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Opium.M*rphine Wrnier
tins D SI -eriS
pam7m signan o'
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
Real Es
The Linwood Land and It
business and anxiouIs to be c
If you wish to buy any rea
us help you. We wi]I treat
We also insure property.
Come and talk it over wit
Linwood Land a
Office at ke<
Special Pu!!man Train Will
Where They Will Witness
the Wonders of America's
Opportunity Will Be Accor
Borne by The Journal
-One hundred and twenty-five
inauguration of President Woodrc
Atlanta Journal.
An opportunity to become a z
school and college boy in the sol
Journal will transport these boys
cial train of luxuriously-equipped
Every cent of expense for th
board and hotel accommodations
seeing expeditions will be borne1
125 school boys get aboard this1
this city five days later, they will
Not often is such a trip as this
will only prove immensely enter
boys will see and the informatioi
The southern boys who go on
tion of the first president which
States since 1845. They will be
who spent his boyhood and young:
a Georgia girl, and two of whose<
up his official residence in the W
spiclous occasion and hundreds of
of this and foreign countries, will
The Journal's guests will be
which t.o view the inaugural para
President-elect Wilson will ride.
worth going hundreds of miles to
the many features which The Jc
For full particulars, ad<
Six room house on Coll
in. Price $1,500.0o
1 22 acres fine farming
Price $50.oo per acre.
85acres fmne farming l
near Pickens railroad., Ter:
$50.00 per acre.
For terms apply to
For Infants and Children.
The KiNd You Have 1
Always Bought
Bears the
In :
J Use
For Over
Thirty Years e
J. McD Bruce, President. C
I. M. Mauldin, Cashier. X
,ate... a
:dod and Rented ~
ivestment Company is ready for
~f benefit to those who need ou
1 estate, sell any, or rent any, let
you right.
ma Investment Co. .
~wee Bank, Pickens
the Inauguration and Be Shown a
Most Beautiful City -This Great- P
ded and Every Cent of Expenses
southern school boys will attend the ar
>w Wilson, as the special guests of Th~e thJ
iember of this party is offered to every ca
ith, over fourteen years of age. The
to Washington and return on a spe- ul
Pullman and dining cars. 0
is trip, including meals on the train, 'F
'i'ngWashington, and various sight- u'
by this paper. From the moment the
rain In Atlanta until they leave it in C
be The Journal's guests. six
offered to the average school boy. It dr
taining, but the sights which the
1 which they will gain, is beyond es
.this trip, will witness the inaugura- A
the south has given to the United in
present when this great southerner,
manhood in Georgia, and who married in
:hildren were born in this state, takes al
hite House. This will be a most au- pi
thousands of visitors from all siections 'n
be in Washington for the event.
>rovided a special vantage point from
de in which both President Taft and fc
This magnificent pageant is alone
see. However, It will be only one of f
urnal's party will enjoy.
he Atlanta Journal, Atlanita,, Ga.
ege street in city of Lasley. Close:
land,' three miles below Easley. b
,nd two (2) miles above Easley,h
Sacres fine bottom land. Price n
Regulations to cover workings
f the new parcels post system.
which is to go into effect Jan
ary 1. next, were made public
)ec. 13. The new system will
e effective throughout the en
ire postal service at the same
ime and w'11 affect every post
ffice, city, rural and railway
iail transportation route in the
outry. Every precaution will
e taken by the postoffice to
.ave the mails moved with the
.sual dispatch and all post
asters, superintendents and
aspectors have been directed to
boroughly familiarize them
elves and their subordinates
7ith every phase of the new
The regulations provide that
arcels of merchandise, includ
ig farm and factory products
3ut not books and printed mat
r) of almost every description
p to 11 pounds, in weight and
leasuring as much as six feet
i length and girth combined,
xcept those calculated to .
ijury to the mails in tr zit
ay be mailed at any post
ffice for delivery to any address
i the country. Delivery will
e made in the homes of pt ople
ving on rural and star routes
s well as those living in cites
nd towns where there is de
very by carrier. Where there is
t resent no delivery by carrier
Could Shout For Joy
"I want to thank you from
1e bottom of my heart," wrote
. B. Rader, of Lewisburg, W.
a., "for the wonderful double
mnefit I got from Electric Bit
rs, in curing me of both a .se
are case of stomach trouble
d of rheumatism, from which
had been almost helpless suf
~rer for ten years. It suited
y case as though made just
me." For d'e pepsia, in
~~IP and to rid
Donut Pay
$2.00 AND $2,50 for Mens Hats when
e will sell you the same for 98c. Cam
tre our lina and you will give us your
ade. Sample line of all this season's
yles in the latest shades soft and stiff
NEW SBIPMENT of Mens Pants,
iaran:seed all wool filling, neat service
le patteri,s worth $1.00. Our bar
tin price $1 45 pair.
SOME EXTRA values in mnens pa:ts
WRIGHt"S MENS Health Und-.rwqre
e $1.00 kind, here you buy it 73c gar
TO SLEEP warm you should try our
Iting night shirts 50c and 75c.
MENS HEAVY fleece imed shirts
Ld drawers 50c garmenr.
BY EXPRESS we have just reeived
new shipment of L'adie's Clo-tks.
ught for cash under valiue ,->'ur catsh
'ice $6.00 and $7 00'.
SO1E BIG values in cloaks $9.00 to
COAT SUITS-Sample line in all the
w materials, unusually attractive
fles at popular prices in black, navys
id fancys, our prices are much lower
an you will,find elsewhere. Give us
e pleasure of showing you what we
n save you on Coat Suits
r prices, a line of good furs which
r customers can buy with confidence.
ir Cts from $3.00 up. Don't buy furs
til you see our line.
0 PIECES OF 25 INCH mercerized
ambray in solid, neat stripes, and
iail checks, a nice material for house
esses, childrens wear and man's shirts,
tra heavy and fine 10c yard.
2000 YARDS MOSE of that yard wide
tiig in short lengths, value 12 :-2c at
yard. light colors.
54 INCH Suiting dard colors 50c yd.
.1 wool S1.00o value Broadcloth !A
ches at 85c yard.
LACE CURTAINS fresh from the
rkers, nice values at 500 pair. Speci
bargains at 75c and $ 1,00 pair. One
ece curtains~, exceedingly handsom
d attractive 75c window.
NE W Trunks and Suit Cases.
6 SPOOLS best six cord spool cotton
"Sells it For Cash."
114-1165S. MAIN STREET
Lands for Sale or Rent.
My Keowee farm of 1,000
:res for sale, as a whole or will
it to suit purchaser, fine high
>ttomn and good upland, plenty
Stimber, Purchaser can make
is own terms.
One thirteen acre lot with
ew house house in the town of
ix Mile; also one other house
nd lot in the town of Six Mile
oth for sale or rent. Fine
:hool and church facilities.
A portion of my Keowee fa.rm
w rent. See J. Frank Stenli~ns
To Feeble Old People.
As one grows old the waste of tl
system becomes more rapid than r
pair, the organs act more slowly ar
less effectually than in youth, the' cl
culation is poor, the blood thin az
digestion weak.
Vinol, our delicious cod liver ai
iron tonic without oil, is the ide
strengthener and body-builder for o'
folks, for it ccatains the very el
ments needed to rebuild wasting tj
sues and replace weakness wil
strength. Vinol also fortifies the sy
tem against colds and thus preven
A grandneice of Alexander Ham
ton, over eighty years of age, on
remarked: "Vinol is a godsend to o
people. Thanks to Vinol, I have
hearty appetite, sleep soundly, fe
active and well. It is the finest ton
and strength-creator I have ev,
If Vinol fails to build up t]
feeble old people, and crea
strength, we will return your mone
Pickens Drug Co., Pickens. S. C.
the parcels will go to the pos
offices as is the case with ordi
ary mail.
The postage rate for the zor
-that is. within distances i
exceeding fifty miles, will I
five cents for fir..t pound at
three cents for each a0dition
pound. Rates increase for eac
successive one in the eight zoni
into which the country is divii
ed. The maximuni race beir
12 cents a pound, which wj
carry a parcel across the cont
nent or even to Alaska and ti
Philippines. -
For a fee of ten cents al>arc
may be insured and if the 'pa
el is lost in the mails an inden
nity to the amount of its valt
not to exceed $50 will be paid I
the sender.
The law provides for the uc
>f distinctive postage, staml
aqd there are now being distr
buted io postmasters for use i
the parcel post system a set
3tamps of 12 denomination!
Parcel post maps with accon
paning guides are to be sold t
he public at their cost, 75 cent:
hrough the chief clerk of th
>ostoffice department.
Postmaster Morris wishes 1
~ive postoffice patrons a fe
"t's" to be observed at a
vrt ery reasor
Don't~ asic
~iold the mail after tra? .
Don't close youir Christma
package against inspection an
on't enclose writing in padl
Tax Notice.
)ffice of County Treasurer, Pickens County.
Pickens, S. C., October 1, 19l2
The books for the collection of State ar
ounty taxes will be open from
October 15th 1912 to December 31st 1912.
Thoe who prefer to do so can pay in Janu
y 1913, with 1 per cent additional. The
'ho. prefer paying In February 1913, ci
o so wIth 2 per cent additional. Those w]
refer paying in March 1913, to the 15th of sa
nonth, can do so ny paying an additional 7 p
:ent. After said date the books will close.
N. B.-Tax payers owning property or payir
ax for others, will please ask fo tax recei:
each township or special school district:
rhich he or they may own property. This,
ery important as there are so many speci
chool districts. Those who do not wish
ome to the office cani write me, "ot later the
scember 20th, and I will furnish thenm wil
he amount due and they can remit me 1
heck, money order or registered letter,
tamps are sent do not send above two0
en, as I cannot use them. Please do ni
end me cash without registering same, as it
able to get lost; if sent otherwise it must
t sender' 'risk.
evy for state tax ...... ..........5%Mi
evy for Constitutional School tax . 3 ml
evy for Ordinary County tax. ...6 ml
evy for Sinking Fund ...... ......1% ml
evy for Past Indebtedness......... ml
.evy for Chain Gang... .......... 2 mi
evy for State Constable...... . ..... % mi
Toa 19% mil
;pecial Levy for School DIstrict No. 1, 2 miu
pecial Levy for School District No. 2,.. .2 ml
pecial Levy for School District No. 3.. ..2 mil
pecial Levy for School District No. 4... .2 mi]
;pecial Levy for School District No. 5, . .2 mi]
pecial Lovy for School Dirtrict No.7... .4 ml
;peciai Levy for School D'strict No. 8,.. .2 ml
pecial ..evy for School District No. 9,. 10 ml
;pecial Le 'y for School District No. 10,2%4 ml
pecial Levy for School District No. 11, 71 mil
pecial Lcvy for School District No. 12, ..2 mil
pepial Levy for School District No. 13,..8S ml
;pecial Levy for School District No. 14,. .4 ml
pecial Levy for School District No. 16..:.6 ml
;pecial Levy for school District No. 17.. .7 ml
;pecial Levy for School District No. 18, 2 ml
;pecial Levy for School District No. 19, 2mil
peelal Levy for Schooi District No. 2l....2 mu;
pecial Levy for School District No.21 .. ..4 itl
;pecial Levy for School District No. 22,. .4 mil
;pecial Levy for School District No, 23,. .2 mil
;pecal Levy for Schbool D)istrict No. 24, 214 mil
;pecial Levy for School District No.2", 2%4 miu
;pecial Levy for School District No. 27,..2~ mil
;pecial Levy for School D)istrict No. 28. ..4 mil
;pccial Levy-for School District No. 29. 3 nil
;pecial Levy for School District No. 31l. l5 n.i'
;pecial Levy for School District N.o 32.. 3 mil
pecialLevy for School District No. 3'; .4 mil
;peciel Levy for School District No. 37. 4 mil
;pecial Levy for Sohool District No.28, 2 mil
pecial Levy for School District No. 40. ,2 mil
;pecial Levy for School District No. 41, 3 ml
;pecial Levy for School District No. 42,..2 ml
special Levy for School District No. 46.. .4 mil
pecial Levy for School District No 47.. .3 mil
special Levyv for Sehool l>istrict No. 49,. .2 mil
pecial Levy for School District No. 51. ..3 mil
pecial Levy for School District No. 52. 2 ml
pecial Levy for School District No. 53,...3 mil
pecial Levy for School District No. 55.. .4mil
special t.evy for School District b'o. 56. ..4 mil
Levy for interest on Pickens R. R. Bonds
urricane township............. 2 mil
2vy for interest onm Pickenms R. R. Bonds
1-astatoe township..............24mil
avy for interest on Pickens R. R. Bonds
Pickens C. H. township.. ......... 2ml
Poll Tlax, One (1) Dollar. Every male citize
rom 21 to to 60 years Is liable, except Confedi
ste soldiers, who do not pay after 50 years at
Ihose excused by law.
Commutation Road Tax. 51.50. The Le
Eslature enacted the following law: "That
ablebodied male persons from the age of twe
ty-one and fifty years. both inclusive, in itl
ounty of Pickens, shall be required ananual
o pay one dollar and fifty cents commu tati
r road tax, except ministers of the gospela
tually in charge of a congregation, persons De
nanently disabled in the military service
this State. and persons who served in the ia
war bet' een the States. and all persons actu1
ly em yed in the quarantine r-ervice of ti
Nate, and all students who may be attendi1
any school or college at the time when the col
mutation tax hereinabove provided for shi
become~ due, shall be required to pay tot
County Treasurer of said county, between t.
15th day of October and the 31st day of Decel
beri eac'h and every year, an annual comm
tation or road tax of one dollar and fifty cer
per head, and any failure to pay said road ta
shall be a misdemeanor. and the offender, up<
conviction, shall be punished by a fine of
less than five dollars and not more than fi
dollars, or imprisoned for not more than thu
aitation DgTax. All persons owni
dogs are require to pay a tax of fifty (50) cet
oneah ognRsectfnlly
Pickens Route 3
We are 1.,sving some va
cold mornings, but despit t1
e people are moving to and :
A every day.
Mr Dce Bagwell has nic
on the farm of Mr. J. H. Lol
L Mrs. Thomas Boidi is s
d improving.
S Despite the cold wind: a v
a large crowd attendtd preachi
services at Mou In Groye
fourth Sunday.
Mrs. Sar .v 'yhas retu:
Id ed irom a t ,-months st
a with her son, W. D. Grayley
1 Greenville.
ar Mrs. Oscar Stewart returv
to Greenville Saturday af
te visiting her parents, Mr. a
Y. Mrs. I. H. Watt, of near F
good's mill. Mrs Stewart v
accompanied k to Greenv
by Misses A ie and Res
t- Siewart.
John Baker. who was so b
ie ly hurt by a turn plow kicki
:t him in the side, is able to
)e out again to the delight of :
id friends.
ii The Holly Springs school
:h progressing nicely with M
as Esther Gravley as teacher.
~ Miss Grace Porter is report
'g to be quite sick at this writir
i. Mr. Digger Prince who lh
ie been in Montana for sever
years, is back at home on a vis
el Digger's old friends were g]
r- to see him.
- . Messrs. Acker and Ad
ie Porter spent Thanksgiving wi
,o their perents, Mr. and Mrs.
H. Porter.
e Mrs. Lem Gravely's moth
Mrs.Aurelius J. Cl.irk, of Gree
ville, who was not expected
n live many days is some better
>f I
this writing.
- Farmer's Wife
3Famous Stage Beauties
e look with horror on Skin Eru
tions, Blotches, Sores or Piu
o pies. They don't have thei
~For all such troubles use Buc
1len's Arnica Salve. It glorif
-the face. Excellent for :I
z.ema or Salt Rheum, it cm
-happed hands, chi
Pt 6
14 6 -
Fs~ orcs w
- Let_us_tak
ry t h
. is one. of the common symp- at
torns of womanly trouble, and in
the cause has to be removed pra
is. bdo~ you can rid yourself of it mo
entN-ly.A medidz htmr- lt
1ykilsp , does not gdto ithe
seat of the trouble, and kill the lea
1 cause. What you need is a ma
ry woman's medicine-one which pro
n0. acts drectly, yet gently, onthe )
he womanly organs. rea
TAKE bill
TTonk in I
ter WOIl8a'S bad
nd solt
After having used Car duo, yo
la- Miss Lillie Gibson, of Chrise
as man, Texas, writes: ;"About
Ile three years ago, I was just mo
sio entering womanhood, and was do
sick in bed for nearly nine mo
months. Sometimes I would del
id- have such headaches, and oth- & (
ng eraches, I could hardly stand 116
be it. I tried Cardul, and now -
am cured of all my troubles. I
lis shall praise Cardul as long as I S
live." Cardui is the medicine.
.s you need. Try it. E-69
ed B
th -
J /
being able to possess all the art
istically designed ornaments
and the attractively fashioned
utilities in
p. ~ JEWELRY $
nyou would really like to own.
nCome here and select from
kour large and varied stock the ri
trinkets you'd like and then ask J
es our prices. You'll be surprised
chow many a little money will ._~
es buy,
SI Like the LU
That's what the
ed them a pair <
We want you
V ot Pride,
every time you
S will be easy.
We have the
one has yet que:
We are showing the ne
Metal, Patent Calf, Tar
Besides dressy Shoe
who farms. These are
?!2 and water proof-yet r
Our sho'wing is so-varied we har
place for the woman who wants f
/seldom fail to make the sale.
Soft, Glove-like Shoes
Strong, Serviceable S
doors in all sorts of weather.
Stylish Cuts 'w hose grac
e tan, russett, black and white. C
Children's SE
wear, but retaining all the Iines a dre
inter evenings around the fireside,
nen and chdldr::n.
are of your shoe needs when in Green
de, Pattoi
k bill to grant the women of
ith Carolina equal su
Jh men will be present
general assembly in
-y according to inform
band. "Votes for wo
3outh Carolina is someth
.cticallv brand new. Th
mentous question has been
le discussed in this state-at
;t among men, the law
kers. though women have
bably frequently talked the
tter. Hovever, there is no
son why an equal suffrage.
should not create interest in
general assem bly.
rni expelled alive with head
0 minutes. No sickness, no
after effects. Medicine ab
itelv harimless. We nail
t this valuable Recipe on re
)t of $1.00 in stamps or
ney order. and guarantee to
,ll we claim or refund your
rey. Send today. Don't
"OOK BOOK CO., P. O. Box
, Aiken, S. C. -
nd us your Job
Just the time when you
your Thanksgiving and C
are offering while it lasts,
Extr,cts 10c size bottle ft
lease you.
We have a big lot of Rc
the best shells on the mar]
to sell for 40, box. You c
as few as you desire. ]
Thanksgiving and Christr
Come to see us with yoi
.50 Oil Can and'5 ga
py anAdvertisem(
y all say, after w
>r two.
to get the habit
Patton & Tilha
think of Shoes,
right kind of E
stioned outr price
i Shoes for Me
w lasts-the new toes andI
SCalf, and Vici.
for the dressy man, we has
as strongly built as a rawhi
asonably priced.
adies' Shoes
dly know where to begin 1.alk
it, service, style and comfor
for old ladies, to whom cor
hoes for the woman whose
eful lines are intended to be
xfords and Slippers in all sty
:hool Shoes
ssy shoe should have.
et a pair of bed room or hoi
a4. Til
e, S.C.
(,- V. -~
To Head,
Nothisg Ie Bet
Dr. Mes' Ant?i-_
They Give Relef W
ad Aftr-Effectx.
"It gives me gfatfe'a
offer a word of 'reco
for Dr. Mil Ant-i
as thereoand& ?
unn; P Mda
was afflicted intermittent
years with headachse .a4
other remedies fCA4ed, -
Dr. Miles' Anti-Pa. 716II
the past ten years I %ae
them constantl i-h-me,
instant relief Ubi g
two on the approa& 'i-h
They are also.1effc.-e
ralm giving immediAe
I. S. ROWM, Esth
For Sale by Al D
2 00e8s, 2 e
need extracts
hristmas cookin'
biz lot of'Bear
r 5. The, gobds
in Hood shellf, one of
ret, that we ar& going
n buy just as many or,,'
ay in a supply for
nas hunting.
r cash and produce.
lins of oil Aor $1.
tin TheSe
have sho
of thinking
and the r
hoes, and ho
best leathers, in Gun
ethem for the man
e saddle-cold proof
ng. This store is the
, and at prices that a
nfort means so much.
duties call her out of
seen. 'High cuts ~n
les and colors.
ise slippers. We have* -

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