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To start a Sav
at the Keo
Locat and
See the ad of Stewart & Mer
this issue.
uliusBoggs is confined to his
with the grip.
19. Langston left Xonday
",--Sunset, Kentucky.
o unto Mr. and Mrs. J.
.Langston on tho 21st, ult., a
Robert Stewart of near
ey'was a visitor at the
seat Tuesday.
l. Hudson has moved his
0 0- from'Liberty route 3 to
enroute 5.
The Masonic Fraternity on 21
ber, last, elected and in
their officers for 1913.
Mary and Bessie Rob
Greenville are visiting
,Mrs T. R. Allen.
M. Stansell,=ie and three
of FqVntain Inn visit
ioth W. M. Stansell
ily k.
eave an in
S radvertisement in this
-They do blacksmithing,
w~ork and. repairs. of all.
.i an,tof Greenville,
'et organizer for W. 0. W.,
n1a ickens this week on
way to the surrounding
look after the inter
the order.
as passed off very
in Pickens. The most
nt of the week
Christmas tree by the
Sunday school. A large
dwas present and it was a
neccess,. the original Santa
gon hand.
~fT~ hemarriage license law
AfkSstate went into effect 18
S ago, Probate Judge
bry 'of- this county has
about 320 licenses, 306 of
-'bex returned and
rDed uhring~ December
the issued 40, twice as
-month before.
Frienids an
~We wish a vei
6ubusines-in 1912
crease over the previous y
ness given us by our frient
much and hope, by fair an
t a continuance durina
Sliop .B
The Parc
ent into effect January 1.
ot convenient to call
epound can be sent on
ds for 6c, and so on.
ou will find in our s1
Drugs, Stationery, Rubi
With compliments of th<
Very truly,
he Time
ings Account
wee Bank
paid on Deposits
T. G. Johnson of Central wa
in Pickens lasb week.
W. L. Morgan of Pickens
route 2 was in town last week.
B. D. Mauldin of Central
route 2 was at the county seat
last week.
L. B. Perkins and J. C. Brock
of Central were in Pickens on
business last week'
Miss Mae Willis of Liberty is
the guest of Miss Ruth Parsons
in Pickens.
Mr. David Gilstrap of Little
Eastatoe was in the city on
business Tuesday.
Zack Jones and son, Homer,
of the Cedar Rock section, were
in the city Tuesday.
Rev. D. W. Jones has moved
to Pi6kens. His pastoral charge
is South Easley Circuit.
W. D. and D. aldrop of
near Libertere at the county
3eart Ir aath
sWeek on business.
Sam Jones, son of Mr. E. L.
eof the Dacusville section,
was in Piokens on business Mon
J. A. McCombs, a well known
planter of near Enon church1
was in Pickens on business last
John B. Jameson and A. R.
Hamilton .were among the
prominent Easley visitors in
town Tuesday.
Amoug the good citizens of
the Griffn section in town
Tuesday were S. G. Door and
S. P. Freeman.
Messrs. Joe Gilliland, R. B.
Bro avn and W. T. Day, who
live on route 4. were among the
many visitors in town Tuesday.
Thurman Cochran and sis
ter, Myra Lou, of Calhoun, are
visiting the family of their uncle
A. J. Boggs, in Pickens. Thur
man was a member of the Pick
ens baseball team one season,
and it is gratif ying to his many
friends to know that he has ad
vanced to the Southern League
and will play with Birmingham
next season.
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d Patrolls a
y happy and g
New Yearn
hows a very liberal in.
ar; due to the nice busi
is. We thank you very
d courteous treatment, to
r 1913.
'els Post
Phone 24, or write us
-Any package weighing
any R. F. D. for 5c, two
:ore a most complete line
>er Goods, etc.
tlar acy
W. N. Bolding of the Prater.
section was in Pickens Tuesday
The Wesley Adalt Bible clas!
of the Methodist Sunday schoo
had an oyster supper last Fri
day night in Dr. Seawrirht'
All of the Pickens boys an<
girls who are attending variou
colleges spent the holidays al
home. We were glad to hav<
them with us.
Mrs C. G. Cothran and littli
son, Darris, have returned t<
their home in Honea Path, af tei
spending Christmas with her sis
ter, Mrs. R. F. Herd.
D. A. Perritt, a good citizei
of the Six Mile section, was ft
Pickens on business last week.
Mr. Perritt was raised near her<
and always likes to come bacl
to Pickens.
R. P. Prince, of Central routi
3, was at the county seat oi
business Tuesday. This is Mr
Prince's old home and he is gla<
when he is able to pay us a visii
and we are glad to have him.
A hookworm specialist, wh<
has been treating this disease ir
other counties of this state, wil
be in Pickens county at an earl)
date to examine free all thos(
who apply to him. He will alsc
treat all cases free, the statE
and county bearing all expense.
Watch The Sentinel for an.
nouncement of exact dates.
Geo. A. Lewis and family ol
Lincolnton, Ga., were visiting
relatives in this county during
the holidays. While here they
visited his parents A rs.
C. Lew! Mr. and Mrs
W. A. Grant, parents of Mrs.
Lewis. This is his first visit back
to the old county since he left
about a year ago.
J. R. Ashmore and family
left Pickens Tuesday for Lisbon.
Fia, to make their future home.
Mr. Ashmore and Mr. J. E. Par
son have purchased an orange
grove and other interests in Flor
ida. Mr. Parson and family ar4
already in Lisbon. The people o:
this county hate to lose these
good citizens, but wish then
success in their new homes.
George Ellis, of T welve Mile
camp ground section, in thi
past year, 1912, made 2,00(
bushels of corn. Brother Georgi
'must be a corn raiser from Corn
ville. If brother Ellis had
good balance wheel (a good wife
he would be fully equipped fo>
farming, Gee, what fine rnush
and good big old lye hominy
she could make for him out of
that corn.*
Sale of Farm Tools
On account of my going te
stop farming, I will sell to the
highest bidder, on Wednesday,
January 15, 1913, at 11 o'clock,
at my residence at old Lathemr
place, near Easley, all farming
tools, etc.. consisting of mower,
rake, turn plows, malrey plows,
disc harrow, smooth harrow,
three cotton planters, and othe:
farm tools too numerous tc
mention; first-class set of black
smith tools; one surrey; twc
buggies, two good mules, wagor
and harness; one fine young
buggy horse. Also some fine
heifers. Robert Stewart.
As the New Yea:
to call the attentiol
aud customers--an
been our customners
doors are still open
Blacksmithing, all kii
We also carry alon
horseshoeing not
cept men who kno'
ment with good, I
and stock is better
turn out a good jolt
S Come in and see
work or not; we wi
and show you thro
And, say! What
and wagons? Lool
them in. It will b<
repaired than toi
hard times. We w~
prices as we can ai
Thanking you fo:
are, Yours ver
- Leave orders with us earl
wants large and small.
anl guaranteed.
The Rex
Hallum's Liver Cleansers,
W1E wish fo t]
and custo
liberally trusted u
during 19f2. M
one have a happy
New Year.
Notice to Pe ' ers.
I will be ithe court house
every day-n January, 1913, for
the pu ose of making out ap
,ations for soldiers and wid
ows who are not getting pen
sions and wish to apply for
same. All now drawing will
continue to receive pensions
without furthe- application.
J. B. Newberry,
Pensioai Corn.
Landlords and Tenants Take
- That ~Notice.
Taonand after January 1,
1913, all ten ar.ts wishing our
services will have to bring an
orde~r from their landlord stand
ing good for their doctor bill.
This rule is reasona ble an<i its
strict observance will save n:uch
delay and annoyance.
J. L. Valley, M. D.
Robt. Kirksey, M. D.
L. F. Robinson, M. D.
J. A. Cannon, M. D.
F. S. Porter, M. D.
For Rent
The McCom bs place 4 miles
I north of Pickens C. H. Apply
to I. N. Miller. Easley, S. C:,
roue 1box 2'; or to J.J. Mc
1Combs, Dacusville, S.C., route 1.
Want to buy'a farm? Want
to sell a farm? See the Linwood
Land andInvestmnent Company,
offer a valuable recipe for the
cure of Indigestion for $1, and
guarantee to cure any ordinary
case of Indigestion or Gastritis
and most chronic cases. Med
icine adsolutely harmless. If you
are not satisfied with results, we
>will cheerfully refund your
:mney. Recipe mailed on re.
ceipt of $1 in stamps or money
COOK BOOK CO.,?. 0. Box 116
Aiken, S. C.
'ICE ~
comes in we desire
of all our old friends
those who have not
--to the fact that our
to all alike to do y-our
ads Woodwork, Repairs
g a high class line of
one by any one ex
v how; and our equip
gh class men, tools
than ever before to
us, whether you have
.11 be glad to see you
gh ourY shIop.
about those buggies
them over and( b)ring
better to have them -
>uv new ones these
ill make you as good
id do you a good job.
past patronage, we
y truly,
a Plants
y. We can supply your
Plants Charleston grown
Drug Co.
all Store.
best for the liver, 25c box
iank our friends
mers who have so
s with their trade
iy each and every
and prosperous
The State of South Carolina
County of Pwkenq.
By J. B. Nev bery Esquire. Prol
Wherea, W A. Looper made sui
me to grant him Letter. of Adminis
tion of the Estale of and effectQ
Nancy M. Looper
These are Therefore to cite and
monish all and sinular th4 kind
and creditors of the said Nancy
Looper, dEceased. that they api
tefore me. in the Court of Probatv,
be held at I lck-ts C.utt House, S.
ou the 2nd dav of January, 1
after publicationi hereof. at 10 o!
mn th'e forenoeon. 10 shew cause, if
they have. why the said Administral
snould not he granted.
Given under my hemd' and seal.
16th day of December, 1912, in the 11
year of our Independience.
2t J.lP, P. 4
Buy your frost proof cabbi
plants from .W. S. CANNC
Meggets, S, C. 1,000 to 4,
at S1,2.5. 5,000 to 9,000 at $1.
10,000 -to 15,000 at 90c. Spe<
prices on larger orders and sa
faction guaranteed.
We are goi
be in charge of*
This means
all probability g'
have decided to
January 4th.
Ir a word,
Our regular pat:
personal guarar
goods in plain f
apply to each at
Stetson Hats, S
you can practica
Please rememn
Clothing is inch
They are as far
W~Xe mustr
IThirty Days, an
Bloch, and H art
Here arc a
tionis apply on e
Right heie is yo
$27.50 Suits an
22,50 "~
I 20.00"
2:00 Shirts
II 126 S. M
ii oat
It is the policy of 1
or Skirts from one sea:
uary i, we are naming
Lot No.
All $12.50 and $15.00 <
are great values, in p
striped effects, To clos
the lot, only - -
Lot No.
$20.00 and $22.50 Suit
great value. Serges an
tures, of tan, green, na
gray. To close up
the lot - -
Big reductions on di
Here is your chance to Q
they are picked over.
Notice to Debtors and Crediton
t to ALL Persons holding claims againsl
or the estate' of the le J. Frank Jen
nings and M. Olivia Jenningi
ad- must present same. duly pr -ven on 01
r before the 1 day of Jaunary 1913, or b
>ear debarred payment; and all persons in
to debied to said estate, must make pay
ment on or before the above date, to th(
' undersgned J. C. Jennings,
ny Dec. 5, 1912 3t Administrator
~his Clerk's Sale.
State of Son'h Carolina
Couinty" of Pickesns
Inmmoni Pleu.s Court
Mary J, Ddrham et al, Plaintiffs.
'. against
R.N. Durham, Diefendant.
By vfrtue of a decretal order in th~
00 ibc~e statedi case by H on. J.W. Devor
0.dated Novemaer 22. 1912, and on file ir
the Clzrk's cflice Picke-i s county. S C.
~ial I will sell on Salesday mn January, 1913
during~ the legal hours fcr sale a;t Pick
s-ens, C. H.. S 0., the following t race
of -land described by plats of sur vel
ng to remo3del our Store, put in a
:he Painters, the Carpenters, the P
dust, dirt, confusion and a consta
t damag d and soiled-made less
offer the entire stock at substantie
ve prefer to give our customers an
-ons know that we handle nothing
tee back of every transaction. S
gures, and the special prices willi
d every item in the stock, with the
criven Drawers and Notaseme Soc
Iy wait on yourself.
ber that we cannot charge goods a
ided in these attractive prices. To
ahead of Most of the so-called Tai
the Goods.
ake room for the Workmen, and
d also get room for our Spring St<
,Schaffner & Marx lines-all goo
few items only from our stock--w
very article in the house, contrac
ur chance to practice Genuine Eco
a Overcoats $20.00 1.00 Underw
" 18.00 .50 "
" 17.50 3.00 Hats
" 15 00 2.00 "
" 14.00 1.50 "
"8.50 $10.00 Boy's S
" 7.50 7.50"
1.50 5.00 "
1.15 1.50 " Ku
.5 1.00"
.40 2.00"
he Big Store not to carry over
;on to another, and to clean then
a price that would not buy the
All $25.00 a
oat suits, these of suits can
lain serge and tailoring con<
$8.48 means they a
season. Sei
brown and bl
2 Only -
3, This lot is a It is our cm
d Scotch mix- nery departn
vy, black and you haven't
$12.50 yet, it will Pa
ment a call.
'ess shirts, $1.75, $1.50 and $1.
aye money by selecting one of thi
Pickens, S. C.
made by G. A, Ellis. surveyor, in Jan
uary. 1910, in dividing up the rea
estate of I. A. Durham, deceased.
Trants Nos. 2 and 3 containing (104
acres. Tract No. 5 containing (321) acres.
Tract No. 6 ccitaining (384) acres.
Tract No. 7 contaimog (474) acres.
Tract No. 8 contaiming (51i) acres.
Tract No. 9 containing' (35) acres.
Tract No. 10 contairing (8-1) acrs.
: Terms of sale one-half cash and th
balance on a credit of twelv mont:s,
the credit portion to be secured Ly a
bond of the purchaser or purchaserq
and a mortgage of the premises with
leave to the purchaser or purchasers to
anticipate the credit portion on day 01
sae The purchas~er or purchasers
or Lvremnwes will be resold. Purchaser
t.> piay. for all papels and recording of
same, A. J. B3OGG-..
Clerk of Court.
So he died, and they said unto him:
"It is written against you that yota
heeded not the sorrow and the want
of them that were stricken in poverty
and suffered in illness and want."
And he said:
"That Is unfair, for all my life long
[ note.d especially the sufferinz and
new Front, install new Fixtures,
[umbers, the Electricians and the
at handling and moving of goc
saleable, and having figured it
.1 reductions for Thirty Days,
d Friends the benefit ot this possi
but Straight Goods. andI sell the
uare Dealing is our hobby. We
dlso be in plain figures. These
exception of CONTRACT GC
ks. They wNill all be marked is
t these reduced prices. The C<
the man who has worn them, no
lr-Made stuff as a Tungsten El
vant to reduce the stock as muc.
ck, already bought, consisting
I Dressers know what they are.
e cannot name more in this spac
t goods excepted, as stated a
nomny in Desirable Wearables f<
ear .75 .15 Coliar
(2 for 75c) .40 .25 Socks
2.25 .50 "
1.50 .50 Neckv
1.15 .25
ils$7.00 7,50 Men's
5.50 6.00 "
4.00 50
3.75 40
ee Pants 1.00 4 00
.53.50 '
1.50 2.50 "
any Coat Suits, Waists
i up from now until Jan
loth required to make
,ot No. 3
,nd $27.00 Suits. This bt
ie from one of the best
:erns in America, which
re the best styles of the
ge, whipcord in navy
ack. $1500
at One-Half Price
stom to clean up our milli
ent regardless of price. If
bought your winter hAt
.y you to give this depart
)5 Shirts for only $1.00.
>se snappy styles before
want or the poor, and nor a Christmas
went by that I did not say over and
over that I was sorry for them. No
one gave them more sympathy than I,
no. .one showed more commiseration
for them. Why, lots of times I
thought of them on cold winter
nights, and said to my friends that It
was too bad they had to endure pri
"That Is correct," they said unto
him. "But it is written that you did
not materialize your sympathy-you
simply sympathized in words, and
worde are not eaten, nor are they
worn, nor are they burned in stoves."
So-he was abashed, and stood silent
for a space. Then he said meekly:
"And I must not come in?"
As to that, they did not answer, but
they said again unto him:
"All those that you sympathized
with are here, and now they will sym
pathize with you."
-Wilbur D. Nesbit.
His Hard Work.
Mrs. Wunder-Does anybody ever
read those Christmas poems in the
Mr. Wunder-Oh, yes. The editor
and the proofreaders have to.
etc. The place will
ds. They would in
over carefully, we
beginning Saturday,
ble loss and damage.
m as such, with our
have always marked
: special prices will
)ODS, consisting of
iplain f igures and
~lebrated Stein-Bloch
words are necessary,
ctric is of a Tallow
i as possible in the
of the great Stein
e-the same reduc
.nd specified above.
r Man or Boy.
S .10
(2 for 75c) .40
rear .40
Pants 6.00

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