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i-ba e Office X
Entered ArII 23, 1L903 at PIckens, S. C. as second clas" Mall miatner, under t orfCon.-ress Of Iac ,17
hed 1871-Volume 42 PICKENS, S. C., JANUARY 2, 9
May the Yea 1913 be the Best You Have Ever Had and the Worst You Will Ever Have is the Wis o e
Pleasant Grove! News
Jimmie Philips of tis section
went to Marietta Christmas
Eve and while there he attend
ed a nice Christmas tree at
Marietta church and reports a
good time and lots of fun.
J. L. Burgess and family
spent Christras day with V. A.
Rigdbb-and family. '
A. B. and J. Fortner of
Green*ille . are spending the
Chrismas holidays with their
father an& mother.
Alonzo Fortner -has been con
fined to his bed for the.past few
days,with cold and grip.
Jas. R. Duncan went to Green
ville Tuesday on business.
Mr. Jack Moody, who has
been.our neighbor for the past
8 years, has moeed down on the
White Horse road ne.ar Green
Mr. Rose Mayfield, son of
George R. Mayfield, was thru
this vicinity to day. Rose .is a
nice young man and some of
the young ladies would do well
to trap him.
Dr. E. C. Stroud of Marietta
visited the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Jas. F. Rigdon, on Christ
mas morning and left with
them a fine girl weighing 10
lbs. Who can beat this for a
Chnstmas preent?
- H. D. Anderson, has
e to Florida to spend the
ter. She is not -very stout
seems to think her health
1 improve by going south for
e winter.
A. -T. Fortner killed a hog the
er day that netted 400
unds. It also male about 15
allons of lard.
Mrs. Ben Mastent who has
siqkfor the last. few days
is some better at this writing.
Mr. Willard Keigle has moved
in his big saw mill and is now
ready to go to cutting the nice
lot of timber he purchased from
Mr. Bates.
J. P. Anders is preparing to)
build himself a new dwelling
house on his farm on ~Saluda
B. B. Barker has got his grist
mill to running and is anxious
to grind any one a good turn of
Well Mr. Editor it is getting
late and news is scarce and I
will ring off for this time, wish
ing.you and all that reads~ The
Sentinel a happy New Year.
A Farmer.
Pickens Route 2
Eyerybody on Pea Ridge is
enjoying themselves this week
sitting by the fire.
A large crowd attended the
Christmas tree at Mountain
View on Christmas eye.
Rev, ane Mrs. J. T. Mann
were welcome visitors in this
community last week.
Elmer Hendrix visited Jesse
Bolding the first of last week.
Misses Bethel and Ethel Mann
spent last Thursday with their
~cousins, Misses Pearl and Leila
Garrett. They report a nice
Messrs. Clyde and Arthur
arrtt went to Cheohepnme
Cidar Rock News
Mr. and Mrs. D. B urdin
were visiting Mr. and Mr
Lawrence, near Croswell, Sui
Messrs. Edward Robins an
John King of 4reenville. wei
visiting at Mr. Joel H. Miller
Miss Pearl Turner, who j
teaching. rear Travler's Rest,
spending the holidays at hom
Miss Rula Hendrix, a studer
of Greenville Female College
at home for the bolidays.
Mrs. Anna Y. Bennett,
teacher at Saluda Seminan
Saluda N. C., is visiting at M
Joel.H. Miller's.
Mr. R. Bruce Stewart, a sti
dent'of Clemson College is spen'
ing the holidays with his p4
rents, Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Stev
Misses Ada Miller and Lul
Juli-n, students of Salu<
Seminary, are at home for tb
Misses Lillian and Vivia
Hendrix, were the guests <
Miss Flossie Williams Saturda
Mr. and Mrs. Bess Smith <
Greenville, were visiting Mr. I
F'. Smith last week.
Messrs. Bolding and Pilgrir
from the Six Mile section. wei
visiting at Bob Hendrix's las
Mr. Volasco Tripp and siste:
Miss Mabel, of Anderson, ai
v siting at Mr. Tom Julian's a
Elmer Hendrix and sistei
Miss Rula, were the guests <
Mr. and Mrs. William Boldin
near Six Mile last week.
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Stev
art were the guests of Mr. an
Mrs. Will Stewart, near Pici
ens Sunday.
Ford Williams, of the Cro:
Roads section, left recently f4
Mr. and Mrs. Ossie Hunt <
Greenville, are visiting Mr. at
Mrs. B, H. Williams at presen
The Cedar Rock school bega
Monday morning, with M
Elmer Hendrix as principa
A. White Singleton, who
no w railway mail clerk betwet
Knoxville and Nashville Ten:
spent the week-end at horn
One of the enjoyable featuri
of the holidays, was a pour
party given at Mr. and Mr|
Earl Gilstrap's Friday nigh
Mr, Watson, of Anderson we
the gut st of Mr. Tillman Julia
News From Ooleno
Mr. and Mrs. M. Hendrick
who have been sick for the la
three weeks are very much be
tr to the delight of their man
Mr. and Mrs. Warrior King<
Brevard,N. C. have been spen<
ing the Christmas Holida'
with the latter's mother, Mr
Sallie Jones.
Mr. and Mrs Jesse Morris ha'
been visiting at the home
W. F. Hendricks.
The Ambler school open
Decme3 h ih Mr. W.
Death of Good
I Lady at Six Mil
After a lengthy illness ti
death of Mrs. Malinda Kenn,
e mur came not unexpectei
She died December 17, and wi
93 years old. This noble woma
lived to be perhaps the olde.
lady in the countys She was
cheerful up until her illness
e few weeks past. She was a
s unUsU3l exception among ag(
persons. She had kept a brigl
-s memory and could talk of h(
is early life as any one would <
. former years. She was coi
t scious until the.end came. N<
[ long before her sickness she sai<
"I am ready to die, I've mac
every sacrifice I know to maki
a Mv 1aster's will is my will an
I'm praying daily his will to do.
- She was laid to rest and wa
the resurrection the day folloy
i- ing at Old Pickens cemetery b
- the side of her husband, Rei
- Harvie Kenilemur, who lon
- preceeded her to the grav
There were seen sons an
a daughters. All are livin
a except Mrs. J M. Burrough
who 'died several years ag<
The surviving 'are M.s. B. I
Smith. of Reedy, CalifVOiI
n Mrs. R. E. Parrott. Mr. N. I
' Kennemore, Mrs. E. M., Jone
v of Pickens county; Mrs. C. I
Morgan, of Oconee, and Mr. 2
f S. Kennemore, of Hansfor
. Texas. Only a iew of th
above named were present C
the burial. Being impossibe t
reach here Mrs. B. F. Smit
t was sent a telegram and sor
of the others were indisposed
the time of the death of thei
. mother. The funeral servic(
e were conducted by Rev. H. J
t O'Kelley, of Oconee.
Prof. S. A. Rutledge returne
, to this little village after havin
spent a few days with his p,
rents near Nashville, Tenn.
Rey. B. C. Atkinson sper
the latter Dart of the week Vit
d relatives in Greenville.
Rev. H. Right, of uppt
Pickens county, was the gue
s of R. P. Prince last Saturda
r and Su.ndav.
N. C. Merck spent the ho]
fdays with homefolks here.
Cleo Mann, of South Carolin
University is spending the ho]
n|days at home. He will retur
'-|to Colu.nbia to resume h
- studies at an early date.
STillman Garrett. who ha
nbeen attending college at Ashi
vilyle, N. C. is at home this wee]
SHe will return to Asheville Jai
~s nary 1st.
dThe Six Mile Academy facu
- ty will all be back today at
Gwill resume work next Monda'
s December 30th.
The adjoining district schoo
will begin work Monday, Ga
yin being taught by Mr. Fran
Welborn of Pickens, and upp<
Six Mile by David Vickery<
, I Tonap.
ICentral Wants It
~fAnderson Daily Mail.
- Mr F, B. Morgan, Jr., pres
s dent of the Chamber of Con
. merce of Central, is very muc
interested in a movement to g<
the interurban people to build
e link from Anderson to Clemso
College and on to Calhoun ar
Central. Such a line could ]
d continued to Easley and coul
-pick up a lot of cotton mi
S r 'ght.
doubt that Ande
connection wil
te An St oC
nia. ~ MR AI1 wodrfldscvr
h. tewetSoegtRic
returned; . e r
aod Inastag ln*
ang staner,mucl
td id u w
t- hav plye atfamng
more148 thnew an hdrd yea
t hey Ataenwc Saout to dico
the n a a - o n iee soil~y
hargodwra had osell abo
rt micoope toeer rea hid<l
0 wealmth Wh e there, er
manytrneat, fothrss inffthimo
tr They roldwstee and prse
- dgthegnew mae fineld au
as igl. crop strmore feed fr<
L-th amosphaner, Eve zep
n And a ba s fo w the
is inThea aepln tasln co:
T-he foesslaed an femin. T
mrnstion as sonre, Soa,
fr ln ike hre ats a hegira fr(
tmhe aantic haes to Celi
ad . wlo n dri u b et e e n s upr
,o d dad been noied sat
edi mthprcs toweejarre toi
lowestylevl. Sout go rih:
es returnd others0 bareacon
The0 gold wshere.n cotto
k 15ld I ond a rnread a
aoan cliagers ofuthis seti
diAn itu nopwonelth.ts a
~ aeve plars are haringi
smillsman voic hfuned<e
helt They are nosbottumbdiso
ftheweth soil. An he r car
tahardae mlwanEd toiein
dis paslow.ks lisetter thadn
me theoscne tonkseas hidd
earlth ofhgetere. whore
.mahe farmerat rest ithis br<
are, heroete hand pbense
ed thesne Hocmde fielsad
thercs. ucyoLthms Hocom
thet atostherlae Every zepco
n eaabreakatr 2ther bhomo
trasiionlea se. ~o
timean has sotillne
ed tht prces erelard to I
fior a $700 barelbcrn
othe Soil
m ine for a century,- ai rich
:)r- nourishing soil that had never
of given color to the bloom of
d. clover or sent a morsel to the
th honey bee on the jubilant tassle
ut of the rustling corn.
nd Was it the N1%gh price of hay?
?d. No; .Iguess it was the pea ctop.
ok Its searching tap-root went
of down inta the soil and unlocked
nd a store house of inexhaustible
ad wealth. Deep plowing now is
[g. waking up that sleeping wealth
and it is going to swell the song
ry of the harvest.
.or Eyery hundred acres in culti
rs .vation last year paid enough
rer Profit on flour, corn and meat
he'*-6~bn*wvtetl- acres--nAire of-lanid
1is just as good. If any one had
a sued the owners for that m ich
en money, they would have fought
so them t t4.he last Tf they
7 ha oti hecut hr
v. wold hve ben antherfigh
nd at' th 'rn ae ih.Iae
h- balbto ho u.O e
ne- wilfn4 t Altig r
rt osbet imta eivt.
t elf Seiv nu oil . I
led have worittenutoyou younric
of mien bcolor tou the sroong.
yth hone beav e ulnope tasth,
b. of theustlm ting c
atWa Liye your gpreof hifeyP?
at Nour tir guesip was the pcow.
oket seaetoing "taprest woent
of down of the slectd lockte
2yfr nd ahe ofiestaustgible
etr. wir itpi thepring elt
and itijoigy.sel hesn
ryodf Jt hariveiti. ad o
or findra hundred acre n cuarm
etbide tei ackl re of gunda
ey- mhongo theol peckewoughtn
oe o thlst difch.ob heyt
itl hold lousto ithecut.hr
it wfysould have ane attack
d at theumais,rontt look baou
:h- balhba or grnt sht gun.es,the
he you' fore ta blid-ol bes fremer
yr orc rheumaismsto eo
>a thieeske youhave'tgt.h
he ando s kow hsl orwet.H
MyIwllfn Keowe fal thfg are0
he' es for jsale as awoe n scic
)find fartmiandgo Belved, your-.
hidsef, tibeiev inrchasr soil mak
ed have owritenms. ouyon
menbecauireeno are sotnwit
est You houe husle, ihe, fth,o
mh Sixie;alsoione othe youse
r and your fimgn the tono pSxlw
'er bohndsle or feent. Finte
sche fow nd uc youcillies
Motio of meec lieoneer
yfamadt. rest re Stephng
heitere For mt istesrng ao.
to esie te tc R. of tegine,
theson ofthpckro and
Criticises the New
Rule of Doctor
Mr. Editor: I notice the doc
tors in Pickens have made a
pledge not to practice for th<
poor man without an orde:
from the landlord. It looks lik(
they have laid out a f6rtune foi
the doctors at Easley, Liberty
and Cateechee if they don't gt
in it. I hear a lot of men say
they will ao 40 miles before they
will go after one that signed
that pledge. I think you are
all too fast,. for the poor people
of Pickens county have made
you just what you are. Foi
I am pretty certain th-t some
of you came to Pickens with
o'it much money. Just look
what fine houses you have
built since, and fine horses and
buggies you -drive, Who paid
for. them? The poor man, for
the rich man, if he gets sick,
travels for his health. He
leaves no money with you tc
buy cigars and then grind the
poor man into dust and charge
double what you charge the
land owner. Mr. Editor, I
know of one of the doctors
charging a land owner, this
summer, $8.50 for one trip tc
see his wife, and in the same
community he went to see a
renter's wife for the some thing
nd charged him $13:00. Now
you se who k(
know they
them, but don't go bac
honest man. There are
honest poor men as theie are
land owners.
You know there are lot of men
with land in their possession
that if their debts were paid
wouldn't be worth anything,
and a lot have made their wives
free dealers. That wont work.
Here are the cotton mill people,
what are you going to do with
them? Here are men in town
in rented houses. You know
the man who.rented the house
to theni wo7h' -stani ood-for
their doctor bill. If I see it you
are going to loose what practice
you haye got. Let us hear
from others of the county.
Dont all write at once. The
poor you have with you always.
You have oppressed them.
Read.James 5th Chapter from
1 to 7thr verse. Read Mvatthew
25 chapter from 32 to 46. You
doctors read the Bible more and
study it and don't study so hard
to know how to charge the poor.
The Lord says in his Word that
he will take care of his. . Just
think I am one of his, so I wil]
ring off.
Jack Frost.
Liberty Man Froze
to Death Thursday
Reuben Revis, a white man
about 45 years old, was founc
dead near the Southern rail way
track between Norris and Lib
erty last Thursday. He leaves
a family. Speaking of this
occurance the Liberty Gazette
From the best information
obtained it seems that Mr Revis
who was liying at the Easley
Cotton Mill of Liberty left home
Monday, went to Norris and got
some whiskey and was seen n<(
more unitil found dead dy thos4
searching for him. He had con
siderabie whiskey, in bottles
around him, and signs indicated
that he had imbibed rathie
freely. M, A. Boggs, Esq.9
acting coroner, held the inques
and the verdict that he came t<
his death by freezing, was ren
dered in accordance with th<
above facats.
Notice to Teachers
I am authorized by the Stati
Board of Education to hold a
special teacher's examinatiol
Friday, January 10, 1913, pre
vided the same be necessary
The examinationiwill be held iF
the court house, commencing a
9 o'clock. If it is necessary fc
any teachers to take the exam.
nation they are requested to n<
tify me so that I mayr mak
proper arrangements for t1>
On Sunday. December 22,
1912, at 5 o'clock at thehome of
the bride's father at Noiil :
Louia Ballentine, of Easlef,
led to the hymenial altar Miss
Vida, eldest daughter of Mr.
Isaac Sheriff. Rev. D. W.
Hiott, pastor of the bride per
formed the ceremony in the
presence of a few friends and
relatives. Mr. Ballentine is one
of the most progressive young
farmers of 'the Zion community
below Easley. P-He is popular
among the people and is to be
congratulated on winning for
his life partner one of the very
best of the Norris community.
The Sentinel feels especial in
terebt in this marriage for Miss
Vida has been one of our corres
pondents for some time, so the
6ditor, manager and the other
members office join in the wish
that all along iife's pathway,
the flowers may bloo-ji, the
waters may ;parkle, the -birds
may sing, that peace and pros
perity may ever abound in their
At the residence of the.bride's
father, Jas. K, Kirksey Mr.
Samuel Sheriff of below Easley
and Miss Mary Kirksey were
ted in marriage Wednesda. ,
12 o'clock
Rev- G. F. Kirby 'ating.
Only a few friends of the
and bride's family were present.
After the ceremony a sumptuous
dinner was served. At 2.30 the
bridal party left amid the g
wishes of all present.
Married. December 25~ 1912 at
the residence of the bride's pa
rents, Mr. and Mrs, H. D, Les
lie, Mr. Ervin Hayes and Miss
Mattie Leslie. A. A. Jones, N.P.,
Married by J. B. Newber a
his office, December 25, 1912,
Miss Ellen Sanders and L. E.
Hunter, of Calhoun.
Married by J. B. N'ewbery at
his residence, December 22, 1912,
Miss Essie Parrott and Seagle
Boldiiig, of Six Mile.
Married on December 22, at
the residence of the bride's pa
rents, Mr. and Mrs S. S. Childs,
Mr, G,LTillman Dorr .and Miss
Elvy Childs. A. A. Jones, N.P.,
Special Pullman .Train' Will Ti
Where They -Will Witness the
the Wonders of America's M<
.Opportunity Will Be Accorde<
Borne by The Journal
one hundred and twenty-five soi
inauguration of President Woodjm]w
Atlanta Journal.:(
An opportunity to become a men
school and college boy in the south;
Journal will transport these boys to
elal train of luxuriously-equipped Pi
Every cent of expense for this
board and hotel accommodations il
seei'ng expeditions will be borne by
1125 school boys get aboard this trai
this city five days later, they! will-bis
Not often is such a trip as this of
will only prove immensely entertal
boys will see and the information i
The southern boys who go on ti
tion of the first president which tl
states since 1845..- They will be Pr
who spent his boyhood and young-ma
a Georgia girl, and two of whose chi]
up his official residence in the Whit
spicious occasion and hundreds of tb4
of this and foreign countries, will be
The Journars guests will be pro
which to view the Inaugural parade
President-elect Wilson will ride. .
worth going hundreds of miles to se
1the many features which The Jour
Eor full particulars, ad-dr<
Cot a Blued
Ahevntd Ifi
esting to-mab
ii ce of thid :anj
trac gparti
"ed and"popula
and Mrs.Jo
Mr. W. D. rs~f
C., whek~
in the pree
mate friends
couple en4*
ter, MISS -
ed for several
work at Peak. :_.
membered by.iera
here as oneof our.
ladies in educati
having ta0ghtffd
Mr. Ellsossyd
sterling businse
holds -a bronfnem,
Peak. Mi Ella
literary work tar'
May 1st thej:*iU:
their f6iens: -
We joi thefir:
wish for them man
P. S.k
hap y event -
then -ecentsaj
brids mothert
Miss Laven
Boldinal of -
Married b J.:-*
his office, Deam-wr
his office, Deceb
Miss Eliza T.Patt
John M. AndersoEP
Mr. Will L.Matt
Gantt of Libertya!R6
MissMary Ba'rber d
were married onp
and cames to the ~ee
groom's parent'a s d
ini padiipaifgntb
Christmas 4lner
youngCo.pe ha!
ke the Boys toWs~
Inauguration and
>St Beautiful City-bs
and Eve y-Cet~t
~thern school boys will
herofthe peai
iman and'4Unrng a.
trip, Inungn meals .en_
1Washnto~ and
this aeP ron
n Ii Atlant AltRle 0
!ered to the a~~e7
ning, but the. sljt
rhich they win -*l
e souh aa
esent when this^gat
nhood inort,~n
Ldren wraora:t1
HouM Tisi
an which botN
ass -

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