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J4 O 'PAmX.
a %vd ii tlr~e.
\ I ho- aet rubbn 0-; inWent is
Good for the A lment, of
Horses, Mules, Cattle, Etc.
good for your own Aches,
Pains, Rheumatism Sprains,
Cuts, Burns, ttc.
25c. 50c. $1. At all Dealers.
Are coming in every day. Now
Is the time to select your pres
ents. We have a large selection
af Watches, Watch Fobs, Watch
Dhains. Cuff Links, Tie Clasps,
and LaValliers. Also anything
io Cut Glass and Silverware.
Select a present, that-will last
and bring happiness for years
to come.
H. SNIDER, Jeweler, Easley, S.C.
Wheat, Shorts and
Rice Meal
Try a few while cottonseed
ineal is so high. You will find
zhat it is all right and cheaper.
Ask Clemson and see that you
et high grade feed. We will
ve another car in a few days
ris & Co., Pickens,S.C.
4 Jest Three Mor
n Sale--Il
n( Below we will mei
Mr Be Sure to Attend.
Sfor the Next 3lD
Will Be Well R
,' You will Find Bar
Slore i Every Ib
)(And Don't Forget
Mat the Graphopi
is Absolutely FRI
Ask the clerk for
ticulars concen
Guessing Contesi
n Edwuk
_______~.L4t*~,kJ66 TM W
A Ellis,th faousbach
tweelkcwith Rad 0' rlow ih
#I6oewallow. Knowlin that W
!had no electric- lights Mr. E1111
I Irought along some W on
es. After putting.
c~idlestick and 11gh?
said he bedingded If
mans didn't have go(.! t<
read.by them things lit
Dock Hocks had qu nar
row escape from bein. k! cke
by a mule Tuesday morning,
All that saved him was that th(
mule kicked his brother, Sidney,
It is reported that Fletcher
Henstep Is becoming so near
sighted that he\ may have to
move up closer to Hogwallow.
Yam Sims took his pet lizard
to church with him Sunday. He
took his lizard along so that he
could havo a whole seat by him
News of a shooting affray has
reached here from the headwat
ers of Gander creek. All the de
tails of the affray that could be
learned was that the plaintiff
shot the defendant, who plead
ed not guilty.
Slim Pickens is progressing
rapidly with trying to/ learn to
ylay his new hand organ. Slim
always had a desire to master
music and other of the high cul
tured arts and expects to become
quite-a social favorite -ere the
jaybirds.hatch again.
Washington Hocks' house
caught fire Monday night. He
narrowly escaped in his night
clothes, but fortunately no one
saw him.
The cows Iioke in and drank
up nearly all 1 he water in Poke
Eazley's poil the other day,
leaving it so shallow that the
fish had to su im on their sides.
The horse doctor of the Calf
Ribs neighborhood decided to do
like the other doctors. and have
some friend come to the church
door while services are going on
and call him out.
The Postmaster thinks if Miss
Flutie Belcher got all the mail
she, gas looking for, he would
e Days of the Big
Closes on Decer
tion a few of the vahi
the Sale Men's
$.00 and $10
'ays. You si2J0 and $15
eWarded. Utd Boys'
Wind(ow She
ains Ga
look and Ne'ver, $2.88a
Hats worth1
Hats worth
to Guess 44 cents.
11-4 Cotton
one,. It at a dollar. N
Men's Hats,
This store is
IF P nd you can d(
ith fre same time lark
* . LL Sheetinj
Now or Never,
L.. Bolt
Easley, S. C
ge Thsat's Aiwa]
Easley, S C. Saturday, Jaguary 8, 191
Easley's Latest and Best Realty Development.
We have purchased the L. G. Smith property in the Western City Limits of Easley,
S. C. On January 8, 1916, at i o'clock p. m., rain or shine, we will sell this
desirable property, which we have sub-divided into 50 beautiful lots, to the
highest bidder at public auction, to white purchasers only.
To an eminent degree this property possesses:
Convenience of Location-Right in the Western City Limits, with City Water
and Light only 200 yards distant.
Elevation-One of the most commanding in Easley, overlooking the entire
west side of the city. with a delightful view of the surrounding country.
Drainage and Street Frontage-Every lot carries its own surface rainfall, and
fronts on 30 foot street with two 6-foot sidewalks, assuring at all times fresh
air and sunlight to every residence.
One Ideal Suburban Home-A seven room, two-st ry residence, newly-painted,
with never-failing well right at the side entrance, and good barn and other
outbuildings nearby, with street frontage on three sides, tid'fine shade of native
trees supplemented by numbers of bearing fruit trees. This place of more than
one acre of land is one ot the best offerings in realty that has recently been
placed before the public.
Inspect the Blue-Prints at the Leading Banks and Other Places. Get the Big
Poster and Read Every Word. Secure the Free 25 to 50 Dollar Card. Study
Our Guarantped Insurance Plan. Go and See the Beautiful Lots. Attend the
Auction of the Property and Make the One Purchase that WillAlways Be a Source
of Profit to You.
"We make the Easy Terms; YOU can SET THE PRICE"
Executor's Sale CLERK'S SALE.
- ' ~~State of South Carolina, R e l E te
County of Pickens.
By virtue of the authority and power
conferred upon me by the last wvill and In Court of Common Pleas. Belo r ise soera -
totehgesttoW.G Cidde, rjl csella Heath-Bruce- Morrow Co., Plaintiffs, 'tate bargains which should not
toite hight bie, for csha vs. -be o\ erlooked by those who are
Picken cour hous, onP. B. Grifhin, R. Lenhardt and J. .J- thinking of buyi' ia sa(
Salesday in .Ianuary Next, Fretwell, Defendants, in this section, for 'e ni able
durng he egl hursof al, te fl. In pursuance of a decretal order in to offer this property now at less
duing theea houroslentedo: the above-stated case by Hon. S. W. G. than Its real value. Everything
1. All that piece, parcel or tract of 191 a id n gil iud te clek' offcej guaranteed as r'epresented1 or a
land in the county of Picekens and in will sell to the highest bidder on little better:
Liberty township, adjoining lands of
J. S. Wilson, Mrs. Eva Cooley, J. A. MaleN4day Jul .Janssan'y. 39W16 TRA CT No. l-situated in, oeone counit, .
Brown and Lawrence McWhorter, con- ' Craven- s creek, contLalining (5-2 acres: putbili
taining seventy-eight (78) acres, more during the legal hours for sale, at Pick-1 road runnoing (trough this property: contains
or less, ens C. H., S. C., the followingdescribed about14 IS acres or bottom innd1 and good uiana.
2 All that piece, parcel or tract of tract of land, to-wit: 12 i,,mles fron, watlhauiia and four mntes fron,
land adjoining tract above named, lands .All that piece, parcel or tract of land Isalem;.dlesirable for rarminog and hans splendiic
of J. S. vWilson, Mrs. Eva Cooley and in the county of Pick ens and Dacusville Jatuttres; -4 teniant houses on this property
tract number three (3), containing thir- township, containing one hundred (100) 1nearlyv entire tract can Ibe cultuvated. Tis is a
ty-eight and 28-100 acres. acres, more or less, on which P. B. great ibargaint and wml nto, stay on thie market
5. All that other piece, parcel or tract Griflin now lives, adjoining lands of ;4m ona thIs p'rice. *rano on,
of land adjoining tract number two (2) Win. Jones, Daniel McJunkin, Lewis
above named, lands of Mrs.EvaCooley, Roper and Jack Nabors. i 'tn.w'r No. 2-A hoe frrm or 2,o m-res or
Smith Hlamlin and others, and contain.. Terms cash, purchasers to pay for good river or (reek b~oi tomts and14 goodt upiods:
ing twenty-five and 65-100 acres, more all papers, stamps and recording the " ii"t tlhiling house51, lin extra barn and two
ar less, same. Terms must be complied with good tenant~t houses: good jiuhue road runs
Terms: Cash on day of sale. Plats in one hour or the premises will be re- throllglh jilate and huis daily mtal; in sight or
af these lands can be seen on day of sold at the risk of the former pur.. ~i~i itore an mi and ntear gradled schtooli In
tale or before at my office in the towvn chasers. ,atues rromt stalemt. 'Ihis p'roperty eanniot he
fPickens. J1. P. CAREY, A. J. BOGGS, reCOnntitendied ((o4 highly. 1'rite *r5r0o. *10t11
Executor of the will of W. G. Cooley- Clerk of Court. csa sad balance (n eight years.
CLERK'S SALE. r-I n~a 'r No. t'r-on gate a rm, (7 m1n aove~
_______P r o b a te S a lel i"'" " " " " ""'" e 's ' a " " e" " " r <l soo d a u(to -
State of South Carolina, Prbt aemobie rodi); 3453 acres ini tract, somne of it goo
Conyo ikn.State of South Carolina, tunt ber lanod: on1 thIs propierty' is situated a grist
Count of Pckens ,,,, a .'arge i-rooma house~i and good out build
In Court of Common Pleas. County of Greenville. , lgs: tao Ideal place for a summer resort: uth
.E. Robinson, Plitf, Bertie E.. Burns, in her own right and th (jes suDe rcs8r t ,rojtili ( oteu
C. Plaintiff, ~~~~~~~~~as Administratrix of the estate of 4 ulr o st ra agda 'ie, "
J. . Able, eV., eedns Dave Burns, deceased, and M.G. on adsarelara.Prces.
.J. . Abler etal. Defndats.Burns, Admimistrator of said
in pursuance of a decretal order made -estate, Plaintiffs. t*R C' No. I -2291 aeres lo Oonge egnty
n the above-statel case by H is Honior, timbered rad. ('rice, a bo -ress in .
Judge R. W. Memminger, dated Sept. versus iulnsra.Irc~uoah
.9, 1915, 1 will sell to the highest bd- ,.h 1'N, """----trs(ttee ittl I
ler on Bertie Estelle Burns, et al. , Defendants. ,, ttAeCNo n0ttt i ar~es nlo( titered in in.
aeNII'day *1n .Jnuary, 191 0 G By virtue of a decree filed in the '"g, tighlamtis roadI. 1'rice, $temA ensi,.
luring the le al hours for sale, at Pick-. Probate Court of Greenville county, in ..- -
ens C. H. S. C., the following described the ahove-entitledl case, I will sell in i A e'r No. (1-l130 taCres of extra (ite (tmbered
tract of land, co-wit: front of the court house door in Pick - in1410 itn Ocottee county, a mtties above 'runntel
All that piece, parcel or tract of land ens, S. C., on hu i on DJoublie Springs road P'rice, *um0.
situate, lyin and bemng in the county | ,ia.j ~ tCI --*t---i
and state a resaidl, on branch waters MonayJ nury 3, 1910,. R^' No. 7---a5 acres (line timtbered nn i
o wleMl iea ii ad conee counity, (in miles aboave waihanla, en.
of Twee Milae Riv.O ber, irki ln Salesday, during the legal hours of sale, chauoga creek. ('rIce, sle50eaOsi.
tHendrixe Jon B.so and Ambler, aknd the following describe prop)erty:-...
containin Johne Watsne and othesix All that certain piece, parcel or tr!Iet 'rlRA'r NoP. x--House and. lot or u aere, near
(1o )taning o e hunr e and ni etys: of land lying and being situate in Pi.k- depot ini townt or w iiaihan . Price, W650.
(16 e s, or e One-hs fcshond ens county, P ickens township, adjioin-. ..
Tomsa andth Salane-onal cedi on~a ing lands of I. M. Mauldin; .Wy H. - -rnHatre No.91-House atd it ,,fr. u eres oui
ofw slve mn the froma day o a cr ito Southerland, J. H. G. McDaniel, Jr., slain street mt toiwn of w ta ttna: most desrab~ic
itweles months fromday pofto salt wthe bein the two tracts first deeded to H. tlace it town. rice, 93800 sih.
iters on 8tpe ceit prtinum atithe M. ester by J. M. Neeley, containig
reate of 8h puaer t pa annum cash; 367 710 acres, more or less; also all that hi.. fturther itnformation atndt tarnltars cal.
the credit portion to be secured by a tleleseril>r< tract contain~n iing0 Inorit. It a.~rN iti,,i, Peen U ... o
bond of the purchaser andl a mortgage gacresuli~'o, ae, .c
of the premises. Should the purchaser ac ch re or less, nmare a oe pa t Alt imtiuiriesxivent proma;,tqtpioen1e
or purchasers fail oi- refuse to comy this deed as Mauldin Addition; the
with the terms of sale one hour thlere-1 10 Iigblwraali
aftr"ad lr l eell s"'ul l"nid on "- L"a p ta . . L. Jam eson
thereafter at the risk of the for-mer 'lrtms, cash, purchasers to pa - h sca n Surfgoof
purchaser or purchasers: purchasers to
pay for all papers. for papei-s andl stamps. iEasfey, 8. C.
A. J. BOGGS, WALTI R M. SC'OTT, iseamo of the Stomach a S )ecialt
Clerk of Court. Jiudge of Probate Greenville Co. Ofrice over Easley Bank, Res. Phone 1:
Putting It Off
Taking Your Time
in the matter of eye trou
bles is dangerous indeed.
Why Delay in So
Important a Matter?
Children, whose eyes are
not exactly right, should
be sent to us at once.
Don'twait. Thelittlefel
lows are depending upon
YOU. They don't know
these things themselves.
Globe Optical
Masonic Temple
A. .\. OIDOM, A. II. SCH A 1IE,
P'res. Sec. and Treas.:
have to move the postoffice into
some large barn.
The Rural Policeman has got
back from the uond, where he
has been trying to locate the
leader of the ban of frogs that
have been botheri g the Wild
Onion school teacher.
Something he will value for
years to come. Why not let it
be a real watch. We have a
large selection in solid gold and
gold filled. Come and see H.
State of South Carolina,.
County of Pickens.
By J. B. Newbery, Probate Judge:
Whereas, Mrs. Annie Fredericks made
suit to me to grant her letters of ad
ministration of the estate and effects of
T. E. Fredericks.
These are, therefore, to cite and ad
monish all and singular the kindred and
creditors of the said T. E. Fredericks,
deceused, that they be and appear be
fore me, in the court of Probate, to be
held at Pickens, S. C., on the 30th day
of December, next after publication
hereof, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon, to
show cause, if any they have, why said
administration should not be granted.
Given under my hand and seal this
13th day of T !cember, Anno Domini,
33 J. P.P.C.
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