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'~6'PICNENs coupn-YH 1~tsa~so
'~ Establi hed l871.- olu m e 40 ICK EN S. S, Coo, JA N U A RY 4, 19170m . ~ ~ u d g~~
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YY vv uuig, Dells
Ate Still RingiJ g
Married, on Christrnas Day, 1916, at
1.80 o'clock, at the home of the bride's
mother, Mrs. Hillery Jones, Mr. J. Wat
Allison to Miss M. Etta Jones, both of
Pickeris county. Rev. W. C. Seaborn
Maeried, December 27, at the home
,1of the bride, Miss Maybell Mauldin and
r. James E. Littleton. R. M. BaKer
-:karried, at the residence of the
i bride's father, December 23, Miss Lillian
i Giliard and Mr. Oscar Blackwell, Rev.
;L. Holroyd officiating. Many friends
i ahd relatives were present to witiess
the ceremony and enjoyed a good supper
with the bride and bridegroom. Both
are of Easley.
One of the pretty weddings of the
Christmas season was that of Miss
Floride Welborn and Mr. Griffin John
* son of Liberty, which took place on the
23d instant at the home of the bride's
father, Mr. T. M. Welborn, near Pen
dieton, -Anderson Mail.
Among the most notable events which
ocurred in Six Mile during Christmas
time, and one whose interest reaches
far beyond local limits, was the mar
riage of Mr. D. Claud Man'n to Miss
Mattie E. Dillard. The ceremony was
performed at the home of the bride's
parents by Rev. W. C. Seaborn, Sunday,
the 24th, at4 o'clock, in the presence
of a few friends of the bride and bride
groom and their immediate relatives.
Both of these young people are from
families who have long been residents
of the town of Six Mile. Mr. Mann is
the second son of Mr. and Mrs. Aaron
'D Mann. His influence in the various
activities of the community has long
been noticeable.. He has been engaged
in teaching for a year or two, also in
assisting his father looking after his
farming interests. The bride is the
eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. L.
Dillard. Her father is a very promi
nent merchant of Six Mile; Immedi
, ,tely after the ceremony the guests
- were ushered into the dining-room,
where a sumptuous wedding feast
4waited them. After completing this
rry interesting feature of the program
he bride and bridegroom left for a short
. our, during which they will visit Spar
: anfburg, Columbia. Charleston and other
ints of interest. Mr. and Mrs. Mann
xpect to make their home in Six Mile,
Sn 0'after an absence .of a week they
1be at home to their friends at that
I ~lace. S.
Te have always wondered and thought
eg*vould like to know just how for a
han would go for a woman, especially
')if it was a fellow's "best girl.," We
uat .about got convinced Wednesday
Iiight, December 20, when Mr. Luther
d. Perkins of Central faced the rain,
ind and mud and drove five miles to
eU and prove his actions and a sworn
L davit issued by the judge of probate
tt he .loved Miss Geneva Burton bet
"pLan any other woman. After~ tak
ito consideration that Mr. Perkins
&iven seventeen miles to make
heaffidavit arid five miles more to comn
- ly with its contents, saying nothing
Sbout the scare he got when .he asked
Sir\Ihis girl." His Honor, J. Alonzo
~r'31'own, N. P., decided it would be
- ighty inhuman to decide against him,
ud it is now Mr. and Mrs. Luther Per
e'In of Central. B.
IWell, on the 29th of December. about
1 a. in., we were further convinced
hman would go a long way and go
lirij many experiences for his best girl,
or Mr. Oscar Woodson of Greenwood
ame orn Thursday, December 28, to Six
~le, got Miss Ollie B. Smith in a b'uggy
rid started for the residence-of J.
ionzo Brown, N. P., for the purpose
'fforsaking the unmarried state. When
nshort distance from Miss Smith's
V oime the spring df the buggy broke and
KIit. occupants fall in the mud. The
uodent wrought such a change in the
&ile's apparel that the trip had to be
n'~doned until the next day, Friday,
~it 1 a. mi., when the trip was re
Iired and was quite a success, After
bp iniarriage ceremony the happy couple
'trded No. 12 for Columbia, and from
$i' e will go to Greenworod to make
Jit hoie, where Mr. Woodeon has a
lton. Many congrattdations. B.
ing to do business with..
t'~etising i s li ke
'. nkingat a girl in the
~k. .oiiikOW what
~~doiig, bht nobody
new Uerk of Uourt
Assumes His Duties
O..'S. Stewart, who was elected as
clerk, of court of Pickens county in the
recent election, assumed the duties of
that office Tuesday, January 2, 1917.
The new clerk is the oldest son of Mr.
and Mrs. Robert Stewart. He was born
In 1868 on the west side of the ebunty
and was reared on the farm and received
his education in the common schools.
His first job off the farm was in a store
and he remained with the same firm fif
teen years, during which time he took
a business course in a Greenville busi
ness college and served as bookkeeper
for several. years. Men whom he had
been associated with in a business way
were among his strongest supporters in.
his campaign for the clerk's office, which
fact speaks well for any man in public
or private life. Mr. Stewart is proba
bly the first Pickens county officer ever
elected who is exactly the same age as
the county, having been born the year
Pickens and Oconee were divioed into
two counties. He had an even start
with the county and it is safe to say he
will keep up with it.
For many years Pickens county has
enjoyed the reputation of having the
best clerk of court in the state, and we
feel sure that it will continue to enjoy
this distinction with Mr. Stewart in the
office. He will-be assiste4 in the office
by that excellent gentleman, J. M.
Stewart, who was for many years clerk,
and by Mrs. Lena Cox.
Mr. Stewart is the first of the recent
ly elected county officers to go intooffice.
Auditor Christopher's term will expire
in February, while Treasurer Stewart
and Superintendent Hallum hold over
until July 1.
Christmas Tree at
the Pickens Mill
Saturday night, December 23, -as a
happy occasion for this community. We
had both an entertainment and Christ
mas tree all in one. The school children
gave the entertainment and Santa Claus
gave the tree. Two trees, in fact, and
both well-laden with gifts for both old
and young
At six-thirty the chilqren came troop
ing in. Joy, mingled winh serious re
sponsibility, shone in each little face;
for getting into one's costume in crowd
ed dressing rooms, and being ready
when one's time came, was no small
undertaking for sixty-odd smallpeople.
The aim of the evenings undertaking
was to set forth the true meaning of
the Christmas festivities.
The children acted their parts vell.
Each little person was 'on the job"
when the time came. The band gave
good music, the decorations were beau-,
tiful, the committees did excellent work,
aid the whole occasion was a big suc
cess, due largely to the management of
Mr. Jewell, the superintendent of the
Sanday school. CORRESPONDENT.
Some Local Items.
Along Route 3
An unusually large crowd attended
the Christmas tree exercises held at
Mountain Grove church Monday after
noon, December 25. The house was
more than filled by people of this and
adjoining communities, and the tree was
ladened with many beautiful gifts. Mr.
Robert M. -Welborn actedi the part of
Santa Claus and the girls thought he
was "cute," while Mr. Perry Gillespie
played the role of Mrs. Santa Claus very
Rev. Ben Field has movedl to the
house recently vacated by Claud Algood
in Pickens.
Mrs. Emma Bigby of Willi'amston andl
George Welborn of Piedmont spent last
week with their parents, Mr. and Mrs.
M. J. Welborn.
Wister J. Bridges of Easley was a
recent visitor in the Montvale section.
Pastor S. M. Jones preached at Salem
church Sunday morning and at Tabor in
the afternoon. He will fill his regular,
appointment at Porter's Chapel next
Sun'day.____ __
The Oolenoy school will resume its
winter session next Monday morning in
the Oolenoy church building. We are
glad to hear that vfork has begun on a
new school building which will be comi.
pleted as soon as possible.
Mdriei,. at; the residence of W. H.
Williems Surday, December 24, Mr.
Bate5 A io, to Miss Hattie May Hester.
Both they Yqtg- people are of promi
nest fenlles of the Daeville section,
W. H. W~lws agistrate, perfortned
the ceremony /N
Wants Better Roads
in Pickens County
Editor Sentinel: As the New Year is
here and our law makers are about to
enter upon'their duties, I think it is the
time for us to get our minds together
and tell them just what we would like to
have done for another year or more.
I, for one, am not satisfied with our
roads and bridges. I ddn't think this is
the time to lay up money for the coun
ty, and it seems to me the present su
pervisor mpst have a big sum to the
credit of the county, and if this is not
true we certainly are going to the bad
for the past three years.
Oconee county has improved her roads
wonderfully for the last four years, and
with a lot less money than we have been
using. Greenville county is buildingfine
roads, but using a lot of money, which
I think she will be proud of, and deserves
a lot of credit for making the start.
Pickens county has no outlet across the
mountains and very poor roads all over
the county. Shall we sit still and con
tinue to go backward in road building?
I think everyone should speak out and
say so if you are satisfied.
I for one have no choice in who is su
pervisor, even though he refuses to listen
at my troubles, and think this is a pretty
good plan, but I am wanting to see some
results from the other fellow's plan.
Lbt us all come together and work for
the upbuilding of our roads and county,
and let 1917 be known as the most pros
perous year in our history in the im
provement of our county and roads.
Cadm of thanka published for one-halr cent
ai word.
We wish to express to our friends our
sincere thanks for their kindness and
sympathy shown us during the sickness
and death of our dear husband and fath
er. We can't express our entire ap-,
preciation of your deeds of kindness to
us, but we trust the stars in your crown
may be brighter, by the paths you have
made easier. May the Lord richly bless
you all is our prayer.
The Picke
Only paper published at
the county seat of Pickens
Official county paper.
Has a larger circulation
than any other paper in
the county.
Ptints all the important
legal advertising in Pick
ens county.
Prints more PICKENS
COUNTY NEWS than all
other papers combined.
Prints news about peo
ple and things you know.
Besides the county news,
it prints general and state
news, good stories, farm
news, sunday school les
sons, articles of especial
interest to women, and is
an all-round good family
It is T. H E paper for
Pickens county homes.
The Sentinel is the only
paper which published .the
complete tabulated vote of
Pickens county in the pri
mary elections last year.
The Sentinel published a
nearer correct and com
plete report of the Toxa
way flood damage in this
section than any other pa
eThe Sentinel Was the
first paper in South Caro
Qlina to publish the news
that President Wilson was
'Many Changes At
Cateechee Town
There is going to be a general migra
tion in this section.
Mr. J. W. Thomas, the bossearderof
the Norris cotton mills, and Mr. H. A.
Shirley, the boss carder of the Ark
wright mills in Spartanburg, have ex
changed places.
Messrs. J. H. Chapman of Central
route 8 and John Roper of Six Mile have
swapped places. We are sorry Mr:
Chapman is getting farther from us,
but glad that he will be no farther than
Six Mile. We welcome Mr. Roper into
our section.
Mr. Mitchell Roe of Six Mile has
bought the Thomas Pilgrim place near
Camp Creek church and will move to it.
Mr. Thomas Pilgrim has bought part
of Mr. D. M. Newton's farm near Nor
ris and will move to it.
- Mr. D. M. Newton-has bought a house
and lot in Central and will :move to it.
We are sincerely sorry to give Mr. New
ton and his good family up, for they are
Christian people and a shining light to
their community, but Cateechee's loss
Is Central's gain.
Mr. W. R. Hutchinson, general man
ager of the Company store at Catee
chee, will leave the 16th inst. for Pelzer
to accept a similar position. We are
sincerely sorry to lose such a man as
Mr. Hutchinson, for his place not only
in the store will be hard to fill, but he
will be missed in the community as a
citizen and in the church as an earnest
and untiring worker. He has been sec
retary of the Cateechee Sunday school
for sometime and is always present.
Rumor has it that Mr. G. F. Norris
is soon to move to Greenville. but we
have been unable to learn whether the
rumor is true or not, as Mr. and Mrs.
Norris are on an extended visit to
Batesburg and Orangeburg. We hope
the rumor is not true.
The many friends of Mr. J. F. Wil
liams, our *efficient postmaster and the
cotton weigher at Cateechee, will be
sorry to learn that he got his ankle
broken last Saturday by- two bales of
cotton falling on him. We hope he will
soon be out again. ' B.
ns Sent I
The Sentinel wis first
and. more correct in pub
lishing many other Aews
articles of importance.
If you want to keep up
with Pickens county affairs
you MUST read The Sen
Ev~ery member of the
family will find this paper
interesting and every good
citizen of Pickens county
should have The Sentinel
comne into his home every
week. Make it a member
of the family and you will
find it will add cheerful
ness to the home at very
small cost. In fact, it
doesn't CO0S T anything,
for you get more out of it
than you pay for it.
No good citizen can real
ly afford to do without the
county paper.
The price is less than 3
cents a week.
The Sentinel tries to be
fair, square and impartial
to everybody in all things.
It believes mn the old Je
fersonian doctrine of equal
rights to all and special
privileges to none.
If you want to patron
ize a worthy home enter
prise and at the same tirme
get more than your mozg
ey's -worth, subscribe for
The Sentinel.
Subscr iption price, $1.50
a year, 75c foi six months,
40e for three months
Cedar Rock Perm
sonal Happenings
Master John Frank and Little Miss
Hope Williams, children of J. Frank
Williams of Sumter, are visiting their
grand-parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. H.
* Miss Kate Robinson of Greenville is
the giuest of her sister, Mrs. J. W.
Stewart, this week.
Mrs. Prater of Oakway is the guest
of her sister, Mrs. L. F. Smith.
Mr. and Mrs. James Spearman and
daughter visited relatives at Central
this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Joel H. Miller were
guests of their daughter, Mrs. J. T.
Mauldin, at 806 Washington St., Green
ville, for a few days this week.
Born to Mr., and Mrs. John Anthony,
December 30, a fine girl.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Jones and family
spent Sunday as guests of Mr. and
Mrs. McD. Farmer.
Miss Rula Hendricks, who is teaching
in Aiken county, is spending the holi
days with homefolks.
Miss Lee Singleton visited relatives
in Greenville last week.
The following are the college boys
and girls who are . home for the holi
days: Osborne Williams and Doyle
Hendricks of Clemson, Lillian Hen
dricks of G. W. C. and Flossie Wil
liams of Winthrop. .
Miss Olive Boggs Newton, who is
now teaching in Sumter county, visited
at the home of Joel H. Miller Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. .Beattie Williams were
guests of Mrs. Bob Hendricks one clay
last week.
Mr. Velmon Findley visited friends
at Dacusville this week.
Messrs. Couch and Farr visited at
H. R. Jones' this week,
Miss Beulah Jones visited her uncle,
Z. T. Jones, recently. .
G. H. Hendricks made a business trip
to Atlanta this week.
Miss Bennie Duckworth, who is teach
ing the Cedar Rock school, is spending
the holidays with her mother at Easley.
Miss Ada H. Miller, who is teaching
the Dayton school, is spending this
week-end with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Joel H. Miller.
A Happy New Year to the editor,
the printers and the readers. SUSIE.
W. M. S. Elects Officers
The woman's missionary society of the
Pickens Methodist church held a busi
ness meeting at the home of Mrs. G. R.
Hendricks Monday afternoon and elect
ed the following officers for theensuing
year: Mrs. Gary Hiott, president; Mrs.
T. L. Bivens, Mrs. T. J. Mauldin, Mrs.
J. P. Carey, Jr., and Mrs., Frank Mc
Fall, vice presidents; Mrs. G. R. len
dricks, secretary; Mrs. W. T. McFall,
corresponding secretary; Miss Florence
Bowen, treasurer; Mrs. W. B. Freeman
agent for Missionary Voice. After the
business session closed a tempting salad
course and tea were servedl.
Officers of NeW Easley Bank
At a meeting of the stockholders of
the Commercial Bank of Easley, held
Saturday, the following directors were
elected: W. M. Hagood. 1H. C. Hlagood,
E. P. McCravey, Jlohni A. Robinson,
Barney H. Williams, GIeorge 11. lHen
dricks, .James F. Carpenter, J1. McD.
Brce John M. Geer. W. M. Hiagood
was elected president, H1. C. Hagood,
vice president and cashier, C. M. F'olger
assistant cashier and bookkeeper. This
new bank began business Tuesday, Jan
uary 2, with quarters at the old Easley
Bank stand.
W. L. Jenkins Dead
His friends in this section will learn
with sorrow of the dleath of 'Squire W.
L. Jenkins, which occurred at Clarks
ville, Ga., December 23, 1916. He was
attacked by appoplexy while riding in
his buggy and died suddenly. This makes
the'third member of this family which
has died since they left Pickens. Mrs.
Jenkins died several years ago, and Fred
died several weeks ago.
Praters Honor Roll
Fifth Grade-Lucius Murphree.
Sixth Grade--Mae Massingill, Bruce
Chlldress, Flora Bolding.
Ninth lDrade-Batie Simmons.
J. D. V~cic~ny,
A Tribute of Love
In Memory Dr. Wyatt
O.. gharles ?. Wyatt died at his
home in Easley on the 27th of Decem
ber, 1916, after a long illnesssf Bright's
disegse, In the 54th year of his life. The
funieral services were held at the resi
dence the day following, being conduct
ed by Rev. D. W. Hlott, a lifelong
friend of the family, assisted by the
following ministers: Rev. C. D.Waller,
Webbyterian pastor; Rev. H. K. Wil
liams, Baptist pastor, and Rev. E. L.
Holroyd, M. E. pastor. The body was
14Id to rest in Westview cemetery amid
tears and flowers.
Dr. Wyatt was the eldest son of Mr.
and Mrs. John N. Wyatt, so well and
favorably known in our county. He
pttended the common schools in the
county and graduated in medicine from
the Southern Medical College in Atlanta
in 1887. He located near Belton, in
Anderson county, and after practicing
there for a short while he was associa
ted with Dr. R. F. Smith at Slabtown,
in Anderson county. March 7, 1893, he
was married to Miss Addis Pickens of
Anderson county and located in Easley,
where he resided to the time of Ihis
death, having a very large practice 'k.
Dr. Wyatt leaves a widow and fW
children: Claude P. Wyatt of N
Hampshire, Eva, Ethel, Aleen an
Charles of Easley. He has two broth
ers and one sister, Dr. Edward F. Wyatt,
Dr. Will R. Wyatt and Mrs. W. A.
Mauldin, all of Easley, besides many
relatives and close, personal friends.
Dr. Wyatt was a man of remarkably
strong intellect and a diligent student.
He did post-graduate work in New York
after he was graduated from Atlanta,
the better prepare for his life-work,
and he was regarded as one of the fore
most physicians in this section of the
stpte. A man of few words but always
pointed and clear, he scorned sham or
hypocrisy. He was a true man and ad
mired true manhood in others.
Dr. Wyatt was a fraternal man-a
bright Mason, having served as W. M.
of Bates lodge, was a K. of P., having
aervedlEasley lodge No. 119, K. of P..
as C. C.; was r W. 0. W. and was the
camp physician. He had' served as
president of the county medical associ
ation. At the time of his death he was.
a trustee of the Charleston Medical
college and surgeon for the Southeun
Railway company and director in the
Alice mill.
When he was quite a young man it
was my pleasure to baptize him into
the fellowship of the Enon chu'rch.
Dr. Wyatt (lid a great deal of churity
practice and had helped many people,
and multitudes will thank God bqcause
Dr. Wyatt lived and practiced medicine.
May God bless and comfort the loved
ones left to weep for him. Farewell,
dear friend and brother; may thy slum
bers be peaceful and thy awakening -
glorious. H.
A Few Items Along
Central Route 3
A mos't declightful reception was that i~
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Pick
ett last Thursday night. Declightful re
freshments were served and manny inter
esting games were played. Those pros
ent were: Furman Davis and Miss
Eunice Willimon of Greenville, H-ovey
Martin of Seneca, Homer' Willimon angl
I1cr Merck of Central route 2, Noah
Merek and McKinley Lollis of Six Mile,
andl many others of Centrjl route 8.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Skelton are
visiting friends andi relatives near Pick- 4.
Furman D~avis of Greenville is visit
ing hgis parents, Mr. and "Mrs. J. R,
Miss Eunice Willimon of Greenville is
visiting her parents, Mr, and Mrs.P.W.
Willimon of Central route 2.
Christmas passed of? very quietly in
this section,kor which we all are thank
ful. Will ring off,'wishing all The Sen
tinel readers a very happy New Year.
*The Pickens
Sentinel Wishes
All Its Readers
A Happy and
. Nev. .

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