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iS 6SeRueR1
8, S. C.:
13. 1913
Plens yastomce as second Clas
'nn is not responsible
e views of -its corres
p ndents.
d" A Relpmng-Hand
^elping hand. There
"mn aii the world who
Y~ : Ittle lift to enable
A gt7 over the rouzh
znfe and, reader, it may
S ae the one to give
s. Will you do it? It
kind word, a
hearty grasp of th-?
some cases it may
^~ "~r fellow needs just a
* x u can give him.
th-m chance.
e$d this story once. A
ne ,na: had prospered an.1
ulated ,a good prop
. tvb an unfortunate
I os. aT. He lost heart and
that, with the loss of
: o v hhad lost all his
ts-she decided that he
ztlfso far as this
ekcon rned by drowning
.W ith that object in
1e started to the river to
P. .?t intention. On
}t he met a banker of the
ho spoke to him pleas
wand remarked that he had
;.m since his losses,
'her said; If I can help
-anV way let me know.
an w(et back home to
e and children, a'nd said
iie that he still had
and he intended to go to
_ _wo and reem what he had
c he carried out that re
oan of wealth had been
and had heard her
pesr 'reach on gratitude by
,-ng others. As she entered
r i n ta looking at her
ei- she said to her
been good to me
ever done any
my gratitude".
oticed a poor
+ {passing her
-on a back
keni i enter
She asked the
he waiser husband
e lttl ragged children
er husand's children.
cwered yes. The rich
-salai to the other,"Come
mre to-morrow at one
nd bring all the family
e dinner with us. They
dc~ as neatly -as she
~ss them, and after a
~had been asked and
the poor man,
been a drunkard for
pushed back his chair,
hiimself for not being
hea~ nd made this ex
- ~n ITonce had a good
ana pe3y around me,
ife and children were well
~ed and had' plenty to eat,
as I ;ook to drink, this is
rst kindnress that has beeni
me. and by the help of
~ ntend to be a man again
ad myj wif-e aLnd children shall
ave~ aho~e again. The man
rried out his'purpose and in a
wver rs his 'lfe and children
cre happy in ieir own home
.Jand and father was n~
prosperous business man.
h ce will lend a helping hard?
~.cati c ministration
All hai! to the Wilson Admin
M~rs His norxina
ad eintioLX was a wander
ui ictr yNo'w if hia admin
.ti.a e p equally as
scn , ehen will Democrats
evere wer have reason to
c. fih. the cabinet he
men re.presentinlg all sec
oforcountry. Men of
c r sug.reat brain power.
thee i noreson why success
shul not crwn the admainis
tmin.E let us remember
ba y-we wi aye to work for a
ug ader)emocratic, as well
d i blican rule.
100 South Carolin
* - Washington last
for plums.
C Your Stomach
this treatrnent if it
-aptly relieve Indiges
- ~ .epsia.
- pepsia Tablets remedy
bles because theyv con
eproportioni.of Pepsin
ad the necessary cr
- help nature to supply
- Ae absence of which
n . jices causes indiges
oad. sZpepsia. Th *dthe
tozach to-digest food and ckly
con-r .-nto rich red and
-:cessary for o,
cd a nackage of Rexanl
~~abl hets in your vest pee~
- mL your room. Take
- ersheavy meal and prove
that they willikeepindi
bothering you.
what Rexal Dyspepsia
-- and what they wildo,
* o them to relieve indi
- dyspepsia, or to refund
-if they fail to do so.
* tand to reason that we
umethsmo. rs were
tain Rxal yuppsia
Sstisfy you? Three sizes:
- cents, and $1.0.A
r Rexall Dyspepia-Tablets
i ty only at our store
president Wilson has an
nounced that he wili not receive
office-seekers or :heir repre
sentatives, except on his own
invitation. If this means that
few if any changes are to be
made in office-seekers then
President Wilson has dug his
own grave.
The friends in this State are
urging the appointment of As
sociate Justice C. A. Woods of
the State Supreme Court to be
United States Judge, the posi
tion held by Judge Nathan
Goff, Republican, who was re
cently elected United States
Senator from West Virginia.
Mr. Williams "Answers and Ex
Editor Sentinel: In your'
issue of this week, you statte
that Fred Williams voted for
the bill to throttle the press. I
am sendir.g you the bill, for:
which T voted, asking you to
publish the original bill, so that
your readers may know wheta
er it restricts the press or n'.
Had it become law it would
only have allowed persons to Jo I
what I am trying to do in this:
communication. This is to let
the public have a chance -e
hear both sides. Instead of re
stricting the press. it - wou.ld
have given it a wider scope.
The Bill
A bill to regulate the puoli
cation of certain articles in
newspapers, magazines and
periodicals in this State, and to
fix the p.enalty for failure to
carry out the proyisions of this
Be it enacted by the General
Assembly of the State of South
Section 1. That whenever a
newspaper, magazine or period
ical printed or published in this
State, shall print or publish,
either in its editorial or news
columns, an article or articles
written by any editor, reporter,
correspondent, or any other
person or persons v:homsoever,
which article or articles shall
make an attack, or make any
Charge or charges. or in any,
way effect the character, stand- I
ng in the community or con-I
iuct of any persons or persons,
rghether . prvate citizens or
peliciicers, such newspapers,
mnagazines or perionicais shall
publish, in the first edition or
publication, after the same
shall be furnished, the answer,
denial, explanation or defense
af said person or persons, with
>ut making said person or per
sons pay therefor, and the said
answer, denial, explanation or
defense shall be given the
same prominence is said news-'
papes, magaziue or periodical as
the article or articles containing
said charge or charges.
Sec. 2. Any editor, manager
or other officer or person in au
thority of may newspaper,
magazine or periodical, who
shall refuse or neglect or be re
sponsible for the failure to print
a.nd publish said answer, denial
explanaticn or defense of said
person or persons attack-d sr'
charged, as set out in section 1
of this Act, shall be deemed
guilty of a misdemeanor and,
u.pon conviction thereof shall be
subject to a fin': of not less thant
fve hundred (8500) dollars, and
imprisonment in the coun
jail of not less than thirty days:
Provided, however, That nio
newspaper, magazine cr period
ical shall be required to pubh~n
You have not c
The Folloxw
SArmstrong Pharmacy.
Edward L. Avers.
Barr Dry Goods Company.
IR. L. R. Bentz,
Bruce & Dos ter Drug Cor
* any.
Bruns McGee Company.
Secure from any of the
made your last purchase.,
hamber of Commerce.'I
Rememnbig the ex<
The re room over
for your co rt while in G
or print ny article whatsoever,
which shall contain obscene or
profane langu mze.
We si :cerel y be!ieve that Mr.
William;; voted on this bill as
his conscience dictated. We
also believe that Mr. Williams
knows more about farming
than he does about running a
It is our opinion that this bill
would practically niin cornm' oF
the weaker newspaper s. bec;*use
it says nothin.g about he length
of the "answer" or 'u zna
tion" theu offended persot. might
write. A person mij. ''ite
six or e.; ht column 3 :n atemi ia
nation" if he wished to. It
would probably interest a dozen
subscribers. Few weekly pa
pers hay, that much space to
spare in )ne week, yet the pub
lisher w. uld be forced to pub
lish the articzl'e, theebr ntvijg
to increase tle size )f his. p. per
or 'eave out news 'tern wich
would t . of interest to his r,:ad
We received this commun'ica
tion from Mr. Williams aoout
two weeks ago and would have
been glad to publisa i- th'n, but
we alre Aly aad in :ype several
long arii les, ard v-e were un
able to pabhish this con munica
tion until no v, but if this bill
wac a la- we would have been
forced to publish he commu
ncation when we received it.
Our Inqui
Sloan's Liniment gives in:
sciatica. It goes straight to. 1
nerves and stops the pain. E
Liiment for toothiache and neuralgia:
help me an 1 would not be without tI
is also good for rheumatism, sore
Mas. C. M.
writes:-"I wish
can trul
. Lousi
quite a
- found D
use of
the best
can recC
Send for
nly the best marl
ring is the I
cash purchases a
chases of $25.00
fares both ways w
Campbell Tile and Mantel
Carolina Hard warye Comnpam3
ICarpenter Brothers.~
-i CJhilders-Cely Sho Compaun
H. Endel.
Gilreath-Durham CJompany,
above firms a Chamber of Con
They will refund your railwayf
he :nerchant himself will redeei
:elenit railroad se~vic
he Fourth National Bank, with
It would have caused us much
inconvenience. and the article is
just as good now as it was then.
The statement which Mr.
William ls refers to was eight
lines long. His reply is about
one-half column. What if our
statenwnt had been a column
long! .1nil we never intended l
to offewII'1 him, but only gave a
news item which was a fact.
Thre is not a reputable news
paper in this state but that will
gladly ive space to any person
whom it has in any way lu54
And besides there is a libel
iw in this state which protects
people from false and slander
Ous statements by newspapers.
We take pleasure in publish
jig this communication from
Mr. Williams and have no ill
will against him for voting for
'his bill.
Mrs. Sloan Miller Dead.
Died, at her home in Greer,on
the 6th instant, in the 26th
year of her age, Mrs. Sloan
Miller. She was Miss Nannie
Williams, before her marriage,
laughter of \1r. and Mrs. An
drew Williams of near Pied
mont in Anderson county. Her
body was brought to Shiloh
church, ler old home, on Satur-J
day the 8th instant, where fu
neral services were held in the
presence of a large concourse of
itive Pup
leura gia
tant relief from neuralgia or
e painful part -soothes the
n't rub-it penetrates.
l is., writes:---" I have used Sloan's
the head w here nothing else would
ie Lipiment in the houe."
throat, chest pains and sprains.
Pains Ail Gone
ow:ERa, of Johannesburg, Mich,
to say your Liniment is the best
in the world. It has cured me of
; those pains have all gone and I
say your Liniment did cure me."
Pain All CouleI
. R. SWxINGER, of 5.7 So. I2th St., ]
c, Ky., writes:-"I suffered with
evere neuralgic headache for four
without any relief. I used your
: for two or three nights and I
uffered with my head since. I have
ay quick reliefs from pain by the
loan's Liniment and believe it to be
Liniment on the market to-day. I
nmend it for what it did for me."
25c., 50c., and $1.00 at A11 Dealers.
Sloan's Free Book on Horses. Address
Boston, Mass.
et in upper South
hiaving yc
rnounting to $25.C
r more one fare v
i be refunded u);
a that will I
The Above Agreement Has Bee
Globe Optical Company.
0. M. Goodlett.
Greenville Furniture Comnpny
Hend(ersonl - Ashmnore Willis
Hobbs - H enderson Company.
WV. H. Houston & Brother.
How to Get 9
merce Rebate Book. Have put
are. This is an improvement oi
i it nlow.
Matron in conistant attendance
Many women suffer this mis
ery. It makes its appear
ance so regularly that they
learnto expect it and arrange
their household work accord
ingly. Few women think of
seeking medical help to get
rid of it for good. If women
only knew of the power and
effectiveness of Dr. Sim
mons Squaw Vine
Wine they would not be
without it a moment longer
than it would take to get it
from the drug store. It is a
splendid remedy for all nau
sea or sickness of the stom
ach. The first dose settles
the stomach and makes the
patient feel better. Addi
tionaldosesact on the female
generative system, strength
ening weakened organs, reg
ulating the habits, restoring
tone and strength in every
part of the body. It is essen
tially a woman's remedy
prepared expressly to meet
the need of women who
suffer from the ailments
common to their sex.
Sold by Druggists and Dealers
Price $1 Per Bottle
sorrowing relatives and friend,
by Rev. D. W. Hiott.
Mrs. Miller leaves a fathei
mother, two brothers, a hus
band and two little children t
weep for her. She was a mem
ber of Mountin Springs Baptie
church and before she died sh,
prayed for each of her love
ones and wanted them to mee
.er in heaven. She was a mem
ber of the W. 0. W. circle, any
four members of the circle ac
companied her body to th
rave and with loving hand
placed beautiful flowers on he
rave. Mr. and Mrs. Mille
ived in Easley nearly all thei
1arried life and only went t
rreer about a year ago to en
;ae in hotel business. Mrs
Tiller oL.de many friends ii
Easley 11ho1 will regret to hea
)f her death. ''o the bereave<
nfes we exten'i our sympathy
arl Hunter Pardone(
Earl Hunift r. colored, wh
as convicted in this county ii
he soring of 1909 of an assaul
ndl( battery of a high and og
~ravated nature in two case
ad sentenced to seven years oi
he chain gang. was pardone<
y Gov. Blease last Thursday
Hunter was convicted o
aking a deadly attack om
fficers C. L. Cureton and G
7. Corbin when they attemp
id to arrest him for operatirn
aI illicit distillery.
For Sale
.0 well rooted Himalaya plant
bt 15c each or 2 for 25c deliver
id by mail o'n receio
'f price. This wonderful berra
ould be in every body's garder
.rare chance to get a start o:
is wonderful ,berryv. Thi!
rry s speror o Black berrn
>ses etc. Saiisfaction guaran
ed. or money iefunded
irections sent wit h p1 ints.
J. C. Stewart,
R. 6, Pickens, S. C.
Carolinai inwh
IUr Railway Fart
0 the Railway F
i be re-mnfded
to GO miles.
efund Yo1
. Entered Into by the Followin
. 0. Jones Companyv.
Kng-.Bro wning Company.
, F. Lagerholm Company.
ewis Printing~c Company.
\ahon-Tindal Company.
\arkley Hard ware & Manu
facturing Company.
our Railway F~
chases entereu in the bock a
the forme.r plan by which it
plendid Raihu
main:ained i I a
Futher Iformation 3
Suits rangeing in pri<
We have a large rang
guaranteed to be all wool.
We are ready to take
or the suit is ours.
Our opening day is e
Call and inspect our :
Clothing, Shoe.
Sole agents for Walk
:1 Iron King Stoves, New Hor
t ell Wagons and Mitchell A
For Duroc Jersey pigs and
milk cows see T. E. Craig, Cen
r tral, S. C., Route 2.
For Hair Health
1 If Rexall "93" Hair Tonic does
r not improve the health of your
scalp and hair, we will pay for
what you use during the trial.
We could not so strongly endorse
Rexall "93" Hair Tonic and continue
Ito sell it-to the same people if it did
not do all we claim. should it not
prove entirely satisfactory our cus
tomners would lose faith in us, we
would lose their patronage, and our
business would suffcr.
)If your hair is falling out or you
suffer any sc'alp trouble, we believe
I Rexall "93" Hair Tonic will do more
to eradicate the dandruff, give health
- to the scalp, stimulate new hai
growth and prevent premature bald
ness than any other human agency.
We want you to make us prove
S this. We ask you to risk no money
whatever. Buy a bottle of Rexall
'93" Hair Tonie, use it according to
S directions for thirty days; then if
you are not entirely satifid, come
1 and tell us and we will promptly hand
back the money you paid us for it.
- We won't ask you to sign any
thing, nor even to bring the bottle
back. We won't obligate you in
any way. We will tako your mere
word. Could anything be more fair?
Could we do anything more to prove
our belief in Rexall "93" Hair Tonic,
and our honesty of purpose in recomn
mending it to you?
Rexall "93" Hair Tonic is as pleas
ant to use as spring water and has
bu afin, lasing odor. It comsj
You can buy Rexall "93" Hair Tonic
in this community only at our store:
Pickes TheSouth
Pickns Te gg kore Ca.rolina.
There is a Rezall Store in nearly ever town
and city in the U'nited States. Canaa anl
Great Britain. There is a different Rexali
Remedy for n-arly every ordinary human ill-I
*each especially d'.sisgned for the particular ill
for which it is reconmended.
The Realal Storea are Arnerica's Croatast
* Drug Stores
ch to do your tradi
are both ways will
romi 40 to 50O miles
ir Railway
g Well Known Greenville Firms:
Mauldin Pharmacy. E
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Poe Hardware and Nl1PlY C
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id as s on as they total the desire
was ne-cesary for the purchaser t
ay Facilities
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Yer, Thorniky
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Folgr, hrne & Copn
Advertising Pays
If You Advertise in The. Sentinel
. ng, bu~t the added advantage ot
be refunded up to 40 miles; for
; tor purchases of 850.00 or more
S. Poole.-.N anhilCmay
ride. Patton & Tilman. ThBatsCoreCmpn
.Rothschild. TeJhsnCmay
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ith & Bristow, akn r GosCmn
ewart & Merritt. JmsT ilasHrwr
D. Stradley & Company. Cmay
H. triner.. Jon . naillCm an.
o surendr th boo die Btot Scrietry Cofpany
S on h InerurbThe3 Jon sn oa.
Thetrd~gcete M. Piaddilmon.
Watkns Dy Gods Cmpn
Jae .WliasHrwr

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