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No i
Store M
The Rea
Hallum's Backache any
Liver C
I0Local and
Several communications were
crowded out this week. They
will appear next week.
Rev. W. C. Seaborn was in
town Tuesday.
D. M. Neeley of route 2 was
in town Monday.
F. M. Carey of Seneca was in
Pickens Sunday.
B. F. Mauldin. of Central,
was in town Tuesday.
Dr. R. F. Smith, of Easley,
spent Monday in Pickens.
Miss Emily Bright spent
Thursday in Greenville.
Ed Seaborn spent Sunday at
his home in the Pea Ridge sec
Ex-Gov. M. F. Ansel is among
the prominent visitors here this
Mrs. J. T. Taylor and Mrs.
Ernest Folger spent Wednesday
in Greenville.
Miss Nellie Freeman enter
tained at dinner on Sunday, in
honor of Miss Hazel Rush.
Misses May McFall artLJii
Morris of Chicoja-:egie visited
-homnefolks tu Pickens last week.
Mrs. Flora Lathem. after a
visit to relatives in Pickens, has
returned to her home in Green
The many friends of Rev. J.
M. Stewart will be glad to know~
that he is greatly improved ir
health and is able to be up again.
Miss L. M. Freeman visite(
Mrs. T. H, Stewart last week.
Miss Moneta Stewart visited
Miss Freeman Saturday and
The Ladies Embroidery clul:
met with Mrs. J. N. Hallum
last week and a pleasant after
noon was spent, Mrs. Hallum:
being a charming hostess.
R. A. Hester, a prominent
citizen of Pickens county: was
here the latter part of last week.
He is the father of our towns
man, H. M. Hester.-Westmnin
ster Tribune.
Miss Kate Robinson attended
the banquet at Davidson college,
N. C., last Friday. During her
absence Miss Christine Suther
land filled her place as teacher
in the school here.
Capt. I. M. Mauldin, cashier
of the Pickens Bank, who has
just returned from a business
trip to New York, was in Liber
ty Thursday night. He was on
his way back home from a visit
to the Bank of Norris, of which
institution he is now president.
Have vou noticed the show
wind~ows on the grocery side of
Folger. Thornley & Company'
storei ho are ve-ry unique.
especially the on advertisingr
garden seed. A mijnature garden
is shown, with real plants gr ow
ing. TIhe idea originated in the
fertile brain of Mdr. Furmn
Morris, one of the vopular 'alW
men here, and in the pa!rlanc:
of the street, is "bean.
Subscribe for The Sentinel.
$5 Carbon Paper tor typewi
II etc. Typewriter
Ink T1ablet on the mar
U School Tablets. E:
SScotch Dimity Linen. I
and T'ablets. I
vCs sca a e o
writing paper, tablets, D A
avelopcs and pencils. We
tre the Rexall line.
"Nuf sed.'"
Dy Co.
au tore. -
1 Kidney Pills. Halium's t
Jas. P. Carey, Esq., attended '
court in Anderson last week.
Julius Boggs has returned
from Florida much improved in
Mr, and Mrs, W. A. Gilreath, J
of Greenville, were in the city
1 Monday. -
A number of young people I
spent Sunday afternoon on Glas
sy mountain.
J. T. Jones of route G was a
business visitor at the county
seat Monday.
B. D. Lenhardt of Easley I
was a prom inent visitor in 3
town Monday.
Miss Hazel Rush of Westmin- 2
ster was the week-end guest of I
Miss Eleanor Knight. t
Mrs. JeSSe Morris has return
ed after a visit to her parents in
the Oolenoy section.
Mr. and Mrs. D. F. Hendricks h
were the guests of Mr. and Mrs.
A. M. Morris Tuesday.
Quite a number of men went h
on the fox hunt Monday night
and report a "large tinw, I
T1 :r. ,~ a promient cit
ieofEaisley routeL was in
Mr. and( >.Irs. 13. F. Freeman,
of Fiv e Forks. visited Mr. and.
Mrs Elbert Mauldin rTuesday.
Miss SFloride Carey, who, has
been v isiting' friends and rela
tives in Seneca, is at home ..
We are glad to know thatK
Miss Vesta Ashmore, after (
being very ill, is able to be out
Married by J. W. Newbery
at his office. February 24, 181:3,
Miss Janey McCombs and Mr.
G. L. Hunt, ot Dacusville.
There are feveral new and in
teresting advertisements inTh
Setnlthis week. It willb
worth :our time to read them.
Mrs. Ragan, of Simnpsonville,
S. C., and Mrs. D.J) Terren, of
High Point, N. C,, wer the
auests of Rev, and Mrs. G. F.
Kirby last week.
Miss Eleanor Knight enter
tained a few of her intimateI
friends on Saturday night in
honor of her attractive guest,
Miss Hazel Rush.
Misses Florence Bowen and
Christine Sutherland and C. M.
Bowen attended the wedding
anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. 1B.
A. Morgan in Greenville Mon
day night.___
The Ladies Aid society of the
Pickens Baptist church had a
very unique and profitable idea1
in the way of inaking money
for their society.J
Last spring each membler was~
given a ponnd~ of c~ottonl seed to1
plant. In the fall they sold theit
c.otton to J. 1). Hiohler, aind the
nwmber raising the most cot ton
was given a small prize. In this
war.j it w\as verv i nterestin~g to
the miembersU and als ,a good
way to er mnijiy in the treas-j
rv.rs. Van (Carson was the
I4tua o nei asntems
iters. transfering~ degs
Ribbons. iest jjI
ket. iT S Sheets Paper.
~amination Tablets.
3ox Paser. Found Paper
.velopes to match.F
Lri Unfortunate Affair
.. " i a ufn n a. rtuu ix ;air
f,:ch occurrnd between Messes. "riff"
,ndricks, of Greenville. and Joe
ughe . near Dacusville Tuesday.
MIr. Hughes lives on Mr. Hendricks
ace. and from what we learu of the
se. 31r. 1endricis came to see Mr.
ughes about a settlement of last year's
-op. There was somtie misunderstand
g or difference of opinion aboat the
ttlement and after sone words 3fr.
ughes struck 31r. Hendricks on the
gad with a stick an.d as a result 1r.
enlrieks is in a Greenville hospital
d Sheritf Roark be!ught Mr. Hughes
Both men are prominent and erdI
out U' years old.
[onor Roll of Pickens Graded
8th Grade-Sara Attaway,
'olie Seaborn, Edgar Clyde.
7th Grade-Elva Stewart.
6th Grade-Joe Frank Free
Ian, Ella Lewis, Florence
5th Grade-Agnus Edens,
lara Ragsdale.
3rd Grade-Eula Stewart.
2nd Grade-Don Roark.
1st Grade- Ellen Freeman,
ellen Griffin, Lois Hames,
ames Partridge.
J. W. Ballentine.
lonor Roll of Twelve Mile
Louise Gravley. Annie Gray
y, Essie Adams, Edd Stewart,
tddie Stewart, Ressie Ste wart,
auline Townes, Harold Towns,
udge Singleton, Arrie Porter,
)ean Stansell, Dorr Stansell,
'aul Gravley, Horace G ravley.
arvin Gravley, Bula h Gravley.
ula Gravley, Lloyd Adams,
ora Bell Adams, Sadie Brea
eale, May Breazeale. Lucule
ups, Addie Lupo, Nellie Por
?r, Lillie Parritt, Isom Sim
ions. Olive Simmons.
H. A. Townes Teacher.
On last Friday afternoon the
hildren of the graded school
ere colebrated George Wash
:ton's birthday with the fol
iwing exercises:
Song--Once More We Cele
rate--Gth and 7th grades.
Recitation-The Flag that
sets Made- Janie Holder.
Song-George Washington
St grade. -
Recita tion-Tommyi 's Query
-Leon Rlobinson.
Song-A Little Boy--Harvey
Recitation-Crown OurWash
ngton-Joe Frank Freeman.
Recitation-Epitaphs of Wash
ngton-Robert taker.
Song-Little Soldiers-S boys.
Recitat ion-Our Washington
-Ella Lewis.
Song-Noble Washington - 1st
Rectatio-Flag Q uotations -
lovie Gilstra p.
Sone- The Boy thaut Once
Vas-2nd and l3d grades.
the public to know that I k
I will sell top buggies,
and side springs. One
wagons. Every buggy an
just as represented. I st
lizers, in fact Fertilizers of
a fair deal to everybody.
I handle coffins, caske
Ernest J
Etiwan F
207 Buslwls
st Prize in South Care
Mr. Joye Writes to Etiv
"We use your Fertilizers
u-sedi undier corn were yc
u;o o Gon ev:rnent Bureau s
Etiwvan Fertilizers Havey Grow
iret Prize f'r I e .\ v. n
ih-t Prize for ;' L..\r A''f 1 oni
irt Prize fur B.Kt -\Vr (oflCn
ir.- Prize for larw'- E r of n
H iishels on ten ano in W\ill
~tiwan Fertilizers Alwm
For Sa
Fhlger, Thornley
I)Uv te Stansell has r mrc lt'1
li; p>.tihtion with P. M. Cate anl
has on(' back to faring in
the' (.ross Roads section.
- $100 Reward, $100
The'readers of this paper will be
pleased to learn that there is at least one
dreaded diseaso that science has been
able to cure in all 1:s stages. and that is
Catarrh. 11:i's Catarrli Cure is the cnly
positive cure now known to the medical
fraternity. Catarrh being a constitutional
disease, requires a constitutional treat
mCnt. Iiail's Catarrh Cure is taken in
ternall-, actin directly upon the blood
and mr:ucous surfaces of the s;stem. there
by destroy'g the foundation of the dis
ease. and gi: s. the patient strength by
building up the constitution and assisting
nature in dIng its work. The proprietors
have so nt:li faith in its curative pow
ers that the v of:-r One Hundred Dollars
for any ca-e tihat it fails to cure. Send
for list c~f testimonials.
Address tm. J. 3NEY i. CO., Toledo, Ohio.
Sold by nil Drris's, ;,.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
Wells Cleaned Out,
ug, blste(d and fixed up in
rood shape . 1 get larger rock
with less per cent of dynamite.
I guarantee my work to give
satisfaction. Anyone wishing
work done drop me a card or
see me at Pickens. Am better
prepared to do your work than
anybody else in town.
apr17 Dan Blair.
Notice of Iila1 settlmecnt ant Discharge
Notice is hereby given that I will
make application to J. B. Newberry,
E=(1. Judgt. of Probate for Pickens coun
tv in the State of South Carolina. on the
1:; day of March, 1913, at 11 o'clock
in the forenoon or as soon
iitreafter as stid application can be
heard, for leave to make final settlement
of the estate of R. 0. Wili-ms dc
ceased and obtain dischiarge as executor
of said estate.
W. R. Oats
4t Executor.
Notice to Debtors and Creditors
All persons holding claims against the
estate of the late Mrs. Lucy J. Holcombe
must present the same duly proven on
or before the 1st day of March, 1913. or
be ,Iesarred aynient and all persons
indebted to said estate, must make pay
ment on or before the above date to
the undersigned.
G. w. IHolcombe.
W E. Holcombe,
Got Strong and Well Again at
Small Cost.
Miss Alta Abel, of West Baden, Ind.,
says: "I was a complete wreck, al
ways tired, wornout and nervous. I
had to spend about one-third of my
time in bed and my life was not worth
living. Vinol, your delicious cod liver
and iron tonic, was recommended, and
it has done me more good than all the
medicine I ever took in my life. That
nervous and tired feeling is all gone.
I have gair~ed in health, flesh and
strength, until I feel like another per
'Vinol is the most efficient strength
creator for such women. It is the
medicinal elements of the cods' livers
contained in Vinol, aided by the blood
making and strengthening proper'ties
of tonic iron, which makes it so far
superior to all other tonics to build
'up health and strength for weak,
tired, ailing women. It contains no
oil and has a delicious taste.
We give back your money if 'Vinol
does not do all that we claim.
Pickens Drug Co., Pickers, S. C.
eep on hand a full stock of
Id ALL kinds of FARM
open buggies, end springs
horse wagons, two-horse
I wagon guaranteed to be
11l Meal and Hulls, also
iandle High Grade Ferti
al grades. My motto is
Come and try me and be
s and all burial supplies.
, s.c.
ye Used
on One Acre
ina State CC:.;2 Cntest'
'an Fertilizer Company:
xclusively and the Potash and
ur goods and my manual in
o states.'
'ied) Eim~isT M\. Jon:.
i the Following Prize Crops:
in '.u''thv Caont in......1909
l il. ylMlE Count.V . C. ...191i1
lNii l Car(olilla in C.......IMl
iys Give Best Results
& Co., Pickens
1leir repr
Classified Column
For Sale
For sale-A goodI young mule
3 years old. weigh about 900
pounds. APPlyf to B, C. Baker,
Pickens. S. C.
For Duroc Jersey pigs and
rilk cows see T. E. Craig, Cen-:
ral, S. C., Route 2.
For Sale-A new onfe-horse
Oliver Chill Turn plow.
L. F. Robinson. Pickens.
For Sale -Fawn and White
Indian Runner Duck eggs, pure
white egg strain, heavy layers.
S3.00 per setting of 12. I have
the best stock that couldI be ob
tained. Start right. I have
also a pen of 7 ducks and 2
drakes, Penelled strain, th it I
will sell cheap.
Mrs. R R. Roark.
Buy your frost proof cabbage
plants from F. S. CANNON,
Megets, S, C. 1,000 to 4,000
at 90c, 5,000 to 9,000 at S0c.
10,000 to 15,000 at 75c. Special
prices on larger orders and satis
faction guaranteed.
For Rent
For rent-Good one-horse crop.
Renter expected to furnish his
own stock. Mrs. N. S. Moseley,
Pickens, S. C.. R. F. D. 3.
We want 1,000 cords grcen
poplar and dead pine wood at
Pickens, Easley, Croswell, Lib
erty, N orris, Central, Calhoun
and Courtney. See or write us
for specifications and price.
Good mules and horses for sale.
Gaines and Gassaway, Central.
Money to Loan.
Loans on farms. Three hun
dred dollars to ten thousand dol
lars. Easy terms Apply to
R. T. Jaynes, Walhalla, S.C., or
J. F. Keown. Pickens, S. C.
b~over over that he " re a
plesantI gi f 1 eo a precie
-ife Th Ii' *;hfI lieSs "i
li h ineyii" ;s t o ofteni no
Smany tempting things fbir
he dlecoration of the person and
he home, that we appoal to
nany husband who might othe'r
ise forget. Come in. yourself.
mnd get your wife a present.
t i are cor ially invite to atten our
Spring ailoring Opening(
iac 7famburt 8g Sons
fZercbant Bailors
ing tle only tine in A.inerica backed by
n.eat MZerciyant Zailoring
?sentative wilt be witiy us to take measures
bruary 27ty, 28tky and m1tarcly tst
), )ruc , Morrow Company
~Pickens. S. C.
Cotton and Corn Planters.
.Every farmer in Pickens county to come to our store and in
vestigate the Covington Hill Dropper. We believe we have the
most complete cotton and corn planter on the market and we are
satisfied that you will agree with us when you examine the
:nachine. It saves you seed. Gentlemen this alone is worth the
price of the planter at this day and time. Then figure the time
you save in getting your ci'op to a stand. The machine is light
and very strong. Can be run anywhere that other machine can.
The machine is ablsolutely guaranteed to give satisfaction or
money refunded. We have a sample planter on our floor now
and will take great pleasure in showing you the machine at- any
time. We are also taking orders for planters for Spring delivery.
If you are interested it will pay you to see our planters a~ get
prices before buying. Most of you farmers have been readig of
this machine in the Southern Cultivator and are satisfied in your
own mind that the machine is the proper one to use at the present
time. Remember the place.
Pickens Hardware and
Grocery Co.
Sheriff's Sale. AJBgsC .P yde ae
State of South Carolina. bo ~"pg 4.Pcescut
County of Pickensrerstwihdedrfeceihre
In Common Pleas Court b aeframr opeedsrp
C. w. Mauldin. Plaintitf,tinTrmcahPirasropy
Thomas H. Hallums, Defendant.ShrfPiksCoty
By virture of a decree of foreclosure___________________
signed by His Hono'-, Judga~ S. WV. G.
Shipp, dated January 21, A. 1D., 1913. MtesCnSfl u
andcemneril5,in08.eacderecoroedice dor
Pickbno county.aIew2ll.sPllktostheuhth
estbide onSaesay n arh, ~1, record s iscovd eeryen ie
durig te lgalhous fr sle, b y toade folamoet mlee onescrip
the olloing escibedrealest fo ad suffersadcding codcgsae
wit: throt or lun trb. OAstes
land lng n bi e iniutn the lr'f ine Mohess oanc afed, uy
Picken county Ior wi sell kto wn high-ed rs rueCrw
esndd onng2 Salres mor ar l913,D Kimg'se Discovery cangie
Alhe ot os ladorain oP nickn.S .
w:-0acemoeolsadkoni ourot fom un troles. weate
laid diin and lein si.thae sid4bt the piurmesS of uhedal.
mcr tr disn of thereaettof -
NeHallums,dceasied, als anothers. Alrdwagr help. Buyites atr.ck
Also sai' lot s of lan tann one bynd
Jai diis. Ataasuro, No. 8. heri 21.
1906. andl to .Tuigemjent Rol No. 2401.
on file in the cl'erk's office for Picken
comi'tv. It being the semne two .Mrsf 1of iO~eorcasiidcl
lad ~nev~1t Toms . a iour bovf frmapae1easc
While They Last!
20c game trao for 14c. $1 co food choppers or
25c game trap fo 8, sau1sage mills for 75C
Soc game trap for 34c. 75~c steelyards for 42c.
Few sets of one horse wagr- 5 gallon oil can worth $I.5o
onl lines worth $1.50 for r ,1 r f r 98c.
Soc hatchets for 36c. 120-coil folding hed spring
Good leather collar worth worth $2.0o for $i.18.
$1.5o for $1.17. IFine decorated parlor lamps
Set stirrups worth 25 for worth $3.50 for $2.25.
I4c. Come to us for bargains.

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