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L GY eS Pickens County N w s ' i l ffc a a ero i 1 Is C u t
PUBLISHED WEEKLY ~~~~~~~~~Entered Apr1 33. 190; at Ickous, S. U. as sond class wall watter, under act of CogouO lac3,17SUSRPINRCE$EYA
'' Established -1871-- Volume 43 PICKENS, S. C., MAY 15, 1913 -NME
Easley Locals.
Last Thursday evening at 6
o'clock Miss Fay Sellers enter
taitied the teachers of the school
at a sumptuous dinner.
Miss Nan Neil was the week
end guest of Miss Katherine
Steppe of Spartanburg.
Miss Maud Gudger of Ashe
ville is the guest of Miss Frances
Misses Elize Pickens and
Rachael Dickinson, both of
Pendleton, are the guests of Mr.
and Mrs. W. P. Pickens.
Milton Clapp of Salisbury, N.
C., was the guest of friends here
for a short time last week.
Miss Maud Reaves is visiting
in Atlanta this week.
Mrs. 0. M. Needham, Miss
Ruth Needham and Mrs. H. L.
Brooks of Albion, Nebraska,
were the guests of Mr. and Mrs.
A. L. Campbell this week.
Miss Lucia Bee Able spent the
week-end with friends in Green
'-Mrs. Babb, of Laurens, has
been visiting her son, Rev. E.
V. Babb. at his home on College
Mrs. W. D. Spearman -and
Miss Addie Hiott spent last
Tuesday shopping in Greenville.
Miss Kathleen Green, of
Greenpville visited her aunt,
Mrs. R. E. Lathem. last weak.
The social event of last week
4was the party given last Friday
a, 'tnoon by Miss Queen John
son to announce the enga'e
ment of Miss Fay Sellers to Mr.
Roy Smith, the marriage to
take place the second of July.
An interesting contest was in
dulged in in which Miss Nan
Neil was the successful contest
ant. She was awarded a lovely
basket of sweet peas which she
afterward gracefully presented
to the bride-to-be.
R. E. Johnson, of Clemson
spent the week-end with home
Miss Janet Bolt spent last
Friday afternoon in Anderson.
Miss Pauline Nesbit, of Trav
elers Rest, visited Miss Bessie
Hamilton last week.
The Ladie's Missionary so
ciety of the First Baptist church
met at the church on Monday
afternoon: Mrs. E. F. Wyatt
presided, the subject !being the
"Great Southwest."
1Miss Virgil Sellers, of G. F. C.
spent the week-end with home
folks here.
The Union meeting held by
Pastors Holler and Hiott at
Glenwo.d: closed last Sunday.
night. 'Rev M. M. McCuen, of
P e l'z o r 'I'abernacle Baptist
church, did the preaching. A
great deal of interest was mani
fested and there were six addi
tions to the churches.
-The commencement sermon
- of the Easley High School was
delivered in the school audi
torium by Rev. E. R. Mason, of
the Methodist church at Greer,
on last Sunday morning to a
large and interested congrega
We regret to lee.rn of the
death of Mr. Rogers of William
ston. He was a son-in-law of
i Mr', Abe Mauldin, of this city.
The memorial services at Mt.
Pisgah on last Saturday were
largely attended. Appropriate
and eloquent addresses were tie
livered by Rev. E. V. Babb and
Hon. E. P. Mc~iravey.
Mr's. D. E'. Bradley is visiting
relatives in Easley,
Injured In A Runaway
[ ~ Last Thursday afternoon Mrs.
William Stoll and Miss Daisy
McDonald were out driving
wnen the horse took fright or
from sheer meanees r'an away.
i Miss McDonald jumped and
sustained some slight bruises.
Mr's. Stoll held on to the.lines
for awhile but was soon after
- picked up oni the side of the
road in an unconcious condition.
It is not known whether she at
-tempted to jump or was thrown
violently out, but she was pain
* fully and seriously hurt. It
- ~ was ti Ad.ft at first that she
4 ~had been killed or' was so severe
ly injured that she could not re
cover, but we are glad to state
she is 'rapidly improving. The
y accident occurred near Mr. W.
, . k'Whorter's and caused
considerable excitement and un
easiness in town..
Pickens a Good
Corn County
The "Corn Number" of the
Clemson College Agricultural
Journal contains some interest
ing facts andifigures asto corn
production in South Carolina.
Of the forty three counties in
the State, Pickens stands
twenty sixth in yield for 1909.
During that year we produced
387,036 bushels which was more
than was produced in either
Abbeville, Beaufort. Charleston,
Cherokee, Chester, Dorchester,
Fairfield, Georgetown, Green.,
wood, Kershaw, Lancaster,
Marion, Oconee, Richland, Sal
uda or Union. That year
Orangeburg made the largest
production 1,112 863 bushels.
This is a splendid corn county.
What Jerre Moore did in Marle
boro County can be done in
Pickens county. There are
plenty of acres in this county
which cah be made to produce
228 bushels.
We are further informed by
this Corn Number that during
the last three years corn has in
creased 208,000 acres, the pro
duction has increased 2,698,000
bushels. and the price has in
creased $3,240,000 in the State.
This number of the Clemson
Agricultural Journal is full of
useful information to the far
mer on corn culture and a copy
can be had by writing a postal
card to the manager at Clemn
John Young
blood Injured
While at work ripping slats
at the plant of The Dixie Daisy
Haystack Ventilator plant last
Thursday afternoon John
Youngblood had his hand
caught by the circular saw and
painfully and seriously hurt.
In trying to guide or rip a small
piece of tin3ber his left hand
slipped or was jerked onto the
saw and in an instant his two
middle fingers had been com
pletely severed and about half of
the little finger cut off and the
first finger badly cut. Dr.
Porter was called and Iressed
the hand:
They say Willie Edens al
ready has his band uniform lo
cated and1 is ready to don it at
a moments notice, Ask him.
Recital by 'Pupils of Miss Kni
Evening 8:30 at High
Moonlight Serenade,........
T wo Pianos an
Miss Ina Boggs
Miss Ruth Cno
Il Trovatore.............Se
D)uet- Miss Ina Boggs,
Oh, Hlow Sweet the -Hunter
Mrs. G. F. Kirby, Mib
Bohemian Girl.............
'Violin Solo:
May Bireeze...............
Duet: Miss Nellie Freemi
Rlobin Song.................
Misses Ina Boggs Bernic
Ruth Cannon Mary .I
By the Fountain............
Mrs. G. F
Miss Nellie Freeman
Qnartet fromv Rigoletto...
\'iolin Solo:
At the Dance..............
Trio: Misses lna Boggs, N<
Hornie to Our Mountain...
Mrs. G. F. Kirby, Mi
IPiano Sol...................
Hungarian Dance No. 3...
Violin Solo:
Swallows Flight..........
Three Pianos. Three
Misses Ina Boggs, Bernice
I futh Cannon, Mary Rob
Miss Rush, Oliver B~ogg
Cornet. A
Memorial Exercises.
The memorial evercises held
here last Saturday in honor of
our dead heroes under the aus
pices of the local chapter U. D.
0., were eminently fitting sand
successfully carried out.
The program as published
last week was observed through
out. At 5 o'clock the auditor
ium of the school building was
comfortably filled, and after the
invocation, the singing of the
Bonnie Blue Flag, Dixie and
music by the Pickens Band, the
Rey. J. 0. Bailey, pastor of the
Presbyterian church and speaker
for the occasion was introduced
and for an hour delighted the
people with a splendid address.
He paid a glowing tribute to
Gen. Jackson as the ideal man
of physical and moral ' courage.
He pictured the horrors and
suffering, and carnage resulting
from war, and plead for the es
tablishment of a tribunal which
would settle all national and in
ternational disputes without re
sort to arms.
At the conclusion of the ad
dress the people led by the
school children bearing arms
full of flowers marched to the
cemetery and then to the Pres
byterian church and tenderly
laid them on the graves of the
Did soldiers.
Take Notice.
We have received a letter
from the Greenville Chamber
of Commerce stating that they
are very anxious to get in touch
with all former Greenvillians
now living in or near Pickens.
We are requested to- ask them
to write to -the Greenville Cham)
ber of Commerce as there are
certain matters about which the
Chamber of Commerce! desires
to write them.
Oil Stoves, for summer cook
ing. The Detroit Vapor Stove
Do., will demonstrate the latest
in Oil Cook Stoves, Monday and
Tuesday, May 19th and 20th, at
>ur store. Call and see this
demonstration, it will be a treat
to you, Hammond-Brown
WTall-Co., -Easley -4. C., E. L.
and G. B. Hamilton.
Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Heondrix,
of route 1, spent Sunday with
the family of A. M. Morris on
Hampton Ave.
ght's Music Class on Friday
School Auditorium.
d two Violins
Miss Nellie Freeman
Miss Mary Morris
Oliver Boggs.
lection.. ..............Verdi
Miss Nellie Freeman
s Marg'irot Booker.
3liver Boggs.
. ......................Lang
an, Miss Ruth Cannon.
a Carey Nellie Freeman.
tobin son Mary Morris
....................... Adams
........................ uriet
*d1ss Ruth Cannon
Oliver Boggs.
~llie Freeman, Mary Morris
.11 Trovatore.......Verdi
ss Margaret Booker.
........-........Fra Dia volo
Oliver Boggs.
.................... ....Lang
Violins, and Cornet.
Caroy, Melina TIhornIley,
inson, Blanche laBoon.
3, John Lynn Freeman.
rthnr Allen.
It Pays to' Advertise
As aln evidence that it pay:
to ,,advertise attention is caller
to the award of the articles of
fered to the highest bidders by
Hammond- Brown-Wall Co., of
Easley, in an Advertisemeni
which this firm has been run
ning in The Sentinel for aboul
two months. If you will refer
to last week's or any previous
issue of this paper within the
last two months you will notice
that this firm offered a piano,
an organ, a sewing machine, a
steel range and a victor talking
machine to the one making the
highest bid on or before 11
o'clock May 10th. The only
condition was that the bids
should be written, sealed and
marked and addressed to them,
and these would be opened by a
disinterested committee after
the above date and the awarde
made to the ones making the
highest bid, who was obligated
to take the article bid on and
pay for same.
The time was up last Satur
day and on Monday the com
mittee met, opened the bids and
made the awards, as follows.
The highest bidder for the
piano was H. J. Waif, Athens,
Ga. For the organ, L. A.
Perry, Easley. For the sewing
machine, Leroy Winchester,
Twin Bi'dges, Montana. For
the steel range, J. M. Robinson,
Columbia, S. C. For the \ictor
talking machine, L. H. Pratt,
Twin Bridges, Montana.
This is the most convincing
proof that it pays to advertist
and especially in The Sentinel,
It is seen from this that people
in Pickens County. in South
Caiolina., in Georgia and in fat
Montana read The Sentinel and
read the advertisements in it.
It is the best advertising mediun
in the County and' Its readers
are not limited to this county
but are to be found in almost
every county in this State and
in'almost every State.
Everyone who has anything
for sale or exchange could not
find a better way of disposing
of it than by the judicious use
of a little printer's ink through
the columns of The Sentinel. It
will pay you. Try it.
Evans Disbarred
From: Law Practice
Barnard B. Evans an attorney~
of Columbia, and two timeE
candidate for attorney general,
was indefinitely suspended fromr
the practice of law in this state
by the Supreme Court of South~
Carolina last Friday.
"'It is therefore the judge
ment of the court that B3arnard
B. Eyans be indefinitely sus
pended and for-bidden to exercise
the rights and duties of an at
torney in the courts of this
State or elsewhere under the
license of this cour-t, with the
privilege however to move be
fore the court for reinstatement
after the expiration of two
years upohi satisfactory p~roof
that he has not for two years
immediately preceedIing his ap
plication used1 intoxicating liq
unrs and that lhe has reformed
his character-, "concluded the
(dedision of the court.
The decision was written by
C. A, Woods, acting Chief Jus
tice and concurred i ' by Assoc
late Justices Watts, Hlydrick,
Fraser- and Acting Associat(
Justice Nicholls.
The charges of misconduct
against Evans were preferre(
by J. Frazer Lyon former at
torney general and the case wai
prosecu ted b~efore the court b3
Wade Hampton Cobb, solicitor
Anvone dIeiring( a teacher for aum
merF school, please addreES,
MIss Hlelen Thaomas,
Cedar Rock Section
Most people are thru plan
lng in this section and would 1
glad to have a good rain.
Mr. and Mrs.' John Steele, <
the Keowee section and Mr
Charlie Steele, were visiting rn
latives hero recently.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas l
Hayes spent the week- end wit
friends in Greenville.
If any one wants to knot
how the singing convention s
Flat Rock was, just ask Mr. I
F. Smith, he was there.
Mr. and Mrs. John Anthon
were visiting the latter's moth
er, Mrs. Millie Hendrix, of Eae
by, Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Looper, o
Greenville, were th'e guests o
Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Hendrix, re
The young people of thi
community, enjoyed the music
al given at the home of Mr. any
Mrs. B. H. Williams, Saturda:
Mr. and Mrs. Remus Hender
son, of Anderson, were th
gue :ts of Mr. and Mrs. Mc)
Farmer, Sunday.
A number of the Cedar Roc]
people attended the Picken
County Singing Convention a
Flat Rock Sunday.
Mr, A. White Singleton
spent Sunday in Saluda, Nortl
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Stew
art were visiting Mr. and Mrs
Will Stewart, near Pickens, re
Mr. Elmer Hendrix made
business trip to Greenvile laE
week, he also visited relativt
while there. -
Did Mr. L. F. Smith atten
the Singing Convention Sunda.}
Yes, sure.
Mrs. John W. Stewart wa
the guest of - her aunt, Mr;
Joel H. Miller recently.
L. B. O'Dell, of Easley, wa
in this section Saturday look
ing after the interest of hi;
Miss Rula Hendrix, of Green
ville Female College, spent th
week-end with home folks.
Messrs. Ernest Miller an<
Robert McWhorter, of the Enoi
section, passed t iru this corn
munity S'inday en-route t(
Flat. Rock.
An Enemy Did This
Last Wedniesday niight somi
person or persons bent upo1
mischief dlel iblerately and wit]
pr'emed]itation slaughtered
number of (logs for various citi
zens of the town by poisoninj
thema. Dri. Porter, C. L. Cure'
ton, B. Fi. Parsons each lost on
andl there were others, it wa
a novel sight TVhursda y morn
ig to see the city garblage wvag
on wvit~h a load of dleadl dog
carrying them to their last rest
ing places. The person01 01' per
sonls who did this was an em
to the (logs and~ an enemy to ed1
ucation. It dlepived the schio
of $3.00) at least in taxes.
Marr'iedl on the 4th Sundayi
April, at the residlence of Recx
Walker, Mr. Spencer Roper, t
Miss Lida Carpenter'. it wa
1:30 w.hen Mr. Roper' and Mis
Carpenter joinedl hands in ma
rimnyin the presence
finsand relatives. After t
,ceremony Mr. Roper andI bi
retur'ned to his home wvher'e
nice supper was spread awaitir
thoem. May happiness and jc
be0 theirs all through life is t1
wish of their many friends.
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Alexand
are visiting Mr. and Mrs. W.]
Jones of Salem, 8. C.
A Personal In
Da S vitatlon to You.
eDear Sir:
This is a Progressive Age and
Team Work wins in every fight
for Progress. No City or town
can, by its own efforts. climb
into the skyscraper class, nor
h can any rural community, un
assisted, enjoy the benefit of
paved roads, steel bridges, fine
churches and higth schools. It
takes, in every instance, the co
operation of both - town and
country people to cover the
field of advancement and prog
ress in its truest sense. In order
to accomplish this each person
interested must sacrifice some
time and energy. In view of
this fact, aro you willing to sac
rifice a. portion of your time and
Energy to see the agricultural
and mechanical Interests of
Pickens county more fully de
v eloped? If so, this is a person
al invitation to you to meet with
a number of others who are
dceply interested in perfecting
a progressive organization t hat
will uphuild all the different
sections of Pickens ('oiumnty;.
giving to each and all, alike, t he
fumll spirit of co-operation.
A meeting f. r the purpose of
organizing an11 association for
the development of the Agri
cultural and mechanical uInter
ests of Pickens County will be
held in Easley, Frida Ny afternoon
May 16, 19)13, at :l p. in. speakers
from Clemson anuid (Colum bia
a expected. .
t ''Prove 'our interest in 1rog
Sress by yoir 1)lpearalnce at. this
d Yours for lrogress,
W. A. Iamilton, Dr. R. F.
!Smi1thI, J. C. Sitton,' WN. W.
Robinson. (eO. E. Williams,
Andrew Burgess, J. B. Jame
son, 'I'. B. IIiggins, J. M. J amtue
son, Connuittee.
A Protracted Meeting.
:A imeet'ng l'egi in Jine
8th and contioning a week or
ten days has been planned to he
held at,. the Methodist church.
In this meeting the con'rega
tions of the three churches will
unite and it is earnestly hoped
that gr'eat good will result.
Rev E. C. (len n, of North
Carolina, who it is said has been
very successful ats anl evangelist
-in special meetings wvill (d0 the
preaching. Select voices from
B the three congregations~ will
1 he formed into a choir to
Saidl in the singing. Ift is not
expected that they will do all
-the singing fdr it is hoped that
all who attend these nieetings
. wvill join inl and( take a lively in
tere'st. Prepa ratory to the (com1
3 ing of this meet.inau nii on pra yer
- sorvIies wvill be held(, the fir1st of
. which will hb. in the Methodist
ichurch this (Wednesday) ('ven
- J. Monroe Hudlson D~ead.
AIrm. J. Monro Hudson I 1(10, -and1
(old andi~ respeclted (itizen of Pea
Itidge sect ion, died last Mlomlay.
Mr, Iltudson was a bout 65 vears
o01( and1( leaves a widow and1(
se ve'ral ch ild ren to moul rn his
s The State of South Unaroljina.)
s5 County of I 'ickensi. .
W Wherceas, ai petitiotn froml the free
SholdIerts and elmCors4 of Palestine Dis
tric No.'30hase ben fled with the
o County Boardl of I-'linentioni aqkIme that
Ian election be '..hbI to det~eriine whet her
' ror (.0 I noil add i. nal speciatl lWvy - (3)
bire.' mtills e il be levi'ed on saidl Dis
trictfr schiomt punrpos4e8:
STiherefor e. it is' ordered that the True
yteo oft the abo~ive namnedn. DistricP - io
hi Idi an election in eniti District on the
Ie 21t of May 191O, at te~ Achool II~Ouh'
The T1ruistees are hereby appin ted
Mianagers; the elecitin to be contducteid
in accordance with Sectio.i 17.4 of the
General Statutesi.
rBy order of the County Board of E I
it. T1. Hfahium,
Sec. & Chm,.
Latest News of Go*ral Interest That
Has Been Collected From Many
Towns and Counties.
Chester.-J. J. Banks of this city
last November sowed a patch of cloy
or and oats mixed and on May 2 cut
it and realized 4,400 pounds of good,
cured bay per acre. Mr. Banks ex.
pects to plant corn and peas on this
same acre and make another crop.
This is considered a record crop for
this territory.
.Barnwell.--The electric storm of
recent date played havoc with the
newly installed -electric lights here.
Hardly a store or residence where
the current is used escaped without
having one or more of its bulbs brok
en and in some instances every light
bulb in the house was put 'out of
F'airfa.--A hailstorm of unusual
severity, followed by a torrential rain
swept over this section several days
&go and did considerable damage to
ho young cotton and watermelon
slants. The full extent of the damage
s not yet known, but it ia certain
hat some replanting will. be neces
Columbia.--Members of the execu.
ive committee and others interested
:n the proposed election in Richland
ounty on the dispensary election
teld a conference at the Y. M. C. A.,
whet the question of circulating the
etitious for the election was discuss.
dd. The petitions have been pladed
a circulation and a number of names
Sumter.-There seems to be a mix.
up in store here between the mem
bers of the county legislative delega.
tion and Governor Blease, unless the
delegation mildly submits to the Gov
ernor's action in the appointment of
a fifth member of the county board,
and it is probably they will not, if the
law is on their side.
Chester.---Nancy llall, a negres.
and her granddaughter, about 7 years
of age, were burned to death in , a
fire which destroyed the old Sandifer
dwelling, near Brown's bridge, about
nine miles from Richburg, ('hester
county. The bodies were burnod to
a crisp, only the charred skeletons
being dug out of the ashes.
Chester. - Thomas Meek. Isabell
Boulware and Ida Meek were recent
ly held by Deputy Sheriff Tiudernan
as material witnesses in tbn case of
John Lewis, who was murdered at his
home Thursday night, April 24. Dave
and Anna Davis were held in the pen.
itentiary in ('olumbia charged with
the murder.
L.ancaster. Postnma. ter .J. 1. Hunt.
er, assisted by Attorney J. Roach
Stewart of this place, held a United
States civil service examination in
the court house for the purpose of
filling the position of rurtgl mall car
rier of one of the county's rural free
delivery routes near Stonesbotro.
There are 13 applicants for the po
GIreenville.--A strike of' Greeville
motormen and conduhtctors is (declared
immtine'nt. Eloy )13es of fte G reon.~
ville Trac'tion comtpany3 havo present
ed a pet it ion to t he officials, asking
for anI increcase to) 20 and 22 cent s an
hour', thle piresentt rate being 15 to 17
cents. it is understood officials have
offered a compromise and t~hat this
has been rejected by the meni.
Anderson.--About the most satis
factor'y diemonstr'ation ma~de with re.
gard to alfalfa as a succebssful plant
fri the P'iednont country has been,
that made by the Orr Ootton Mills, a
few miles fronm the city of Andersov
In this county. Only three acres are
itn cultivation, but. that has been,
miade amnple t~o demonstrate once atnd
ror' all that alfalfa has come t~o May,
a great and successfu-i crop in Anidor
son and adjoining Piedmont counties.
St. Mat thews.--Sheriff 1Hill is fat'
fronm being a blind tiger, but ho ir
running them just the satne. Thle
way the sheriff runs them (they are
plural in number), he keeps the tiger
on the go and gives them a warm
chasm, either until he captures the
tiger or his precious liquor, or the
tiger quits business. Early in the
year Sheriff 11111 served notice upon
evildoers in the liquor business that
he was no friend to whiskey.
Orangeburg-A decorated arch that
had been placed over the front en
trance to the new postoffice building
in this city has been ordered takenm
out by the building inspector, as it
was not true. This will require a
great deal of extra work and may (1
lay the completion of the building.
Gireenwood.-Supervisor J. ii. Mc.
Combs Is do-ing some( splendid work
on the county roads n)ow. Reports
from various semons are that the
road s are in unusually good siha pe.
Muchm permtantent work otn the roadL~s
is planned and~ some has beetn diotte
I..rington.--The barn atnd stables
of Jason Shealy, a well known tier
('hant antd farmer of Summit, was con
sumeod by fire recently, etntailing a
loss of about .$1,000, with no insur
ance. The fire had its origin from the
outside, and it is thought that it was
set on fire by an incendiary.
Stibcrib I.O TheSentn.4

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