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start a Say
at the Keo
per cent interest
Local and
Send us a news item.
Now is. t'R-tee tdO Your
Christmas shopping
J. T. Skelton of ro ite 5 was in
town on business last Saturday.
Mr:-John Loper of. DacusviiLe
was in town Friday on business.
Mrs, Vascoe Loehr is visiting
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ash
If you wish to secure results
advertise in The Pickens Senti
Lee C. Lefi of Cherryfield,
N. C.,Was visiting in Pickens
last week.
Some of our friends hand us
in some items from time to
time, and we appreciate it.
Prof. Fulton Childress, who is
g -the Tabor school
Central, was in Pickens
Married by J. B. Newberry at
is residence, December 8. 1912,
Leila Robinson and Huber
th, of Easley.
Thie Tugaloo Tribune s
t Julius E. Boggs resembles
- Wilson. Pickens
people think Mr. Wilson resemn
bles Mr. Boggs,
W. A. Porter, who has beer
living on~Liberty route 3, has
moved to Pickens route 3. Mr.
Porter is a good citizen and his
new neighbors ::.re no doub1
glad to welcome him in thei:
Mr. John T. Lewis, one 0:
our best citizens was a visito:
at the county seat Saturday
While in town he paid The Sen
tinel a very pleasant call. WC
are always glad to have ou:
friends call on us.
Mr. David Hendricks, one co
our best and oldest subscribers
was at the county seat Thms
day on business and paid us
Pleasant call. He has bee]
years. Mr. Hendricks has jus
W.aneed from near Pickens t
-~ The new restaurant
. For Ladies
Everything new and n
you to give us a call at
tention and satisfactio]
Hot meals and lunl]c
* ~ We shall be pki
Next Door to
~The Pre4jf
-Our new preCssing ell
we solicit your pat run
of six year's eNxiQnen
( Our work and
S-Ladies, let us do youv
gloves. We know hos
-monthly memiber
ings Account
wee Ban~
Messrs. Hiarry and i. u.
Chapman of Liberty were m
Pickens Tuesday
We were glad to see Mr.
I Sheriff H. Brown of the Griciin
I section it town this week.
Married by J. B. 'Newberry at
his residence, .~.'ecember 8. 1912.
Miss Sarah Hawkins and Earl
Smith, of Pickens county.
Matthew Hendricks. one of
the conntv's best and most pro
minent citizens, was a visitor in
Ptckens last week.
Col. J. E. Hagood and C. D.
Bolt of Eesley, were in Pickens
I '. ,1'
this week. we are always giu
to se:e our former citizens coin
ing back to their first love.
Charlie Robinsoi! of Gieen
viile was a welcome visitor in
Pickens this week. Charlie's
friends are always glad to seE
him in town.
Miss Eleanor Knigrt repre
sented the Pick ens Chapter '
D. C. at the meeting in Charle
ton last week. She reports i
most satisfactor y and pleasauA
If any of our sub)setiers fai
to get their pape'r regulariY
they will please let us know 5(
we can look into the reasor
why they (10 not.
Not onlv the Methodist peoph
are wvell pleased with the ret ur
of Rev. U. F. Kirby to Picns
but all ouc people reoice to havy
this good man an~d aale preach<
with us for another year.
We would remind the peopli
that is against the law to shoo
-fireworks in Pickens on Christ
mas or any other time. Iti
also vgainist the inw to ramie ci
-anything here. It would b
well to bear these facts in mind
On last Wednesday afternooi
Mesdames A. M. Morris an<
Isaiah Cox entertained the em
broiderv club at the spacion
-home of the former onl Hamr
~-ton avenue. The beamiiful din
Iing room was made exquisit
by numerous pot plants. Ther
twere covers laid for twenty
)and an appropriate mienu wai
j 1st oj)>en( in I I ('QfS
nd entlemn
os seved at all I ours.
Zasd( to serCVt you.(
& Edens
Pickens Drug Co.
s. S. C.
. Will take a fewV iiU!C
a t -91.0 pse monh.1
' .
I H-r. C-la Ide ..-te'r on
h i-s p " n "e
Bi :s coun , \f i' ktcl.
e67() Nv t 1
a .t the riczcn- r,( 1
ti ua- \mmun
I f the rcl ok
Ill'sel't it at dffl LJ
11, Mr. l tl c r< Ci i r
iss NS a Par; r E Jo ' 1,
xx~~*~s al I~tc U; 11e 1 '
Pikns oQ cons.1 i . s
Nt ofi 0. S. f
oft tio hick ens
buse t . . ]Za 'e
\:. I.3 O'Cl1O1
ILea S llse t -
c..s Saie E. Jwhi w
Ie 110 . 11 ill '
\.':n '.~ - '- a Ls. N *L'
tn t . \ 0 m iU -t
JOnlat n, Of c(JI r'
i whl
aun in'
Itis -etn rtt od
snke, au .J . ane
wiien ratlesnak a. r 1:
arun in Dember
In ( e4G -
nw f110\~ol
ORimsii U
Tuesday ~nigt
I~~ n1 '
INA.' A'
HoC:. . F
10110 2 . . .. I
Gap i::i . :. .. - *. -
I ~
1' -~- *-- a
~ ~,
1 I
* '--I .~
~ P) 1' -
cf (,o~
- ''III
;':r..L PCZ3iiflSt.
:01 &- .**
*1 . ''C,.
* '** ' F
rr'p ~'.r -
' * - ( 1~.
Itv> '~- Y I
or S~~rslCf
'j-" 1 *wf;ar'
ti2(z1i( iols o
4 --
r is vo
- % ..ncs 0anki
n o val int
ure i x0*4
?I,, 1 0U
L S. C,. :'.
th eles d busines 1 .2 11
*: -r am . xt r ..
n e 1. ........ . ... l "
ri- i. a - 2''duid. ...
Total. .... '. ..,
undt .... .......
dedr-P Prft.l- a
-. M . B1 .'.. .... .... ~
.r:. MAU-DL--)
* of Sou 'Jarolin- !(~li 1
of tm abve amedbank v:0.
:aV ui.fi o
-r . rt s
r u ..:r w 'WP I
, . . . , o a e
-not to carry over any
. and to clean them II
c :ou d ot buv the clotc
n( -
I so:cust0i
IL V.l p-I
-4 V(2 L ilk
.., ad3.00 .an
1 na t il.e r
.75.~ ~ :31 . 2
Six rcTu > pp O r cio
V bv. I .
~XiCC Ssoourp cuatre
~ accs ine iry m:inn n1
ica Pi:kes riera, iTil pa
For tementpplyat.
,i %2.05 A 1.50 anI1
when sEWART,
a P
. Pric $1 0.00.~
22 aresunefarin .- an '
S Sen
~, *1
Coat Suits, Waists
from no until Janl - j
required to make
.7.00 Suits. This I t
-om one of the best
; in America, which
1 best styles of the
whipcord in navy
One-Half Price
1 to clean up our milli
re,ardicss of price. If
i_ht your winter hat
ou to give th is depart
Shirts for onlv 81.00.
snappy styles before
1ok? Root 2..d Potassium)
aoerful Permanent
cas Gooi remiuts ae
P.. P. isti-:t curcs
r .ci- you tostaycured
-crne:the ent;rc
c 's -g--tion and :crVes.
.,:*ln disc as-s.
sreet in city of Easley. Close
, three miles below. Easley.
wo (2 miles above Easley,
res tine bottom land. Price
Pickens, S. C.
to Offer
Four, eve-ry sack guaran
S4.3. bbal. .
ted. Sag2ar 25 lbs. 8,l.40
' for 5C
-~h Tight Matdches for 10c -
fo 10e gallon
Thiis-le So<!a foi -'e
joes 7.te lb.
. an .!e
n1 25c
C St0)1'Z I110
Orf to Postoffice

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