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PUBLISHED W-EEKL Entered April 23, 1903 at Pickens, S. C. as second class mall nater, under act f Congress of March 3, 1879
~hh PICKENS, S. C.. MARCH 13, 1913
Ractahliched 18R71--Volume 42
Farmers to Meet
Here Monday.
Mr. J. F. Hendricks requests
us to ask and urge all formers
of Pickens county to meet at
Pickens on the third Monday
in March, (17th) for the purpose
of hearing good speakers talk
about farming and the Farmers
Union. Pickens county is be
ing benefitted by the Union and
with a good organization could
derive more benefits. B. 0.
Harris of Pendleton, will be one
of the speakers, and there will
be others. It will do you good
to attend. After the speaking
if it is desired by those present
a Farmers Union will be organ
ized for the county.
Notice Camp Garvin.
We are requested by (om
mander W. B. Ailgood, of
Camp Garvin, to ask all the old
veterans of this camp, who ex
pect to attend the United Con
federate Veteran's reunion in
Chattanooga, to send their
names to Adjutant Newbery at
Pickens, so that he can send for
ward their names to the Gener
al chairman at Chattanooga.
Arrangements have been made
to provide free accomodations to
all yeterans while In Chatta
nooga and the committee in
charge wants to know how ma
ny to provide for. We urge all
memters of Camp Garvin who
exnect to attend this great re
union to send their names to
Adjutant Newberv at once. We;
hope many of our old veterans
will be able to attend and may
each one have a grand time.
The reunion will be held May
27, 2S, 29, 1913.
Tax Books Close
Saturday Night
Treasurer Stewart t e 11 s
us that the tax books for this
county will close on Saturday
night, March 15th. All who
4- have not paid their taxes should
by all means pay it before Sat
urday night and save much an
noyance. There are about 900
who have not paid their taxes.
We publish this information for
the benefit of the people.
Mr. Gid Roper Killed.
'We learn that Mr. Gid Roper,
who lived oi Mr. George Hen
dricks' place in the Cedar Rock
section, was accidentally killed
while topping trees Monday. It
seems that a top which he had
cut off fell on him and crushed
him to death instantly, but we
are unable to learn other par
*ticulars. He leaves a wife and
several children..
Willie Boggs Dead.
Willie Boggs died at the home
of his grandfather, F. M. Rod
gers~on last Monday March 10th.
Consumption was the cause of
his death. Willie formerly lived
in Pickens. being a step-son of
Mr. B. F. Parsons. He was
about 22 years old and returned
from out West last August. His
death was not unexpected.- The
funeral serv ices were conducted
from Enon church by Rev. Mr.
Wa'ker, and his body laid to
rest in the Enon graveyard on
Tuesday. The bereaved ones
have the sympathy of their
many friends.
Track Meet
The track teams of the Liber
-ty and Pickens schools held a
meet last Friday afternoon at
Pickens. The teams were very
wvell matched and the score was
a tie. An enthusiastic crowd
cheered the respective teams and
each contestant did his best.
The result of the events is as
follows: Pole vaalt, Hutchings
for Liberty, 1st: Seaborn for
Pickens 2d: 100 yard dash, Sea
born 1st, Hendricks 2d, both for
Pickens: Shot nut, Hamby for
Liberty 1st, Seaborn for Pic~kens
-2d: 220 yard dash. Hendricks
for Pickens 1st, Harris for Lib
erty 2d: T46dash, Hutchings for
Liberty, 1st Porter for Pickens
2d: 880 yard run, Gaines of Lib
ertv, 1st, Allen of Pickens 2d
High jump, Hlutchings for Lib
ertyv 1st, Seabornr for Pickens,
2di. First place counts 5 points
and second place :3.
- announce the
on b
ROBISo arcj 14
Ed P. Mcravey to
Run for U. S. Senate
IIt is no longer a,. secret that
the Hon. 'E. P. McCrav ev of
Ea ley, intends to lock horn
with Governor Cole L. Blease
for the United States Senate
and the people who know both
men are expecting a battle roy
al, Blease will meet the livest
man he ever faced on the stump
when Ed McCravey stands be
fore him as his opponent.
Dacusville Route 1.
Spring in here and the far
mers are making good use of the
School at Mica closed the 28th.
Music was furnshed by the
Cisson Band, and later in the
evening an old time spelling
match took place. two prizes
was awarded to the ones that
stood the longest by their teach
er. The winners were Miss
Mary Sutherland and Master
Perry Crenshaw.
Miss Flora Looper of Easley
is visiting friends and relatives
at Dacusville.
Messrs J. L. and Avery A.
Looper of Dacusville made a
business trip to Greenville last
Miss Jennie Jones has re
turned home after a very plea
sant trip to Greenville.
Misses Lillie and Florence
Sutherland, called on Miss Gen
eva Looper. last Thursday after
Mrs. Matilda Looper of Green
ville is visiting her son Mr. J. L.
Looper of this section.
The young people of this sec
tion enjoyed a dance at the
home of Mr J. J. McCombs
Saturday night. And also at
Crocket Hendricks Monday
night following.
Mr.Will Jones, made a flying
trip to Greenville and Liberty
last Monday.
Prof. Watson called at the
homes of D. F. Sutherland and
J. L. Looper, last Sunday even
The singing at Mt. Tabor was
greatly enjoyed by all present
last Sunday afternoon.
Every body get busy and
make hay while the sun shines.
Pickens Route 3
Dear Editor:-Will you allow
me space in your good old pa
per for a few items?
On last Saturday night an en
joyable pound supper was given
at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Amos Cantrell and all who were
present report a good time.
Misses Emma and Kate Gil
lespie, nx ere guests of Miss Em
ma Cantrell last Saturday night
and Sunday.
Misses Inez and Mae Gillespie
spent Saturday night at the
home of Mr. J. C. Graveley and
report a nice time.
A. Reader.
Rev. R. H. Lupo filled his
regular appointment at Porter's
chapel on last Sunday morning
preaching an excellent sermon
to an attentive congregation.
Bro. Charley Anderson will
preach at Porter's chapel next
Sunday morning morning at 11
o'clock. Let every one attend
who can as we expect to organ
ize a Sundlay school on that
'Squire Porter came up to see
his parents Mr. and Mrs. J. H.
Po-ter. Sunday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Stewart,
f Greenville. visited the home
folks Saturday and Sunday.
M. Sam Porter and( daughter
Miss Cora, were in our section
The Mont Vale school is prog
ressing nicely with Miss Irene
Hendricks as teacher.
Farmer's Wife.
- Notice of Election.
On Frida -April 4th, there
will be held at the city hail an
election for mayor and six
aldermen to serve the city of
Pickens ior a term of two years.
The managers of this election
will be D. B, Finny, W. T.
(irifin, J. IL Thornley.
6to attenb
et os, tore
The Men of The Hour.
President Wilson and his cab
President, Woodrow Wilson,
of New Jersey.
Vice President. Thomas R.
Marshal, of Indiana.
Secretary of State,William J.
Bryan, of Nebraska.
Secretary of the Treasury,
William G. - McAdoo, of New
Secretary of War, Lindley M.
Garrison, of New Jersey.
Attorney General, James
McReynolds, of Tennessee.
Postmater- General, Albert
Burleson, of Texas.
Secretary of the Navy, Jose
phus Daniels, of North Carolina.
Secretary of the Interior,
Franklin K. Lane, of California.
Secretary o!f Agriculture
David F. Houston, of Missouri.
Secretary of Commerce, Wil
liam C. Redfield, of New York.
Secretary of Labor, William
B. Wilson, of Pennsylvania.
Sheriff Roark Gets Reward.
Our good and popular sheriff,
R. R. Roark, added another
feat to his long list last week
when he captured, near Mari
etta, a white man who escaped|
from the Hawyood, N. C., jail
last August and had been at
laree since. Mr. Roark carried
the prisoner tb Earley, where a,
deputy sheriff from Haywood,
met him and took charge of
the prisoner. He was in jail
for forgery. Our sheriff re
ceived quite a nice reward for
his work,
W.E Cxtent(
urday, March
charge and she
Screations in Re
SDepartment Dr
and Eml
In this department we
and most select ideas of Di
We call your especial:
IWool Goods:
You will find here Ser
the leading colors for Sprit
IWhite Goods:
A most complete line
ibati ste, in all the leading
With these you will find t.
Ginghams and Percales.
Easter is ju
tended you thi
the largest and
b)eenl shlown in
Easley Dots.
Mrs. Mamie Folger Clapp, one
of Easley's brightest women
who now resides at Salisbury,
N. C., has written a Woodrow
Wilson song the title of which
is "Union Forever." The song
will no doubt become national
and make the author famous
Why not? We have as fine tal
ent as the land affords.
T. J. McDonald who lived
here last year and worked with
the Progress, after living in
Oconee county for several
months has decided to move
back to Easley. We welcome
them back.
Parrish Bros. are putt'ng on a
slaughter-price sale for the next
two weeks, beginning Friday
7th inst. Look out for bargains.
20 pounds sugar for $1.00. Now
is the time to get sweet.
J. Robert Martin. Esq., of
Greenville, representing defend
ants in whiskey cases, and T.
J. Mauldin, Esq., of Pickens,
representing the city of Easley.
are measuring arms in the
city hall this week.
Edward Allgood, of Slabtown,
in Anderson county, paid our
city a visit this week. Mr. All
good is a large farmer and
prominent citizen of his section.
In the oratorical contest in the
Easley High school last Friday
night, Ben Hagood, son of Mr.
and Mrs. James E. Hagoodwon
first place and will represent
Easley in Greenville in April.
We hope Ben will bring back
the medal. Billie Anderson
won second piace and Frank
-Bruc e
& Sature
I you a very Co
4th and 15th. M
will have display
ady-to-Wear and
ess Goods, LacesI
have on display the largest
ess Goods for Spring,
attention to
ges, Panamas, Voiles, in all
ig, blue brown, gray.
of linen, lawns, cotton voile~s,
colors, stripes and checks.
e newest shades in Dress
st a shert time av
invitation and vs
most select line c
, at prices that w
this section of the
TH - BRUCE - 1
.iss Howell and Mr. Turner, of
ravelers Rest.
Mr. and Mrs. Dock Hester. of
te Lenhardt section,were visit-l
g in this community Sunday. I
Mrs. James A, Burgess, was
siting at L. F. Smith's Sun
Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Singleton,
ere in Pickens last week.
Mrs. Eck Jones. and little son
arold, were visiting at Mr. Z.
. Jones' one evening last
Ex-Solicitor Boggs.
"The Greenville friends of the
on, Julius E. Boggs, of Pick
is, former solicitor of this cir
Lit, will be interested in know
g that he is in Washington
ling up the suppoit of the
ate's Congressional delegation
his candidacy for Assistant
ttorney General of the United
The above is clipped from the
-eenville News. The Sentinel,
a believe, voices the wish of
e people of Pickens county l
at our own Julius E. may
cceed in landing the office. j
e is eminently qualified to fill
e office, and surely South Car
.na deserves some considera
>n at the hand ; of the goyern
The foreman of the grand
rv of Spartanburg county j
is set a noble example to the
remen of grand juries of the
her counties. One day last
Lek he swore out 13 warrants
r white men for violating the
uor laws,
attend our
.day and Sat
r will be in
i the newest
rn Markets vale lace
Lort length in embroid- 1
new Spring Dress.
S o s
ral Smart Styles and
ring. Remember we9
and Children in tan,
we have ex
on display
iat has ever
Union Meeting.
The Union Meeting of the
Pickens Association will be held
with the Pickens Baptist church
>n Saturday and Sunday, 29th
3,nd 30th of March
[0:00 o'clock a. m. Devotional r
services by Rev. J. M. Stew
[0:30. Ten minutes talks on:!a
1 How to overcone opposition!
to missions. Rev. J. E.!
Foster. . d
2. How to reach non-con- S
tributing members? J. R.
Connelly. s
. My brother's keeper-who y
is my brother? J. N. Jewel.
L The measure of giving. C.
E. Robinson.
A mass meeting to consider
)lans for the work for this' L
rear. .f<
Saturday night services con
lucted by Rev. C. A. Waters, r<
ubject: missions. al
.0:00 o'clock. Devotional by b
Rev. B. Holder. p;
.0:30. Ten minutes talks on
missionary forces.
a) The Sunday school. R. T.
b) Wonen's Organization. J.
B. Fendley.
c) Young people. J.IP. Rob- s
.1:00 a. m. The Six Mile Acad
emy, bY Prof. S. A. Rutlege t
and J. Q. Garrett.
Mass meeting on soul winning
ed by J. T. Taylor.
Sunday night. Worlu-wide f
Evangelization. Its importance t4
tnd our part therein. Rev. W. l
E. Wilkins. Ex. Com.
How's This?
We offer One Hundred Dollars Re
wad for any case of Catarrh that
cannot be cured by Han's Catarrh
F. J. CHENEY & CO.. Toledo, O.
We, the undersigned. have known F. J.
Cheney for the/last 15 years, and believe
rim perfectly honorable in all business
transactions and financially able to carry
)ut any obligations made by his arm. =
Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally. S
ctng directly upon the blood and mu
;us surfaces of the system. Testimonials
rent free. Price '5 cents per bottle. Sold
'y all J ru~sts. - F
Take Hal1'rFamlny Pills for constipation.
In. Memoriam.
Mrs. Nancy C. Rigdon, wife J!
>f J. B. Rigdon, was born in
Sorth Carolina June 5th, 1842, p;
md died Nov. 29th, 1912, at the in
ioe of her youngest daughter, l'
~irs. Nannie Massingill. She 2
as buried at Oolenoy Baptist or
~hurch the day following her le
leath, by the side of her hus- I
>and who preceded her to the la
trave one y ear and two days. ia
at the time of her death she 'r
was a niember of Pleasant g
3rove Baptist church, she with ta
er husband having moved iN
heir letters to that church c'
ibout two years ago from Oole- 3i
2av church the place where in
hey joined about 26 years ago. ty
they were baptized by the Rev. n
David Freeman. She was a
laughter of Jonathan Huff. c
he is survived by one sister ti
frs. Dovie Meeks of Greenville,
Baily and P. K. Huff of Green
rlle. Miss Nancy C. Huff was
narried to J, B. Rigdon on Feb.
7th, 1866, and unto them were
orn seven children, three boys
md four girls. s1
Her oldest daughter Mrs. E.
. McJunkin died about twen- MJ
y-four years ago. Mrs. Rigdon
was a loving Christian mother.
When her children were small
;he would call them around her ti
cnees every Sabbath morning
md teach them about our bless- o
ad Savior from a little question t~
Ook she always kept. t
Before she was taken sick she dC
;elected the portion of Scripture o
mnd the songs she warited sung
Lt her funeral and wrote them t
own with her own hand.
A. Son. B
Notice is huerebv given that I will C
nae application to J. B. Newberry, li
Eq. Judg. of Probatte for Pickens coun- ts
y in the State of South Carolina. on the b
3 day of March, 1913. at 11 o'clock f<
n the f.,reno-'r or as soon.
hereafter asi sq~id application can be p
eard, for le-ave to ma-ke final settlement
>f the et;ate of R. 0. Willims de
eased and obtain discharge as executor i..
f said estate. WROt
it - Executor. ii
A.K. P
This will rm the readers
still at theo stan din "West I
stocks ofEk Goods, Underwea1
have ever carried, and my prices
goods can sold for. A few p
right on pri .
A good Calico 5 ce'nts.
A good Cotton C~isk 5 eC
Canton Flannels 5 &1-3, I9
Men's heavy Fleeced Shirts
Ladies' he V~4est
Prepare frcl ~t~W
ignnd blank4n
Health in our Co
iot very good.
Mrs. Lizzie Porter;
een very sick, is
rnproved to the de h
aany friends.
Mr. W. G. .Cooe
een sick for some
Mrs. - Jerry W
aughter Mrs.
till confined to their
Mr. and Mrs. J. A
Dent last Sunday.wit
[rs. W. G. Cooley.
The Sunday-8c h
ick is progressin
ave a good attendances
Misses' LilianY
,illie Lynch, ;of Li
)ur visited thelatters
rs. A. B. Can' II of
mu te four last Sun -
Mended preaching - at
The farmers are i
etter spirit, as they'
ow a few days last w
If it -stays clear. and
iany more days the pea
ill be in bloom, but
>r more frost yet.
Mr. Tinsley, of they
)ction gave the yound
.nging last Saturdays
Wonder what has
ie writer on Marietta:
ro. She surely has
a. Wake up co
it us hear from al of-i
We would beglad
om others on Mr. W. M
r's subject on health
gion. .
Ilip Yea ed
Bears the
signature of
" -
Clerk's Sa ;-'
ate of South Carolina,
County of Pickens
In Common PIqs C
G. 3lanldin, Plaintiff'
athaniel H. Hallum, eta, -
In pursuance of a
te above stated Oase,"by
idge. S. W. G. Shipp, rte' t
*hest bidder on salesday
13, during the legal hourso
ickens Court House, S C., t!e
g described lots or parcel ors
nd herein described: Said
cated in Pickens county,
.:d. in Liberty or Central to
- oth; 1st containing2
Es, adjoining 1ands t 4loma~s
rus; 2ud tract contains 24 acres'
Slesi. and adjioins :the above
*nd. Lenhardt, Gassaway andC
nth baidi tracts of land are
welve Mile River and consti
~the estate of the late erQ
ne of said tracts of land was
SNathaniel I-. Hallumns by
orton Hallums, and
uiyeyed to me by J.
.Also that lot of land with
igs and improvem . theo*
Sthe Town of Nri State
raforesaid. Said'lot-conai
ore or less, and being thepa
i I now live, and was convey
aniel H. Hallums by A. 3. B.
. P., and being apart of the
ie late Nero Hallums. .
Terms of sale cash.
irchasers to pay for all papers
Lcording of same.
A. J. BOGGS, Clerk of
Clerk's Sale. j
tate of South Caroili
County of Pickens,
..W. Cater. Plaintiff,
yhn Ellenburg and W. M, Br
In oursuance of a decretil
e abovie stated case by Honk
evore. presiding judge, dated
, 1912, and on file in the Clek
Pickens County, S. C., I wil
ie highest bidder on s "ed~
is~ being the 7th day ofA
iring the legal hours of salea
ourt House, S. 0 , the folio i
land, to-wit: .
"All that certain pi.,,
-act of land situated ilac
ad Hurrcane township
ie following marksand bo
eginnmng on a pine on Jeff
ne, thence south to miouth
ranch, thence un Clark's
orth side of said branch, N. E
renshaw line, thence' Jeff
ne to beginning corner,
wenty-five (25 acres, more or
eing a part of Billie Crenhaw
>rmerly owned by him.
Terms cash. Purchasers 1to
apers and for recordi
A. J.
Patronize, our c
of The Sentinel t
~nd", .with one of
c, Notions and
SHALL BE the l
rices-Will convmn
2 -t ce t
Welborn won third place. The N
judges were Dr. D. M. Ramsey, T
Mr. J. C. Keys and E. Innman,
Esq., all of Greenville. ti
The town officials and goed. it
citizen- of Easlev are deter
mined to stop as f:.r as possible vi
the liquor traffic. Tt has grown dI
to such a nuisance that the bet
ter element of our people can w
stand it no longer. There has
been one conviction already and' B
fifteen other cases are being T
tried. It is a crying shame that
our citizenship should sink to
such a low plane in violating
law and debauching morals.
Let the good work go on until
every "blind tiger" and every
other nuisance is banished for
'ever. H
- - er
Cedar Rock News in
(To late for last week). J i
Lawrence F. Smith spent St
Monday in Simpsonville, last
week on business. G:
Thos. N. Hays is at the home w
of his mother's, near Seneca, th
who is seriously ill t
Mr. Wyatt West, the princi- s
pal of Glenwood High School, H
was visiting in the Cedar Rock th
section, Saturday and Sunday. .l
Miss Pearl Turner, who is t
teaching near Travelers Rest, m
spent the week-end with home
folks, having as her guests Miss
Howell and Mr. Turner of that jn
Mr. and Mrs. Z. T. Jones, .
were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. ot
John Stewart Sunday.
Miss Pearl Turner gaye a;
musical at her home Saturday fo
night, in honor of her guests, lie
0 .4
of Millin
edial invitation to
iss Margaret Booke
ed for your approve
Patterin Hats.
Laces and Embroideries
Just arrived from the Northe
with edge to match, lace bands, s
er, also all over patterns for the
You will find for your appro'
colors in Ladies Footwear for Sj
carry the well known brand, QUI
are also able Lo please the Misses
black, or white oxfords,
ay. K~no wing this
e prornise to hav(
ill pie-se you all, ti
State before.
us truly,

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