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_ _ __ _3]_-_ __ __-_ __ _ SUBSCRIPTION PjRICE, $1. YEAR
PUBLISHED WEEKLY Entered Apri 23. 1903 at Plckens, S. C. as second class maU mgUtr under set of Conres of March
Estabished 18Th6-Volume 42 PICKENS, S. C.. FEBRUARY 13, 1913 NUMBER 41
Estblihe 18_Vlm 42'
The House Sends the Measure to Sen
ate After Much Discussion-An Ef
fort Was Made to Kill It on Third
Columbia.-The senate was concern
ed with the McLaurin warehouse bi"
and the Sharpe bill prohibiting - the
use of the works "bank or banking"
by any person or persons engaged in
business other- than of a legalized
banking corporation. Debate on both
bills was adjourned until Wednesday
mohing. The McLaurin bill was op
posed by Senator Ginn on the ground
tiat it is not practical and would
work a hardship on certain persons.
Senator Ginn discussed the meas
ure saying that many of the sections
contained "loopholes of abuse." He
read each section of the bill and dis
cussed its merits and demerits. He
contended that the bill would give
too much power to the commissior
which argument Senator McLaurir
had anticipated.
The calendar was cleared as to 2
majority of the third reading bills.
Senator Appelt introduced a con
current resolution as to the building
of the proposed "Southern Trans
Continental. Highway," from the At
lantic to the Pacific through the
Southern States. If the resolution is
adopted-the senate will go bn reccri
as recommending that the entire
South use every effort to secure fed
eral aid for the highway. Senator:
Sharpe and Carlisle objected to im
mediate consideration.
The senate on motion of Senator
Johnstone, will go into executive ses
sion Wednesday on its return fron
joint session with the house.
A number of new bills were intro
. duced in the senate.
The Senate is saving its energy fo:
the final days of the season. T<
date no great amount of energy ha!
been expended and tne body has pur
sued the even tenor of its way, con
cerning Itself for the most part witl
uncontested matters. All debate ha:
been of a very deferential nature
Wednesday was no exception by an)
means. The Senate chamber was be
* sieged by bills from the House, bu
this was merely an incident.
* The' joint assembly met to elect
judge of the First circuit and name<
L. W. Bowman, of Orangeburg.
Senator Laney, of Chesterfield
nominated Senator E. y. Dennis,, o
Berkley. Senator Lide, of Orange
burg, nominated I. W. Bowman, o
Orangeburg. Senator Gross, of Dor
chester, nominated J. Oty Reed, o
St. Georges.
The vote stood: Bowman, 12;
Dennis, 73; Reed, 5.
Total vote, 160; necessary, to a
choice, 81.
President Protemn Harden, who wa:
presiding, declared Mr. Bowan elect
ed judge of the First circuit.
By a vote of 60 to 56 the Houst
killed the Rembert inheritance ta,
'biH, after over two hours of debate
The biHl proposed a funamenta'
change in the system of taxation ir
South Carolina. It was bitter13
fought on several grounds. A simi
lar bill was voted down during th-E
session of 1911-12.
The bill of Mr. Youmans of Richlanc
A - to allow the introduction of dying dec
larations in evidence in civil suits was
passed to third reading by the house
The Earle bill providing for a fl
rtof2cents on the railroads of this
state was unfavorably reported by the
railroad committee of the senate
Durinig Thursday sessions the Sharpe
bill, growing out of the failure of the
Lexington Savings bank last year
with a capital stock of $10,000 and lia
bilities amounting to $1,100,000, and
providing against the misuse of the
terms "bank and banking," was pass
ed and ordered to the house.
The Odom bill providing -for pay
ment only on freight which is deliver
ed was reported unfavorably by the
.railroad committee. The Western bill
allowing the railroad commission tc
pro rate the - expenses of railroad
'crossings was reported unfavorably aE
was the Williams bill to limit the
hours of motormeri on interurban
The house passed to third reading'
the bill to lay a special tax upon watex
power companies of 20 cents for each
horse power they develop in Soutt
Carolina and sell in this or othei
The house passed a resolution al
lowing a bill to be introduced to incor
porate the Greenville Water Power
The house passed a resolution pro
viding that no bills except committeE
measures should be introduced in thE
house after February 10.
* The house ordered to third reading
Barnwell to change the statute in re
gard to contracts with laborers on
The bill to authorize clerks of court
m.nd mayors of towns to sell forfeited
pistols was passed to third reading. It
was introduced by Mr. Odom of Ches
For a small body the senate moves
at times in a very cumbersome fash
ion, and yet it covers considerable
ground. The Friday sessions moved
in a lazy and routine manner, save for
:t bit of spirit and punch put into it
during a debate on the Patterson bill
requiring a medical certificate of men
before obtaining marriage licenses.
The Clifton bill to establish a state
highway commission was favorably re
ported, as wa sthe bill providing for
medical examination of school chil
dren, and the Rittenberg bill giving
Charleston high license for the pur
pose of solv. ig its liquor problem
The Lide bill requiring banks to
pay all taxes assessed against the
shares of its stockholders was passed
and ordered to the house.
The house instructed the clerk to
transmit to Dr. William P. 1fornaday
the thanks of the body for the copies
of his book, "Our Vanishing Wild
Life," sent to the members recently.
The house passed and sent to the
senate a concurrent resolution pro
viding for the sine die adjournment of
the general assembly on Friday. Feb
ruary 21.
The water power tax bill passed its
third reading in the house without op
position and went to the senate.
The house- passed a bill providing
for the notification of mortgagees of
live stock by the mortgagors cf the
death of the same and the disposition
of the carcass within five days aft;
it came to the knowledge of the latter
and providing a penalty for failure tc
do so. The measure was introduced
by Mr. Odom of Chesterfield. -
The bill to declare void any clause
in a fire insurance policy fnvalidating
it in case encumberance .of the prop
erty insured was passed by the house
The senate Saturday adjourned un
til Monday night at 8 o'clock after
clearing the calendar of a mass o
uncontested matter, passing the Lan
ey oil inspection bill, adopting a res
olution or so, among them the hcusc
rtsolution providing for on investiga
tion of the Confeder.te Tome., an,
memorializing the South Carelin:
members of congress to support the
Pepper militia day bill.
The senate went into executive ses
sion on appointments shortly befor<
adjourning on motion of Senator Ap
pelt who stated that he made the mo
tion at the request of the governor.
The Appelt bill prohibiting magis
trates from permitting the comprom
ise- of criminal cases after warrants
have been issued was passed and or
dered to the house.
The Richland delegation bill to an
nex a part of Fairfield county tt
Richland was passed by the senate
and sent to the house, as was the
delegation's bill to annex a part 0:
Lexington county to Richland. The
bills have passed both houses.
An unavailing effort was made tc
kill on third reading in the house the
bill providing for the conveyance o!
the state of the property of the Medi
cal college of the state of South Caro
lina in Charleston to the state and the
appropriation of $20,000 to start e
state medical college there. The
house refused by a vote of 54 to 3i
to recommit the bill and sent it to the
A number of new bills were intro
duced in the house.
The house adjourned after passing
to third reading a number of !o0a
and uncontested bills. It reconvenee
at 1 p. m. Monday.
The house passed to the third read
ing the following local and uncontest
ed bills:
Mr. Hunter-A bill to amend sec
tion 1365 of the code of laws of Souti:
Carolina, 1912, volume 1, relating tc
public -cotton. weighers in Bamberg
Mr. Fortner-A bill to amend the.
law wiith reference to voting precincts
in this state.
Mr. Charles-A joint resolution au
thorizing the comptroller gener-al tc
draw, his warrant in favor of the trus
tees of the South Carolina Industria'
school for $11,500 and the state treas
urer to pay the same with auithority
to said trustees to expend the same
Mr. Creech-A bill to provide foi
the election of cotton weigher-s ir
Barnwell' county.
Richand Delegation-A bill to pro
vide for the election of cotton weigh
ers in Barnwell county.
Richland Delegation-A bill tc
amend the code of laws of South Car
olina, 1912, section 942. by striking
out the word "two" in line 1 thereof
Mr. Courney-A bill to amend see
tion 1752 of the code, regarding the
appointment and tenure of school dis
trict trustees.
W. E. James-A bill to provide for
the construction, paving and improve
mnt of sidewalks and drains in the
streets, public places and alleys of the
town of Darlington and to authorize
special assessments to pay for thE
Mr. Appelt-To authorize the Pax
ville high school of school distt ict N'
19 Clarendon county, to charge ond
collect a contingent fee of pupils at
tending said school.
Mr. Miley-A bill to amend section
3 of the code of laws of South Car
olina. 1912, volume 1, relating tc
Pleasant Grove News
Your writer would be glh
for some one to tell him wh
some people cannot attend t
their own business and 1
other people s alone.
Rose Mavfield. of Mayfiel<
was thru this section today.
Small grain in this part
Pickens county is looking fin
H. D. Anderson has a patc
of oats that will hide a rabh
ay where now. He is t
champion oat raiser of this se
tion any way.
Perry Ainders, of this vicinit
went to Pickens Friday on bus
A bad accident occurred ne;
Marietta Friday, Janu;ry 30t
A by v the name of Capp
while handlin. a 32-calib
WX'inch ester rifl', accidlental
discharged the gun. The ba
t .king effect in his mother
head ju t behind one ear, ar
passing thru the held and 01
on the other side. Th last r
poif states t hat she is still livir
but her recovery is not expecte
Boys b~e careful how you hand
firearms for they are dangerou
Jo Jo, come a-:ain for we lib
to read your pieces.
The revenue officers were i
this section last Friday and d
stioved two or three stills.
This must he the healthy pa
of Pickens county. Why, b
cause chickens live to be
years old.
Elmer Finley, of Norris.
visiting friends in this sectic
this week. He is a grandson i
Calvin Barker also of Norris.
W. D. Hendricks, Jr., is no
having moved on his place
F. Hendrick's saw mill and wi
soon he ready for the public I
patronize him. This mill ha
cut so much nice lumber
would not be right for it to I
idle louo at a time.
Cedar Rock
(Too late for last week.)
Ar. Ed vard N. Robins, <
Greenville, was the guest of h
sister, Mrs. John W. Stewa
Mr. Homer Jones. was ti
guest of Mr. H. Grayson Milli
Mr. Thos. N. Hays, was tU
guest of his friend, Mr. Jam<
A. Burgess recently.
Messrs. Elma Hendrix ar
Oscar Turner, attended churc
at Enon. the fourth Sunda
Cotton and
Every farmer in Pickens c
vestigate the Covington Hill D)
most complete cotton and corn
satisfied that you will aaree
:nachine. It saves you seed.
price of the planter at this day
yo sav in get tin~g your crop
and very strong. Can be run
The mac(hine~ is ablsoluitelty wi
mioner refunded. We have a
and( will; take gr(:at pleasure mn
time We are also taking ordi
11 y on are interested it will pa:
Prices~ befor hnvC ing1V. Most of
ain b mie in the Southern(
iwn riiuinzd that the machine is
Pickens H
We\T can save y
owing to the fa-c
dCIV4nIce. W'e a1
compl1)e4 linie '
Mr. L. F. Smith and mother,
were the guests of Mr. and Mrs.
(1 Frank Smith, of the Cross
y Roads section recently.
o Miss Rula Hendrix, a student
t of Greenville Female College,
spent the week-end with home
, folks.
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Stew
If art, were the guests of Mr. and
- Mrs. James A. Burgess, Sunday
h afternoon.
it Misses Maude Bagwell and
1e Lee Singleton, were the guests
of Miss Lula J. Julian recently.
Miss Pearl Turner, who is
,. teaching rear Travler's Rest,
spent the week-end with home
r Mr. L. F. Smith and children,
1 spent Sunday aft-rnoon as
s guests of Mr. and Mrs. Joel H.
'e Miller.
Y Supervisor Craig was in this
11 section recently, looking after
s the interest of the roads.
d Mr. and Mrs. Joe Barnett,
it gave the young folks a pound
' party Saturday night last,
g which was enjoyed by all pres
t' H. Grayson Miiler. who has
been confined to his room for
e several weeks n ith lagrippe, is
able to be out again.
11 Mr. EIn'ir Hendrix, made a
business trip,to Pickens recently.
Two Good Ladies Dead
Mrs. Annie Julian. wife of
is John A. Juliai:, died at her
n home near Cross Roads church,
)f Wednesday. February 5, and
was buried at Cross Roads
v Thursday Funeral services
. were conducted by her pastor,
11 Rev. D. W. Hiott, assists d by
:o Rev. W. C. Seaborn. Mrs.
is Julian was 75 years old, and
it leaves an aited hnsband, five
le sans and three daughters, be
sides a host of friends and rela
tives to mourn her departure
from earth. She was undoubt
edly one of the very best ladies
of Pickens county.
>f Mrs, Hill, widow of the late
is Tandy Hill, died at her home
et near Cross Roads church Wed
nesday February 5. The fun
te eral was held at her late home
I by her pastor, Rev. D. W. Hiott,
and her body was carried to
te Griffin church and laid to rest
iby the side of her husband.
Mrs. Hill leaves three sons and
d three daughters and many
h other loved ones. in sorrow.
y Truly a good woman and kind
mother has been taken home.
Corn Planters.
>nty to come to our store and in
ropDer. We believe we~ have the
planter on the market and we are
with us when you examine the
Gentlemen this alone is worth the
andl time. Then figure the time
o a stand. The machine is light
anywhere that other machine can
aranteed to give satisfaction or
sample planter on our floor non
showing you the machine at any
'rs for planters for Spring delivery.
you to see ouit planters and get
you farmers have been reading of
altivator and are satisfied in your
the proper one to use at the present
ber the place.
ardware and
~ry Co.
oul money on flour
tntat weO bought
I barrels befere the
all times carry a
>f hay, grain and
Phone No. 64.
3 and Retail
Six Mile
Dear Mi .Ektor,: Everything
at Six Mile is going: fine. The
enrollment at the . Academy is
the largest at present it has
ever been and rapid progress is
being made in all the different
lines of work. We would .be
glad to have any of the fathers
and mothers come any day dur
ing the.week and see- how" thi
work is being carried out.. Od1
literary society and B. Y P. U.
re both real interesting. We
wbuld be glad to-see -more peo
pie cone out to society. meetings
on Fridiy evenings. We asr
always glad to:see visifors.. n
our B. Y. P. U.- we teach the
plain truth "Of, Jesus and his
glory, of Jesus and his love
This story we loye .to tell be
cause it has done so much.: for
We had two good gospel ser
mons preached Sunday -'morn
ing and Sunday night by- Rev,
William Abbott,. of Liberty.
Mr. Abbott is one of the soldiers
w rich we believe is fighting sin
in high places. We wish him
much success in his work and
hope to meet him with all of
the redeemed around that great
white throne in Heayen. He
will also preach at Mile Creek
church the second Sunday in
Mrcl.-Ais -audience at Six
Mile was large both day and
night. Come to hear him the
sicond Sunday in March.
Mr. D. A. Perritt visited
friends and relatives Saturday
and Sunday at this place.
The people from upper Pea
Ridge are emigrating to Six
Mile. Mr. Jim Skelton moved
from up near Bethel to this
place last week, We are glad
to welcome these fine people
into our midst. There others
in the vicinity from which he
came that we hope will come to
Six Mile.
There will be a public enter
tainment given by the student's
of Six Mile Baptist Academy
on Friday* night, February 28,
beginning promptly at seven
o'clock. Be on time and get
front seats. We are planining
to give the public something
good. Something that will do
everyone good and help them,
too. This will be free to all,
and the invitation is to you,
You means as many as wish to
come. The entertainment will
consist of speaking principally,
but there will . be~ musie and
other things which I shall not
Clyde Garrett and Oscar
Mann visited friends in the
Cheohee section Of Oconee Sat
urday and Sunday and report
a very pleasant time.
.Subscribe for The Sentinel.
H. M. and L.
Have opened a stock of
Dry Goods and~
$2,772.00 worth of Dry Goods
All kinds of fancy Dress-Goods
W~aist Goods, Lace and Lact
Skirts in 525 different colors.
Prices: Ginghams at 6c
Ducking at'4c, Lawn. best at
and 7ic. Silk at 20, 25, 50 an
$1.00. The many differen
kinds of goods canndt be men
tioned, but we have worsteds
woolen and all kind of goods.
Full line of Groceries, Meat
Coffee, Sugar, Canned Goods
Crackers, etc.
Call and see our prices.
H.M. &.L. Galloway Co.
Pickens, S. C.
At foot of hill near cotten mill.
Every time you buy $10.0(
worth here we give you $I.0(
Latest News of General Interest That
Has Been Collected From Many
Towns and Counties.
Lancaster.-Fire several days ago
did damage to the First Methodist
church to the extent of $4,000 or $5,
000 covered by insurance.
Columbia.-The bill to lower the le
gal rate of interest in South Carolina,
Introduced by Mr( Stanley of Horry
and unfavorably reported by the judi- {
clary committee, was killed by the
house after considerable debate.
- Washington.-Senator Tillman se
cured the passage of a bill, which. be.
introduced a short time ago, authoriz
ing the government to transfer to the
,baughters of the American Revolu
;tion of South Carolina the old Ex
change building in Charleston.
Aiken.-Acquitted of the charge of
,committing a murderous assault upon
his wife,- Frederick O. Beach, the New
:York millionaire, enjoyed the addi
tional satisfaction of hearing from the
lips of the jury foreman that there
was "absolutely nothing against him."
Columbia.-The bankers and farm
ers at the auditorium of the Corn ex
position grounds several days ago ad
opted a- resolution offered by Harry
D. Calhoun of Barnwell favoring the
bill now before the legislature, known
as the state warehouse bill.
Darlington.-At a recent mee g of
the Chamber of Commerce J. Edward
Norment was elected secretary. This
officer, according to a plan adopted by
the local organization, is to be paid
out of the funds of the municipality
a special tax being levied for that
Charleston.-A survey of the United
States engineers' department, just
completed, shows a material improve
ment in the outer channel since the
previous survey was made, a width
of 450 feet being shown at the T.ar
rowest place in the channel, an in
cream of 200 feet over the previous
Chester.-It has been decided tc
hold the Chester Couniy Sunday
School association convention MarcI
5. This is Wednesday, and it is
thought a splendid crowd can be at
kacted from all parts of the count3
on that day. Many strong speakers
will be present. The sessions will be
held in the Bethel M. E. church, South
Columbia.-The house passed a con
current resolution providing for ih
appointment of a special committee
to investigate certain reports in re
gard to the management of th3 Con
federate infirmary. The resolution
provides for the appointment of three
senators and three representatives
The committee is asked to report a'
this session.
Bennettsville.-On February 7, Ir
the auditoriun of the Bennettsidll
graded school was held the annual lit
erary contest of the high schools .o:
the county. As a result of the contes'
the gold medal awarded for the hes
reading was won by Miss Adele Med
lin of Bennettsville, second honor be
ing given to Miss Age McColi o
Camden.-D. C. Fitecher of Westvill<
comes to the front each :year as th<
champion hog raiser of the county, agt
seldom his record is beat an. This
year Mr. Fletcher killed two hogs, on'
weighing 500 pounds gross, 'which net
ted 440 pounds, and the other weighec
490 pounds, which also netted 44(
pounds. .The latter hog was 18 months
old. There are several other farmers
that will push this record very close
Columbia.-A school of instructior
for the agents of the United States
farm demonstration work in Sotil
Carolina was held at the Nationa'
Corn exposition when plans for the
year's work were discussed. The
school was led by Dr. Bradford Knapp
head of the farm demonstration wc rk
The' sessions of the school were belk
in the auditorium at the expositior:
grounds and practically every county
in the state was represented.
Aiken.-Harrison Miles, th3 negrc
who, December 12 killed Bradfor(
Courtney, a prominente farmer. and
escaped,: has be-en captured. He was
found byr J. F. Joyner w.orking at i
saw mill in Griffin county, Georgia
Joyner took him into custody anc
brought him to Auguxsta, Ga., where
he was met by Sheriff Howard and
!Laurence Courtney, brother of the
murdered man. The negro a'lmitted
that he is the man wanted.
Columbia.-The house passed tc
third reading the bill by Mr. Couriney
of Fdgefield to require that all ferti
lizers sold in South Carolina be label
ed to show from what source the per
centage of ammonia they contained
was derived.
Manning.-The board of trustees re
cently 'elected Prof. D. R. Riser o'
Leesville as superintendent of thc
Minning graded and high schocls, tc
bsucceed Prof. R. L. Newton, who re
signed a week ago. Prof. Riser
comes with high recommendations and
with a record of 12 years' experienTc
in school wcrk.
Washington-Orders were issued
here by the postoffice department foi
the establishment of city deliver.,
service at Gaffney May 1. There wil'
be two regular cirriers, one substitute
and 19 city letter- boxes.
Columbin.-TI-e Anderson county
delegation in tie house were eveniy
divided oh the proposition to -efablisI
a rural police system and do away
with the dispensary constables, whiscl
was debated in the house recently. Thd
house refused to pnss the bill intro
duced by Mr. Scott of Anderson tr
Imake this chanzr' in the system T
The Committee Says it Was Misled by
Thomas B. Felder of Atlanta.-All
Concerned Were Exonerated-Char
ges of Governor Were Unsupported.
Columbia.-The report of the spe
cial committee' to investigate the
charges made by the governor in 1911
against the Ansel wind-up commis
sion, J. Frazier Lyon, former attor
ney general, and others was received
in the senate, read in the house, and
ordered printed in the journals.
They do not sustain a single charge
made by the governor in his special
message sent to the general assembly
in 1911.
The majority report is signed by
Senators Carlisle, Sullivan and Clifton
and Representatives J. J. Evans and
W. L. Daniel, while a minority report
signed by Representative Cary agrees
in the findings of the majority with
the exception of the testimony taken
in Augusta and afterward in Colum
bia which Mt. Cary does not think is
The report, with the exception that
B. F. Arthur when a member of the
Ansel commission overcharged the
state, says.. of the charges made by
Gov. Blease, that they are "wholly
unsupported by the testimony and
therefore without foundation in fact.
Attorney General Lyon and the mem
bers of the Ansel commission, Dr. W
J. Murray, chairman; J. _S. Brice
Avery Patton, John McSwain, A. N
Wood, are exonerated of all charges
made against them.
"Your committee also had a meet
In T' Charleston and as a result 01
that testimony and other testimony
along the same " e taken in Colum
bia we are convinced tot a regular
system of graft exists and hay
for years in that city in connection
with the work of the dispensary con
stables," says the majority commit
tee's report.
The committee thinks that Thos. B
Felder of Atlanta misled them in his
statements about what his tesmcn3
would show, when the committee went
to Augusta, Ga.; last summer to takE
his testimony. They, however, went
to Augusta as they thought something
would be gotten from Felder and as
,he. would not come to the state be
cause 'he feared arrest and possible
assassination. But his testimony'. es
tablished nothing in the report of the
The majority of the report 1 a re
petiticn of the charges made by the
govers or and the refuting of then
secticn by section from the testimony
adduced, all of which is made a par'
of the report.
State Baptists Plan Sanatarium.
Columbia.-The Baptist of Scu+~
Carolina are planning the erectica o:
a santarium costing several hundred
thousand dollars and a committee hay
ing the matter of a location in char
and the raising of the funds, was ap
pointed by the last Baptist State Con
vention. Several towns in the statE
have made bids for the locaticn of this
institution and a committee is now
busy going over each propos'driste
and its advantages. Interest in. the
matter has been further increased by
a bill which has been intrc~need ir
the Senate by Senator MarE ci Abbe
ville to incorporate the "South Caro
lina Baptist Hospital," which will be
the official name of the sanitarium.
South Carolina New Enterprises.
Columbia.-The secretary of state
has issued a charter to the Latta Gro
cery company of Latta with a capita
stock of $10,000. The officers are: T
W. Berry, president and general man
ager; D. M. Dew, vice president, and
S. E. Brunson. secretary and treas
urer. The 3. F. Mulrow company e1
Florence has been commissioned with
a capital stock of $50,00Q to do a gen
eral mercantile business. The peti
tioners are 3. F. Muldrow, E. L. Mu!
dorw, W. 3. Anderson.
S. C. National Guard Will Not Attend
Columbia.-A special message fron!
the governor read in the house said
that his excellency refused to allov;
any companies of the South Caroline
National Guard to march in the in
augural parade. He said he had been
informed that negro troops of the Dis
trict of Columbia would be placed
ahead of them in the line of march
The message transmitted a letter
from Brigadier General Albert L. Mills.
of the United States army, in chargc
of military feature of the parade it
reply to one written by the governor
Work of Rural Policemen.
Spartanburg.-The rur-al police sys
temn, which has been in force in Spar
tanburg county for one year, has morn
than paid for itself. Sheriff W. 3
White has issued a report showing
- at th'e tot~al 1.mount of fines Actually
collcted ~thro'ugh the aetisity- of the
rural policemen was $6,711.30. wle
the salaries of the& five policemen and
al'l other expenses' of 'the system
amounted' to $4,643.17. Sentences be
ngserved, by offenders-prhne
by ru:al policem'en aggegate forts
yars, seven months 'and ten days,

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