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5, 1912
fce V6 second C lass
g Bar-Rooms.
ped all my whiskey
long time ago," said
P. Strickland, a Frank
nty farmer, in our office
days ago. "I told the
that I was a
o rinciple, and having
ted for p'ichtbit-6'n 6fwhiskey
, I couldn't suppoY4papers
t made a business of whis
Xey seliing themselves through
-the advertising columns; that
as soon as they stopped their
ivskey advertisements. I'd be
;glad to snbscribe again."
It is high time for thousands
of other farmers to take similar
action in regard to all the whis
kev-selling papers. A great
journals especially week
1y and semi-weekly editions of
city dailies, are now little more
drummers, or runners. for
ers and bar-keepers. They
ye simply made wandering
-rooms of. themselves. It
ys them well, it is true.
ighty- well, if money alone is
usidered. A distiller -will of
n pay newspapers three or
ur times their regular adver
grates. But their readers
ht well-say to them: "You
getting so much money
m whiskey advertising, I
o you don't need my little
r for subscription.
ive up your whiskey
let me know."
Je with the Progres
S ,/ er. We have no right
I#derdje~-to a man taking a
drink if h6 wants to. That's his
own business. But we don't
think it would be just the right
thing for us to send whiskey ad
vertisemenfs into tffe homes of
our subscribers every week, abd
for that reason The Sentiiel ac
cepts no whiskey fadvertise
ments. We hay rned down
three since Se mber 1st. We
e ost a little money by
ut our conscience is clear.
"We know the guy who put
the "ease"~ in Easley. but can't
~understand why he out the
" in Pickens."-Easley
"We do not think it was the
same guy. The guy that put
Sthe- pick in Pickens was the
:same guy that put the pick in
picknick,' while the guy that
put the ease in Easley was the
same one that put the ease in
disease."- 1'ickens Sentinel.
"Little~ bean, where do you
live? The guy that put the
pie in picnic was the one who
put the pic in picture, and not
one who put the pic in Pickens.
The guy who put the pick in
Pickens was the one who put
thee pick in 'pickaninny.' "
-Easley Progress.
AVh~Were do we live? In the
'~ettown in this good county.
As for the "pick" we'll have
to take your word for that, for
we admit you know more about
pickaninnies than we do.
Gov. Blease pardoned thirty
three South Carolina prisoners
one,d-ay last week.
Our idea of a catchy slogan
for atown is that of Union, S.
C.-"Union Suits."
Mesdames C. E. .Robinson,
and sister-in-law, Isaiah Cox, of
lickens, spent Wednesday in
the c', the guests of Mrs. T.
.'~ Hunter.-Gazette.
The Infernal Pains
of Women
Women who are weak, nervous
and discouraged brought on by the
painful ailments peculiar to their
ex, should use
Squaw Vine
A Womar's Remedy
it possesses the power to act
directly on the weakened parts,
conveyingrenewed strength, func
tional activity and regularity. A
woman who is struggling along
Sunder a burden of pain, weakness
and distress soon feels its bene
-ficial effect in a revival of inter
est in her household duties and
the strength and energy to per
Sform them without exhaustion. It
puts the system in perfect order.
Sthe result of which is a strong,
healthy body, a cheerful mind and
*IAosy complexion.
by,Dr~i8ts and Delr
Pric $1 Per Bottle
fore the fertizer salesman arrives, go
YOU will not buy 2 per cent. good
per ton. Show him that mode
s5 to 10 per cent. Potash, an<
effect of crops on soils requi
the per cent. of Potash shot
increased until it is as great :
greater than, the per cent. of
phoric Acid in the fertilizer.
and your dealer best. The qu
of the crops are better and the
costs less
I) wrftes
-' Pro&
Wle will
in anyQuar
citizens of Oconee, .Anderson
and Pickens counties. The pro
position is well worth the best
thouht of our best people:
"The uccess of the old time
coantry fair held here October
8 has stirred the people of this
section to greater efforts, and
plans were adopted by the Pen
dleton Farmers' Society at its
annual meeting vesterday (the
97th in its history) looking to a
great tri-county fair in 1913, t
be followed by a centennial cel
ebration in 1915.
"At the meeting yesterday,
after the election of officers foi
ensuing year. a resolution wac
adopted authorizing the presi
dent of tbe 'association to ap
pont)committe of five fro.m
peLi county-Anderson, Pick
ens and Oconee -the chairman
of each committee to constitutE
an executive committee. ThesE
cornmittees are to have exclusive
charge of the fornmlating and
carrying out of plans for the
Each of the counties men
t>ned could hold annually a
creditable fair, but somehow
(and unfortunately, we think,)
the county fair proposition does
not appeal to our people as it
did in years past. But certain
ly the three great counties of
Oconee, Anderson and Pickens
could join hands and push to
success this tri-county fair pro
position, giving an exhibition
from these re'resentative count
ies of the Piedmont that would
prove not only a source of in
formatic n to the outside -public
as to wh-lat we have and are do
ing, but wvould give our own
people a broader conception of
what the Piedmont section of
South Carolina is in reality.
Half of us do not appreciate our
Death of Good Lady
Mrs. .Nancy Rigdon died at
her home near Fortner last Fri
day. She was the widow of
Joe Berry Rigdon, who died
about a year ago. Mrs. Rigdon
was about 73 years of age and
old age was probably the cause
of her death.
The fallowing children sur
vive her: Mrs. N. J. McJunkin,
Mrs- Daniel McJunkin, Mrs. J.
'. Massingill, Mrs. Charlie
Howard, Phillip Rigdon, V. A.
Rigdon, James Rigdon.
The body was laid to rest at
Oolenoy church Saturday, Rev.
J, E. Foster conducting the
funeral services.
At the time of her death Mrs.
Ridon was a member of Pleas
ant Grove church. Her long
life had been full of usefullness
and good deeds. She was one
of the county's best ladies and
her departure is morned by all
who knew her. But she now
rests in that happy home eter
nal. May the bereaved ones
look to and be guided by the
one who dloeth all things well.
Rgo1 The Relial
There is always need fc
the home-in the yard, il
wherever a lamp is incon
T1he RAYO is ideal for home
light-like sunlight on tap. It is
Doesn't leak. Doesn't smoke.
last for years. Ask for the RA'
At Dealen .
to your dealer and expla;n to him that
s that contain only 4O POL': Of Potash
rn, profitable fertilizers co;ain from
I that the composition of crops and the to I
,e that Ms
Id beHo
It isths grade of goods that pays you ho
antity and quality Lat
actual plant food Rex
per pound.
br Fm Book wtb . Ce
ibis Formulas
,ell you Potash Salt s r
2tityfrom20pounds sur
for prices.
uN KALI wOWn.. o
Broadway, KewYhuk
ocn 1B . woc
nk &Tmut M49. ill
1e Iask Mg. rma
oun1ty Fair of
to 1
own home counties and State
simply because we do not take
in a broad view of our possibli- daN
ties, Without comparison and
exhibition tf the products of fri
our soil and our manufactur
ing plants, we are apt to judge at
(and more frequently to mis- ens
judge) our whole section by the hor
daily exhibition that greet us
about our own homes. We can frif
all be materially benefited by co
getting together and seeing per
what the people of other com
munities, other counties and
other sections are doing.
This tri-couny fair proposi
tion is one that has' within its 4
scope-great possibilities for the the
fufure. Untold benefits would C.
accrue to ,the three counties va
directly concerned, and not bei
alone to them., but to every sec- ter
tion of the State. ver
By all means let the citizens an
of Oconee, Anderson and Pick- I h
ens take hold of this proposi- fer
tion with energy, enthusiam
and a determination to make a for
grand success. We have the dig
country, the resources, the pro- the
ducts of soil and manufac -_
tories. All that is necessary is
that energy and determination
that must be put into. ever en
terprise that succeeds. If ' we
fail to carry out this proposed
ti-county fair, or if it is under
taken and proves a failure, it
will be simply because we have
not the enterprise, push and
ability that the citizens of a
section such as ours ought to
have. The will to do things is
all that needs to be shown to
make this proposed Piedmont
Ti-County Fair the biggest suc
cess in its line in South Caro
lina.-Keowee Courier.]
A Pickens county man made
best agricultural exhibit at the
recent Pendleton fair; and we
believe the people of Pickens
county can be counted on to do
their share and a little bit more.
Foils A Foul Plot
When a shameful plot exists
beta een liver and bowels to
couse distress by refusing to act,
take Dr. King's New Life Pills,
and end such abuse of your sys
tem. They gently compel right
action of stomach, liver and
bowels, and restore your health
and all good feelings. 25c at
1Pickens Drug Company.
Big Metal Shingle Business.
The Cortright Metal Roofing
Company, of Philadelphia, Pa.,
whose advertisements of Cor
tright Metal Shingles have been
running regular'ly in The Sen
tinel" for nearly a year past,
advise us that 1913 will show an
immense volume of business in
Itheir line. It is gratifying to
carry the advertising of so pros
perous and successful a concern
and to feel that The Sentinel
has had some part in creating
such success. Any of our read
ers interested in roofing should
call upon the Company's local
representatives, The Heath
Bruce-Morrow Co.
Ie Household Lantern
r a good lantern around
i the cellar, in the attic
venient or unsafe.
use. It gives a clear, bright
strong, durable, compact, handy.
Easy to light and rewick. Will
wedding of much interest
'i0kens people was that of
s Rosa Ellis to Mr. Furman
der. which occured at the
ie of the bride's uncle at
hem Thanksgiving day.
B Holder performed the
his marriage was quite a
prise to many of the friends
he contracting parties.
[iss Ellis is a native of Green
)d county and is well known
Pickens, where she made
ry friends while saleslady
the Big Store several
2ths ago. She is quite pop
[r. Holder is a son of Mr.
Mrs. Jeff 1). Holder of
kens and is a young man
many good qualities and
,ht prospects in life. He is
e congratulated on his choice
[ winning of his helpmate.
'hey came to Pickens Thurs
, afternoon and received con
tulation from numerous
Lfter Christmas they will be
home to their friends in Pick
and will make their futurE
ne here. -
'he Sentinel joins with other
,nds in wishing this happy
Lple a long, useful and pros.
ous life.
Could Shout For Joy
'I want to thank you from
bottom of my heart," wrotE
B. Rader, of Lewisburg, W.
., "for the wonderful doublE
Lefit I got from Electric Bit.
3, in curing me of both a se
e case of stomach troublE
I of rheumatism. from which
ad been almost helpless suf
r for ten years. It suited
case as though made jusl
me." For dyspepsia, in
estion, jaundice, and to rid
system of kidney poisons
? - - .'CORTR~
s AI repairs-ne
Pickens Railo
No. 1'No. 3 No. 5 STAT
Mix'd Mix'd Mix'd
A. M. A. M. P. M. Lv.
730 11I-00 3-15 PIC
7.35 11.-o5 3.20 *FER(
7.45 11.15 3-30 *~PAP
7.50 11.-20 3-35. *^R
7.5 5 11. 55 3.40' *M^t
8.oo [ I-3( 3.45 EAS:
"Flag Stations-No A
No. I connects wi
No. 3 connects wi
No. 3 connects wi
No. 8 connects wi
No. 4 connects wi
No. 4 connects wi1
No. 5 connects wil
For any further inifo
hedules Effective Sep
S. B.-The- following schedule figur
guraxtt-I. ARRIVE FRC
No. 44 ATL ANT \- ....
Stops to discharge passenge
pawn.gt.rs for Chariotte an'
Stops only
No 42 SENECoA (Daily ext
v.12 A l'LANTA -.
<40 A TLA MTA--.
F,r Washin'gt m1 and New' 3
~engere from Atlanta and t~
lotte and bey onid
39- WYORK and WASI
39 CHAR E.--.
11 CH A --...-----.
S1 flI 1m (daily. e
LgK:;gin he
- a e,can1 be e~ctively re
-- .hurtest pol--sible time by
chardson's Lazative Tonic.
tion hai Lt,n used thirty
Dr. Richardson, of Anderson,
C. i LA .di(l7 practice as a family
ica. .d h.a1 iud it thousands of
from ruany prominent Soudh
Ca%:-d ans and. citizens of other neighbor
g states. I L. T. is a wonderful cor
?,:eor of liver troubles and the greatest
1,ni un the market today. You can abso
.t(lv rely on it in any case of chills and
fever or malarial poison, constipation or
If any men:ber of your family need a
tonic that strengthens and builds, go to
your druggist today and get a fifty-cent or
a dollar bottle of R. L. T., and watch the
q=ick, steady improvement. If your drug
gist can't supply you write . L. T. Co.,
Anderson, S. C.
Re L.T.
The Best Liver Medicine
50c & SI. per Bottle. AH Drg Stoes.
that cause rheumatism, Elec
tric Bitters have no superiar.
Try them. Every bottle is
guaranteed to satisfy. Only 50
cents at Pickens Drug Com
The State of South Carolina
County of Pickens.
By J. B. New bery Esquire. Probate
Whereas, D. F. Fuller made suit to
grant him Letters of Administration of
the Estate of and effects of John
Fuller, deceased.
These are Therefore to cite and ad
monish alt and singular the kindred and
creditors of the said John Fuller, de
ceased, that they be aud appear before
me. in the Court of Probate, to be held
at Pickens Court Housp. S. C.. on the
5th day of December, 1912, after pub
lication hereof, aL 11 o'clock in the fore
noon, to shew cause if any they have
why the said Admmistration should not
be granted.
Given un er my hand and seal. this in th
21st (- of November, 1912, in the 137 .
year of our Independenc. iS T
J. 1B. N tN BERY -ae
m a
GHT" Reg. U. S. Pat. Off. Raw
o substitute, if you want a roof that cave
Ionz as the building, and never need Ga
ver need attention of any kind. exccept affeC
coat of paint. g
f- Sio.--prof - Ligi2lring-proof -
ROW tO., Pickens, S. C. J A.;
rad Company, McI
LE No 12. Maso
05: No. 2No. 4No. 6
[ S: Mix'd Mix'd Mix'd
Ar,' A. M. P. M. P. M.Te
I Bei
ENS 9.101 1-50 4-35 sign
;usoN 9.05~ 1-45 4.30
sON 8-55 1.35 4.20
uIxI 8.45 1-25 4-10
YV 8.40~ 1.20 4.05
h Southernl No. -12
h Southern No. 39
h Southern No. 89
h Southern No. 1.
h Southern No. 12
h Southern No. 39
*h Southern No. 11
rmfationl apl))y to
General Manager.D
t. 22,191 2 from Easley.
s are published only as informa'ion and
s from Atlanta, or to receive
id ATLANTA-...... 5.4 am
on Sundays
ept Sunday).------8.35 am
_ --_ --_--- .15 pm
---------------- i.2o po
ATLANTA-_7 55 prnl
ork. .on. to discharge pas
,receivepasengers for Char
INGToN.-.---...50 em
gg4eg. Atlantya
---------- 11.5am
- ----------- 4.00 pm
Everything in th
Buying as we do i
The largest stock :
Pickens County.
Suits from $1-5-00
Beds from $2 00 t<
Dressers from $5-(
Tables of all kinds
Hall Racks, Side I
Springs and Mattresse
The largest lot of
Call on us for anyt
that can't be met
Clothing, Sh,
Sole agents for Wz
Iron King Stoves, New I
ell Wagons and Mitchel
Drives Off A Terror.
e chief executioner of dea
e winter and spring mont
neumonia. Its advan
:s are colds and grip.
attack by one of the
iies no time should be k
ing the best medicine C
ble to drive it off. Cor
housands have found i
Dr. King's New Discovei
husband believes it h
him from having pne
a three or four times
s Mrs. George W. Pla<
onville, Vt., 'and I
s colds and croup
never- found its equal
~anteed ffor- all bronch
tions. Pirce 50cts. a:
at Pickens Drug Compar
eCollough B. F. Maa
E. M. Blythe
1l11gli. Main & BilI
ic Temple Gr'ecuville, S
Associate firm
Anderson, S. C.
e in all Courts.
For Infants and Children.
Kind You Have AIways Doug
Log Cabi
For good
Low pri
806 Pendk
e Furniture and House Furnish
the Kitchen to the Parlor.
n car lbts enables us to save you at least i
Furniture, Stoves and House Furnishing
o $75.00.
O to $25-00.
and at all prices, Kitchen Safes from $2
oards, Buffetts, Dining Tables, Parlor Su
:hairs of every description, from Soc to $1
hing in the Furniture line, and we show y<
Yours truly;
es. Hats and Gents' Furnishing Goods a S
LIk-Over and Boyden Shoes, Carhart Over
[ome Sewing Machines,Chase City and Bab
th -
b. K D nk
se GneEun
C.sillat he ld tand in "West En"
stoksofDr God, ndwar, Ns.
Thi good Cottrm Chec rens. T
aton ofk.y God, Undewe, ot
Mn's eav Fleesold hirt few prc
itLadies' heavy Fleeced Vest and I
.. Prepare for cold weather which is
a good blanket. My shoe stock is con
and prices the lowest. Don't fail to c
For Good Bread
ew Crop Syrup~
ane direct from the far
Ridge and Be--fo-de-W~
n and B3unny brand Ma]
coffee we can please yo
es on all goods our speci
ton St Greemn
ing Line'fr6m
o per cent on every
s to be found in
-50 to $10.00.
ites, Ward Robes,
o:oo ever shown in
>u a line at prices
alls, Hawes fiats,
ock Buggies,Mitch
1e Sentinel that I am
with one of the best
ons and Shoes that I
LLL BE the lowest, that
Nill convince you we are
12 -2 cents.
ants 25 and 50 cents.
sure to come by buying
plete, quality the best
ame to see me.
bh 0.KE. )
al feature
ile, S. C. E

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