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ond Clas
arM, Young
o the Farm.
ago a very wis
Go West, youn
est. Many of ou
n went west. Som
ith the new couutr
doing well in thei
ne, others are drift
neyless an(
ess, o e &ebackti
well on their nitve soil
others came back- -to d
g and be nothing. W
the advice given was hon
from an honest man. bu
rather think it was a .ais
ae, for if the same youn;
men had remained here wit
same industry, good judg
economy, they coul
done~ as well and eve:
perhaps, here as the
Then the
would bave been a at bles
to their native state. As
role men who do well in on
state would do well in anothei
Nand some would not be wort
*much anywhere. But we wan1
I-ed to suggest to our young me
D return to the farm.. Fc
."ome reason too many of ou
Young men are leaving th
farm. The glare and glitter c
it~ life, 'he idea of gettin
oney every Saturda
longest twice eac
may be 'that th
ce of farm prodacE
ly cotton may hay
some to leave the farn
low price of cotton cause
we think you can rest assure
t there will hardly ever 1:
more cheap cotton.
e young man who work
'nearl* always Spend
t he makes while th
on 'the farm usuall
little each year, an
'le he has. a littl
his own, and afte
en the young ma
old farm to cler
or worki the mi
n' ~oi' a ca
r, is old and w( out he
~a renter, while te boy b
hoe on the farm non
wnme and ha
-' . Besides a'
<.1tha~t;w must have more farrr
Sera to till the -soil. We cannc
~ depend upon the colored labc
~j o any extepit'for the reaso'
Sthat while so much public wor.
%\isgoing on-the building of coi
,ont mills, railroads. etc.-yo
szcannot get the colored people t
~ orks on the farm. The
u n~urally want to work i
rop,where they canta
dsing and draw wages ever
~atuday night.
~-~Unless our own people eca b
~finduced to return to the farr
~we will have to have immi
__~nts brought over to work o:
~ arms. The Germans mak
-pt!farme'rs. The proffes
are all crowded. Ot cours
tees room at the top in all o
3them, but all our boys can't ge
do the top.; so why not go bac]
Sto thiefarm to make homes fo
~ ourselves and bring in th
.gwaste lands, and have thes
~ rand old hills and valleys t
'blossom like the rose.
Crops may be short this yeai
but never mind. Every da:
$will be pay day bye and bye.
~lue Back Speller is th
noipopular book in Picken
~$county now. (Except, of course
., The government is going t
3snake greenbacks smaller an
we hope will increase their bus
Our letters from differen
nof the county form ai
g part of The Sentine]
anyone writing from you
on! '__ __ _
Tational Gas associatio:
kiAtlanta last week an,
AMtlanta Journal called it
of December 5, "Ga
h was very cor
every edition a
-al is a gas edition.
lighting device
Snot blow out or
screws, so thai
he.Throws a c
large red danger
qnpped with handle,
hadlantern. Strong.
At Dealen~
A Woman I
Tie delicate structure of -a woman's
So complicated are its parts that oni
ing it. Women do not know thei
means when any of these delicate pa
the suffering, the misery. the prosi
S becomes irregular. The disturbanc
enjoyment of health, but they have vi
body that is weak and suffering and
invalid's fate. Happily, most of thes<
the most dependable medicines for tlh
Squaw Vine Wine. It is preparei
a successful medicine. One that bui
and regulates the generative organs,
tones up the nerves, makes the body
feeling of wellness, of power to pei
Ailing/women should try this remedy
and vigor of girlhood days.
Sold by Druggists and De
According to the Greenvil
papers both real estate and ne
t buildings are going up ov
there. There's enough hot a
) in that town to make -anvthii
1 go up.
I A gentleman who carpe fro
i Anderson to Pickens the oth
r day told us he found Picke:
r county roads much better th,
: those of Anderson. Some goi
3 work is being done on the roa
e of this county.
1 The News and Courier war
- to know why it is "That peol
a wi) rush madly to pay fif
r cents to see an educated hor
r when they can see educat
e jackasses any day for nothing
f To which the Newberry Obser
Z er very correctly replies. "Sit
7 ply because an educ.tted horse
a novelty while an educat
e jackass isn't."
The Provress Wails
a "The Easley Progress spea
e with pride about some peol
from near Pickens going to Ec
s ley to trade. Nothing stran
s about that. One of the Easl
e merchants is advertising in T
V Pickens Sentinel. -, Moral:
I you want to sell goods advert:
e in The Sentinel.' "-Pickens SE
r tinel.
, Yes, we do, and will contin
to do so so long as we have c
port-nity. It is the TRU'I
~and those we have mention
Sheretofore, are among the bf
epeople of the county, and
are glad to see them; and
Sknow that they have read T
SProgress and have come to E~
-ley to trade with our merchan
t The moral put forth in the Se
tinel will not hold good, :as t
reason an Easley merchant a
Svertises in that paper is to ft
ther carry out our "p.ride" (th'
~were corming to Easley to tral
before any of our merchar
advertised in the Sentinel.) al
'get others to do as those who
we made mention. Why
them come. A free country,
Democratic President and eve:
body happy. Listen: The Es
lev merchant advertises in tl
-Progress also, regularly, tl
one medium in reach of peoi
that do not take both papel
-Some business to that. Next
-Easley Progress.
tOh, well, you needn't thro
a fit about it. And what d
you put the word truth in cal
tals for? The people wouldi
believe it if you had put it
black face italic. The Progre
makes us smile. Evidently tl
office devil wrote the article al
thought he had put somethii
about politics irn it. We car
make out what a Democra1
president has to do with Easle
It's a pretty good town, b
Woodrow Wilson never hea
of it. The article takes up
g oood deal of space, but we wi:
to help the writer of it out (3
always wvere kind-hearted) ai
publish it in The Sentinel
that people may see it. As f
the "one mddiunm", bo, let
~give 'you a few facts: T]
Pickens Sentinel has more pai
up subscribers than the t'rogre
now has or ever has had. It
recognized as the leading cou
ty paper, and wc print mc
Pickens county news in o:
week than the Progress does
two weeks.
We really ought to char
our contemporary for advert
ing. as people will read this wl
never hear d of the Progress t
S (ehaven't a Democral
s resident yet. Mr. Taft will
-president until next Marc
D. V. No chargp for this inf<
For the
ost compact and efficient
for all kinds of vehicles.
jar out. Equipped with
it is. easily attached or
Lear light 200 feet ahead.
;ignal in back.
and when detached makes a
Durable. Will last for years.
a Wonderully
)ody is a source of wonder to medical men.
the most learned are capable of understand
nselves. They do know, ho,.ever, what it
-ts get weak or disordered. They alone know
rating effect when the generative system
not only robs them of strength and the
ork to do and it must be done in spite of a
a mind that is harassed by the dread of an
ailments of women are curable and one of
e relief of such troubles is Dr. Simmons
I expressly for the diseases of women. It is
ds up the Nervous System and strengthens
It stops the painful symptoms promptly,
strong, the digestion good, and restores a
form the household work without fatigue.
. It will give them back the health, strength
ders. Price $1.00 Per Bottle.
W* Ten Things t<
ir (From The P
Find out what your Yea
M work has profited you; take o
er inventory and find out wh
is you are worth, and if yo
Lu farming has paid.
is 2. Get ready for next yea
work: lay out the crops; fi:
out what yau need in the wc
ts of tools, stock, fertilizers, et
le and arrange to farm on a bu
a ness basis.
ad 3. Take at least one day
? and visit your school an encoi
~ age the teacher and pupils
is little; help the children wi
ad their studies and keep them E
4. Make that split-log dr
and put it to work now wh
you have time; fix up the fai
ks roads and the walks about t
)le house.
e 5. Look after fences; clean
Y stumps; dig ditches; fill gulli
Ie drai6 wet lands.
se 6. Set out fruit trees, sha
n- trees, shrubs and perenn
aeII?Tf 1--4U
p- 7. Haul out the manure
H made and spread it on the fiel<
ed be sure to give the gar 61
ist good coat.
to --- _ - -
bie --
r- -
1e Last as long as the building, and nevera
loccasional coat of paint. Jusz the thing
ale Handsome-Inexpensive. Can belaidi
-s H EA TH, BRIUE, 310
an h yinvst
2e I l getbsies
reurd cm oiy.
funsiglns orri
* a, bos s atsate
most aluoe wor ues
e and who yineseta
ou re experwh nd
"A Memoriam to Sister Ellie"
Mrs. Ellie Parrot Mauldie. 3
More than six years have 4r
clapsed since the beautiful spirit a1
in she, in erO we SO much e
deligoted and sweet sister n
w%vith i11ch pric"less jewels of t
could not co pre, calmly fled are
away likt- a Hltavenly breeze wor
) Do Ths Mote
ng assi summer's evening.
On the eihth'ay of Novem
ber , in teen six, te to s do y
tint cane,. for her to depart quit
f.rm her home, not far east of fere
ohe Beautiful Keowee, to a le
homie -which is far across death's aIm
sea. Yes we miss her so and
in memory, never will she be the
forgottEn, and when we fain in Y
would see her we gently avoid son,
Do Thnis Mointh
:ogressive Farmer)'
,s 8. Plow clay lands and Lthose
.n wanted for very varly crops,
at takin special car to zuard
ur aainst winter washes: eov ryeo
on plowed lands, if practicable.
's 9. Kill the hohes as soon as i
A their condition and the weather in
oy permit: keep close watch on all He
stock and about the poultry she
si- houses. ad(
10. Make the winter evenings clo
>ff pleasant; provide plenty of fuel, titt
ir- good lights, good books and lik<
a papers and some games and enc
th damusic. jo
n- us
Notice of Sale al
ag I will sell to the highest bid- lik<
ae der on Thursday the 12th day she
m4 of December next, one mule,nu
he one milch cow, two yearlings. On
one horse wagon, lot of old bug-si
pgies, old wagons, etc., Wal
.nut lumber, corn, fodder an she
varlous other articles to numn- EII
erous to mention. -r.
de Terms of sale: All sums less
aethan ten dollars cash. Over
ten dollars, note With approved
a 1913.Th
eedreallnevr eduatnto,ceptan F
gorlids judgmnt n builgs inoof
ghtoeal vadshnles itoukdis bohis(4
RRW0, uickens,sS.ee.
ft,u onztof fhg
knw'a crtaityuwere
Tougmcent ii buying T
hosng.. real ollueaks every
thy this beme rnil tofo
>rwad sbinvida nees?
alisie,prce., Evales, breia T
tae,rris o sr can own Br
t"e, sipl bcanztio of hih
nohn wayt-investigate corn-r
know' toatci, anwhe
Throgh,ado scinrfi bygT
ch fouad wiollarsbetr
loythi sae pincpleof
:hschi.I tena rmedu
reEN allohin and
,ou owe it to yourself, your family and
r work to keep in the best possible con
on. If you have strong, ready muscles
ich, heathy blood and a clear brain, you
do more and better work and really
and enjoy living and be a blessing to
;e you love.
Inch of the eternal grouch and many
he aches and pains you see every day
caused directly by a lazy, torpid, over
ked liver, and all of that may be abso
ly cured by R. L. T. (Richardson's
ative Tonic). One fifty-cent or dollar
le of this magnificent tonic will prove
ou that it is the finest laxative and the
kest strength building tonic ever of
d sick, suffering humanity. Get a bot
Erom your druggist today, and keep it
iys in the family medicine chest ready
ut the Liver right in one night or cure
i.ria, constipation, or bilious fevers in
shortest possible time. If not on sale
our town, write R. L. T. Co., Ander
R. L.T.
k Perfect Tonic
Oc & $1.00 per Bottle. Al Drug Stores.
hing such an angelic one to
abit earth's temporary abid
place. If she has gained
aven and the woids of love
spoke and the smile which
)rned her lifeless lips seemed
;e akin to Heaven. The at
ide toward others was Christ
. and those words were surely
>ugh to mingle sorrow with
. In a dream she was with
again, she talked in a natur
confidential way as she al
ys did and yet she seemed
some Heavenly visitor for
had in her care an immense
.nber of most precious jewels.
ly a dream, a phantom to
?eten the coming day. It
uld be especially sweet were
with us again yet dearest
ie comes no more.
'he good meet again in Heav
labor to enter therein, lest
be vain.
Her sister, Kate Parrott.
3 Old Hearth-Stone Lies Cold
yr Mrs. J. H Newton, Laurel
lill, Pickens county, S. C.]
Ve miss the light
>m the old hearth stone
his chill November night,
e mantel is dark and lone.
he solitary candle that burn
nig and slow,
rom the socket has been
shine no more.
n vainl we search
e the kindling wood
)n the dear old porch,
ere it was kept dry and good.
he wooden pail stands dry,
at held-.the water so long,
)ipped from the spring close
at bubbles on through story
and song.
lark! we hear~ an acorn drop
>m the yard trees thick and
'he busy world seemeth to
d hail them lord of all.
hey watch by day and by
e soil from which they grew,
aiting for the old home
iling on the old kitchen cov
ered with dew.
he garden, smoke house and
orchard say,
ay erow the weeds so high?
To footfall cometh day after
ere grew the verdant rye.
hen the day is gone andi the
sun sets,
Sare constrained to call
~he kind and faithful pets;
t they are gone, one and all.
To midnight signal is heard
>m the cedar tree high,
hich sheltered the honest
at told that dawn was nigh.
Vhen birds sing ini woodland
Scan't give, but will loan
o summer winds and flowers.
14 hearth stone.
Vhen winter winds blow
(g fagots of gratitude
~hat will keep the old hearth
aglo w,
ile left in solitude.
Foils A Foul Plot
Vhen a shameful plot exists
n een liver and bowels to
se distress by refusing to act,
6 Dr. King's New Life Pills,
l end such abuse of your sys
i. They gently compel right
on of stomach, liver and
rels, and restore your health
i all good feelings. 25c at
Everything in the Fui
Buying as we do in car l
The largest stock Furnitu
Pickens County.
Suits from $15.00 to $75
Beds from $2 oo to $15.0
Dressers from $5.oo to $:
Tables of all kinds and at
Hall Racks, Side Boards,
Springs and Mattresses.
The largest lot of chairs c
Call on us for anything in
that can't be met
Clothing, Shoes. Ha
Sole agents for Walk-Ove
Iron King Stoves, New Home 8
ell Wagons and Mitchell Auton
Drives Off A Terror.
The chief executioner of death
in the winter and spring months are1
is pneumonia. Its advance
agents are colds and grip. In
any attack by one of these
maladies no time should be lost
in taking the best medicine ob
tainable to drive it off. Count
ess thousands have found this
to be Dr. King's New Discovery.:
"My husband believes it has
kept him from having pneu
monia three or four times,"
writes Mrs. George W. Place,
Rawsonville, Vt., "and for
coughs, colds and croup we
have never found its equal."
uaranteed [for all bronchial
affections. Pirce 50cts. and _
$1.00 at Pickens Drug Company. -
A. McCollough B. F. Mart
E. M4. Blythe
MGallollgh, M1atinl & Blythie
IfsoRic Te' ple Gr'cuville, S. C. stil
Associate firm
Anderson, S. C. has
Practice in all Courts. gc
____ ____ ___ - rig]
For InfanA and Children.
The Kind You Have Alwajs Bought
Geri a
oldE i
M yrp
Lo abna
n Gor giaCano
Low Caie ar
n 0 edeo
-niture and House Fui
Kitchen to the Parloi
>ts enables us to save you at
re, Stoves and House Furni
all prices, Kitchen Safes fr<
Buffetts, Dining Tables, Par:
f every description, from 50c
the Furniture line, and we sl
Yours truly,
ts and Gents' Furnishing Goo
r and Boyden Shoes, Carhart
ewing Machines,Chase City an
kedules Effective Sept.
. B.-The following schedule figures
iot guaranteed.
No. 44 ATLANT L ....-..
Stops to discharge pacsengers
passengers for Charlotte and b
No. 6 NE W ORLE ANS and
Stops only or
No 42 SENEC A (Daily excep
' .12 ATLANTA-.........
- 40 ATLAMTA.......
F.'r Washingt-m and New Yor
se.nge-r: froni Atlanta and t' ri
lotte ar.d beyond
29 NE~w YORK and WASBI
Stops to take on piassenig* r
29 CHiARLOTTE........
11 C HAR LOTTE.............
41 CH ARLOTTE (daily, -xe
For further informaition apply to Tick4
w. Ri. TABER, P. & T, A.
Gireenville, s. C.
This will inform the readers
at the old stand in "West ]
:ks of Dry Goods, Underwea
-e ever carried, and my price5
ds can be sold for. A few r
it on prices.
A good Calico 5 cents.
A good Cotton Check 5 eai
Canton Fl.nnels 5, 8 I-3, IC
Men's heavy Fleeced Shirts
Ladies' heavy Fleeced Vest
Prepare, for cold weather w1
ood blanket. My shoe stock
prices the lowest. Don't fa
C iA
Hor Good Bread
r Crop Syri
e direct from the
ge and Be-fo-de
d~ Bunny brand
~ee we can please
n all goods our si
St. Gr(
-nishing Line fro
ea.t io per cent on every
shings to be found in
)m $2.50 to $10.00.
or Suites, Ward Robes,
to $r o:oo ever shown in
ow you a line at prices
ds a Specialty.
Overalls, Hawes Hats,
d Babcock Buggies,Mitch- 4
22,1912 fromEasley.
re published only as informa* ion and
-------------2.20 am
from Atlanta, or to receive
TL NTA 5.45am
-----------1.45 pm
------6.2.5 pm
LTLANTA..7.55 pm
. 'en in av'harge pas
~ceive>-as enigers for Char
GTON-----6 50 am
for Atlanta
---------11 55am
-----4.00 pm
Pt Sainday)-..9.55 pm
t Aen rE. MGEE, A. G P. A.
Columbia, S. C.
of The Sentinel that I am
~nd", with one of the best
, Notions and Shoes that I
SH ALL BE the lowest, that
rices will convince you we are
and 12 1-2 cents.
50 cents.
and Pants 25 and 50 cents.
ich is sure to com.e by buying
is complete, quality the best
I to come to see me.
swah 0. K.
Vaple Syrup.
ecial feature
enville, S. C.

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