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A WAlPrep2rgU&foAs
Apemedy forCfi
tioll,Sor Ston&ch.D!anTbh6
Eact Copy of Wrapper.
hsStock of Merc
Hundreds of items in this
1 ing has been reduced, cost
We do not advertise $s.oo go]
~ht here is a great big stock
Qeods must be turned into casi
e are offering genuine barga
look will show that we have
e-t your pick while the picking
:e list, and remember that we
~ me idea of thie vast stock.
. Skirts.
Children's Coats.
5.00 Qualitie-s 11.00
2.50 '' 8.75
1.00 '. 7.C0
3.00 -~ 5.00
3.00O 3.90
Ladies' Coat Suits.
. . Suits 17,50
-. 11.00
50 8.75
Ladies Coats.
.Gr-ades 14.00
- -. 11.00
31i~n U.nlerwear,
* its & Mieses G >wr,s.
:ts, (Xorset Covers etc,
to go at slaughter pric-s.
>m fl the Best to the Cheapest
.r.urprismng reductiotis.
ION MA DE, Dollar Ov-eralle. 78e.
Stock Work Shirts at your price.
die-s 3c.
r--ra Fine p"ne. Oc.
- Spool Suk in
ek ar. Ch>r 7c.
ch"' e..51n 4c,
* ann2e 4c.
*core, all col-ors :e
- >utache Braid Sc.
Wooi0 Braid for Dz e. s Trimom ng 19e
gs Ct tonl, Black :2c
*dspool silk. 7
featherstitch braid 10c.
featherstitch braid 7l
evry Item in~ this Dep-artment at and
* -er co;st.
e are- Eiellnt:- Value.
This was an up-to-date sti
u on' these full -helves, at thi
2k must be sold. Here your
For In&ants and Childen
rhe Kind You -Have
Always Bought
Bears the IN
For Over
Thirty Years
Tme 0 mNTm O0ANTxV. NEW y .
J. McD Bruce, President. c
I. M. Mauldin. Cashier. c
handise Selected with C
Be Dispo~
Great Stock are here waiting for
iot considered, the main idea bei
pieces at $1.99 nor any such r
of dependable merchandise to
, and we realize that to do this ti
ins in every department. Only a
nr ased the size of the great Ar
is good. These goods are goin
haven't the space to name more
5c. Hose 22c. I
3c. Silk hose 23c. I
25c. hose 19c. I
20w. hose 16c. 'l
15. hose lie. I
12 1-2c. hose 8c.
loc. hese7.(
15c sccks 9c. I
1c. socks 7c.
Childrens 35ic. hose 25c.
Childrenis 15c. hose 19c.
Childrens 25c. Hose 10c. $
Odds and ender in K
Lace Curtains at Half Price.1
Furiture coverings, all 5
graoes to be slaughte.red, .2
72 inch colored Felts $1.10 2
$.(0 8ilence cloth 78c, 1
75c. silence cloth 58c. 1
35c. white flannels 26c. 5
3c. - - 22c. il
25. " 1c.1.A
$1.25 Silk warp white flannel 78c. 1
All white goods at and below cost.
3c. Table Damask 23c,1
Linen crashi and Towels at Vast Reduc
Tabe linens and napkins at Save-you
15c. white yard wide Madras 10c.
All carpets. Rugs and Mattmngs to bej
cleaned out at cost and I ss
Window shades at your own price. -t
$1 35 Centemnari Kid gloves to go at I
the pair 98c.
1.35 Ribbed vests 88c
.75 wool ribbed pants 1.00
1.50 - -- '-8Sc
Genuine Bargins that will soon be gone
from here.
Here is your chance to save good a
1 1-2c. yard wide bleaching 9c.
ICc. - - ' S c .
6. ovsGloves.
65c. goves 5c.
Sc. Glo~ves 42c.1
.35c. 22c.
5c. gloves. 19c.
j1.0 silk gloves. 88c.
Furniture cords 8. 10' and 15.
Ck of Dry Goods, with quality as i
prices marked that is not a iReal 4
noney will get you twice as much
ster & B<
Cedar Rock News.
(Too late for last issue)
Mr. and Mrs. M. 0. Looper,
f Pickens, and Mr. Ross Moon
-ere the guests of Mr. and Mrs.
oel H -Miller, recently.
Mr. and Mrs. D. Burdine,
-ere visiting relatives in the
,enhardt section, Sunday.
Mr. A. White Singleton, has
ist returned from Westminster,
7here he went to attend the
urial of his father, Miles P.
Mr. Walter Freeman, of An
erson, was a visitor to Cedar
ock, Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Reid Wood. and
aughter, Miss Janie, were the
uests of Mr. and Mrs. Al Wood,
Miss Ora P. Miller, visited rel
tives in Easley and the Bethle
em section, recently.
Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Stewart
ud daughter, Miss Essie were
isiting friends and relatives on
Ee Keowee side, last week.
Born unto Mr. and Mrs. Ed.
orter on the 15th instant, a
ne girl.
Mr. L. F. Smith, of Easley,
as rented the farm of Mr.
fartin Barr, near Ariail Moun
in, and will move to same at
n early date.
Mr. Elijah Miller, of the Enon
ction, was the rnest of his
rother, Mr. Joel H. Miller re
Mr. Martin Barr and family,
ill move to Easley at early
There have been two all day
orn shuckinzs in this burg re
ently. Mr. Joel H. Miller had
are and Judgement
ed Of
economical buycrs. Every~
ng to MOVE the GOODS
onsense, but we do say, that
Le price must do the work.
few can be named here but
ierican Dollar. Come early
g to be SOLD. Look over
than just enough to give you
Iressing combs 7, 10 and l5c,
:xtra qualities. 25 and .35c.
[air brushes 10, 15 an~d 25c.
ooth brushes 7, 11 and 19c.
rail brushes 10 and 10c.
li buttons at slaug~hter Prices
o t springs 4c
|achelor buttons it.
di lace-s and Embroideries at dee'p cut
rices. Dont fail to see them.
Listen at this,
1.50 corsets, Good models 1.22
.35 corsets " " 1.10
.00 corsetS 88c.
)c corsets good model 42c.
c r'bbons 18c.
)c Ribbons 15c
c Ribbons 11c
)c Ribbons 7c
en's colored Drees Shirts, best values
1 town, sizes 15, 16 1-2, 17. te go at 39c
J11one dollar shirts to go at 75c
1.25 colored shirts to go at 98c
,25 white pleated shirte to go at 88c
.50 white pleated shirts to go at 1.10
G white pleated shirts to go at 78c
35 cream mohair shirts to go at 75c
.11 1c Outings to go at s3
dl-20c Galatea to go at 14c
dI 25c Luxury Silk to go at 19c
)c Canton Flannel to go at 8c
Canton Flannel to go at 5c
3c Ticking to go at 19e
heets and Pillow Cases to go at prices
hat will please y ou
.0 bed spreads to go at 1.19
.35 bed spreads to go at 98 cents
.00 bed spreads to go at N4 cents
Sauk, ts and Comforts cf all kinds at
rices that will leave money with you
cent shoe laces to go at 2 cents
50 razers to go at 8S cents
;xtra good values ini work shirts and
en's 1.73 Heavy Wool Vests at 1.00
en's 6Sc Brown Ribbed Vests at 42e
JI Mens Woolen Ves-s and Drawers at
educed prices
'alue that must be seen to be fully ap
reciate d
0 cent collar huttor,s at :Sc
As staple as sugar and coffee and it
'il pay you to supply your wants fully
t these prices. The more we sell of
hem the poorer we g?t, but
They Must Go!
veIl as style. There is not one
enuine Barga'in. The whole
as elsewhere.
nn'anmrTTT n n
Restored to Health by Vinol
Letter to Mothers.
Anxious mothers often wonder w]
their children are so pale, thin ai
nervous and have so little appeti1
For the benefit of such mothers
this vicinity we publish the follow1
J. Edmund Miller, New Have
Conn., says: "My little daughter, ev
since her birth, had been frail a
sickly, and was a constant source
worriment. Several months ago i
commenced to give her Vinol. I i
mediately noted an improvement
her health and appearance. I ga
her three bottles of Vinol, and frc
the good it has done her I can tru
say it will do all you claim."
This child's recovery was due
the combined action of the medicir
elements extracted from cods' live:
-combined with the blood-maki:
and strength-creating properties
tonic iron, which are contained
Vinol will build up and strength
delicate children, old people and t
weak, run-down and debilitated. I
return the money in every case whE
it fails.
Pickens Drug Co.
tirst one and followed by a I
one at Mr. Bill McCombs'.
Messrs. Kelly and Baker,
Pickens, were among the vi
tors to Cedar Rock Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. David E. 1V
Combs, spent the week-ei
with the latter's mother M:
Lucy Hudson, of Greenville.
should be "nipped in the
bud", for if allowed to run
unchecked, serious results
may f oIIo w. Numerous
cases of consumption, pneu
monia, and other fatal dis
eases, can be traced back to
a cold. At the first sign of a
cold, protect yourself by
thoroughly cleansing your
system with a few doses of
the old reliable, vegetable
liver powder.
Mr. Chas. A. Ragland, C<
Madison Heights, Va., says:
"1 have been using Thed
ford's Black-Draught for
stomach troubles, Indiges
tion. and colds, and find it to
be the very best medicine I
ever used. It makes an old
man feel like a young one." -
Insist on Thedford's, the
original and genuine. E-67
Tax Notice.
iice of County Treasurer, Plck'ens Countv.
Pickens, S. C., October 1, 191
The books for the collection of e.tate
County taxes will be open from
October I5th 1912 to December 31st 19)2.
Those who prefer to do so can pay in Jani
r 1913, with 1 per cent additional. Th
who prefer paying in February 191:3,
do so with 2 per cent additional. Thosev
prefer paying in M1arch 1913. to the 15th ofs
month, can do so ny paying an additional 7
cent. A fter said date the books will close.
N. 1.-Tax payers owning property or pay
tax for others, will please ask fo tax rect
in each township or special school district
which he or they may own property. Thi
very important as there are so many spec
school districts. Those who do not wish
come to the office can write me. not later tl
D)ecember 20th, and I will furnish them n
the amount due and they can remit me
check, money order or registered letter,
stamps are sent do not send above two
cent, as I cannot use them. Please do
send me cash without registering same, as;i
liable to get lost; if sent otherwise it must
at sender's risk.
Levy for State tax ......... ........ 5 1
Levy for Constitutional School tax . 3 mn
Levv for Ordinary County tax. ... 6 mn
Leyvfor Snking Fund ....... .....1
Lev'y for Past Indebtedness........... in
Levv for Chain Gang.. ..... ........ 2 I
Levy for State Constable...... ..... %
Special Levy for School DIstrict No. 1, 2 mn
Special Levy for School District No. 2,.. .2 mn
Special Levy for School District No. 3... .2 mn
Special Levy for School District No. 4...2 n
Special Levy for School D)istrict No. 5, . .2 mn
Special Lovy for School D'irtrict No. 7... .4 im
Specii Levy for School l'strict No. 8,.. .2 mn
Special . evy for School D)istrict No. 9,. 10 mn
Special Le--y for School- District No. 10, 2 m
pecial Levy for Sc.hool District No. 11, 7% m
pecial Levy for Scho .l District No. 12, ..2 mn
Special Levy for 'school District No. 13,. .8 mn
Special Levy for School District No. 14,. .4 mn
pecial Levy for School District No. 16.. .6 mn
Special Levy for School District No. 17.. .7 n
Special Levy for Sebool District No. 18, 2 mn
Secial Levy for School District No. 19i, 2mi
Special Levy for Nehooi District No. 20....2 mn
Special Levy for School Di,strict No.21 . ...4 ni
Special Levy for Sc hool luitriet No. 22,..4 mn
Special Levy for School Istrict No, 23,. .2 mn
Speal Levy for School l)istrict No. 24. 2'. rn
Special Lev'y for School D)istrict No. 2N.2 m
Special Levy for School District No. :2i,..2 mn
Special Levy for School District No. 28.. .4 mi
Special Levy for School District No. 29 3 mc
Special Levy for School District No. 31. 15mr
Special Levy for School District No. 32.. 3 mi
Special Levy f(or School District No'. 31; .4 in
Speciel Levy for School District No. 37. 4 mn
Special Levy for Sohool District No.;:%, 2 mn
Special Levy for School District No. 40. ,2 mn
Special Levy for School District No 41, 3 in
Special Levy for School D)istrict No. 42.. .2 mn
pecial Levy for School District No. 46.. .4 m
Special Levy for School District No 47.. .3 mn
Special Levy for Sehool District No. 49.. .2mi
Special Levy fo,r School District No. 51 . ..3 mn
Special Levy for School District No. 52, 2 mn
Special l.evy for School District No. 53,..3 m
Special Levy for'shool Diistrict No. 55...4n
Special Levy for 'School District No. 56.. .4 mn
Levy for interest on Pickens R. R. Bonds
hlurricane towsnship.......... ...2
bvy for interest on P'ickens R. R. Bonds
astatoe township..............2mn
Lavy for interest on Pickens R. R. Bonds
lickens C. H. township............2 im
Poll Tlax, One (ii Dollar. Every male citi
from 211to to 60 years is liable, except Confet
ate soldiers, who do not pay after 50 years,
those excused by law.
Comutation Road Tax, $1.50. The I
islature enacted the following law: "That
ablebodied male persona from the age of tv
tv-one and fifty years. both inclusive. inI
c'ounty of Pickens, shall be required annui
to pay one dollar and lifty cents commutat
or road tax, except ministers of the gospel
tually in charge of a congregation, persons1
manently disabled in the military service
this State. and persons who served in the
war between the states. and all persons act1
ly employed in the quarantine f.ervice of
istate, and all students who may be attend
any chool or college at the time wheii the ci
mutation tax hereinabove provided for s)
become due. shall be required to pay to
County Treasurer of said county, t>etween
15th day of October and the 31st day of Dec
bern each and every year. an annual com:
tation or road tax of one dollar and fifty ci
per head, and any failure to pay said road
shall be a misdemeanor, and the offender, u
conviction, shall be punished by a fine of
less than five dollars and notnaore than
dollars, or imprisoned for not n'sre_tjLaL.th
Capitation Dog Tax. All persons own
dogs are required to pay a tax of fifty (50) ci
on each dog. Respectfully
Tylnr H. Stewart.
Liberty Route 4
We are having some very
cold weater now and the people
d around here are killing some
e fine hogs.
2g Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Williams
n, are both confined to their beds.
er Their many friends hope they
of will soon b able to be out
we again.
In Mrs. J. P. O'Dell, who has
M been cohfined to her bed for the
IT last ten days, is slowly improv
to ing.
Lal T. A. Hopkins of Easley
n spent the week end with his
i parents. Mr. and Mrs. Rufus
he Mrs. Silas Porter, who has
7e been quite ill with grip, is slow
re ly improving.
Miss Mav Boggs spent last
Sunday with Miss Mattie Hin
ig ton.
Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Hopkins
of have been to Greenville visiting
i- Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Nelson's
[c- Mr. Hovey Hinton has pur
ad chased a nice little farm and
s. says he is soon going to move to
it, where he will be at home.
Mr. Silas Porter made a busi
ness trip to Easley Saturday.
Famous Stage Beauties
look with horror on Skin Erup
tions, Blotches, Sores or Pim
ples. They don't have them.
For all such troubles use Buck
len's Arnica Salve. It glorifies
the face. Excellent for Ec-:
zema or Salt Rheum, it cares,
sore lips, chapped hands, chil- lV
blains: ]heals burns, cuts and be
bruises. Unsurpassed for piles. fa
25c at Pickens Drug Company. dr
The best offer gets them..
Sold for division. Are well:
located, good improvements,
From So to 300 acres. Easy
terms on par t. If interested
act quick. Wire me when to TI
expect you, t
Calhoun, Ga.
ith __
ills ..
ll BultfoSardwe
thm orme, woe/
the ~ -
or Let us take care c
| Prid
Stiff Joints
are relieved at once by an applica
tion of Sloan's Liniment. Don't
rub, just lay on lightly.
V Sloan's Liniment has done more
ood than anything I have ever tried
orstif joints. 1 got myhand hurtso
badlhat I had to stop work right in
busiestti of the year. I thought
at tirst that I would have to have my
hand taken off, but I got a bottle of
SloaWs Linjment and cured myh=d."
NVILTox WHSEE=E, Morris, lAU
Good for Broken Sinews
G. G. Jo'.%-s, Baldwin, L. L, writes:
-1*1 used Sloaes Liniment for broken
sinews above the kniee Wa caused by a
fall and to my great satisfaction was
able to resume work fn less than three
weeks after the accident."*
Fine for Sprain
MR. IIL-.%RY A. VOEUIL. 84 Somerset,
St, Plainfield, N. J., writes : -" A
friend sprained his ankle so badly
that it wentblack. He laughet when
I told him that 1 wnuld have him out
in a week. I applied Sloan's Liniment.
and in four days be as wor ftd
said Sloan's was a riglt--foodLi
ment." .
Pricm. 25c..
50., and $1.00
SloRn's Book
on horses, cattle,
sheep and
poultrysent free. * 0
Earl S.
The Beautiful Snow.
The following feeling poem
is inspired while wondering
watching the wondrous,
autiful, spotless snow-f lakes
stly and softly falling and
essing the hom ly black and
i earth in a spotless rainment
white. It would be yery ap
opriate to recite at Christmas
d other entertainments:
The snow, snow, the beauti
ful snow;
The beautiful, beautiful snow,
The beautiful, beautiful snow,
This is only the first verse.
ere are thirty-two more, but
did not have room to print
em all.
P. S.-The other thirty-two
rses are just like the first
SLike the I
Tlat's w\hat t
ed them a pai
WYe want y<
ot Pl
every time yc
will be easy.
We have t
.one has yet gl
We are showing thi
Metal, Patent Calf,
Besides dressy S
Swho farms. These
and water proof-y
Our showing is so varied we
place for the woman who wai
seldom fail to make the sale,
Soft, Glove-like Ski
Strong, Serviceabi
doors in all sorts of weather.
Stylish Cuts whose
tan, russett, black and white.
r, but retaining all the ines a
evenings around the firesi<
md chdldr::n.
your shoe needs when in G
e, Patti
Letter From W. J. Bryan
The following letter from
Hon. W. J. Bryan was received
by a citizen of Pickens who
wrote Mr. Bryan a letter con
gratulating him on his great
work in helping to bring about
the big Democratic victory.
Notice the modest tenor of the
let: er.
Lincon, Neb. Nov. 14, 1912
My Dear bir: I greatly ap
preciate your letter of congratu
lations. While my own part in
the contest is over estimated by
generous friends, I can assure
you that I am having my full
share of the enjoyme,t. I feel
sure that Gov..WMW-V
mea,dr~ipto the requirements
of the occasion. He has con
ducted himself admirably dur
ing the campaign, and I am
expecting that his administra
tion will permanently strength
en our party by greatly benefit
ing the countiy.
Appreciatina your friendly
interest, I am
Very truly yours,
W. J. Bryan.
Just the time when y
your Thanksgiving and
are offering while it lasi
Extracts 10c size bottle
please you.
We have a big lot of
the best shells on the in
to sell for 40e box. You
as few as you desire.
Thanksgiving and Chri
Come to see us .with 3
$1.50 Oil Can and5S
Try an Advertisen
4ooks of T
b.ey all say, after'
r or two.
>u to get the habi
e, Patton & TiII
un think of Shoes,
he right kind of
iestioned our prj<
In Shoes for M
new lasts-the new toes an<
'fan Calf, and Vici.
oes for the dressy man, we I
are as strongly built as a rav
et reasonably priced.
Ladies' Shoes
hardly know where to begin a
rits fit, service, sty'le and corn
es for old Fadies, to whom <
e Shoes for the woman who
~raceful lines are intended to
.Oxfords and Slippers in all:
School Shoes
dressy shoe should have.
e, get a pair of bed room or I
)fl4 Ti
rile, S. C.
"Clean Up
Keep Them
There are
had for co
culty is to procur
without violence.
* plisl
Mr. N.
St., W
life "
troubled with constipation,
tried many remedies. an at:
seemed to cause pain withoutA
much reef. I analy trie*irD
T.a3vmte Tablets -and found
cellent Their action is p
mild, and .their chocolat*:
them'easy to
glad toi
"Clean. e bow and
them' te adviceoE
because realize
danger resulting from ab
sipation. Do not deta t'
but bef' proper curative
Dr. Miles Laxative Tablets ar
new remedy for this old comp
and a gr6at"kp"vmetevr
cathartis you h be u
the past. They taste lik'
and work like a charm. A
will convince you.
Dr. Miles' Laxative TableW
sold by all draggists at
a box containing 5 dose N
found satisfactory after
tur the box to your
he wil return your.- money.'
)u need extracts most for
Christmas cooking. We .
s a biz lot of Bear Brand
for 5. The goods will
Robin Hood shells, one of
irket, that we are going
can buy just as many or
Lay' in a supply for
tmas hunting.
our cash and produce.
~aIIons of oil for $1K
ient inThe Sentinel
hat Shoe" ~<
ye have show- ~
t of thinkinD~
and the rest
Shoes, and no
best leathers, in Gun
ave them for the man
hde saddle-cold proof
lking. This store is the
ort, and at prices that J
omfort means so much. ~-~.
e duties call her out of -'
be seen. High cuts in
tyles and colors.
ouse slippers. We have

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