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c =176B.
SYNOPSIS. It must be done as 1 say; I will accept
-8- their terms and go down there."
Autoriobli.e of MIS., i iorthwy Upton anid "You'll do no such fool thing,"
Irierid, Mlts. Vart-. hir.>ks slwit at N w
IrOXICO Mrd. ilw at N growled Upton again. "You don't sup
.exico border patroll --aml), corri nl e 1. 1id
by Lieuter'nmnt . '114 two) Wo11- pose tat I'm goin' to profit that way,
en are of) way t. itri uiOf Allss Uptoll's
father, loete( a. f-'w rulles aoross U (1 you? No, sir! I'll tell you what
lexlean boriler. KylnitIn loiaves womon we'll do, Kynaston. We'll play for it
t hIs carrip while lit' g.- witli a detaIl
to iivestigate report if Villa gunt runners. a game of whisky poker for three
Villa troops tirive sinall force of Car- chips. Whoever gets three chips first
ratiza a'ross borrier line aol they stirr gn
ier to Kynaston. I)rothy antil Mrs. Fane go himself up in the morning. What
till at earnp wheni Nyttistort rettims witht d o a ?
prisonters. Mimni Mexlerrit pri-'st appearsH
in camp amIL41 cims i "Fair enough," said Kynaston.
ha've in teti spoil: brotght acriss the line "Slightly higher stakes than I'm used
a worilerri 011mera.LIl 1)011 stolen from a
'Shrin' by ZILImtL an1l takel frl111111 b t playing for, though," he observed
('arranza troops. Priest is searching for grimly as Is host took a pack of cards
tIm erneraid ii oriler to return it to te from the table drawer. "When you
shrinte. Kymaston tiMids Jewel antd reports
to departmeint heaiqluarters. Major Up- consider the amount of a lieutenant's
dyke appears front headiluar'ers to take
charge of valuables captnirl. Priest pay, you'll realize the size of the
arid enirald bell tlisappear. Kynaston stakes. Go on; deal, and 'may God
aolps across bolrder with oime tin to ai defend the right!
Upton fantIly surroundoil by V'illistas.
The water supply runs short. The defen- Kynaston picked up his five cards,
der kill nie of their besiegers. carefully sorted the ace-high aggrega
~0**6**6*0.***....****.'.0.*.0.6*..0.-tion to the left of his hand, considered
4 the "widow." He threw down the
If you were a young man be-&
~ Ifyou erea yong an b- ~hand and picked up the five cards from
ginning to fall In love with a I the center of the table. Upton stood
pretty woman, and felt that she 4 pat, The show-down showed three
reciprocated your sentiments, do a
4 you believe you would have the y
courage to offer yourself for cer- k
tain death if you believed the U
sacrifice would save the girl from Tt
4 shame?me bcam Intent Upon te game.
It n the second hand, with Kynasto
theiatm s and ssgo aondter.
groledg Upton aain. "Yo dynaston
CHAPTER VI. t hated uip thl widow. He notice that
The Death Game.
gveie faceh of thle advancing 'evoh
lutionisto wore grave. Two ziiiiI
ocom" out of thFai eesnoit and had Klyin
t"e boh hOf tee rtaak mail tha m a sad
te blanket, wifru thgy werh carrying
slowly towaad their own oies.
" A fittle wthlo ago. Sdnor rUptonr"
said csn of taimt eoifssaraes, a graye n
bearded old yuan' rel ozeeret you omf
Manity It you Would surrander and
thus save bloodtiled. You refugod. II
"we now conlie to tell you that we'
Iod dnand more. The than who "
was Just mcurkeered was holonel Pes
quiera, ard detand. Ih te nage of
(lenoral Villa, ouri commander tin chief,
thoat tile than lef oflot ih hde sur
hnnddrad to us. lie will be accorded
treatment as f tertsobler of war atod
will recio a fair trial by court-mar
"'iisfrankly laughed.I
"You call his (icatli a niurder! What:
tdo you give the attesnpt to killt
us, senor?" as to on. Both
"You have brought it en yourselves, un e
sduoe;youhav nobusnes hee o dUpoalinghed onteassedly asd seletn
teacHdPsol ER M i. turnhen ed upc from wito. Hen nthed knock
yo Tdliertl killat MGan iefo.bt e niatdta ete
y o shallshav jute advacen rou-t a n ute oeo etrn i
YoU, hand thetupimung ardt showeddalpai
d"e blaneta wh te wlere Coloynelog csi yatnshn gis
Pslr ioar thveiru o ino.es. s orjck nUtns
Ai gotl unhmed. fliiSonot givn" enx tohnsbrk vn
sioes.w i~osn o ce-Tu h n of the fourthridealafouay
beredis old manw otfere you sup- ec a ihtocist irdt
munly f aeyiouw.ou currnnot anldThswawsfirytemngd n
otu ablo odshed. i Yoitauesinoe hidfc. ohbreumsaal
time 1n ou toate you tehaeto towefmntlsri i h es
take thempace woe.wl shew mn whaolnsabu h oneso hi
tar jto mudered waouotnehPs.
"luteaind th ea n thennae of OneUtnmdamiel.H
ekngra Vila, u cmandurrine ath woeefly
that cthelitan wh. sho. 'im ob . .Jsur- hedoroeed
"endere soely. (lie wtloi ofbe 1 accoredtowmnetrd
tratet all of yoris.one one who "anda 'I asDrth n
Sureswill receive a fai'and cour-a r toewsumtablrlivd
Warialke tral ' laughed.nngtbealyaae
"With cal coi eth almrad ettledhat otorevs ~l far aio el
-n.m Nohn ongI teatemne, toan kly esmiu fyuadM.Knso
You have bough Wits io ta'alcn yourselvlsdownGooon.gamalof
teyhe o say." cardiesheeo Utnsige."tetdya h eet
thepacre sode angMeiof uthen ill Sil pchfro herel ohn the armok
yoitu leael follwing.xiile cton, hr fathe chindctdrhtnete
youshall nota jounti mtey once toWhad anyfrter yoplayeeing foisd
more enteredhthepsheltercofdtileohouse.pdy?
"We ae mn awho illaed tCoosneof aces on ouyouastn'd harn. agane
Peninger i, Wilken Wht the rces horak ben talingovesom.atr
can wegonhasmed . ce inote you wolnxt undersand."rkeee
upisaenate wihvt Interferreen' Thste girl pase ther handth del[oving
forcment. Weknowthatyoursu y ove tmewt tol ciprs tosredhir.
Wheno wtheryi entere thYoucno chaold The light was fherleye stoldamnason
beutonr libt a andstound wathelsofhr fac.Bohbruntabold
twe. is warno wthat in thouhtvea to ortayl stan sudde enei
takookh hlaere Uptson, nonar cae aouti thetcornes plain ther
sper to aony- mIcntbi hs ourths.nat ht nteuso
"Kn ofwine oer erican ifannerl of this Uon hade it depedea wHee
getinhem.r, It amwoturlsd a wart or ntta h s hoftly.aai
There',li com etcMr aUtna. o inDrtyU'o'ys
brting sarmey forcestionros the ine Heit thislpstl the ropend came
willmea wa toa crtanty Thtw and mn dontered trcle nt i
aant was sot yor.e on e Upto- mouh Uon lokda' K so
arndr byl y re;v an fIr an't say grmlhh daddy.the wasDothy arinto
"oti taitaaler--,eea berhi hand.a nitkal eivd
'onl on oucom frm te andry."'Pwatbegneing shuffe hey aarmd,
ou n't surenvdctio aUready sevted aouth Spaniads, butay.ir Waint ra-it
. youindon n becaus you hanku ynaestrousiyuadr"ynso
he havte to look.'fte., ill got' dow He dl''adl down is hafo gamo
toend tedl angrem that my troo hasmnndsalgl i cgrte
wirthocokes fo oss afteremepirched Wherseyou o athe, Krmaof
cheyane cnrnd wThe aw bluf lier "Sither's Why Whir.ha ott
Ea not m a wor Whati doy oncy"e dowti?
"Say? entroed Uheterif the hsa dyh'' "Hatol are you, playngor" dd
Twhen ypo arone itheirndsyuceet , ~ tll h?
We ae ny mba re antor'no a Just toi pss the. ie, o d augher
deingal i, Wopke. Wh yb.YUat thatiknsRno mut, yuatnA Maro We
back hrom, whrJecn akoe your wouldge, answerstand"
ber Utink i an iead stroe utand And igtriher as htocam Kynao
down,~ d hi rwrenklei tought w a tewloss of he athe ould
"Lo''eUtn"5yat,'ma.o ooh. hnsddnyi
spoke shrl,"1a' rn hs aet i hth a lyn h
I ly at btra as ever aimed at hi
in my life. Dfd you?"
"I did. An' without lyin' mhore the
ordinarily I do, I can Bay that if .1 di
miss it's the first time for a'long tim4
Did you see the body?"
"No. They covered it up with tb
blanket too quick for me to see. Why1
"I wonder .if it's possible :that V
both plugged him."
"That's got nothing to do with it,
said Kynaston roughly. "They oni
claim one of us. Play your hand, UZ
ton! What ails you?"
"Nothin', only I'd like to bet the
if you killed him he's got two bullet
holes Vi him. I must say I don't lik
the idda of havin' a clean miss se
down against me-takin' up tho
widow, are you?"
For Kynaston, the play passing t
him, quietly laid down his hand an
picked the five cards from the cente
of the table.
"Wouldn't have me stand on tw
small pairs with the stakes we're play
in' for, would you?"
There was little mirth in the jest
Just so do men jest who, standing or
the Peaks of Peril, look down into th<
Valley of the Shadow. Just so hav<
Anglo-Saxon men jested from time ini
memorial, playing with death as boyi
do with marbles, holding it indeed to
be a little thing where honor is to bi
The older man speculated. Thei
he threw down a card. This gave hin
the right on the next play to throm
down one card and pick up two.
"Shall we turn up the cards?"
The sweat had started again or
Kynaston's face, but he summoned i
laugh-it was the poorest imitatio1
that was ever heard-and flung dowi
his hand face up. It was one ace, ono
king, one seven and-two fours!
"If you've got anything at all il
your hand as it is, you have me beaten
I can't better my hand from what
threw down. In the name of Heaven
Upton, show down!"
Upton, with a quick look at hi
young opponent, laid his hand quietl:
upon the table. Three jacks pecre
out from behind a seven spot.
"I was aiming to speculate agali
on the next round if you hadn'
dropped out an' then try for the fou
Jachs. Want a drink?"
Kynaston nodded, smiling wanly at
his host.
"It's all right, old man," he saic
presently. "It's as it should be. Yo1
see you've got Dorothy to look afte
-and-I'd have liked that job mysel
if the cards had fallun the othe
Upton whistled.
"Good Heavens, boy! Does sh
Kynaston shook his head softly.
"No. It came too late for me t
tell her. She must never know, Ul
ton. Not a word of this. I'l go dow
at dusk. You must get the ladie
in the back room on soine pretext
They would faise the deuce and all I
they knew-and then I'll walk o:
"I shall not take a rifle with me
but I will take that little thirty-eigh
automatic of yours. It may come ii
handy in the time of need, and I cai
hide that where a heavy gun woulk
be detected. And now, if you don'
mind, old fellow, I'll trouble you fo
a sheet or two of paper.
"If I am reported as killed eve
here the American papers would jum]
to the conclusion that I had desertcd
Then I'll have a couple of notes tha
I'd like you to deliver when-when
when I've gone down there."
"Kynaston! I don't like to ask yol
this-but, man and boy, I've knowi
the army for fifty years, and I know
that an officer doesn't get a chance ti
put by any money. Were your pec
pie army people?"
"Yes. Why?"
"Is your sister dependent ipon yol
in any way?"
"None of your business, Mr. Upton,
said the youngster. "No one need b
concerned in this matter but you an
me. We played the game. I lost, an
I mean to pay."
There was no mistaking the tear
in the old man's eyes as he lookei
steadily at his opponent.
"I know," he said slowly, fiddlinj
with the pack, though his hand
shook. "I know. I won't insult ye
by offering to trade places with yot
You have answered my question, boy
If it is any small comfort to you, ye
can rest assured that your eister shal
be provided for. Where're ye.
"To my room a moment. I'll se
you when I come back."
To Kynaston as he passed out a
the great reain room the world seeme<
awhiri, The game was fair enougi
but he had not counted on his nervou
system failing him,
It is one thing to contemplate deat:
as a possibility; it is one thing eve:
to contemplate it as a certaiinty at th
end of a specified time, but to gambl
life awvay as if it were a adlar wa
something that the cavalryman wa
not prepared for.
H~e would pay-of course he woul
pay, just as he knew in his heart '<
hearts that old Upton would have pal
had he lost. But to save his soul KI
naston could net help reflecting tha
had the end been different, he migl
itave had his chance at winning Dor4
LDo you think the Mexicans
will be likely to give Kynaston a
fair trial and humane death-'or
,is it priobabie they will torture
hIm like the bloodthg~ity syv
ages they are?
d .
Doings and Happenings That Mar
the Progress of South Carolina Peo.
pie, Gathered Around the State
r Capitol.
General orders for the annual en
campment of the South Carolina Na
tional Guard at Styx, the state cami
ground, were issued by W. W. Moore
adjutant general.
The First infantry will encamp
from July 14 to July 28. The Second
infantry will go into camp fron
August 3 to August 17.
The funds for the encampment wil
be provided by the United States wai
The following order was issued by
the adjutant general:
"The First South Carolina infantr3
will perform its annual tour of field
service at state mobilization camp
grounds, neair Styx, July 14 to July 28
"The Second South Carolina infan
try will perform its annual tour 01
field service at state mobilizatior
camp grounds, near Styx, August 3 tc
August 17, Inclusive."
It is very probable that several
United States army officers will be de
tailed as instructors for the National
Guard during the period of the en
campment. The coast artillery com
panies will encamp at Charleston.
Award Many High School Diplomas.
The public high schools with the
full time of two teachers and upward
haye been rated in units by the state
department of education, and the rat
ings have been sent out to the schools
and colleges of the state. There are
this year 130 of these schools. In
making the ratings the record of each
class has been followed from its en
trance to the high school to the close
of the scholastic year 1915-16.
High schools with less than the
teaching time of two teachers come
in the fourth class. Such schools are
unable to make a credit of 12 units,
the present minimum standard requir
ed by the state college association for
entrance on certificate.
Three hundred and seventy state
high school diplomas were issued by
the state high school board to the
f graduates of 39 four-year high schools.
Each pupil must make a credit of 14
standard units before he can receive
a state diploma. Three hundred and
t eighty names were submitted. Only
11 were rejected. Some were reject.
ed because they had had but one year
in a high school able to do the work
required for state diplomas. A few
others were rejected because they
had not taken the required work is
the schools from which they ap~plied
for diplomas., The state board doer
ntssea state d4oloma to any pupi:
not recommended by the principal 01
the school.
Must Pay income Tax Soon.
D. C. Heyward, collector of internal
revenue for the district of South Car
alina, is calling to the attention of al:
corporations and individuals liable foi
the federal income tax that paymeni
*of this. tax must be made on or be
fore June 30. Notices have been seni
to practica4ly all of those liable and
,should for any reason a corporatior
or individual be in doubt as to thE
amount due the information may bE
obtained from the collector's office.
IThe regulations require that all re
mittances for this tax be made ir
either Columbia or New York ex
change or by postoffice or expresi
money order or cash.
SNew Enterprises Authorized.
The Minter W. Bobo company a
Spartanburg has been chartered ba
the secretary of state, with a capita
1 stock of $5,000 to do a general un
a dertaking business. The officers are
Minter W. Bobo, president and treas
,urer; A. F. Bobo, vice president an<
Jordan Music agency of Charlestoi
has been commissioned with a capi
tal stock of $5,000. The petitioner;
are Frederick C. Jordan and Edwari
D. Carney.
The secretary of state has issued I
commission to the Washington Realt:
company of Columbia, with a capita
of $25,000. The petitioners are: W
A. Clark, Washington Clark and 3. C
a Peoples Drug Store of North wa
chartered by the secretary of state
fwith a capital of $2,000.
The OverlanddFlorence compan:
has been commissioned, wit ha capi
tal of $10,000. The petitioners are P1
M. Brown and W. B. Rollins.
The Southern Clay company C
Sumnter, with a ca'pital stock of $75
000, has been commissioned by th
secretary of state for 'the DurposO C
Imanufacturing clay and ,clay prod
uets. The petitioners are A. 0. Phelpi
R. L. Wright and E. M. Hlall.
lumbia has beqa comftnissioned witi
a capital stoekoj,6000. The pet
toner a~re17.
A 9 With Offloiale,
o, an41ing who hais been in N"
York for -several days, -has returned.
One objeot of his t'ip was a confer
enge On. the'inetirance sittiation, co'n
cerni45 Wh T,4.Journa9I of Com
mett of ew Yrk carried the fol
lowing: .,
"Gov. Manning of South Carolina
anda number of prominent fire under
writers held a conference in this city
and discussed lhe South Carolina in.
surance situation at tength for about
two hours. Gov. Maining -Was very
frank in his talk with the underwriters
and made a most excellent inpres
"He stated that he wished to obtain
the viewpoint of the fire underwriters
at first hand as to what their objec
tions were to the present laws and
what, it' anything, could be done to
relieve the situation. The company
managers were equally frank and
made dlear to him the dangerous fpa
tures of the Laney-Odom act and dem
onstrated to him how it wouljd oper
ate in certain specific contingencies.
"They stated that they could not
live under it and pointed out also that
other South Carolina laws, particu
larly as to taxes and valued policies,
were very burdensome. While the
interview was a most amiable one
and the sincerity of the governor's
endeavor to protect the interests of
the citizens of his state much im
pressed the insurance men, they were
obliged to make it plain to him that
the companies could not safely re
sume business in South Carolina un.
der the present laws.
"Gov. Manning, who arrived Tues
day and stopped at the Waldorf-As
toria, left for the South on the five
o'clock train in the afternoon. Those
ipresent at the conference were: F.
C. Buswell, vice president Home In
surance Company; Henry W. Eaton.
manager Liverpool & London & Globe
Insurance Company; Col. A. H. Wray,
manager Commercial Union Assur
ance Company; Charles G. Sinith,
vice president German-American In
surance Company; Henry E9. Rees,
vice president Aetna Insurance Com
pany; David Rumsey and J. E. Lopez,
vice presidents Continental Insurance
company; George W. Babb, manager
I Northern Assurance Company of Lou
don; E. G. Richards, manager North
British & Mercantile Insurance Com
pany; Frank Lock, manager Atlas
Assurance Company; John H. Stod
dard, general agent New York Under
writers' Agency, and James Wyper,
vice president Hartford Fire Insurance
Tillman Works For Charleston.
Special from Washington.-Senator
Tillman is determined that now if
ever is the time the Charleston navy
yard shall come into its own. He has
just offered an amendment to the
naval appropriation bill providing
that $750,000 shall be appropriated for
the purpose of enlarging the dry dock
at that place.
A short time ago Representative
Whaley succeeded, after a hard fight,
in having the house agree to appro
priate $175,000 for the purpose of re
moving two dangerous bars at the ap
proach to the yard at the mouth of the
Cooper river. Efforts to get this ap
propriation had been made for many
years but without success. Mr. Whaley
had this item before the house when
the river and harbor bill was up for
consideration but at that time the
house rejected it. Mr. Whaley fought
on and finally won by having it put
in the naval bill.
These two bars, which are the only
thing that has kept the Charleston
yard from becoming one of great im
portance ,have been of great trouble
to the naval authorities and now that
the house has agreed to remove them,
and Senator Tillman would appro
priate more money for enlarging the
deck, the outlook for the yard is the
brightest in its history.
There is now apparently nothing in
the way of this yard becoming one of
vast importance, where the largest of
ships may enter at any time with ab
solutely no danger. The senate will
consider this proposition at an early
May Build Wooden Bridges.'
The South Carolina railroad comn
missien has agreed that on account of
the difficulty of obtaining steel at the
present time as a result of the war in
Europe, the Carolina Rapid Transit
company may erect wooden trestles
for the first construction of its line.
The trestles must be made with stand
ard timber.. The concession was
made by the sommission in order that
the people along the proposed route of
the transportation line may obtain the
service as early as possible.
Labor Men Invite Manning.
Gov. Manning has received an in
Ivitation to attend the exercises ic
.dent to the opening of the new office
-building of the American Federation
of Labor in Washington July 4. The
I invitation was extended by Samuel
Gompers. Gov. Manning was forced
to decline the invitation.
- CO~p Conditions Por This State,
.Washington.-A summary of the
June crop report for the State of
.South t'arolina as compiled by the
a bureau a crop estimates (and trans
f mitted through the weather bureau),
United States department of agricul
ture, is as follows:
All wlyeat-June 1 forecast, 2,810,
000 bushels; production last year, a
i nat estimate, 3,480,00 bushels.
-Oats-Junae 1 forecast, 71,700A00o
,bushels; prpduotiont last year, Anal
eslaat r , ''O3sei
How Mrs. Kelly Suffered and
How She was Cured.
Burlington, Wis.- I was very I
ular, and had pains In my side and
but after taking"
Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Com
pound Tablets and
using two bottles of
the Sanatfe Wash
I am fully convinced
that I am entirely
cured of these trou
bles, and feel better
all over. 4 I know
an your remedies have
done me worlds of
good and I hope every' suffering woman
will give them a trial.''-Mrs. ANNA
KEi:Y, 710 Chestnut Street, Burling
ton, Wis.
The many convincing testimonials con
stantly published In the newspapers
ought to be proof enough to women who
suffer from those distressing Ills pecu.
liar to their se* that Lydia E.Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound Is the medicine
they need.
This good old root and herb remedy
has proved unequalled for these dread.
ful ills; It contains what Is needed to
restore woman's health and strength.'
If there in any peculiarity in
your case requiring special ad,
vice, write the Lydia E. Pink.
ham Medicine Co. (confidential) *
Lynn, Mass. for free advice.
Malaria or Piles c k adache tly.
Bowels., Dumb Ague sour stomach, and
Belchgn your food Zos not assimuate and
you havee uso appettes,
Tuft's Pills
Wi remedy these troubles. Price, 28 Gents.
A Marvel.
"Senator Blinks has a wonderful
itnmory, hasn't hie?"
"Ile has indeed. le never forgets
a face beforo election and never re
members a promise afterward."
The Strong Withstand the Heat of
Summer Better Than the Weak
Old people who are feeble, and younger
people who are weak, will be strengthened
and enabled to go through the depress
ing heat of summer by taking regularly
Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic. It.purifies
and enriches the blood and builds up the
whole system. Soc.
Where He Fell Down.
Moeker-Just one year aigo today I
led the woman I marrit-d to the altar.
lleeker-You 4id, eh?
Meeker-Yes; and right there and
then my leadership enled.
Mrs. C. A. Butler, Salem, Va., writes:
"I can safely say that Hancock Sul
phur Compound is the best remedy I
have ever used in my family for sores.
One of my little boy3, 8 years old,
had a solid sore all over face. We
tried different kinds of medicine, but
none seemed to do any good. Our
son, 19 years old, had a sore on his
leg for 3 months and nothing did him M
any good. We used Hancock Sulphur
Compound on both and it did its work
quickly and in not over a week both
were well."
Hancock Liquid Sulphur Compound
and Ointment are sold by all dealers.
Hancock Liquid Sulphur Co., Balti.
more, Md. Write for Booklet.-Adv.
Had to Hutn for it.
Flatbush-Did you ever lose much
time house hunting?
B~ensonhmurst-Ohm, yes; we lived out
Wes.t at one tIme, and we had a cy
clone. I spent alx days looking for
my house. 4"i.' * 1
Now Is the T1 e t e Rfid of Those
feelin a 'shame nor yor freckes ase the
presortption othine-double strength--Is
guaranteed toremove tese homey spots.
stregth-rom your drugot 'iand apply a
have begun to dsappear, w hil the lihter
that more than one ounco Is needed to orn
pletely clear the skin and gain a beautiful
Iouer o ask for the double strength
money back if it fallsdto remove freckles.
"Our candidate," anid the campaIgn
orator, "stand~s squeirely on hIs record.
His life is an open book."
"How do you know he hasn't torn.
out somel of the pages?" querIed a
voice from the rear of the halt.
Itching Scalp and Falling Hair With
Cutloura. Trial Free.
On retiring touch spots of dandruff
and itching with Cuticura Ointment.
Next morning shampoo with Cutioura
Soap and hot water. A clean, healthy
scalp means good hair and freedom, In
most cases, from dandruff, Itching,
burning, crustings and scalings.
Free Sample eaoh by mall with Book.
Address postcard, Cuticura, Dept, lq
Boston, Bold everyw'here.-Ady.
His Class,
"That policeman who Is always chas.
ing a mnotor'ist IS crazy."
"I see; a regtilar pinching bugo

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