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of Nor
may soon be
Pberty, are
-event at
can find
- -~wo a beene
-(shop of the Pick
' announces that the
r.jowley Wilhiat
~ ,ef1~efitting and sel
'f?:.a~O~ eet his old-friet
the advantages f
for mer, women a
~ Greenville's
I~an Street and McBee
~ AveOn the Corner.
Mrs.'H.M-ig and Mr. a
ZPace, of ase, were v
~zsad relatives in' Picke
(~~Na~l~flstOre Satufrdaynlig1
~' No.166 ges'the flour; 397 gets t
gets the c -fe If S
~au~store and get your prize.
Th frst solid ea'rload if I. H. C.fai
~ mplements 'that ever came to t
county was seceived by Heatn-BrU
SqroCo. this week. Most of th.
-are already sold, which1
cpod sign thatour farmers are prosp
mng and aremakngpeartions tofa
en cigmre progressive lns
. Stewart, one of the good
substantial citizensof nearliet,3
a~ business visitor in PickensFr.
For aln time helias been treast
of the FrtBaptist church at Libe
and he informs us that their beaut
new church bg~lding'win soon be e
pleted. .,
- The Woman's. Missionary Societ;
the Pickens Bpstchurch will obs<
the second wekin March as awee
pryeand the meetings will be
at tehomes of the members of
soiey Sui's meeting will be
at hehome of Mr.Cla .n Newtc
33 oeloCk. All chrb members
rgdto attenid these meetings.
L~iWhite Salve heals so
riThe 25 cents.
. E EWIS, Ph.- C., PrOp
all day song service
church on the first
-i -at 9. a. m.
ix ile and Mountain
are to be there. Every
Gary, 17-year-old son of Chief
ce Egene B., Gary,. of the South
ma Supreme court, was drowned
Lexington, Va., Sunday, while
testing ice on a.pond. He was a mem
ber of the frshman class of Washing
tn and Lee university.
ErnestFol _has returned from New
YorkPhiladia andBaltimore, where
chased an immense stock of
he ana1=d" . for Folger,
r theiradvertise
enteach week and keep posted.
W. C. Gaines, a good citizen of Nor
s, was inPickens Friday and while
re The'Sentinel a very pleasant
cS12' e has been taking this paper a
long time and he gave us a nice compli
ment, which we greatly appreciate.
John E. Steele, who is connected with
a large iron manufacturing concern in
Idianapolis, Ind., is visiting his pa.
rent, apt and Mrs. R. E.. Steele, or
eowee mver. We regret to learn that
Mrs. Se ddesot improve in health.
oGreenville's Big Shoe
yhve secured the services
swho .has many years
[igshoes. He will be
Ld ere and and explain
,rsvings on all grades of
igShoe Store.
Where the Big Shoe
Hangs Out.
LL, S. C.
L d ewis' White Salve for but
ca't be beat.
The Piekenis T'ownshiy Singing c
vetion held its ieuar meeting ati
~thodist church in Pickens last Si
y t dyafternoon. A large crowd of int
t t sed people were present and grea
- njyd the good service. Next me
1 in be held with the Pickens
Messrs. Frank and Ben Hendri
have each purchased a new "Metz"
toiobile and as soon .as the roads
Sgood shap will join the seed
os.ru will use his largei'y on
rlroural givig hspatronsUi
se for his around his farm. Sev
other new cars are expected in Piel
2 nd nafew days.
M isses Grace and May Cashion
;h Chrlotte, N. C., experienced mnillm
aepurchased the stock of goods
po wl of the Millinery Shop, lo
n olger, Thornley & Co.'s store
will continue at the same place, a
a larger stock of the latest mnillin
Ehe f heyoung ladies have arrived in .
ms e nsand have already made many fri
th fbyteir charm of manner and unas:
fing w g ays. They would be glad to
tethose interested in millinery to ca
them themat Folger, Thornley & Co.s s
After the cold is gone
-D Die's Tasteless Extract of
Liv ILier Oil. Price, $1. Keo
teof Remedies
and of ever proprietary articl
usually found in a first-class drin
store, will be found in ouxT estab
lishm'ent-every article fresh an
of the best quality. Outside .C
ourr highly serviceable prescril
tion department we carry a con
pee ine of the standard med
enes for all diseases., Hig
gulaity and .low price is o1
business motto.
Pone 24-we deliver by Parc
Davis' White Salve for burr
Phsone 2
chk 5h6th .& 7th
We will as usual handle several
n will be with us on these the leading brand
full line of ISAAC HAM- Murate Potash
ngPefmon YOe FM Top Dressers, and you will always fin
othes kntw---hey will also the prices here just as low as you will
know that there will be a anywhere for the same standard of
reduction in the prices this that you will always find at the Big Store
ill pay you to wait for Mr.
order your Spring Suit. You
ou want it-made just as you Weason. Come i your withi
the fit guaranteed.
When we announced last Fall that we would close out our Dry Goods business we meant it. Wq had phenomenl success
a oud le t We- por se y ou also that the new season would see this store expand
-dt hadful of these left. promisedyou
ind way larger and better selections in the lines to be featured in the future and we are now in position to make the an
in every way agradbte eetosi h ie o vr ri n ih o eaerayt
nounciment to you that we have made good--the goods are here---others coming on every train and right non we are t
show you the largest stock of goods under one roof in this section. THE BIG STORE holds acordial welcome for eveoer
any time that suits your convenience--and your presence will always be appreciated by us and we'll do everything in ourper
to make the visit pleasant and if you buy you may rest assured that you have bought as ch-ap---in nine cases out of ten
---than you would have gotten the same goods elsewhere. Again we say
We can show you more goods under one roof than any other store in this
section-Not taking into consideration our dry goods department at all.
S Goods Coming in by the Car Load
Ever train co1mingf into Pickens carries car loadafr
ca o o -goo s for-the Big 8-tore. W agoYns, ,Bu ge
FuniurFarm Implements, Stoves, Ranges. H[ardwar
ooing, Bilticn s t als, Gasolene
LdAgines, Pumps, Heavy and fancy Groceries Etc
4' Everything you want for the farm or home at a good 4
w substantial saving in price! <4
4' ~~bu The stock is fast melting away, but there are lots and lots oftment Barais4
shere for you yet. When in the store drop aroundT t tics deartet ans eeo 44?
what opportunity there is here for mnoney saving. Th prich a jus ts owe
UJ they possiblgT can be macto and we are doingo ni 1 buieshachdi this oe L.
partment. But stocks are getting in suc o nd tio tha tis canoE keepW.
4 ~long. Ii you want some of these Bargains our advice to youi O EN W
Kee--------~ 1 1 3 mUli l LBigger Buying Power Means
ens eBuying as we do for SPOT CASH
in quantities, we get the jobbers price on
ni 4 It will always pay you. We are in evrthnIha o esito tiAsoe
+-etrsae-hnee o sev o -e-This means considerable savings to our 4
ter in ev r wa .Etck . ar b g erus ersl as w e in to e this s aving ,
4-+ selections are btter and values are better. bI ustoer aso wae nota mon y et this couvngts
ieYou owe it to yourself to see what we butnd anticipaedea pamne o marisoun
re +hav beoreyoubuy.Getourpries,- on your part with prices in other store4
- 4 make an honest comparison between our andanicpaedpamSts C-priC.4
o goods---our prices--and the other fellow, wndmntaeti oyu
e+then you decide where it pays you to buy.
Easley Route 1 sie"r, Msu. rd Jones neat Death of william E. Logaice siste 5..b
On account of the sleet the IWilliam E. Long died at his Wmnch.ter, of the Crow Creek * V 35U'.iA ff Y5j
Rain, sleet, snow and mud Valentine party at the Lend- home near Piedmont on Sat- section.Kao aCesa a b B s l u u k t o n w rf
eeks. he can' ofete pansthn fed unrtishl ousay ni stpura. Feb. 1628fhs if e e ve adwretrnd hom after spending a 50s.BetFoaBuktfSnwrt
but mud c'tese n thing Between $2 and $13t, e and ofi chidren to lemoun hi fee days with Mr. and Mrs. G. Lard and a an CSRofee 0 e
fMiss Edith Lendhardt visited alized from the sale of the re- departure. Mrs. daft Black. E. rnshM a rtnhsbe hs tmyso ri ac
frensnd relatives in Green- frehments, which willhbe sed r of sLberty, is duheraii i rs tes art i hais br~essein po hc ilettl h odrt
T redTvile -s -week elbrr. tou s ic oo s f r ishe d co uin. .Long i e ty s a first qu t sick M r . eruhact im r v n .W th e abve p rhaes abst ly r ee.ii a ch I w l
MsAneErwmthisendhardt by the Cross Roads string band. zealous Christian worker. He ing~ nicely, it1 r -nncac tteaoepie iray ui a unse osn r ogwsa eyITeMri ho spors-gv umee opnwihwl nk h odrt
elesa we A gon crw ws presentend e w ebr of at1t.PisgahoC rg.T alin ikn
h a n er os ly l. foHs r th hJoo o ' W E nl~ t M n a to o d e ason e o er .W .A El e b r .
s e k i m r v g a _ _ - _ - e rvice w e h el a T Ev t d n t isiti n g S und . th sG e .--M1i k n
t Mis he -ouMginn oon wo e tter o caneem rouenoy a ssis h r h Th funeralhr M as a artin oftt ena c- ~ - h t eg o n F r S l - h t r w
whih a s er~~o s y much f or t a9 . H lf p nitPfr a c u t . H i s muh t riro te 3ag an ys.T ur a t e . ap Gil t a i k u ar i CH,
apeeasrn pre. l king ate$4.95 L OT Bo12c . onilste M n d y th e iur c nd c m- etio er da int st w eek .en - - 'ro t 1.P c e s
.. tose ers ou a n so n - _._ T. D.dHabys m nthe p so, Rvy. .I M .a d M~.W .E ln u
+ Berdiy Ho mb hisite Cldlndat.terngo's h r w sa lag ttn a c
4. MereAith (Thy visited . T. D. HARRIS. munity. - - PAPA'S PET. ens. S. ~. Pickens. S. C. ,A -
(/ - ~ ~Z7~Y'~ -~ -

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