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A. . .*
or Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
PromolesDigestiotaleerfu Of
nessandRest.Containsneiu 0
Opiumn.Morph ne norMueral.
- In
Aperfect Remedy for Conslipa's
-tion, Sour Stomachitarrliota
Wornis,Convulsions.Feverish- For
ness andLoss of SLEE Over
PhcSimile Signature or "
Thirty Years
-N -- L ; opy of Wrapper.
N OT (9 E!
ck of new crisp Spring Goods is now ready
e inspection. I spared no effort in selecting
this Stock with a view to Quality, Style and Price,
and am satisfied that I can show you as complete a
iine of Staple and Fancy Dry Goods and Notions
s you will find anywhere, and as heretofore, my
prices for the same quality of goods shall be the
White Goods are greatly in havor this season, and
lam specially strong here in new white goods from
[oc to 5oc the yard.
One of the biggest stocks of Hosiery in Greenville
-the right goods at the right prices.
YUnderwear for men and women, in all grades.
* You will do yourself an injustice if you fail to look
at my goods and get my prices before buying your
Spring Goods._
) A. K. Park,
West End, Greenvilje.
tepublic to know that I keep on hand a full stock of
Iwill sell top buggies, open buggies, end springs
gdside springs. One..horse wagons, twvo-horse
svggns.Every buggy and wagon guaranteed to be
jst as represented. I sell Meal and H-ulls, also
CPITOLA FLOUR. I handle High Grade Ferti
liein fact Fertilizers of all grades. My motto is
a fair deal to everybody. Come and try me and be
ndle coffins, caskets and all burial supIplies.
K. M.- BA KE R
PVori"Is, S. C.
.4ND SURP 5500
. J.' )cD -Bruce President.
.I. M. Mauldin, Cashier.
Buff and Black Orpingtons
If you want the best poultry you should get Orpingtons
the best all burpose fowl in existence. A few trios of black
Orpingtons $4.00 each.. Eggs $2.50 per i5
(13y B. O. SELLERS, Director of Even
ins; Department The Moody Bible In
stltute of Chicago.)
I.ESSON TEXT-Ps. 105:23-38 (cf. Ex.
GOIDEN TEXT-"W'hosover shall exalt
himself shall be humbled; and whosoever
shall humble himself shall be exalted."
1-. V. Matt. 23:12.
While this Psalm is a succinct state
ment of all that is contained in Exo
dus, chapters 7 to 12, still no teacher
can judge himself as having made
proper preparation wlho has not stud
ied carefully the earlier record. Be
ginning with those of discomfort the
plagues become more and more se
vere until the last and the crowning
one, the death of the first born, caused
the Egyptians to thrust out the Israel
ites with haste and gladness, laden
with an abundance of "spoil." Pharaoh
trusted in the superior greatness of
the Egyptian gods, he also had great
pride in his absolute power and hated
to lose the profitable service of his
Hebrew slaves. Over against this was
God's right to demand the wor
ship of his chosen people, God's pro
fuse warnings to the proud Egyptian,
and the inevitable outcome of the
man, tribe, or nation who sets up hu
man will in opposition to the plans of
an Omnipotent God. True thanksgiv
ing and praise are based upon "His
marvelous works" (v. 5 R. V.)
Israel Made Strong.
I. The Induction of Israel Into
Egypt, vv. 23-25. By "Israel" in verse
23 the Psalmist does not refer to the
nation but rather to the supplanter
who became "Israel, a prince." His
induction into Egypt was in accord
ance with God's purposes and plan,
yes, his specific command, Gen. 46:2-7,
Acts 7:9-15. God increased the de
scendants of Israel greatly in the land
of Egypt, see v. 24. At the same time
God made those same descendants
stronger than their "adversaries" on
account of the fact that Jehovah
fought on their side, see Rom. 8:31.
Ii. The Exodus of Israel From
Egypt, vv. 26-36. Now the Psalmist is
referring to the nation. In Exodus
there are recorded ten plagues, here
there are mentioned but eight. The
plague of the murrain of beasts and
the plague of boils, the fifth and the
sixth, are here left out for some rea
son best known to the Psalmist.
God saw the afflictions of Israel but
sends relief through human agents.
Moses was God's "servant" (v. 26)
and Aaron "Iis chosen" (I Sam. 12:6)
so also is every true believer. Their
work has to "shewr" (v. 27) God's won
der's in the land of Egypt (Ham).
They were to shew "Ils" wonders,
signs, the "Words of Hius signs" (R.
V. mnarg.), and none of their own, In
other words they were to be the vis
ible embodiment of God's character
and power.
Worshiped the Nile.
The Psalmist then turns to the first
of the historic plagues. The Egyp
tians were so dependent uponi the Nile
that they personified it and worshiped
it. They had shed the blood of the
Israelites and wecre given blood to
drink, see Rev. 16:5, 6 and Gal. 6:7.
Trho third plague was directed against
the goddess "Hckt," queen of two
worlds, and who was represonted by
a frog-like figure, see Ex. 8:8. It was
after this calamity that Pharaoh tem
porized. The third and fourth plagues
are grouped together in verse 31. God
often uses very little things to humble
the great ones of earth. Life is made
up of trifles, but life is no trifle. Pha
raoh had proudly boasted of his agnos
ticism (Ex. 5: 2) but when lie sought
to try conclusions with God and said,
"Neither will I let Israel go" God let
him wvrestle with frogs, lice and flies.
We thus see a man setting himself
against God who is not able to over
come these smallest of pests. As we
have mentioned, the fifth and sixth
plagues are omitted from this record,
hence the plague mentioned in v. 32
is in reality the seventh (E~x. 9). It
was a rebuke to the God of the air,
and from Rev. 8:7 and 16:21 we learn
that it is to be repeated in the end of
Trhough Israel was free from the
eighth, the p~lague of locusts (v. 34)
they did suffer from a like experience
in later days, Joel 1:1-7. These small
pests can turn a fruitful land into a
barren wvaste.
Bunt the culminating plague (v. 36)
wa's the smiting of the fIrst born. Even
Israel could not escape this calamity
except by the previous shedding of
blood, Ex. 12:3-18. God gave Pharaohl
ample warning, Ex. 4:23. Refusing to
yield under the lesser judgments, God
brought this supreme penalty, smiting
all the first born, "the beginning of
all their strength" (R. V. marg. v. 36).
IlI. The Teaching. Before the
plagues Pharaoh was warned; before
the second one ho wvas given an op
portignity to repent and because of the
suffering thereby lhe relented and ask
'd for a respite. Refusing to declare
led's greatness (Ex. 8:10) "he
Pharaoh) made heavy his heart" (Ex.
ti:15), an act of his own, not an act of
God. No warndng is given of the third
plague for Pharaoh had broken
faith. The acknowledgment upon the
part of his magicians of a power great
o'r than their owvn did not serve as a
yarning and he continued in his re
TFresspass Notice,
All perso'118l are hereby
warnefld n~ot to hunt, fish oi
otherwise tresspas~s on my lands
F. E. Stewart.
3t-il17 Pickenn, 8. (. R. 3.
Liver Getting Lazy?
Don't Stop Working
Take Dodson's Liver Tone and
Go About Your Business. It
will Liven' Up Your Liver
Without Harm.
A bilious attack or constipa
tion can be relieved in a short
while by a spoonful of Dodson's
Liver Tone-the mild, vegetable
remedy that every druggist guar
an tees.
Just ask Pickens Drug Co.
about Dodson's Liver Tone.
They know that it Is a harmless
preparation that starts the liver
without violence and puts you
into shape without interfering
with your habits. This store
guarantees it to be all that, and
will give you your meney back
if you don't find Dodson's Liver
'T'one gives you quick easy re
Dodson's Liver Tone is for
both geown-ups and children.
It has a pleasant taste, and is
safe and reliable. The price is
50c for a large bottle, and your
50c back to you if you tell Pick
ens Drug Co. that it hasn't been
a benefit to you.
Don't take calomel and don't
buy imitations of Dodson,s
Liver Tone-you may run into
danger if you do.
Buy Dodson's-the medicine
that Pickens Liver Tone recom
mends and guarahtees. (adv.)
Civil Service Examination For
Rural Carrier
At Pickens, S. C., for Pickens
county, Saturday, Aug. 23, 1913.
The United States Civil Ser
vice Commission announces an
open competitive examination
on the date and at the place
above named, as a result of
which it is expected to make
certification to fill a vacancy in
the position of rural carrier at
Easley and other vacancies as
they may occur on rural routes
at post offices in Pickens county,
unless it is found to be in the
interest of the service to fill any
v a c a n c y by reinstatement,
transfer, or promotion. The
usual entrance salary for rural
carriers is from $600 to ' 1,100
per annum.
Age, 18 to 55, on the d Lte of
examination. The max mum
age is waived in cases of persons
honorably discharged from the
United States military or naval
service. For application form
or other information call on
your postmaster.
Notice of Stockholder's Meeting
Annual Meeting.
The stockholder's of The
Pickens Sentinel, a corporation,
are hereby called to meet at
Pickens, S. C., at the Court
House, the first Wednesday in
September, 1913, the same being
the third day, to consider and
act upon ma tters of interest
affecting said corporation towit:
First: A sale of the plant
and property of said corporation
and the liquidation and dissolu
tion thereof; or
Second: The issuance of pre
ferred stock in the sum of one
thousand live hundred dollars
for the benefit of the corpora
tion; or
Third: To make provision
for the payment ot an indebted
ness in the sum of fifteen hun
dIred dollars by incumbering the
property; or
Fourth: To transact s u c h
other business as may conie be
fore them.
C. E. Robinson,
Pres. and Treas.
M. C. Smith,
M. C. Smith, C. E, Robinson,
R. E. Bruce, E. H. Craig, J.
McD. Bruce. Directors.
Condensed Passenger Schedules
Between Greenville, Anderan~n antd
Greenworod. Effective '1 hursday. May
1nt b. 19118 T(rntinat leave iand arive. cor
ne'r Maina and W~aahingtona streets.
. LeaveA r' t hv..
N. Time. No. Ti me
8...........7 t0am 4.......0.25iam
5--.10.00)atm 6 .......1.20pm"
'7........ll.43a ~ 8.........1.40pjm
9- - -...._.4 p 10........-- 5p
11 ........8.40 pm |12........0.25 pam
55-........5 00 pm | 16........8.10 pm11
17.....--....7.05 jpm | IN..........-92 -jam
9.......10.1.0 pmn | 12_ . ..12 10 amn
Tickets4 on stala' (. 8. & A. Termin'al
(04 Northa Mtia St.
10. THIOMIP-'40. (: n Mgr
U. S AILAisN, Gena. Pass. Agent.
For Sale-Severial fine pigs, 63
or 7 weeks old. Call on S. P,
Freeman, Pickens R 1, or phone
211. 2t
Norris News Notes
[Too late for last week.]
Mr. and Mrs. Claud Borough;
and two children and Misses
Jane and Hattie Boroughs spent
last Tuesday at the home of J.
0. Garrett.
Miss Pet Chapman of Liberty
was the attractive guest of Miss
Hattie Boroughs last week.
Rev. arid Mrs. Thomason
Spent the week at Fountain inn
visiting their children.
Mr. and Mrs. I. D. Rico seen t
Friday night with Mrs. Rice's
3ister, Mrs. Garrett, who is se
riously ill at Six Mile.
Mr..Harbin, an operator foi
bhe Southern railway, is station.
3d at Norris for a few days.
Mrs. M. Clifton Rhodes and
two children, M. 0., Jr., and
Jecil, spent last Wednesday in
Lawrence Brock, a distin
;uishep operator for one of the
well known railroads in (eor
7ia, is spending his vacation in
bown with his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. William Brock.
We were very much grieved
to learn of the death of ox-rep
resentativeW. G. Mauldin, His
remains wore brought thru Nor
ris .enrouto to Camp Creek
Thurch, where the burial took
place. The floral tributes were
many and beautiful, showing
the high esteem in which he
was held.
Mr. Massey'and children have
returned from Toccoa, Ga.,
where lie has been at work for
some time.
Mrs. H. L. IHuckabee, who is
spending the summer in Green
ville with her daughter, Miss
Freddie, who is stenographer
for Morgan & Austin lumber
dealers, spent last week at her
home here.
Mrs. John Bearden and chil
dren have just returned from
Six Mile where they visited.
Miss Lake Erie McAlister of
Central and Miss Grace ll1ucka
bee of Norris were the at trac
Live guests of Miss Ernestine
Rankin in Liberty on last Fri
Messrs. II. L. IIuckabee and
Isaac Sheriff spent last Wed.
nesday in Greenville.
Misses Ragsdale of Westmin
ster and Zachry of Greenvill
are staying at M. Clifton Rhodes
and will be here about 2 months
Misses Lake and Pearl Ballen
tine and James Ballentine o
Easley wvere the guests of M isse
Minnie and Bertha Sheriff las
Frank Hluckabee, w h o
working for the Western Unior
Telegraph Co. Ii n Greenvilk
spent a fewv (lays last wveek witi
his father and sisters here.
Arthur Sheriff is just, honn
from Greenville, where he ha
beenr taking a business course.
Billie Garvin'of Atlanta is ir
town wvith his grandmother
Mrs. Whitten.
Miss Ollie and Nettle Mullinas
spent Tuesday afternoon in Lib
erty shopping.
Miss Gertie Newton of Green
ville has been the attractiv
guest of Mesdames D), M. and J
J. Newton.
Mrs. R. T1. Hlallums and chil
dren of Pickens have~ beenu visit
ing her parents, Mr. and Mr-s
J, C. Garrett.
Tomi Whitten of Easley speni
last Sunday with his mtother.
Mr. Kilgo of Charlotte spen
last Tu'~esda*y at the home of H1
L. Huckabee.
Is one of the common symp-.
toins of womanly trouble, and
the cause has to be removed
before you can rid yourself of it
entirely. A medicine that mere
ly kills pain, does not go to the
seat of the trouble, and kill the
cause. What you need Is a
woman's medicine-one which
acts directly, yet gently, on the
womanly organs.
The Woman's Tonic
After having used C a rdu I,
Miss Uile Olbson, of Chrise
man, Texas, writes: I"About
three years ago, I was just
entering womanhood, and was
sick In bed for nearly nine
months. Sometimes I would
have such headaches, and oth
er aches, I could hardly stand
It. I tried Cardul, and now I
am cured of all my troubles. 1
shall praise Cardul as long as I
live." Cardul is the medicine
you need. Try It R-t3
Sumimons for Re
(Complaint Served)
The State of South Carolina,
County of Pickens
Court of Common Picas.
M. U. Smith, Plaintiff,
J. T. Jones. Defendant.
To the Defendant, J. T. Jones:
You are hereby summoned and re
quired to answer the Complaint in this
action, of which a copy is herewith
served upon you, and to serve a copy of
your answer to said Complaint on the
'iubaoritwr at his office at Pickenis, C. H.
S. C , within twenty dava after the ser
vice hereof. exclusive of the day of such
service: and if you fail to answer the
Complaint within the time aforesaid,
the plaintiff in this action will aply to
the Court for the relief demand in
the Complaint, T. J. Mauldin,
Plaintaff's Attorney.
Dated July 16, A. 1), 1918.
(Seal) A. J. BO .
To the absent defendant, J. T. Jones:
Ph-ave take notice that the Complaint
in thelabove stated action, and the dum
mons of which the foregoing is a copy,
were filed in thee acee of the Clerk of
Court of Oumnon Pleas for Pickens
County, S. C.. on July 16, 1918.
T J. Mauldin.
Plaintiff's Attorney.
Summons for Relief,
(Complaint Ser ved)
The State of South Carolina,
County of Pickens.
Court of Common Pleas.
J. I Vickery, Plaintiff,
John Ellenburg, J. M. Vickery, and M.
B. Gaines, and J. B. Gaines, trading
under tho firyn name and style of M. B.
Gaines & Son, and Ernest Grant,
To the defendants above named:
You are hereby summoned and re
quired to answer the Complaint in this
action, of which a copy is herewith
served upon you, and to servo a copy of
your answer to said Conplaint on the
subsactiber, at his office at Pickens, 8. C.
within twentv days after the service
hereof, exclusive of the day of such
service; and if you fail to answer the
O 'mtiluint within the time aforesaid,
the ntaint Rf t tuthis 'Wlion will a'ply to
I he Cou t for tie relief demanded in
Dated 10i day of Jinne, A. D., 1913.
A. J. Ilngus. C. C. P.
C. E. lohiison, Plaintiff's Attorney.
To the d. femoant, John Ellenburg:
Tske notice that the Sunmons, of
wh ich tihe f ore going is a copy, and the
Complaint in the above stated action
was filed in the .flilet, of the Clerk of
(C.,na t for said count v and state on the
10:1 day of .June, 1918, and is now on
file in s.aid 11ce.
C. F. Robinson.
Plaintiff's Attorney.
'ieken's. S. U., .itne 24, 1913.
Clerk's Sale.
State of South Onrlina
Conty f 'ic kens
lan (onrt of C. muon Pleas,
- F. (1. Maualdinmm, Plaintiff,
f aeg in-t
s imn A1ndlerson et al. Defeda ntsm
t In pu.rsmnnce of a 'do:eefui ordier maadm
in tihe abeV. mstatedu cmn anid on file a
theo 4 lerk's office. I w~*ill sollI to time imigh.
, est idd~elr du sring thme legai honras for
sale at Pmckeina Couta Hnl~nse, 8. U.. ona
d3aksalay in A 'aglaat, 1913, thle following
dlescrmbed* real estnte upon the terma
hereinafter inmont,ionm, dl.
Firat: All of that pi.ece. parcel anm
tract of land ivinag: nd hiru g saituaste in
thme Staitt tan I Count.s afcre said near time
corporate limits of thme e.-vni of Pickensm
andt on 'Monthi side of piubl.iie road leadling
fr omi Pickensi to W aihn'la, aidjoinming
lots of Lemi l'Rosemiond, A da Riosomnond.
and othmems and( bieing the nmae lot of
amnd c:onveyedl to Elins Andetson by J.
1" 11amrris bmy deed dated October 26. 19l10.
to w bachm deed referenice is hereby mamde
for ai more compilete dienmiiptionm. Samil
deed beilng recorded an d. d1 boo0k "'N.
N " puaee 16N. Picns county record.
anal col t-riing 12.0: (1 , qu-ire feet more
or less.
Second: A 'so that lot of laind ajoin.
lng tihe abtove lot conataininig one acre
nmre ori lss. .Adjoinming lnd mis of Hen
ry I aiwre'nce, Charlrie Toalbmert, estate of
C. L. 1Hollmaugsworath. (Chmarlie .Jones,
Ainady Jicwenm and' oth rmai.
Te'a' ms' ca-ih: Pnmrelu-s i r to pay for
all papem.ra atnd record ing of ar ame'. Termams
o 'f sale nmnt. lea comnplie I wvitha in one'
hour af ter sale or time lanmd will hie me
sold. A . J 111)11(8,
July 16, 1913. Ciem k mof Ioura.
WV. A. Peohuf1' sells Rock HI ill
b)uggies at Gap) Hill, the old
Payne place. Cash 0 r eadsy
term1Is. (ady)
A Number of Go<
Tract No. 1. 10o miles nor1
Price, $i ,000. Termns, 1, 2 and
Tract No, 2. 1 0 miles nori
town. Price, $i ,000.
Tlract No. 3. Contains 64{ a<
on Liberty road; high state of
Price $65 per' acre.
Tract No. 4. 34 acres, one
Iey road. Easy terms. Barg
Tract No. 5. Two miles eas
new house, barns, etc. Barga
Tract No. 6. Contains 70 at
at $30 per acre. Termns to su
Tract No. 7. 35 acres,' one
high state of cultivation. A I
Tract No. 8. Contains~ 60 a
college, at $45 per acre.
Tract No. 9. 6o acres, two
halt in high state of cultivatioi
$45 per acre, 1-3 cash, terms
Tract No. 10. 30 acres, e
Pumpkintown road, 5 miles fr
These- are only a few 01
sale. For further particulars
Linwood Land &]1
IPiekens. S. C.
114 PI'
Notice is reby given
the Board f t istration of
Pickens County will be at the
following places on the~following
dates for the p'urpose'of register
ing any persons qrilffled to
register who have not heretofore
At Pickens Court House the
entire week beginning Monday,
August 4; at Calhoun. Monday,
August 11; Central, Tuesday,
August 12; Isaqueena Mill,
Weednesday, August13; Norris,
Thursday, August 14; Cateechee,
Friday, August 15; Six Mile,
Saturday, August 16; Liberty,
Monday, August 18; Maplecrot't
Mill, Tuesday, August 19; Lib
erty Mill, Wednesday, August
20; Easley, Thursday, August
21; Alice Mill, Friday, August
22; Easley Cotton Mill, Sat.ur
day. August 23; Glenwood Mill,
Monday, August 5.
All persons qualified for regis.
tration are urged to meet th<
Board on the above dates.
Elias Day,
Clerk of Board.
For Sale
20 to 26 shares of Pickens Oil
mill stock at 65c.
155 acres of unimproved lane
adjoining property of Norri
Cotton Mill. Price $2500.
T. C. Robinson,
j31 Commerce, (G a.
---snune refreshmenti Starts
quick as the first delicious
drop of Pepsi-Cola moistens
your tongue, Lasts long as
the fruity, tart juices and oils
stay in your system and mix
with your blood. Not so
sweet as some others--it stops
thirst-doesn't produce morel
Anybody can drink it and feel
gives you natur-alrefreshment
in a perfectly natural way.
It's pure. Cools off body -
wakes up mind. It isn't
medicine --it's pleasure and
benefit all day longi Do you
drink Pepsi-Cola? One glass,
then a second will pre it is
better than them all. Try it.
You're thirsty, NOW!
d Farms Fo ale
d yearmsFoSl
~h ol Pickenis, near Pumpkin.
res, one mile from court house,
cultivation; three goodI hauses.
ile from court house, on Eas
in at $ioo per acre.
t ol court house; 42 acres; good
mn at $2,500
:res, 5 miles west of court house,
it purchaser.
mile south of Six Mile college;
argain at $50 per acre.
cres, two miles west of Six Mile
miles north of court house; one
1, balance in timber 'and pasture.
on balance.
Et $35 per acre. Situated on
-om court house.
the desirable farms we have for
write or call on us.
[nvestment Company
Office at Keowee Bank

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