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Leave orders with us earb
Wants large and small. I
The Rex
HAllum's Liver Cleansers,
Local and
Rev. T. L. Smith of Greer,
was in the city Monday.
S. R. Kelley, a prominent
citizen and merchynt of Cen
was a busin6ss visitor here
Xugene Yongue is now clerk
ng for the Keowee Pharmacy.
You don't have to hump up
back -while plowing with
Stock, get one.
Hardware & Grocery
Mr. H. M. Hester has pur
ased the stock of general mer
formerly owned by
W. A. Smith. Mr. Hester
is a fine young business man
and we predict for him much
success.- Tugaloo (Westmins
.0r) Tribune.
Pne of the prettiest homes in
ens"for side. Apply to D.
by J. B.- Newbery at
Januaiy 8, 1913 Miss
Martin and J. 0. For
i ens county.
wa f
visited his parents iny
.Oureton last week
. Aiken of N. C.,
f fat stall fed buff
Julian, of the
section, who has
for a long time, is
ed to her .bed and
m to improve very
has ma.ny friends
she may soon. re
0. A. Waters has. ing re
'as pastor of Pickens
C 'urch, is moving this
Pelzer, to take charge
't Baptist church at
lia place. We regret to see a
~oodinau and minister as he is
eye our town. -
R?2ev. John T. Lewis visited
aj children in town this week.
KLarkin Hu~ghes and daughter,
Miss Terza, visited in town this
es is one of
M. Ramsey, President
*fGreenville Female College,
*fill the pulpit of the Baptist
Ohrhat this place next Sun
morning and night. The
blic is invited to these services
~ all who attend are sure of
g some good preaching.
'e legistature convened in
S Tue-sdayr--lie 14th
remain in session
ys. Some lively times
before close of the
~ .Senator T. J. Mauldin,
-retatives McCravy and
4fton the early train
- opresent at the
us a news item.
nslar L
f reat value in all for
a si Constipation, Bilic
In 25 and
Guaranteed to gi
O Plants
We can supply your
>lants Charleston grown i
Urug Co.
IH Store.
best for the liver, 25c box
Miss Wade, who has been
visiting Mrs. M. C. Smith, has
returned to her home in Ben
nettsville. She was at one time
milliner for the Big Store and is
very popular here.
Miss Olive Medlin, daughter
of J. E. Medlin, died on the 14th
inst. from bronchal trouble.
The young lady was 16 years of
age, bright and intelligent.
She was a member of Secona
Baptist church. The burial
will be at Griffin church Wed
nesday. The family and rela
tives have the sympathy of
the community. We are
promised that the Grace of
God is sufficient to comfort us
in all afflictions.
Classified Column
Selected Seed
Corn For Sale.
- Batt's foar-eared prolific corn
from my prize acre of 125 bush
els on sale at Craig Bros., Pick
ens, S. C., or at my home, at
$2.00 per bushel. NuPbed and
hand shelled.
2t -Ralph Gilstrap.
Buy your frost proo
eggets, 5, 0. 1,000 to 4,000
at $1,25. 5,000 to 9,000 at $1.00.
10,000 to 15,000 at 90c. Special
prices on larger orders and satis
faction guaranteed..
For Sale
The T. J. Robinson place one
mile south of Pickens. 27 acres.
Well improved. Apply to Jno.
F. .Harris.
For Sale.
Desirable little farm contain
ing 87k acres, 1k miles from city
limits of Washington. Well
located and improved. House
on it worth $700 or $800.
$30 per acre. T. D. Weeks,
R. 1, Washington, Ga.
For Rent
The McComts place 4 miles
north of Pickens C. H. Apply
to I. N. Miller. Easley, S. C.,
route 1, box 27; or to J. J. Mc
Combs, Dacusville, S.C., route 1.
All persons are hereby warned
not to hire, harbor, or in any
way or manner helpmVi daugh
ter Tannena Cannon. Parties
doing so will be prosecuted to
the fullest extent of the law.
Ned Cannon, (Col.)
You get the best 7 and 8 blade
Stalk Cutter at 1Pickens Hdw.
& Gro. Co.
For Infants and Children.
Th1in4EYou Have Always Bought
Bears the
Signature of
J A. Mc C>llouJgh . - B. F. Martin
E. M. Blythe
M20o1g181. Mal'tiu & Blytlle
Imsonic Temple GreecMille, S. C.
Anderson, S. C.
Practice in all Courts.
iver Safts
mis of Rheumatism as well$
usness and Indigestion.
:to take. 9
50c Bottles
e satisfaction by
Aide Strong and Well by YinoL.
When we tell you that VinoI Is the t
>est remedy in our whole stock for
naking weak, puny, ailing children r
;trong, robust- and rosy, we are only 9
elling you what has been proved by
iundreds of mothers.
Mrs. W. 0. Strother, Raleigh, N. C.,
ays: "My little girl, Hazel, has been
;aking Vinol to build her up after a
evere spell of sickness. It has done
5o much good by restoring her appe
tite and building up her strength that
[ think Vinol is the finest tonic ever
prepared, and I am telling everyone
about it."
- What Vinol did for this little
girl it will do for very weak and
ailing child, because sickly children
need the strengthening cod liver
elements and the tonic iron that I
Vinol contains-that is why Vinol
builds them up quickly and gives t
them a fine, healthy color. It Is
pleasant to take, and. we guar
antee that the results will satisfy
you - money bac1c It they, do not.
Pickens Drug Co., Pickens, S. C.
Ned Franklin was the son of a man
who had graduated as a plainsman.
drifted east and made money. Ned
went west to see what his father bad
seen. He had been gone just two
weeks when his father received the
following telegran from him:
Stranded. Tc!egraph money for return.
When he got houi he told them of
his week's adveutures in the land of
the spurs, the revolver and the rifle.
It was as follows:
He found Denver, which his father
had known as a small town, a large i
city and pushed on westward. When 1
he came to the end of the rails he
took coaches. He was now in the
land where travelers talked about road
agents, where those In the towns spoke
incidentally of the last guu fight, or
how much money had been won or lost
by some prominent citizen at faro.
Ned, who believed the only way to
learn the manners and customs of a
people was to make their acquaint
ance, told everybody that he had come
out to see the country and meant to
see it thoroughly. He had no stuck
up notions about him; not he. He felt
as much at home with a stage driver
as he would with the veriest dandy at
home. The consequence of this be
havior was that he made friends in
One_ ing at the Antelope-a tav
ern, gmu ml! nth;am bfiseeem.r-.
bled-It was suggsited by a man who
was showing Ned the town, that he
invest a few dollars at faro, just to
see how it worked. Ned looked at his
friend, smiled, slapped him on the
back, winked and said:
"Not much. I'm a .voun man from
Cold Weather Stop
We have some values that t
wearisome trips to secure.
A few more of those 1.50 C
A few more Robin Hood S:
While they last we will sell:
spring for 8 1.50, This will pay
mud, Some special values in ul
Bring on all the chickens ar
let's keep the ball rol ing,
Yours f or1
Pickens Railor
Noi1x'~d No. 5 STATI(
MxdMix'd Mix'
A. M. A. M. P. M. Lv.
- 7.30 11-00 3-15 PICKI
7.35 11.05 3.20 *F:IERGt
7.45 11.-15 3.30 *AR
7.50 I1.20 3.35 *^:RIA
7-55 I1-551 3-401*AU
8.oo 11I-30 3.45 EA SI
___ ___ Ar.
"Flag Stations-No Ag
No. 1 connects witi
No. 3 connects witi
No. 3 connects witl:
No. 4 connects witl
No. 4 connects witt
No. 5 connects witl:
For any fnrther info:
tie e1y'. and you eant come raro on
"Youfre diead right. pard." said the
ther. "but what I meant wis to invest
2 to see the game. just as you'd spend
he same for a round of drinks."
The man left Ned. but after awhile ]
eturned and asked if he proposed to
c west In the stage the next morning.
;ed said he did; whereupon his friend
sked if he would mind taking charge
f a young lady. Ned remarked that
e would be only too happy to do so.
le was seeing a good deal of the men
f the country. but had thus far met
ew of the women. He was assured
hat the young lady, Miss Iverr was
he daughter of a wealthy ranchman,
nd had been to Denver on a shopping
our and was returning to her home. I
his pleased Ned very much, and he i
nticipated a bit of a flirtation with
diss Iver. How it would surprise his
ather if he should marry a ranch
an's daughter and turn ranchman
Ned was Introduced to Biss Iver at
he coach door by the man who had
isked him to escort her and was
;omewhat disappointed in her. Her
valk was awkward. and her voice was
iot refined. However, she was a wo
ni of the country, and he was curi
mus to learn all about her. He asked
er if she wouldn't like to sit outside,
)ut she declined on the ground that
he sun freckled her, so they entered
:he coach. Ned taking a seat beside
The young woman was disposed to
)e quiet and uncommunicative during
he early part of the journey, but as
me b.v one the nassentrers left the
oaen, none otners ta:ing tneir places,
he thawed and took pleasure In giv
ng her escort information about the
ountry. occasionally pointing out.ob
ects of Interest. Ned, warming up,
yegan to pay her compliments. as he
mad been used to paying them to girls
it home. but she was not used to
:hem, or did not seem to know how
,o take thm; but she evidently was
rying to make it appear that she had
een paid compliments before.
She told Ned that she expected her
lather to meet her at the junction of
he stage road and another leading to.
he ranch. When the coach reached
e junction Ned expected to see a
our mule team and a four seated coun
:ry wagon. But he saw nothing. Nei
her did the young lady. She looked
rery much troubled. Ned asked her
vhat she would do. She said she sup
osed she would have to wait. For a
Foung woman to wait at a crossroads
with no house within miles seemed to
Ned little short of madness. The
tagecoach must go on. and Ned tried
to persuade his fair charge to go on
too. But she said her papa would be
iwfully worried when he arrived and
lid not find her.
There was nothing for Ned to do, es
pecially since she had been placed in
his charge, but to remain with her.
She declined to permit him to make
the sacrifice unless he would promise
to spend his tine till the coach passed
the next day at her father's ranch. In
leed, she deej4!-tjiaf papa would not
i anything else.
- E they alighted, and the coach went
on. As soon as It turned a bend in the
road and wvas out of sight Miss Iver
took a revolver out of a pocket In her
dress and. covering Ned. said:
-Young feller. if you've got any vain.
ales in your clothes shell 'em out."
When N.ed recovered from his suzr
Vou .From Trading
iay you to make many long
i Cans and 5 gallons Oil for
els for 40c.
good 1 20-Coil folding bed
you for pulling through the
2derwear etc,
id eggs you can spare and
a~d Company,
d No 12.
TABLE No. 1.
~E 15th, 1911.
~ o. 2 No. 4 No. 6
) :Mix'di Mix'd Mix'd I
Ar. A. M. P. M. P. M.
NS 9.10! 1.50 4.35
soN 9.05 1-45 4.30
)Ns 8.55 1.35 4.20
n. 8.5 1.30 4.15
DIN 8.45 1.25 4-10
LEY 8.40~ 1.20 4.05
Southern No. 42
Southern No. 39
~Southern No. 39
Southern No. 12
Southern No. 12
Southern No. 39
Southern No. 11
nation apply to
4a.al1 Man
Use of Calomel
Practically Stopped
,or Bilious Attacks, ConstipatioE
and All Liver Troubles. Dan
gerous Calomel Gives Way tc
Dodson's Liver Tone.
Every druggist I, tLt.e state has no
iced a great failing e-T in the sale of
alome!. They all give the same reason
)odson's Liver Tone is taking its place
Calomel is often dangerous and pf,ople
:now it, while Dods(n's Liver Tone
s perfecly safe and giv, s better results'
ays Pickens Drug Co.
Dodson's Liver Tone is personally
,uaranteed by Pickens Drug Co. who
ell-it. A large bottle costs 50 cents,
nd if it fails to give easy relief in every
aue, of sluggishness, y;u have only tc
sk fur your money back. It will be
>romply returned.
Dodson's Liver Tone is a pleasani
asting, purely vegetable remedy harm
ess to both children and adults. A
>ottlein tha house may save you a
lay's work or keep your children fron
nissing school. Keep your liver work.
ng and your liver will not ke,p yot
rom working.
rise ne acceptea tne situation. IUe
ady threw off her feminine apparel
.nd stood before him a man with his
:rousers in, his boots. He took $M00
ed handed him and- said:
"Now, you galoot, move on."
Ned walked back ten miles to a re
ay, where the driver of the returning
!oach took him aboard and carried him
o a telegraph station.
Douglas Young, who ha.
)een with the Keowee Phar
cnacy. has accepted a positior
it Anderson, with the Evanc
is at hand, and it offers except
ional opportunities for' immens
savings to those who can us
any of the articles of.
that our stock offers. Price
have been lowered regardless o
cost, and you can glean man
an unusual bargin by visiting or
store during this sale
Easley, S. C
Subscribe for 'J he Sentinel.
is their
lighting device
Will not blow out or
thumb screws, so tha1
detached. Throws a c
Extra large red danger:
It is equipped with handle,
good hand lantern. Strong.
At Dealer
Newar!:, N. J. (Incorporato
fmes driing nowor rain cannot sift ni
Best roof for country buildings, bec
7 They'l ast as long as thebuiding
P Itzbenfic
We have just finis
we found some lines ol
and others only a remi
regardless of cost. The
latest styles, and it will
last long at prices quo
A Ref
LOT NO. I. A l
LOT NO. 2. $11
Big Lot of Silks at Big I
27x36 in. wide. only 7
Sheno silks 27 in. wid
Big Ribbon Sale on d
beautiful line of ribbon
2-A nice line of Taff<
-One lot.beautiful co)
Big Reductions in man:
you to visit the Big St
Notice of Eil sittlement aid Discait
NOTICE is hereby given that 1 wi
make application to J. B. Newbery Esq
Judge of Prohate for Pickens countj
in the State of South Carolina. on tb
6 d1ay of Februarr. 1913, at 10 o'clock i
the forenoon, or as soon thereafter f
said opplication cin be heard for leav
to make final Fettlement of the estal
of W. R. Anders, deceased, and obtai
d ischarge as administrator of said estat
Notice of rinal lettietcIt ani Diicif
Notice is hereby given that I w
tmake application to J. B. New berr;
Esq. JudgeA of?robate for Pickens coul
ty in the State of South Carolina. on tI
e13 day of February, 1912, at 10 o'cloc
in the forenoon or as so<
thereafter as said application can 1
heard, for leave to make final settlemne
of the estate of Columbus Griffin. di
Sceased and obtain discharge as adnmin:
trator of said estate.
SJ. R.J. Ant bony,
4t Administrator.
Send us your Jol
. Work.
For the
>st compact and efficient
for all kinds of vehicles.
jar out. Equipped with
it is easily attached or
ear light 200 feet ahead.
ignal in back.
and when detached makes a
Durable. Will last for years.
in Ne Jere:r) Baltimore, Md.
erlock and overlap in sucht a way that the
~der them.
Ause they're safe from all the elements.
and never need repairs.
RIOW (0., Pickens, S. C.
Ash, Poke Root and Potassium)
Powerful Permanent
toP.P p ati-i cue
ky wheothermed- youtostaycured
Cia. are useless
y Clearar
hed our annual inventory, and in
merchandise that had not sold a-c
iant lett and in either case our ru
goods qu:ted below,are not sho
pay you to come early and get f
i Bargain in Cravanette
eautiful cravanette overcoat, forn
;.oo and 16.50 coats only 9.48
keductions. 1.50 Silks all shade
9c. 5oc silks 18x27 in. wide o
isplay in our dry goods departm
s that sold for i5c and 25c only
:tta and Satins, 25C to 35c values
lars that sold ior 4o to 6oc value
y lines of seasonable lines of mer
ore for the next 30 days.
Pickens, S. C.
iA. K. F
This will inform the reade
n still at the old stand in "West
stocks of Dry Goods, Underwi
have ever carried, and my pric
- goods can be sold for. A feu
right on prices.
A good Calico 5 cents.
A good Cotton Check 5<
C.anton Fh.nhels 5, 8 1-3,
*Men's heavy Fleeced Shii
nLadies' heavy Fleeced Ve
Preparefor cold weather
-a good blanket - My shoe sto<
and prices the lowest. Don't
I 'EstablIsbed 1868. PaidIn
We sow three tens of Cabbagi
Wan. C. Geraty Co., Boi
Schedules Effective Sep
N. B.-The. foJlowing schedule figuri
are not guaranteed.
Premier Carri
No.44 ATLANT1.
Stops to discharge passenge
passengers for Charlotte ant
.No. 36 NEW ORLEANS al
Stops only
No 42 SENECA (Daily).
For Wasniington and New 3
sengers from Atlanta and t'
lotte and beyond
Stops to take on passen1
41 CH ARLOTTE (Daily)-..
For further informaftion :,ppiy to Ti<
W. R. TA BER. P. &T. A -
<;reenn ih.. '. C.
Get a Blue-I
All you have to doi
Sentinel for a year in a<
this book in addition Ao
"It makesme think
before m
ice Sale
going through our stock
well as they should,
le is to cose them ort
p-worr, but the season s
rst choice as they won't
ier price $ 7.59. to close
s only 98c. x.oo silks
nly 37 1-2C. -One lot
ent. Table No. 1-A
5c per yard. Table No.
only l oc. Table No. 3
Sonly I5c.
:handise and it will pay
zoW Co.
rs of The Senti -that I am
End", with e of the best
ear, Notioni a . Shoes that
:es SHALL B the lowe*
prices will co 'ne
1o and 12 1-2
ts 50 cents.
st and Pants 2
Ahich is sure to
:k is complete,
fail to come to s
Capital Stock $30,000.00
ansa. wownh'ovetwntyto
bepmitan a o ntsperl the
272, Yonges esana, S. C.
t. 22,1912 fronmEas
es are published only as informa' ion
er efthue South
..---------------220 am
rs from Atlanta, or to reCeive
I beyond.
id ATLANTA--5.45 am
----------------835 am
-- - ----- - 1 45 pm
--------------8.25 pm
r ATLANTA.-..-7.55 pm
ork. 0., dischare pas
i receive as engers for Char
BINGToN-_--.._--6.50 am
ers for AtlantL
_---_ ---11 55 am
----------------4.00 pmu
------ ---------9 55pm
:ke Agent or write
-W. E. McGEE. A. G P. A.
Columbia S. C.
Back Speller
s to pay for T
Ivance and

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