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~9ecme~ J I UT Y~U T II-Your Home Paie
Gives Pickens Countyi NewsLi7ft 1 LOfcaPpeofPkf&>
PUBLISHED WEEKLY Entered April 23, 1903 at Pickens, S. C. as second class mail matter, under act of Congress of Mareb , 1879 -
Establihed 1871-Volume 42 PICKENS, S. C., MARCH 27, 1913 NUMBER4
$85.00 IN PRI
Banks of County Give Money
Interest Is Increasing and
New Members Joining
As announced in last is5ue of
The Sentinel, we give this week
a partial list of premiums of
fered to contestants in the Pick
ens county boys' corn club.
The first prize will be 825.00 1
in gold: second prize, $15,00;
third prize, $10.00.
Several of the banks of the
county are furnishing the mon
ey for these prizes.
There will be other good pre
miums offered by merchants
and manufacturers, and will be
announced later. The Franklin
Guano Co., of Liberty, has of
fered one-half ton of fertilizer
to the boy who makes largest
old of corn on one acre, and if
h uses their fertilizer they will 1
make it a ton.
Sev'ral names have been add
ed to the club roll since last
week. All boys should send in
their names by April 1.
Men's Contest
A prize of $25.00 is offered to
any farmer in Pickens county
for the be ,t acre, according to
the rules of the boys' corn club,
except rule 10. Any farmer
who wishes to join this club
should send his name to T. A.
Bowen, Pickens, S. C., on or by
June 1.
A prize of $0,00 is offered for
the best ten ear exhibit. Open
t imen and boys in the clubs. '
The experience gained in these
contests will be worth much to
contestants in the future, and
the prizes are valuable,
Pickens Route 3,
As I haven't seen anything
from this section lately, I will
try and send in a few dots.
Mrs. Edgar Alexander and
sister, Miss Floride Field i
of this section, visited in Green- t
Ville last week. C
On last Sunday afternoon an
egg hunt was givei at the horn e l
of Mr. and Mrs.'. J. Welborn,
which was greatly enjoyed by
all present.
Robert Welborn spent last
Friday night with Ben Field.
A very successful school was
closed at T welve Mile last Fri
day. It was taught by Prof. H.
A. Townes~
Rev. R. H. Lupo filled his reg
niar appointment at Salem
church Sunday and delivered a
fine sermon.
Robert Welborn spent Sunday
night in Pickens.
Rev. W. C. Seaborn filled his
regular appointment at Moun
tain Grove church Sunday.
School Girl.
Death of a Young Lady.
Miss Bettie Welborn died at
the home of her parents on the:
14th of March. She was a
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. 0.]
Wel born and was twenty-one
vears old. The cause of her]
dleath was typhoid fever. Miss ]
Weiborn was a devout member
of Flat Rock church where her
ren ains were laid to rest. She
leaves ahost of relatives and
friends to mourn her death.
Their many frien ds sympathize
~vith the bereaved ones in their
Missionary Rally.
The Woman's Missionary So
cietv of Mile Creek Baptist
c'huP-ch, will celebrate the fifth
Sundar in March (30th) for 1
Hom. .lissions. Some good
singing i-s also expected. All]
xovrs of mission work and good
music are eseilyivtd
Lt eeybd comec an1d bring
sonlg byks and dinner and let'
enjoy the day together.
3 avmng
4)~7OU can buy clothes in
choose the cloth fron
have your measure t
Smay or may neanow how;
Sweeks to get them. You
Sthey will be; you take a chat
Sknow whether they will be v
The other way is to
M You choose the finished gar
)1 duced by the best designers
Sa few minutes if the clothes
. see our mark in them, th
h fnely tailored.
You can do it all in les:
i the clothes home.
When vou come to Gr<
Ssho -~. EMIBFA
Honor Roll of the
Pickens Graded School
At the close of the sixth
month of the 1912-13 term.
8th grade-Frances Bruce.
7th grade-Marie Fre man.
6th grade-Mae Garren, Ela
Lewis, Florence Stewart. Joe
Frank Freeman.
5th grade-Floy Herd.
4th grade-Eunice Cameron,
Jaunita Hanies, Thelma Lewis,
ary Robinson, Melanie Thorn
3rd y rade-Eula Stewart.
2d grade-Don Roark. Louise
1st grade-Elsie Stewart. Lo
.s Ilames. James Partridg.e.
J. W. Balhlitinc. Prin.
Pleasant Grove News.
Mrs. A. T. Fortner is confined
.o her bed with cold and grip.
L. D. Baker has purchased t
from Ben Hagood a nice team
)f mules and says that he is go- 1
ng to farm some this year.
Born unto Mr. and Mrs. A. L.
Fortner, on the 19th inst., a fine
pai ks Goodlet is very sick with
-old and grip. His friends hope f
or him a speedy recovery, c
Farm work in this section is J
)eginning to get behind on ac- c
.ount of so much rain.
A. B. Talley of this sOction,
rent to Greenyille on business
Wednesday. f
There was a box supper given r
it the home of J. L. Burgess on
ast Saturday night for the pur
)ose of raising money to finish j
>aying 'for the seats for the
leasant Grove church. The K
roung folks enjovel themselves
icely and the behavior was y
rood. The amount raised was
14.85. The time set apart for
lie dedication of this new
:hurch is the second Sunday in
lay. This will be a big day
mnd we ar' looking for a large 11
I wonder what the Greenville
'iedmont thinks about a busy
sews carrier?
A Farmer. I
Pickens Route 2.
Mr. anQ Mrs. R. B. Hunnicutt $
pent last Sunday with Mr. and i
dfrs. E. G. Childress.'
Miss Nettie Porter of Pickens, i
isiteua Miss Lizzie Garrett last i
saturday night.
Miss Mary Hunnicutt and her
tnt, Mrs. E. G. Childress, spent I
ast Monday with their aunt,
Nrs. N. A. Christopher at Pick -
Miss Mary Hunnicutt (ntcr
tained several~ of her friends~
ast Sunday. Those present
were: Misses Lizzie Garrett,
ettie Porter, 11er Lark and
renia Stephens. Messrs. Jake
Porter, Noah Lark, Ralph Gar
rett, Arthur- Stephens. Walte
B~olding and Mr. andl Mrs. Alvn
Misses Vessie and Lli ei
isited Miss Maude Parrott last
,unda y. Pa pa'. (9ok.
Are You Constipated?
If, so get a box of Dr. ~K>
ew Life Pills, tote them n
rularly and your trouble will
uickly dlisa'ppear. They w'iI
four diges'tion) and ge id of
tll the pocison rom you sys-l
em. They will suel gi- vo
.vell again. 25c at Picken
rug Co.
A pr.omise is sonwthin ih
rou should keep when ou gi ve
two ways. One way is to
1 a piece of goods andl I
aken, by somebody who
and wvait ten days to three 1
can't tell how becomning 1
ice on the fit, you don't I
rell made or not.
buy ready-made (loes
nent, the styles are pro
in the world, you know in
t. You know whe you
at they'rc all wool, and
than an hour. and wear
~en ville drop in anci L Lijt
e refund railroad fare:. "
Cyclone Kills Many.
Seven thousand people
cvere drowned in TIdiana
m1(d Ohio, and over a hun
I rel thousamI left homeless
,y the high waters Tues
lay. There is much suf
According to reports more
han 200 persons were killed
md more than 600 injured in a
vindstorm that demolished 450
iomes, damaged hundreds of
)ther buildings and caused a
nonetary loss of probably $12,
)O,000 Sanday night. Most of
he damage was in Omaha,
Keb. Some damage was also
lone in Iowa and Indiana.
(illed in Pool Rooms and Sun
day Movie.
Thirty victims of the Omaba
oinado were killed in a Sunday
movie" picture show.
Between forty and fifty were
:illed in a pool room patronized
>y negroes.
The 'Diamond" motion pic
nre theater was almost filled to
he doors when the tornado
amie, and thirty victims were
:Hlied outright, while many
thers were injured, There was
o time for escape from the
Sunday afternoon performance,
chich was the largest attended
f the Easter Sabbath.
The pool room hall was swept
rom its foundations, and in the
rash between forty and fifty
unday afternoon visitors were
rushed to instant d.. ath
A Card of Thanks.
We wish to express our heart
elt thanks to our friends and
eighhors for their kindness,
rayers and financial support
uring the sickness of our dear
fife and mother.
These people will always be
recious to our hearts, and we
raise the Lord that our lots
ave been cast among these
ood people.
Levi Rigdon and Family.
The only way to avoid trouble
1 this old world is to avoid be
Order you
'We pay p
not satisfied r<
by next mail.
Below is am parti
Ladies Pumj
Black Roseben Silk
weight, welt sole $4.00.
Black Craveretted Si
satin bow $4.00.
Black Patent Leathe
hand1( sewved, $3.50.
Black Patent Leathe
McKay sewed, $3.00.
Black Gun Metal Pum
hels at $3.0o, $3.50 and
Black Gun Metal Pt
heels with tips at $3,oo
Black Patent Pumps,
Black Patent Pumps,
with two straps $3.oo
Black Gun Metal Pi
heels with two straps, $3
Tan Calf Pumps, plai
$3.00, .3 50 and 4.00.
Tanm Calf Pumps, wi
$3.oo and 4.00.
White Nu-Buck har
Pumps, plain toe 4.00.
WVhite Nu-Buck har
Pumps, with tips, 3.50.
WVhite Linen hand sev
White Canvas .Pumps,
hand sewed, 2-50.
Htow to or
enclose P. O.<
Montvale School
Closed Friday
Montvale school closed last
Friday, 21st, after a most suc
cessful session. Miss Irene
Hendricks was the capable and
popular teacher this year.
Three prizes were offered the
pupils and awarded. The prize
for the pupil advancing the
most during the session was
awarded to Thaylia Chastain;
and the prizes for making most
headmarks were awarded to
Walter Gravley and Garrie Por
County Superintendent Hal
lum was present and made an
excellent address on education.
I Thc patrons and trustees of
this school have raised enough
money to build another room to
their present building this sum
mer, and next year Montvale
will have two teachers.
Although only two years old,
this is already an excellent
school and has a large atten
dance, but the patrons are not
going to stop until they have a
rural graded school.
Keep your eye on Montyale!
J. T. Brown Dead.
J. T. Brown died near Enoree,
in Spartanburg county, March
15th, 1913, and was buried at
Antioch church the day follow
ing his death.
Mr. Brown was a native of
Pickens county, having been
horn and raised one mile north
of Griffin church. He was 73
years old and leves a widow
and four daughters, besides five,:
brothers, one sister and many
other relatives to mourn for
him. His living brothers and
sisters are, W, Silas Brown of
Resaca, Ga., H. J. Brown of
Plainville, Ga., J. A. Brown of
near Pelzer, S. H. and R. B.
Brown and Mrs. Sallie Chap
man of this county.
He was a Confederate veteran
land was one of the first to take
up arms for his country, joining
the 4th Regiment, Company H.
He was captain of R. Y. H.
Griffin's company and was later
transferred to the 37th Virginia
Cayalry where he served until
the surrender.
r low cut Shoes fu
r1e-Willis Ce., Gre(
rcel post charges
~turn your shoes a
1l catalogue of the many styl<
have all' kind and styles.
)s. Ladies C
. White Nu-Buc1
medium oxford, hand sewe<
Patent Colt four
1k Pump, hand sewed at 3-5(
Patent Kid four
r Pump, plain toe at 3 50.
Black Gun Meta
r Pumps, fords, with tip 3-5c
Black Gun M
s, regular oxfords wvith tip 3.(
$400. Tan Calf four bt
bw oxford 3.50
mps, T Ian Calf Bluche
an $35. at 3.oo and 3.50.
ow heels, Gun Metal Blut
3.00 and 3.50.
low heels Patent Blucher 4
and 3.50.
mps, low Kid oxfords v
.0o. and patent tips
a LOes at from 1-50 up.
All kind of comn:
h tip)s at or elastic with wic
heels at 1.50 and:
~d sewed Ladies hospital
a sewed ubber heels at 2.C
d sewed Misses and
~el 1~n~~ i sssLow 4
plain toe Pumps with straps
2.25 and 2.50.
Misses hand se
der:. Send size an
son -Ash2
New Enterprise
For Pickens.
Pickens is to have a new
manufacturing enterprise. The
Dixie Daisy Haystack Ventila
tor Co. have purchased the nec
essary machinery and will man
ufacture haystack ventilators
here. The building formerly
used by B. E. Grandy for his
planing mill near the depot, has
been secured and the plant will
begin operation about April 15.
The capacity of the plant will
be from 2400 to 4800 ventilators
a day. The article to-be manu
factured was recently invented
and patented by J. F. Harris of
Pickens, and it is said will save
twice as much hay as the old
way of saving it. It will be a
great thing for the farmers and
the cost is small.
The company is capitalized at
$10,000. The charter has been
issued and the officers are J.
McD. Bruce, president and
treasurer: J. F. Harris, vice
president and general manager,
and T. J. Mauldin, secretary
The stockholders are the presi
dent, vice president, secretary,
and R. E. [Bruce, G. A. Ellis,
W. T. Bates, I. M. Mauldin, B.
Lewis, and A. M. Morris. That
they have great faith in the
zood qualities of the ventilator
is shown by the fact that all the
stock was subscribed in three
Traveling salesmen will be
put on the road and an extensive
advertising c impaign inaugu
rated. Orders for many thous
and have already been secured.
We wish the company great
success and hope it will be the'
means of helping the farmers
?very where to realize more on
heir hay.
At School House.
The last lyceum number to be
bere this season will appear at
re school auditorium Wednes
lay night, March 26. The
Price Concert Company is the
attraction and they come with
good recommendations as high
lass entertainers. Admission
25c and 50c.
>m the enorrnouis
mHville, S. C.
and guarantee s~
nid we will > efund
is we carry, if the style yo1
IXfords. pumnps m t
c four button Missesth
I at 3.50. Misses h
button oxford, and nu-bu'
button oxfords, sizes 8 to 1
foulr button ox- Childtren
al four button We a
itton hand sewed cib heup
r (lace) oxtords \Ve are
:her Oxfords at celebrated
and Oxfo
)xfords at 3.00 SH EIM an
. We have
nth plain toes all leathers
absolutely solid .'u nti
ort low cuts, lace low cuts fr(
!e toe and losv a3oos T
.oo. w.t Men's T
low cutsat 3.00 and
o. Men's G
Childrens fords 30o0
juts. patent leati
~wed Tan Calf kid at Reg
sizes 11 to 2, at All Flor
and 5.50.
ed Gun Metal All Nett1
:1 wid th in style
more -W'
Marietta Route 2.
Health is very good in thi:
The farmers are somewhal
behind with their work on ac
count of so much rain.
Mrs. Beulah McJunkin visited
her mother. M. B. Cantrell lasi
Friday night.
Miss Eva Cantrell spent last
Saturday and Sunday with her
sister, Mrs. R. L. McJunkin.
Dee Lynch says he will leave
for Montana about the first of
April. We hope that Mr. L.
will change his mind. We do
not think that he can beat this
county by going west.
Mrs. Sunnie Hendricks spent
last Friday night with Mrs, A.
B. Cantrell, who is very sick
with cold.
Little Miss Pearline McJunkin
visited Miss Eva Cantrell one
night last week.
Dee Lynch spent last Satur
day night with his grandfather,
W. D. Edens.
The musical entertainment
given by L. B. Williams was
enjoyed by all present.
L. M. Ri'don and E. N. Mc
Junkin took dinner with J. D.
M. Keith last Sunday.
Blue Eyes.
State Sunday School Convention
The State Sunday School As
sociation, the largest religious
organization in the State, holds
its thirty-sixth annual convea
tion in the city of Sumter. April
2d, 3d, and 4th. This will be
a remarkable gathering. Eyery
county in the State will be rep
resented. There will be a num
ber of noted speakers. Mr. W.
C. Pearce of Chicago, will be
present and will be he ard in a
number of addresses. Judge
Carthel of Nashville, will also
appear several times on the prp
gramme. Some of th; best
speakers of our own State will
deliver addresses.
Preaching at Mountain Grove.
Rev. W. T. Abbott will preach
at Mountain Grove church nit
Sunday (30th) at 11 o'clock.
stock of H~en
~tisfaction, if
your moneyI
Iwant is not listed1
- 2 at 2.00, 2,23, 2.50
nd sewed P'atent pumpls
~.oo, 2.25 and 2.50.
nd sewed white canvas
e pumps at all prices.
s sizes in same as above
iat Soc less.
s sizes in same as above
are 1.50 per pair.
e a comolete line of
childrens oxfords from
Have not room to
gents for the following
lines ol Men's Shoes
ci REGA L.
each of these makes in
and colors and can give
g that is new in mens
m 3.00 Up.
n Calf Button Oxfords
mn Calf Blucher Oxfords
un Metal Blucher Ox
tnd 3.50.
ng that Regal makes in
ers, tans, king calf and
d1 pric s.
~heim low cuts at 5.00
eton low cuts at 6.o0.
wanted and
Hlis Co.
Hookworm Doctor
is in Pickens
Dr. Rogers, a specialist on the
hookworm disease, will be in
Pickens county six weeks to ex
amine any man, woman or
child who applies to him. His
services are free to all. He will
be at the following places on the
days named, one day at each
place for six weeks:
Tuesdays at Central: Wednes
days at Pickens: Thursdays at
Punmpkintown; Fridays at Lib
erty. and Satardays at Easley.
G. K. Hendricks. Dead.
George K. Hendricks of this
county, died last Tuesday and
was buried the' day following
his death at Ooleuoy.
Mr. Hendricks was an hon
ored citizen and well known all
over the county. He was mar
ried three times. His first wife
was Miss Elizabeth Keith, and
to them were born five children,
two of whom are dead. The
living children are Mrs. L. A.
Roper and Mrs. T. L. Roper of
this county and John S. Hen
dricks of Alabama. His second
wife was Miss Jane Gilstrap,
and the third was Miss Avatila
Mr. Hendricks was a son of
Col.' John 0. Hendricks. He
was a Confederate soldier in
Company H. 2d S. C. volun
teers. While in the army he
contracted measles and it was
supposed that the measles set
tled in one of his arms which
had been broken, and his hand
was drawn leaving him a crip
ple for life. He was a member
of Oolenoy Baptist church for
forty years. He leaves a wife,
three children, on; sister and a
brother, besides many relative
and innumerable friends to
mourn his death.
Death of Mr. M. W. Newton.
'Mr. Marion W. Ne.-ton died
a! his home--t Pendleton last
Monday and was tried the
day following in the ceiir try
at that place.
He was 65 Years old and is
survived by his wife and ten
children. About th'ee months
ago he suffered a stroke of - pa
ralysis and his condition has
steadily growh worse until the
end came.
Mr. Newton was well known
in this county having lived near
this place until three years ago
when he bought near Norris and
later buying a home at Pendle
ton. He numbered his friends
by his acquaintances and was a
man of sterling qualities and a
lifelong member of the Metho
dist church. Our tender sympa
thies go out to the bereaved
ones in their sorrow.
Death of Mrs. Hudson.
Mrs. Hudson, a daughter of
John M. Lesley, died at her
home a few miles below Easley
last [Tuesday. Her remains
were buried the day following
her death at Mt. Zion church,
Res. D. W. Hiott conducting
the fun'eral services. Mrs. Hud
son leaves a' husband, father,
mother and three small children
and many friends to mourn her
death. - ________
For Mayor.
Believing that G. R. Hen
dricks has made one of the best
mayors we have ever had and
'has managed the affairs of the
town with much ability during
the term he has served, we
hereby announce him as a can
didate for mayor of Pickens in
the election of April 4. 101:3.
Many Friends..
The friends of W. L. Matheny
'announce him a candidate for
ald erman of the city of Pickens
in the election of April 4th.
The friends of Dr. L. F. Rob
inson announce him a candidate
for alderman of the city of
Pickens in the election of April
~ My stock of new crisp 5
for your inspection. I sj
Sthis Stock with a view to
and am satisfied that I ca
iiune of Staple and Fancy
as you will find anywhere
prices for the same qualit
W\hite Goods are great]
1 am specially stroxng her<
roc to Soc the yard.
* 'One of the biggest stoc]
-the right goods at the
* 'Underwear for men and
You will do yourself an i
at my goods and get my
Spring Gos
'1A. K.
West End,
Warm Race for
Mayor of
The race for Mayor is w
warm, or at least inte
L. B. O'Dell has annou
himself, or his friends have
nounced him a ca ndidate
mayor. Rumor has itt
R. J. Gilliland and J. T.
expect to be in the race.. "
Miss Eva Wyatt, arstide
Columbia College, spent
at home with her parents
and Mrs. C. N. Wyatt. A
Miss Essie Hagood, a t
at College for Women,l
1bia, spent Easter with her
Srents, Mr. and Mrs. W.
Presiding Elder.
ed at the Alice Mill
It was said to be a great
The Methodist people b
decided to repaint their
house for the presen d
later, and the old buildin
tainly does show to good ady'
tage set upon the hill in shin
Miss Zoe Glazener is in
ens this week looking afte&
telephone office. .
Mrs. W. D. Spearman
spending this week with r
tives in the Mt. Pisgah
Master John Earle Gra
of Greenville, is with his grai
parents. Mr. and Mrs, L.
Glazener. . -
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Hagco
of Pickens visited in Easleyh
Walter Robinson, a student a
Davidson College spent the Eas
ter holidays with his. 'agents;
Mr. and Mrs. W, W. Robin
S. M. Snider, a promine
jeweler of Durham, N. C. 'isi
ed his brother, Harvey Snider
{ last week.
Sam N. Wyatt, formerly
this city but now of ,Spart
burg, was in Easley this.
shakin hands with his f
J: . ic , who. h
confined to his for sev
dadys, is able t
' i visit to his sister,
Mrs. John Cely, in Anderson
Mr. Ben F. Rogers died at his
home in Easley Sunday. night
in the 66th year of his life- and
was buried at Zion church. He .
was a life long member of tie
Methodist church and lived a
spotless life. He leaves one son,
Mr. Will Rogers. of Easley; two
brothers, M. P. and Fran'ce
Rogers, and one sister,. M're,
Laban Mauldin, of Easley.
B. Jones is building a beauti
ful home near W. M. Hagood,.
Work is going -on on the.d
buligof Editor C. T. MaitinM
onTbeRock street.
Miss Virgil Sellers, of
Greenville Female1
visiting her parents, Mr.
IMrs. P. H. Sellers.
Rev. D. W. Hiott was made
to rejoice on last Friday .whend
a heavy pounding danie froni.
his church at Norris. This.ja -
the second pounding in the last
sIx months. Thd~h '/
a preacher needs.
G, W. Kelley, who hasben
very sick is - iproving.W
hond he will soon be out a
Delegates to the Old Solif
Ire-union to be held in Aiken . -
Api are: B. C. Johnson, DI
IW. Hiott; alternates, Elias Da,
and W. F. Divis. Delegate~Q
the atinalre-union to be hel
in Chattanooga in May
Hon. Laban Mauldini, .+
McCollum; alternates,
Mauldin, and T. J. BowenA
Mrs. J. L. Bolt, we are
to report, is quite sick.
Miss Sadie Kate Hunter, o
M arion now a student at G.L
C., spent the week-end'tW
Miss Floride Davis.
L iss 'Nan Neil spent Eastr
with friends in Spartanburg.
We are glad to report that D
J. L. Bolt is improving.
pring Goods is now readyI
ared no effort in selecting
Quality, Style and Pric4
n show you as completea'a
Dry Goods and Notions
e, and as heretofore, my
yof goods shall be the
y in h.vor this season, and
in new white
is of Hosiery in re
right prices.
women, in all grade
ajustice if you fail t
prices before buyin

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