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En e:_, at Pi ta' rUs.oftee Asi Se-.'
The Sentinel is not responsible
for the views of its corres
c4'Danger Signal
One thi ,tI th t P;ck--n: oii
ty needs, .tnd needs bia
two or fo r 30:1 iural I
to help the 4)i"rs
to suppress the wnk i
and other misde:eann
sonethiug is not dtn
than has vei b'een:
bition is in .
ground, li. in (.
Many of rib i i re
coming dlisust i' 11 I ,' .c
kv traffic in prohibition terri; rv
Many of our farmers who a'
themselves prohibitioists d
have money invested in t ir
business are imposed uomn whilk
their backs are turned fr on one
farm to another, by som. ir
violator the law who u i t la
and sell his hanId; aml h
next few (ays hi l' ,",
drunk and sick
disunsted with such n
and concI-S tiit i t i
is a failure, and n:
are reap to try son; bh
that pi nises reli , when in
fact nrirohibition i
relief theV Wan it \\ ti'
only enforce the law. And if
the law needs to be- amended as
some claim, let the amendments
be made so that the law can be
enforced by our officers.
Could not our members in the
legislature give us some relief
along the lines suggested? We
want the law that can be en
forced and we w-nt ef5-r
community to lootk out for :
report all violators C .
would be a good n.
pointed a Nr. Tn'muhy ls hi:
secretary. 'This is one tin 8w
hope there is no hing in a nvo:.
We do not like t be too in.
whov th$i Pia :s cC1meowMIt
ent is?
Just because T>ea f-:id ra~ss
other things 'r'n pa's is not
.planles dt T' '0-47
tion r6
fery~ n -
pinls in t
The : 1
it in -
We carwm y> hor'e that the
strait pensin' hi! to prn ior:
the old sol- ill i('ecme aw.
The St" *.. n j Card'ina~ is
to courw"
to the no
tionf of:
boy '
bra' h , I
to -; '**
who ca mno tramp
ing home to uhd vtheir farms~ all
gone down, h rs-s edl stolen1 by
the thieves who followed1 in fue
wake of the army, arnd some of
these old soldiers were one~ a;'-m -
ed with one leg. Many of them
had to hobble along after the
plow on a wooden leg, others
with one arm hadl t n a rp
1( tue Iei' \ 1had~ il f..en
the othier end around their neck
and plowed to make th'ir' crops
in this way. It .wvil be an r
lasting shame if the miOe 'do
'not djo someth1ing foIhm
Our ig
hfWOi1F5 ft1 r ii-:a
g w It en
- r i'
21c ravv's iI I i- no doubt
looking to tho tnd
The 0od r-ad question is the
mi u:esti~n no~w. If Con
rs w'ouli only appropriate a -
large sum-, then let the state
appropi te a good sum, then
let ever vmanty issue bonds
sn m? r; to :ake good roads.
. " iI, would be the great
. done for our
It be iegislature
h 'te f irnm
l" conviets out
- be a .vise
, : : 14 _ r . " w js in to
_~ n m m k imsf inmor
b , ,;V: in thru the leg.isla
That lsmildS Me"
Have von ever seen one of
he old iie corn mill, -the kind
b4 iuse* d before the war
w hre' was a long pole
rninoi: thi the top of the
builin antd the lower end was
f venA l in ! stone and turned
by 1h grind corn into
\ I at. th le corn expo
C;iunbia last week
: : of an inci
u :h41 we hadt heard.
.\ carptbaggers had
cm ir 1t l: iture in
'-.'8 rlina there were a
::: 1:embers of
the lm i animost of
these negro members were ex
slaves ~nd Verv ignorant.
The Afric an legislator to
which this iicidt nt relates to
n. as a re't,. m'entative of a sec
tion r:, I w ieh runs the Cum
bah and Ashepoo rivers and
which t~s hickly settled py
h - m,. iits of H ipm .He
r ' mills" as
h-~f ut only as
-M. o be g:inding of corn;
a' wh;en a miWembr from Char
oneaeand mlade a motion
-n y mi!!s on the
'A r 41..o r4- ise oney for some
-the4 dtsky delegate
t h Cumbahee arose. and
*Mje~r sneaiker, I a&gr'es
t~on, k; ;' [ knl:7 we'l l("d at
least t wemy milis oni de m
hahee, and Gad knows how
nu<iny cn de .A he'pou.
We noticed in a paper last
week that'a Missouri legislator
had in'roduced a bill to pro
hMbit 1i.dies wearing dresses but
toned an thec back What this
legisloor's obiject was we do
not kwnw. We causally men
neaLd the fact to Hon. J. E.
Boss, whereupon he said,
Thai reminds me of a time
whl asmkn a speech.
The c:omi' was extra large; and
a bout ime I had gotten half
ihru, a ha by, in t he arms of its
mother. began to- cry very vig
erously. 'Lady', I asked, very
kindly, can't you quiet that
Labri 'No sir,' she replied.
'Why can't you? asked ouir dis
iinisihed jurist. 'Because',
replied the mother, 'my dress
buttons in the back'. Where
upon Mr. Boggs resumed his
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Sloan's Liniment and oured my -
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able to resume work in less than three
weeks after the accident."
Fhe for Sprain
Ma. Houmy A. vozuL, 84 Somerset C
St., Plainteld, N. J., writes - " A
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Address C
Earl S. S
Sloan C
Boston. Ma.
A Bill of Interest
to Pickens People
The following bill has been
introduced in the li a by 1
ripresentative Williams of this 1
this county.
A bill to provide a system of
overnment for Pickens county.
Be it enacted by the General
ssembly of' the State of S5outh
Section 1. At the general
lection in the year 1914, one
ommissioner from each district,
as hereinafter designated, shall
be elected by the qualified elec
ors, voting in the district, who
hall constitute th~e CounItv
oard of Commuisioner for
ickens countyi wh--n organiz
d as hereinafter provided, who
hall hold office for two v'ars
eginning the lbt day of Jan
ary, 1915, and until their suc
essors shall have been elected
and qualified.
Sec. 2. That for the purpose
f such election the said county
hall be divided into three dis
ricts as follows- No. 1. To be
omposed of Pumpkintown,
Dacusville and Pickens Court
ouse townships. N'o. 2. Shall
onsist of Easley and Liberty
ownships. No. 3. Shall consist
f Central, Hurricane and East
Sec. 4. That said commis
ioners as soon as practicable
fter qualification, shall meet at
he courthouse of said county(
nd organize by electing one of
heir number chairman, and a
lerk, not of their number.
Said clerk is required to keep.
ommissioners' office open dur
ng business hours during the
ear, probate and file all claims
oming to the commissioners'
ffice, the custody and care of
all papers pertaining to the
ffice and keep correct minutes
f the proceedings of each meet
ng of the commissioners, and
hall issue all warrants ordered
aid by the commissioners.
Sec, 4. That before entering
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uties -ach of said comm:in
rs - l enter into bon.'.
urn s: t:"".
[Lti -
See:. 5. T
ball j:n
he ci;uiiy 1 1l
he cou'ly r
nates Oi LdOUi.t (rh n
ie'twceen adijoinin' renah
Sec. 6. That ealch Di-ri
.omnissioner shall :a m oVn
rol and supervision ,ver ili
)Ublic roads. brid 's :. d ferris
within his district.
Sec. 7. That the
Toners shall first, jointly, r
erve from the <.:en..ral unr.t v
und a sun sufficient .o - i
epair the courthoie n:d
round. county jil :
n'ounds, poor fa rmi: ' ,u":r
it illmUttes tlrieof, .- i or i '
';ai1 and rnmaintl.
)1idlg(-: anel rTI:' -
mice of the c .
ma aption'u~n thi):u.ar
a.id fund amn3 (iL e':
aid disi t e n i ' i:-c i O
niles of ic rI a:i
listrict. which man; h ' .
>f public roads shall b >m
)y estimation by the eunoiis
ioners jointly, to be expf)ee.d(
mn the public roads an1 b
vithin the respective dtL-ic .
Sec. 8. The county h: in
rang shall be mainaini out of
he general fund, a n
worked under the :,upvi Ini(iii
)f the commissioner of the (i"
rict in which it lLy I e \wr
ng, ini the same J:t)' ion ' ;:S
o t-me as the mile f
-oads of the sev' n *i'
tand to'ward: each'.
vorking cofming
+0 '1.-1 ; lct
>CCLrm:: m an irId, in!
hat case thie' bin )IaI :' shall'
york that dis rict wa-? such
pecial (ama -s may 'Or un
il the same may h
rovidced, ho delay lrai :
ause shall cause any tuct n
rom the time the chain gan.: is
'equired hereby to perform
york in any district.
Sec. 9 That said comie
sioners shall meet in joint ses
ion at least once a mont h ia
assing on claims, mnakinu'e
racts and pui~rchases of man-i'a
om ity i or i '*o
;halli -MIe
Sec. 10. That to -
each commiissione he
four hundred and t" !5(0,
lollars per annuin. adi
alary of their clerk ii be
eventy-five (75) olars "~r
mnnum. All acts and paris of
a.cts in conflicts withi this Act
e, and the sanme are hereby
Keowee Courier :Thomas
Wyly, a well known citizen of
3conee, was in Walhalla for a
short while last Monday having~
:ome up to attend the meeting
>f the County Pension Boird
mnd to look after other matters
>f business.
Mr. Wyly for the the present
s located in Pickens county,
wvhere he will be with his son,
wvho resides Central, for some
wveeks. He has numerous
~riends here .who are always
lad to meet him.
Subscribe for The Sen tinel.
A Palatabmle Mcditino eecially
preparezi to relieve 3rd c;ic the
disccsts whicb a5:c1 waom
This excellent mnedicine is not anly
successful in corq~ouer incG pui...
ui and prostratir.g na i.
attack the femnale generatvL es r
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fering fromr thaose
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wcoderfull un
a .strong,
brzgntness to the .: ,.e .
the cheeks.
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Avery A. Stewart.
Or the 28th of Jonuary 1913,
Mr Avery A. Stewart died in
Glenwood at the home of hi:
brother. C. R. Stewart, after a
on, illness, with tuberculosis,
and was carried to Holly Springs
'hurch the next day, where his
uurral s:-rvices we'e held by
jV. 1. '. miott, in the pros
;~~ i 1 iit a: e
he hi bd :t s lai awa," i.
heemstrynarb. Mr.
. S t "':u v f te'a. b( i t :;u y ears otC;
and had spent a tood deal of his
tie iii t he west. 1e professet
rel1ion a few das ieforg hi
death, united with ihe Baptis
church at Glen wood and desire'
,ery much to be baptized, bul
was never, strong enough. H(
seemed very happy and said t<
the family that he was saved
It was very touching after hE
had traveled around so mutt
when he felt that the end wa.
near he requested his brother t<
carry his body to the old churci
which he had attended when a
boy, and where other loved one:
sleep. He leaves an aget
father, Capt. W. K. Stewart of
Eastatoe, three brothers, viz
C. R. Stewart of Glenwood, W
M. Stewart of Pickens, R. D
Stewart of Dillon, Montana
and three sisters, Mrs. Elmira
Stansell of Liberty; Mrs. N. D
Chapman of Eastatoe and Mrs
N. M, Chapman of Easley-. T<
all these loved a.nd breaved )nei
we offer our sympathy.
In Memory of Mrs. Joseph
At no time do we feel so Un
equal to our task as when W(
attempt to give expwession tc
the life character of a deceasef
friendl. What ever phlral~tno<,
we may use, we can only hope
o fali far short of dopict in the
al charactr of her. whose life
was nade so noble l) those
\Vomanly vch uratr(istics.
Th)l1.i sh - i de:d, v. she
iveth -liveth in th hearts d
all who knew her. She rero
snted the highest type cI ir
ties that ma:ke' huma~nitV
hers to promise: whatever of
the best he could conceive, it
was her part to be. From her
through all the world's clamor,
he won his praise, in her
through all the world's warfare
he found his peace; from her
through all their life, beamed
his sunshine.
As a mother, it was her part
to love and be loved. She
showe:red a ray of maternal love
'upan her posterit that reflects
it self i-i every childs heart.
he cheer ished a hope for them
that only the noble, the christ
an hear ted can conceive of.
She early planted in their heart:
the seed of devotion, that wher
s thoroughly assimilated alsorbs
the natural inclinations of
humanit y, thus leaving them
I more susceptible for the develop
ment of christian characters:
Then why should we grieye
As grieve we do,
O'er this departed friend?
Is not she now
Much happier than you,
Who rests in a gloriods land
Sne has crossed death's river
As cross we must,
Before her face fe shall see.
Then may we live
As noble and just,
is the n
lighting device
Will not blow out or
thumb screws, so that
detached. Throws a c1
Extra large red danger s
It is equipped with handle,
good hand lantern. Strong.
At Dl.rs
?ewar!:, N. J.
WE' 'o Vthre tonsD. of:S Cabbag
Fri t'n es~ an ad oroin Wrt orre es
nnd i'egetable gi'owinr. Prices on Cabae P1a
j 1A~oo~~i Pest o~d5000 to .uOL! pe
As Thou woulds't have us be.
That when we cross
Death's rugged shore,
Her face we all shall see.
Whose face we-love
As of yore,
With whom we love to be.
A Friend.
The public is requested not to
do any work on the ro ..
pair any bridges unies
ized to do so by a r "
the County Board.
County Board of C',m!; x. .
ers of Pickens County.
+ - -
Between Greenville, Anderson and Green
Trains leave and arrive Greenville, erner "j.
Main and Washington Streets. Effective Sun
day, January 12, 1913, as follow
No. Time
8- 7:45 a. m.
5-10. a. m.
7-11:45 a.m. .:
9- 1:45 p. m. " .:L
11- 3:40 p. m.
15- 455 p. in.
17r- 6 :35 p. m
19- 8:10 p.n. C.
*21--1:00 p. m.
*Saturdays only.
Tickets on sale at G. S & A. Terminal
Main Street.
General Manager. Gen. Paas. Agt.
For the
st compact and efficient
for all kinds of vehicles.
jar out. Equipped with
it is easily attached or
ear light 200 feet ahead.
,ignal in back. -
and when detached makes a
Durable. Will last for years.
ia New Jesey)
Babmrm., M.
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