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Children Cr3
The Kind You Have Alwa
in use for over 30 yea2
~ and
All Counterfeits, Imitatiol
Experiments that trifle wi
Infants and Children-E3
What is C
Castoria Is a harmless sul
gorie, Drops and Soothin
contains neither Opium,
substance. Its age is its 9
and allays Feverishness.
has been in constant use
Flatlency, Wind Colie,
Diarrhea. It regulates
assimilates the Food, givii
The Children's Panacea-.
Bears the
The Kind You Ha
In Use For
T041 CKNT^Umt Col
3 Estabsbed1868. Pad
eashuise Webaye grown and mold mor4
Subs oembbo& WHY?, BecaW. ourplant
We sew three tons of Cabba
andvgtable . go Piem on CabbarE
Doy,epus. b,..rp a..zwmu he
Win. C. Geraty co.. a
T HE most relia
is the RAYO.
terials, so that
without being heavr
It gives a clear, strong lig
It won't blow out, won
an expert-made lantern.
sizes. There is a R AY
At Dee
Newark. N.J. .
Schedules Effective S.
N. 1.-The following schedule fi,
re not guaranteed.
Prenmier Cai
No. 44 ATL ANTA....
Stops to discharge passei
paesengers for Charlotte
Stops o
No. 42 SENECA (Daily:
'o.12 ATLANTA....
\o. 40 ATLAMTA...
For Washington and Ne
sengers from Atlanta an<
lotte and beyond
23 NEW YORK and W
Stops to take on pas&
39 CH ARLOT TE.....
For further information apply to
W. R. TABER, P. & T. A
Greenville, S. C.
Cet a Blue
All you have to d<
Sentinel for a year ir
L this book in addition
"It makes me think
before my bi
Trv an AdvertisE
for Fletcher's
-s Bought, and which has been
s, has borne the signature of
has been made under his per
tj supervision since its infancy.
,w no one to deceive you in this.
is and " Just-as-good " are but
th and endanger the health of
perience against Experiment.
)stitute for Castor Oil, Parew
Syrups. It is pleasant. It
Morphine nor other Narcotie
uarantee. It destroys Worms
For more than thirty years it
for the relief of Constipation,
all Teething Troubles and
the Stomach and Bowels,
ig healthy and natural sleep.
he Mother's Friend.
Signature of
ve Always Bought
Dver 30 Years
L DA~ ftMIdU1;4 Mr-"d*
inCapital Stock$30,000.00 4
M tula ow b&aT oVertvrentr thowand tise
cabbaMe Plants than all other persona in the southern
~t.a zsra early cabbage, and they are teoc
g Seedpr seson s;=*.
1 b&WaO C0ftQn1nWvsllkageO Wnormation about &ruit
Plant&-By mal Poetace Paid 45 oents per 2o lant&
rhich under spectal rate Is VaT low: 50O for SLOO I.M
per thousand: ter and over $00 per thousne
it is2 stong Land. durabl
I n wkad
ht. s eay t ligt ad reick
t lek, ad wn't mok. Itis t
eabe , y Samoe,M.
leltern2,for farm Ese.
t ise a of the st ma
its trong Atand dutorbe
and awkward.
ht sesyt ih and ATew...c.4.a
Mad in varioys syen
ted ATANew A, 7.55mre pM
n r a,> ich ayeps
iue oreebives-ed nyrs ifora n n
ASIGTN. .2.0 am
egers from Atlanta, rt eev
11.35 am
-- -- 400pm
) 9.55 pmi
Ticke AgeAntAorrit pm
~ Yrk...Columisca. s-C
-Ba rcik s penlleforCar
SIGO-ree ---.--...
tigs t for T hePcken
115 adacaadwmgv o
Tickt gno The Mnia
A Letter From Alabam
We take the liberty of pub
lishing the following letter from
a Scotch friend in Alabama.
Dear Old Fellow: Sometime
ago I was down in Alabamy.
Well darn my soul if the folks
.n that part of the country are
aot the funniest, queerest ob
.ong speciment of things called
iuman that your scribe has iver
)eheld. Something ailed every
)adslapped one of 'em. If they
lidn't have a leg knocked off
;hey had an eye punched out,
tnd if they eye was not punched
)ut they arm was cracked off,
tnd if they arm was not crack
d off they used something nigh
)n to a tiliphone which they
stuck in they ear the better for
;o hear.
The farmers are also having a
livil of a time. Old Squire
ones sent his son Sigh out to
Aant some potatoes and ingerns.
Well sigh, the blame fule, he
lanted them both in the same
ow, and the ingerns got in the
otatoes' eyes and they couldn't
;ee how to grow.
Say, is you iver seed a flyina
nachine? Well, pon my word,
,he catfish in Tinnysee river
row so big that my wife Susv
Ann skinned one and made the
)aby a hammick outn it.
The old woman was sick to
lay, and we just had hen eggs
nd pig chest for dinner, and as
feel sorter week on sich short
trub I'll close now and rite
Lgin. I long to be in South Ca
iny agin, and in the meantime
-emain, pinin for you,
Jed Dusenberry.
Preaching at Bethlehem
L. R. Durham, a good citizen
>f route 2, paid us a very pleas
nt visit last week. He informs
ts that the regnlar preaching
lays at Bethlehem church have
een changed and they now
a've preaching on the second
undays at 11 o'clock, and on
ourth Sundays at 3 o'clock.
everybody is cordially invited
o attend the services,. at this
hurch. Their new pastor,
ev. B. G. Vaughn is an enter
aining preacher and alw ays
nterests his congregation.
Lies in That Cough and Weak,
Worn-out C2ndition.
Grippe, pleurisy, pneumonia, these
are greatly to be feared at this time
:f the year.
To prevent grippe from being fol
owed by either pleurisy or pneumo
aa, it is important to drive the last
races of it out of the system quickly.
Our advice is to take Vinol, our
elicious cod 1-iver and iron prepara
tion without oil, and get your strength
md vitality back quickly.
Mrs. A. A. Grabill, of Strasburg,
Va. says: "Grippe left -me weak, run
own and: with a severe cough, from
which I suffered four years. I tried
iiferent remedies, but nothing seemed
to do me any good until I took Vinol,
from which I received great benefit
My cough is almost entirely gone, and
I[am strong and well again, and I am
glad to recommend Vinol to others
who suffer as I did."
Try Vinol with the certainty
that f it does not benefit
you we wni give back your money..
Pickens Drug'Co., Pickens, S.. C.
Established 1868.
High Analyses
IF Etiwan Goods w
would they have coi
crops for a good
No other brands I
Etiwan 1
The best C
andl( Prize C
And they will grow
Liver Getting Lazy?
Don't Stop Working
Take Dodson's Liver Tone and
Go AboutYour Business. It
will Liven Up Your Liver
Without Harm.
A bilious attack or constipation can
be relived in a short while by a spoon
ful of Dodson's Liver Tone-the mild,
yegetablo r-amedy that evety druggist
Just ask Pic!.ens Drug C., about
Dodson's Lirer Tone. They know that
it is % harmless preparation that starts
the liver without violence and puts you
into shape without interfering with your
habits. This store guarantees it to be
all that, and will give you your money
back if you don't find Dodson's Liver
Tone gives you quick, easy relief.
Dodson's Liver Tone is for both
grown-ups and children. It hiss a
pleasant taste, and is safe and reliable.
The price is 50c for a large bottle. and
your 50c back to you if you tell Pickens
Drug C.) that it hasn't been a benefit to
Don't take calomel and dan't buy
Iimitations of Dodson's Livtr Tone
you may run into danger if you do. t
Buy Dodeon's-the medicine that (
Pickens Drug Co xecommend and guar
"My Master Was a Gentleman."
A Boston couple visited near
Augusta, Ga., and during their
stay they took a great fancy to
a colored woman. They invited
her to pay them a visit, which
she accepted with the under
standine that they were to pay
her expenses. She was given
a good room and her meals at
the same' table with host and
hostess. When at a meal the
hostess said: "You were a
slave, weren't you?" The dar
key replied in the affirmative,
"I suppose your master never
invited you to eat at his table?"
queried the Boston woman. "No
honey, dat he didn't. My mas
ter was a gentleman. He ain't a
never let no nigger 3et at the I
table 'longside of him."-Popu- I
lar Magazine. 8
Mr. Medlin Thankful
Mr. Editor: Please give mne
space in your valuable paper to 3
thank my neigobors and friends
for their kindness to us in the I
sickness and death of our
daughter, Olive Medlin. She
bore her sickness with patience
until the end came, and left a c
vacant place on earth to fill one e
in heaven. She cannot come to
us, but we can go to her. She
wanted everybody to meet her
up there. We want everyone|
that lent a helping hand during|
her sickness, when they are
called up uhere one by one, to
enter the pearly gates. We
pray that each one may have a
bright shining star in their
J. M. Medlin. t
Buy your frost proof cabbage I
plants from ]F. S. CANNON,
Meggets, S, C. 1,000 to 4,000
at $1,25. 5,000 to 9,000 at $1.00.
10,000 to 15,000 at 90c. Special
prices on larger orders and satis
faction guaranteed.
It is now 1913.
Enriched Land 4
d Crops. (
re not good Goods,
iitiuied to grow good
forty-five years.
ave the record of
tton Crops
~orn CropS.j
good crops for you,
- SO. CAR.
Clerk's Sale.
3tate of Souh Carolina
County of Pickens
n Common Pleas Court
). F. Williams et al, plaintiffs,
V. R- Oates*as executor. et al. defend
In pursuance of a decretal order made
n the above stated case by His Honor
3. W. G. Shipp, presidnz judge, at
Dhambers, dated January 3d. 1913, and
)n file in the Clerk's office Pickens
,ountv, S. C . I will sell on Salesday in
February, 1913. during the legal hours
er sale at Piokens C. 'H., S. C , all those
ieces, parcels or tracts of land to wit:
First. All that certain piece. parcel
r tract of land in the county of Pickens
tate of South Carolina. Tract No, 1
)ounded on the north by lands of And
rson Williams and tract No. 2. On
he south by Russell and Johnson land.
est by Ellenburg land. Containing
me hundred (100) acres more or less, as
hown by a plat made by E. Oscar
mith, surveyor, on the 1st day of May,
Second. . Also all that tract of land
n Pickens county, South Carolina,
ounded on the north-east by McWhor
er land. On the south-east by Russell
and. On the south and south-west by
ract No. 1 of the R. 0. Williams land.
ontainig ninety-two and one-half
92 1-2) acres more or less as shown by
dat made by E. Oscar Smith, surve -or,
he 1st day of Slay. 1912. on Twenty
'hree Mile creek,
Terms of sale cash. Purchaser or
)urchasers to pay for all paper and
ecording the same. The terms of sale
nust be complied with in one hour or
he premises will be resold on the same
r a subsequent Salesday at the ritk of
uch bidder failing to comply.
Clerk of Court.
Clerk's Sale.
tate of South Carolina,
County of Pickens
n Common Pleas Court
V. B. Freeman. Plaintiff
V. B. Brezeale et al, Lefendanas.
In pursuance of a decretal order made
i the above stated case by His Honor,
. W. G. Shipp, presiding judge. at
hambers, dated January 13, 1913, and
n file in the Clerk's office Pickens
ounty, South Carofina, I will sell on
lesday in February, 1913. during the
agal hours for sale as Pickens 0. H., S.
,, all those pieces parcels or tracts of
nd to wit:
First. All that piece. parcel or tract
f land belonging to W. B. Breazeale
ring and being in the state and county
foresaid on Gregory's creek waters of
welve Mile river and adjoining land
f Charles Childers, Gus Bowen, J. M.
oungblood. and others and having
ach metes and bounds as shown by
lat made by J. P. Attaway, surveyor.
ovemnber 16, 1906, and contain ng
irty-two and 95-100 acres mere or less.
being the same tract of land conve -
>W, B. Breazeale by Mrs. E. ..
~oungblood et al. on November 16.
Second. All that othe'r piece, parcel
r tract of land belonging to John
'oungblood. Situated, lying and being
i the same state and county aforesai-l
ai the waters of Gregory's crt.k.
ranch waters of Twelve Mile river.
djoinong lands of Eliza Youngbl':od
r the north and Fannme Youngbloodl
a the south-east, Clint Cannon on the
iuh andi Augustus Bowen (in the'
>uth-west. It being a p art of the land
:>vey"d to Mrs. E. J. Younghlcood by
. A.'unnicutt, April 20. I904, and
:ntainiung thirty-two and 95-1'c0 acres
ore or liess. Termis of sale cash. Pur
aser or purzchasers to pay for all va
era and recording of same.
C. C. P.
Auditor's- Notice.
The time for taking returns for the
ear 1913 will open January lit and
ontiue until Fe bruary lv. 11l3. Ater
hich time a penalty of 50 per cent
ill be added for non returns. All able
todied male persons from the ages of 12
o 50 years, both inclusive, are required
make return of Capitation Road tax,
xcept ministers of the gospal actually
: charge of a congregabion, school
rustees, and those living in the iinc"r
orate limits of any city or town in the
tounty. Poll tax runs from 21 to 60)
rears, both inclusive. Capitation Dog
ax the same, 50 cents per head.
Please bear in mind that the rounds
iiade by the Auditor is for the conven
ence of the tax payers and not comnpul
ory. so I hope you will avail yourselves
if this opportunity and mueet me
)roptly at the appointed places.
I will be at the followmng places to
Looper's Gin, Thursday, January 23,
Dacusville. Friday, January 24, (fore
Peter's Creek, Friday. January 24,
Pumpkintown, Saturday. January 25,
Holly 8prings, Saturday, January 25.
Eastatoe, (W. W. Aiken's store) Tues
lay, January 28, (afternoon.)
Mile Creek, Wednesday, January 29,
Gap Hill, W ednesday, January, 29,
Six Mile, Thursday, January 30,
Praters. Thursday, January 30, (after
I will be in my office after January
0th. Returns will also be taken in the
ffice during the entire time I am on
ny rounds. Respectfully.
County Auditcr.
ickens, S. C. DJec. 5 1912
Tax Notice.
ffice or Counity Treasurer. Pickens County.
Pickens, S. C., October 1, 1912
The books for the collection or State and
ounty taxes will be open from
October 15th 1912 to December 31st 1912.
Those who prefer to do so can pay in Janua
y 1913, with 1 per cent additional. Those
rho prefer paying in February 1913, can
to so with 2 per cen t a.dditional. Those who
refer paying in March 1913, to the 15th of said
onth, can do so oy paying an additional 7 per
ent. A fter sid date the books will close.
N. B.-Tar payers owning property or paying
ax for others, will please ask fo tax receipt
.n each township or special school district in
fhich he or they may own property. This Is
rery important as there are soi many special
ichool districts. Those who do not wish to
ome to the office can write me. not later than
December 20th, and I will furnish them with
he amount due and they can remit me by
heck, money order or registered letter, If
+'ai Tb ara sent do not send above two (2)
- A L
send me cash without regi.-terin ,lc. as it
liable to get lost; if sent other win- it mu-t 2e
at sender's risk.
Levy for State tax ...... ..... ........5% Nills
Levy for Constitutional School tax . 3 mills
Levy for Ordinary County tax. 6 mills
Levy for Sinking Fund ....... .........1? mille
Levy for Past Indebtedness............ millm
Levy for Chain Gang... ...... ..... ..2 mil
Levy for State Constable...... .. ...... '- mill
Tohd 19%z mills t
Special Levy for School DIstrict No. 1, 2 mills
Special Levy for School Distri.t No. 9..2 mills
Special Levy for School District No. 3....2 mills t
Special Levy for School District No. 4....2 mills
Special Levy for School District No. 5, ..2 mills
Special Levy for School Dirtrict No.5 .... mills 4
Special Levy for School Drtrict No. 8,...2 mills
Special evy for School D'!trict No. 9,...2 mills
Speciae evy for School District No. 10,2% mills
S y for School District No. 11,7% mills
Special Lcvy for School District No. 12, ..2 mills
Special Levy for School District No. 13,.% milis
Special Levy for School District No. 14,..4 mills
special Levy for School District No. 16.. 6 mills
Speciai Levy for School District No. 17...7 mills 1
Special Levy for School District No. 18, 2 mills J
Special Levy for School District No. 19, 2mills t
Special Levy for School District No. :h,...2 miilsJ
Special Levy for School District No.1....4 mills J
Special Levy for School District No. _9,..4 mills :3
Special Levy for School District No, 23,...2 mills tj
Special Levy for School District Ni. 2.. 2V2 mills
Special Levy for School District No. 2,,..4 mills S
Special Levy for School District No. 2, ..2 mills
Special Levy for School District No. 28. 2 mills
Special Levy for School District No. 2. 2 mills
Special Levy for School District No. 32.. 3 mills
Special Levy for School District No. 32...4 mills
Special Levy for School District No2. 3r 4 mills
Speciel Levy for Sobhool District No. .8, 4 mills
Special Levy for School District No. 3., 2 mills
Special Levy for School District No. 4,2 3 mills
Special Levy for School District No. 41,_3 mills
Special Levy for School District No. 47.. 4 mills
Special Levy for School District No. 48.. . mills
Special Levy for School District No. 4,..2 mills ..
Special Levy for School District No. 4,.. 3 mills
Special Levy for School District No. 52.. 3mills
Special Levy for School District No. 52... mills
Special Levy for School District No. 47...3 mills
Special Levy for School District No. 5...4 mills
Special Levy for School District No. 56. ..3 mills
Levy for intereS on Piskens R. R. 2ionds
Hurricane towhips......t.N. .....2 mills 4
Levy for interest on Pickens R. R. Bonds
Jrastatoe township...... ......2% mills V
for interest on Pickens R. R. Bonds
Pickens C. H1. township.. ............ 2 millb
Poll Tax. One (1) Dollar. Every male citizen v
from 21 to to 60 years is liable. excapt Confeder
ate sold.,ers, who do not pay after 50 years, and o
those excused by law.
Commutation Road Tax. 11.50. The Leg
islature enacted the following law: "That all
able-bodied miale persons from the age of twen
ty-one and fifty years, both inclusive. in 'the
county of Pickens, shall be required annually
to pay one dollar and fifty cents commutation
or road tax, except ministers of the gospel ac
tually In charge of a congregation, persons D>er
inanently disabled in the military service of
this State, and persons who served In the late
war between the States, and all persons actual
I ly employed In the quar.ntine service of tne
State, anld all students who may be attending
any school or college at the time when the com
mutation tax hereinabove provided for shall
become due shall be required to pay to the
County Treasurer of said county, between the
15th day of October and the 31st dpy of Decem- M
ber in each and every year, an annual commu-l
tation or road tax of one dollar and fifty cents
per head, and any failure to pay said road tax
shall be a misdemeanor. and the offender, upon
conviction, shall be punished by a fine of not
less than five dollars and not more than fifty
dollars, or imprisoned for not more than thirty
Capitation Dog Tax. All persons owning
dogs are required to pay a tax of fifty (50) cents
on each dog. Respectfully
Taylor H. Stewart,
County Treasurer.
Notice of Final Settlement and
Notice is hereby given that I:
will make application to J. B.
Newbery, Esq., Judge of Pro
bate for i-ickens county, in the*
State of South Carolina. on the
24 day of February, 1913 at 11
o'clock in the forenoon, or as
soon thereafter- as said applica
tion can be hear-d, for leave to
make final settlement of the es
tate of L. G. Gaines, deceased,
and obtain discharge as admin
istrator of said estate.
I R. P. Gaines,
Notice of Final Settlement and
Notic& is he'reby given that w-e wil
nunk' :i4licationI t' J. B. e.e wi ry.Eql
Judge of Pr-ob-'. for Pi'-kens ciunity,
the $'nte of South C ir-.iwna on the 2 ith
ainy of ruriary. 19183. at . 1 'eloek i
thde foreroon, or as s ,tn thereafter us.
saia .splicationl can be heard, ftor Ieave.'
to make fin-d settlemnt otf th - p-.te.
of Miss Maggie M. Je'hrsgon, ,ie ceased.
and1 obt'iin di-chaerge an erxeent'r o-cf~
said estate. W F. Johnson
NOTICE~ is 1'ereby give-n that 1 will
i.k nprheation to J. Is. N.iwb, ry Esq.,
Judge of Prob.ate for P;eL eri s county,
ini the State of South Carolina. (in the~
6 day of February 1913, at 1) o'clock in1
the forenoon, or as s'on thuer.-:fter ,as
sai-i application can be hea~rd for leave
to make final Eettlemt nt of ti e-t'.
of W. R. Anders. deceased, and~ obtain
d ischarge as admiuis'trai or of sai.i es tt e.
J. P. Ande-s. I
it Administrator.
A. K.
This will inform the readers
still at the old stand in "West I
stocks of Dry Goods, Underwea
have ever carried, and my prices
goods can be sold for. A fewv 1
right on prices.
A good Calico 5 cents.
A good Cotton Check 5 Ce
Canton Fl.nnels 5, 8 1-3, I(
Men's heavy Fleeced Shirts
Ladies' heavy Fleeced Vest
Prepare for cold weather wi
a good blanket. My shoe stock
and prices the lowest. Don't fa
~Oticl of Final SOWIMeCIt Ili tiod~arge
Notice is hereby given that I will
nake application to J. B. Newberry,
q. Judge of Probate for Pickens couil
y in the State of South Carolina, on the
. day of February, 1912, at 10 o'clock
n the forenoon or as soon
hereafter as' said application can be
eard, for leave to make final settlement
f the estate of Columbus Griffin, de
.-tsed and obtain d:scharge as adminip
rator of said estate.
J. R. J. Anthony,
t Administrator.
Otice of Final Idt1leilt Ind Discharge
Notice is hereby givun that we will
iatie application to J. B Newbery Esq..
udge of Probate for Pickens county. in
ie yf South Carolina. on the 20 aay of
ebuary 19:3' tt 11 o'clock in the fore
o.n, or as soo thereafter as said applica
on can be heard, for leave to make
nal settlement of the estate of Mrs.
aralh A. Alexander. deceased, and ob
in discharge as administrators of said
Carlisle Newton,
E. J. Hester.
Administr tors.
'o Rent, Sell or Ex=
A number of desiable houses and va
tnt lo:s in almost any p-trt of Green
.Ile that you may desi.e. Will sell
tis property on favorable terms. or
ill exchange for farms situate in this
adjacent counties.
1 S. Main St. Greenville, S. C.
A. McO >lAIugh B. F. Martin
E. M. Blythe
CROllRg. Martin & Blythe
isonic Temple Grenville, S. C.
Associate firm
Anderson, S. C.
ractice in all Courts.
Thousands and thou
Ssands of women, who
have everythingthatheart o
could desiretomakethem
I3Ihappy, are miserable on
9account of womanlyftrou- (
ble. If you are ofths.(
and give Cardu a triaL. b
It has brought health and .
* happiness to thousands. I
The Woma's i l
Mrs. Delphinla Chanic
writes from Collins,
Mis: "I suffered terribly .
rfrom womanly troubles. E
0We had flve doctors, but 0
11It seemedlI could not get 5
any better. I decided to
7)try CarduL Afterl began
k to take it, Igot bte
every day. Now I feelasr
0 wellas I ever did." Try O
Ca~,rdul, today. E-66LO
of The Sentinel that I am
End", with one of the best
r, Notions and Shoes that I
SHALL BE the lowest, that
rices will convince you we are
>and 12 1-2 cents.
50 cents.
and Pants 25 and 50 cents.
ich is sure to come by buying
is complete, quality the best
il to come to see me.
CAPIT AL- $5,0
J. McD Bruce, President.
r M. ManMdin. Cashier.

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