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put your valu
e from fire ar
of $1.00 you :
** boxes for one i
ey and no one car
on of knowing t]
n the rent price,
e us show them to i
y, Pres. R. E. Bruce, V
Yo e - Despei
'ro save a little money; by going
CIO-You reallY save it? How~ man
amount of the premium away and
amount to? Not near enough to
Le*,'Me 2nsure Your property.~t&
have nothing to Insure.
I represent nothing but the be
Insurance M.L NA'
Six room house on College
in. Price $1,50.00.
2 acres fine farming land
o.oo per acre.
acres fine farming land t,
Akens railroad. Ten acr
per acre.
or terms apply to
: Just the time when you
ouThanksgiving and C]
ofeigwhile it lasts e
Extracts 10c size bottle fo
please you.
*We have abig lot of iRo
elson the marls
to sell for 40c box. You ca
as few as you desire. I
Thanksgiving and Christni
Come to see us with you
$1.50 Oil Can and 5 ga
Allays irritation-Has a tendent
lightful after
In order to introduce this p
A 10c cake of Violet Butti
25c H&
j~erybody who has tried it:
M -
9 Georgia Can
M Golden Bid
M Log Cabin a1
9 For good col
M Low prices c
S806 Pendleton
sit Boxes
able papers and documents,
Ld burglar.
nay have .the use of one of
. open your box in your .b
iat your valuables are safe is
Pickens, S. C.
Pres. M. C. Smith, Cashier.
-ate Chance
without fire insurance. And
F years have you put. the
how much do your savings
pay for the worry about fire.
ay. Tomorrcw you may
t companies.
MENV Pickens
treet in city of Easley. Close
three miles below Easley.
No (2) miles above Easley,
es fine bottom land. Price
Pickens, S. C.
need extracts most for
ristmas cooking. We
big lot of Bear Brand
5c. The goods will
bin Hood shells, one of
:et, that we are going
n buy just as many or
ay in a supply for
ias hunting.
e cash and produce.
lons of oil for $1.65
y to whiten the skin-De
reparation we wvill give
~rmiIk Soap with each
says it's fine.
16K Fl
[or Good Bread
r Crop Syra
e direct from the
.ge and Be-fo-de
d Bunny brand :
fee we can please
)f all goods our s
St - Grc
Loc^ and
Don't forget the sale Saturday
night. Pi
W. H. Anthony of Pickens 29
route 4 paid us a pleasant call A
while in town Monday. Co
You can buy a nice Christ- W
mas present for some one at the
bazaar next Friday night.
Mrs. E. A. Zachary, of Bre- E
vard, N. C., is visiting her dau- ,
ghter. Mrs, J. R. Ashmore. t
Miss Floride Carey, one of sj
Pickens' popular .young ladies, o1
spent spent Monday in Green- t%
ville. a
Oscar Garrett, a prominent Is
young man of the Six Mile sec- cc
tion, was here on business last
C. L. Willimon, of Six Mile, ti
was a visitor at the county seat w
seat Tuesday and gave us a w
pleasant call. P"
Alvin Jones, at one time fore- c(
man in the Sentinel office, now g,
a proofreader on the State. visit- je
ed friends in Pickens last week. le
G. E. Kennemore of Pickens l
route 2 was in town Monday
and dropped into the Sentinel
office for a short and pleasant ti
visit. cB
Dont forget Al Martin's Coun
try Store at the school house n.
Tuesday night, Nov. 26. Ad- Y
mission - 25c; children under a
twelve years old 15c. sa
W.. A. Finley, of Piedmont, el
was in Pickens last week. He d(
is father of W. L. Finley, the
city market man, and while
here paid The. Sentinel a pleas
ant call. ol
E. M. Bolding and son, of Six h
Mile were at the county seat S
last week. Mr. Bolding is one
of the county's best men and is
a trustee of the Six Mile Baptist C
Academy. o
A. M. Simmons of Marietta A
route 2 was in Pickens Satur- tU
day. He has recently sold his tU
farm and will soon move nearer B
the county seat. While here he
paid us a pleasant call.
W. D. Spearmian at Easlev is tU
selling out his stock of merchan- et(
dise and offers some rare bar- el
r-ains. See his add on the sup- ft
plement this 'week. He is sell- W
ing best patent flour at $5,25 a n<
barrel. Read his ad. a]
-____ 112
Fresh oysters fixed any
way you like them at the bazaar t
next Friday night. i
Miss Lorena Taylor, who is
staying at Taylors for several
weeks, came over to enjoy the
lyceum number last Thursday
evening. Her many friends
were giad to have her with
them even for so short a time-. d
WO-o How's This? e
Weoffer One Hundred Dollars Re- t
ward frany case of Catarrh tha le
cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh 0
F. 5. CHENEY & CO., Toledo. 0. it
Chney for te las 1years. and bell'
raatin ay hfinacially able to caryL
out any obligations mado by his firm.
.Toledo, 0,
cHalls haar Curethe taken interally.
outs sruface of te system. Testimonials a
TaeHal naily Pinafor constipation. b
adv ,
L S.
efarm.e S.C
-wah . K. j
Personal i
The regular Convocation of ii
ckens Chapter N>. 47 R.A.M.
ill be holden Friday night,
th in::t. Election of officers.
I members are requested to
me, Visiting companions
rdially invited. Refreshments
1l be served. J. R. Ashmore, I
H. P. I
We had a pleisant call last
ek from D. H. Cassell of the c
astatoe section. Although 67
ars old Mr. Cassell is one of t
.e best shots in the county and 1
hen it comes to shooting a E
ot gun he asks no odds of any
ie. Week before last he killed
venty-five squirrels, 7 coons,
big hawk. a possum, and a
ound hog, missing only two I
tots. We believe this is a re- -
rd hard for any one to beat.
A specialist on the hookworm
sease will be in Pickens some
me early in December, He
ill examine and treat free all C
ho desire his services. He is I
tid he state board of health
id h already visited several -
>unties. The Sentinel recently
tve several articles on this sub
ct and our readers are doubt
ss familiar with it. We will t
ve more definite information a
ter. I
We wish to call your atten- -
>n to Endel's, 25 per cent dis
iunt sale on all Men's and
y's Clothing, Overcoats and
tnts. If you want to saveo
oney Endel will save it for I
)u. This sale like all his other
les which he has ever made
-e strictly bonified and if not
,tisfactory your money re- t
inded, See his advertisement I
e-where in this paper. En y
4's, the home of good Klothes.
Greenville, S. C.
The Ladies Working Society
the Pickens Baptist Church,
ill conduct a sale of second
mnd clothing etc., Friday ai3d
iturday, Nov. 29th and 30th.,
te proceeds to be used in re
tiring the Pickens Baptist
durch. All who have articles
this kind to contribute will I
ease send them in to Mrs. C'.
, Waters. The sale n ill be in
L old McFall building across
Le street from the Pickens
It is our wish and our desire
tat we may be able to do some
ting for the good of Pickens
>unty and each town in Pick
is county. We all have our
.ults and short comings, and
eakness and there now lives.
> perfect man. If wre would
overlook some of the faults
our friends and try to help -
LCh other more we would all
better people. We believe
e best people in the world live
Pickens county.
Mrs. Bowen Entertains.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bowen
id Miss Florence Bowen enter
ined at an informal six o'clock
nner on Tuesday evening Nov
nber 19. -The table was artis
sally decorated with Autunm
aes, and a delicious five course
nner was served.
Those enjoying their hospital
y were: Rev, and Mrs. Kirby,
r, and Mrs. T. J. Mauldin and
r. and Mrs. 3. F. Bannister of
Lands for Sale or Rent.
My Keowee farm of 1.00
res for sale, as a whole or will
it to suit purchaser, fine high
ttom and good upland, plenty
timber. Purchaser can make
s own terms.
One thirteen acre lot with
aw house house in the town of
x Mile; also one other house
2d lot in the town of Six Mile
>th for sale or rent. Fine
hool and church facilities.
A portion of my Keowee farm
r rent. See J. Frank Stephens
Six Mile or me at Cent'al.
R. G. Gaines.
Thousands and thou
'sands of women, who
have everythingthatheart
could desire tormake them I
L happy, are miserable on U
7)account of womnanly trou
"be.fyoarnumber, stop worrying,~
and give Cardul a trial.
SIt has brought health and J
a* happiness to thousands. (
The Woman's Tonic
Mrs. Delphinia Chance U
writes from Collins, (
1Miss.: "I suffered terribly '~
from womanly troubles. ~I
DIWe had five doctors, butID
oit seemed..I could not get I
Sany better. I decided to 't
a try Cardui, After I began (
to take it, I got better
every day.'W4ow I feel as
SwelasI ver' "rTry
& Crdl,to 1 i66 .
o - o
Irritated Eyes
let warse and worse the longer you let them go;
eonardrs Golden Eye Lotion oures infamn=to
ad soreness without patan' one day. Cooling,
ealing strengthening. Get "Leonardi's"it
akes strong eyes.
Guaranteed or money refunded. Druggists sell
at 25cts. or forwarded Prepaid on receipt &'
rice by~ S. B. Loonardi & CO.. Tam=pa, VA&
Only A Fire Hero
ut the croud cheered, as, with
urned hands, he held up a
mall round box, "Fellows!" he
houted, "this Bucklen's Arnica
al1e I hold has everything
eat for burns." Right! also for
oils, ulcers, 'sore, pimples,
czema, cuts, sprains, bruises.
lurest pile cure. It subdues in
ammation, kills pain. Only
5 cents at Pickens Drag Com
)any. adv
For Sale.
Four voke young work oxen,
wo head young horses, four ox
ragons, one two-horse wagon,
ne buggy. These will go at a
argain. J. G. Reid, Lake
7oxaway, N. C. 3t
Crop for Rent.
Good two-horse crop for rent
o right man. Located one and
, half miles of Pickens on Eas
Ny road. W. P. Stewart,
lickens, S. C., R. F. D. 1. 3t
For Rent
The McCombs p!ace 4 miles Nort
F Pickens Court House. Apply to
N. \liller. Easley, S. C. R 1 box 27
Want to buy a farm? Want
sell a farm? See the Linwood
jand andInvestment Company,
A Good Chri
We have taken the agency for S
,adies Home Journal, and would
ubscription for you. The price is
We also have the Post and Jourr
Pickens Drug
The Rexall
Head quartets for Drugs, Stati
~ Now, I
M e.
M e
-& Co
Built for hard wear,
For Cosy winter e
S them for men, women at
Let us take care of
Every piece c
solately cost.
stock will be
Suites, Extrf
Side Boards,
kinds ot Chai
in the Furni
cash, nothing
picked over.
tmas Gift
aturday Evening Post and
be pleased to send your
$x -5o each, strictly.
al oni sale at our store.
~nery and Rexall Goods
Like the I
That's what t
ed thorn a pa:
We want y
every time y<
will be easy
We have I
one has yet q
We are showing tr
Metal, Patent Calf,
Besides dressy
Swho farms. Thes<
S and water proof
)u r showing is so varied we
~lace for the woman who wa
eldom fail to make the sale.
$qft, Wlove-like Sh
Strong, Serviceabl
oors in all sorts of weather.
Stylish Cuts whose
an, russett, black and white,
but retaining all the Iines a
venings around the firesid
d chdldren.
our shoe needs when in Gr
3, Patt
iiture Sa
Nov. 20, Ending Dec,
f Furniture in
Four solid car loads new
sold, consisting of Bed I
LDressers, Wash Stands,
ofas, Lounges, Rockers an
rs; in fact, anything to be f
ture lin e. Terms of sale
charged. Don't wait unti
Come and get first chc
ruce-Morrow I
(Prickly Ash, Poke Root and
Prompt Powerful I
Its beneficial ef- Stubborn cases C
*fectsare usually yield P . P.P P. L
s el very qhckly hen other medi- g
A positive specific.for Blood Poison and skit
as -ond fu toni and body-builder. Thosn
Try an Advertisement in Th
ooks of That S
hey all say, after we have e
r or two.
ou to get the habit of thir
e, Patton & Tilman
U think of Shoes, and tli(
~he right kind of Shoes, ai
testioned our prices.
In Shoes for Men
e new lasts-the newv toes and best leathers,
Tan Calf, and Vici.
hoes for the dressy man, we have them for
are as strongly built as a rawhide saddle-c
et reasonably priced.
Ladies' Shoes
hardly know where to begin Lalking. This stC
nts fit, service, style and comfort, and at pri
oes for old ladies, to whom comfort means s
e Shoes for the woman whose duties call he
raceful lines are intended to be seen. High
'Oxfords and Slippers in all styles and colors
Sch~o Shoes
dressy shoe should have.
[e, get a pair of bed room or house slippers.
m 4 Tilmai
ille S.C.
4 -~
* ,~-'~"
t ab
d all
1 it is
Iodreshs r
the ent
ad res.a1
Lsting-it cures
ou tostayeared
ekSin t
id no
in Gun
the man
old proof :
re is the (
ces that )
o much.
r out of
cuts in
e have

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