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PUBLISHED WEEKLY Entered April 23, 1903 at Pickeus, S. C. as second class mail matter. under act of Cougress of Miarch 3, 1879 _
Established 1871-Volume 42 PiCKENS, S. C.. FEBRUARY 27, 1913
Play Light Opera in the Upper Branch
-The "Filibuster" Suggsted As Suit
able Title.-Are Not Doing Very
Much Work
Without division the senate passed
and ordered sent to the house the La
ney-Banks-Beamguard bill to transfer
the State Hospital for the Insane to
State Park and to dispose of the pres
ent plant and lands; amending the
measure, at the instance of Senator
Laney, to place the disposition of the
present property in the hands of the
State sinking fund commission, and
providing that the proceeds of the sale
go into the state treasury to be paid
out in legislative appropriations, as
needed, for the upbuilding of the new
hospital. The senate, also, passed the
Dennis timber tax bill, with 26 coun
ties exempted, requiring that cut tim
ber be entered on the county tax books
as personal property. Richland county
was exempted. by request of Senator
Weston. The bill does not apply to
individuals or corporations cutting
timber for local purposes.
A flood of bills came over from the
house. The governor's message trans
mitting Secretary of State Knox's com
munication on the direct election of
United States senators was referred
in the senate to the committee on
privileges and elections.
A special one mill tax for the free
public schools of South Carolina will
be levied this year if the senate fol
lows the example of the house which
passed to second reading a measure
to this effect. The hill was introduc
ed by Mr. Mitchell of Georgetown, but
the house adopted the amendment pro
posed by the ways and means com
mittee and signed by Mr. Nicholson of
Greenwood on behalf of the committee,
which was. to all intents and purposes
a substitute fo rthe original bill.
The Senate concurred in the House
resolution authorizing the use of $1,
000 of the fund to aid the Confederate
reunions and to aid the needy veter
ans to go to Gettyskurg in July.
The Melfi bill to establish kinder
gartens as a part of the public school
system went to a third reading.
Senator Nicholson called up his
primary law bill, which he hopes will
be a means of safeguarding that sys
tem, and the best part of the morn
Ing was consumed in its discussion.
Discussion of it was interrupted only
by the coming of the House for the
purpose of ratifying numerous bills.
The prevailing sentiment was for con
tinuance of the measure until next
session, principally because its con
sideration would be amiss after so
hot a campaign as that last summer;
though, as Senator Clifton pointed
out, the consideration of it next ses
sion would immediately precede an
other election. Senator Nicholson
did not press the matter.
H ouse-Tuesday.
A majority of the members of the
South Carolina House of Representa
tives agreed to repudiate the contract
the state made with 3. M. Graham, of
Columbia. and to abolish the hosiery
mill at the penitentiary. By a vote
of 59 to 41 the House refused to strike
out the enacting words of the bill to
abolish the hosiery mill, introduced
by Mr. Wyche, of Spartanburg.
Mr. Moore, of Abbeville, moved to
recommit the Mitchell 1 mill special
school tax bill.
During the course of the debate the
House received a special message
- rom the governor, which said he
would refuse to sign the 1 mill school
tax bill should it pass the General
Assembly in its present form.
By an aye and nay vote of 77 to 33,
the House refused to recommit the
bill an~i sent it to the Senate without
After refusing by a vote of 23 to 1G~
to table the measure, the Senate after
long debate continued until next ses
sion the Nicholson bill to throw re
strictions around the primary system
of the state. The Clifton amendment
was killed by a vote of 29 to 11.
The Senate passed over the head
of the governor the Hall bill to pay
to supervisors in Cherokee county
certain salaries, and the Carlisle bill
with reference to the commission
form of government In the city of
The Strait pension bill was con
tinued until next session.
The House 1 mill tax bill was re
ported to the Senate without refer
There was talk of the General As
sembly reinaining over another week
until all bills are heard from.
House-Wed nesd1ay.
An unavailing attempt was made in
-the house to- recommit the Wyche bill
to abolish the hosiery mill at the pen
itentiary. After a debate the house .
the bill hack to the committee and
ordered it to the senate.
The governor sent the house a mes
sage vetoing the act to permit the
authorities in Greenville count.: to
destroy contrabrand liquor they seiz
ed. Another act has been passed to
give contrabrand liquor to poor houses
and hospitals in the -tarious counties.
"Claim No. 59, James Henry Rice,
$1,900" for services as chief galie
warden during 101: was ordered paid
by the house and sent to the senate.
Senator Hobgood intrcdaced and the
senate put through immediate passage
a joint resolution to extend invitatior.s
to the 'resident of .the United States,
and the Governor of Virginia and South
Carolina, Maryland, Delaware, Rhode
Island, and Georgia to attend the cer
emonies July 4 for unveiling the
equestrian statue of Gen. Nathaniel
Greene. beine crected by Co1-r: ss n
Guilford Battlegrou: i.
Thk hill pasei cO::.taut n Ar. :.
Dustwo. Mrs. Joseap.us 1 )aniels ai
Mrs. J. F. Sprague as a comm:iss:on
to expend $2,500 in improving the
Governor's Mansion. The Senate de
feated the Ray House bill that would
permit borrowers claiming extortion
of usury to start suit for reinstating
sale of real estate without first paying
principal and interest.
The following bills passed final
Senate bill amending graded school
law of Lenoir.
Senate bill regulating fishing in
White Lake, Bladen county.
Senate bill authorizing Aldermen of
It was brought to the attention of
the House that 1,3,2 bills have been
intrcduced in the House during the
present session.
The House passed local bills in
To authorize Town of Murphy to
issue hydro-electric bonds.
To provide township road law for
Burke county.
To authorize the City of -Concord to.
issue bonds.
The Senate continued until next
session all second reading Senate
bills, with the exception of speeial!
orders, on'motion of Senator Sharpe.
Among the measures continued under
this motion are: The McLaurin G
per cent interest bill: the McLaurin
bill for the sale of the state convict
farms: the Nicholson bill to create a
state board of examination for teach
ers; the Weston bill authorizing the
railroad commission to prorate the
expenses of railroad crossings, and
the Weston bill to close up Greene
The Wyche bill to allow the fore
men of grand juries, or acting fore
men, to swear witnesses in the grand
jury room, was passed to a third
reading so amended as to exempt
Richland and several other counties.
The magistrates bill was amended
but not passed.
The House obtained the consent of!
the Senate to adjourn until next
Wednesday night at 8:15 o'clock.
For two days the House has been in a
blissful state of idleness, awaiting
the action of the Senate on the appro
prit ion bill, supply bili, compulsory
school attendance bill, 1 mill special
school tax bill and otlier important
Although the Senate was unanm
mous in voting to override the veto
f the governor on the Carlisle bill,
reducing the number of councilmen
in Spartanburg from four to two un
ier the commission form of govern
ment, 69 members of the House voted
: sustain the veto while ~33 voted to
verride it when the act and the mels
sage were taken up yesterday.
Following the precedent set during
this session, the House voted to sus
.an the governors veto of this local
measure, this time by a lurg~r rn jor
ity than on any ve-tocd act.
The next comic opera wvili b(- calied
The Filibuster," written around the
senate of the state of South Carolin',
with plenty of local color. The sn
ate Saturday adjourned at 12::o untlI
Tuesday night at 8 o'clock, after sev
eral hours of legislative farce.
The senate convened at 10j:15 Satu
day, still in the legislative do:. of Fri
day. Senator Williams at once mno
ed that the body recede from business
until 7:49 Tuesday night. This would
shut off debate on the Lawson-McC'ra
vey compulsory education bill. Se-no
tor Lawson would not agree to it ur.
less the senate promised to vote on
his measure Tuesday night without
fu-ther fight. Objction was n:aie
against transacting any business, he
cause some of the senators had gone
home under the impression that the
senate ajourned until Tuesday.
Snator Clifton movedi to take from
the table the motion of Senator Laney'
made Fridav night whereby the sen
ator from Chesterfield moved to table
a motion of the senator from S'omter,
who wanited to kill the motion o-f Sen
ator Lamy: to adjourn until Tuesday
night. Theoan on was lost.
Senator Lan y; sid that he would
enter into 10no 'a-.craet to have a
vote on the bill Tuaday niolht without
Senator Williams, a: - otion
'of Senator Lide, who had made a poll
of the senators, moved to ndjourn. The
senators carme out from behindl the
morning newspaper's and outtth
finance committee room and Carr:.
the motion.
All this time thle finance comam-it
Easley Dots.
Re.P. FW. K Kto. p rt iding.
=;it' o~f 1i G. nv'i l l ditric(t,
1 11' alr . Mc Iarlnd, of
(Grninville, passed thru Enslev
last \week to hol ( iart ilv
met;in at TIaer.
('oke Snith, who has eCen in
Indiana for some time. visited
Iriends al( relatives last week
in and mound Easlev. He has
one to Sumnmerville. where he
will he connectei with a lar-e
umbertC'I E(1ccernl. W\e wish himt
Mr. an(i Mrs. C. B. Hagood,
f Pickens, have been visil ing
in Easler.
Lloyd H. Smith. of the I.U ni
's-itv ot Sif 1:h Carolina. and
. Flion 1:'in-oin. of Spar
Laiin rg, S(pe nt the week-end
with honw olks' inl tlhe cit V.
Rev. E. I. Bb hcas gone to
Colubil:ia to assist 1tv. J. M.
Mitchell in a pr otract etd mieetinig.
ie was accompanied by Mrs.
Miss Maude Reeves and Miss
Bramlett have gon1e to Atlanta
to purchase th e' sring mil
Mr. Edwin L. Bolt, of the
Battery. has just retuned from
the Northern markets where he
has been to replenish I is stock
f goods.
W. 1). SpearIlhan sold last
Sturday afteinoon 50i barrels
.f flour. Piett w zod' fo r one
half day.
Mis. B;aiz'. in Smith . ( I C1l
allbUS, Ga., has bei 'in all ex
tended visit tio friends and rela
tives in Pickens aid Greenville
cOUnties. She wI! return to
her home in a few (lays and
ill l):l ccollaieiid hV ir
mo, thent-in-law, Alrs . T o a
with, of n;eair Y.
Miss Virgil Sellers, of Green
ill F emale ( ll'' I , spe'nt the
Our buyer has just
where he purchased the
broutght to Easley. \ <
can come to our star: at
bio- Departm':nt S~ore i1
It will pay y.;u to come
we can save you. Xne
Goods in oar shelves al
Bel.w we qu' >te yo
7~ en fyd, u pice
Domin e ao inahn
vd om--c r 1U 5v yd
Tloe 12 trio efnlii;
your prie Oc d.
yd o r rie llO.' i s
Go)d ~dity:'ot in* sot
nci' for 6e d. lcs
10. ydaecs. Goodt c angidshA
weight fr webd
4 s inch proitaded tawn.Y
p rioe us. Gyd. s t
(1)coa ourprc 0se
for 48eEvJ
neh anam. a]
week-eiid with honiefroks.
Mr. Thois Smith. of nlear
E r- ('v.ctV viSite'd in Spen
cer. .N. C.
Whie Prof. 1a:iel wZts
"e:iking ajt the K. of P. ban
(,u;t he p 1oke of the gt'at work
done by i(". E. P. 1le.avev
in .he li.Islaiure. This brought
the hone<' town;.
Pleasant Grove News
Calvin Nalle v. of 2lil cott n
mill of Greelvyille, has niovedI
his family on A. T. Fortner's
farm in this sect inn. We are
glad to welcome them into our
Nathlee Rihdon, little daugh
ter of V. A. Rigdon fell from a
swing last Sunday and knocked
one of her arms out. of place.
It was re-set and she is getting
along nicely.
- The death angel visited the
home of Mrs. Marvjane Masters
at 0reenville on February 22nd,
and claimed for its own Miss
Ora Masters. Mrs. lasters
moved to Greenville about six
wveeks a,' from thlis section
and Miss Ora was taken with
piieunioia fever and lingered
only nine days until; the spirit
took its flight. her remains
were brought hack tb Pleasant
(rove Baptist church vh' re
she was a member and her
body laid to rest by the side of
her sistc r and father who pr -
ceeded her to the grave some
few years. She leaves her
mother. five sisters, one brother
and a host of friends to mourn
her death. M:v God's blessinzs
:rc:i lno! ihe beralv\d famcily.
A Fariner,
For Infants and Children.
ire Kind You h I Aways Bought
Wears the
Signature of
returned from the Northera
most complete line of Spring a
are now prepared to take car*
d find what you are 1lo~kn~ fM
~nd Shoes and at prices as chea
the State would s.::1 you the
ad look this big stock over an
~ave more that $ r5030 worth
bright and new.
a few prices to gi ye you an I
check valu Mnsae
C yrrus'liri ll.
ks, li8 ht bt ",
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vil b N- vd.
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heet~az :' '~\ights 1d
Boyws knickig
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le of i'One- bigtlot
hoSur iedf
~~ ( i a id we oxl Strc
~tore i cans prion moey
I ad "~ ~rx sweit as Oct
)U n:~k wi~ u fo saisacor
8tcr~ Tma's washings
-ALE bi. boe
Pickens Route 5
M.essrs. Eslie Lewis. formerly
of Pickens route :3, now of Lii
coin county., Ga., and Arthur
Lewis. formerly of the Pr iter's
section, but now of Lincoln also,
arse visiting friends and relatives
in this county nosy.
Mr, and Mrs. D. B. Adams
and little daughter, Nora Bell,
visited at the home of John W.
Th e:n i-3. Of Nine Times, last
Sulnday. Also at the same place
al time Were Mr. and Mrs. J.
L. Thomas of Murphy.
Mrs. Lyda L. Townes, wife of
Prof. H A. Townes. who is at
the home of her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. John W. Thomas of
Nine Times, doesn't seem to
improve very fast.. She has
been sick for some time and un
derwent an operation last Sep
temiber for gall stones. ier
nianv friends hope to see her
oit, well and hearty, in the
near' future.
There were a goodly number
of people at Concord Sunday af
ternoon to hear Rey. W. C. Sea
b: rn preach.
Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Gravley
gave the young people a "can
dv breaking" on last Friday
night and it was greatly enjoy
ed by all who were fortunate
enough to he there.
Guy Thomas of Nine Times
visited Clements Adams last
Friday night. Of course the
boys enjoyed themselves.
Twelve Mile school is pro
progressing nicely under the
present management. Messrs.
J. L. Stephens. C. M. Gravley
and J. A. H. Townes are the
able trustees and Prof. H. A.
Townes the excellent teacher.
Well, as it is getting late I
guess I had better quit and "fly
1 to roost." But I am coming
again soon and spend my views
on a few things, provided the
good editor of this paper will let
me. A Lonely Fool.
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r we give your money
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RY .
Court Proceedings
C urt convee in Pickens Monday
:uurni: wi:b Jule S. W. G. Shipp
;)resid. ,". .licisr DIunham is attend
ung ti I iJiatute in Columbia and
was u!: to ;tt.nd. Jas. P. Carey, Jr.
acting as o;it;,: and doing good work.
An unuual feature of this court
week is. we le;rn, that for the third
time in thirty vwrs the weather is clear,
but it looks like it will rain before the
week is out.
The criminai cases wvr fini-hed in a
day and a h:f.
Edd Gibbes. color. i, lvuse brealing
and larceny. Two years en t's chain
Luther McAdams, co'ored. assault
and battery with intent to kall: con
victed of assault and battery of a high
and aggravated nature. Three months
or S75.
Edd Young. colored. vicla'Jng dis
'ensary law. Six months of &-0,
Allen Eowen colored, violating dis-,
pensary law. Three months or .lo.
Wesley Ramer, violating dispensary
law. Three months or a1-0.
John Miles Lowry. violatioa of dis
pensar:. law. Three months or $100.
Vick Parks, assault and battery of a
high a :d ag.:ravated nature. Nine
Civil busiiness began Welnesday
Presentment of Grand Jury
To His Honor, Judge S. W. G.
We, the Grand Jury, desire to
rae this, our presentment.
We have passed on all bills
handed us by the Solicitor at
this session of court.
We have had a committee to
visit the poor farm and exam
ine into conditions at this insti
tution. \Ve 11nd the inmates
conte n:.d and satisfied with
their treatraent, and with a few
minor rep:irs to some of the
buildiings. we do not see that f
conditions courtkt be improyed 0n.'
We rkcomlend thai t the
Supervisor make a deed of a
certain tract of land containing
eleven acres to Mr. E. F. Looper
for $50.00 per acre, upon pay
ment by Mr. Looper of the pur
chase price.
Our committee have visited
the jail and we find the build
ing and surroundings in good
We recommend that the
Supervisor look into the matter
of wiring certain offices of the
Court House. We think that
it would be safer and more eco
nomical to have this building
properly lighted by electricity.
We find that after paying all
the ildebtedness of the county
for the past year that the count y
will owe. in round numbers,
about 85000.00, and ini adlitionl
to this amount the county wvill
have to borrowv the necessary
funds to conduct the business
of tiie county on a cash~ basis
for this year. The county has
no bonded dlebt and we 'onisider
this a favorabl3 showing.
We have appointedI commit
tees to examine into the books
of the differ.ent olleeCS of the
coun ty, anid the Magtstrate's
books. These committees wvill
report at the next session1 o
We desire to c-all to th.e at
tetnon or ourm M:n ;tratei wa
hi been~ol iiuaie to as ta
n~aily Oi titte coaliltr Istores keen
open all day Sunday arnd haVe
noI regar11id for the keeping oft the
Sbbath. We! recomendit that
theyr ake ste:s to enforce the
lawv against tuiere parties.
W\e deOsire to r'ecommIIIed to:
ourt enator anid Representa
tivez that there be no change ini
tme law as to thme eploym~ienit
of State Constt able ini tis c'ouin t y.
We reonnend that the oWice
of Stam Constabile be coutinuedI
ai that, if the law permits thet
emplenit of t wo rural polic.
m en, that itey shoulid he ?p
p:inted and~ ~Il cn issioned at
once to assist the presc'n~t C% n
sta ble and Sherlid inihe en-r
We* dsire to, thank your
Ho~rr and he oflicerS of this
Conrr Ior thie courtesies extend
ed to us [ in th discharge of our
dutes, ;md:' beg fo be excused
frm ~i I nether attendance u pon
R~ 'spctfulb- Vsubmlittedi,
J . 31eD. Bruce, Forernan.
Following a reo rgonizat ioni
of the well known firm of Mc
Alister and Beat tie, the .sec're
tary of state has issued a chiar
ter to the McAlister-Bea.ttie
Copanyv. At. a nme't~ng of
the stock holhers vy,,tcirday i.
Charles 31M''ALter was a cted
president anid trtasuirer, .J. E.
Beattie, vice.-l reiden~t an d R. L.
Ambler ecrtarr. Th <burec
tors are, Chlarles 21le\ihter. J.
L. Bettiv. 1. L Amtbler and
W. F. Heniius-m. -(Gc Iiillel
Pickens Route 3
Last Sunday Rev. W. C. Sea
born filled his regular appoint
ment at Mt. Grove and delivered
an interesting sermon.
On last Friday night Misses
Louise and Annie Gravley en
tertained a number of their
friends with an enjoyable candy
breaking. Numerous games
were indulged in and there was
plenty of good music which was
enjoy ed by all.
Mr. Esley Lewis, of Lincoln
ton, Ga., is visiting friends and
relatives in this section. Every
bod v is glad to see him back
aga. n.
On last Saturday night a
hit lday party was given at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. P.
Parritt in honor of their d: ugh
ter, liss Velma. She invited a
nunber of friends and at the
appointed hour the guests
coupled off and went to the din
ing rom where they found the
tabie loaded with many good
thi'gs to eat. The evening
was greatly enjoyed and they
all left thanking her for her
kindness and wishing her many
mor happy birthdays.
Last Sunday a singing was
given at the home of Mr. Mack
Chappelle, which was enjoyed
by all who attended.
We noticed in the last issue
where Farmer's Wife was
speaking of the roads being so
rough that they had lo take to
the woods to get to a neighbor's
house. The people in this sec
tion always travel the road
when they go visiting.
Farmer's Boy.
Cedar Rock Locals
W hooping cough seems to be
the order of the day in this sec
11r. and ickens McCol
hum, of Calhoun, sp ee
end here as guests of relatit
Mrs. Jim Hester was a guest
of Mr. and Mrs. Dock Hester, of
the Lenhardt section, Sunday.
Homer Jones attended church
at Enon Sunday.
Mrs. Thomas N. Hays and
children spent the week-end as
guests of her son, Mr. Oscar
Hays. near Pickens.
H. G. Miller and sister, Miss
Ora, attended church at Enon
Mirs. Malinda bmith was the
u.st of Mr. and Mrs. John
.\ilton Sunday.
Miss Flossie Williams enter
tained a number of her friends
at a birthday party Saturday
Born unto Mr. and Mrs. Hor
ten Hunter. on the 24th instant,
a fine boy.
Misses Lillian Hendrix and
Sanie Porter were among those
who attended the birthday par
ty Saturday.
Ehe Miller phone line is being
rapidly built and will goon be in
woriiking order.
P~aul Farmner, of the Taboi
sect ion, was in this burg on
bninimss Monday.
L . Smith was among the
& dar Rock people who attend
ed church at Enon Sunday..
Walter D. Miller, of near
Pickens. was in this section on
business last week.
Watch Cedar Rock grow!
February 20. at 4 p. mi. there
was an event at the home of
\Mr. RI. A. Hester. near Pickens,
of mriue than ordinary interest,
when Miss Edna. one of the
twini daughters of Mr. and Mrs.
i. A. Hester, became the wife
of Mr. Clifton D. Bolt, of Eas
Icy. Rev. E. V. Babb perform
ing the ceremony and Miss Otis
O'IDell playing Mendellsohn's
weddinig march. Only a few
friends besides the family were
present. Dr. and Mrs. J. L. Bolt
of Easley, Rev. W. J. Bolt of
Anderson and Miss Otis O'Dell of
After the ceremIonIy light.
rfreshments were serve d. Tihe
brid al parity drove down to Eas
Ier. to the home of the groom's
imele. Dr. J. L. Bolt, where
they wer-e given a wedding sup
Mr. Bolt is a young man of
talent and fine promise. He
now is the electrician at Easley.
Hie is wvell and favorably re
nmembed by his friends in Pick
ens. ha.;ing lived here. Mr.
Bolt is to be congratulated on
winning for his bride one so
worthy of his love and affec
The voung couple will reside
in Easley where their many
friends wish for them much

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