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PUBLISHD WEEKLY Enered April 23, 1903 at Pckens, S. C. as second class mail mauer, under act of Congress of March 3, 189
tabished 1871-Volume 42 PICKENS, S. C. DECEMBER 19, 1912
E. H. Barton Dead--Lecture at
School House-Mission
ary Societies Meet
Mr. E. H. Barton, one of Eas
ley's oldest citizens died after a
lingering illness last Monday
afternoon. Mr. Barton was 82
years old last July. His wife
preceeded him to the grave only
a few mcnths. Four children
survive them. Mr. James E.
Barton, of Anderson; Mrs.
Mamie McMahan, Miss Emma
Gunter, and Miss Nettie Barton,
of Easley. The bereaved fam
ily have the sympathy of the
community. The funeral ser
vices were held at his residence
on the corner of Hudson and
College streets Tuesday after
noon being conducted by his
pastor, Rev. E. V. Babb, assist
ed by Rev. D. W. Hiott.
A small number of people
assembled in the auditorium on!
the 13th instant, to hear an ad
* dress delivered by Col. V. M.
Flen ing, of'Greenville, on the
50th anniversary of the battle
of Fredericksburg. Mr. Flem
ing was in the battle and had a,
brother killed in the battle.
There were present four other
veterans who were in the battle
viz: J. W. White, W. F. Davis,
Laban Mauldin and T. J. Bow
en. Other old veterans were
present who enjoyed the ad
dress of Mr. Fleming. The U.
D. C. were present and furnish
ed music for the occasion with
Miss Fay Sellers at the piano.
Every old veteran ought to be
pensioned by the State. When
the call came for them to go to
the front, they yolunteered, left:
home and loved ones and made
bare their bodies to the the mis
sels of the enemy for four long'
years. When the war clouds
lifted and peace was declared,
these battle-scarred soldiers re
t irned home to find wreck and
ruin. With indomnitable ener
gy they went to work, and out
of chaos and deformity, they
h Ave brought order and beauty.
-God bless our veterans and may
their last days be their best.
The U. D. C. are to be congratu
lated on the success of the work
already done, and to be encour
aged to still greater achieve
ments. May their work con
tinue until in every school
authentic school histories shall
be taught, and our children
shall know the principles for
u EA
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6 The Store That's
which their fathers fought, the
odds they had against them,
and know how brave and fear
less these men stood for what
they believed to be right.
Harvey Thoren passed thru
Easley Sunday. He is trying
to break the walking record
between Ukiak, Cal., to New
York and return, He has been
to New Yerk and is now on his
way back to California, via
Atlanta, New Orleans and Gal
veston, being due in Ukiak next
fourth of July. He was clad
a suit of khaki and was the
cause of many a curious gaze
as he walked up the street on
Miss Eva Wyatt, a student of
Columbia College, arrived here
Saturday night to spend the
Christmas holidays with her
parents, Dr. and Mrs. C. N.
Misses Bee Able and Floride
Davis spent Friday afternoon
shopping in Greenville.
Mrs. A. B. Mathews returned
last week after a visit to Char
leston and Columbia.
Rev. Mr. Holler, the new Me
thodist pastor, and his wife.
arrived here last week. Mr.
Holler preached his first sermon
here last Sunday to a large and
appreciative audience.
The William Easley Chapter
of the U. D. C's. met with Mrs.
J. L. Camp last Wednesday
afternoon. *Mrs. L. B. Odell
and Mrs. Hubbard Smith gave
reports of the convention which
they attended in Charleston.
After discussing many business
matters, delightful refreshments
were served.
The Ladies Aid Society of the
Presbyterian Church met at
the home ot Mrs. A. W. Boggs
last Wednesday afternoon, Mrs.
C. D. Waller presiding. Be
The garden of M. C. Smith,
cashier of the Keowee Bank
ontains some very fine and
large turnips. He had one on
exhibition at the bank which
weighed four pounds. It was
of the purple top variety. Mr.
Smith says he also has a fine
home-raised hog to cook with
his turnips. Our farmers should
follow his example and raise
more foodstuff of their own.
Mr. Smith also raised enough
potatoes this year to supply his
family about a year. Think of
a man in town (and a busy man
L. Bolt
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e Batte
in L. Bolt & Co., Pr4
Always Busy.
fore adjourning a delicious
sweet course was served.
The Ladies' Aid and Mission
ary Societies of the first Baptist
church held a call meeting at
the home of Miss Bess Hamil
ton Monday afternoon. The
afternoon was devoted almost
entirely to business matters.
Mr. Walter Poore, of Panama
was the week-end guest of the
family of Dr. C. N. Wyatt.
Mr. Poore left Monday morning
for Summerville, S. C., where
he is to act as best man at the
approaching marriage of one of
his old class mates. Mr. Ken
nedy Rutledge to Miss Louise
The many friends of Miss
Bess Burton, will be grieved to
hear of her mother's death
'which occurred last Thursday
morning at Newberry. Miss
Burton has returned to resume
her duties as assistant teacher
in the Easley High School.
Mrs. Henry and two children
of lrev-ard, N. C. is visiting her
:nother Mrs. Eliza Aiken at her
home on North Main Street.
Mrs. Jane Roark has returned
to her home with her daughter
Mrs. E. E. Ellison, after a two
weeks visit to relatives in And
erson county.
Ex-Governor and Mrs. M. F.
Ansel, of Greenville, visited the -
family of Dr. R. F. Smith last
Miss Bertha Wyatt and Tom
Wyatt, of Greenville, visited
the family of W. D. Sitton last e
week. ti
Master Henry Sitton delight- h
fully entertained a few of his a
friends at a spend-the-day party si
in honor of his twelth birthday. ti
Those eni6ying the occasion it
were Oliver Bolt, Frank Ellison, 01
R. T. Thornton, Charles Wyatt, 0
Julian Hiott, Bill Tripp, Tom tj
too) iaising more things of this li
kind than some of our farmers p
do. These are not the only p
things Mr. Smith has raised. v
Some of our own farmers come a:
to Pickens to buy potatoes and si
such things. It is no use to ir
talk hard times and blame it on w
the country, for this is the best a:
country in the world. All it ci
needs to be the richest is a little 01
more energy and less harping p
about hard times. We've got
the good people; we've got the ~
good country; all we need is
just a little more interest and i
work. ol
leseyo o yu e ou f
ess Clothing $.9 , 4 Ma
laudren'soa s for youcs
dtin attiGtre,il or we M
tru cetand sae msnfit ohem
eas o iv youg your ne
evryywo at o
asLEYc. S. C.
3rgepans fr 4c.
How short the year has seem
1 and shorter and shorter stil
ev will appear to many whc
ve reached the hill-top of lif
d are going down the othei
de. When we were children
ie years dragged slowly by and
was iuch a long wait fron
e Chr'stmas to another when
Id Santa should come to fill
e stockings. And this is thE
ay it appears 'to the childrer
today, and will go on sc
tiough ages yet to cnme.
As we approach anothei
hristmas it would be well foi
e young and old to reflect a
ltle and try to unravel its pur
)rt and meaning so as to get a
>per conception of its obser
~nee. Some possibly may'not1
~ree with the wiiter that il
>uld not be a festive occasior
the strict meaning of ..thai
rd, i. e., of hilarious revelry,
many now make it. The
stonm of making this day orn
frolic, carousal and frivolous
~stimes and ;3musemnents is al:
ong. People who indulge it
ise things should refrain fron
am at least on this day and
serve it as a sacred, holy day.
e should celebrate it certainly.
t in the same spirit as th(
~avenly choir when they
calded to all the world, "Peace
iearth, good will to men.'
should be a day of joy and
oicing because it commemo
es the adyent of the "Prince
Peace." We should celebrate
blic Meeting
Literary Society
The public meeting of the
nrod Literary Society at the
ool house last Friday night
s quite successful and enjoy.
le. A larger audience should
.ve been present to encourage
e puoils. The debate-Resolv
that South Carolina should
e a compulsory education
-was decided iin favor of
e afrmnative.' Colie Seaborn
:d Doyle Looper spoke for the
firmative and Ralph Gilstrat
Hold Up
I T has been right hard d
chin and smile, but the
end, and let's see if we
We want all our old frien<
who never entered our dc
their Xmais trading with-u
you values that will make
You will find many barl
Xmas toys, etc. Don't fc
at 4oc a box; Bear Brand
$1-50 oil can and 5 gallon
Come on and trade wit1
- c
......... .............. '
as Again B
it with gifts of love to God, to t]
the poor, to friends and loved C
ones. In such gifts we proclaim
the best gift to men-Jesus
:Christ-"For God so loved the
world that he gave his only be
gotten son,"
More than in any past age
we of toay have greater reason
to celebrate this day because we
are nearer the time for the sec- t
ond advent of our Lord.
The natural response to this s
great gift of God to .an, is for
us to make zifts of love to
others. Giving is a right ex
pression of this spirit. Often it C
is imperfect, often too narrow. d
Yet thereis no more appro-riate D
way to celebrate the day.
All can give. No one is so
pfoor, so unworthy, so feeble, so
frail, so lonely, but what he ors
she can give something to ex- ii
'press God's good will to men. C
Deeds of kindness, expressions g
of sympathy, words of love and li
cheer and hope and courage. a
~Give in time, in strength, in P
means. at home and abroad and li
every where.
Lt "Give, give, be always giving,
"Who gives not is not living, t
"The more we give the more we
When we celebrate the day !
in this spirit then truly we can
join in the gloria in excelsis of
the angels of "Glory to God in
the highest, on earth peace, a
good will toward men."
and Harry Robinson for the
The following was the pro
gram: Piano solo, Frances
Bruce; oration, Robert Baker,J
original story, Stella Porter;
violin solo, Oliver Boggs; essay.
Emmie Griffin; debate: music,
Ruth Parsons; recitation, Susie
Hester; quartett.
For Rent
The McComi~s place 4 miles4
north of Pickens C. H. App'y
to I. N. Miller. Easley,. S, C.,
route 1, box 2'7; or to J. J. Mc
Combs, Dacusville, S.C., route 1.
Your Chin
lring 1912 to hold up your
year is drawing close to an
can't cheer up and smile.
is and customers and those
ors before to come and do
s and we, will try to give
you smile.
ains on display, including
rget. the Robin Hood Shells
Extracts, r oc bottles for 5c;
s of oil for $1.65.
a us--There are better times
,entral Wants
A New Depot
srom ThA Messenger.
The Central board of trade met
.t the auditorium Monday night
heir regular meeting night,
,nil after going through the
ezular form of bisiness Dr. L.
. Shirley was received as a new
aen ber. The special feature
f the occasion was the reading
f a resolution prepared by a
-mmitee consisting of M. M.
titchie, T. M. Norris, F. B.
foran. R. Ramseur. and Prof.
Mancock, to be submitted to
he Southern Railway company
sking that a new depot be
rected at this place. The same
ommittee is also investigating
he cost of electric lights for
his place. Interesting talks
re made by Dr. L. G. Clay
rm and M. Ritchie.
Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Norris de
.ghtfully entertained at a five
ourse dinner Sunday in ho .or
f Mr and Mrs. Rice, of Liberty.
'he t: ble wa,4 beautiful and
rtistically arranged. Those
njoying Mr. and Mrs. Norris'
ospitality were: Mr. and Mrs.
ice, Misses Janie and Watts
layton, Mr. Bert Morgan and
[iss Mary Morgan.
We are very sorry to hear of
ie sudden death of Miss Sadie
ohntson on last Wednesday
iorning. She was buried at
ie family buring ground above
ix Mile Acad
emy Growing.
Examinations are being held
11s week at Six Mile Baptist
cademy. It has been a very
jccessful term here this year
nd is hoped that it will con
nue to be a fine school. We
re going to stop the 20th forl
hristmas and *ill give ten
avs holiday. There is a good
umber in school here this
ear, but we have room for
iore yet. The last session tO
1s year will start up with
weral more students with us,,
those who are planning to
me get in. The boys and
irs are getting advantage of
terary society, B. Y. P. U.,
nid other things that are es
ecially helpful in every day
fe. That is one of the great
eeds of today. We need more
raders, and better leaders-I
ien and women 'who will do
e right, and stand up boldly
.nd fight for the right. The
D uring the holidays we
ans in charge of Mr. T. H.
aving to come all the way 1
Mr. Trammell can suppi
5 different makes of Pianos
nd Victrolas.
Make your selection eam
rand Opera Hot
faculty are laying special stres
on literary work; training th<
boys and girls to do public worl
along with their other work
Any one should prepare them
selves to be able to tell wha
they do know when it is neces
Mr. J. M. Childers is movinf
from this section to Georgii
this week. Mr. Childerw is at
up to date farmer. All hi.
friends wish him much sccesi
where he is going.
Mrs. Mack Durham was sen
ously injured- from a fall which
she received eight or nine weekc
ago. Mrs. Du'rham is not im
proving any that we know of,
We are all in spmpathy with
her in her affliction and hopE
that there will be some means
used for a speedy recovery.
. Miss Olivia Durham of Six
Mile, visited friends at Seneca
last week.
There is still some land trad
ing being done in and around
Six Mile.
A School Boy,
Subscribe for The Sentinel.
Some recent occurrances in
our little city caused the church
people to take notice. A meet
ing of a number of the parents
and other members of- the Bap
tist and Methodist congrega
tions of the town was held at
the Baptist church last Sunday
afternoon for the purpose of
considering "certain sobial
It developed in the talks at
this meeting that one of the
things which was giving the
church people much concern
was the young Deopl.. dancing.
It further developed that some
of these were members of the
church and others who were in
position to set what the congre
gations thought better exam
ples and influence the younger
paole to a higher life. The
meeting passedla resolution call
ing upon those who are church
members and who are in posi
tion to exert a better influence
to ref rai > from such things for
the good of society and the
Other things were considered
and discussed and the following
resolution was passed:
"The evils of Sabbath dese
cration, gambling, raffling, and
all other devices tending tow
ard these things was also con
e me me
will place on sale in Picketi
r'rammell, and you can selec
o Greenville.
y you any instrument from 4
Player Pianos, Organs, an<
-ly and get your choice.
ill. WiIIi
Home of Pianos of Qi
ise Building.
Six Big
DeputV Coll
Constables Alex
and Cambeil made
seizures of stills and
accompaniments in
last Wednesda
LTh. tite and
estills-two on 00
near Saluda Hill, one
toe and one at
They were ill large on
sides the stills a larg
of beer and mash were.
Program Union
Twelve Mile River
to be held at Keow.
December 28-29.
1. What is the Bib
financing God's workf"
R. Abercrombie..
2. Is the present
the churches as
should be? Rev. W. H
c, e churches
-ig asi
Associatio^ ga
Baptist prin
should? Rev. B.
sidered, and itk
solved as the sense of.thi
ing that such things are
and injurious to the bes1
ests of the community
hereby call upoi our'c
thorities to have all
business, except thaLof
ty, closed on the Sabbath
thaTthey put a ban upo
phase of gambling and
all devices which tend to
gambling, including .'e
and billiard tabl"
A copy of this
sent to the mayon.
Following the fIth4na
G. F. Kirby, pastor of
odist church, preached i1
ful and thoughtful -se
the Baptist church
night on the subject of da
The above resolution,
misconstrued by those n
quainted with the situ
womight thinkr Picken~
~"wide open" town andti4
without effort teto it. Su6
is not the case. Since tok
office Mayor Hendricks ever
'made a fight on plain gamrblhn
and two weeks ago he g
ample notice that there
be no raffling in Pickens. ~
authorizes The Sentinel to sae
that anyone havinginform
of gambling, raffling or .n
other violation of the city di
nances to report it to him.
raslock of Pianos andP
t a nice instrument -wi
>ur large line, con
i Victor Tralking

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