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ent in The Sentin
T h ti 11oni. Gi-(-. 'S. Leg,are. in
I-eDIVSCenitative in Con-re ss fron1m
thli 1st; South CiArolinia diktrict, hi
died at his homie near Charles- ht
ton last Thursday. His death Ire
caused much sorrow in Pickens,t
where he spent the summer a
seasoni for several years past, hi
and where he was loved and so
admired by all who knew him. la
The following tribute to Mr.
Legare was written for The fr
Sentinel by one who knew him er
well. TI
Hon. George S. Legare. J dr
here is sad news for Pickens.
It hlas Thucst a spell of sad- H
ness over the continent-over PE
the United States-the great gi
country he loyed so well and
dlirhed by alswor nevem..
LaThursdaowingparsbdtento Mr
Leah. As ritt for he fr
tsel byhonee wo net him,le
reson.edorthe fina Lenore, d
andere israinews frun dowkn.
It hs even devotaell of sewel-H
faeah pness of the innt-ly p
atendel forawhomthe rely
delighted thereasr o i
Lrat Thudhe. d nt
0the sun hdoloesshdow ofs
dathwa. and his cutryumeG
ovear Creysffutyoto suuness,
thodelwhodweretse deartof hi,
frepnded on tue.fnlenoe
and theacrtinirndwn.
ohe blieved o the nitl
This poplermasrin homh freel
gae salle thextrofehsrie oevery
whret kind atearlti.
A tern hDemlowrtwed upnhic
pathwall and henoriuhisewn
andlivdin pathe hearts ofv hisn
Allrs. e the lteomei cmnd'
panand eaavospred ofiendcoe.
Hblevestnd-ae Reubivinwho cf
nnrjiinhsfriendship. c
th sae tex ofwisepeilit whory
beivewhere s a tmes. lwe
A Est ablishcdat cro868. c
wi Hih honalsehs ow.
poIca patoliwan hood wer
Conres.ye they elco e con
panon nd acrps foriagd fc
eve tan-p t pbican wh d
knew him. TPesdn Tat Cot
loved im,ad ndx- Pkriz Can-:
L Akndh wisey peils grow g
Hig AalsEA
every ieadow, George Le
re found some charm in every
iman being he knew, and his
art never failed to give a kind
He has left a heritage to his
ed father and mother, an'd to
s family, that wlll be a sweet
lace to them while memory
A few of his friends went
om Pickens to attend the fun
al in Chrleston last Sabbath.
ey trulv represented this
wn and section when they
opped a tear of sympathy
)on his grave, and pla'ted upon
the fadeless chaplet of love.
He needs no monument here.
e will live in the hearts of our
ople till every star of life
>ows dim.
l1e is not dead, this friend
not dead,
t in the path we mortals
t some few trifling steps
And nearer to the end.
that you, too, once past this
all meet again as face to face,
this friend '
You fancy dead."
ush gaily on strong heart.
The while,
u travel forward mile by mile,
eloiters with 'a backward
Till you can overtake,
d strains his eyes to search
his wake,
~whistling, as he sees you
through the brake,
Waits on the stile."
Julius E. Bogge.
Are You a Cold Sufferer?
ake Dr. King's New Dis
ery, The Best Caugh, Cold
roat and Lung medicine
de. Money refunded if it
is to cure you. Do not hesi
e-take at our risk. First
e5 helps. J. R. Wells. Floy
La, Texas, writes: "Dr. King's
w Discovey cured my terrible
igh and cold. I have gained
pounds.'' Buy it at Pickene
ug Co.
It is now 1913.
Enriched Land
not good Goods,
iued to grow good
ety-five years.
e the record of
on Crops
n Crops.
00( crOps for you,
- SO. CAR.
A Teacher Complimented.
P-of.W.O. Petty, who taught
t he school at Dacusville the fall
a!;l w it iter terms of 1911-12, and
who is now teaching near Alex
au,rta, Va., has received the
f)lh.win; letter.
S te Board of Education, De
Sp;nbent of Public Institution,
Richniond. Va., October 29th,
_Mr. W. 0. Petty,
Dear Sir-After considering:
your very valuable services to
the State and your work at!
Richmonid College, we have de
cided to issue you a State certi
ficate which we heiewith en
I beg to express my best wish
es for your continued success in
the the school work.
Cordially yours,
J. D. Eggleston,
Supt. of Public Institution.
Mrs. Anne Grady Dead.
Mrs. Annie Eliza Gartrell
Grady, mother of the late Hen
ry W. Grady, the noted orator,
and journalist, died in Atlanta
last Friday. Mrs. Grady was
born in Nacoochee Valley, Ga.,
January 23, 1831.
The public is requested not to
do any work on the roads or re
pair any bridges unless author
ized to do so by a member of
the County Board.
County Board of Commission
ers of Pickens .County,
Who are "Just Ready to Drop."
When you are "jus ready to drop,"
when you feel so weak that you can
hardly drag yourself about-and be
cause you have not slept well, you
get up as tired-out next morning as
when you went to bed, then you need
help right away.
Miss Lea Dumas writes from Ma
lone, N. Y., saying: "I was in a badly
run-down condition for several weeks,
but- two bottles of Vinol put me on
my feet again and made me strong
and well. Vinol has done me more
good than all the other medicine I
ever took."
Ifi the careworn, haggard men and
women, the pale, sickly children and
feeble old folks around here would
follow Miss Dumas' example, they,
too, would soon be able to say that
Vinol, our delicious cod liver and Iron
remedy, had built them up and. made
them strong.
It Is a wonderfully strengthening
and Invigorating body-builder, and we
Bell It under an ironclad -guarantee
of satisfaction. 'You get your money
back if Vinol does not help you.
Pickens Drug.Co., Pickene, S. C.
Auditor's Notice.
The time for taking r,-turi's for the
year 1913 will open January list and
continue until Februiry 20, 1213. A fter
which time a penalty of 50 per cent
will be added for n.on returns. All able
bodied male persons from the ages of 12
to 50 years, both inclusive, are required
to make return of Gapitati-n Road tax.
except ministers of the gospel actually
in charge of a congregation, school
trustees, and those living in the incor
porate limits of any City or town in the
county. Poll tax runs from 21 to 6o
years, both inclusive. Capitation Dog
tax the same~, 50 cents per head.
Please bear in mind that the rounds
made by the Auditor is for the conven
jence of the tax payers and not compul
ory. so I hope y ou will avail yourselves.
of this opportunity and meet meii
pronpily at the appointed places.
I will be at the following places to
Looper's Gin, Thursday, January 23,
Dacusville. Friday, January 24, (fore
noon )
Peter's Creek, Friday. January 24,
Pumpkintow'h, Saturday. January 25,
Holly & prings, Saturday, January 25.
Eastatoe, (W. W. Aiken's store) Tues
day, January 28, (afternoon.)
,Mile Creek. Wednesday, January 29,
IGap Hill, W ednesday, January, 29,
Six Mile, Thursday, January 30,
Praters. Thursday, January 30, (after
I will be in my office after January
30th. Returns will also be taken in the
office during the entire time I am on
my rounds. Respectfully.
County Auditor.
Pickens, S. C. Dec. 5 1912
Tar Notice.
Offce of county Treasuqr. Picaens County.
Pickens, S. c., October 1, 1912
The books for the collection of state and
County taxes will be open from
October 15th 1912 to December 31st 1912.
Those who prefer to'do so can pay in Janua
ry 1918, wIth 1 per cent additional. Those
who prefer paying ini February 1913, can
do so with 2 per cent additional. Those who
prefer paying in March 1913, to the 15th of said
month, can do so oy paying an addItional 7 per
cent. A fter said date the books will close.
N. B.-Tax payers owning property or paying
tax for others, will p'ease ask fo tax receipt
in each township or special school district in
which he or they may own property. This it
very important as there are so many speciai
school districts. Those who do not wish to
come to the office can write me, not later than
December 20th, and I will furnish them with
the #mount due and they- can remit m eby
check,mnioney or#er or registered sletter, If
staps .are sen1t ae not sen abov two ()
E _ _
send me cash without regiteri ig same. as it is
liable to get los-.: if sent otherv- e it must be
ot sender's risk.
Levy for State tax ...... ..... ........5' M:lls
Lc %- for Consti:utional School t..x . 3 m:,'s
Levy for Orlint.ry County tax.. un;ls
Lev:y forSinkin; Fund ....... ........;j mi!ls
Le,;y for l,Lt Ldebted;ess............ & m-is t
Levy for Chain Gang... ...... ..... 2S rill
Levy for State Constable ..... .. ...... % ntill
Totai 19i mills t
Special Levy for School DIstrict No. 1, 2 mills
SPCeial Levy for School DI.Rtrit o. 2milis
Special Levy for School District No. 3....2 mills I
Special Levy for School District No. 4....2 mills I
Special Levy for School District No. 5, ..2 mills
Special Lnvy for School Dirtrict No. 7....4mills4
Spteiai Levy for School District No. 8,...2 mils i
Special .ev- for School District No. 9,. 10 mlis
Special Le-y for School District NO. 10, 2% mills
Special Levy for School District No. 91, 750 miAs "
Special Lcvy for School District No. 12,2 mills -
Special Levy for School District No. 13,7% mills
Special Levy for School District No. 14,. .. mills
Special Levy for School District No. 13,..8 mills
Special Levy for School District No. 14,.. 4 mills
Special Levy for School District No. 16...2 mills n
Special Levy for School District No. 19, 7..mills J
Special Levy for School District No. 18, 2 mi!ls J
Special Levy for School District No . ,...2 mis
Special Levy for School District No. 2, .... miIls F
Special Levy for School District No.2...4 mills F
Special Levy for School District No. 224 mills n
Special Levy for School District No. 2, 2V inlls fi
Special Levy for School District No. 2, 2% mills I
Special Levy for School District No. 2.mi. is lls
Special Levy for School District No. 2... mills
Special Levy for School District No. 28. 15 mills
Special Levy for School District No. 3. 35mills;'
Special Levy for School District No. 32. 3 mills
Speciel Levy for School District No. 37. 4 mills
Special Levy for School District No. 38, 2 millsi
Special Levy for School District No. 3. 2 mills -
Special Levy for School District No, 3 2 mills
Special Levy for School District No. 4,. .2 mills
Special Levy for School District No. 41,_ mills
Special Levy for School District No. 47..2. mills
Special Levy for School District No. 49... 4 mills
Special Levy for School District No. 47...3 mills
Special Levy for School District No. 5,...2 mills
Special Levy for School District No. 5,...3 mills
Special Levy for School District No. 52,.. 3 mills
Special Levy for School District No. 53 ...4 mills
Special Levy for School District No. 55...4 mills
Levy for interest on Pickens R. R. Bonds
Hurricane township...... ..... .....2 mills C
rAevy for Interest on Pickens R. R. Bonds
kastatoe township......... . .......2% mills V1
Lavy for interest on Pickens R. R. Bonds
Pickens C. H. township.. ........... 2 mills t
Poll Tax, One (1) Dollar. Every male citizen W
from 21 to to 60 years is liable, excapt Confeder
ate soldiers, who do not pay after 50 years, and o0
those excused bylaw.
Commutation Road Tax, $1.50. The Leg
islature enacted the following law: "That all
able-bodied male persona from the age of twen
ty-one and fifty years, both inclusive, in jthe
county of Pickens, shall be required annually
to pay one dollar and fifty cents commutation
or road tax, except ministers of the gospel ac-I
tually in charge of a congregation, persons Der- 31
manently disabled in the military service of
this State, and -persons who served in the late
war between the States. and all persons actual- -
ly employed In the quarantine service of ttie
tate, and all students who may be attending:
any school or college at the time when the com- I
mutation tax hereinabove provided for shall
become due. shall be required to pay to the
C%ounty Treasurer of said county, between the
15th day of October and the 31st day of Decem
berin each and every year, an annual commu- .
tation or road tax of one dollar and fifty cents
per head, and any failure to pay said rol tax
shall be a misdemeanor. and the offender, upon
.onviction, shall be punished by a fine of not
less than five dollars and not more than fifty j
lollars, or imprisoned for not more than thirty L
Capitation Dog Tax. All persons owning
logs are required to pay a tax of fifty (50) cents
Dn each dog. Respectfully
Taylor H. Stewart,
County Tpeasurer.
Notice of Final Settlement and
Notice is hereby given that II
will make application .to J.-B
Newbery, Esq., Judge of Pro-1
bate for Fickens county, in the
State of South Carolina, nn the
24 day of February, 1913- at 11
o'clock in the forenoon, or as:
soonl thereafter as said applica
tion can be heard, for leave to
make final settlement of the es
tate of L. G. Gaines, deceased,
and obtain discharire as admin
istrator of said estate.
R. P. Gaines,
Notice of Final Setttemecnt and
Notice is hereby given that we will
make appheatlion to J. B. Se whery.E--q.
Judge of Probate for Pickens counts, in
the Siie o'f South C.irii a. orn th- 20th
ainy of Febhruary, 191-3. at 11 t.'ct.rk in
the forenoon, or as s 'on thi-rs::ft.-r as
said ap.plicastion c-an be heard, for leave
to mako final settlemenit of th" estate
of Miss Magie Md. Johpson. 0,.-ceased,
and obtain di-harge as i-xec-utor of
said estate. W. F. .Johnson
fl3 T. G Johnson.
NOTIGF. is hereby give-n that I will
make a py heation to J. lH. Newbt-ry Esq.,
Judge of Prob.ate for Pick er S c'onty,
in the State of South Caroiina, on the
6 dsy of February. 1913, at 10 oc!ok in
the forenoon, or as soon there-after as
said application can be beard for 1. ave
to mnake final settlement of the est&tri
of W. R. Aniders, deceased, and obtain
dhecharge as a-lministrator of said et-tate.
J. P. Ar,ders.
4t Admin,t::ator.
A. K. ~P
This will inform the readers
still at the old stand in "West I
stocks of Dry Goods, Underwea
have ever carried, and my prices
goods can be sold for. A few;p
right on prices.
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lotice of Fiall sattlemct aI Discaie
Notice is hereby given that I will
nake application to J. B. New berry,
sq. Judg- of Probate for Picktns con
y in the State of South C Lrolina. on the
3 day of February, 1912, at 10 o'clock
n the forenoon or *Ps so
hereafter as said appsication can he
eard, for leave t6 make inal settlement
f the estate of Coluti-hus Griffin. de
vased and obtain dischargea ;admini.
rator of saidvstate.
J. R. J. An honv.
Itic of hial SAt9leMt &."d Divhalgi
Notice is hereby giv n tl.at we will
take application to J. B Newhery Esq..
udge of Probate for Pickens county. im
2e yf South Carolina. oa -,he 20 cay (f
ebuary 19:3' tt 11 o'clock in the fore
oon, or as sOO thereafter ;;s said applica
on can be heard, for leave to iake
nal settlement of the .estate of 3rs.
arah A. Alexander. deceased, and ob
tin discharge as administrators of said
Carlisle Newton,
E. J. Hester,
Admiristr tors.
ro Rent, Sell or Ex=
A number of desirable houses and va
tnt lots in almost any p-,rt of Green
lie that you muav desi e. Will sell
is property on f-vrable terms. or
;ll exchange for farms situate iL this
aijacent counties.
1 S. Main St. Greenville, S. C.
A. McCO4lough B. F. Mart in
E. M. Blythe
0Cullouh. Martill & Blythe
isonic Temple Greenville, S. C.
Associate firm
Anderson, S. C.
ractice in all Courts.
Miss Myrtle Cothrum,
of Russellville, Ala., says:
"For nearly a year, I suf
fered with terrible back
ache, pains in my lim$s,
and my head ached nearly
all the time. Our family
doctor treated me, but
only gave me temporary
relief. I was certainly in
bad health. My school
teacher advised me to
The Woman's Tonic
I took two bottles, in all,
and was cured. I shall
always praise Cardul to
sick and suffering wo
men." If you suffer from
pains peculiar to weak
women, such as head
ache, backache, or other
symptoms of womanly
trouble, or If you merely
need a tonic for that tired,
nervous, worn-out feel
ing, try Cardui. E-6
of The Sentinel that I am
nd", with one of the best
r, Notions and Shoes that I
SHALL BE the lowest, that
rices will convince you we are
>and 12 I-2 cents.
; o cents.
and Pants 25 and 5o cents.
ich is sure to come by buyitng.
is complete, quality the bes:
.il to come to s~ee me.
4ND SURPLUS 'w 7ii
J. McD Bruce, President.
. M. ManMinn (Mhier.

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