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25c a box
The Rexa
Local and
The pulpit of the the Presby
terian church was occupied last
Sabbath morning and evening
by Rev. A. 0, Brigman, of Col
umbia. Bad as the weather was
nearly the whole membeship of
the church turned out and were
richly rewarded by hearing two
splendid sermons,
The Pickens ginnery in 1911
ginned 1994 bales. In 1912 to
January 28, 1913, they ginned
1664 bales.
The highway by Frank Loop
er's, just beyond the bottom, is
almost impassable. The people
who travel it say it should be
macadamized. Especially that
part of the road that is in the
edge of the bottom and on the
north side of the hill, where the
sun cannot reach it in winter.
Irvin Miller and wife, of near
Easley, are sick from grip and
Robert Lewis, of the Eastatoe
section, and Elliott Williams
and Bowen Stewart, of the
George's Creek section, were in
Pickens last week on business.
Randall Waddell, formerly of
Greenville but now owner of
Kay's mill in the George's creek
section, made his first visit to
Pickens last Saturday.
B. D. aukuin, a good farmer
~ of e Gap Hill section was in
town last Saturday.
J. W. White, of Easley was
in town last week on business.
He is one of the old true veter
ans of the "lost cause." He
said that after being at home
from the surrender at ,Appoma
tox a few days, he looked out
and saw a man riding down the
road alone on horseback. As the
rider came nearer Mr. White
recognized who it was-General
James Longstreet on his way
home from the surrender.
Married on January 29, 1913,
Mr. William I. Littleton to Miss
Cora Mae Gilstrap, at the home
of the bride's father, Mr. W. A.
Gilstrap, of Norris. Rev. E. L.
Thomason officiating.
W. H. Stewart, of the Bethle
hem Ridge section, was in town
one day last week.
J. J, Hunter, of Liberty route
4, was at the county seat one
day last week.
Hon. Fred Williams was a
'visitor in Pickens Monday on
business and shaking hands
with many acquaintances.
Capt. J. T. Taylor left last
Monday for Chattanooga.,Tenn..
to attend the Baptist Laymen's
Convention which will be held
in that city this week. This
will be one of the largest religi
ous gatherings ever assembled
in the South. An attaactive
program has been arranged and
the expectations of the promo
tors and all interested are that i
far reaching influences will be .
put in motion for missionary
and evangelical work, and that
a new imnpetuis and zeal' will i
flow out from it and result in
great good.
Last Sunday was ground hog '
day and according to tradition I
we are in for forty more days
of weather for the wily little
wretch saw his shadow and
skidadled back to his hole.
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Dr. Gilliland, of Easley, was
t the county seat Monday.
Those friends from Pickens
who attended Congressman f
Legare's funeral in Charleston
ast week are Senator and Mrs.
I'.-J. Mauldin, Dr. J. L. Valley,
VMessrs. J. McD. Bruce, L. C- -
]'hornlev and Jas. P. Carey, Jr.
From the Cincinnati Post of a
January 21st we learn that
frvin C. Boggs has been chosen
as assistant secretary of
he Columbia Life Insurance t
Dompany with headquaters in
hat city. Mr. Boggs is a son
>f J. C. C. Boggs, of Pick
ns and a grandson of our town- :
man, J. W. Holeman, Esq.,
with whom he spent some time 2
1ere last summer while on a f
visit to his old home. Mr. Boggs
went to Cincinnati about 3 years
ag, entering business there in
the insurance field, in which he
has several times received pro
motions. We congratulate our
young friend and wish for his
:ontinued success. - Keowee
John Sheriff, a lumberman,
who moved, from Pickens two
years ago to Orangeburg, spent f
ast week in Pickens.
Mrs John B. Neal of Green-1
yille, visited last week her son
in-law, W. B. Freeman, and
amily in town.
The Governor has appointed
s one of his staff Col. Ivy Mv.
[auldin of Pickens.
Reese Bowen of Wolf Creek ]
ection was in town on business
ast week.
James W, Earle, who lives .
wo miles north of Pickens, says
here only one mud hole be
ween his house and town, and
hat is all the way.
James F. Hendricks, of the
iberty section was in town on
>usiness week.
-H. J. Lewis of tne Sunset
ection was in town last week
n business, and called at The
entinel office.
Foster Keith, ex-auditor, of
umpkintown,and Samuel Wil- f
on of. Liberty section were seen I
n the streets of Pickens last t
aturday. ___
3. J. Chastain, of Oolenoy ~
~ras in town on business last o
Thomas F. Taylor, of below
Aberty, was in town last week a
n business
0. 5. Parrish, of Easley, was
a Pickens last week on business 14
kso Mr. W. R. Oats, of Easley, I
as in town. d
Rev. D. M. Ramsay, D. D., a
resident of Greenville Female
ollege, again delighted the
rge congregation which greet- Y
d him at the Baptist church v
st Sunday morning and even
g with two forceful sermons.
Ltthe close of the morning ser
rice a church meeting was held
nd a unanimous call extended
)r. iRamsay to supply the pul
it of this church for the re
2ainder of the year, or until a
astor could be found and lo
ated. This he consented to do
nelt Sunday a month, and that
lay will be the third Sunday.
r. Ramsav is quite a favorite
vith Pickens people and his
ommng is looked forward to
ith a great deal of interest.
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Lee Cochran, formerly of Cal
oun, now residing at Ander
on, is doing the brick work on
. J. Boggs' house. He is a
[rst class young brick mason.
J. A. Aullinax ot Central
vas in town on business Tues
Craig Bros Co are offering
oremiums to people who trade
vith them this month. Look
tp their ad.
Miss Olive Nealy is detained at i
Lome from school three weeks I
rom rheumatism.
Thomas Welborn of near
ickens runs a successful dairy. i
Among those who attended
e National Corn Exposition at ,
~olumbia, from this county, 1
ast ,week were. Messrs. R. E.1
~ruce, J. F, Harris, Thomas,1
~ary Hiott, Ben Hendricks,
~alph Gilstrap, Thomas O'LDell,
octors Smith and Ponder, and
4robably others.
C. L. Cureton was in Green
ille on business Monday.
Dr. R. E. Lewis had a neat,
Lew awning put up in front of .
e Keowee Pharmacy this,
(nother Old
Soldier Gone
Last Saturday morning Mr.1
oseph Raines, an old Con
ederate soldier who lived near
peters Creek ~church, answered
ie last roll call and his spirtt
ok its flight to the great be
'ond to rest under the shade
f the trees uiitil the awaking
the dead on the resurrection
He was a modest unassuming
ian, honest and just in all his
ealings and a gallant Con
ederate soldier. His body was
iid away in the cemetery at
4eters Creek church last Mon-1
ay, the funeral obsequies being
nducted by his comrade in.
rms and life long friend, Rev.1
E. Foster. He was about 74
ears old and is surviyed by his
Peace to his ashes.
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By E, 0. SELLERS, Director of Ey
ning Department The Moody Bible I
stitute of Chicago.)
LESSON TEXT-Gen. 9:8-17.
GOLDEN TEXT-"I do set my bow I
he cloud and it shall.be for a token of
ovenant between me and the earth."
len. 9:13.
I. Verses 8-11..At the conclusion i
he lesson of last week Noah was er
iarked in the ark and the flood wi
ver the earth. Between that tin
nd the time of this lesson Nos
made three attempt to ascertain if ti
ime had arrived for him to leave ti
Lrk. At last God gave him cox
nand (8:15, 16) to "go forth," but I
lid not go empty handed. Noah h2
aken his all in the ark and it prove
o be a most profitable investmen
'hugh shut up 150 days (7:24), GC
nust have been in the hearts of th,
ittle company as they stepped forl
pon the dry land. What an ove
wering sense of God's graciot
nercy. What a recollection of God
ful wrath. What a trembling lea
here be a repetition of this disaste
knd what an amazement In conte
ating the mighty work. of foundir
new race.
Noah's Offering.
The first act on Noah's part upc
eaving the ark was to build an alts
into God and to offer a burnt offerit
8:20). Thus we see that God's co
nant with Noah was based upon tl
,rond of shed blood (Heb. 9:15-22
Lnd as such It was an acceptable c
ering, "a sweet smelling sacrific4
8:21), because it was an expressic
f entire consecration to God, Ph
:18. This offering is, of course,
,ype of Christ who Is the "Lamb sla
rom the foundation of the world." I
oah's offering, see 8:21, averted
,ghtful penalty, even so the offeri
f Christ redeems us from the cur
f sin which is our just due, Gal. 3:1
As they look about upon ti
eansed earth, for there Is no s
ire*ent except that of- their o%
earts. they are to us a type of th
ew life into which we enter throuE
resus Christ, see I. Peter 3:20, 21.
A study of covenants and of cove
Lnt making ceremonies is always I
ensely interesting. In the Biblic
neaning a covenant is a compact 4
greement between two parties, (
etween God and man, (2) betwe
an and man. In this covenant G<
estowed the benefit of an assuranc
hough Noah had had- certain cond
Ions Imposed upon him, the fulfilir
f which brought him to this pla<
here he might receive this assi
Lnce. e
God's covenant with Noah was o:
f eight gzeat covenants, (1) the o:
2ade in Eden, Gen. 1:28; (2) tl
damc, Gen. 3:15; (3) this wil
oah, Gen. 8:21, 22; (4) one wii
Lbraham, Gen. 15:18; (5) that wli
voses, E2x. 19:25; (6) one with tl
raelts, Deut. 36:3; (7) that wil
)avd, 2 Sam. 7:16; (8) the new co
nant, Heb. 8:8. The main elemen
if this covenant are, (a) the remov
if the curse, 8:21; (b) the assurani
if returning harvests and regular se
on, 8:22; (c) the promise of
Lbundant progeny, 9:1; (d) the don
Laton of animal life, 9:2; (e) proa
ion for food, both flesh and herd,
;(f) provision for sacrifice and wc
hIp, 9:4; .(g) the safety of ,humli
ie, 9:5; (h) the administration
ustce, 9:6.
God's Promise.
Noah's life of obedience beforeI
intered the ark had elicited God
iromise that he would establish
~ovenant with him, see Eph. 6:1|
Lnd so God today holds before
nen the promise of a new and bett
~ovenant into which they also i
nter If they will, Heb. 8:8. God ha
requently used this covenant as
llustraton of his love and his fait
ulness towards hIs people, Isa.
I, 10, and this covenant Included Got
are for the beasts as well as ma
rerses 10, 15, 16, see also Ps. 36:5,
ronah 4:11. This is a good thoug:
emphasize with the younger pupil
I. Verses 12-17. As though J
lovah would make assurance doub
;ecure, he not only made a covena:
)ut appointed a token, a sign, of th
~ovenant, whereby the covenant is
e i-emembered, read Gen. 17:11;E
.2:13, 2:12; Matt, 28:23-28; I. CC
1: 23-25. We must beware of rea
ng- into this passage any suggesti'
hat this is the first appearance of
-ainbow upon the earth; there is
;uch suggestion In the text, but rat
r God took the rainbow which wi
let In the cloud and made of it
oken of the covenant he had mai
ith Noah. Whenever we behold
-ainbow we ought to remember th
f covenant was not alone to Noa
m to us, his seed.
The rainbow was formed of th
ane rain whIch had produced tl
lood. "After the appearance of
Intire rainbow. e' n r:'&. no rain
ong durationl fo.. .2 ' he rainbc
a proof that the rain Is partial a'
hat the sun of God's mercy Is shi
ng. It lights up what had .iust bed
lark and fateful. Rainbows can1
;een in all parts of the earth, so
-is mercy all embracing. A rainbc
s beautiful 'and attractive, and so
Tesus the chief among ten thousai
md the one nitogether lovely
re is the strcngest form of n
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Moris, Pickens.
n Found
oFound-By H. B. Hendricks,
1 near "Doc" Pace's store, a
as fountain pen. Owner can have
a it by calling at The Sentinel
le office and describing it.
2 Money to Loan.
tLoans on farms. Three hun
Sdred dollars to ten thousand dol
n lars. Easy terms Apply to
of R. T. Jaynes, Walhalla, S.C., or
wJ. F. Keown, Pickens, S. C.
id apr23
be Sales Last Monday.
Last Monday the Clerk of
is Court sold the land in t.he fol
id lowing CaSPs.WB
n W. B. Fr:enmnH xs. -X B.
SBreazeale. Tracr No. 1, 32
and 95-100 acres to W.T B. Free
-mm 81000.0f0. Tract No. 2, 3:3
acres to XV. B. Freeman $925.00.
D . F2. Williams vs. W. R.
on tes. Tract No. 1, 100 acres
. RI. Oats $2,200. Tract No.2,
95 acres to WV. R. Oat3 $2,100.
Terms cash.
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The Kind You Have Alway Bought
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y Clearan
d our annual invent3ry, and in g,
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oods quoted below are not shop
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play in our dry goods departmei
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a and Satins, 25c to 35c values c
rs that sold ior 40 to 6oc values
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Pickens, S. C.
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the customer who trades out a bi
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on our 15~c counter. Or with a1
25c counter,
Let us have the chickens, e
ey you can spare and KEEP 01
Sheriff's Sale.
State of South Carolina.1
County of Pickens1
In Common Pleas Court
C. W. Mauldin, Plaintiff,
Thomas H. Hallums, Defendant.
By virtu~re of a decree of foreclosure,
signed by' His Honor, Judge S. W. G.
Shipp, dated January 21, A. 1'., 1913.
and on file in the clerk's office for
Pickens county, I will sell to the high.
est bidder on Salesday in M arch, 1913,
during the legal hours for sale, beforei
the CourL House door at Pickens, S C.,
the following described real estate, to
All of that piece, parcel or tract of
land lying and being situate In the
State and county aforesaid and known
in the division of tbe real estate of
Nero Hallums, deceased, as lot No. 15,
and containing 24 acres more or less:}
Also a lot of land containing one and
88-100 acres more or less and known inC
said division as lot No. 8. The said 24 1
acre tract adjoins land of Norghton
Hallums,Nathaniiel Hallums and others.J
Reference is lhereb: made to .a jplat or
plats of said two lots of land' made by
J. P. At taway, surveyor, November 21.
1906. and to Judgement Roll No. 2401,
on file in the clerk's office for 'Pickens
county. It being the same two lots of
land conveyed to Thomas H. Hallum by1
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S corn Fertilizer. Coi
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SFolger, Thornle2
( Pickens,
ce Sale
>ing through our stock
well as they should,
is to dose tiem out
worr, but the season's
;t choice as they won't
r price $17-50 to close
only 98c. i.oo silks
y 37 1-2C. One lot
at. Table No. r-A
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andise and it will pay
ow Co.
ry we are going to give to
1 to the amount of $5.oo at
free any piece of merchandise
ill of $io.oo anything on our
gs and butter and what mon
T OF DEBT. It will pay you,
)mber 15.1908. and rod in deed
ok "V" page 248. Pickens county
ecords to which deed reference is here
y made for a more complete discuip
ion. Terms cash. Purchaser to pay
or all papers and recording sae
Sheriff Pickens Oounty.
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Dr, King's Discovery and give
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