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The Pickens Senfineli
JANUARY 23, 1913
En e7 ;c Pic,etp. Fstotn e ei Se;I-W'
The Sentinel is not responsible
for the views of its corres
Every farmer who can do so
should attend the National Corn
Exposition in Columbia be,,inr
ing January 8. Few realize
the greatness of this exposition.
It is national in scope and there
will be agricultural exhibits
from 35 different stats. Foi
the first time this exposition
will meet is the heart of the
Sunny South, and this will be
the largest and most brilliant
yet held. There are mammoth
buildings connected to form one
titanic structure, heated bril
liantly illuminated; charming in
artistic arrangement and scenic
beauty; complete in every
detail-a world in itself. It will
be an incentive to greater
achievement in agriculture.
There will be reduced round
trip rates on all railroads. It
will be the greatest agricultural
exposition ever held.
Is c4 Dog 'roperty?
In 1899, the Supreme Court,
considering this question, in a
decue filed by Judge Jones,
says: "The reason for the out
lawry of dogs in favor of thieves
can hardly be regarded as per
suasive at this day and here.
and such crude application of
the principles of the common
sense. The fitness of an ani
mal for food is not the only test
of its value, to mankind; its
capacity for useful service in
other ways is often the real test
of value. Nor is the fact that
an animal is kept for the whim
and pleasure of its owner any
....rot of reason for excluding it
from the law of larceny as a
thing of no value, for amuse
ment has its valuable uses to
man. Neither is it just to say
of the dog that its name is so
base as to render it unworthy
of protection as absolute prop
erty, for Baron Cuvier says the
dog is the completest, the most
singular, and the most useful
conquest ever made by man.
When we are told that the
Greeks and Romans employed
dogs in war, armed with spiked
collars, and that Corinth was
saved oy war dogs which at
tacked and checked the enemy
until the sleeping garrison were
aroused, we better understand
Shakespeare's Antony when he
said, 'Cry havoc, and let slip
the dogs of war'. We should
not let our contempt for sheep
killing dogs and our dread of
hydrophobia do injustice to the
noble Newfoundland, that
braves the water to rescue the
drowning child; to the Esqui
maux dog, the burden bearer
of the Arctic regions; to the
sheep dog, that guards the
shepherd's flock and makes
sheep raising possible in some
countries; to the St. Bernard
The Infernal Pains
of Women
Women who are weak, nervous
and discouraged brought on by the
painful ailments peculiar to their
sex, should use
Squaw Vine
A Woman's Remedy
It possesses the power to act
directly on the weakened parts,
conveyingrenewed strength, func
tional activity and regularity. A
woman who is struggling along
under a burden of pain, weakness
and distress soon feels its bene
ficial effect in a revival cf inter -
est in her household duties and
the strength and energy to per -
form them without exhaustion. It
Iputs the system in perfect order,
the result of which is a strong,
healthy body, a cheerful mind and
a clear, rosy complexion. I
Sold by Druggists and Dealers
Price $1 Per Bottle
Sloan's Liniment is a quick
and reliable remedy for lame
ness in horses and other farm
"Sloan's Liniment surpasses any
thing on carth for lameness in horses
and ,ther horse ailments. I would
not sleep without it in my stable."
432 West 19th St., New York City.
Good for Swelling and Abscess.
3i1j. 11.31. Gitis, of Lawrence.Kan.,
R. F. D., No. 3, writes:- I had a mare
with an abscess on her neck and one
50c. bott le of Sloan's Liniment entirely
cured her. I keep it all the time for
galls and 4mall su eliings and for every
tidng about the stock.'
is a quick and safe remedy
for hog cholera.
Governor of Georgia uses
Sloan's Liniment for Hog Cholera.
"t heard Gov. Brown (who is quite a
frmner) say that he had never lost a
hog from cholera. and that his remedy
al wavs was a tablespoolif il of Sloan's
Liniment in a gallon of slops. decreas
in' the dose ai the nnimal improved.
L:st month Gov. Brown and myself
were at the Agricultural College
building and in the discussion of the
ravages of the disease, Gov. Brown
gave the remedy name' as unfailing."
At An Dealers. 25c.,50c.& 61.00.
Sloan's Book on Hors, Cattle,
Hogs and Poultry sent free.
Aaress Dr. Earl S. Sloan, Boston.
dog, trained to rescue travel
ers lost or buried in the snowc
of the Alps; to the swift and
docile greyhound; to the pack
age carrying spaniel: to thE
sagacious setters and pointers,
thru whose eager aid our tables
are supplied with the game of
the season: to the fleet fox
hounds, whose music wher
opening on the fleeing fox ih
sweet to many ears: to th(
faithfnl watch dog, whosE
honest bark, as Byron say
bays 'deep-mouthed welcome a
,e draw near home'; to the ral
-xterminating terrier; to thi
watchful flce, which the bur
dlar dreads more than the sleep
ng master: to even the pug.
hose very ugliness inspires the(
atdoration of tihe mistress: to
he brag possum and coon dog,
for which~ the owner will fighi
f imposed up:>n; anid lastly, tc
he pet dog, the playmate of
he American boy, to sa. n.>th
ng of the 'yaller dog', that de
ies legislatures. Of al ani
nals the dog is the most dlomes
ic. Its intelligence, docility
and devotion make it the ser
ant, tihe companion and the
fathful friend of man. The
aising and training of dogs are
ow pursued1 by many as a busi
ess, large sums5 of money arm
nested in t.hem~ and they arm
ought and sold as other prop
rty. In this State, by statute.
ogs are and have long bee]
axed as personal property, ac
ording to value and foi
" Twenty Years From Rou'
Here is a good prophecy fronm
ollier's 'Weekly: "Somewher<
ust emerging from college, o:
tarting to practice law in
ountry town, are those young
nen who, twenty years frorr
now, will succeed Roosevelt,
ryan, Wilson, LaFollette at
he mortal and political leader!
f their generation. What wvil
heir issues be? Tihe questior
hat agitate us now wviil havy
een settled. We think that
one of these leaders will be
an who recognizes that alcoho:
s a poison and that prostitutior
n this country is quite largely
commercialized incident of the
iquor business. Another wvil
e a man who sees that takmg
oney out of one man's oockel
nd putting it in another's is im
noral, and that the character
f the act is not changed by call
ing it a protective tariff."
A young student of the Pick
mTs school wats assianed to write
mlf essay on1 (ptomlist. lie wrote:
'SomeI people think a optomist
s aI man that sNils eve glasses,
mt It aintI. A iptomist is a
>ersonl who always sEes the
(rood sidOe of everyt hing. I used
to be an t~om'ist but I ain't
10w, 1.lM Ias i (ot "tunfli tha'
Iay 1 sw.apped a good picC(
of heltwin gum fir a aippel that
as nlo good. I was a optomist
md on(lyl seen the good side of
ht aippel. The other side wa:
P Iatronize (111. tclassified coli
"It Was Her Limfe .,Tit
The Pickens Sentinel ha(
some very good articles in i
last week. The twr best one!
though were taken from th(
Easley Progress. Guess voi
noticed them.
The above quotion fLom th<
Progress reminds us of what w<
saw the other day in a railroa(
station, while waiting for i
train: Several beautifal littl<
children were playing around
Some with raven hair an<
sparkling black eves: other,
with golden curls and deep blut
eyes. One poor little fellol
with red, stringy hair. freckli
face and unkempt person was
playing arouna. His mothei
walked around with him, hug
ging and kissing him, but dic
not notice the beautiful child
ren aronnd. Do you see th(
point? It was her little kid.
AWe received four communica
tions last week which had n(
names signed to them. W<
were unable to publish then
because we did not know wh(
wrote them. We must kno
who writes every article wi
publish. This is a rule we can
not break.
Peas are very scarce and high
Very few are being put on thi
market here. Oie of our mier
chants received an order a fev
days since for 1200 bushels am
told his customer he did no
think there were that- many it
the county.
Every child in Anderson coun
ty should b- taught the life am
principles of Robert E. Lee.
Daily Mail.
And every child in Picken
county should be taught thi
same thing.
Let the farmers plow dee,
this spring. The almost inces
sant and hard rains of last yea
has packed the soil and to ge
the best results this year deel
and close plowing must be donc
Six million packages wer
handled by the parcel post din
ing the first seven days of th
operation of the system, accordi
ing to figures prepared by th
postoffice department.
Governor Blease in his mes
sage made no suggestion in rel
erence to amending the primnar
election law: which is the mos
vital matter he could1 considei
A Father's Letter
To His Son,
iMy Son:
I write to you because I loy
you. 'When I was your age,
did not haye any father t
write to me If he had lived t
guide my young and way war
feet up the slippery paths c
youth, I should have been save
from much trouble and a greg
deal more suffering. I had t
plunge into the highway of lif
Swithout any one, who knew c
cared to hold up the red light
the signal of dangxer-to war.
Sme of snares and pitfalls. The
are all along the road. If vo
are color blind and daf, yo
are sure to fall into th'em.
IYou are going to have grea
care about what and how muc
you eat. You will not b)e muc
account without good health.
The best prescription I hay
ever seen for good health is on
that was written 5912 years a:
"Remoye sorrow from you
heart, and put aw ty evil fron
your flesh.''
Keep your mind clean. Fi
it so full of good thoughts tha
there shall be no room for th
evil. If you have an evil min
you cannot have a good body.
If a dloctor, lawyer or atn'
body else tells you a little whis.
~key will be good for you. tei
him you know better. Hei
Ignoranc'e kills more peopli
~tan plaigue, pest ilene, famnin
and war' combined. The voir
of the flesh calls for whiske
and cigarettes, and the mim
D)o the best you know, an
you shall keep out of d1ebt an
be happy. Fat her.
S'ubscribe for Them Sentinel.
The Primary System
Some time ago Senater Till
man addressed an open letter to
the legislatuer of this state urg
ing some action on their part to
safeguard and purify the pri
mary system. This letter was
L yery timely and contained some
very wise suggestions.
I Now is the time to make
amendments and changes in
our primary laws, rules and
regulations. In this off year,
when everybody can think and
act coolly and dispassionately;
when there are no politics and
no interests to be served except
the public good our legislature
should heed the suggestions of
Senator Tillman and set them
selyes seriously to the task of
remedying the defects in the
present system and making it
secure for the future.
As pointed out by Senator
Tillman if white supremacy is
to be maintained in this State
without serious consequences it
behooves our lawmakers to act
and act now. That the present
system is imperfect, that double
voting arid other corrupt meth- E
ods were indulged in and re
sorted to in the last primary
election there can be no doubt,
and it should be the earnest de
sire of every loyal, true citizen
to have pure elections.
It would be a calamity to the
State and brought with untold
- consequences for the white
people of this State to become
divided: and yet this yery thine
is going to take place next year
unless something is done to I
purify the primary system.
Last year the white yoters were
- nearly evenly divided in the
election for governor.
These two factions submitted
their claims and bound them
selves to abide the result of the
primary. but we all know the
Soutconme. There were charges,
-andl proof in many instances, of
d (ouble voting, ballot b o x
stuffing, putting names on club
rolls the day of the election. 1
allowing minors and those who
were not ,citizens to vote and
-many otier irregularities. I(
-This so disgusted and nauseated
a large part of the white people
.of the State that they have de
cided not to participate in an
other primary election unless
" these things are corrected and
such practices made impossible ~
in the future. The white people
shul stay together. It will E
- eteworst thing that could
happen to this State for them
3 to divide. They are in a posi- -
[ tion now to heal the breach
that has been made and prevent
it from becoming greater, but if
this opportunity is neglected
dire consequences may result.
1i If Gov. Blease would do his
t State a real service he has the
opportunity of his life, and that C
is to join Senator Tillan in
r urging the legislature to pass
strict and stringent laws safe- I
i guarding the primary. But he
V (did not say a word about it in
I his message. Surely the gov
1 enor will not overlook so im- -
portant a matter as this.
f Sinlce wxriting the above a b)ill
1has been introduced in the
1 legislature by Senator Nichol
son of Edgefield to safeguard 1
~primary election. It is too long
for publication here, and from
:a casual reading it dloes not im
press a careful thinker that the t
remed; proposed will meet the,
urgent necessities of the situa- ~
tion. But any restrictions are
to be courted and it is hoped
.that this bill or some other will
he p)assed1 which will give the
needed relief.
buy Linament when you can
make it at home. And b)etter
Linament at one-third the cost.
Absolutely pure. By far the
best Linament you can use.
Good for man or beast, and for
Rheumatic pains and sprains.
We send this valuable Recipe on.
receipt of 81 in stamps or money
order and guarantee to satisfy U
or return your money. THlE
BOOK CU.. P. 0. Box 11f. A ik
A Happy aj
We wish to'
for the liberal.
and we hope I
past ta.vors.
We have heard the cri
be worse, and never give u
try and make the crop of i
We thank you one an<
hope that 1913 will be a pi
Clothing, Shoes
Sole.agents for Walk
Iron King Stoves, New Hiyon
ell Wagons and Mitchell Al
'or Benefi
The Sentinel is
ey the benefit c
bscribers to Th.
ent ot 25 words
tcharge. All o
tr~ reg'ulai' rate o
is column is opi
If our farmer fr
ade, or want to 1
ilp, lose or' find a
ohelp them. W
id benefit to 01ui
Lvantage ol this
We would age
,nnot send The
)e year on time.
-pe, etc., from dc
em, neither do1
ay seem to you'
hen you think t
red all over the
nounts to a gooc
lled to cut off sc
e were afraid thi
eat everybody f
.eir paper for a I
d miail them at
.ey do it they ar
For the benefit of s<
Regulations, issued by 1
"A reasonable time
scriptions, but unless su
which they are paid, wit
Dailies, within 3 m
Tri-weeklies, within
Semi-weeklies withi
Weeklies within on
they shall not be counte<
thereof shall not be acce
A bou)lt Februiary 1st v
fles whli-i ppea j) a s mSIue
id Prosperous New
You All
thank our friends 11i
atronage given us d
.o merit a continuar
, "Hard Times," but always rememh
p on account of one bad year, but sti<
913 more than make up for the shorta
I all for your patronage for the past
osperous year to you all.
Yours truly,
er, Thornl
Hats and Gents' Furnishing Goods a
Over and Boyden Shoes, Carhart Ove
e Sewing Machines,Chase City and Ba
of Our Sub
going to run a Class
f its subscribers. I
3 Sentinel may have
inserted for one or tA
ver 25 words will be
f one cent a word. T
m only to subscribers
ends have anything
>uy anything, secure
nything, they may um
e believe this will bo<
readers, and we wea1
A Remnini
in remind our subsci
Sentinel for a longe
The people we bu
not giye us a years
he printers who wo:
hat one dollar is n
hat we have several
county during a yea
[ deal to us. We ha'
me of our good friend
y would not pay, bu
air and alike. Sem(
onger period than a
the regular rate, bi
3 violating the law.
me we copy the following from the ]
e United States Government,
will be allow: d publishers to secure
>scriptions are expressly renewed af
~in the following periods,
6 montes;
.n 9 months
I. in the legitimate list of subscribers,
ted for mailing at the second class P<
e will go( o~ver our subIscrip)tion1 I
:i as; one year behind on the pape
ff, but if any are behind 12 montla
Year to
1 customers
uring 1912,
ce of your
er that things could
:k to the bush, and
ge of 1912.
14 years, and we
ralls, Hawes Hats, 4
>cock Buggies,Mitch
ified Column
ci this column
an advertise
vo issues free
charged for at
b.e free use of
or this paper.
to sell, rent or.
work or hire
e this column
Sof ral service
it thin t.o take
ibers that we
period than
y paper, ink,
time to pay
k for us. It
>t much, but
b.undred scat
r, you see it
re been coin
s, not because
t because we
papers send
year on time
t every time
'ostal Laws and
enewals of sub
er the term for
nd copies mailed
~stage rate."
ooks and cut off all
-We hope we will
s we will have to.
P, Manager.

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