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ry for Fletcher's
rays Boaght, and which has been
ears, has borne the signature of
nd has been made under his per
Dnal supervision since its infancy.
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te, all Teething Troubles and
tes the Stomach and Bowels,
iving healthy and natural sleep.
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r Over 30 Years
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Premium Dept.
Corn Exposition
Columbia-(Special)- Calling
attention to National Educa
tion Day and Boys' Day at thE
Fifth _N ational Corn Exposition
tion here next January, Mr. J.
E. Swearingen, State Superin
tendent of Education, has ad
dressed a letter to all county
superintendents of education
and county rural school super
visors, recommending a holiday
in the county schools to allow
teachers, pupils and trustees to
attend the Exposition on these
two days.
National Education 'Dav has
been fixed for Friday, January
31, the day following being
Boys' Day, the latter marking
the close of the Exposition
Shool for Prize Winners which
will be attended by a thousand
boys from all parts of the South.
Prominent educators will de
liver addresses on National
Education Day on subjects per
tinent to school improvement
problems, and a series of exhib
tionsdemonstrating methods and
results of improvement in the
rural schools is being prepared
under the direction of President
D. B. Johnson and other mem
bere of the Winthrop faculty.
Dr. S. C. Mitchell, president of
the University of South Caro
lina, is in active charge of pro
gram arrangements for Nation
L al Education Day.
Could Shout For Joy
S "I want to thank you from
the bottom of my heart," wrote
C. B. Rader, of Lewisburg, W.
Va., "for the wonderful double
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digestion, jaundice, and to rid
the system of kidney poisons
rthat cause rheumatism, Elec
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One thirteen acre lot with
new house house in the town of
Six Mile; also one other house
and lot in the town of Six Mile
both for sale or rent. Fine
school and church facilities.
A portion of my Keowee farm
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Children C
d You Have Alh
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ef. t5 t Lt tril
Z--ants and Olidren
What is
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Are Being Cured by VinoL
Did you ever cough for a month?
Then just think how distressing it
must be to have a cough hang on for
three months.
Mrs. Maria Primrose, of 87 Newell
Street, Brooklyn, N. Y., says: "I had
a very heavy cold which settled into
a chronic cough, which kept me
awake nights for fully three months,
and felt tired all the time because my
rest was broken so much. The effect
of taking your cod liver and iron rem
edy, Vinol, is that my cough Is gone.
I can now get a good night's rest, and
I feel much stronger in every way."
It is the combined action of the
medicinal elements, cods' livers, aided
by the blood-making and strength
creating properties of tonic iron which
makes Vinol so efficient in curing
chronic coughs, colds and bronchitis
-at the same time building up the
weakened, run-down system.
Try .a bottle of Vinol, with the un
derstanding that your money will
be returnod if It does not help you.
Pick3ns Drug Co.
Thanksgiving Ob
served at Six Mile
Thanksgiving was observed
by the people of this communi
ty as an open confession of
thanks to God, who has kept us
as a nation not at war, and for
blessings which come to us daily
in many ways. It was most
interesting to hear Prof. S. A.
Rutledge give ancient Biblical
instances of a day which was
similar to our present day of
Thanksgiving. Rev. J. D. Chap
man, D. D., of Greenville,
preached a most impressive ser
mon on ThanksgiVing day, in
the school auditorium; taking
his subject from David's state
ment as he had finished his life
of service to his fellowman.
We all enjoyed the address of
Mr. Chapman and earnestly
hope he will. visit our -school
and preach for us avain.
Mrs. D. H. Kennemur is very
ill. For more than a month her
recovery has been doubtful.
She is the widow of Rev. D. H.
Kennemur, who has been dead
nearly twenty years. She has
been in exceptionally good]
health for one of her age (93 t
years) until her recent illness.
Her physician and attendants
are giying her careful treatment
and hope that she will soon be
better, but it seems~ doubtful.
Mrs. Kenne'mur has been such
a cheerful and kind lady, and
we realize not many could fill
her place as a helpful woman,
which her life has daily been.
J. C, Garrett of Norris was
among friends here last Sunday.
Clarence Mann and sister,
-Tax Notice.
Olice of County Treasurer. Pickens County.
Pickens, S. C., October 1, 1912
The books for the collection of otata and
County taxes will be open from
October 15th 1912 to December 31st 1912.
Those who prefer to do so can pay in .lanua
ry 1913, with I per cent additional. 'Those
who prefer paying In February 1913. can
do so with 2 per cen t additional. Those who
prefer paying in March 1913. to the 15th of said
month, can do so oy paying an additional 7 per
cent. A fter said date the books will close.
N. B.-Tax payers owning property or paying
tax for others, will please ask fo tax receipt
in eacb township or special school district in
which he or they may own property. This is
very important as there are so many special
school districts. Those who do not wish to
come to the oilice can write me. not later than
l).,cember:20th, and I will furnish them with
the amount due and they can remit me by
chek, money order or registered letter, 1!
stamps ara sent do not send above two (2
ent, as 1 cannot use them. Please do not
send me cash without registering same, as it is
liable to get lost: if sent otherwise it must be
at sender's risk.
Levy for State tax ...... ..........5 Mills
Levy for Constitutional School tax . 3 mills
Levy for Ordinary County tax. ...6 mills
Levy for Sinking Fund ...... ......1% mills
Levy for Past Indebtedness........ mills
Levy for Chain Gang.. ..... ........ 2% mill
Levy for State Constable...... ...../% mill
Tot-a 19% mills
Special Levy for School DIstrict No. 1, 2 mills
Special Levy for School District No. 2,.. .2 mills
Special Levy for School District No. 3.. ..2 mills
Special Levy for School District No. 4.. ..2 mills
Special Levy for schooil)District No. 5, ..2 mills
Special Lovy for School Dirtrict No.7... .4 mills
Speciai Lev3 for School P strict No. 8,.. .2 mills
Special . evy for School D)istrict No. 9.. 10 mIlls
Special Le:'y for School District No. 10, 2% mills
special Levy for Schoo! District No. 11,7% mills
Special Lcvy for Se-hool D)istrict No. 12, ..2 mills
Special Levv for School l)istrict No. 13,. .8 mIlis
Special Levy for School D)istrict No. 14,.. 4 mills
Special Levy for School District No. 16... 6 mills
Special Levy for School D)istrict No. 17.. .7 mills
Special Levy for School District No. 18, 2 mills
Special Levy for School I>istrict No. 19, 2mills
Special Levy for Schooi District No. 2:....2 miils
Special Levy for Sc hool District No.21 ....4 mills
Special Levy 'or School list rict No. 22,. .4 mills
Special Levy for School Di1 trict No, 23,. .2 mills
Spelal Levy forN Shool D)ist riet No. 24. 2% mills
Special Levy for School District No.2-., 2% mills
Special Levy for School District No. 27,. .z mills
Special Levy for School District No. 28.. .4 mIlls
ISpecial Levy for School District No 29-3 1n.ills
ISpecial Levy for School D)istrict No. 3ii. In n.ills
Special ILevv for School District No. :i2.. 3 mills
Special Ievy for Schooli District N". 3-i .4 mills
Speciel Levy fo,r School District No. 37. 4 mills
Special ILevy for Sohoo! Dimstrict No. 38, 2 mills
pcil Levy for Sc hool District No. 40. ,2 mills
pecia1 ILevy for School District No 41, 3 mills
Special Levy for School District No. 42... 2 mills
specal Levy for School District No. 46.. .4 mills
specal Levy for School District No 47.. .3 mills
Special Levy for School Dicstrict No. 49. ..2 mills
special Levy~ for School District No. 51 . ..3 mills
Special Levy for School District No. 52, 2 mills
Special Levy for School District No. 53...3 mills
Special Levy forschool District No. 55... 4mills
Special L.evy for School District .So. 56. ..4 mills
Levy for interest ou Pickens R. R. liouds
Ilurricane township..... .......mills
ery foir interest on Pickens R. Rl. Bonds
1-.astatoe township.............. 2% mills
Lavy for interest on P'ickens Rt. R. Bonds
Pickens C. HI. township............ 2 mills
Poll Tax, One (l> D)ollar. Every male cItizen
from 21 to to 60) years is liable. excapt Confeder
ate soldiers, who do not pay after 50 years, and
those excused by law.
Commutationi Road Tax. $1.50. The Leg
islature enacted thme following law: "That all
ablebodied male persons from the age of twen
tv-one and fifty years, both inclusive, in [the
county of Pickens, shall be required annually
to pay one dollar and _fifty cents commutation
or road tax, except ministers of the gospel ac
tually in charge of a congregation, persons Der
maently disabled in the military service of
this State. acid persons who served in the late
war between the States. and all persons actual
ly employed in the quarantine .servIce of the
tate, and all students who may be attending
any school or college at the time when the com
mutationf tax hereinabove provided for shall
become due. shall be required to pay to the
County Treasurer of said county, between the
15th day of October and the 31st day of Decem
berm each and every year, an annual commu
tation or road tax of one dollar and fifty -cents
per head, and any failure to pay said road tax
shall be a misdemeanor, and the offender, upon
conviction, shall be punished by a fine of not
less than five dollars and not more than fifty
dollars. or imprisoned for not more than thirty
Capitation Dog Tax. All persons owning
dogs are required to pay a tax of fifty (50) cents
on each dog. Respectfully
Taylor H-. Stewart,
aear Dacusviiie.
Misses Berta Mae and Ger
trude Parrott of Keowee are!
3pending a few days with Miss
?s Mayme and Kate Parrott,
near Six Mile.
Mr. B. Stewart of the U. S.
Navy came to Six Mile last
week on a brief visit to rela
Lives here.
Mrs. Henry Merck of Calhoun
was a delightful visitor at Six
Mile recently.
Married, at the home of Rev.
B. C. Atkinson, November 28,
Miss Nicie Gantt and Mr. Ralph
Cartee, both of Liberty. Their
friends. who are numbered by
the score, heartily congratulate
the young Mr. and M s. Cartee.
There will be an entertain
ment giyen at the school audi
borium December 19, Thursday
aight before Christmas.
Leo Cantrell visited friends
3nd relatives near Holly Springs
3hurch last Saturday and Sun
Mr. Kirksey Chapman has
>een very ill, but is improving.
S. B.
Famous Stage Beauties
,ook with horror on Skin Erup
ions, Blotches, Sores or Pim
pIes. They don't have them.
For all such troubles use Buck
ten's Arnica Salve. It glorifies
#he face. Excellent for Ec
Pema or Salt Rheum, it cures
sore lips, chapped hands, chil
3lains; ]heals burns, cuts and
bruises. Unsurpassed for piles.
15c at Pickens Drug Company.
The best offer gets them.
:old for division. Are well
ocated, good improvements, ~
rom 8o to 300 acres. Easy ,
erms on par t. If interested t
ect quick. Wire me wvhen to c
~xpect you.
Calhoun, Ga.
~ Now. I
Bul o adw
FoJ oywne
the fr en4wme
Le 4staecr
Worn Ourl
No doubt you are, if
you suffer from any of the
numerous ailments to
whkch an womenaresub
ject. Headache, back
ache, sideache, nervous
ness, weak, tired feeling,
are some of the symp
toms, and you must id
yourself of them in order
to feel well. Thousands
of women, who have
been benefited by this
remedy, urge you to
The Woman's Tonic
Mrs. Sylvania Woods,
of Clifton Mills, Ky., says:
"Before taking Car dui,
I was, at times, so weak I
could hardly walk, and
the pain in my back and
head nearly killed me.
After taking three bottles
of Cardui, the pains dis
appeared. Now Ifeel as
well as I ever did. Every
suffering woman should
try Cardul." Get abottle
today. E-68
eingr able to possess all the art
tically designed ornaments
und the attractively fashioned
itilities in
ou oulrell lietoon
Comehereand elec fro
ur lag n aie tc h
owimn a ltle toon~ alte arll
ro oldraike the o1n
Coed he an seec a:o
urlreadvred satoc th
.ietyv'ey n tmen ask
rp ice.Yll be suped
:Wie he I
onehas wht q
We them ahwn pa
Metal ant Cay
Ourshwe ars sowaied we
place for the woman who ws
seldom fail to make the sale
Soft, Clove-like Si
Strong, Serviceab
doors in all sorts of weather
Stylish Cuts whose
tan, russett, black and white
ar, but retaining all the Iines a
evenings around the firesi
and chddren.
of your shoe needs when in G
passionate tenderness reisti
from its frail earthly temple the
spirit of Nancy, the wife of
Joseph Looper, Sr., in her 63rd
year a member of Mt. Carmel
Baptist church. This visitation
has bereft the church of a sister
whose life's beauty and sim
plicity, whose example of
,patience and resignation, whose
constancy in attendance of .the
services of God remain as a
monument of beauty to her
memory, and an inspiration to
all who knew her. Her presence
was a beam of sunshine In any
company. Age did not darken
or. sadden her. She left a hus
band and eight children living,
to mourn her loss; all of whom
by their proffession and more
strongly by the christian walk
in life, will meet her again.,
Her friends were. numbered
by the scores. About 300 wit
nessing in paying the last ;rib
ute at the grAve. H.
Want to buy a farm? Want
to sell a farm? See the Linwood
Land andInvestment Company,
Pic kens,
Just the time when yo
your Thanksgiving and I
are offering while it lasts
Extracts 10c size bottle I
please you. .
We have a bi. lot of E
the best shells on the ma
to sell for 40c box. You
as few as you desire.
Thanksgiving and Chrisi
Come to see us with y(
$1.50 Oil Can and 5 9
Try anAdvertisem
~ooks of TI
hey all say, after y
ir or two.
ou to get the hiabi
~e, Patton & 1111
u think of Shoes,
he right kind of
uestioned our prc
In Shoes for Mi
e new lasts-the new toes and
Tan Calf, and Vici.
hoes for the dressy man, we h
: are as strongly built as a rawi
et reasonably priced.
, Ladties' Shoes
hardly know wvhere to begin Lal
nfts fit, service, style and comf<
ies for old ladies, to whom cc
e Shoes for the woman whos<
graceful lines are intended to b
,Oxfords and Slippers in all st
School Shoes
dressy shoe should-have.
ie, get a pair of bed room or hc
)fl4 Ti!
rile, S. C.
become constp
serious consequ
being able to r
dition, a chil's
constantly watched,
laxative given w
Dr. Miles' Laxative
especially well adapt
and children. '
Christian Charity, 53
Luzerne, Pa., who a -
cases of sickness say oL,
-Some time ago we
ile' Ixative Tablets and
we like them very much.
Is exeesent and we are
having been made acq
them. We have had good
every case and the Sisters are
much pleased.
The form and flavor of any
cine is very important, no
who is to take it. The taste
appearance are especially important
when children are concerned. All
parents knew how hard it is to give
the average child "medicin "
though the taste is
guised. In us
ative- -..;, this diffi
e is overcome. The shape of a
the tablets, their appearance and
candy-like taste at once a peal to
any child, with the result ta they
are taken without objection.
The rich chocolate flavor and
absence of other taste, make Dr.
Miles' Laxative Tablets the ideal
remedy for children.
If the first box fails to beneft
the price is - returned. Ask your
druggist. A box of 25 dosescosts
only 25 cents. Never sold in bulk.
MILES MEDICAL - CO., EdMkart, lad.
a need extracts most fo
0hristmas cooking. We
a big lot of Bear Brand
or 5c. The goods will -
bbin Hood shells, one of
rket, that we are go'
an buy just as many or
Lay in a supply for
;mas hunting.
or cash and produce.
ilons of off for $1.6'
entin The Sentinel
iat Shoe" f
rehave show
of thinking
and the rest
Shoes, and nos
best leathers, in Gun
ve them for the man
ide saddle-cold proof
ing. Thisast-ore is):
rt, and at prices that
mfort means so much.
t duties call her out of i
: seen. High cuts in
les and colors.
use slippers. We have

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