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rie Senn -isible
for ts
yNew Y re~; -
rea. Z-20 hcct :s- .5 the
year be; s- X! . tr. x 6t
Ix Nui I eaau T"ae
To al h e The
n tinei w -c New
ear rein May a and
hapines aten vsEmgh
the .New- ear. Ma V1 not
b be ha y b eful.
ful -oyusef " :on
n nci .vtith
wers a ri er m - rocks
. IeR may you
ave strire tUU the
ck and wie-.m t e mound
or puil - -riug) e i w,ith
Out ge".ti 0or. Nw the
d earas pass: vN%a its
aaoJOS, al-- ;,cusot
vros an joy-n we inet
-a bac any ' vei and
not ccrt a sun
we ra aavemm F!ing
~past ye3ar, let. -'-s"'u to
,t6 take adiv.- t7..- -7:,ery
tcitunity we ;:nn-d ood
.for ourse; nrs.
ver may l r ess
- to imlprov- t this
we~' are --ow
in at m1 7 eas,
t-rcanzt a -nore
i1 the
every artece we i<ai3:. WE
-ave received avqr i fm:ai
uki havebeng.im' ta sh,
:~here was noc ia2eed
e were compr a toput
e ake the foi. 'eso
the~ Biaptist GoV .
served Bar C ek
Eni as astor of
"fif$ea years r a rr was
~.seeived> w ' n
-e noe c
che int
tin 10th e-b
-- -
agre'y s - * *%
- ~MMOS~
Druggists Endorse
Dodson's Liver Ton
It is a Guarfteed Harmless Vei
etable Remedy that Regulatf
the Liver Without Stoppir
Your Work or Play.
A dose of calomel may kncck y<
completely out for a day-sometim
two or three days. Dcdson's Liver Toi
relieves attacks constipation, bilioupne
and liver headaches, and you stay
your feet.
Pickens Drug Co. sells Dodson's Liv,
Tone and guarantees it to give perfe
satisfaction. If you buy a bottle of Do
son's Iiver Tone and do not find it ti
safest, most pleasant and successfi
liver remedy you ever took, this stoi
will give you back the 50 cents you pai
for it wihtout a question.
This guarantee that a trustworth
druggist is glad to give on Dodson
Liver Tone is as safe and reliable as tb
medicine, and that is stying a lot. ad
him in the tenderest bonds c
brotherly love and Christian e.
teem, and that we shall follo
him as he goes elsewhere wit]
our best wishes and prayers.
Resolved that these resolution
be recorded in our record boo'
and that a copy of the same b
furnished to the The ' Baptii
Co .irier with the request to put
lish. Adopted by unanimou
vote in conference
T. L. Clinkscales.
Pickens-Route 3
Prof. G. E. Welborn, princ
pal of the Pelzer High Scho<
is spending his holidays wit,
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. j
Mr. Robert Lynch and brothe
G. A. Lynch, of Oconee count;
visited friends and relatives i
this county this week.
Rhett Thomas, who has b
away for some e returne
ome .. rday, to spend hi
holidays with his parents an
A. B. Looper, spent Sunda
in P4ckens with his parents, Mi
and MIl E. F. Looper.
*Miss Emma Welborn, wh
is attending the West Pelze
High School is spending tbl
holidays at home.
Twelve Mile School is pr<
gressing nicely with Prof. LE
A. Towens as teacher.
Several people of this sectio
were in Pickens' Saturday pr<
paring for Christmas.
The covered bridge in Mr. E
F. Looper's bottoms will add
great deal to thes public travel
Miss Bessie Looper spent th
week-end with Mr. and Mrl
A. B. Looper on route 3.
Farmer Boy
Pickens Route 3
(Intended for lass week's issu<
Mr. Geo. K/ Hendrix an
wife are both very sick, the
friends hone they will soon b
better again.
Mrs. R. H. Baker i ; very sic
with cold and lagrippe. Hope
are that she will soon be ou
Mrs. Sarah Gravley an
daughter, Mrs, I. H. Wati
visited the sick at Mr. J. E
Lollis' Monday.
Mrs. Lizzie Bolding is sti
very sick and is still confined t
her bed.
The Box supper at Moni
vale school house Saturda
night was quite a succes:
there being only about fiftee
boxes and a neat sum of $24.i
was received.
The Hagood school is pr<
gressing nicely with Miss Essi
Kelley as teacher.
A. 5S. Perter will move h
family to Pickens in a sho:
wnile. We regret very muc
for them to leave our section.
Y. N. Jenkins is visiting thi
family of A. S. Porter.
Mr. Charley Anderson move
into our section several day
ago. We wvelcome Mr. Ander
son in our vicinity.
J. R. Porter and wife hav'
both been very sick with colde
but are better at this writing.
R, H. Baker and daughtei
Miss Ida, attended preachini
seryices at Pickens Sunday.
Mr. Digger Price who ha
been visiting his parents lef
for Mont mna Monday.
-Want to buy a
* 100 pounds C a2
ordinary Fert.ilizer
(te0inr 2-8-2) Boil C
' FILLEt CAlea,
Tf yoU prei
>U tilizers, insiSt
es * Potash in ther
ie as well as to ra
" oontain more than three times
Itwas found years ago that the cornposit-o
of the crop is not a sure wruide to the m
ar probtable fertilizer. bout il.does not take a
SMart nan to ficure o,.t that a
t fertiizer should contain at least as ;v vch Pot;e
as Phospboric Acid. Insist on haviri: it sn.
If you do not find the brand you wan.
Le Talk to your dealer and ask him tc
11 stock or order it fcr you. It wil p:
.e For pmar !-a7
d GERMAN A . -
.? c
EMU&* Ab
The sands that count the ye
the upper glass,
They slip away, these little
do they pass;
S They flit like shadows to an
we may live
But, a., they take no more
may freely give!
They take the song, nayhap
echoes sweet that hum -
r The year is dying, but there
to ne.
heavy si
s There are si
a the othe
Anothe year,is coming-no
0 we hear
r With golden smiles to pay e
e of a tear,
With clover modding in the
the rose,
With silver store of moonlig
ivory of snows,
With lilting laughter for th
time have been dumb
S The year is dying, but there
to come.
a Why hold ti
1. gloomny
e - The melodie
f& is the Swiighzt of the yeai
almost gone;
But turn the glass and wait
)of the dawn,
d -And wait to hear the mellon
rpulses with each word
e That will build up the comni
you've never heard.
k Why brood above the daysi
seek to find the sum
ItOf bitterness and happiness
to come.
d So turn the~
golden I
[- Tan
There are l
1 the othze
0 Tarn
LS (Copyright, b
HE mnest reliab
is the RAYO. I
terials, so that i
swithout being heavy
It gives-a clear, strong lig
It w.on't blow out, won't
an expert-made lantern.
4 sizes. There is a RAYG
At Teat4
ar re-dy-mixed fer- - MUATEOF
on havinz encugh Pasi
n to rai-e the crop
ise the price. Crops
as much Potash as phosphoric acid.
n on'by .ddir nouchot::shm: keitright.
;t To increase :i Pctash 4 ..r cent. (for
cot:n and rain). 7rI n uriate of
A Pontsh per t f f!r:ie: increase it
9 ;yr cent. (truck. po -: roh-cco. corn.
ctc.). add t-s u :: t or .Muriate
e per tor.
cpr.-- P P:ah ia 04a- y
y ycu bc!th. for - L' AYS
a;::! bic s wrii. to
. .. . . .
mr are low within
years, so swiftly
d fro the longer
Prom us than they
, but leave the
is another year
ze at the'trickling sand wa
rh and frown?
it down! Turn it down!
rtiles and laughter waiting whm
r joys came from.
a it down! Turn it down!
here's anolher year to come.
w its hailing call
s for each jewel
rain and dew upon
~ht, and with
e lips that long
is another year --
e glass and watch the sand wit
igh and frown?'
u t down! Turn it down!
s of joys to be already throb and
it down! Turn it down!
rhere's another year to come.
-the sands are "
to see the glory
L chord that
ag song-the song
tow gone, and
Another year 'a
lass and slart anew the curren
a it down! Turn it down!
ght and laughter lurking where
r joys came from.
a it down! Turn it down!
There's another year to come.
i W. G. Chapman.)
sabIe, Safe.
le lantern for farm~ use
t is made of the best ma
is strong and durable
and awkward.
t. Is easy to light and rewick.
leak, and won't smoke.. I is
Made in various styles and
for every requirement.
ITH the New Year gradual
ly dawning we must not be
caught unprepared to greet
it. Good wishes for the wel
fare of our friends during the coming
Year must be conveyed by some
means or other. Very few people are
fortunate enough to have their friends
living near, that they may extend ver
bally their wishes for the new year.
The next best "medium for this pur
pose Is the New Year's card. Of
dburse these cards may be purchased
at the shops, but It Is very much
nicer to be or,4ginal.
It is rather an expensive proposi
#on to buy these cards from artists if
he friends hanoa to be namerous.
Wiy not make them y.ursfU?
Mre a* gven a few designs to be
wed for Nw Year's ealendars. They
A prtty and dainty, much more at
tractive than postcards. Not muct
time is required to make them and
scarcely any expense besides the pa- 2
per and water oolors.
Have a piece of oarbons,p&.p, ioefie
soharo 9. and the box
of water oolors. Place the carbon pa
per between the design and the paper
and carefully trace the outline. A
replica of the design will be trans
ferred ready for tinting.
The snow scene would be effective
tinted in tones of brown or gray.
Make the path a dull lead color, the
tall poplar trees dark gray, almost
black, and the sky a bluish gray. The
lettering could be of brown or gold.
The spia1 calendw pads can be
bM i 2 ce cents These
Itre faihete to two ~1tre, winh mu
January's emblem is the snowdrop
The next design introduces that white,
delicate blossom. Any subdued color
may be used flor the background
against which the flowers are thrown
out in relief. The blossoms are a
pure blue white and the stems a dark
green. The lettering may be black
or any dark, neutral color.
The sun-dial design Is most appro
piate and suggests much. We want
it to mark off only happy hours. You
desire to be a friend as sincere and -
true as the angle cast by the shadow
- of the sun. The climbing ivy is ever-.
green and clings always to the trellis,
_ unless torn away by some outside
- force. There Is unlimited depth of
inmeanin g connected with the son dial.
== The pedestal shoc e a:am
.white, to represent marble; the metal
| angle of the sun dial yellow or bronze
C color, the ivy-a dark, rich green. The
background and numerals may be
tinted any color to suit the personal
These little calendars are sure to
~be liked and admired by all who re
ceive them. Take advantage of this
novel manner to express your New
Year's greetings
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Sought
Bears the
Signature of,
List your lan
wood La
A Happy an
We wish to t]
for the liberal p;
and we hope t<
past favors.
We-have heard the cry,
be worse, and never give up
try and make the crop of 19:
We thank you one'and
hope that 1913 will be a pro
Clotiing, Shoes,1
Sole agerAs for Walk-0
Iron King Stoves, New Home
ell Wagons and'Mitchell Aut
Joy and prosperity to you
tring the coming year. We'll
1sure you some of both if you
'ill come here for your jewelry.
he joy will be in the unusual
fine qualities of our
The prosperity will be assured*
.rough the savings you will.
iake through our lowest of low
ices. But we cannot do our*
art unless you do yours. You
iust come and secure your
aare of the jewelry benefits we
fer. Why not come today
nd begin 1913 in the right way.
~asley, S. C.
"After four in our family had died r
frightful cough and lun trobe
t my life was saved and I gained
87 -pounds through using
W. RI. Patterson, Wellington, Tex. a
PRICE 50c and 51.00 AT ALLt DRUGGISTS.
i SrP
d Prospero New
You Alli
bank our friends and
atronage given u k di
merit a continuan<
"Hard Times," but always remembe
on account of one bad year, but sticl
[3 more than make up for the shortag
all for your patronage for the past
sperous year to you all.
Yours truly,
1, THOR?
Eats and Gents' Furnishing Goods a Si
ver and Boyden Shoes, Carhart Over;
Sewing Machines,Chase City and Bab<
(Prickly Ash, Poke 1
Prompt Power
Its beneficial ef- Stubborn
P fects are 1sually yield to
- felt very quickly when oth
tMne are
SV P. . iP
Thiswil ifriche redeprs bood
ytill er the olrain "Wstrenthen
tok oGs,t Udeforwe BNoodoso
avDve ried, hemts and ps h.
oos candfutoian beslor.y-bu pider.
CatnF.nnl V.LPP, S-, 9And
Mens heayllermteedehrs 50 ce
ies' heayleced V"est and",
are r cd athe myhpicsH
ood bankt shosock e pics o
n d Celioes. Dnt falt
ISto FLIes5,813 1 n
Frp or od Bwear.hchi
E Cop SAp
n erdirect from the fai
Vear to
tring 1912,
3e ot your
:r that things could
to the bush, and
re of 1912.
14 years, and we
lIls, Hawes Hats,
%ock Buggies,Mitch
.oot and Potassium)
ful Permanent
cases Good results are
P. P. P. lasting-it cure
ir medi- you tostaycured
-e entIdd
dlgestia an nerves.
and skin diseases.
Pain; ends Malaria;
Thousands endorse it.
ie Sentinel that I am
with one of the best
ons and Shoes that I
IL BE the jowest, that
gill convince you we are
E 2 I-2 cents.
'ants 25 and 50 cents.
sure to come by buying
tplete, quality the best
>me to see me.

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