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Chidre.n Cry l
o Kind You Have AlwayS BE
use for over 30 years, h'
and has
.. --sonal Sul
Allow n(
Counterfeits, Imitations an
riments that trifle with ai
ts and Children-Experio
What is CA
ra is a harmless substit
rc, Drops and Soothing Sy
nt^ins neither Opium, Mor]
bstance. Its age is its guar
d allays Feverishness. For
been in constant use for 1
tulency, Wind Colic, all
rrhwa. It regulates th,
ilates the Food, giving h,
e Children's Panacea-The':
Bears the Sil
The Kind You Have
In Use For Ove
(By E 0. O E. s R. Director of Eve- e
ning DepartmeNat The Moody Bible In- t
stitute of Chicate.)
TEXT-Genesis V:-2 22-?.
T-"Every ne that coM
bond ant of sin-" a
vlsions to
: I. The
eFall, vv.
13; IV. The
1-5. En
tcause our1
ofall. How
of man this
knows. Was E
not? Did not t
?It Is no
nto believe the
nversed with them C
e garden. True Mil- s
esssays this was Sa
ni had Scripture author.
9. We are also taughtC
can assume disguises, 2
tof attack was to question
of God; this Is always the
ray to all sin. False the
leads in the end to false
God had forbidden to eat of
,chapter 2:17, but hereI
ea artial truth to make
e sh! not eat of the fruit1
trees." v. 1(R. V.) Eve did.
did when he was tempted,C
tthe words of God TV. 2
tthough she saw through
prsetaIoi,she made
mistake of parleying
tmuch ground Satan goes
er. It is not death she
be fearful of; God would rath
ther. becoming like himself
eprohibition not to partake
t of the tree.
Eve's Mistake.
eyes shall be opened...
asaw." Human curiosity
ri ambition for a clearer
ehave ever been fruitful
~failure. Eve made the mis
of adding to God's words (2:17)
adof allowing herself to see the one
prohibition of the garden rather than
the myriads of privileges.
II. The Fall, V. 6, 7. The next
step was but the entering wedge. The
appeal was to the eyes, "it was a de
light to the eyes" v. 6R.V., "she took
of it," see 1 John 2:16. When God
gave command not to eat, he knew
the danger of touching, 2 Cor. 6:17.
There was of course a possible escape,
1 Cor. 10:13, even yet, but scarcely
so. Eve had gone too far, hence she,
and then Adam partook.
Adam's Fault.
Adam's fault was that he listened to
his wife's persuslon (v. 17). Their
desire for a present advantage, "be
come like God," overcame the fear of
a 'future displeasure and illustrates
the Hebrew word for sin, "missing the
mark." Immediately their eyes were
opened. What they saw now was not
'desirable to look upon" and they;
dthemselves girdles from the
esof the fig trees. Han has ever
ben seeking to cover his own
e Trial V. 8:13. CommIt
umnnature seeks coni
evr seeks coy
-us all. As
)r Fletcher's
,ught, and which has been
xs borne the signature of
been made under his per
pervision since its infancy.
r one to deceive you in this.
d "Just-as-good " are but
id endanger the health of
mnee against Experiment.
te for Castor Oil, Pare
raps. It is pleasant. It
phine nor other Narcotic
Lntee. It destroys Worms
more than thirty years it
he relief of Constipation,
Teething Troubles and
e Stomach and Bowels,
ealthy and natural sleep.
Mother's Friend.
,nature of
Always Bought
r 30 Years
re as the laws of~maliematics. Th
ower of sin, its appeal to pride, t
ist, to ambition, to the pleasure c
he eyes, to any and all of the emc
Lons, and the counter pull of an ou1
aged conscience are too vivid a r(
lity in our lives to be denied. An
astly there Is the prophecy of on
rho should conquer this power an
,ring all things subject to htmsel:
le who was to conquer that last ei
my, death, 1 Cor. 15:24, 26. Havin
bus partaken of the "tree of th
nowledge of good and evil" thereb
icurring the oume of labor and to
pon them God avoided the possibilit
f their partaking of "the tree of lif
ad live forever" by sending them om
f the garden and effectually preveni
ig their return v. 24. But the tree c
fe was not lost forever- and now w
re urged to partake of it to our ful
ee Rev. 2:7.
Adam and Eve had the power c
hoice .and this lesson reveals a faiti
1 portraiture of the drama of life.
Notice to Pensioners.
I will be in the court hous
very day in January, 1913, fc
he purpose of making out ai
lications for soldiers and wit
>ws who are not getting per
ions and wish to apply fC
ame. All now drawing wi
:ontinue to receive pensiot
ithout further application.
J. B. Newberry,
Pension' Comn.
A hookworm specialist, wll
ias been treating this diseasei
ther counties of this state, wi
e in Pickens county at an ear]
late to examine free all thoi
who apply to him. He will alh
reat all cases free, the stai
md county bearing all expens
Watch The Sentinel for a1
iouncement of exact dates.
r'o Rent, Sell or E
A number of (desirable houns and T
ant Jots in almost any part of Gree
nlle that you may deSi e. Will s'
his property on favorable terms.
wil exchange for farms situate ir: ti
>r adjacent counties.
11 S. Main St. Greenville, S.
&Nervous? ~
Mrs. Walter Vincent,
* of Pleasant Hill, N. C.,
writes: "For three sum- I
mers, I suffered from I
(nervousness, dr ea d ful
Spains in my back and
sides, and weak sinking Q
spells. Three, bottles of
tonic, relieved me entire
Sly. I feel like another
?person, now."
man's Tonic
Store Closed.
. This store will be closed
all day Friday, January 17th
to enable us to prepare for .1A
this Great Sale.
Offers their Entire Stoc
tions in Prices ever att(
What this sale me,
estimated, because the
all who read this Adver
Sale will go down in his
Come the first dai
At 4 o'clock we will
sell 10 yds. Good Ap
ron and Dress Ging
hams for 30c.
(io yd. limit.)
Remember that this sa'
will be in charge of Mr. Gai
too well known to the buyin
not be surpassed in this cou
even if you I-on't n :
A $15,000 Stock of Dr3
bought since last October ai
Thousand s and thousar
goods which will be placed<
ethem over and see for yours<
One lot of
- . Shoes, $1.25
- 98c.
.0 Shoes for $x.
II Women's $
End price $r.
Children's Shoes, sizes 8 1-2 to 12 1-2,
Children's $i-5o Shoes $1.19
Men's $1-50 all Leather Shoes, Mill En
- Men's $2.50 Fine Shoes $ i.98
Men's $3.00 Shoes, Mill End price $2.2
Men's $3.50 Shoes for $2.98
Remember we will have a special price
fords, and it will pay you to come to the
.- your Low quarLered Shoes now for Sp
-Shoes in the Store will be reduced for th
time to Buy Shoes Cheap.
Notions and Small Wares. suits, mill e
6 spools of coats thread 25c $Me*ns vork
Mens 5c handkerchiefs for 3c Mn 1.50f
15c can, full pound of Snow- Ments, mill
berry .talcum powder, mill pants m3.50
- Air Flat Talcum 10c can 8c pants mil
One dozen pearl buttons 1c Boys blue s
N Good paper pins for 1c er pants for
5c paper pins 3cReuaSl
Good lead pencils for 3c Regula 501.0
Good lead pencils for 1c Boys fulc p'
Womnens handkerchiefs for lc Boys food p
Box hair pins .for 3c M7.50 good
10c cabinet hair pins for Sc .-Mn mill.
Woesback com s e mill end pri
value 10c- Men's $3 00
W omens back combs, 25c mill end pr:
value 10cMe'S35
Sc paper safety pins for 3c Mn 3S
50Sc steel ribbed, rain proof Dry (
umbrellas for 39cI
4 39c umbrellas for 25c EGood calico
$1.00 umbrellas for 79c Simpson pr
Good suit case for 89c S61-c apo
Men's and Boy's Clothing 61eres an
Boy's Knickerbocker suits for S81-3c
$2.00 value, 3 to 5, mill end gAmoskcag<
A price $1.24. 1 2c values
K Boys 3.50 to 4.00 suits for 2.98 IGood outmn;
S Boys 5.00 to (6.00 blue sergej light colors
flRdwin L Bolt & Co., Pros.
k of Dry Goods, Notions,
mpted in this section. -
ans to every economical i
avings are of such signifi
tisement, if Honest Price
tory as the Greatest Barg
-, come every day and ge
Minute and
Hour Sales
It will pay you to attend these
Special Minute and Hour Sales. Re
member you will get your part of
these Special Bargains if you are
here during these Special Sales.
These Sale s will be conducted each
day while this Great Mill End Sale
is in progress.
le begins promptly at 9 o'cloci
ns, the Mill End Man from th
g public to need any introduct
ntry. It will certainly pay yoi
)ods now.
M'sa Wome's s d Sh
value Ml yad poi s ens ofa o
>n sle t a O ne h lof th ra rg
d a d beconv nsd fribe y uns
29en'snsn Woodn'socks for
valufe Ss Mill Mpi e nlOsokSc
Men's 50 ck forv w1
.49 Mens good sock for
Mens 50c Sweaters,
~2-50 fine Shoes, Mill Mens $1.00 sweaters.
98 Mens 15c suspendere
$ 1.25 value for 95c Men s 25c suspendern
.Mens 50c suspendern
d prce $.29Mens 15c ties for 10<
d prce $.29Mens 25c ties for 19<
Mens $1.25 felt hats
48 Mens $1.50 hats, mil
on slippers and Ox- Mens and boys 25c c
great sale -and buy Women s '75c corsets
ring. Every pair of WTomens $1.00 corse
s sale. Now is the Womens $1.50 corse
Womens 25c hose su
Womens 50c hose st
d price 3.48. 10c outing flannel for 8 1.
pants, value 1.25 Mill ends percales, light a:
r only 89c and 98c dark colors, 10c value for
work and dress 1-3c
end price $1.68 12 1-2c percales, 36 inc]
and $4.00 dress wide for 8 1-3c
nd price $2.98. Good yard wide bleachi
pants for $3.48. for 5c
rge knickerbock- 38 inch Sea Island domes
48c and 6:3c 4 1-2c
)0 Overalls for 89c Good heavy.drill, 10c and:]
eralls for 42c values for 8 1-3c
e pants for 89c 10-4 brown sheeting
heavy suits value value, for 19c
nd price $2 98 10-4 bleach sheeting, 35c val
pants value $1.50 for 25c
ce 98c. X. L. T' galatea cloth]
blue serge pants, value for 8 1-3c
ce $1.98 35c value white table dama
odd coats $2.48 21c
oods Ceap50c table damask for 41c
oods heap38 inch mercerized mnadr;
for 4i c solid white and white stril
ints mill end price 18c value 10c
Extra size Clarendon cou:
nghams for 4ic er panes $1.50 value for $1
d apron gingh ams $1.00 counterpanes for
$2.00 satin counterpanes
ors 1-ghms1 Goo0d hand towels for 4c
Sflannel dark and Bath towels for 8c
for 4ic 25c pure linen towels, frii
Shoes and Clothing at one of
nan and woman in this coun
cance that it is bound to meel
Concessions means anything v
ain Event ever conducted in E
: your share of these Wonderf
At 4 o'clock we will sell for one Solid
Hour 2000 yds. of Ribbons all.widths
and Shades the Regular price of these
Ribbons was 5c to 25C yd. Be here
at this time and buy what you want
Saturday January 18th for Ten I
e Mills. We feel sure that the M
ion; their reputation for fair dealin;
i to attend this Great Bargain Sal(
oes to enter in this great Yiill End
' is s we have bought
11 ends in ca icoes,
ilar price. These goods are all rn
has LaisBacEi
eLow Prices.Edpie59
k shirts, mill end prices 39c Sutwee$2.0ad
: work shirts 25c.pre$79
ed underwear 39c.
erwear 39c.Lais$.0St,
ic. Edpie$09
mill end price 39c. Lde 2.oSis
mill end price 79c. $.4
for 10c.Lais$25an$
18c. Ml n rc 79
for 25c. Lde 1.0ln
mili end price 89c, Ml n rc 59
i end price $1.18. Cide oySi
aps, mill end price 39c. fo $11,19,24
48c. Ifns$.0Ba
s 89c. Edpiei1
s 98c. Ifns ogCas
ipporters for 39c.I
3c ld end fordies' Boakts
8 Io vlus fr lcLale fort andc S
Wmen blac sati Ladties2. wola $b0aS
iesc~ats 5c vlu f 3c Lale mill blue pri
I w.Ofl~&OS J.Suits wee $1 2-50 s amln
35c trkeyre~! arc e $7 h'$.98 .
lue cloth,areglar1price $1.2
mill e~~nd price 1O.98n 6cdrs
L5cEmboieris ad ace mL gas , -5 ad$
end ric 4c Miltea for pric$.9
.sk2cwol sars fr 9c L hadie ~ 315.c long
$1.0 oo sarf fr c hLdens r0omlong
- ~Child ens onySki
4~ vlue wol plidIfo ants boo gradma
5c ctton laid or End powder fo9c.
.29 edalns for 19c an 2 Bxets
8 1c n e s omroies 10 ca luein odr
esoats 0c value for 9cMnsga sok
Oenso 10 a d 12 5 m rc c
broiiea for flocig,2cMnexrhav
Wabac for iSe. Laie cbac
igc Ladie ,c hadkehes3 for lic
10v ys. go C.lshln
mill endnpricen95nu
an. 18riere n NDAs il
Saturday io o
E first halfk Aou
doors are ope
sell.10 yds.goQd I
for only 49c.
[10 yds. to ac,she 4
the Greatest Redn
try cannot be Igh
: with the app
ve are sure thaI
ul Bargains.
o'clock we will place
on Sale 1 lot of Ladies
$1.00 Shirt Waisa
35 cents.
(2 to a customer limit)
ays and the entire sto
11 E6d salks Coinpar
and Bargai Givig can
and buv for future us .
Sale. All bran new.
especially for thi
cass. Coean
I Coat Suits
iits, prices cut to
:rge Suits, Mill
id black Serge
b5.00- Mill End
Mill End price
Cord Suits, Mill
Mill End prcic
5.00 Long coats'
oats, Mill End ;
Carocal Coats,
md Carocal coats k
upto 3-98 '~~ ~
kin Coats, Mill / , I
value 1.50, Mill
ets, $1.00 x6,fr ny 9
ets, $2.50Lais$.0hn bg,
e 1,48., orony 9
[price 98c. Lde 5 adasnw
rugs, mill7carmcokfo c.;
rugs, mill56icBoacoh
iand torn ml n rc 9
dfor ;39c40ih naa rwQ
each Ic_hakSO ae~
es made of acsfi
and gala- ~,~ice ~
es for 25c.vau fofr
sses for 98cAlcoos0inhM -
for 25c. vle o .c
ers for 48c 1lto 6ic af~
washing i lis hcs~
Lndry soap fr;i rrtsl.' ~ *
grandmas rrcs3A
)c. Coenikhond"
mill end wlh3y9
SOX 8c. edpie7c
endare ap. mti
27x56,r that' ol9
rng hatWoo aress
guraee andbrwn,65

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