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Yourour Home P
PUBLISHED WEEKLY Entered April 23, 1903 at Pickens, S. C. as second class mall matter, under act ofCongress of March 3, 1879 SUBSCRIPTION
' ' uvised 1871-Volume 42 PICKENS, S. C., APRIL 24, 1913
Six Mik Acaden
HE closing exercises of the Si
lAril 19, at 10 o'clock in the
This closes the third alid mc
my's work. With Prof. Rutle
moved forward and the prosp
Prof. Rutledge has been
ably assisted during the
session by Miss Mayne
Rutledge, with Miss Berta
Jones teaching the primary
department and Miss Bess
Moulton in charge of the
music departnent.
Monday morning the es
say contest for girls and
essay contest for boys were
held. The contestanits
- proved that they have re
ceived excellent trainin2
in writing and oratory.
Miss Bethel Mann, whose
essay on"Happiness"show
ed clear and serious thought
was awaided first honor,
a gold medal. Mr. Wesley
James was awarded the
declaimer's medal.
The exercises in the af
$ W ternoon, by the primary
department, were interest
ing and entertaining. Miss
a st-ones deserves credit for her;
thEcareful training of the children.
1 Saturday evening at 8 o'clock
a debate and recitation contest
was held. In the first and sec
ond contest Mr. Clarence Mann
won the debater's medal and
his sister, Miss Ethel, won the
recitation medal. Misses Floride
Prince and Ollie Durham tied
in the third contest. Mr. Walk
per will give each of them a
Sunday morning, the 20th,
Dr. n F, Vines, of Anderson,
preach:d the baccalaureate ser
mon; -r -his usual impressive
stlie he preached a gem of
truth. Text: Rev. 5-13: Bless
inz be unto him that sitteth
upon the throne and unto the
saint for ever and ever.
The evening service was the ,
B. Y. P. U. discussion of the
laymen's movement.
Monday morning Dr. A. E.
Brown made an address. It
was a plea for ;christian culture
-a real education. r
Monday evening a musical
program was given. Songs were r
sung, music selections were ren- c
dered on thc piano, much to the
enjoyment of all present, due to
the fine training by the popular r
music teacher, Miss Moulton.
The program as carried out
appears below:
Saturday, 10 P. M.
Essay contest: Miss Bess Dal
ton, "Self Control;" Miss Bethel
Mann, "Happiness:" Miss Cor
rie Kennemur, "Floating or
Piano solo-Miss Pearl Mur
Declamation contest: Wesley
* James, "The Age Needs Men;" fl
Mate Dillard, "Ideals of the New
Age;" J. A. Dullard, "The Bos- I
ton Massacre;" L. C. Dillard, F
"Trend of Time;" L. L. Bold
ing, "The Path of History: Sar
gent Griffin, "Dream of Aldor- A
-in;" W. C. Mann, "Life, Love
and Liberty, the Elements of
Government;" J. G. Lee, "The E
Death of Arnold;" Charlie -At
kinson, "A Centennial Oration," -
Decision of judges.
Saturday, 3 P. M.
Primary Program.
Invocation-Prof. S. A. Rut
"Welcome"-John H. Hen
drix and Margie Smith.
Scripture reading-Rom. 12
by third and fourth grades,.
Declamation --"The Fellow
With Grit" - Benson Young
Recitation-"Being Blue"
Beatrice Kelley.
The Dolly Show,
Recitation-'"What's theUse"
-Lois Evans.
"Choice of Trades"-Eight
Recitation- -"Sewing for Dol
ly-Harriet Evans.
Declamation-"A Boy's Trou
bles"-Earle Murphree,
Chorus-Boo-la-boo-la Man.
Declamation-"Boys' Rights"
-Leland Prince.
"Vacation Fun"-Ten boys
and ten girls. -d
Chorus -"Dolly's Lullaby
Iy Corn 1 e0ce e1t
x Mile Academy began Saturday
morning and lasted thru Monday
st successful year of the acade
dge as principal the work ha
cts are bright for another year
Principal Six Mile Baptist Academy
Valedictory-Flora Garrett.
Benediction-J. C. Garrett.
Saturday, 8 P. M.
Debater's contest. Miss May
rue Rutledge presiding. Query
Eor debate- Resolved, That Im
migrants Should be Allowed to
Dome to this Country. Clar
nce Mann, affirmative; Wesley
James, negative; Garcy Lee, af
Recitation contest: "The Un
:nown Rider," Ethel Mann:
"Fannie's Prayer," Lula Smith;
'Dixie's Culture," Mattie Dil- I
ard; "Redeemed," Bessie Dal
Third contest: Recitations by
'loride Prince, Floyd Dillard,|
)llie Durham, Irene Boldingj
nd Irene Smith.
Decisioi by judges.
10 a. m.-Baccalaureate ser
ion by Dr. John F. Vines.
8 p. m.-Discussion of lay
3en's movement by members
f B. Y. P. U.
10 a. m.-Invocation-J. T.
Literary address-Dr. A. E.
Benediction-C. E. Robinson.
8 p. m.-Musical program by
tudents and Miss Moulton.
Honor Roll Pickens Graded
School-Seventh Month.
8th Grade-Colie~ Seahorn.
7th Grade-Sallie Griffin, Em
la Herd. K
6th Grade-Ruth Cantrell, Joe
rank Freeman, Ella Lewis,
lorence Stewart.
5th Grade-Agnus Edens.
4th Grade -Melanie Thornley,
[ary Robinson.
3rd Grade-Eula Stewart.
2d Grade-Don Roark, Louise
lutchings, Katharine Hagood. I
J. W. Ballentine, Prin. s
You have not o
The Follov
Armstrong Pharmacy.
Edward L. Ayers.
Barr Dry Goods Company.
IR. L. R. Bentz.
IBruce & Doster Drug Comn
I vany.
IBruns McGee Company.
Secure from any of the i
made your last purchase. T
Chamber of Commerce. TF:
Remember the exc<
The rest room overt:
Squire W. C. Bram
.l lett Died Friday
After an illness of severe
months 'Squire "W. C. Bramle
died at his home near here las
Friday, the 18th inst. His deat
while not unexpected, was quit
a shock to his friends and love
ones. He had been in failin
health for several months an
the terrible malady which caus
ed his death would not yield t
the treatment of the most skil
ful physicians. He had live(
in and near this place for twent
years or more and by his quiet
fearless and upright life ha(
won the esteem and confidence
of all who knew him. For
few years after coming to Pick
ens h; engaged in merchandis
ing and finding this !too confin
ing moved to the country an<
farmed several years. Abou
five or six years ago he returned
to this place, was elected magis
trate and held the office until
this year, when his health gave
way. He was in his sixty-first
year and is survived by his
widow and a son. Prof. Andrew
Bramlett, of Clemson College,
and daughter, Mrs. J. M. Loop
er, of Dacusville.
His remains were laid to rest
in the cemetery here Saturday
afternoon in the presence of
many sorrowing friends, the
funeral services being conducted
by Rev. Mr. Mills. pastor of the
Presbx terian church at Clemson
Several years ago he united
with the Griffin Baptist church
and has ever since lived a con
sistent christian lifer His many
friends join in condolences to
the bereaved ones.
Six Mile Dots.
A sad death Saturday night.
that of Mr. Lollis, who was 23
years of age. Funeral services
were conducted by E. M. Bold
ing at the home and the body
was interred in the Liberty
rave yard.
The farmers are getting a
ood many cotton seed under
he surface,. where it will be
)est for them to remain until
ifter the cold snap,
Miss Shell, a former teacher
it the academy, attended the
:omimen cemnent exercises.
Miss Rankin, of Liberty, is
risiting friends here.
Miss Moneta Stewvart, of
?ickens, is visiting in this corn
Prof. Peatros attended com
nencement. He was a judge'
n the contest Saturday morn
Taylor H. Stewart, county~
reasurer, attended the com
nencement exercises.
Several of the boys and young
idies.enjoyed a drive to Clemi
on College. They say
nily the best mark
~ing is the I
cash purchases a:
ihases of 825.00O
rares both ways wv
Campbell Tile and Mantel
Comnnan y.
Caroilina H ard ware Company
Carpenter Brothers.
Childers-Cely Shoe Company
H. Endel.
Gilreath-Durhamn Company.
.bove firms a Chamber of Comi
hey will refund your railway fa
e :nerchant himself will redeen
llent rairoad servic(
e Fourth National Bank, with]:
Easley Local News.
Col. W. A. Neal, of Atlanta
was in Easley Monday on busi
Ll ness.
;t The city council is making
t preparations to pave the side
walk of Main street, which wil
be very helpful to the town
e We hope the good work will g<
d on till all the principal sidewalk:
are paved.
d Dr. and Mrs. J. L. Bolt ani
children spent last Sunday wit:
re'atives in Anderson.
Rev. E. V. Babb went to Fair
view Protestant M e t h o d i s t
church to deliver a missionary
address Sunday evening.
Evangelist Thomas Leith is
I assisting Rev, J. D. Holler at
the Easley mill in a protracted
t' meeting this week.
Mrs. B. W. Duckworth visit
ed her brother, C: M. Dacus, in
Greenville last week. Mr. Dacus
has been seriously ill for some
Miss Marguerite Geer. of
Greenville, was the attractive
guest of Mrs. J. H. .Cheatham
last week.
Quite a number from here at
tended the Inter-High School
Oratorical and Athletic contests
in Greenville last Friday and
Miss Janet Bolt delightfully
entertained a number of her
friends at her home last Thurs
day evening in honor of the
graduating class of the Easley
high school of which she is a
charming member. The house
was beautifully decorated in
the high school colors-green
and white. Three interesting
contests occupied the. greater
part of the evening. In the first
Prof. and Mrs. W. W. Benson
were the winners and were pre
sented with a lovely box of
stationery. Miss Floride Davis
and Mr. Ben Hagood received
the prize in the second contest,
while Miss Ruth King and Mr.
Benson were the winners in the
last contest of the evening.
Besides the contests other games
were enthusiastically entered
into and much enjoyed by all
present. During the evening a
delightful salad and sweet
course was served. Those pres
ent were Misses Margaret Sel
lers, Ruth King, Jennie Robin
son, Lucia Able, Helen Thomas,
Emily. Robinson, Ruth Thaxton,i
Margie Duckworth, Mabel Hen
derson. Margaret J a m e son,
Eula Barton, Lidie Thornton,
Ella Hiott and Floride Davis.
Messrs. Ben Hagood, Henry
Bolt, Walter Able, Charles
King, Ben Dav, Cal McMahan,
Frank Welborn, Frank Ellison,
Billie Anderson. Julian Hiott
and Orlando Folger.
In the election for city officers
last Monday the following were
elected: Mayor, Judge T. Lath-.
em; aldermen, Dr. J. C. Wal
ker, John Jameson, P. P. Mc
Daniel, H. S. Higgins
Quarterly conference for
North Pickens circuit, will be,
held at Bethel May 3 and 4th,
a full attendance earnestly re
Robert H. Lupo. P. C.
:et in upper South
having yo
m.ounting to $25.0
>r more one fare w
ill be refundedt up
Sthat wviii F
The Above Agreement Has Beel
Globe Optical Company.
0. M. Goodlett.
Greenville Furniture Compny
Hendlerson - Ashmore Willis]
Hobb)s - Henderson Company.
W. H. Houston & Brother.
How to Oet 2
nerce Rebate Book. Have purc
re.. This is an improvement on
1 it now.
Greenville's 5
datron in constant attendance is
Former Pickens
Citizen Deat
T. J. Finley died at his hom
in Piedmont last week and wa
buried at Shiloh church.
I Mr. Finley was a native a
Pickens county, having lived i
the old Gap Hill section, leavin
here about 25 years ago an
locating in Piedmont where h
w. s in the mercantile business
He had many friends and rela
tives in this county who ar
grieved at his death. He wa
64 years old. He was marries
twice, his first wife being a Mis
Arnold. To them two childrei
were born-Mary and Lizzie
His second wife was Miss Emm:
Smith and five children blesse<
this union-Jodie, Sue, Carrol
Albert and Willis. He als<
leaves three brothers-C. B
Finley of Pickens route 6, W
A. Finley of Easley, M. B. Fin
ley of Salem--and two sisters
Mrs. M. J. Robins of Pickens
route 6, and Mrs. L. E. Whit.
mire of Central route 2.
He was an uncle of F. L. Fin.
ley, John B. Craig and Ernesi
Alexander, of Pickens, -and F
A. and J. A. Finley, of Easley,
and James Finley, of Liberty.
Pickens Route 3.
The Sunday school that has
recently been organized at Por
ter's Chapel is progressing nice
ly with W. I. Gravley as super
intendent. We hope muc'h good
will be accomplished.
Nally Gravley is reported to
be very sick at this writing.
We hope he will soon be better
Mrs. Nally- Gravlev. who has
been very sick, is much improv
ed to the delight of her friends.
Rev. C. R. Anderson will
preach at Porter's Chapel next
Sunday evening at 4 o'clock.
Everybody is invited to attend.
Mr. and Mrs. Lem ''ravley
visited at Nally Gravley's last
Farmer's Wife.
Dacusville School Closes Friday.
The Dactisville high school
will close Friday, April 25th,
with l iterary exercises that
night at 8 o'clock in the school
building and commencement
sermon the followving Sunday at
11 o'clock in the same building
by Rev. D. D. Jones.
In addition to the exercises by
the pupils on Friday night we
hope to be favored with an ad
dress by Rural School Inspector
W. K. Tate, also Supt. R. T.
Hallum. Not only the pupils
but the patrons and friends are
especially invited to be present.
No admission fee.
James F. Watson,
'Suapt. of School.
Subscribe for The Sentinel.
Carolina in whic
u~r Rail way Fare
9 the Railway Pa:
ill be re-mnnded Jr
to 60 miles.
tefund Youi
i Entered Into by the Following
1. 0. Jones Company.
King-Browning Company. -
3, F. Lagerholm Compan y.
[Lewis Printing Company. I
ifahori-Tindal Company.
ifarkley Hardware & Manu- '
facturing Company.
our Railway Fa
hases entered in the book and;
the former plan by which it wa
iplendid Railwa
issenger trains daily
Fkathr Informag W:
Pleasant Grove News.
* Mr. Editor: I am very tirei
and don't feel like writing muc
e but I am always glad to give
your good paper the news.
I Gee and haw is the order of
the day now and you can hear
it in all directions.
e Mrs. H. D. Anderson. who
has been at Braddontown, Fla.,
-has returned home to spend the
summer. Mrs. Anderson went
to Florida last fall for her health
3 and she is improved very much
and says it is a fine locality for
anyone who wants to regain
their health. She says she lived
mostly on fruits while she was
away and she enjoyed the place
so much that she expects to go
back again some time in the
Some few farmers in this sec
tion have begun to plant cotton
seed altho some dre still hauling
Mr. Editor. your writer was
digging around some apple trees
the other day and dug up a 3 el
low jacket's nest. The young
ones were almost large enough
fly. I have never known this
so early before. It is surely be
cause we have a Democratic
The top of the Blue Ridge
mountains were covered in snow
last Tuesday. Reports from
North Carolina say it was two
inches deep over there.
J. P. Anders has purchased a
fine young mule and is having
a lot of fun learning it to plow.
Rev. J. E. Foster filled his
regular appointment at Pleasant
Grove church Saturday and I
Miss Mary Roper, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Roper, of
the Oolenoy section, visited in
this section last Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Batson, of
Mayfield were in town Sunday.
We will get to. have some!
peach pies yet if we don't have!
any more real cool weather.
A man living near Clev eland,
S. C., became intoxicated last
Wednesday and died from the
effects Thursday. This should
be a warning to all who indulge
in drinking whiskey. I
A Farmer. I
County Singing Convention.
The Pickens county singing,
con vention will meet with Flat'i
Rock Baptist church, five miles
below Liberty, Saturday and
Sunday, May 3 and 4th. Every
Sunday school in Pickens coun
ty is requested to send delegates.
A great time is expected.
h to do your tradji
Ref unded.
e both ways will I
om 40 to 50 miles;
r Railway ]
Well Known Greenville Firm
[auldin Ph:armacy. E.
etts & James. -Prh
[eyers-Arnold Company. ;L
-ace Printing Comnpariy. V
iedmont Shoe Company. S
oe Hardware and Supply Ste'
Company, L.]
re Refunded
i.s soon as they total the desired
3 necessary for the purchaser to
Vy Facilities
fromi all dlirections--18
to buy in Greenville---'l
Cedar Rock News.
The farmers of this sectior
certainly did use those pretty
days last week. A number of
them planted most of their
J. R, Johnson, of Honea Path,
was the week-end visitor of his
sister, Mrs. Joel H. Miller.
Mr. and Mrs. McD. Farmer,
;of the Tabor section, were the
guests of Mr, and Mrs. 3T Earl
Gilstrap Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Welborn
were visiting Mr. and Mrs. John
W. Stewart Sunday.
Cedar Rock school closed Fri
day after a successful term
taught by Mr. Elmer Hendrix.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Freeman
from near Pickens were the
guests of the latter's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. David Porter, Sun
Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Williams
attended church at Cross Roads
Paul Farmer spent the week
end as the guest of friends in
Fountain Inn.
Mr, and Mrs. Dock Hester, of
the Lenhardt section, were visit
ing friends and relatives in this
community Sunday.
Rev Mr. Watson. the princi
pal of the Dacusville high school
will preach at Cedar Rock
church the fourth Sunday after
noon at 4 o'clock.
Mr. and Mrs. R. McCollum
spent Sunday in Easley as the
guests of relatiyes. Rexie.
From Pea Ridge
I will give a few dots from
Pea Ridge No. 5.
Health in this community is
not very good at present. Mr.
W. M. Buynon is very sick at
this writing. Mr. D. A. Per
citt's son, Claud, is on the sick
ist. Clarence Skelton is also
very sick. Hope they will all
oon be up again.
The farmers are making good
ise of this pretty weather. The
>at crop is looking very promis
ng in this section. 'i
Mr. Vernon Jones closed a
rery flourishing school at Mar- ,
in, N. C., on Friday, April 18.
WVe compliment Prof. Jones on
11s good work in the school
,on. - - - - -J
Trespass Notice.
All persons are hereby warn~
gi not to trespass on my lands(
~or any purpose whatever.E
n15 . T. N.Daidson. 1t
1g, but the added
)e refunded up tc
tor purchases of (
, Poole. R. N.
le, Patton & Tilman. The I
tothschili4. The J
bt & Carter J. M.
th & Bristow, Wath
vart & Merritt. Jame
). Stradley & Company. I C
I. Stringer. . IJohn
amount, surrender the book to i
surrender the book' direct to
oni the Initerurban, 38
'he trading center of 111
Meet a
The sixth annuat.a,"
of the Piedmont
School Oratorical, a'i
Association was ield jar
yill last Saturday
Fitting school
place, Central '
this county w'
place and W
school third place.>'
team would have
better score but
to Kelly, one of th
who sprained his anklr
ing. At this time -
Furman 19, Centra
About 700 neopIe%
the 'events, man?
county being present 4>
Score by sch
ting School 44;
Westminster 14;:Ea
land 4; Greenville :and.
3; Fountain Inn and
Seneca 0.
The Central teanm1k
of Kelley, Falls,
Shirley. The Easley:,.
composed of Ellison,
born, Rogers, Folger
Since the assoeii
zation the folloW t
have won first place:
lev; 1909, Westminster,
Westm-nster; 1911, w
Greenville; 1913, Fu
ping school. -
In the oratorical
day night, Waddy
Walhalla won first %'
Poag, of Greenville;
Philip Price, of Fo"
The following have i
winners: 1908, Furman i
school; 1909, Easley; 1910Z
ey: 1911, Easley; 1912,
L913, Walhalla,
Owin the st
to gon ten sc
association P*
nable to io'
Birthday C e
The relatives and
I. W. Stewart
i8th birthday
.5th. A bounteous
-are quality -wasserii
oved. The a n
pent in social' intercou't&
inging. Each of-the.ch
>resented father- and-. met
vith presents. The dyiO
ong remembered
v-ere present.
knhardt School
The closing exe
.enhardt school wi
iext Friday, -AW
aencing at 8o'c.
harged. GCdat
iand will f;rnish
rybody invite&.3&
njoy .tieeeibg o
advantage ot
40 milesr
Tannahill Company.
aptist Courier Company
ohnson Company.
Wad dill & Son.
ins Dry Goods Compnf n
T. Williams Hardware
H. Williams.
he firm from whic
the Secretary
e Piedmonit.

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