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Porto Rico Nancy Hal
Triumph, Bunch 'Yam
Plenty of Cabbage PlAnts Now
15 cents per 100
The Rexall Store
J. N. NALLUM, Proprietor
Phone No. 8
Announcements SCIAL NOTICES
Canditates'e'ards isiertca in this coluni for Fo. 'Nale-Good farm, three miles
ve Iouars eCh, itivariably in advance. above Liberty, two good 6-room houses,
0. S. STEWART is hereby announced plenty, outbuildings, plenty good water
as a candidate for the office of Clerk of and wood. E. 0. Gilstrap, Liberty
Court of Pickens county, subject to the Route.3. 42
rules and regulations of the Democratic
party in the primary election of 1916. FP'or Male-Cash or good paper: I
10-horse steam engine; 1 6-horse gaso:
line engine, mounted; 1 saw-mill; 1
Porter's Barber Shop threshing machine; I corn mill; 22
horse wagons; 1 organ; 1 mule and I
Pickens, S. C. mare. See A.A. Pace at Hagood Mill. 42
The place to get your barber I'retoi's Pllunits-Send for n
wat t rig new catalogue. It's free. Fred
work done if you want it right Preston, Pine Castle Florida. 51
Sitaving. Iair Gutti g,Shnrnpoomg. MlstAgitg Notice-U. F. Mauldin has boughi
singeing, e(t., donte by barbers Who kinow hir out the interest of A. H. Taylor in th
buiIness, si! itt reaIsonableC pric i. firm of the Central Grocery Co. and will
ita?.or lionin it siipec ty Give 118 it tris still continue to run the business undei
Everythling Extretely Sanititry the same name. B. F. Mauldin.
Central, S. C., Feb. 1, 1916. 43
Purl t an Fl our Wanted forcu..-20 bushels o
running peas. 0. S. Stewart, Pickens,
Its a Good One Notice-Mr. J. D. Aiken has boughi
interest of G. IV. Gignilliat in businest
at Central. Mr. Aiken will continuE
the business in his own name as hereto.
Subject to being unsold fore. G. I. Gignilliat. 40
on arrival we will ofier time I IS Adrs tr ian of
one car at $6.40. Better ri
-Th ose: BIX BargaiK in Coffee
look after this. We be- A g peck for $1, and it's guaranteei
lieve it will bring $7.00 good and strong, Over-ought tobacco
iteret rof . W.s Gnilat ine us ines
beore the daisies bloom In clothihg, women'ssuits and hre
caps-price them in reason and tak
them. 7 packages soda 25c; 10 bars c
mol0asses. It's certainly paying now dt9a 2c eun ~saa
at, T. 1). Harris.
Morrisk &oCo1,anPit'snarante
d. ~r ton Ovaer-oug tCom bco~
The refund ridroit fast t the cmut c
beor e dasiesbloo ptoetrhittmnsitsian idren '
EastAvenue Glbeapical thempany reasoni andmpk
Mcgee seenvileD. (ri.
Work of-AllfKindsoreeye work:rAs we are me0
SAmakeT.osui lo lier of1( tare tchamber ordmerce wo
new. We arrefunpraparoadfareso the Si~i. o aon 0
~vorkand 10 nt ter upgar- t st tni' l nldn ten r
H i Classdr Ldelvryda ~ hm 10,a Ol
Wor ofAllKinsow have ree l style, o
ADyoer' arernngshpecialty, Pi Cn lardantGery Cu
At ~'resBarer hop E sle~te for ine you r rin ction
We ae han Petopkle an Naea L'gors
ne.WCaeprprmoohetoU STe I OwNE oefi
Afteranheyohave trieduallasortseof eye'roved planter
docts. aetrmera ents anKlisclae or re
Wae don laut ny deveredthig
yo~ ur w door. onerthihewellow, ane i
~cwho t ft petale s a ot hav uremi tok ol
B.ev man PORTE Andalent, at wil o hldoo it
At W Poe br Whoe PcsayPie
AtFres OaberSoEey e senie fo.rnin
We HaeMayeol STONE E
Come t Us iD
Afte the hae tred ll srts f ee RO T 1
tlon rally la tAS toeiT'i6eon
i 40 al~Ma~ 7 ~ ih
.0 ''1Bb i ca*i#.4
V T pid forceful pe
is' a man with a loving 6en'
r evetyone and his lectures are ich
that no one can afford to imisa them.,
0q, Friday evening at 8 o'clock, in t4
schioliudltorium, he will deliver a most
''ating and instructive lecture on
"Schools and Fools." The usual admis
plotK this lecture is at least .5c and
more,_ but he Is giving this one' to the
Pickens -people . for only 25c admission.
Everyone who can possibly come out to
hear Will D. Upshaw, The Georgia
dyclone, should do so. Those.who fail
to come are sure to miss something
W9ytFll)hije. -Advertisement.
Dr. J. N. Hallum is In Atlanta on
ey. t, R. McClanahan of Liberty
was in town Tuesday.
James E. Parsons of Liberty was here
Monday, but didn't bring his fiddle.
Mrs.. W. L. Crosswell of Hartsville is
visitig her stepdaughter, Mrs. T. T.
Wayman Major of near Piedmont
spent Sunday with his sister, Mrs. A. S.
Porter, in Pickens.
B. L. Hendrix received another car
load of Fords last week and has already
sold pa-t of them.
Regular meeting of Keowee lodge No.
79, A. F. M., will be held in their hall
Saturday night at 7.30 o'clock.
Nye are very sorry that several com-'
munications which came in late had to
be left out of the paper this week.
Messrs. B. N. Alexander and J. N.
Sentell of Liberty route 2 were business
visitors at the county seat Monday.
Evervbody is invited to attend the
Valentine party at Peters Creek school
house Friday night, beginning at 7.30.
J. H. Porter, who recently severely
cut hisifoot with an axe, is improving,
but is unable to walk withoUt crtitches.
\ Representative Barr of Georgetown
county spent Sunday with Representa
tive J. P. Carey, Jr., at his home ir
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Hallumof Libert5
are improving in health, we are glad t<
state. Mr. Hallum recently strained
ahis back lifting some .corn.
eT. G. Johnston ~of Central, who was
recently -thrown down by a horse an<
Sbadly hiurt, is improving and able to b<
up, wve are glad to report.
There was only one tract.of land aoll
Ihere saleaday in this month.. There weri
125 deres in'the tract and it was bough
byr Satn M~. Cox for $1205..
ifMessrs. G. W.S Dorr, alias Day an<
SM. F. Hester have been appointed men'
Sbe'&of ' th board of registration fo
fleikens no~nty for the next four years
"The Birth of a Nation'' will b
fshown ' it Greenville three nights, be
.~Iginning next Monday night, with mati
n fees Tuesday and Wednesday aftet
Qdilte a' good $idal of walnut timbe
has .recently been brought from th~
Eastatoe sectioh of the-county to PicI
ens and,shipped from, here. Good wa
nut. tiniber is.very scarce and brings
Shigh priot
palatable and
2ierit remedy for
orders-of the
Ineys, Bladder
tLiver such as
I weakened con
~onm of the Kid
rs and. Bladder.
Bruce '
A. Finley of ute 5 was
he on'business TO e Z'
. T.' DJllard of Liberty rout6 8 was a
44ter at'the county gat ihe1
eiclent Bedford of theWesleyan
of Central made a uiness trip
w York last week...
By Act of the legisla te last week
the redet hunters' licensel awnow
applies to Pickens county.
The Ladies' Cottage Praydr Meeting
will meet Friday evening at 8 oclol
with Mrs. J. M. Stewart. All the
ladies of Pickens are cordially invited t<
J. Luther Bagwell'of near Nasley lasi
week killed a fine hog which;weighed
662 pounds, gross. 1915 seems t0 have
been a fne, year for raising hogs ir
Pickens county.
The patrons and friends of Mauldin
school are gordially invited to attend -a
box party at the school house Ftiday
evening, Feb. 11, at 8o'clock. Proceeds
will be used for beneft of the school.
The Sentinel greaetly appreciates the
interest some of its friends take in send
ing in local items. We are always glad
to get local items of interest; whether
it be one or several. Our telephone
number is 27.
The lyceum attraction at the school
house last Wednesday night. vas im
mensely enjoyed by a large audience,
despite the inclement weather. The
entertainment was all, and more, than
was claimed for it.
Mr. and Mrs. W. L. LaBoon have re.
turned from a visit to relatives in An
derson county. They bring the sad
news of the illness of W. A. Finley, a
brother of C. B. Finley of Pickens, and
an uncle of Mrs. LaBoon.
Officers LaBoon and Julian caught fivy
negroes gambling in a box car neal
Liberty Sunday. Since the double-tracl
work began on the Southern railway ir
this county about- forty negroes havc
been caught along the railway gambling
T. S. Stribling and family have move(
back to their home in Seneca after
year spent in Pickens. We are'ver;
sorry to ?give up this splendid family
The local K. of P. lodge, of which Mr
Stribling was ). C.., passed resolution
of regret at his departure.
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Riice and famil
have arrived in Hartwell, moving froi
Liberty, S. C. ,Mr. Rice fills the pos
tion of superintendent of the cotta
mill here, a place he formerly held bi
fore ' going to Liberty. We welconm
them back to our town.-Hartwell Sur
J. M. Nations, a well-known and sul
s stantial citizen of route. 5, paid TI
t Sentinel a pleasant visit while in tow
one day last week. Mr.Nations says I
has not sold any-of his cottdni seed th
g season, even tho seed was bringing
.. high price, but will use all he made f<
r fertilizer..
Mr. and Mrs. W. E1. Major and litt
e five-year-old, son of Griffin, Ga., hai
.returned to theli- home after a visit
. her sister, Mris. A. S. Porter. Whi
.here thei liftle boy was attacked wi
pneumonia, but is --so much imnprov<
.that he was able to. return with 11
r parents.
-R. P. Prirnce of Central route 3 w
I- in Pickens on business Saturday. M
a Prince recently had the misfqetune
getting his hguse' burned and is tc
preparing to rebuild near -the same sit
He says the people di. Six Mile are
mighty fine and genei'obs people and
W&ill' always love tliemi for what th,
hav6 done for him.
At a meeting of the principals of ti
Piedmont Orat6ical and Athletic as,
clation inGreenville Saturday, the Plc
ens highy sehool was admnitted to t
associatIo~i and Will be represented
the- next' oratorical contest and tra
meet which will be held in Greenvi'
April 21-22. The schoolls composing ti
associAtion are Richland, Greenvill
Fourliain Inn, Westminster, Simpe
vilePickens, Forman Fittihg schol
Hastoc, :,Easley, Seneca, Central, LI
ertiy. The Pickens bdys are -alrea
preiticing for the contests and may
depended upon to give a good accou
of thiemselves. Last yedr our- boys w
both9 the Pickens county and sta
echA~pionships on the trAck arid th
dan tdrn the same trick this year'wi
edristant practice. Tho the star of Is
yeatfs team is missing this yjarie
p.lrnty of good matei-il< left for- a
~ti hempionship team. Who wi1l
~ tai' this year?
deli gh
loke at
. N
Don t Buy a Until Y o
Have, Seen the ' umu
3efore you decide on any wagon, examine the Columbus. Strongly
built of the best possible .mater .the iumb's. wagon gives the most
satisfactory service for' tie long beet riod'of years., There is no secret id.
the notedly long life of the. Columbus.*0goA.' It Is the result f the
- methods employed in cons trito't heie I' 'no woQd In- thsi agon
v.hich has not been air-dried under shelter from one to two years.
The axles and the spokes of the, wheels are hickory; the hounds, -A
bolsters and sandboards are oak,an'd the bottom of the box is straight
grained flawless pine. These are just a few examples of the care which is
taken to make -this wagon as-reliable a's possible. The result Is that the'.
Columbus wagon is unbeatable in reliability and enduragoie. Cone' in
and examine it for yourself. We know you will be pleased.
Pickens Hdw. & Grocery ..
We have just. gotten in a new
line of Trunks an1 Bags and* can'
fit you up in most any kind or
price, from the' lsiallest to the
largest, the cheapestt highest.
}When you need anything in this
line call on us. We are givi' the
line our special attentio
do -
~ Brin~ on your pygdn
the hig est mark9&tm
y paying 14c per lb. ) ash 5ca per
Sl. in trade for ha xn 1s. ~ '.
n $1.50 per bushel fo u yzng~
eIn order to make rb~n o rm Spring Goods, I
willmake special prices onAe 0-Wear Clothing,)
and Woolen Goods that ha9 i oc will now gob.)
at cper yard.
oile'du Nord Ginghams at ~c er yard.
Pacific Mills Percales .athe 2C;Mar4t
be Ga s-fo;' ad e a id
nt I st i have a -lar qutritir', & Setink
All custo. ners o are h9I .cg~ouponsa e
hI am still p,ayitg p~ er pound for hens4
Yorpatronage wil be appreciated,

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