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Children Cry I
The Kind You Have Always I
in use for over 30 years,
9- sonalA
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Fxperiments that trifle with
Infants and Children-Expe:
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Diarrhma. . It regulates I
assimilates the Food, giving
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Bears the E
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has borne the signature of
s been made under his per
upervision since its infancy.
ao one to deceive you in this.
nd " Just-as-good" are but
and endanger the health of
rience against Experiment.
itute for Castor Oil, Pare
Syrups. It is pleasant. It
>rphine nor other Nareotic
rantee. It destroys Worms
r more than thirty years it
the relief of Constipation,
I Teething Troub es and
he Stomach and Bowels,
healthy and natural sleep.
Mother's Friend.
;ignature of
e Always BOght
rer 30 Yiars
J. McD Bruce, President.
I. M. Mauldin. Cashier.
~oId and Rented
stment Company is ready for
>enlefit to those who need our
state, sell any, or rent any, let
a right.
d Investment Co.'
e Bank, Pickens
~r Them"
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*'i'u%,ou omDUEs MIxTUEm
Jimmie resolves not to "sass" bis
mother any more.
This gentleman resolves not td
work during 1913 (also during 1914,
1915, etc.)
Tommie resolves to migrate to
Plorida or some tropical clime.
Let us do your printing.
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enwee farm
To Feeble Old People.
As one grows old the waste of the
system becomes more rapid than re
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culation is poor, the blood thin and
digestion weak.
Vinol, our delicious cod liver and
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remarked: "Vinol is a godsend to old
people. Thanks to Vinol, I have a
hearty appetite, sleep soundly, feel
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If Vinol falls to build up the
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Pickens Drug Co., Pickens, S. C.
Auditor's Notice.
The time for taking r tur.is for the
year 1913 will open J.tnuary Ist and
continue until Froruary 20, 1913. ANft r
which t-me a penalty of 50 p#-r cent
will be addtd for rion returns. All abia
bodied male Dersoni fro n the ages of 12
to 50 years. bxth incousivv-, are required
to mke return of C.pitati:.n Road tax
except ministers of'the gosp-1 actually
ii charge of a congregazio-, school
trustees, an-i those living in the incor
porate liUts of any city or town in tlie
county. Poll tax iu-s from 21 to 60
years, both inclusive. Capitation Dog
tax the same, 50 cents per head.
Please bt-ar in min-I that the rounds
made by the Auditor is for the conven
ip&ce ot the tax payer, and not contpa
s ry. su I hope% ou will avail youj selves
of this opportuflity, and meet m
p-omp-ly at the appointed .f.-s
I will be at the following place-,.o
Ca houn, Monday, January 13. p. m.
Central, Tues lay and Wednesday,
January 14 und 15, (unvil 3 o'cl-ck p.m.)
Laqueer.a M%il. Wednesday afternoon
January 13, (froi 3: o 5:;!0.)
Cateechee. Thur.day, Janu,ary 1i,
(foreno,-n )
Norris, January 1G. (afternoon.)
Liberty, Friday and Saturday. Jan- DU
tary 17 and 18, (u til noon.) DM
Easley. blon-ay and Tu(s iav, Jan- vi
iary 20 and 21, (until 4 o'clock ) il
Alice Mill. Tu--sday afternoon, Jan- W4
uary 2!. (from 4 to 6 f'clock )
Easley ill, Wednesday, January 22,
(forenoon )
Glen wood M,ll, W-driesday, Janu ary do
22. (afternoon )
Cr<ss Plains. (M. W. Hester's store-) m
Thursday. January 23, (forenoon.) ml
Looper's Gin, Thursday. January 23, in
afternoon ) )
Dacusviiie. Frid:ay, Januanry 24. (fore- s
oon )
Peter's Ca'ek, Friday. Jenuitry 24,. de
Pumpkintown., Saiturday .a-.uivy 25. Fc
forenoon.) of
Holly Eprinii. Saiurday. January 25 YE
afternoon.) c
Eastato l, (W. WI. Aiken's' stor' ) Tue-o
ay, Janu-ary 28, (afternoon.) e
Mile Creek, Wedn' s-lay, Janu..ry 29.e
Gap Hill, W ednesday. January, 2f:, Sn
afternoon.) - Ne
Six Mile, Thursday, January 30, bo:
forenoon.) esi
Praters, Thursday, January 3(0, (after- hol
I will be in my office after January Cl
Oth. Returns will also be tak en in the """
office during the entire time I am on
County Auditor.
ickens, S. C. Dec. 5 1912
Tax Notice.
ffice of County Treasurer. Pickens County.
Pickens, S. C., October 1, 1912
The books for the collection of State and
ounty taxes will be open from
October 15th 1912 to December 31st 1912.
Those who prefer to do so can pay in Janua
y 1913, with 1 per cent additional. Those
who prefer paying in February 1913, can
o so wIth 2 per cent additional. Those who
prefer paying in March 1913, to the 15th of said
onth, can do so ny paying an additional 7 per
ent. After said date the books will close.
N. B.-Tax payers owning property or paying
ax for others, winl please ask fo tax receipt
n each township or special school district in
which he or they may own property. This is 'a
very important as there are so many special
shool districts. Those who do not wish to
ome to the office can write me, not later than
lcember 20th, and I will furnish them with
he amount due and they can remit me by
heck, money order or registered letter, If
tamps are sent do not send above two (2)
ent, as I cannot use them. Please do not
send me cash without registering same, as It is
lable to get lost; if sent otherwise it must be
at senders risk.
Levy for State tax ...... ..........5 Mills
Levy for Constitutional School tax . 3 mills
Levy for Ordinary County tax. ...6 mills
Levy for Sinking Fund ....... .......1 mills
Levy for Past Indebtedness......... mills
Levy for Chain Gang....... ..... .. 2. mill
Levy for State Constable..... ....... % mill
Total 19% mills
Special Levy for School DIstrict No. 1, 2 mills
Special Levy for School District No. 2,.. .2 mills
Special Levy for School District No. 3... .2 mills
Special Levy for School District No. 4.. ..2 mills
Special Levy for School District No. 5, . .2 mills
Special Lovy for School Dirtrict No. 7.... 4 mills
Special Levy for School District No. 8,.. .2 mills
Special ...evy for School District No. 9,. 10 mIlls
Special Levy for School District No. 10, 2%j mills
~pecial Levy for School District No. 11, 7% mills
special Levy for School District No. 12, ..2 mills
Special Levy for School District No. 13,. .8 milis
Special Levy for School District No. 14,. .4 mills
Special Levy for School District No. 16.. .6 mills
Special Levy for School District No. 17...7 mills
Special Levy for Sch.ol Djistrict No. 18, 2 mills
SDecial Levy for School D)istrict No. 19, 2mills
Special Levy for School District No. 20,...2 miils
Special Levy for School District No.21....4 mills
Special Levy for School I,ist riet N o. 22,..4 mills
Special Levy for School D)istric-t No, 23,. .2 mills
Special Levy for School District No. 24, 2i mills
Special Levy for School District No.2.;. 2%j mills
Special Levy for School District No. 27,. .2 mills
Special Levy for School D)istrict No. 28. ..4 mills
Spccial Levy for School District No. 29. 3 mills
Special Levy for School District No. 31. 15 mills
Special Levy for School District No. 22.. 3 mills
Special Levy for School District No. 3d .4 mills
Speciel Levy for School District No. 37. 4 mills
Special Levy for Sohool District No. 38, 2 mills
Special Levy for School District No. 40. ,2 mills
Special Levy for School District No 41, 3 mills
Special Levy for School District No.42,..2 mills
Special Levy for School District No. 46.. .4 mills
Special Levy for School District No 47.. .3 mills
Special Lev'y for Sehool District No. 49.. .2 mills
Special Levy for School District No. 51.. .3 mills
Special Levy for School District No. 52, 2 mills
Special Levy for School D)istrict No. 53,...3 mills
Special Levy for School District No. 55. ..4 mills
Special Levy for School District N o, 56. ..4 mills
Levy for interest on Pickens R. R. Bonds
Iurricane township..............2mills
te-y for iinterest on Pickens R. R. Bonds
astatoe township..............2,mills
Lavy for interest on Pickens R. R. Bonds
Pickens C. H. township............ 2 mills
Poll Tax, One (1) Dollar. Every male citizen
from 21 to to 60 years is liable, except Confeder
ate soldiers, who do not pay after 50 years, and.
those excused by law.
Commutation Road Tax. 31.50. The Leg
lsature enacted the following law: "That a
able-bodied male persons from the age of twe
tvone and fifty years, both inclusive. In '.
ounty of Pickens, shall be required ann'
to pay one dollar and fifty cents commo
or road tax, except ministers of the go'
tually in charge of a congregation, pe~
aanently disabled in the military
this State. and persons who served
ar between the states, and all pe
ly employed In the quarantine
rtate, and all students who m'
any school or college at the ti
mutation tax hereinabove --
become due. shall be ree
ounty Treasurer of said
13th day of October and
berm each and every- -ti
tation or road tax ofcet
perhead, andany adta
shall be a mi.sdem -e -po
conviction, shal' ieo
less than five d . taff
dolars ori - . . th a tax
days. -esons o
CaP of fifty (50) cen
Where are the good things promised me
By te OdYea tat is dying? -
And what carel how ill heb cr
Who was so gven to lying? col
A comely youth, he sought my door of
And tared till his locks were hoar; Th
A fair and foul, capricious guest. ma
Who swore to give me of his best; thi
Who pledged himself a true ear;
But he was then-the New ear.
Where are the silver and the gold on
Ere now should fill my wallet? of
What mean these scanty clothes and old, del
This attic room and pallet? "G
The purse he dangled in my view ab
Betwixt his juggling hands slipped through. w
He found me poor, he left me poorer; lt
But now a richer friend, and surer,
Awaits me-in the NewYear.
Where are the poet's bays he said Ye
My dulcet song should gain me? noi
The wreath that was to crown my head,
Th'applause that should sustain me? ma
Alackl round other brows than mine In
I see the fresh-won laurels twinel
Still, for the music's sake, I * ;da
The world may listen yet, and L da
Its gadand-in the New Year. on
Where is the on; dear face to love e
His golden months should bing me,
Whose smile a recompense would prove DN
For all the ills that sting me?
My heart still beats in loneliness; fo
There is no darling hand to press; tab
But h, I dream we yet shall meet, Yel
And trust to find her kisses sweet. hu
And win her-in the New Year. ing
Where are the works in patience wrought; got
'The grace to love my neighbor; not
The sins left off; the wisdom taught
Of suffering and labor;
The fuller life; the strength to wait;
The equal heart for either fate?
Well may I speed the parting guest,
And take this stranger to my breastI
Be thou, indeed, a true year,
0 fair and welcome New Yearl
-Edmund Clarence Sfedman,
in The Century
It has always be customary for
civilized races to seg..e Old Year
t and the New Year in-Vith dem-:
strations of merriment an. con.
rality. Schemes ot all kin are
oduced by wealthy Londoners
dcoming the New Year at banquets
the night of December 31.
n many parts of Britain there are
zens of singular and attractive
Lys of celebrating the commence.
nt of another year, the quaint cere
nies, as a rule, being carried out
the same manner they were ob.
~ved generations ago.
&n old custom which has a good
al to recommend it takes place at
tmes chapel, Middlewich, Cheshire.
r many years past the bell-ringers
the parish have rung in the New
tr and then made their way to a
ple of local hostelries, there to be
ertaned by the landlords free of
. quaint custom takes place at
tderland on .Tanuary 1st. Early on
w Year's morning the mayor of the
ough, accompanied by the mayor
ipays a visit to the town work
se, and performs the ceremony of
'wning" the oldest inmates. The -
M'Now, I
M e
M e
M e
M M/
'1 Built for hard wear,
For cosy winter e
S them for men, women ar
Let us take care of
2 Pridi
)wn usea is a live-sliling piece, the
[n being placed .on the head of eact:
the inmates selected for the honor.
e money they receive in this way
y be spent by them in any mannez
,y think proper.
Lt Coventry it is the custom to eat
od-cakes" on New Year's eve, and
December 30 and 21 the bakers
that city are busy turning out the
Licacies by the hundredweight. A
od-cake" Is triangular in shape,
Dut half an Inch thick, and filled
th a kind of mince-meat; In fact,
is a glorified mince-pie.
rhere are scores of superstitions as.
:lated with the beginning of a New
ar which the average person knows
thing about.
:t Is considered unlucky for the
le inhabitants of the little Island
the North Sea to be visited by a
mber of the fair sex on New Year's
r, while fires must not be put out
that day in the south of England,
the luck of the year will be ex
>tionally bad.
)n the continent, especially in out
be-way villages, it Is customary
food and drink to be put on a
le outside the houses on New
tr's eve. This iS not to feed the
Lgry, but to keep goblins from fore
their way within. But why
lins should be afraid of food can
be explained.
Now Well
"Thedford's Black-Draught
is the best all-round medicine
I ever used," writes J.A.
Steelman, of Pattonville, Texas.
"i suffered terribly with liver
troubles, and could get no relief.
The doctors said I had con
sumption. I could not work at
all. Finally I tried
and to my surprise, I got better,
and am to-day as well as any
man." T h ed for d's Bla ck -
Draught is a general, cathartic,
vegetable liver medicine, that
has been regulating irregulari
ties of the liver, stomach and
bowels, for over 70 years. Get
a package today. Insist on the.
genuine-Thedford's. E-70
Like.the 1
That's what t
ed thorn a pai
We want y
every time y
will be easy.
we have i
one has yet q
We are showing th(
M etal, Patent Calf,
Besides dressy SI
~"~~who farms. These
and water proof-y
)ur showing is so varied we
~lace for the woman who wai
eldom fail to make the sale,
Soft, Glove-like Sk
Strong, Serviceahi
loars in all sorts of weather.
Stylish Cuts whose 1
an, russett, black and white.
but retaining all the lines a
:venings around the, firesi<
id childre2n.
your shoe needs when in Gi
Pickens Route 5.
Taylor Adams of Williamstoni
soent the holidays with his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Brooks
Rev. and Nirs. W. H. Lewis
and family spent last Tuesday
night with Mr. and Mrs. Tom
The Xmas tree at Mt. View
was enjoyed very much by all
Miss Clifford Martin, of Pick
ens, spent the holidays with
Miss Essie and Ressie Adams.
Mr. and Mrs. Pierce Hanna
spent Tuesday night with Mr.
and Mrs. Ervin Breazeale.
Rev, and Mrs. W. H. Lewis
and family left last Friday for
their new home in Laurens.
Their many friends regret to
see them leave.
Mr. Clement Adams and sis
ter, Essie. a,d Miss Clifford
Martin attended the Christmas
tree at Mt. View. They report
a fine time,
The death angel visited the.
home of Mr. and Mrs. Jordan
Breazeale on December 16, and
took 'their eight year old daugh
ter, Gladys. She was buried
the day followinz at Concord
church, Their many friends
join them in their sorrow. She
is gone but not forgotten.
One who loved her.
Birthday of Mr. Singleton
Last Sunday the 15th of Dec
ember, w -; the birthd sy of Mr.
.* Us
put on _6 y
.'good as new tod
-never needed repairs
Do'tput on that
unti o e hm
4ooks of Ti
hey all say, after 'a
r or two.
ou to get the hiabil
e, Patton & THil
)U think of Shoes,
he right kind of
iestioned our pric<
In Shoes for Me
new lasts-the new toes and
fan Calf, and Vici.
oes for the dressy.man, we ha
are as strongly built as a rawh
t reasonably priced.
Ladies' 'hoes
hardly know where to begin all<
Its fit, service, style and comfo
es~for old ladies, to whom col
e Shoes for the woman whose
raceful lines are intended to be
Oxfords and Slippers in all st:
School Shoes
dressy shoe should have.
le, get a pair of bed room or ho
)ni4 TiI
.7 i
Mi Sireesn, who lives
Peters r-K ChuIrh. Ther
gentlemnn w eigl0Y 'ie
old, and h i c by
church naeane rried,
Miss Fro!cfs Looer; w ho,
been a f :U_ wif. n t.
mother. -s b sm '
by only nve ye,3. The aged
couple were both ;n nd eah i
and genI c;rts, a,nd n12
their rros u with
welcom: s'nie c n t
beautie - Sa bat:~h day~ toce
bratel.'Ir. ago' ihi
birthday, by a reunion of h
eblkre d d. C
joined ,n ihin im ma
happy r n of tat da
There waqs a lon.g table ko
ceive it: buteen[, supply
good things to e tat we
brought V the -rge IZrVs
assemi tJ, d hiran
After a shrt prayer anal"Ai
blessin renderd.A b Rev,,:
Foster, aoPlenr'-s:-reidG
much e..;vyed by each oth&
passin:;. many pleasant
they ha,s h well
plates a:coaid II was a -
commn sight after had,
isfie -: . rner man, to see
table s. -it" do4n wt
good things toeat more thnr
enouch Ho feed anot-er as Ir
a crcw., which wIespak1
the prosperity and frugali
the gd wives in oU,r nei
hood. May the goon cou
live long to enjov thel
wishes of a sincere riend
ars ag6
ay, ano
ii' "
OW C0., Pickens. S. n
at Sho&e
re haye SIlOW
and. the rs ?
Shoes, '> n?om*
best leathers. n~ Gun
ve them for the manr~
ide saddle-cold~ proo~
:rw Thris:~ store is th -
mcort menr5 so mutjch.
es aivi CO!Oc'r.
spre rs. We..have
-1-2- 811~-~

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