Mens Pants at 98c pair. You can s'hve money1
veralls for 48c, and up to 98c.
Men's heavy fleece lined shirts
S and drawers, regular price 50c,
Our price 39c.
S Mens heavy Fleece Ribbed
Shirts and Drawers only 39c.
Mens 10 cent Brown and Blue
ir-fmiy Socks for 5c..
ce fai 7. Good heavy old fashioned
put Shoes gray socks for only 8*c the pair.
them dry Good pair of Ladies black hose
ire winter for 8tc.
make the Ladies gray cotton hose Sic.
Ladies full sized fleece lined
vest for 25c.
Shoes to Ladies heavy fleece lined union
a trial on suits for 48c,
please you Childrens union suits 25c and
Shoe hae 4cBoys heavy fleece lined union
suits 25c and 48c.
- Good gray socks for men per
pair 5c..
A good shawl or fascinator 25c.
Boys Mens and Childrens rain
coats and capes for rainy days,
$1.48 to $3.00.
Good heavy pair of wool socks
for 124c. TIhe extra heavy
Home made kind for 25c.
Six spools of J. & P. Coats
spool cotton for 25c.
.Two spools good machine
thread for 5c.
Six' big balls sewing thread,
black and white for 5c.
ION' Ladies and Childrens aviation
E caps, 25c and 48c.
100 yard spool of silk worth~
we bought 10c, our price 5c.
in price $1.00 Indian Alar m Clocks 69c.
es here at 1 lb. can Snowberry talcum
2 doz good pearl buttons 5c.
om 0c pair 25c patent leather belts 100.
Mens aood heavy work shirts
to53.50. 50c va lue. 39c.
)0 o Mens work shirts 25c.
Mens hne Negligee shirts 39c.
48c and 79c.
store your Headquarters
mfortable. Remember,
1sfactory with you.
*Edwin L. B
iet Bargain!
at we have perhaps the larg
>m in this town. Every dep
irthermore we wish to state
your interest to do your Fal
ie sare time you have got a
ill pay yo to come for miles
time and energies to build t
Ladies (
We are car
or Coat Suits and
Long Coat as c'
and we believe
Ladies Coa
easily worth $8
Ladies all
ings, for only I
.04 Better Suit
Ladies OnE
50 011 Ladies Lor
Cheviot Cloth I
Ladies Bla
Ladies Bla
ts Ladies Lo
Collars, for oni
at 98c to $1.39.
h /Childrens
$1.48, $1.79 an(
all colors.
____________ up to $3.98.
Childrens E
Infants shirts and vests 10c,
15c and 25c.
Childrens 40c ready made D (
dresses for 25c.
WlAe have a big line of Misses
and childrens Dresses made of
Ginghams and Suitings, priced
at 48c, 59c, and up to 98c.
Large size 11-4 blankets for
only 98c. Better Grades at $1.25 Best (.a
1.48 and $1.98.
We also have so.me bargains Good gi
in wool Blankets. -light coioi
3 good hankerdhiefs (ladies)5~c
Mens hankerchiefs 3c and 5c. Sc Apro
6 cakes good laundry soap and
2 boxes of Grandmas washing Good I
powders for 25c. fr5 a
Big box Search Light matches frS a
for 3c. -Good qi
7 boxes Grandmas washing nl o
powders for 25c. .nl o
Best soda made, full pouind Heavy
box for 3c.
Large Jap. Matting Rugs size 8tc yard.
27x56, only 25c.
Larger size 36x68 for only 39c Good
$1.25 Counterpanes only 98c. wide, for
Good hand towel for 5c.
Bath towel 10c. 36-inch
Pure linen fringe towel for 25c all colors,
Woman's black Satine petti
coats for 48c, 69c, 75c and 98c. 36-inch
Women's Silk Taffeta under- 50c yard,
skirts, best-value you eyer saw,
$1 98, $2.48 to $3.98. We has
Good large size suit case for fettas ani
98c and cheaper ones as low as Dresses al
.Big scrap bundles48c and 98c. 98c yard.
Mens heavy sweater coats 48c 36-inch
aLadies all-wool sweaters,corsfo
white and red for $1.48. 54-inch
Ladies cotton sweaters 48c' value 75c
Mens heavy wool shirts 50c.
75c and 98c.
~vhen in Easley. We
we pay you your money
alt & Company, Propri
SThat's Always 3
in Eastey.
est stock of Dry Goods, C(k
,rtment of this Big Store is cc
Lo you that this stock has
I trading at this store. W e 1
good a selection of goods to
to do your Fall trading a
p a business that will not oni
,oats and Coat Suits.
rying a full line of Ladies Coats and
we can sell you your Coat Suit and
ieap as you can buy them anywhere
a little cheaper.
I Suits made of good quality goods and
.50, for only $5.98.
vool Serge Suits with guaranteed lin.
s for $9.98, $10.50 and up to $25.00.
-Piece Wool Dresses $4.98, $5.00 to $6.48.
g Coats in good quality mixed Wool
or only $1.98.
:k Carocal Coats $7.48.
:k Pony Skin Coats $5,98.
ng Gray and Brown Coats - with big
y $4.98~
~oats and Cloaks, Infants Long Cloaks
Bear Skin Coats size 2 to 6 years for 4
I$1.98. We have the above coats in
ack Pony Skin Coats $1.48, $1.98 and
weater Coats from 25c to $1.25.
~ss Goods
ico Prints for 5e yard.
ade Outings, dark and
s, for 5c yard.
n Ginghams for Sc vd.
eavy Cotton Checks
ality10Oc Canton Flan
~c yard.
olid gr ty Outing for .
sleaching, 36 inches
7kc yard.
Panama Dress Goods,
for 25c yard.
Brilliantine, worth,
ur price 39c yard.
e a pretty line of Taf- WehvMn'H
Meslin Silks for full and we are sure thal
d Shirt Waists, price money on your Hats.
Boy's Hats, 48c, 98
all wool Serge, all Men's and Boy's C
only 48c vard.
Broadcloth (wool)
yard for only 47c yd. tflaD S L
have got a good stove ai
back on any purchase
mplite with
keen boughr
~an save you
select from
Shis stor.e.
be an honor
~4 /
0' -i
tsfo 9ctI$.0
we cn saetyo
and up
ps fom 1c to50c
dU will
weoua saeo

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