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The Pickens sentinel. (Pickens, S.C.) 1911-2016, December 12, 1912, Image 1

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.ewherry lJan12
1kIblahe 1871-- Volume4 CKN, . .K ;;___ _______
Cou-" -. (" -, -r; 1 1:
iUMe 4-2L
NEV3 LV-, Al E
Sirie wa a visier a
city Sun1'v
.i I.
.Miss 2te's Bton~ - i
day mrningrHL fo
of o hc,r V
hopo that hr mh
b will.
Dr. J.s Lt".1t e 11
ville, wa.. Th wc z;
prof J.ssil.
made a p)rQft. u .
C. ih i'
0o. his serou2 ..e
on Churc.h siree t . 1:2
for him a trrd r -cr'.
of Mrs . J. .A W I
)Lr. Clu X\' at ifm -D
night aten d . u 1h
recentl beewn appoim by the
char'ge of the Westmo-ini ster
- ~ Methodist church, is- the cuest
of -Ir. and 1 Mrs. W. D. I;dar
Mr. and Mr-s. Wv. :M. HaZm("d
Jr. and little daughter' Dizab:; hi
recently visited in Unionr and
Columbia. returned Io thi-ir
home last week.
Mrs. Q T. Grandv mId imm
son, John Earl, spent th' wk -
end in GreknmviIle.
Rev. E. V. Babb anti 3r. O.
T. Hinton-atten<Ld the ;-i 'iv
State Convention at Abe:ille.
last week.
Mr. Nathaniel Waller, o,i e Vir
ginia, is visiting hi, -:rents,
yRe. and Mrs. C. D. Waller.
Mrs. James timpson a:d two
childr.en. off Pi4dm.m sp: the
week-(--n. w ler . ,:S
Mary Williams.
Rev. P. B. Ingram,. who ha
served the MethodiK '>muT
here for one yVr h:.' .
pointed to Johni:':e m2- i
WVilliamsburg co~unt.H a
his family will leave fVint
new home Wednesday.
The Ladies' MiV nry:
Aid Societies of tha 4
church, hel :h.r r, 2 ; tr
monh! metig atf:)l \>ina il:
ofM.J oaodMnne
\\ehav'e a jui?e
w Ca mr pjrices on) t21:
othe la i. UVI
..., . K 2 , - .1
ChIiirns penn v -kina ('u
Shoes. Sho
)o J'
Frm ~ 22kens Route 3.
-A 1
1 vi
LL - -
1 1
) I
It )
* - * (* 4 -f '
1. ej. \ 4'"ail.
111 UXten .0 ilo ' ti
'1 1
ret I Il. ?3* sa!! Ifinex li
Re.E L. Thomaison., h: i
e 31;/ (1in i *. 1iit
-c 1 . > ? i
-It4 -1 4
I 4. Ii~ 4
110 I * l
tile CI...
P it a C1a 1
~~ 2 s ~iKs afu0
t) > n..t..
- 1 I
1' 1 . ( .
iA T ti rC w
('2 k-T
% H.
\SL r --x.
* -
o L IW
- - -
-. 2. Y 1.
u -
** -
(2- 1
~2 1-'
iI ( - S 11.1
-~ L
p.2 *vi
-i 1 - U.'t{l
xx: t u~. ie
-)) ,
t . . - --1
[ l!%.'Z
-S .4 J CP' k t
..1 .1- .
11 '
t I
1 r r 4
- '1
-.4- -.
-'' 1 -
1- ,
4 - 4
* -r w .
:; .z1.r'w:. r.;7 -
L. .~
\Ai V02 1;:.l%~. to (.1'~)
~:)r a ~ 2
le -
,~ .4
i)>J \tY2
iktcL: Sneih r'
~.LUUt when ti~V US~
B cX. S c.i: r .n t~e
I C!K'.
I ':~V SU~)S. u.)
I ~
* p.: ~
- . .~.... '0
I [~I' ik~ Ihf iPi2k' ~
* .
( ~ 1*.
~C~( P~3)IS
4 -' I.,.
1) *1 'a'
II'.,I C'
1 4
a **'
'I '1
- (~ ' ~ '1 1
'ii. 1*1
1 *
r(vil~ -, ~: r. p *~. I
I ~
~). ~,. ~~t0'.% Pit ui~ i~pke~s ~*p.
~\ ~'. A.
ii ant
Je I 1) 'i1i'*~ >fl(j~V.
'A :~
J I' P JuL]
~ ::iP 1 *
~ IL ~' A.
a C..)) 'S ~ ~tICrctaI2~
thid. -~
IL I u \ ILL *. *.f ih~
o ~'i.. '0)1 (UI1)L' LImb
1 \ (~ .I.I.j'-~I1L ?~iaLd h~
K ~: (ic:ta:
* has rente~
* 1j rIi~~L.iiiZB),I ;~
1.. [~
*.'~jL~,J(. 'C ~
I *J1.
1) . 11,
0 *' j.'.hI. *
5 .savs ofI the papVr
use r s *.ai noue
17rQ ~j SI1
- n orand-m2th:r ta
ys o clo ou
-- 1
c G .O
o t ' .
h -.
n u
*0-m.i * -.a al
:1.~tGe ' .llr; IJt ,O
C. Calhoun~ livedi :md' mad'e I h
ol State fmnous. Heire wa
th om of t1 he brave and featl
l1s Gen. M rt Garv. The ek*I
. Gary, and his iwo brothea
Ciruit Junges Earnest ani
I r.ank h.ve.
I \jo]r >O(:10S lICIme is 01
to the street >caus.s at the hea:
of the street is~ where the ol,
magazme v:.s built during th
El U*ilonary v,r and 3 lb
nen.s a '- liii W streamis oki (GoL'I
Iu \ a ' ;.'nderfQUl' h:4isr c
tneA loe mIi e ;um v:
t.j. man. I . 1 '.tI ~~fi l o 52
o.::rtai th akiuIonic
Lin b illus the m LIig
of u. ~~Itisrel isngep tois
nir had1 to look~ at hjs gues
out inr the convention *o see ti
drift? (I tingfls. He is a broa
souldered, big heftedI fellov
eve 'lo1iokmg out fr the interes
of himsel ai~ thenl his consti
nis.- B te we hea1
j. ure .. thano ordmiary Inltere
lt aspir:mltS 1er con gr(ssion
norI) ro ears henice. H.
Nye Dolker Di Lost
the J. . Parsonlss
Thunea . Decembe~r. 5. Fim
er -.il plejJIase return to R.]
menah. Pieldens, Route 5, ai
~. e ad.
Wtn 01i ms in this con
T iN Seeti:ll Was Visited bl
nik Trie snor: in the 27th an
SW:m, 4 ; is silli N, be seen 0
.011m1 mimiy :11 this w- Ai
Ah ono Eleni., of Ooh-no:
valley, wiH wmahilf this sortim
A . . . S! 11 son1 WilS 11
l-A Cp woal prop,
Av 1' "I' toA uh 0
2 :1 -mest foo,
(omI betweenV the( hours Of 1i.
0r :ild Simueks.
n1 - .oe --: If h 6:Ver i[2V.o
* ltb. v.lIi .-h(
n idn:, wibh wmr isil;.
1: m (rOula.; ie Akn
Iri i.a\ lha.. chamltl the s.chedi
ule frorn( Grenv ile to )rake'
81 fa.:tte fea o~~f thle mounlr
tactin. in"I. ra 's a.
7 W n A wmi': zt1:j rjji.E; La
G een y im : 1 :-0..u ul :
uanv. ms;41en nepas
- I:tin nr tim,o loo.: afte
basmess u town 1a1 re
A I'. r r,.
74 -1
fLouse lOOpe,S.
1 kn :A F inh his Alui
i n hv m i n :'
xe f:orrsm,
b T t in th I i" ofd
-Lo ir *r>s 2u s church ha
. eo V mi tei&ai was eve
t i t further the cause c
So0e.lints acore wVhere' w
2 : ; nes a place has beel
4)d va~ t~.'calt Wh.iC can nereIOV
be un[4fed m1 tms1 world, \Xitn
heart o love au a~ spirit c
Ti a ad woman has lef
us. ,jat the' fr.:rI*nce of he
s X. - .
* 41
ns ini en rg of h . T. 1aH
e= hving to comef all the wa
. Tranuncll can suip
rent inakes of.Rinn<
i~ a ndols
)S ~ 2
dG -
puro christian ife is a herita;:e
that will live with us as an in
- iration as we journey on to
- ward the celestial city.
That her presence, her gentle
speech. her pleasant smile and
cordial greeling, will ever be
nmissed among our members.
That. we extend to the be
reaved family and relatives our
(deepest sympathy.
Dear Sister, the band of angels
up in heaven, I am sure was
not complete.
S) 'od has taken our sister
from us to fill a vacant seat.
D .rest sister you have left us:
Left us sister, forever more,
p But we hope to meet you sister.
On that bright and happy shcre.
1 Peaceful be thy sleep, dear sister
Peaceful in thy grave so low:
Thou no more our sorrows know.
Yet a::ain-we hope to meet thee,
W'hen the day of life is fled.
And in heaven with joy to gree
Where no farewell tears are
) Shed.
- Bu,t thou art gone dear sistei.
Never more c-nst thou return;
Thou shalt sleep a peaceful
slum ber.
Till the resurrection morn,
Will you watch for our coming
While on that distaat shore.
Will you know our coming?
Wil Xn meet us at the door?
In tne land of ancient story,
W\here our loved ones know,
Care in the land of love and
Shall we meet each other there?
es, we'll see the same eyes
We sh al1 feel your dear arms
twinin fondly round us as
before. Malissa Corbin,
Easley. S. C.
Clerk's Sale.
f .uh CarM!
ir - .1. 11-o mi < t :-.!, Plain-tiffs.
R' . rham. 1'f.kim :'.
v: --f a de:% order in ihe
bt- Is n 1n J IV. PeVor
n -2'2. 1212. andJ on ffl( int
flioo 77ck it :s e-, vin ty. S C..
r .[ w ?-:n.- endiy m J: n--ary. 13,
a:r n t 1,,; hurs f, r sa lo a Pic
C. Tw; C.. j e f,! v ing trc's
nw. b, G 3.,Ei.wrey<r, in .'an
u Iry .. r, f-i n t;p the re.A
s~ esmte ofI IA Lu be.deorded.
., r: e-.4 Not. 3en.ta'nrg.(104)
a- s rc. No 5 contairan-g.(322) acres.
rrhe No 6'i ca'airi:: t) acres.
Tract. N. 7c"d't'0)ai inrO) acres.
6 T:ac'i- No 9 c nt-i .('-iS) aces
T oetN< .10 e nlta r inga(8't) acrr.
i erms of -ale o" e baf c.ph ard 'he.
b .. r a-cr.dilt E f ryelva tronths,
e e:'El -p.* ' . r o te- .cured bv -s'
r ". io i e panr h ser oa p.nch.tsers'
Le:,ve to )a the :a er <- nurch wers toj
fanticte erd "ri:n Onl 4ay ofV
*'. ~i Th pri eha-r lor purchasers
xr gem'-' wi s be resdW Purchaser1
~t p-iv for all ;pps anid reorling of
t amne .ABOGGS.
c wil place on~ sale in Pickena
.il an4el n o asl
An Associatea
from Richmo
ing resolution
rem arks of Go
South Carolin
lynch law was
govenors' Con
a Tote of 14 to'
Governoi- Blease,
hiniel snapped his
the faces of the other g
and declared -hat he
one whit what the '
did or left undone.
"'Four times thq mi
my life been threate
utterences," dediaie
"1 was quoted
saying "to--116 W
tution." I siayjnw
..overnors of all"the
to all the people *of t:I.
States what T said th4 07
The conference was
to an uproar.
Governors of Alaba
Minig, Missouri New
Naryland ani W .
aounced the South Q
Ln strong terms for h
Governors of- Nor
Arkansas, Conn. -
voted against the
Half of the 50 wome
endance on the go.
erence late yesterday
eft the hall when Gov.
Blease, of Sotlih CFt
or the second time:
bis doctrine of lyn
Yroes guilty of crim
without a triale shw
platform. "Tohellwi
In speaking-before
ention Gov. Blease
nay expel for ii, ie -
he 21st day of next I
xill begin my" [email protected]
royrnor. On the fo 1. -
.ilarch, 1915. if God spa
[ will be sworn in as a m
)f the United States i
[ snap my fingers 'at y.-..
;olutions, fQr all the re
ind all the- moEion;you -
ict upon will no aya
ne out.
v ords ofthey
Go to it"!
Let us

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