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1S 1your Home Papex '
Entered April 23, 1903 at Pickens, S. C. as second class mail matter, under act of Congress of March 3. 1879
PICKENS, S. C.. APRIL 17, 1913
Established 1871-Volume 42
Six Mile Commence
ment Exercises.
Comme:.cement exercises of
Six Mile Baptist Academy,
" -April 19th, 20th and 21st.
Saturday, April 19th, 10 a. m.
-Essay and declamation con
Saturday, 2 p. m.-Entertain
ment by prim -try department.
-Saturday. 8 p. m.-Debate
and recite.Lion contests.
2-:.Lay, April 20th, 10 a. m -
Baccalaureate sermon, Rev. J.
F. Vines, D. D.
Monday, April 21st, 10:30 a.
m.-Literary address, Superin
tendent A. E. Brown, D. D.
Monday; 8 p. m.-Piano and
song recital.
Cedar Rock.
McD. Farmer, of the Tabor
section, went to Greenville last
week on business.
Osborne Williams spent the
week-end with relatives near
Elmer Hendrix and Grayson
Miller attended the all-day sing
ing at Rice's Creek Sunday.
Julius B. Dacus, of Easley,
was visiting relatives in this
community Sunday.
Mrs. Bettie F. Robinson and
s tle daughter, Kate, of Prince
ton,'are spending awhile with
Mrs. John W. Stewart,
L. F. Smith attended the
singing at Zion Sunday.
Mrs. Lou Cisson and daughter,
Miss Lula, were visiting at Joel
H. Miller's last week.
Edward N. Robins, of Green
ville, spent the week-end here
with relatives.
Rev. W. C. Seaborn filled his
regular appointment at Cedar
Rock Sunday.,
Mesdames Robert Hendrix
and Tom Turner were visiting
at L. F. Smith's last week.
4 ~Pea Ridge items
Well, it just keeps raining
and most of the-people are be
hind with their planting.
The many friends of Ernest
Breazeale are sorry to learn*
that he is not improving very
Mr. Jesse Durham and wife
yisited R. D. Durham Sunday
Miss Mary Hunnicutt and
brother Garvin attended preach
ing at Concord Sunday.
Miss Essie Durham and bro
thers visited the Misses McColl
Sunday. .~,
J. A. Hunnicutt v w.'G.
*Childress recently.
*iMr. and Mrs. Henry Patter
son have a i ew b-.by boy at
their house.
What has become of Papa's
Cook? Surely must have so
- A much to cook that she hasn't
time to write.
*I think there was sure some
good truth in that temnperance
piece in The Sentinel last week,
and hope the one who wrote it
~Awill write again.
The Housekeeper.
Pickens Route 4.
The farmers are having some
good weather for planting.
Old Jack Frost may come
c-heavy yet.
Mr. Ed. Jones spent last Sat
urday night with Mr. D. Lynch
Mesdames E. N. McJunkin,
.Sunnie Hendricks, and Miss
Bessie Jones were giags of Mrs.
A. B. Cantrell one day last
Mr, Emory Jones and family
spent last Sunday night at the
~home of A. B. Cantrell.
%~Messrs. Iler and Elbert Mc
~Junkin paid their last visit to
Stheir friend, D. Lynch, on last
Monday night. Mr. Lynch left
Son Tus.
he expects to make his home.
His many friends wish him
See the call askina citizens to
*co-operate in the efogo~
ing made to make BEgg5 ghe
Revenue Officers
Get 3 Prisoners.
Three alleged "moonshiners"
were arrested this week by Dep
uty collector E. A. Aiken and
party on a blockade distillery
situated in the wilds of Slicken
Gap, Greenville county, one
half mile from Pickens county
line. The men arrested were J,
E, Masters. Willie Masters, and
Ely Cassell, who were taken to
Pickens Thursday, given a pre
liminary and bound over to the
United States District court for
The still consisted of a com
plete outfit, which was confis
cated by the officers.
Deputy Collector Aiken ,re
ports the seizeure of four stills
in Oconee county and one in
Pickens.-Greenville Piedmont.
Tabor School Closes.
The Tabor school closed last
Friday, 11th inst., after a most
successful session taught by
Prof. Fulton Childress. Several
prizes were offered during the
session. The recitation prizes
were won by Samuel Shirley
and Leona Neal, first and second
respectively. The prize for best
attendance was won by J. D.
Rampey, who also won the
prize for having the most head
Wants Postage
Rates Reduced.
The following bill was intro
duced by Congressman Wyatt
Aiken of this district last Mon
A Bill
To establish 1 cent letter post
Be it enacted by the Senate
and House of Representatives of
the United States of America in
Congress assembled,
That upon all mail matter of
the first class as defined by
chapter one hundred and eighty
of the laws of Congress approv
ed March third, eighteen hun
dred and seventynine, entitled
"An Act making appropriations
for the service of the Post Office
Department for the fiscal year
ending June thirtieth, eighteen
hundred and eighty, and for
other purposes," and by that
act declared subject to postage
at the rate of 3 cents for each
half ounce or fraction thereof,
and reduced by Act of Mairch
third, eighteen hundred and
eighty three, to 2 cents for each
half oz. or fraction thereof, and
reduced by Act of March third,
eighteen hundred and eighty
five, to 2 cents for each oaince or
fraction thereof, postage shall
be charged on and after the first
day of July. nineteen hundred
and fourteen, at the rate of 1
cent per ounce or fraction there
of, including drop letters, and
for each additional ounce or
fraction thereof the postage
shall be 1 cent additional.
Mrs. M, J. Cauley and daugh
ter, Miss Nora. and little grand
son, L, D. Barron, gave The
Sentinel a yerv pleasant call
while in Pickens Tuesday. I.
D. thinks he would like to learn
the printing business and we
have no doubt but that he would
make a good one when he is a
little older. He is a bright look
ing boy. Mrs. Cauley is oneof
our best subscribers.
Messrs R. H. Haves and W.
T. Day, two prominent citizens
of the Griffin section were in
town Saturday and gave The
Sentnelan appreciated visit.
Mr. Hayes brought with him a
'turnip which he raised that
weighs 14 pounds and mneasures
31 inches in circumference. The
turnip is "pethy" now and had
it been pulled several weeks age
it would doubtless have weigh
ed more.
In this issue of The Sentine
can be found the financial re
port of the city of Pickens fo:
he past year. Tim financia
cndition of the town seenw
bi- good shape. More ther~
8600. spent last year 0
paving st s and when al
nonev due1Icollected there wil
b a balan e- in the treasury,
Jy tthe Ylator of t1he Cit! of iC -k*s
W HEREAS, A great number of our citizens have
undertaken to create a sentiment in favor of
cleaning up our city and have taken definite
steps to bring to execution this most impor
tant work, and it seems to mean so much for the health
and beauty of our town, and is a matter in which every
citizen is interested:
I, G. R. Hendricks, Mayor of the City of Pickens,
S. C., do hereby appoint Tuesday April 22d, 1913, as a
day for all citizens to co-operate in the general joint ef
fort to put the city of Pickens in proper shape by clean
ing out all rubbish and trash and decaying and germ
producing matter from the premises, cleaning off all va
cant lots, removing debris a. d trash, and doing all that
lies in our power to enhance the beauty and establish the
cleanliness of our homes and places of business, as well
as the streets and public places, with special effort to the
elimination of all unsightly and unsanitary accumula
In this connection I deem it well to call the attention
of the public to the existence of Ordinances of the City
of Pickens which prohibit the owner or keeper of places
in the city from allowing rubbish, tin cans, trash and
decaying matter from accumulating about such premi
ses, and also which prohibit refuse from stores and build
ings, to be thrown or emptied upon any street or vacant
place unless the same shall be promptly removed, and
also to other Ordinances which enjoin upon the public
the observation of sanitary regulations and the mainte
nance of adequate arrangements for the prevention of
any accumulat ions which might work against the
health, convenience and h - of the town. Thesa Or
dinances will henceforth be entorced, and the Chief of
Police and his assistants are hereby directed to see that
they are promptly and reasonably enforced.
I earnestly urge upon all citizens to co-operate in
this movement, without which co-operation the sanitary
ends sought to be obtained and made permanent can
hardly be accomplished. Respectfully,
April. 15, 1913. Mayor City Pickens.
A Timely a
In response to the call of the public through the col
umns of The Sentinel, the Pickens Chapter, U. D. C., at
its last meeting decided to undertake some ciyic work.
Accordingly several committees were formed to arrange
plans for cleaning up and berutifying our naturally
Sbeautiful little yillage. The U.D.C. earnestly beg all the
Staking. Throughout South Carolina April 10 was set
/apart as "clean up" day. Almost every town in the
Sstate responded, and as a result a healthier, better con
4dition of things will exist during~ the coming months.
SThe town council will be asked to co-operate and a day
~set apart in which to "clean up," and although a little
4behind the other cities and towns, we may profit by the
Sreport of their work. Every one gets careless and from
an extremely small beginning the pile of trash becomes
Isufficient to be dangerous to health and a cause of fire.~
The Board of Health cannot be expected to search
/out every nook and cranny for violation of its regula-~
'tions. All citizens should respond to the call of the U.~
SD. C. and assist in making their efforts a succes.
SNotice of Meeting of Ladies
All the ladies requested to serve on committees,
/ as published in this issue, and all other ladies interested
/in the proposition of a cleaner town, are requested to
/ meet at the school auditorium Saturday afternoon, the
9 , 19th instant at 5:00 o'clock. A full attendance of the Ia
Sdies of Pickens requested.
Notice-Clean up Day
-The Daughters of the Confederacy feel assured that the 1h
dies of Pickens will aid them in their work of Civic Improvemer
-Iand request that the ladies will act on the various committees, a
hereinbelow indica ted.
-The following ladies are ask- With the merchants and pr<
Sed to serve on these committees: prietors of all business housE
On conference with the may- on Main street: Mrs. T. I
r: Mrs. Bruce Hagood, Mrs. Allen, Mrs. B. T. McDanie
5 R. Hendricks. Miss Helen Mrs. E. H. Craig, Mrs. C. 1V
B1oggs, Mrs, C. E. Robinson. Bowen, Mrs. L. C. Thornlea
5With the county supervisor Mrs. W. E. Findley, Miss Emm
0and commissioneLs: Mrs. W. Finney, and Mrs. T. D. Hari
T. McFall, Mrs. W. B. Freenm:.n, Owners of vacant lots: Mr:
0Mrs. B. F. Parsons, Mrs. A. J- A. M. Morris, Mrs. G. F. Kirb:
Boggs, Mrs. R. R. Roark, MIrs. Miss Nellie G-randy, Mrs. M. 15
5James Craig, Mrs. K. L. Cure- Holer Mrs. J. T. Hutchin
ton and Mrs. B. C. Rob'nson. Hodr
With the superintendent of an d Mrs. J1. M. Stewart.
1the school: Mrs. J. WV. Ballen- With the board of healti
tine, Mrs. T. L. Bi-.ens, Mrs. Mrs. J. J. Lewis. Mrs. J. '~
0X. T. Jeanes, Miss Florence 'Richey, Mrs. B. Lewis. Mrs. .1
:1Bowen, Mrs. J. 'L. Thornley, F. Robinson, Mrs. F. S. Porte
Miss Vesta Ashmore and Miss Mrs. J. L. Valley, and Mrs.
Elinor Knight. . N. Hallum.
IThe Sentinel is Grateful
:Some of our friends have evidently been saying some good
words for The Sentinel. We think so on account of the
number of new subscribers we hatye been getting 1 ly.
)We greatly appreciate the interest some of our nds are
taking in the paper and the kind wo ds thev . ak for us.
~We hope to make The Sentinel bette: more popular as
time goes by. We hope to make it p inently a Pickens
county paper and one which all of readers may read
w:h plasure.
Death at Dacus
vile; Other Locals.
J. E. Hughes, aged 21 years
died at his home near Dacusvill
on April 3 and was buried th<
day following his death al
Peter's Creek church, Rev. J
E. Foster conducting the funera
services. Heart dropsy was the
cause of his death and he hac
been in bad health all his life.
A brother, L. F. Hughes,
aged 27, died February 23, 1912.
and his funeral was also preach
ed by Mr. Foster on April 4th.
The bereaved ones have tht
sympathy of many friends.
J. Alonzo Smith, son of Z. H
Smith of near Dacusville, is very
sick with consumption and noi
expected to live long. He i;
about 20 years old has been suf
fering for a long time. WE
trust he will recover.
W. N. Jones has sold one-hall
interest in his Dacusville storE
to J. M. Hunt, and the firm
name is now Jones & Hunt.
Notice to Teachers.
The regular spring teacher':
examination will be held in the
court house Friday, May 2, 1913.
Examination will commencE
promptly at 9 o'clock. All ap
plicants are expected to be on
hand at that time. They are tc
furnish their own stationery.
By order of the State Board
of Education.
R. T. Hallum,
Co. Supt. Ed.
A wedding of much interest
took place in Liber ty last Wed
nesday, when Miss Anna Pearl
Smith was married to Mr. Colt
M. Robinson, of Lowell, N. C.,
Rev. J. C. Bailey performing
the ceremony.
The bride is one of this coun
ty's most popular young ladies,
and many expensive and beauti
ful presents attested the popu
larity of the couple.
Married, by Judge J. B. New
bery at his office on April 9th
1913, Miss Lucia Hendricks t<
Ar. Robert Self of near Pickens
Financial Report.
Financial Report of the City o:
Pickens for the year beginning
April 1st 1912 and ending Apri
1st 1913.
Pickens, S. C., April 1, 1913.
Mayor's salary...... $200.01
Clerk's salary........ 150.01
Police's salary ....... 600.0'
Aldermen............ 100.04
Street work......... 300.2,
Electric lights........ 504.9.
Board of Health... 75
interest acc't....... 5.6
Expenses and inci
dentals............. 67.7
Paid on city bonds. 67.8
Spent pvg. sidewalks 611.8
Lumber..... ........ 65.1
Disinfectant....... .. 64.9
Police Uniform.... 27.8
Jail fee ............. 58.1
Extra police service 51.0
Attorney fee......... 85.0
.Total ............. 3,07.8
Cash on hand....... .
Total cash........ 3073.3
Csh on hd. ApI. 1, 12 $47'
License tax........5
Street tax.........2
Adv. tax.......... 12 -
Fines................ 493.2
Cemetery acc't (cash
on hand)........... 45.5
Total ... ..........3,072.3
Due on license & tax $423.4
Due from county
for convicts........103.
Due on fines........8.
Due on pyg. contract 30.9
[fElectric lights from
Jan. 1ito April 1... 81374
Open acc'ts agst city 36.
ht. on bonds.........21.(
Totft- .....194.'
G. R. ricks,
L W. F. Mauldin, - vor.
Additional Locals
and Personals
Miss Margie Johnson, of Eas
ley, was the attractive guest of
Miss Grace Prince last Monday. 1
Messrs. J. H. Hughes and E. 2
W. Looser, of the Dacusvilk r
section, were in Pickens Tues
day on business. I
Miss -Helen Boggs and Mr. E
Julius Boggs attended the o
Smith - Robinson wedding in a
Liberty last week. e
A heavy snow fell on the j
mountains above Pickens the l
first part of this week and can
be plainly seen from here.
L. C. Thornley visited his
mother, Mrs. Evelyn Thornley, I
in Anderson on Friday. Mrs.
Thornley is still very ill.
Mrs. Olga Goodwin and chil
dren, of Greenville, spent Sun
day in with her parents, Mr. v
and Mrs. H. A. Richey.
Mr. and Mrs. T. F. Taylor, of
Liberty route 2, visited her peo
ple, Mr. Frank Taylor and sis
ters, of near Pickens several
days this week.
Prof, Fulton Childress, who
taught the Tabor school near r
Central the past session, was in
in Pickens Saturday and gave I
us a pleasant call.
Please phone any local or item
of news that you wish put in
The Sentinel to No. 35. We
appreciate it if you will give us
all the news that you can.
Rey. Mr. Vaughn, pastor of
the Liberty Methodist church,
preach'ed an excellent sermon to
a -large congregation in the
Methodist church Sunday morn
Urge your children to join the
Mosquito Club. Teach them the 1
danger of allowing old tin cans (
aird other vessels to accumulate
as breeding places for germ car
rying insects.
Executions f o r delinquent
taxes have been turned over to
the sheriff by the treasurer for
collection. TDere-are 475 delin
<quents this year, which is a
much larger number than usual.
The statements of three of
Pickens county's good banks
appear in this issue of the Senti
nel. The goyernment requires
all banks to publish these state-1
ments sg that the people may
see them. Read them.
The young people of the town
are planning to organize a ten
nis club, and all of the young
people of the town are invited
to join. The court will be on the
Baptist church property. Any
one is invited to join who wish
es to play.
Mrs. G. R. Hendricks was
hostess for her Sunday school
class on Thursday evening.
Mrs. Hendricks served delicious
ice cream and cake. During
the evening progressive games
were played. The members of
the class spent a most enjoyable
tA number of yo ma~ people
spent a very pleasant time with
Miss Grace Prince on Thursday
-eveneng. Those present were:
Miss Emily Bright, Mattie Find
.ley, Margaret Booker, Maka
,Boggs, Lorena Taylor. Messrs.
Ernest Christopher, Whitsitt
Hiott, Bob Ailthony, Hagood
Bruce, Weldon Christopher,
Dwight Attaway.
, T. H. Stewart, of Pickens,
, attended the singing at Rice's
; Creek church Sunday. He re
ports that a large crowd was
i: present and everybody seemed
'. to have a pleasant time. Among
.those who led the singing were
, Messrs. R. M. Bolding, R. L.
- Boggs, P. C, Cartee, Samuel
.Gentry and J. C. Garrett, who
also made an address.
Why not clean cff that Court
House square. It is the property
of the county and the whole
-nty feels a pride in seeing it
kep 49r a respectab'e condition.
To the~ Honorable Supervisor
and Coun'y C~frmissioners, we
take the liberty of~ggestmng
that they take this mafter in
hand and give speed to the
caning work in Pickens..
T. Oliver Pickens
Dead; Easley Dots
Mr. J. Oliver Pickens, who
or several years was a promi
ient business man of Easley,
>ut for the past few months on
4count of failing health had
etired from active business,
led at the home of his sister,
Irs. J. M. Cely in Brushy Creek
ownship, Anderson. county on
unday night. He was a son
f the late Col. W. S. Pickens
nd was a man held in high
steem. Mr. Pickens. who was
.nmarried, is survived by two
Brothers, three sisters and a
arge family connection. He
as a member of the Methodist
hurch at Pickens Chapel, and
Iso took an interest in secret
rders, being a member of the
Lnights of Pythias and the
fasonic order. The funeral
ervices and interment took
lace Monday afternoon at
ickens Chapel in the presence
f a number relatives and friends
ith Masonic honors the funeral
ervices being conducted by the
tev. D. W. Hiott.
Miss Itau Glazener of Ashe
ille and Arthur Glazener of
Jewberry have been visiting
heir parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.
5. Glazener.
R. W. Hiott and family have
coved here from Macon, Ga.
Mrs. Finley Cox of -Atlanta,
as. been on a visit to her sister,
rs. E. F. Wyatt.
The Ergatakin club held its
Ani-monthly meeting at the
co-ne of Mrs. T'7M..Myers last
riday afternoon.. Despite- the
nclement weather the attend
once was very good and the af
ernoon was thoroughly enjoyed
) all who were present. Be
ides the regular members,there
ere present Miss L u c i l e
{umphries and Mrs. C. N.
Vyatt. Immediately upon ar
ival the guests were refreshed
with delicious grape juice and
ater in the afternoon a deli
rious ice course was served.
Miss Belle Norris snent the
reek-end in Greenville with her
ister Mrs. R. C. Burts.
Carl Pepper who has been at
ending the Atlanta Medical
ollege is at home for his vaca
Messrs. Sam Mauldin and
'rank Davis spent Saturday
vrith friends in Easley.
Charley Garrett's new resi
lence on College street is near
ng completion,
Rosco Lesley has moved into
is new residence on East Main
The W. 0. W. camp here has
.nvited the Pickens camp to be
with them at t'heir next meet
ng. __ _ _ _ _
Pickens Route 4.
This is the the 15th of April
and Coesar's Head mountain is
covered with snow.
Farm work is getting behind.
Mrs. A. B. Cantrell is sich
with lagrippe.
A. A. Jones speit Sunday
with A. B. Cantrell.
De Lynch left the first of this
month for Dillon, Montana.
We wish him good luck.
Mrs. Beulah McJunkin visitei
her mother Sunday night.
Hovey Singleton spent Sun
day night with his cousin, Mrs
R. L. McJunkin.
Miss Bessie Jones visited Mis
Eva Cantrell one evening las1
week. Winter Pink.
Rare Stock.
"This dog of mine is som
dog, let me tell you! He has
wonderful pedigree."
"I suppose you trace hin
away back to the dog. Noal
took into the ark."
"Say, this dog's ancestor
didn't go into the ark. He had
a bark of his own."
Drives Sick Headache Away.
Sick headaches, and sour gas
sy stomach, indigestion. bilious
ness disappear quickly after yoi
take Dr. King's New Life Pills
They purify the blood and Pu
new life and yigor in the systen
Try them and you will be wel
satisfied. Every pill helps; ey'
erv box guaranteed. Price 25c
eommmended by Pickens Druj
Town will nau
Your Trash Awa
On the 2d day of November$
1907, there was an Or
passed entitled "To Aid :in
Cleanliness of the To "
Section one reads as follows:
That all persons having plaaes
of business in the town of Pick
ens are hereby required to pi'o
vide proper-'recepticles for th'e
purpose of placing - therein
loose papers, tin cans, etc.. anc =
the same shall be removed from
such recepticles as often as once
every two weeks.
"Sec. 2. All loose papersad
other rubbish accumulating
about the premises of any per
son within .the limi
town shall be placed in said
or barrels and in no event "
the same be cast or scatte
upon the streets or allowe:
remain loose about the prem
What everybody wants iss
clean, healthful and respecta%
looking town, and by all help
ing to carry out the above
nances we can easily have
Each resident that does,
have his trash or rubbishi'E
ed will please have a bagil or
can in which to place all their
trash, tin cans, etc. and on eaft
first and third Monday thetI
wagon will come around and?
get this accumulation ands
it away.
On these two days in sa _
month you will' please plac
these cans or .
or white man can get to them- ,
without much trouble andiaftek
trash is taken out they Will b
On accoiitof next Tuesd
being clean-up ,the w
will go around Wein
for the purposelof hauling aw
Greenville Landmaik Gone _ 21
Many of Greenville's old est
inhabitants have been r
ing on the change that. the re
moval of the Markley dam has
made along Reedy River. The
water has 'gone sdown several
feet and the ford at the- River
street crossing presents a far
different aspect from what i
did a few days ago. The stag-.
nant pool has been drained and,
other changes have taken place.~
The Markley dam isle- of th
old land-marks of Greenville.
It was established at this spot
on the river by the late Vairli
McIee, about 1855. The dami
has been at this spot ever sin
most people now
Greenville can remember and
its rerpoval, consquently, isenap
event of some significance~totke
older folk from the historical
For Burns, Bruises and Sores.
IThe quickest and surest cure
for burns, bruises, boils, soresr
inflamation and all skin diseas-'
es is Bucklen's Arnica SalA
four days it cured U.
of Iredell, Tex., of a sore on
ankle which pained. him -so
could hardly walk. Should
m every - house. Only
Recommended by Pickens Drag
Co. __ _ _
The old "Fixit" shop 'will-be
reopened this week by Dick
Richey, who will be prepared-,to
do all kinds of repair work on
machines, bicycles, guns, auto
mobiles, etc. -
SPickens is a beautiful spot,
and nature has done more than
her inhabitants to make it so.
Let everybody join in making
it an attractive place by adding' '~
to the work of nature.
Joe Stephens, who lives
route 5, was the first colored
person to get one of the old blue
back spellers we gave away.
He wsmighty proud of it and
says he is golne to learn to spel
good. __ _ _ _ _
'Wells cleaned Out,
-dug, blasted and fixed up in
zwtles per cet ofadynamite.
I guarantee my work to give
-stsation. Anyone wishng
Swork done drop me a card or
see me at Pickens. Am better
I prepared to do your work than *
. anybody else in town.
apr17 Dan Blair.
nhbam-ihe for The Sentiki5

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