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The Pickens Sentin6l
FEBRUARY 6, 1913
En ercd at Pcrenb FustomCe s Second Cis
The Sentinel is not responsibli
for the views of its corres
Let Us Be More cAppreciatbi
As a general rule we do no
appreciate our blessings. Th<
individual who has good healti
does not appreciate it, until by
abuse or neglect on our part wE
lose our health, then when it is
too late we sit down and lament
because we did not take care of
our health when we had it. So
with our opportunities. A farm
er has a good field. It begins to
wash. He could build terraces
and save the land but he neg
lects it. and after awhile deep,
broad gullies have washed all
thru the field and he turns it
out as useless only for a pasture
and hardly fit for that as therc
is scarcely enough soil left to
afford any grazing-when a
little work and a little care al
the right time would [have pre
vented the rain and saved thE
The companionship of om
friends aud loved ones ought tc
be very sweet and dear to us,
and we certainly ought to ap
preciate it. Some may, many
of us do not as we ought. WE
sometimes speak cross and the
words carry a sting with them.
It is possible for that cross word
to be the last word we may ever
speak to them; the next time
we see that loved one the cold,
icy arm of death may have
closed around them. Such
things have been, and may be
again. If the mother that scolded
the precious little babe for mark
ing up the window panes at
night, could only have known
that before the light of another
day should dawn the little fing
ers would be cold and stiff in
death, she would have caressed
rather than scolded.
Let us appreciate the com
....-...panionship and friendship of
our friends and loved ones more
than we have. Let the last
words we speak to them be
kind, loving words, and as we
do not know which may be the
last word. let all our words be
kind words.
The Pickens Sentinel asks,
"Is a dog property?" If is, it is
that kind of property of which
the more one has the poorer he
is,-Newberry Observer.
Legislative Doings
Representative Williams has
introduced a bill in the legisla
ture making it unlawful for cor
porations to charge their em
ployvees house rent. Evidently
this is aimed at cotton mills.
Representative Williams has
also introduced a resolution ask
ing Congress to repeal the 15oh
Amendment to the United
States Constitution. The 15th
amendment reads as follows:
"The right of Citizens of the
United States to vote shall not
be denied or abridged by the
United States or by any State
on account of race, color or pre
vious condition of servitude".
Our Inquis
The ailments from which women
the symptoms indicate, yet they are
female generative system, and a r
trouble puts an end to all the die
unnatural conditions a.re removed.
Squaw ~
Is a Mediciti
It acts directly on the female organism.
ens the nerves, helps digestion, tones
vigorous condition. It transforms a w
sparkling cheerfulness and vigor. It b
restores the rosy bloom of health to ti
Sold by Draggists and Deal
The house on an aye and na
vote of 70 to 46 passed the re
solution w :afollows:
"Whereas, The present civil
ization of the white race haS
been achieved without the as
sistance of the negro race.
"The negro race has made nc
advancement only as he comes
in contact with the otherhuman
races. His presence in the
United States is because of his
not having a government of his
own in Africa, sufficiently
strong to protect its subjects,
the reason for which is weak
ness. The people of these
United States have advanced
the negro farther than any
other nation, having taught
1him the most extensive lan
guage of the globe, the use of
tools, the wearing of clothing,
and above all the christian reli
gion. In return for all these
advantages he has given the
people of these United States
only anxiety, strife, bloodshed
and the hookworm. So long as
he has the ballot he will be a
menace to the civilization of
America. The ballot was.given
to him without his fitness r his
asking for it, and given at a
time when these United States
were rive asunder by strife, pre
judico',' malice, hatred, anger
and revenge.
"Therefore, Be it resolved by
the house of representative of
the Stat of South Carolina, the
senate concurring.
"First, That the congress of
the United States te and are
hereby asked to immediately
take action for the repeal of the
fifteenth amendment to the
constitution of the United States.
"Second, That copies of these
pesolutions be printed and for
warded to each of our senators
and representatives in congress."
This is a day of investigation.
The conduct, acts and sayings
of public officials must be aired
and sifted by a committee which
generally does the whitewash
ing act. Now the legislature is
going to investigate Senator
Tillman because in his reply to
Gov. Blease's attacks upon him
he said a certain railroad at
torney controlled the general
assembly. It's a pity that leeis
latiye hall should be made the
dumping ground of politica 1 rot
and a place to wash dirty linen.
A bill of great importance is
that introduced by Senator
Mc Laurin looking to the es
tablishment of a Farmer's Cot
Iton Warehouse. It will be re
membered. that a similar bill
was passed by the last legisla
ture and was declared uncon
stitutional by the Supreme
Court. The defects pointed out
by the Court in that decision
will very likely be avoided in
the present bill, at least it is
hoped so and that the present
bill will become law and stand
the tests of the courts.
Senator McL aurin has also
introduced a bill to sell the
State farms and divide out the
onvicts used on them among
the counties. This will be a
mistake as the support of the
penitentiary comes mainly from
these farms.
itive Pup
suffer are many and varied so far as
all dependent upon a disorder in the
redy that acts on the cause of the
tressng symptoms as son as the
Ie Wine
fbr Women
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ightens the eye, revives the spirits and
TS. Price $7.00 Per Bottle.
N .a
Mss C oE, of 708 R St.,
W.washington, D.C., writes: "I suf
fered with rheumatism for five vears
adIba-ie just got hold OfYour Lini
an d it has done me o M
good. My knees do not pain and the
bwelling as gone."
Qiets the Nerves
MRs. A.WEIDaAN, of 403 ThOmpson
St., Maryville Mo., writes : -" The
nerve in my leg was destroyed live
years ago and left me with a jerking
at night so that I could not Sleep. A
friend told m11e to try Your Liniment
and now I could not do without it. I
And after its use I can sleep."
"Is a good Liniment. I keep it on
hand all the time. My daughter
sprained her wrist and used your
Liniment, and it has not hurt her
of Selma, N. C.,
RF.D., No.4.
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Sloan's book on
borses cattle, hogs
and poultry sent
ftee. A&=e
Earl S.
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More People Wanted
The greatest need in this
county today is more people.
By this we mean more produc
e. s. We 'ave nore people, a
larger y Julation, than we had
ten or <wtA nty years ago but not
more producers. Ten or twenty
Years -O"the. section north of
the court house, and especially
41r r'he mountain section, the
counitry was pretty well popu
lated. Many of these nave dis
posed of their lands, and a large
portion of those who did not
own land have quit the farms.
They are now living in the
towns, engaged in various occu
pations. The mills and other
public works have drawn their
help from the rural districts and
the places made vacant on t' a
farms in this way is still vac(.at.
There are hundreds and thous
ands of acres of idle !o6'd in
this county. Good, stri'r, fer
tile land that would yield as
much as any df the lands now
in cultivation ,3 now growing
uD and going to waste.
The need is more people to,
cultivate them. We cannot
ihope to develop very much as
an agricultural people as long
as the farms are neglected and
the valuable lands allowed to
lie idle. Nor can we hope to
prosper so long as the people
who own the farms drift from
and Neiihbors
e would not-that we could not
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should have been dispelled remain
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taste just like candy. They are
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do not cause griping, nausea, purg
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manently overcome it.
Rexall Orderlies promote better
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mend Rexall Orderlie for children,
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aany cotton fields there is too
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his balance the plant food.
ea that cotton does not need much
rd to eradicate. But the longer'
have been used on the crop the 1
es the need of more i
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e liberal side dressings of Kainit. :t
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hem to the towns and citiec
[f our people will not look afte
them and develop them as the:
;e then we should endeaver t
nduce others to come here an,
Agood class of Germar
stch or Irish settlers in thi
~nty would create a health:
itosphere industrially and ai
rt should be made to induc
uh to come. How to brini
~ut this condition is ~suscept
eof many views and variou
;des and degrees of opinion
as many people, yet we dar
ouggest that many of th
inhabited farms and house
his county could be supplie
ih a good class of home seek
swith a little judicious ad
etising. This further sugges
i is made that the real estat
elers, land agents, and other
o are intereste d in the de
>lpment of the county get to
deer, raise a fund and proper
dvertise the county and it
surces. They might g,
ther and employ some on,
vit headquarters at Charles
nafter the opening of thi
aama Canal and supply hin
i an abundance of advertis
~matter and by this mean:
dce a good class of settlers t<
e to our county.
The time has come wher
ething must be done fo3
cken3 County or we will con
ne to lag behind the proces
nof material progress. The
m has come when our great
mtad most pressing and im
ertive need is more people tc
etle our county and cultivatt
slands. The time has comt
hn we must hustle and ad
erise our advantages if wC
etthem. They'will not come
fiteir own accord. They will
rhere they think they can
te best.
et the people of Pickens
e up to their opportunity
dmake ready to strike when
iePanama Canal is open. x.
o Need to Stop Work
When the doctors orders you
tp work it staggers you. I
n you say. You must you
e eak, run down and failing
halth dar by day, but you
us work as long as you can
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