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GiOs Pickens County News Ijj1fl PIIIIENS SF i~~~IOfiilPprofPcesCut
PUBLISU D WEEKLY Entered April 23, 1903 at licens, 8.. as second class mall matter, under act of Congress or Barca s, i87S SUBSCRIPTION PRICE, $1. YEAR
Established 1871-Volume 43 PICKENS, S. C., MAY 22, 1913 NUMBER 2
Easley School
Among the best commence
ment exercises ever held in 'as
ley closed on Friday night last.
On Sunday, May the 11th, the
sermon was delivered by Rev.
Mr. Mason, of Greer. We have
heard many favorable com
ments on the sermon. Wednes
day night the contest for the
John M. Geer medal took place,
' The young ladies did exceeding
ly well. Miss Janet Bolt, daugh
ter of Dr. and Mrs. J. - L. Bolt,
was the successful contestant
and was awarded the medal.
Miss Eula Barton won 2nd place
and Miss Ruth Thackston 3rd
. place. Thursday night the con
test among the boys for the
John H. Cheatham medal took
place. Some of the speeches
were thrilling. Billie Anderson
won the modal, Frank Ellison
2nd and Frank Weiborn 3rd
place. Friday night was the
closing exercises. Hon. E. P.
McCravey introduced the Hon.
Mendel L. Smith, who delivered
the address of the evening. It
was a . masteiful address and
everybody was thrilled and
pleased with the speaker and
his speech. Miss Fay Sellers
gave a beautiful gold medal to
Annie Hinton for the greatest
improvement in music during
the past session. On behalf of
\the boys and girls who took
part in the cntests, Rev. E. V.
lbb presented Miss Able with
a bbautiful silver loving cup to
show their appreciation for the
help she had been to them in
.4 training them for the contest.
Prof. W. W. Benson delivered
diplomas to eleven-three boys
and eight girls who had com
pleted the course. Most of these
will no doubt go to college next
4 fall, and others will take up
their tasks at home. Prof. Ben
son and his faculty with the
trustees haye every reason to he
proud of the success of the
school and tb" very successful
closiiig. We are sure that the
patrons of the school are proud
of our teachers and trustees.
: We are profoundly gratef Li that
that Prof. Benson will continue
with us.
We are very sorry to know
that Miss Lucia Bee Able, Miss
Helen Thomas, Miss Nan Neil
and Miss Bessie Burton will not
return to Easley at the opening
of the next session of our school.
We earnestly wish them success
and happiness wherever they
A. W. (Bill) Folger, who rep
resented the Citadel at the S. I.
A. A. track meet 'in New Or
leans last Saturday, came by
- and spent a short while with
his mether on his way back to
Charleston. Bill Is a great boy
and we are proud of him. We
expect him to make his mnark
high sonme day.
Dr. Cleaveland Martin, .of
Clemson College, visited his pa
rents here last week..
Prof. R. A. Gentry, who has
treen teaching the Keowee Grad
ed school in Oconee county has
returned to his old home belo0w
Miss Winnie Johnson, wvho
has been with Miss L. N. Cat
lett in Newport, Tenn., has re
turned to her home in Easley.
Miss Ruth King Is visiting
friends in Hart well Ga.
rMr. and Mrs. John - M. Geer,
of Greenville, were visitors in
Easley Sunday.
Mrs. William Anderson at
tendted the missionary meeting
of the M. EC. church last week
in Union.
Miss Beryl Martin, who has
been teaching near Rock Hill,
has returned to her home in
Hon. Mendel L. Smith, of
Camden, speaker of~ the house
of representatives and a prom i
nent candidate for governor,
was the guest of Dr, and Mrs.
EC. 0. Kirven last week
We are sorry to learn that
Mrs. George Robinson expects
to leave' Easley to make her
.home in Donalds.
We learn that a large con
gregation attended church at
Cross Roads Sgeday. Many of
our citizens were there.
We hear that Mr. Arthur G.
King will be our new post
Many of our citizens will
doubtless attend the all-day
singing at Enon next Sunday.
Petit Jurors For
June Term of Court
S. Barnett. Looper, Claude C.
Thomas, S. D. Watson, F. B.
Field, Lee W. Stansell, [John M.
Rogers. J. E. Bridges, C. M.
Steele. Sloan T. Childress. S. L.
Adams, ,Thomas A. Julian, C.
J. Holden, E. D. Carman,
Lester Morgan, It, B. Jones, J.
S. Bagwell Jr., R. M. Baker,
W. R. Nimmons. J. J. Anthony,
J. Rafe Black, .S. C. Chapman,
Calvin M. Smith, J. J. Gantt,
Claud E. Ellenburg, W. F.
Hendricks, J. R. Meece, W. I.
Gravley, E. C. WIeCollum. M.
L. Miller, L. F. Smith, C. L.
Thomas, A. Frank Day, W. M.
Sheriff, C. R. Ferguson, E. W.
Stegall, J. M. Chastain.
Pleasant Grove News.
Dry, dry, dry and not much
appearance of any rain. Some
cotton has been planted five
weeks and is not up to more
than a half a stand and a lot of
the farmers are not done plant
ing and if it doesn't rain soon
we will have to leave some of
>ur cotton acreage and put it in
3orn when it rains so we can
plow the land.
The Greenville and Knoxville
Railway has put an extra train
>n their road for the benefit of
the general public. This train
will only run three times a
week, Wednesday, Friday and
Mrs. A. C. Nally is on the
sick list at this writing but hope
the will be out again in a few
J. P. Anders went to Green
ville Tuesday on business. He
reports that on the Buncombe
road leading from here to
3-reenville is very dry and no
Stand of cotton and corn.
There was a delightful sing
ng given at Billie Hardens Sun
lay afternoon and those that
were present report a good time.
Last Sunday was a day that
wvill be long remembered at the
ledication of Pleasant Grove
B3aptist Church. It was a beauti
ful day and a large crowd was
present and everybody seemed
to enjoy themselyes and took
great interest in the service.
l'here was good behavior except
some few who weore feeling
bheir morning drink. Rev, R.
J. Williams from Greenville
preached the dedicatory sermon.
[t was very interesting as he ex
plained about the early churches
even in Christ's time while here
nn earth, and up to the -present
time. HeI spoke of the construc
tion of Solomons Temple and its
beauties and other various
buildings of ancient dlays. After
Bro. Williams finished his ser
men, Bro. J. E. Foster dis
missed the congregation for
dinner and everybody was in
vited and the beautiful lawn
that fronts the church was
spread with good things to eat.
After dinner the good singers
spent one hour in good music
and at .2 o'closk, Rev. J. T.I
Singleton from Sandy Flat
pr'eached a sernmon which seem
ed to interest everybody, Pro.
Singleton having been pastor of
this church some few years ago
his visit was a very welcome
one. Af ter Bro. Singleton came
down from the stand, he re
quested that all chrisitians that
wanted to live a better life and
be prepared to meet death to
come to the altar and give him
their hand as a token if they
should never have the pleasure
of meeting at this place again
that we'all should meet in a
better world on high. The service
was then dismissed and the peo
~le began to depart for their
Final Report. for
Pickens County.
Dr. F. D. Rodgers, the hook
worm specialist, last Saturday,
closed an eight weeks campaign
against the hookworm in this
county. His report to )r. J.
LaBruce Ward, director rural
sanitation, Columbia, S. C. is as
Total number of microscopic
examinations 2,459. Of these
918 were found infected, which
is 37 1-2 per cent. 1,011 between
the ages of six and eighteen
were examined and 567 were
found infected which gives a
percentage of 56 1-. 1,077 per
sons were treated taking 2,700
doses of medicine given as fol
Those taking one dose 182.
Those taking two doses 112.
Those taking three doses 53.
Those taking four (loses 543.
Those taking five doses 4.
Those 'taking six doses 1.
This report shows a high in
fection considering the geogra
phical location of. this county
and demonstrates very clearly
that the upper part of this state
has more of this disease than
was at first supposed.
Dr. Rodgers will go from here
to Dorchester county to carry
m a campaign for six weeks.
Debating Society Organized.
The boys of the Pea Ridge
section have recently organized
t debating society it Gates
choolhouse and held their first
ieeting last Saturday night,
with Mr. Eugene Lewis Presi
lent, D.oss Barkley vice-presi
lent and Ralph B-roughs sec
-etary. There was a large
rowd present at the first meet
ng and prospects are favorable
or a great success with the or
:anization.. The society will
neet every Saturday night and
he public is cordially invited to
Winthrop College
Scholarship and Entrance
The examination for the
ward of vacant scholarship in
Winthrop College and for the
d mission of law students will
)o held at the County Court
Iouse on Friday, July 4, at 9
t. Im. Applicants must be not
ess than sixteen years of age.
-Vhen Scholarships are vacant
tfter July 4 they will he award
~d to those making the highest
verage at this examination,
>rovided they meet the condi
;ions governing the award.
applicants for Scholarships
hould w'rite to President John
~on before the examination for
3cholarship examin ation blanks.
Scholarsh ips are worth $100
mnd free tuition. The next
.ession wvill open September 17,
91:3. For fturther information
md catalogue, address Pres. D)
B. Johnson, Rock Hill, S. C.
Father of Twenty-five.
Mr. J. C. Wardlaw, who lives
near Central was in the cit~y
Nednesday. M~'r. Wardlawv was
'aised ini Anderson county, b)ut
noved to Pickens several years
ago. Hie enioyes the distinc
tion of being the father of 25
hildren, 17 of whom are living.
Ie has been married thr'eo
Mr. Wardlaw is 61 years of
age, and is as active as many a
man of 30. lie takes life easy
and says he (does very little
.vork.--Anderson D~aily Mail,
15th inst.
All Day Singing
Trile will be an all day sing
ing at Enon Bapti t Churcn the
fourth Sunday in May (25)
three miles west of Easloy.
Pros. McD. Weanmes and other
noted singers have promised to
be ther'e.
Mr. Austin Boggs of Calhoun
was in Pickens this week.
Willie Thompson of Green
ville paid The Sentinel a visit
this week.
James P. 'Carey, Jr., will de
liver the address at the unveil
ing of. the monument over the
grave of Soverign George Rob
inson next Sunday afternoon at
3:30 o'clock at the Robinson
grave yard near his old home.
All day singing at Enon
church next Sunday 25th inst.
Come and bring well filled
baskets song books etc. Some
of our best singers are to be
there. Preaching at 3 p. in.
Miss Corrine Robinson, of
Greenville, who has been visit
ing her sister, Mrs. T. R. Allen,
for sometime has returned to
her home in Greenville.
Mr. Alfred G. Taylor and son,
Thomas, of Taylors, S. C.,
visited the family of Mr. J. T.
Taylor this week.
Mr. Ed Seaborn was one of
the visitors to Pickens Saturday.
Mrs. L. C. Thornley and
Emily Thornloy were in Easley
for a few hours Tuesday morn
Mr. Garland Seaborn, of New
port, R. I., is visiting friends
and relatives in Pickens.
Mr. Roark Powell, of route 3,
was in Pickens Tuesday.
Mrs.,T. J. Mauldin spent a'
few days in Atlanta the first of
the week.
Mr. Fred Ashmore, of Green
ville, is a business visitor to
Pickens this week.
Mr. McD. Bruce. speit last
Saturday in Greenville.
Miss Mary Robinson was the
attractive week-end guest of
Mrs. T. R. Allen.
Mr. and Mrs. J. '. Hutchin
son, of Easley, spent Sunday
with Prof. and Mrs. J. W.
News w'as received in the city
Tuesday morning of the death of
Mr. A. Ramseur, of Central, S.
C. He died of paralysis and
was buried at his home in
Central, at 5 o'clock Tuesday.
Mr. W.~T A. Boggs. of Calhoun
was in Pickens Tuesday on
Miss Booker attended the
horse showv in Greenville Tues
day and Wednesday.
Miss Ada Craig is visiting
her brother Mr. John F. Craig
1in Walhalla.
We are pleased to know that
Rev. J. C. Bailey pastor of the
Presbyterian churich here was
o n e o f t h e commencement
preachers for Chicora College
in Greenville this week. We
are sure that they were pleased
with and profited by his preach
ig, he is one of the strong
men of his church andl we are
espieciallIy pleased that his merit
is being recogntizedI more and1
more as the peole know him
The recital giveni by the pu
pIls of Miss Knight's music
class last Fridlay evening at
the school auiitoriurn was
quite a success ini every way.
T1he pupils showed that they
had received excellent training.
Miss Maigaret Booker and Mrs.
G. F. Kirby delighted the aud
ience with several vocal selec..
Thej five-year-old child of
Elbert Johnson, colored1, living
in West End was accidentally
shot last wveek wvith a shot gun.
The doctor states that the child
will probably recover.
Mrs. C. E. Robinson who has
been spending several days with
relatives and friends In Green
ville, etunedn home Mondnay.
Webb Bill Only
Paves the Way
There is no statute by the
State prohibiting the importa
tion of liquor from ' anothe:
State for personal use, and th<
Webb act gives the State the
right to enact such a statute, If
it so desires, is the opinion of
the South Carolina Supreme
Court in deciding a case te'tg
the constitutionality of the
Webb act. The opinion hcdks
that the old dispensary act for.
bidding the ordering of liquor
for personal use from other
St'tes, having been declared
unconstitutional before the
passage of the Webb act, could
not be vitalized by the passage
of the Webb act.
"It is not the intention of the
Webb act to interfere with the
policy of the State in regard to
the importation of liquor, but
meiely to provide that. the en
forcenient of a State statute
would not be interfered with, or
hampered by the interstate com
merce laws," says the decisioi.
How to Get Rid
of Potato Bugs
The following is Walter Lan
gston's receipe for exterminat
ing.potato bugs:
Get an old can large enough
to hold all the bugs and eggs,
have your wife pick off the
leaves upon which the eggs are
deposited -mix bugs, leaves and
eggs together in the can, pour
cold water on them, then have
your wife build a fire in the
stove, bring the mixture to a
slow boil, keep it boiling for ten
minutes. Then dig a hole a
foot deep In the soil, pour the
contents of the can into It, put
a rock over it and haye your
wife fill the hole with earth,
tramping It thoroughly.
This is guaranteed to effect
ually get rid of all the bugs and
eggs you can catch. Those you
fail to catch, poison with one
part paris green, todifteen parts
of lime, ashes, or flour sifted
through an old loose woven
Unveiling of Monument.
The monument erected by the
W. 0. W. to the late Sov. 0. F.
Robinson in the family cenme
tery near D)acusville, will be nn
veiled1 by the D~acusville camp
No. 587 on the fourth Sunday
P. M. in May at 4 o'clock. All
local camns are cordlially ilnvit
WV. D). Sutherland,
W. N. Jones,
- Notice.
All persons hunting or camp
ing on lands of Carolina Timber
Co. are requested to get a per
mit and when their time is up
they will please have it signed
on back byV someI citixen in the
section where they go stating
if everything is left in good
shape and th t noe timber has
been cnt and1 that no fire was~
let out. "hey will be allowed
to kill six squirrels p'er (day, but
no turkeys, deer or pheasants.
Permits must be ret urnled.
Carolina TPimber Co.,
W. H. Chastain, Agt.,
Pickens, S. C.
The Entre Nouis Club met
with Mrs. Frank McFall on last
Wednesday afternoon. The
meeting was well attendled by
the members. D~uring the after
noon delightful ref reshmenti
were servedI.
Married by J. B. Newborr'
at his office May 19, 1913. Mis:i
Idella May Wardlaw an
Luther C. Wakester of Liberta
route 2.
Mrs. Toccoa Earle of Ander
son spent a few days last week
with Mr. andl Mrs. . W arlo
Old Soldier's Day.
Attention Soldiers of the Con
federacy. Shoulder arms, for
ward march to Cross Road
- church on Friday June 6.
All Old Soldiers, all Fraternal
orders and everybody else are
cordially invited to meet with
us at Cross Roads church on
Friday June the 6th. Let every
body t xcept the Old Soldiers
bring well filled baskets. We
want to give the Confederate
Soldiers one good day. Let
every Old Soldier bring his old
war gun not to fight but to fire
a salute at the close of the exer
cises. Let every body bring a
bunch of flowers to decorate the
graves of all old soldiers and
others in the grave yard. The
program will appear later.
Enclyclopaedia Purchased By
Realizing the great need of
some work of reference in our
school and recently having an
opportunity to pur-chase on ex
cellent terms I gave an order
for a set of the New Interna
tional Encyclopaedia which con
tains 21 large yolunes. The
books have arrived and are be
yond our expectations. As this
work is the best of its kind on
the market, we invite the peo
ple of the town to use it at any
time. The Timrod Literary
Society has undertaken to pay
for this work, and a play en
titled "The Bachelors Congress"
will he given by the members at
the Auditorium May 30th.
J. W. Ballentine.
Ebb Field is the latest to join
the ranks of the "buzz-wagon
gang." . He has purchased L.
C. Thornley's Mitchell touring
Judge L. W. Bowmnan will
preside at the next term of
court which convenes here June
2nd. Judge Bowman is from
Orangeburg and was elected by
the last legislature.
Copious showers are reported
in various section of the county.
Mr. Ernest I'orter and sister,
Miss Nan n)ie Porter, and Mr.
Ebb Field, spent Saturday and
Sunday in Easley.
Don't fail to hear Reuben
Spinach's speech, "-Icy, Ruhe"
by Prof. Ballentine, at the Au
ditorium May 30th.
On account of delay in ship.
ment our oil stoves (11( not
ar'rive in time to have the (lenm
OnIstration oni thei 19~th and 20th,
as adtvertiised last wecek. We
have our sto)ves onl hland~ niow
and our dlemionstrator' will be
here Fridlay and Saturd'(ay 23rid
and 24th. D~on't fail t~o conme to
o'ir store andl see for yourself
the latest and bes3t way to cook.
It will certainlv be a treat to
you. Don't forget the date.
H1am mond - Brown - Wall Co.,
Easley, S. C. E. L. and 0. B.
Mrs. P. P. McIaniel of Las
ley is visiting her mothcr, Mrs.
J. W. Earle this week.
The Very Latest
in the useful little ornaments
Iand accessories that~ add so
*much to the sWccess of a wo
man's appear'ance are all in
cludedI in) our neCw stockc of
Artistic Jewelry
Come in and1( look over some
of the neiw things we are dis
You will see many that are
well within the means of thoso
whose incomes are limited.
Gov. Blease Fires
Whiskey Constables
Following the decision by the
supreme court of South Caro
lina on the Webb whiskey act,
Gov. Blease last Thursday- ad
dressed a letter to every whiskey
constable in the State saying
that their services would not
be needed after June 1.
"Without the assistance of
the courts, I feel that it is use
less to try to enforce the dis
pensary law in this State,"
says the governor in this letter.
He says that constables are un
necessary under the decision of
the court.
About 40 persons are em
ployed as constables in the
Pickens Mill News.
The health of the village is
very good at present with a fow
S. A, Parsons, who has been
Sick for sometime is slowly
amproving under the care of
Dr. Porter.
Sam Porter has, the finest
patch of rye we have seen in
his section.
Among the social events of
he week was a musical given
)y Mr, Clayton Porter on last
Saturday night.
Lois the two year old daugh
er of Mr. and Mrs. L. E.
Liuehes, who has been suffei ing
from an abeess for sometime is
much improved under the care
Af Dr. Robinson.
Miss May Rampy of Liberty,
S. C., was the guest of Miss
Flora Parsons Sunday.
Mr. Jessie Pace has purchas
Ld an organ, and is taking
ruusic under Miss Maud Marrell.
The Pickens Mill Company is
laving the paint brush applied
:o the cottage houses, When
:ompleted it will add much to
he looks of the town.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Hughes,
)f the village visited M. Ned
Jassell of Easley, Saturday and
For first class barber work,
aall on B. B. Porter at, W. A.
P~atterson's store.
Messrs. 3. A, Marrell, S. L.
Adams, Tomn Cassell, went~ on
a fishing expedition recently,
all report an enjoyable trip).
The weather is very dry in
this section and rain is much
As this is my first attempt to
write for the Sentinel I will ring
Aff. If this escapes the waste
basket I wvill come again.
Mill Boy.
N4otice to Teachers Trustees and
Miss Mary Eva Hlite, of Aiken
has written mue that the South
Carolina School Improvement
Association, has offered as
prizes to the schools of the State
the following prizes: Ten prizes
rf $50.00 each, twenty prizes of
$25.00 each. These prizes are
offered to the State at large,
The prizes will be awarded in
December this year. I hope to
see some of the schools of the
county secure prizes. F o r
further information, write to
Miss Mary Hlite Aiken, S. C.
R. T. Hallum,
Co. Supt. Ed.
Card of Thanks*
I take this method of thank
ing my friends and neighbors
for their kindness shown during
the illness and death of my son
Andrew McAlister. May the
Lord bless them.
A. S. McAlister.
J. H1. Earle spent a por tion of
last week in Greenville on busi

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