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FstofMce a Second Class
eatbtO froi
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ib to Uiladms
-j dat *Wgb is tn ad d&M
Md f1 to M$Aaft"
Ui pt of txt ages,arcs,at
E9!spt I"touslC, all beart
bt MasNI !
Bie. Buis of bgode, tbe martbes
&sWest, sribandsoutb, let tbe
~agmrrel teast:
be seg f geat Jo! tIat 10e
Of gI M and of gd wi
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beas Um o'er si
[email protected] is a|ilig and daws
1c Of ft agts, aris N ike
- A"-secb flm to M*sic, all bear
ne Sentinel wishes ev-ery one
a ru.--happy, joyous Christmas.
As is the usual custom. with
weekly newspapers we will not
i paper next week, it be
in-r:ristmas week.
Not satisfied that Pickens
emnty raises the best cotton,
nor~ that~ a Pickens county man
~d~the best exhibit at an
~~~esoflcounty fair, Mr. W.
\~~1d1iks had to go up tc
A,shetile and take about all the
prizes worth having in the
poulItry show.
The Pickens Merchants
Mr. Editor-Last week's issue
* The Sentinel looked bad for
Pihkens. I noti'od
The me- ut ei areenville
l;ieve in advertising and they
Alieve in advertising in Pick
:us County. They are making
a strong bid for the trade in
this County by using the col
ums of your paper because they
aaow it pays. More than half
tile advertisements in the paper
ist week were by Greenville
(What is the matter with the
TNckens merchants that they do
dt adver,tise? Are they asham
I of their stock? Or do they
link trade will not justify it!
d the latter I think they would
iEnd that their trade would pick
up if they would let the people
know what they had. If those
.ho'do not adyertise will watch
he stores of those who do they
r:ill soon see it pays.
All the advertising space
b e Sentinel has to sell ought
" be used by Pickens men. If
dey did this they would soon
see much of the trade which
Aow goes to Greenville and else
wvhere going to Pickens.
A hookworm specialist, who
en treating this dIsease in
Ne o-tee4isae will
a in Pickens county at an early
date to examine free all those
w.ho apply to him. He will also
neat all cases free, the state
ad county bearing all expense.
<atch .The Sentinel for an
nouncement of exact dates.
An Aching Bl
Ony suffering womanhood knows whal
anfluence of these symptoms. There
only a weakc, nerTvous, c.scouraged ~
Stospect. No wonder these poor wome
1 t hand, however, for those who will
%~2. IIs a Wome
~ isas leaantto tak~e as the juice
I ps a ed tto suffering, builds 1
a ptst and acts beneficiallIy on
~ ,eerfuless, a strong vigo
\ .o
way to
- everyfal
one sub
ti;e fert
that will furnish a balanced ratio:
of the soil. To do this the fertil
as Phosphoric Acid. OL*r note
in farmers' mec:ings and pienty
that you hear.- Let us send one
A supply of these is furnished by rc
We will be glad to send a supply delive
or Farmers' Club Officer cn request. I
German Kali Works, Inc,
CM6am* MMY Bamk RI
By James Whicomb Rley
Copyright by JamesWhitcomb Riley.
Last Christmas was a year ago,
Says I to David, I-says-I,
"We're goin' to morning service, 9
You hitch up right away; I'll try
To'tell the girls jes' what to do
Fer dinner. We'll be back by two.'
I didn't wait to hear what he
Would more'n like say back to me,
But banged the stable door 'and fle
Back to the rouse, les' plumb chille
Cold! Wooh! how cold it was! My
Frost flyin', and the air, you know,
"Jes' shar
.. enough," heer
David swear,
"To shave a ma
aad cut h,
And blow an
blow! and sno
Wher e it ha
drifted 'long tU
And 'crost ti
road -so m
places though,
Jes' swep' clean to the gravel, so
The goin' was as bad fer sleighs
As 't was fer wagons-and both way
'Twixt snowdrifts and the bat
ground, I've
Jes' wundered we got through alive;
I haln't saw nothin', fore er sence
'At beat it anywheres, I know
Last Christmas was a year ago.
And David said, as we set out,
'At Christmas services was 'bout
As cold and wuthless kUN .' -
To offer "n . .>
wed on, in an undertone,
Bout leavin' Lide and Jane alone
There on the place, and me not thez
To oversee 'em and p'pare
The stuffin' fer the turkey and
The sass and all, you understand.
I've allus managed David by
Jes' sayin' nothing. That was why
He's chased Lide's
beau a wa y
cause Lide G,
She'd allus take
up Perry's side*
When David tack
led him; and so,
L a st Christmas & M/
was a year
Er ruther, 'bout a
David and Perry'd
quarrTld about
Some tom-fool argyment, you know,
And pap told him to "Jes' git out
' there, and not to come no more,
And, when he went out, to shet ti
Idas he passed the winder, we
Saw Perry, white as white could be
March past, onhitch his boss, ax
A seegyar, and lope out o' sight
Then Lide she come to me and cried
And I said nothin'-was no need.
And yit, you know, that man fes' g<
Right out o' there's ef he'd be'n shc
P'tendin' he must go and feed
The stock er sompin'. Then I trie
To git the pore gal pacified.
But' gittin' back to-where was we?
Oh, yes!-where David lectered me
. ..All way to mee
U ,in', high an
li7 3RW L as t Christma
was a year agC
Mr/0772Rf3 Fer all the awft
*WiE| M3 cold there was
A fair attendance
mostly, thougi
I The crowd wa
'round th
stoves, you se
Thawin' t h el
heels an
ck and
g Down Pains
itea:s to stru.gg e against the paralyzing
oseold wor that must be done and
-an to do it. It is almost a hopeless
find life a dreary burden. There is help
~ine Wine
n's Medicine
fa sweet orange yet it performs wonders.
ipthe r.ervous system. strengthens the
omens delicate organism, promoting
old fertilizer ID
[as are giving
the new. At
jett sho,uld be ~ ' -
ilizer formula A
to th '* r' ad .~.,the ftr:!t A
zer houl c.min !:--ast as MULch
~' T
book has condensed facts essential A
f space to record the new things T
to you bcf3rc your Institute meet s.
.est t) every institute held in several states. A
red free of charge to every Institute, Gr:age
t contai no advertising matter. O A
,42 Broadway, NewYork L
t., New Ore Bak &Tut B*k., Sar=A
Ef 't 'adn't be'n fer the old squire y
Givin' his seat to us, as in
We stomped, a-fairly perishin',
And David could 'a' got no fire,
He'd Jes' 'a' dropped there In his
And squire, as I was tryin' to yit
Make room fer, him, says, "No; the
fac's a
Is, I got to git up and git
'Ithout no preachin'. Jes' got
Trial fer life-can't be deferred!"
And out he put! All way through
The sermont-and a long one, too
I couldn't help
but think o'
And us changed
'round so, and
a His gentle ways,
'to give his warm
Bench up, and.
have to face the
storm. S
And when I no
n ticed David, he
d Was needin' jab- ie
bin'-I thought best ti
I To kind o' sort o' let him rest:
- I 'Peared like he slep' so peacefully! b:
And when I thought o' home, and how
And what the gyrls was doin' now, r
p And kind o' prayed, 'way in my breast, A
d And breshed away a tear er two
As David waked, and church was
n through.
s| t(
By time we'd "howdyed" round and
d shuck
craberriesae waitn onc
AREg' ray--AR REU
Ready' to show a ch'-er
Reunion this year -to look
- all of us) ought to-and 1
-sorn thing to be thankful fo
The very first thing to
little. You'll be surprised
. looking, and thanktul feeir
smrake you Better get in I
it now.
dNew Clothes, Overce
everythings. are ready for
come and get ~yours now
know, to wear new clothes:~
L Roti
Main C+ andi McBee Ave GI
:ands with the neighbors, must 'a
half hour longer: ever' one
-sayin' "Christmas gift!" afore
avid er me-so we got none!
at David warmed up, more and
ad got so jokey-like, and had
is sperits up, and 'peared so glad,
whispered to him, "'Spose you ast
passel of 'em come and eat
heir dinners with us. Gyrls's got
full-and-plenty fer the lot
ad all their kin!" So David passed
be invite round: and ever' seat
L ever' wagon-bed and sleigh
ras jes' packed, as we rode away,
he young folks, mild er so along,
-strikin' up a slelghin'-song,
l David laughed and yelled, you
ad jes' whirped up and sent' the
ad gravel flyin' thick and fast
ast Christmas was a year ago.
F'y, that-air seven-mild jant we
s' seven mild scant from church to
didn't 'pear, that day, to be
:uch furder railly 'n' 'bout three!
at I was purty squeamish by
he time home hove in sight and I
See two vehickles
standin' there
All to myse' And
David he sobered;
and says he,
"Hain't that-ah
Squire Hanch'e
Buggy," says he,
"an d claybani
Says I, "Le's gli
out the cold-,
our company's nigh 'bout froze!" He
Whose sleigh 's that-air, a-standin
ays I, "It's no odds whose-you jes
'rive to the house and let us out,
3ause we 're Jes' ~ freezin', nigb
ate of Ohio, city of Toledo. ,
Lucas County,
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that be Is
nior partner of the firm of F. J. Cheney
Co., doing business in the City of To
do, County and State aforesaid. and
tat said firm will pay the sum of ONE
UNDRED DOLLARS for each and ev
y case of Catarrh that cannot be cured
Sworn to before me and subscribed in
y presence, this 6th day of December,
.D. M&SG
(Seal) A. W. GLEASON.
Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally
id acts directly upon the blood and mu
mus sirfaces of the system. Send for
stimonials. free.
F. j. CHENEY,& CO.. Toledo, 0.
Sold by all Druggists. 'sac.
Take Ra's Family Pills for constipation.
Easy to Light.
c.Don't Smoke.
nd. Don't Leak.
in Nw JeseyBalhimore, Md.
tre ready, the golden
, the mince pies and
he pantry .shelf-every
ful face at the Family
thankful, as you f(and
o looik as if you had
do is to "spruce-U p" a
o see how orosperous
that one thing will
e-Everybody's doin'
ats, Hats. Shirts, new
\ ou here, too. Better
.It's good luck, you
.nd things for Christmas.
a* r, d t 1,~
You eau a UOz l.zo
L n --ycase ot: ellill.- ind
1. ..~. - - ~,coastip--tion or
If ::member of your family need a
'01,:it st li ens and builds, go to
yr dr:gi:t to.L.y and get a fifty-cent or
P dclar bott*e of R. L. T., and watch the
cuie:, ste.tdy improvement If your drug
ist can't suppy you write I. L. T. Co.,
AndL.:., S. C.
R. L.T.
ih B s Liver Medicine
1510c 8i U.2 :er P.ettle. All Drug Stores,
Well, )ivid swung up to the door,
And out we piled. And first I heerd
.ane's voice, then Lide's-I thought
I reached that gyrI I'd jes' die shore;
And when I reached her, wouldn't
Much if I had, I was so glad,
A-kIssin' her through my green veil,
And jes' excitin' her so bad,
'At she broke down herself-and Jane
She cried-and we all hugged again.
And David? David jes' turned pale
Looked at the gyrls, and then at me,
Then at the open
door - and
'Is old Squire
Hanch there?"
says he.
The old Squire
suddenly stood
The doorway, with
a sneakin' grin.
"Is Perry Anders
in there too?' . ..
Says David, lim- Th
berin' all through, in th
As Lide and me both grabbed him,
and IS j
Perry stepped out and waved his agen
hand any
And says, "Yes, Pap." And David jes'
Stooped and kissed tide, and says, "I
guess in tal
Yer mother's much to blanie as you- taina
Ef she kin resk him, I kin too!" lest
The dinner we had then haln't no to be
Bit better'n the one today "My
'At we'll have fer 'em. Hear some~
A-" -< -- .. - h v
was a year ago Grar
.HE conflict of
Christianity with J:A. ~
duced no more MCII
47M 'a" dramatic incidents
4f, than those which
have come down
-to us, half-history Maso
- ~' and half-myth, out
b of the forests andM
snows of northern
S Europe, where the Practi
Q cross confronted _
Sa n d prevailed-.
mer of Thor. -. Oft
en the crisis cameC
at Christmas, which happened to cor
respond with the Yuletide festival, at
the time of the winter solstice. Th
Longfellow has used one of these
stories In "King Olaf's Christmas." Bea
Another, In which real religious fer.Sin
vor and moral heroism play a part, Is
the story of the first Christmas tree.
There stands at Altenbergen, in -'2
northern Germany a statue erected In
1811 In honor of Saint Boniface; and
the place of the statue Is said to be
the site of the first Christian church
in north Germany.
Boniface, who must not be confused
with any of the nine popes who bore
the name, was a Briton by birth, and
his name was Wynfrith. Declining
high ecclesiastical honor, he chose to
be a missionary to the rude tribes of
the German forests. Of these tribee )
Tacitus tells us; and we know that
they were Implacable In war and
bloody In their worship, but that
among their virtues was a marked )
purity of private life and love of
Each year these people '-crliced
to their gods. One of ti:ur liest
shrines was a great,.oak at Geismar.
There they gathered at midnight at
the winter solstice, and offered a far1
Lad as a sacrifice to call back the re
treating sun.
Thus they were assembled at the
Yuletide in the year 724. As the mid
night approached, an old priest raised )
the hammer to strike down the child,
when Boniface Interposed a strong
arm and an eager word. He told them
of a child who was born seven hun
dred years before, and how he show
ed to men that they need offer no
more bloody sacrifices. H-e told them
of the love of God and the beauty of
his service. The stern men heard and
believed. Urged by the heroic mis
sionary, they hewed down the dark
thunder-oak, the scene of so many
The legend says that when the tree
fell, it left a young fir growing be
tween the shattered branches, and un
broken by their fall. Boniface told
them to take that tree to their ban
queting hall; to serve God with joy X
and feasting; and to take for their
Yule tree this one, with roots un
stained with blood, and with ever
green foliage for a symbol of immor
If part of the story Is myth, It is not
all myth; and it is surely a beautiful
way of .explaining one of the - mostb
beautiful of Christmas customs.
out's Companion. t
Everything in the
Buying as we do in
The largest stock Ft
Pickens County.
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Dressers from $5.00
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The largest lot of ch
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Clothing, Sho(
Sole agents for Wall
[ron King Stoves. New Ho
:ll Wagons and Mitchell
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;s are colds and grip. In
attack by one of these
1ies no time should be lost
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ble to drive it off. Count
iousands have found this
Dr. King's New Discomr'y.
ud for
acolds and croup we
never found its equal."
anteed ifor all bronchial
~ions. Pirce 50cts. and
at Pickens Drug Company.
cColoug1f B. F. Martiz
E. M. Blythe
logh, Martiu & Blyth
[c Temple Grecuville, 8.0C
Associate firm
Andpr.<on, S. C.
e in all Courts.
o Infants and Children.
ind You Have Always Bought
ture of iG
Georgia C
Golden I
Log Cabin
For good
Low price
806 Pendlet
Furniture and House Furnishit
he Kitchen to the Parlor.
car lots enables us to save you at least 1o
rniture, Stoves and House FurnishiNs
to $25.00.
nd at all prices, Kitchen Safes from $2.51
ards, Buffetts, Dining Tables, Parlor Suite
irs ot every description, from -oc to $Io;
ng in the Furniture line, and we show you
Yours truly,
s. Hats and Gents' Furnishing Goods a Sp(
-Over and Boyden Shoes, Carhart Overal
me Sewing Machines, Chase City and Babc
Southern R
Schedules Effective Sept. 22,1
i N. B.-The following schedule figures are publiz
are n:t guaranteed. ARRIVE FROM THE SOU
No.44 ATLANT\ ----------------
Sops to discharge pa sengern rom A1.a
Stops only on Sundays
No 42 SENECA (Daily except Sunday).
F sr wasbington and Ne.w York.
sengers frcom; Atlanta and to~ receive, as
- loIe ar.d beyond
Stops to take on passengers for Atlaz
11 CH-ARLOTTE.......
41 CHA RLOTTE (daily, exc--pt Sunday
For furthcr <nfomation apply to Ticket A-gent
Gireenville. 8. C.
A. K. PA
This will inform the readers of The
still at the old stand in "West End", v
stocks of Dry Goods, Underwear, Notio:
have ever carried, and my prices SHAl
goods can be sold for. A few prices wi
right on prices.
A good Calico 5 cents..
A good Cotton Check 5 er.nts.
Canton Flbnnels 5, 8 1-3, 1o and 1:
Men's heavy Fleeced Shirts 50 cen1
Ladies' heavy Fleeced Vest and Pai
Prepare for cold weather which is st
a good blanket. My shoe stock is comp
and prices the lowest. Don't fail to cor
For Good Bread
w Crop Syrups
ane direct frorn the farr
tidge and Be-fo-de-wal
an d Bunny brand Map]
offee we can please you
s on all goods our specia
on St.. Greenvi
per cent on every
to be found ia
to $1o.oo.
s, Ward Robes,
>o ever shown in
a line at prices
Is, Hawes Hats,
ck Buggies,Mitch
912 from Easley.
ied only as informa-ion a:d
.220 am
ta, or ti receive
-8.5 am
-1.45 pm
-6 25 pm
.-7.55 pm
idxeharge rnas
engers for.. Char
-6.50 am
.11.55 am
-9.55 pm
r write
E. McGEE. A.CO P. A -
Columbia. S. C.
Sentinel that I am
ith one of the best
is and Shoes that I
L BE the lowest, that
11 convince you we are
1-2 cents.
ts 25 and 50 cents.
re to come by buyin~g
ete, quality the best
e to see me.
4O. K.
feature '
Ie,S. C. 5

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