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PUBLISHED WEEKLY Entered April 23, 1903 at Pickens, S. C. as second class mail matter, under act of Congress of March 3,1879
Established 1871-Volume 42 PICKENS, S. C., JANUARY 23, NU
W. F. Wyatt Dead;
Other Easley Locals
Mr. W. F. Wyatt died at the
--'P"Iome of his daughter-in-law,
Mrs. James M. Carpenter, on
Sunday morning, 19th-inst., in
the 81st year of his life. His
wife had preceeded him to the
grave about 15 years. He leaves
two sons, Mr. James R. Wyatt
of Easley, and Mr. John Wyatt
of Brushy Creek. Mr. Wyatt
was a member and deacon of
Mt. Pisgah Baptist church and
had been for many years. He
was a good man and a useful
citizen, ever ready to lend a
helping hand to those in need.
He had been an industrious and
economical man and had man
aged to leave his children and
grand-children some good prop
erty, but best of all he left them
the legacy of an honored name.
and a good name is rather to be
chc .n than great riches.
Monday afternoon, 20th inst.,
his funeral services were held
by his pastor, Rev. D.W. Hiott,
at Mt. Pisgah church in the
presence of a large congrega
tion. The old soldiers acted as
pall bearers. His body rests by
the side of his wife in the
church yard to await the morn
ingof the resurrection. Mr.John
N. Wyatt, of Easley, is his only
living brother. Mrs. Mary An
drea, of Greenville county; Mrs.
John R. Henderson, and Mrs.
Joe Hendricks, of Anderson
county, are the only living sis
ters. The relatives have the
sympathy of the entire commu
Miss Emma Bolcombe, of At
lanta, and Mrs. Esther Hol
combe Hunt, of Alabama, -are
--hee-t see Athetr g ZMZd-iotir,
Mrs. Mary Briggs.
Hon. E. P. McCravey came
home from Columbia to spend
Sunday and Monday.
W. D. Spearman went to At
lanta on business the first part
,of the week.
Miss Ella Hiott, who has been
teaching a private school in
Easley, has accepted a position
in a graded school near Pelzer.
Mrs. John McAlister, of
the Piercetown section in And
erson county, was in Easley
shopping this week.
Edwin L. Bolt, of the Br ttery,
is waking things up in Easley.
You would never think about
hard times to go to his store.
Miss Nettie Catlett, who has
been in the mercantile business
here for seyeral years, is moving
to East Tennessee to engage in
business. We are sorry to see
her leave and wish for her suc
b cess in her new home.
Mrs. G. W. Griffin died here
this (Tuesday) afternoon and
will be buried here tomorrow.
Pickens Route 3.
Rev. R. H. Lupo has moved
to his new home at Salem par
sonage. Everybody is glad to
have him for their pastor for
.another year.
0. P. Field has moved to his
new home which he purchased
* from his son. F, B. Field.
The weather has been so un
favorable tlhat the people
through this section have not
done much toward ar.other crop.
The Hagood school is pro
gressing nicely with Miss Essie
Kelley as teacher.
Christmas must be on hand
again from the number of
pound suppers and plays that
are goinz on through this sec
Walter Hudson has movedl
Gravley 's to saw a stand of tim -
Holly Springs school is pro
gressing nicely with Miss Esther
Gravley as teacher.
Mrs. W. T. Edens has been
very sick but is repoited some
better at this writing. We hope
she will soon be up again.
W. T. Gravley and son, Luth
er, were business visitors in
Pickens Saturday.
We noticed in different papers
accounts of the earthquake
shock. The people through
this section surely were asleep.
I never heard anyone say any
thing about it, or it didn't
reach this far one.
H. A. Townes spent Saturday
night and Sunday at the home
of John W. Thomas.
This warm cloudy weather is
a gr.eat benefit to the small
rain crop that has been sown
throughout the country.
In The Sentinel correspon
dence we have anything up to
Farmer's Wife and Farmer's
Bov. Now we would like to
hear from the Farmer's Daugh
ber or any other member of the
Eamily that would like to say
anything to the credit or honor
)f our community or paper.
It has been rumored in this
:ommunitv that the Southern
Eailway Co. has b->ught out the
Pickens Railway Co. Hope it is
;rue and they will carry it
;hrough here and connect it at
Rosman, N. C: It would be a
reat benefit to the country at
arge and open up one of the
inest sections of country in the
Piedmont belt.
Mr. and Mrs, A. B. Looper
risited friends and relatives in
Pickens last Sunday.
Dover Hinckle, who lives on
ane creek, * ised through-this.
;ection Sunday. Dover is look
ng well and says everything is
noving along fine on the creek.
J. W. Winchester visited
riends and relatives on little
Eastatoe last Sunday.
If this rainy weather holds
ut much longer the roads
hrough this section will get in
bad shape. There is just one
nud hole-that is from one end
>f the road to the other.
Hampton school is progress
ng nicely with Miss Ida Baker
is teacher.
Six Mile.
The Six Mile atmosphere is
good to live in, judging from
he way people are locating
H. F. Wright and family,
romn the Mountain Groye see
tion, moved here last week.
We welcome them into our
midst. We understand others
are going to follow his good
Our school is progressing very
satifactory. Prof. S. A. Rut
ledge is one of the most devoted
christians as well as an able
teacher and he, with the three
christian ladies, go to make a
very ab)le and efficient faculty
of which we are proud. Anyone
placing a boy or girl under their
instruction and care would have
no cause to regret it.
Rev. J. Dean Crane, of Greer,
cane over and held a meetIng
recently in the interest of the
school. Brother Crane is a very
able man. Don't fight the devil
at the back but stand face to
face without fear. It is to be
hoped it will do good. It is our
Opinion that there is too much
show religion. If we under
stand what religion is it is a
principal void of offense toward
God and man.
W. W. Aiken. of Sun Set,
passedl through ourisection and
spent the night with R?. P.
Princ recently. X
Pickens Route 2
Here we come again with
moie news from dear old Pea
The Sunday school at Moun
tain View is progressing nicelv
with Mr. W. N. Bolding as Su
perintenden t. A very large
crowd attends every Sunday.
Messrs. Willie Lewis and Ed
ward Edens of Pickens visited
the home of i, K. Lewis Thurs
day night and report a nice
Misses Vessie and Lillie Lewis
visited their sister, Mrs. Alvin
Bolding Sunday afternoon.
J. M. Gillespie visited his
daughter, Mrs. Essie Byers, one
night last week.
Willie Lewis visited his grand
parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. J.
Lewis, last week.
Messrs. Walter and Jesse
Boldirfg and sister, Miss Mazgie,
returned home last week from a
pleasant visit to Anderson.
Report of Supervisor
The foil,witg report shows the am
ount of ail money paid oat by the Coun
ty Board for the fiscal year ending Jan
uary Ist. 1M13:
Salary County Auditor-.--.- 300 00
Salary County Treasurir.------.360 00
S.larv C >unty Supt. Education 900 co
S.Jar~ County Supervisor....- S o0
Safar.y c.-untY Shrift ---------90 0)
-aIary 2 C.uity Conimssioners wo0 00
S.lary County k'er,- anI Atty. :375 00
Slarv Cerk of urt ---------- -00 ()0
Salary Coroner... --- --- it0 00
Sheriff, dieting prione.s and
exens-s -------------- ----- 371 96
Equalization Board----------- 20 0
Board of Education.----------- 35 50
Cjurt expenses -------------1323 65
Maintaining couvics. scrap---s,
mules, including wages paid
Supt. and Guard, feed sup
pfies repairs. et -c. ----------.51 59
lagistrates and Constables ..-- 1833 85
Dispersary Constable, salary
and exoense:------------- 1140 501
Road., and bridges---------- 2691 87
Public buildings- ------------ 99)5 20
B oks. stationery, prin.ing, etc.. 3246 " 8
ontingeut .----.---------- 95S1
Poor house. incluIing amouits
paid old soldiers, for work,
phynem;n's servic(, examin
ing aoi convoying lunatics.- 2111 70
Total ----------------- 4,7065 2-z
The Countv owed, Jan. 1st. 1913:'
Borrowed of Keowee Bank, Pick
ens, S. C. -..----------$10.000 0)
Borrowed of ekens Bank,
Pickens. S. C. ..---------- 10,0l (0
Unpaid claims -----------. -- 1,t-98 61
Total ---------....------ $.21,698 61
In the above anu unt exp::nded for
Roads and U.ridges" ;s includedth
puchas of one Pioneer Tra~ctor with
tree scr:apes and < e He:-r Tractor with
wo ser-jpes. The County his paid the
Special Loan. muade by the- State Sink
ng Fund Cimmission, cf May 10th,
909, under A et of 19.'9. page :-29, levy
ng 1 mill special annual tax lev-v. The
mount due on this lo:n. including in
erst, .'anryt~ 1. 19)13. was $5.368.s4.
The Auditor's abstract shows that he
will collect for the ye-ar 1912, S-19.2-M,04
to be used for Ordmny Co(unty pur
pare,of which St .0h6.67 i.as be.n sven.
A balance of 81':.177.: 7 remnains to he
applied toitbe in lbmans.; of ?0w co)un
tv. .Therefore it wvilLl. -> seen t hat the
mount owed wvill eeed the amount
to be collected by about K>,5321.24.
Thre will be fins and becens s, how
ever, that may be credited to the above
debt. - JA. 1B. CRAIG.
Su pervisor.
Estimates For County Expenses
of Pickens County For Fis
cal Year Commencing
January 1, 1913.
For County Audlitor_...--.S "C" 0(;
For Cou'nty Commzissioners' and
Clerk's s~alaries.- 1 - .- 100 0
For r* unty Tr.-asurer's sala y :.b0 0:)
For C ttnty~ Board of Equj ahl
ion? .. - .. . - _ . .- - - - 0 (!C
For Junr~. Wit.ne~Sand ons.ta
ble's ticket . .- -- .. .2 5 0(0
For Clerk of Court --..- - 10 F'n
For Shi-r:l . .. . .. .- - - 0 0)
Frinitrate- and Conatabhls 2750 (0
For C >roner ...(-- '0 00
For P,-tr lOus- and P,,or . 1500 00
For re;IiZs ii ra:Ni & b.rid&esl 1 0')
For r;pair-' on~i phu iligs 250 0t0
For b..'' .zti'-nery a nd ptg. 750 01)
Fr cont irg-.nt expen. ^- ---- 40') (t
For 'st to rt-tm, exammmtn
' r J ury C min ioners( an i
insuranice .. . - -1.. - - 1 0 00
For P'hy.ician andi Atty's. fees -75 (0
For p.ast indebhttednts.-- --- 225 00
For r ad, and' chah gatng -.- .. . 15000 (00
Total ...- -- .. - - - -8 56~> 00
Less Estinmated Ri-venues for~
193. other thanTs:
Fines and cost.s from
Magistrae's-------- . 350 100
Fines avdt licentsrs fro~
(Cerk o'f Court - 810 S i
Tlotaul ......._ z9 1))11-' *O il0'
.Aoo, un- toa be rail by tax
aton~ - - .. ----- 45.4l5 00
(-uty Supe.rvis r Pickens County
A tLS:
Married on th&,15th inst., at
the home of the bride's parents,
Miss Viola, youngest daughter I
of Mr. and Mr . W. W. Mc- t
Whorter, near -Pickens, to Mr. E
Oscar A. Trip7,, of Anderson
county. The ceremony was C
performed by Rev. D. W. Hiott,
of Easley, in the presence of (
many friends and relatives of
the bride and groom. Miss c
Gertrude Freen;an and Mr. E
Robert McWhooer were the r
attendants. The home was s
beautifully deooftted in white t
and green. Afte the ceremony e
the guests were ii-vited into the 1
dining room to partake of a t
supper which wis all that heart s
could wish or 4petite crave.
These young people start out on r
the voyage of life with bright 1
prospects and the best wishes of c
many friends. t
'Tis sad for parents to give up a
the last daughter to go away 0
from home, even though she ii
may go with one as worthy as r
in this case, for Mr. Ti ipp is a I
young man of good habits and ii
sterling qualities,.: and is to be q
congratulated on. winning for f
his bride one in every v ay d
qualified for his life companion. t
Andrew Lewis Home Burned. v
The Andew Lewis old home
on the road to Clemson College
from Cherry's station, was de- t]
stroyed by fire Thursday. This
ws one of the old time houses
of the county, and was at one
time a mansion. It was un
occupied, but in it were stored
much furniture, etc., belonging
to the Le :is fami1y and which
were destroyed. It is under- ri
stood that there was some insur- h
ance on the dwel!in- and 'ts j
contents il
Among the articles stored in n
the old house and which were f
destroyed, was an old clock,
which the family had refused
$600 for some time ago. There
were also much other valuable
old furniture and antiques. It
is not known how the fire a
originated -Daily Mail.s
Subscribe for The Sentinel. 1'
As the New Year c
to call the attention o
and customers--and t
been our custom ers5
dloors are still open to
Blacksmithing, all kinds
We also carry along a
horseshoeing not don
cept men who know I
ment with good, big
and stock is better ti
turn out a good job q
Come in and see us
work or not; we will
and show you throug
And, say! What ab
and( wagons? Look tl
them in. It will be lt
repaireld than to bu;
hard times. We wvill
prices as we can and
Thanking you for ]
are, Yours very 1
Where he Corn MIII Runs
Legislative Letter.
Editor Sentinel: The Legis
ature convened at the consti
utional time, worked a little
ach day until Friday evening,
vhen it adjourned until Tues
lay the 21st inst.. at 11 a. m.
lost of the members left the
'apital City.
The body will not be able to
lo much this week. The gov
rnor's inauguration is tomor
ow (Tuesday) evening. Judges.
uperintendent of the peniten
.ary, and directors, to be elect
d Wednesday. Friday the
gislators go on a visit to Win
rop. Bills are in on eyery
ubject and others coming.
'he school question is up in
iany bills, which have mostly
een assigned to the Judiciary
ommittee. Which denotes
hat body may sift them all
nd bring out a measure of its
wn. Compulsory attendance
i public schools is likely to
ass to a law in some form.
'he usury question will be up
i yarious forms. Insurance
uestions are commented or
requently. Penology will be
iscussed from the abolition of
ie death penalty to the aboli
ol of the State penitentiary.
Anything that has come up
Thich looks to dividing the
eneral Assembly into factions
3ases a look of anguish to over
3st the faces of the members.
. business session seems to be
ie desire of all. Likely there
ill be i.o serious partisan fight.
iFred Williams.
Columbia, Jan. 20, 1913.
Louisa Gilstrap.
Louisa, relict of the late Eph
am Gilstrap, died at the old
omestead on Little Eastatoe,
ctober 19, 1912, after a short
ness of paralysis. Her- re
iains were laid to rest the day
lowing at the family gravel
ard. Funeral services conduct
I by Mr. D. A. Parrott. She
as in her 86th year.
Auditor Christopher spent last
eek meeting his appointments
id takingr returns in various
~cions of the County. In his
sence from the office his place
as most satisfactorily filled by
is daughter, Miss Eva.
mes in we desire
f all our old friends.
hose who have not
to the fact that our
ll alike to do your
Woodwork, Repairs
high class line of
e by any one ex
iow; and our equip
aclass men, tools
ian ever before to
,whether you have
be glad to see y ou
i our shop.
out those buggies
aem over and bring
etter to have them
e new ones these
make you as good
do you a good job.
ast patronage, we
C APIT AL- $5,9
J. McD Bruce, President.
. M Mundin. Cashier.
Additional Locals
Miss Grace Prince of Green
ville was in Pickens lst week.,
looking over the millinery stock
at Folger, Thornley _o. 1iss
Prince will be head milliner at
this store this spring. She has
a high recommendati-n from
her former employers and all
the ladies interested in millinery
will do well to look at her goods,
Tugaloo (Westminster) Trib
une: "Mr. and Mrs. H. A.
Johnson, of Perry. Okahama,
were guests of Dr. and Mrs. W.
A. Strickland for sev ral days
last week. They were on their
way home from a visit among
relatives at Pelzer and Pickens.
Mr. Johnson is a half brother of
Dr. Strickland. Mrs. Johnson
is a native of Pickens.
James H. Burdine, of Ander
son, is on a visit to Judge J. B.
Newbery and famil. - Mr. Bur
dine saia that he wanted to visit
Mrs. -Newbery, of Pickens, and
Mrs. A. M. Folger, of Easley,
once more. These three are the
only living members of the old
Uncle John Burdine family, I
once so numerous and promi
nent in the upper part of Ander
son county.
Tugaloo (Westminster) Trib
une: "Rev. D. Weston Hiott,
of Easley, was here on Christ
mas day. He came over to
officiate at the Finley-Freeman j
wedding. Mr. Hiott was pastor
of the Baptist church here in
1897 and has many warm
friends who are always delight
ed to see him. He is connected
with The Pickens Sentinel and j
is doing some Pood work on
that newspaper."
Roy Nealy, who was hurt;'
some time ago while attendingl
to his duties as flagman on the
Pickens train, has about re
covered from the effects of a
badly mashed ear. He was be
tween two box cars connecting ,
the air and happened to get his c
ear between some parts of the
coupling apparatus when the
cars came closer together, bruis
ing his Ear very sewerely.
Mr. Cleon Cely and Miss Car
tender were married last Thurs
day at the home of Hon. Charlie
H. Carpenter, father of the
bride. Mr. Cely is a son of Mr.
Jas. A. Cely, of Brushy Creek I
ad has built his dwelling near
Bethesda church where he will
arry his bride. Miss Carpen
ter is the accomplished daughi-1
ter of Hon. and Mrs. Chas. H.
Carpenter of the Georges Creek
section of Pickens county.
Anderson Daily Mail.
P. B. Nalley of this county
brought to The Sentinel office
last week a well preserved water
melon which he pulled from the
vine last summer. It is a new
'variety in this section and is call
ed the "winter-keeper " Mr.
Nalley secured the seed from a
friend in Utah. He said he only
had one vine this year and it
produced about 20 melons, all of
them being perfectly round.
He said the rind is very thin.
the meat deep red in color and'
~very sweet.
Hon. G, W. Bowen has re
ceived his commission as one of
the County Commissioners of
this County and was installed'
in office at the last meeting of
the board. When he entered
the campaign last year he and
others were under the inmpres
sion that the term was two
years, but he has been com
missioned for four. This was'
brought about by the construc-1
tion of the law which says
~the term of office of County
Commisioner sh:ill be co-term
inal with the Supervisor" which
is four years. Commissioner
Lawrence h::.s a similar comn
Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Looper
gave one of their famous din
ners last Sunday in honor of
their guests, MIrs. Tolbert, of
Greenwood, and Lem Freenman,
their son, who lives in Canada.
The Looper home is famed for
its old time Southern hospitality
and those who were present on
this occasion will not soon fo:r
get it. Besides there being
more than plenty to eat, the
scapart of the event was
most enjoyable.Am eths
present were: Sanm Looper and
famiy, Arthur Looper and fain
iiy, C. L. Hester and family,
SMrs. R. L. Henderson, Miss
Pearl Hester, .Tohn Childress.
A negro child was burned to
death near Pickens last week,
when a tenant house on the
farm of Mr. Melvin Holder was
destroyed by fire. Boss Hend
ricks and family occupied the
iV.use, and he and his wife had
gone to the field, leaving their
two children at home. It is not
known exactly how the house
caught and the fire was not dis
covered until the house was
falling in. The child was about
yne year old.
J. E. Boggs, Jr , left last week
For Eustis, Fia. where he ex
pects to remain until about
[arch 1. For some time Jule's
health has not been very good
.ood and he goes to Florida in
;earch of health and recreation.
His friends miss him here and
hope he may find the fountain
that Ponce de Leon failed to
Ind. Dr. Hallum waslucky to
zet Gregg Mauldin as his asist
3nt in the drug store during
Jule's absence.
Mr. L. E. Looper, wellknown
:o many of our people, being a
ickens County boy and son of
EIon. E. Frank Looper, has
>een visiting his parents and
)ther friends for the past two
veeks. Mr. Looper left this
ounty some years ago and
ocated in-Atlanta for a while,
rom there he went to Pubelo,
Jol. where he lived about three
ears, but for the past two
Fears has been in Canada. He
s a locomotive engineer on one
)f the best systems of railroads
n that country and is delight
d with the country and his
'tate of Ohio, efty of Toledo. S&
Lucas County.
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he is
enior partner of the firm of F. J. Cheney
k Co., doing business in the City of To
edo, county and State aforesaid, and
hat said firm will pay the sum of ONE
UNDRED DOLLARS for each and ev
ry case of Catarrh that cannot be cured
y the use of HALL'S CATARRH CURE.
Sworn to before me and subscribed in
ny presence. -his 6th day of December,
L. D. S&6
(Seal) A. W. GLEAsON.
Notary Public.
Hall's Catarri Cure Is taken internally
.nd acts directly Upon the blood and mu
ous surfaces of the system. Send for
estimonials, free.
F. J. CHENEY & CO.. Toledo. 0.
Sold by all Druggists. 75c.
Take alsFamay Fis for constpauon.
otice of-Final Settlement and
Notice is hereby given that I
vill make application to J. B.
ewbery. Esq., Judge of Pro
iate for tickens county, in the
)tate of South Carolina, on the
4 day of February, 1913. at 11
clock in the forenoon, or as
oon thereafter as said applica
ion can be heard, for leave to
nake final settlement of the es
ate of L. G. Gaines, deceased,
mud obtain discharge as admin
strator of said estate.
R. P. Gaines,
otice of Final Settlement and
.Notice is hereby given that we wiIl
make applicationl to J. B. se whery.E-q -
Jude of Probate for Pickens county,izm
the .at of South C srolina. Qfn the 20th
iay of February. 191:3. at 11 o'clock in
the forenoon, or as soon thereafter as
mia aj pication can be heard, for leave
to make final settlement of the e t'ite
of Miss Maggie M. Johnson, deceased.
tad obtain dtischargP as executor of
'aid s~tate. W. F Johnson
aT. G John%on.
NT1I'. is hercby given that I ill
,..'ke :'p hecation to J. B. Newbt ry Esq ,
Judge 4.f Prol.ate for Picken's county,
in the State of South Carolina, on the
6 day ef Fehruary. 19.2, a t 10 o'clock in
the 'fori-ncon, or as s >o, thereafter as
aidl applicat:on cm he h:eard for have
to make final sett ement of the es-tatA'
f W. R. Arders. decea'sed, and obtain
dischare as ad ministrator of said estate.
J. P. Anders.
.; . Administrator.
Ko tie Of rillI Ilit1e2Clt all Silcha?[
Notice is herdy~ given that I will
make application' to J. B. Newberry,
Esq. Judg~~ of Probate for Pickens coun
ty mn the State of~ South Carolina.non the
13 day' of February, 1912, at 10 o'clock
in the forenoorn or as soon
thereafter as sail application can be
heard, for leave to m-'ike final settlement
of the estate of Colnobuhrs Griffin, de
ceased and obtain discharge as admin..
trator of said estate.
J. R. J. Anthony,
4t Administrator.
Sotice of fina1 ictlimet aid Eil:a
Notice is hereby givt n that we wil
make ap.plicationi to J. Ii Newbery Esq.,
Judge of Probate for Pnckens c'..unty, ma
the yf South Carolina. o-.. the :f oay of
Febuary 19.3' tt 11 o'clock in the lore
noon,. or as soo thereafter as raid appl.ca
tion can be heard, for leave to mnake
final settlement of the estate of Mrs.
Sarah A . Alexander. dece aged, and oh
tain' discharge as administrators of sai't
Carl isle Newton,
E. J. Hester.

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